Big Brother 24 Spoilers Week 1 Eviction and HOH Results

We were fortunate to get to watch the week one Live feeds this season which is always fun seeing how the houseguests interact for the first time. We got to learn that POOCH sucks toes, The dosage of Meds given to Paloma was WAY wrong and that the more things change in Big Brother the more Houseguests and us fans stay the same.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Week Summary

The week started off with POOCH winning the Backstage pass and being able to pick three other Backstagers. He chose, Paloma, Alyssa and Brittany. The rules of the backstage twist were a bit vague but we know none of the them were eligible to be nominated but the three girls were not necessarily safe. POOCHIE was the only one safe and none of them could vote. America got to vote for one of the girls to be safe but the other two who knows? Going by the OBB poll it’s looking like Brittany will win that vote. Daniel won the first Head of Household and immediately started vibing and if you didn’t vibe back you found yourself on the block. Those two non-vibers were Terrance and Michael. The Power of Veto was played and Michael pulls out a win.

At some point before the veto ceremony Taylor tells Monte something to the effect that Paloma is rallying the girls to get out a strong guy. Monte doesn’t believe Taylor and instead takes Paloma’s word that she never said anything like this. Monte and Paloma pull off a successful effort to label Taylor as the house target, accusing her of stirring up sh1t, lying, etc. At some points it got mean girl catty. From what I can tell Jasmine made up a story that Taylor commented on her weight adding more fuel for the hate fire. Paloma made a lot of alliances one of hers was called the girl’s girl containing of course all girls. I know two instances where she told the girls about getting the guys out, one time with Taylor in the room.  Paloma’s other main alliance was MAMBA which contained many of those strong guys. From what I can tell the entire house was onboard with nominating Taylor and Evicting her.  Fast forward to Monday during the Veto Ceremony and Daniel puts Taylor up. As the week progressed Taylor and Terrance started making inroads with people and building relationships. They started to vibe with the other houseguests… dope

Paloma losses her mind

Starting Tuesday Houseguests started commenting on how Paloma was losing her marbles and they were worried about her. Wednesday morning she went into the Diary room. Wednesday evening the feeds cut and haven’t been on since. There’s speculation that she had metal breakdown of some sort and left the game. We’ll find out tonight.


As with every year there is controversy in the Big Brother house especially with Taylor being on the block. Accusation of Bullying, Micro aggressions, Racism and more were leveled mainly onto Paloma. Somehow Monte escaped the bulk of the controversy though you can tell from the collapse in their ranking that a huge swatch of the house is not liked based on how they ostracized Taylor.

In a well cited article US Magazine said

Social media users have pointed out several moments from the live feeds that show the other houseguests seemingly ganging up on Taylor. At one point, Monte told Terrance, 47, that it was a “real struggle” for him to “point out that a Black woman in this house isn’t acting right”


Winner of Big Brother 23 Xavier said

“Members of the black community (especially black women) and other people of color stand no chance in the Big Brother House due to perpetuation of micro-aggressions and unconscious biases which plague our society.

Big Brother production likely wants this type of controversy to juice up viewership.

Julie Chen interview

Julie Chen did a interview this morning and had something to say to the fans.
When asked:

This week has prompted a large amount of controversy over actions and comments against Taylor by her fellow houseguests, which have produced an understandable outcry from fans and alumni alike. What are your thoughts on the way the season 24 houseguests have treated Taylor this past week?

Her answer:

What I think has been a little bit surprising is how Twitter and the internet has exploded in really jumping on someone. Which I never like. I don’t think any of us are in any position to judge any other human being. What you have to remember is that yes, microaggressions are real and they happen every day. When you’re playing the Big Brother house, it’s a pressure cooker in there. And you might say or do things that you think is going to advance your position in the house. But you won’t always do it in a way that makes yourself look your best.

What I think Taylor has experienced in the house and what we’ve seen on the live feeds are separate from each other. A lot of it has been classic Big Brother trash talk behind someone’s back because you feel threatened by them. In many ways, Big Brother is like high school on steroids. And if you were to ask Taylor, you know, prior to becoming a replacement nominee, she simply was not aware of how much jealousy there was.

Source Mike Bloom interview –

Results from the Big Brother live show

“The unexpected exit of one houseguests stuns the house and leads to a change in the game”

Paloma leaves the game

Daniel gives them the news.

“Due to a personal matter Paloma will no longer be continuing in the Big Brother Game she wanted to pass along she loves you all and wishes you all the best”
They all hold hands and Monte leads them in Prayer “We ask you to give America the grace to not Judge”

Backstage Vote results

Brittany wins the backstage vote

Julie says that today there would have been a battle between one of the backstager

“The original plan would not have culminated in a vote and eviction but instead a battle of one of the two nominees chosen by the house and one of the backstage pass holders. The loser would have gone home immediately” There would have not been a vote. Since the twist was going to send home One houseguest they will not have an eviction this week. Therefore Taylor and Terrance are not safe

Head of Household Competition

7 Head to head races. Win the race and you get the chance to be the head of household. Lose a race and you are out. Competition is called Bye Bye Backstage

1) POOCH and Michael. Michael wins
2) Taylor and Alyssa. Taylor wins
3) Indy and Joe. Joe Wins
4) Brittnay and Ameerah. Ameerah wins
5) Jasmine and Terrance. Jasmine wins

Jasmine appears to have twisted her ankle. All the guys race off to help her. Jasmine lays there wounded.

6) Turner and Kyle. Kyle wins.
7) Monte and Nicole. Monte wins.

We will find out who one the Head of household when the feeds return. This will likely be after the wests coast airing.

“Next Thursday I have a huge announcement hat will turn the house upside down. The game is about to change find out Thursday. ”

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“High school on steroids” does seem like an accurate description


Taylor is not innocent and plays victim when she was never going to work with the girls.
It was not jealousy it was poor gameplay due to a lack of self awareness; she always hung around guys never gave any info to the girls about the guys hints why she never had personal conversations or any game talk about strategy with any of those girls.
Look no further than sleeping next to Jasmine and that never happening haha
On top of it she sketched the guys out and they didn’t feel comfortable.
Taylor should be gone right now and didn’t deserve to be saved by a cancelled eviction on a backdoor. Frank didn’t deserve that unfair and underserved advantage is season 14 and nor does Taylor now. Everyone needs to recognize that she is not a victim suffering from others jealousy just a player that is lackluster at this game. These excuses need to stop especially when the entire house wanted Taylor to go that’s gameplay.


Jasmine won?


Ok, she says “unprecedented” and I automatically think that they are suspending any eviction this week since Paloma is gone. If there’s something else then I will be surprised


Ok, called it! Major reset time!

Trying Not To Be Partial

Paloma’s mental health issues aside (& it is sad for her, but one wonders about how thorough pre-show health screening tests are), the game re-set by Production smacks of desperation and BS. They must think the audience are half-wits.

No Name

You stole my half
I don’t have half to spare

Trying Not To Be Partial

Nope; I think that’s my response.

I promise I stole nothing. Not my style.


Michael is proving to be a physical threat. He was nimble in that comp


So was Kyle.

The Beef

But Monte and Nicole were both trying so hard to throw the competition, I didn’t think anyone was going to win their battle! They both kept stepping off the obstacles onto the course and it was so obvious, along with several of the others (I don’t think Ameerah wanted to win either, but Brit kept screwing up, and having to start over, so she basically “had” to, or risk being an obvious “thrower”).


Wait…Nothing about the feeds so don’t know if we will be able to see the 7 compete


Just finished the live show. Julie is right in her interview. It’s trash talk…jealousy…welcome to Big Brother.

As for Paloma, not judging. She did what she she felt she had to do in there, but it ultimately led to her having a mental break. I am glad I read about it on Twitter because being honest, I never really knew what exactly a manic episode was. Not detailed. Anyone can look in and say Paloma was just “crazy” and pass over it. I am glad she is hopefully getting the help she needs. Some people might say it was karma. She wasn’t my favorite, but she wasn’t the only one either. Monte, if you ask me, was just as nasty regarding Taylor.

Jasmine’s ankle is the real twist nobody saw coming. Girl, shake it off and get up. I remember when competitions for this show were way more extreme.

No Name

Monte’s prayer was for himself.

Girl's Girls=Karens

No, Julie has stocks invested in the show. She’s trying to water it down because the controversy is trending.

Also, Julie is full of it. If someone in the house was using microaggressions against Asians (ex: “rice pudding”), she would’ve called it out. The treatment towards Taylor is more than jealousy. It was microaggressions! Monte is a simp for Paloma because he wants to sleep with her.

Paloma got her karma! Or it could just be a ploy to deflect from all the racism and bullying controversy on the show. The show doesn’t give a damnn about her being nuts.


Honestly, it’s like the movie “Legally Blonde”

Julie Chen

“Jasmine’s ankle is the real twist nobody saw coming.”
That’s gold Jerry!


I’m just glad that Taylor is safe and that’s all I have to say about tonight’s episode


I am sorry, but Jasmine touched that mat with her foot! We re-watched it three times and she clearly touched.

Trying Not To Be Partial

100% agree.

Mary J Altman

My grandson & I said the same thing!! Her toe clearly touched that mat!


My mom suffers from mental health issues specifically mania, bipolar & a few others. I can say with certainty having witnessed the onset and progression of mental health breakdowns that Paloma was going through this process. Having dealt with it for so many years it was almost scary seeing the signs and progression of her behavior. I hope see gets help and is okay!

Julie Chen

I’m with you Simon. She was good TV

The Beef

I hope she gets the help that she needs to, and I admit I was looking forward to the chaos she was obviously going to provide, but I also have to say I’m glad Taylor survived because I do feel she got the short end of the stick this week. I’m hoping she can “adjust” her game play, and make some inroads with her social game, although with Jasmine as HOH, she’s probably going right back OTB.


#1 Jasmine touched the mat but they didn’t have time to adjust it because she twisted her ankle which took up too much time #2 Daniel should have been able to play HOH because his entire HOH was scrapped.

Trying Not To Be Partial

Excellent point. But only in real life, not Production controlled life.


I thought her foot touch it also.

No Name

Daniel deserves for his hoh to be pointless.


Sorry but there have been several HG’s in past seasons HOH’s were wasted because of some BB Twist. I remember Chima in BB 11 was so angry that her HOH was wasted because of a Coup detat’ in which Jeff won which overthrew all of her nominations etc. Chima was so angry that she threw her mic in the pool and was either expelled from the BB house or she quit.


After Jeff used coupe de tat chima was allowed to compete in hoh and he wasn’t I’m pretty sure


Daniel is a tool that needs to realign his mind. This isn’t some elvis tribute; it is bb where you have people working with you you choose to ignore (nicole). They could have been an awesome force with Michael and Taylor and instead he chose to go the route of jocks. Just because you’re tall doesn’t make you part of the cool crowd. I would have loved to see those 4 run some stuff!


It sucks his hoh was nonsense but that bro was also a tool with a bad vibe. Didn’t listen to his f2 nicole…he’s going home ASAP and still standing 6’3″


Jasmine DID touch the mat!! I froze it and there it was! WTHeck? As for Daniel, that’s how HOH’s go – some are lame duck and some are significant. BUT….she touched that mat!


i cant wait to see Taylor back up on the block again this week


Depends on who becomes HoH. Of the 7, there are several including Taylor that I want to see win HoH just to see what they do with it

Girl's Girls=Karens

Articulate what she has done to want her out?


Articulate your claims of racism and bullying…..


she needs out for the integrity of the game. she was a BACKDOOR. the house is suppose to vote her out. its called the Big Brother game. thats how its played.

The Beef

BB has a schedule for evictions for the entire season, including doubles and sometimes triples. When something like this happens, it’s not unusual for them to cancel an eviction to maintain their production schedule. I understand you don’t like Taylor, but the bottom line is one person was scheduled to go home this week, and one person did. Don’t blame the players OTB, the two remaining Back Stage Pass players, or production for the fact it was necessary for Paloma to leave the game.


its very unusual for them to cancel an eviction.. especially even when someone self evicts.. in 2017 someone who was ON THE BLOCK self evicted and they did not cancel the eviction.
You dont understand who i like or dislike. the bottom line is the HG’s weren’t going to vote someone out regardless if Paloma stayed or not.
The game is to vote players out. if i wanted to watch them play a comp to decide who stays or goes i would watch The Challenge.

Oh and btw Taylor is back on the block again 😛


..oops…think I posted in wrong spot
Can anyone say
Playing pool with red swimsuit…sitting on table … just the whole pool thing turned me sooo off!!
AND I am black

un autre nom

The social experiment is designed for viewers to watch how strangers interact and how the social microcosm evolves over time in the quest for money. Inherent in that is judgement.
It’s baked into the equation. I mean, it’s baked in from both an external and internal level. Jurors pick a winner. Viewers judge the players behavior on feeds. A big deal is made about Favorite Houseguest (including a cash reward). THAT’S THE ENTIRE BASIS OF THE SHOW. JUDGEMENT as entertainment.
Is a chunk of the viewership batshit? Yup.
In fact, we could also judge the progress of our society (or lack thereof, or even decline) by how the viewers judge the social experiment.
The fact of the matter for me is really that the network doesn’t want to face heat or responsibility for their procedures, so the call comes out to deny the premise of the entire series and not hold the network and the production responsible with judgement of their casting, their storyline choices and their edit.


Truth be told!

No Name

Julie is always saying the game is about to change,I wish it would.

Palm Oil's Meds

Right! It’s probably just going to be another ineffective twist that does nothing to change the game.

un autre nom

They’d die.

No Name

Whatever it takes.

Your mom

Hilarious. It is possible to not like someone or evict them without being racist. Jesus Christ!!!! Look at last year and we are talking about Racism this year????? BB needs to get it together

Old Way BB Fan

Yup, last year was the most racist season ever, but because it was against whites it was the greatest season?? Taylor being put on the block was because of her actions, but because she’s black, it was racist. I find that the people who cry racism over everything that happens are themselves the most racist people. And the more you cry it out, the less it means and the greater division it causes. Pretty soon white people’s breathing will be racist. A white woman was attacked on a NYC bus by three black girls who shouted, “I hate white people!” How many people here heard about this? Could you imagine if it was the other way around? Good thing Mayor Adams was allowed to hire his brother as his head of security to protect him from all those white supremacists in the city he’s so terrified of!


Back Stage Twist details revealed (mostly):
I was pretty damn close on my original guess of how the Back Stage twist would’ve played out. The house would’ve voted between Taylor/Terrance (with Tay losing), Britt won safety, and one of the BS pass holders would’ve played Tay in a battle to determine the first evictee.

Julie updated the hamsters on the twist but left out two important details:

  1. Who would’ve selected the pass holder competitor? I still think Tay would have picked who she faced (Paloma). The other options were BS Mgr Pooch, HOH Daniel (seems like a lot of extra power), or perhaps also having the house vote & in that scenario, they likely save Pal but maybe not.
  2. That America was voting to save one PH & that person was Brittany.

IMO the latter was an IMPORTANT detail that should’ve been shared b/c THAT FACT would’ve impacted the house’s view of Brittany & also served as a wake-up call for them to stop playing the target/herd mentality game.

As much as it’s good Paloma will be surrounded by loved ones & get the rest & help she needs I fear her exit could turn into another season 6 “do it for Cappy” drama with the house continuing to target Taylor, then their next target, and so on, and so on. Hope I’m wrong.

TPTB must take this lesson and LEARN FROM IT:

AND I’m with Another Name on the editing. It happens every year & I get why they kept it relatively tame in this episode given the circumstances. But they did a terrible job in episodes 2 and 3 of demonstrating just how delusional and manic she was acting & how she stoked the mean girl’s fire.

Again, it’s wonderful she will be safe & getting help – let this also be a lesson to TPTB to stop f*cking around with the players with regards to meds (which she was clearly on – – this wasn’t simply sleep-deprivation). Production needs to do a far better job of investigating any participant on medication. They need to confirm how long the player has been on the meds to ensure they didn’t just start taking it to help their performance on the show and confirm the exact dosage. Even the timing of taking the medication should be precise (I’m on thyroid meds so I know of what I speak).

This isn’t something BB can continue to mess around with. For example, the side effects of a drug like Adderall can be mild such as loss of appetite, headache, dry mouth, or nausea, to more severe side effects like prolonged insomnia, anxiety, agitation, and other psychiatric disorders, and on the rarer end life-threatening effects like seizures or even a heart attack.

This was a wake-up call for Grod & Co. Stop marginalizing the importance of health – – particularly emotional and mental well-being. As bad as this was – it could’ve been much worse! DO BETTER!

Reaction to everyone being safe:

Am I on an island about Terrance? He sure didn’t look too pleased that Taylor is staying. While she was in tears & hugging him he seemed disappointed & barely responded back. You know when someone pats you when hugging you instead of fully embracing? Maybe he was just stunned but he already knew he was safe so I found it an odd response.

I went back several times rewinding to see reactions as they went to commercial break. Michael was the first to hug Taylor & it was a prolonged hug. Ameerah was grinning & waiting to hug Tay then realized Terrance was looking at her so she hugged him while she waited for an opportunity to hug Tay. Nicole was next hugging both with tight embraces.

Turner looked dumbfounded – stared at them both – dapped up Terrance then walked away. Monte also seemed stunned & eventually gave Terrance a big hug & then made his way over to Tay (after several others hugged her including Joe, & I think Jasmine).

Daniel moved seemingly in slow motion no doubt due to the perils of being 6’3 and standing up too quickly – – OR could it be b/c of the sudden realization that ALL THREE people he nominated remain in the house? His face told the story of him processing that he’s not safe, others could spill intel on things he said about them or how he easily bent to other players’ wills instead of being that thing he so proudly claims to be – – a 6’3 super fan (okay a little shade was necessary)?

Who wants to bet on how quickly he does a 180 on working with the TALLER superfan Michael who actually plays much more like it?

The competition:

I’m guessing this was the original comp intended for the battle between Taylor and Paloma/Ally although it was a pretty major set-up for just two people so maybe not.

Michael was the star of the comp as he blew away the coach Pooch. He & Kyle moved with the most grace & speed having little issues (perhaps the benefit of height – but balance surely was another factor).

While some questioned whether Jasmine touched the ground on the final segment of the obstacle course I actually thought Taylor did touch down. But hey, there was NO WAY Julie was going to say anything even if her foot ever so slightly grazed the ground.

Another Name pointed out that both Monte & Nicole were trying to throw the comp so I went back to watch and perhaps that’s true. If that was their intentions dissecting that choice is intriguing. They did have the benefit of knowing the first six confirmed HOH competitors were Michael, Taylor, Joe, Ameerah, Jasmine & Kyle. Presumably, Nicole feels confident b/c of her ties to Michael, Amee, and Tay specifically, but with the other group Daniel tried to force feed her of Turner & Pooch who both lost it was a bold choice.

Monte’s choice made more sense with three of his four Bleep allies winning their battles plus BFF Joe. With Jasmine spraining her ankle she’s not likely to win (or even try to). His only vulnerability would be Taylor if we are to believe his spouted rhetoric about only trying to win HOH if she stayed.

We’re left to ask ourselves — was that entire situation posturing? I noted earlier how Taylor was simply a by-product of his bigger objective to remove any thoughts of a Cookout 2.0 happening. Much like his treatment of Tay was egregious and nauseating, don’t be surprised if he now uses Paloma’s absence & her mental state to further fan the flames of how Paloma was the driving force to why Tay suddenly became persona non grata and landed OTB.

Note: he just better hope Nicole, Terrance, Daniel, or Britt don’t spill the beans on who REALLY orchestrated her nomination. Or worse, share the details of how NO ONE should tell her why she was being nominated, how they could blast her in their GBM’s & let Julie call her out for her behavior. Although Monte has walked on water so far – don’t forget NICOLE was in that room during his hardcore pitch to ensure Tay’s nomination (and how the house should handle it)!

HOH competitors with two wild cards…
Of course, the HOH winner will dictate the direction. Bleep will have a desire for Michael to win so he can puts up Pooch (target) & Turner so one leaves. Ameerah would likely still go after Britt (man I wish Julie would’ve shared she won America’s vote b/c the ONE person I think it would’ve made a difference to is Amee. Still, I doubt she’ll press to win unless she fears Joe winning.

Likewise, Kyle & Monte won’t press unless it’s to beat Taylor. Jasmine’s injury if the comp is physical will take her out of running – which might not be a bad thing b/c she keeps saying Michael’s name (who I personally don’t want targeted B2B weeks.

The two wild cards are obviously Joe & Taylor. If Joe wins I think he forgoes putting up Britt/Indy as discussed & instead targets two of Tay, Nicole, and Ameerah. Similarly, Tay is a question mark b/c I don’t know if she would target men or try to improve her position by putting up someone the majority of the house (or who she deems the power players to be) wants.

Based on Michael & Ameerah being the first to congratulate her and on the intensity of their joy/hugs my guess is their voices will carry the most weight & could also result in a Pooch target. She would also discover Turner was lying his ass off b/c he initially implied she was safe and never told her (at least while feeds were up) different.

A key voice ironically enough if Michael or Taylor wins will be Terrance who has intel to share with both regarding what others said. The elder statesman has proven he’s not above cattiness, pettiness, or saying whatever keeps him safe. I’d also BET THE FARM that Britt spills major tea if Taylor wins HOH.

Of course, Michael winning would offer me the delight of hearing the HOH talk between the pair when D claims to be all-in on the mature alliance & then Michael says great … BUT FIRST — I heard from several people I was your intended target so much so that there were conversations held about making sure the POV wouldn’t be used on me. Can you offer some insight?

Honestly, I think he would leave Daniel alone but it sure would be fun to watch the self-described lanky man squirm.

AND if Michael wins HOH — please for the love of OTEV please MAKE THAT MAN A HN. If I had to hear him whine & complain about how tough his HOH was once more — UGH. Seriously, none of his three nominees are overtly angry with him & all seem willing to work with him (though Michael will eventually get his sweet revenge). He rarely left the HOH, had all four HNs volunteer & didn’t even have to think that hard b/c he was doing everyone else’s bidding.

I almost think if Michael wins he might volunteer just so he can say ‘see we’re working together & that was my sign to you! And of course, he’ll find a way to say I was just not really wanting to b/c those floaties aren’t designed to accommodate 6’3 frames.

House reshuffle:

As for alliances, again the HOH winner will dictate a lot. Bleep has to be feeling pretty good about themselves based on their comp performance & seem poised to potentially by that alliance everyone gets annoyed at b/c they keep winning.

The question for that (now a quintet) is whether they’ll want to replace Paloma and if so with who? Monte loves Joe but he’s ONLY about the bros which will cause friction (actually I think with all 4 members). If they look to fill the void with another female the choices are limited. It can’t be Nicole (at least not until Daniel is evicted), not Britt b/c although she has a great house read her loose lips were exposed & no one will ever completely trust her.

Indy wouldn’t tattle but she’s gung ho for the women & outside of them is closer to all the males who aren’t in Bleep. That leaves Jasmine & Taylor each with their own set of issues. Jas wants Michael out & aside from Amee turns against her allies on a dime. She’s also close (innocently crushing?) on Joe.

Meanwhile, Taylor would be a great competitor & a trusted ally but with Michael/Amee knowing how close she is Dan/Nic combined with what happened this past week it might be a non-starter. Monte didn’t just target her to serve his own agenda he’s averse to female players with distinct opinions (again someone he feels isn’t malleable/coercible). So – I think they keep it to a strong five & try to win a few consecutive weeks to ensure Pooch/Turner are split & Dan/Nicole are split while also keeping an eye on Taylor always as a backup oust.

To that end, Taylor’s landing spot could also factor depending on whether she ends up ingrained with the mature group, more intrinsically to the females, or a smaller group. I’m thinking maybe Amee & Michael with perhaps one of Kyle or Nicole.


Ugh I was looking forward to Taylor leaving -.-

un autre nom

Post episode break before part 2 of HOH?
Bbcan feeds down for over a day? They’re free. you get what you get what you pay for.
27 hours outage on US… i’d have thought a lot more anger would ensue. huh.

Tinfoil Hat Chat
At this point even if the comp started late and they’re letting them get cleaned up, etc… I gotta think part of keeping feeds off is punishment. I mean, they’ve announced nothing to paying customers beyond feeds will be back tonight. That’s a choice.
I highly doubt Grod is in there with sock puppets giving them ‘the talk’ again…. audience shaming worked so well.
But i’m going to guess there’s been at least one production notes stroryline alteration meeting with the cast post outage.
How are they going to swing a Jasmine HOH outta this? Sorry. that’s my prediction, not a fact. Because who do i NOT want to hear in d/r all week? Jasmine.
Pre outage Monte and Kyle discussed throwing. So did Joseph. So did Ameerah. All contingent on Taylor leaving though.

oh damn.
Jasmine did win. I jinxed myself. Oh barf.

BB24 WEEK2.jpg
un autre nom

… shockingly, Nicole has been invited to take Paloma’s spot in the Mamba group… I think.
Michael almost won HOH Nicole says and would have gone after Turner and Pooch.
Daniel tells Nicole about Oasis. He’s been a member without Nicole for 5-6 days.
So Oasis is the worst kept secret in the house.
Monte told Ameerah.
Daniel told Nicole.
I think Kyle told Michael not 100% sure.

Nicole is more loyal to Daniel than Mamba/Bleep.
Nicole is more loyal to Daniel than Daniel is to Nicole to be quite honest.


I really think it was an intentional error on Julie’s part to not reveal that America had a vote and that the winner of our vote, Brittany, should have been revealed to the houseguests. As she explained what the twist was supposed to be, she should have revealed everything. Not just what TPTB told her. It just proves their control of the game.
IMO they would have been surprised to hear that we, the viewers, voted and maybe more surprised by the winner. Brittany may have been the most surprised!
It would be nice to see this corrected, but it’s doubtful that will happen.


OMG – JASMINE is the new HOH …

I don’t think this is a positive result since she has openly said Michael, Brittany & Indy are all options for her (and Terrance).

YEAH – the woman who was supposed to be all in for the Girl’s Girls alliance has two of her own original alliance members at the top of her hit list & three of her original top seven if you count the female/Michael alliance.

Ameerah suddenly becomes a very important cog in the wheel this week as she tries to influence keeping Michael off the block and to refocus her attention on Turner and Pooch.

Unfortunately, I get a very strong Christine vibe from her (of the infamous BB16 season) – she was the married woman who flirted with Cody, back-stabbed the then-likable Nicole F, and went after the women.

Even though she knows Michael was supposed to be working with the all female group she has no affinity to him.

Like Turner she’s been among my least favorite cast members. I fear Joe, Monte, Pooch, Turner, Daniel, and Terrance will all be the safest alongside Ameerah but all the other females will be on notice (with Nicole the least vulnerable after Amee).

UGH – I would’ve rather anyone else had won (even Joe) over her.



So early discussion have Pooch & Turner PUSHING HARD for Taylor to be blindsided via a backdoor again & also pushing for Brit to go up.

Twice in the course of an hour, there has been mention that Pooch volunteered to be the pawn. If he does that look for any of Bleep to try to win & keep noms the same to get him out.

And, hopefully when she talks to Ameerah she’ll provide clarity & logic to not make Taylor the priority.

Daniel was complaining that both Jasmine & Taylor should’ve been disqualified for ‘their starts in the comp”.

SHOCKER – Daniel piling on the alpha male bandwagon. It was also noted that the comp required no skill whatsoever which Taylor also says later. Jasmine is covered in paint. (later on she is in the living room shown with a black brace on her ankle & crutches so it’s hard to imagine the comp required running or physicality. Daniel also made a comment about Ameerah messing up & just missing so I think it came down to the two ladies.

I would’ve said it’s the comp where the flash colored lights & then you have to remember the order or get doused in paint but they said all the comps would be new this season so probably not.

Taylor spoke to live feeders “they would’ve sent me home and notes b/c she didn’t win she’ll have to prove loyalty – which sucks.” Not sure if this is misdirection from the women, but she also said “taking a shot at Monte or Kyle right now, it is not my decision.”

So, I have no idea where that came from but hopefully Jas isn’t feeding her lies to see if she’ll run to Monte/Kyle with that info or if it’s fact-based or if it’s just her perception.

Daniel already asked Jasmine NOT to put him on slop but Nicole, Terrance & Taylor are volunteering with Tay doing it so she won’t be nominated. Not sure if that was an agreement or just Tay’s wish/hope or if Jasmine will listen to Pooch/Turner/men pushing for Taylor to be blindsided & back-doored AGAIN).

Ameerah NEEDS to get in her ear & push hard for a male to leave this week who isn’t Terrance or Michael. I’m confused by Tay’s Monte/Kyle comment b/c I think it’s highly unlikely Jas would put either of them up.

Also of note, Kyle & Ally are worried Brit will be the second nom & neither want her to go home.

OKAY BIG NEWS SPILL… After telling Daniel they need to have a serious talk – Nicole says “the alliance – – Michael, Alyssa, Ameerah, Kyle, Monte!

Daniel responds I’m F’d”

How the F does Nicole know about Bleep?

DID Ameerah spill intel to Nic after freaking out on Britt for doing the same? No way the guys told her & I highly doubt Ally told her. Paloma may have spewed before she left b/c she was babbling.

Okay – hang on – there is the potential Ameerah/Michael aren’t as keen to work with Bleep (b/c of Monte/Kyle being power houses) and prefer to work with Daniel/Nicole so told them. BUT that would be odd for Michael to automatically trust Daniel after he just put him up clearly as the target. Although he was open to working with them you’d think he’d be cautious about intel for a while.

Plus, Michael is super close to Kyle so I can’t see him backstabbing the person he seemed closest to.

I could also fathom a world where Nic/Amee/Michael all realized how the Taylor back stab was orchestrated by Monte & then played off like his hands were clean & weren’t cool with that.

Sooooooooooooooooo what we know is Michael, Ameerah & Kyle (possibly Ally) ALL know about Oasis b/c Monte told them & said he is true to Bleep not Oasis. And clearly, Nic/Dan know about bleep.

So are Taylor/Jasmine/Pooch/Turner/Britt & Terrance the only ones who don’t know about the other alliances and/or do Monte/Kyle/Ally know about the older crew’s alliance?

WOW — JUST WOW – this is crazy!

Really want to hear how this came out.

un autre nom

THE AVENGERS (mamba/bleep) VS. Meg from Family guy… d’oh.
Oh. It was a no skills comp multiple people say. Okay. makes sense.

Jasmine wants Taylor back in the noms chairs and gone.
Pooch is telling everyone one after the other the plan should be renom Taylor, if they can’t, just send Britt out.
He’s gone to Alyssa, told her to pass it around, then gone to Joe.
Is he volunteering to be the pawn in a 6 finger plan? I’m not sure, but he Miiiight be… he can’t be that silly can he? I mean… I thought he’d volunteer Turner as his proxy.

The “this is not over” part out of Pooch makes me think we’ve missed a Paloma was driven out by Taylor opinion. It just seemed such an odd way to put it….
Before feed outage, the three women (Indy, Alyssa, Jasmine) wanted Pooch gone.
Yeah, i know. That was 28 hours ago without feed update.

Britt and Michael are thinking they are possibly safe. I’m not so sure that’s going to be the case. Britt gets a no mic callout. Britt says Monte cheered a little too exuberantly when Jasmine won. My brain said Who was she up against?

Taylor hopes that Monte and Kyle are the targets. Yeah, Taylor wasn’t let in on house dynamic one bit was she? She’s sharing info with… Daniel. What could go wrong?