Big Brother 24 Week 4 Eviction live show

Another great week of Big Brother comes to a close. If this season keeps up I may have to retire the KRAKEN.

It started off with Monte winning the Head of Household and nominating Indy and Alyssa. At first, the target was Nicole or Daniel. The Power of Veto was played and Daniel/Kyle pull out the win. The plan was for Kyle/Daniel to use the veto so Nicole/Taylor could be the replacements. Daniel and his ilk thought Taylor was the target and the leftovers were targeting Nicole.

Late Sunday night around 2:50 am the target begins to shift to Alyssa. The Alyssa push was initiated by Brittany and Michael. Their reasoning was if Alyssa goes it could mean Indy will choose to join their pair making a trio. This would result in every member of the leftovers having one non-leftover member in their Festie Bestie group. If the pair or triple get nominated the leftovers still have the votes to get the non-leftover member out. Safety for all leftovers.

Tackling this plan in the middle of the night doesn’t give them much time to retool their ground game and it got a bit messy. Kyle was in a tough spot having promised Indy/Alyssa he would use the veto on them. Kyle is also in the beginnings of a showmance with Alyssa so morally this was a tough one. The leftovers still decide to go ahead with the plan.

Fast forward to the morning of the Veto ceremony and Daniel doesn’t buy their pitch to not use the veto. Even though Monte warned him not to use the veto because the votes may not be there to evict Taylor Daniel doesn’t believe him. Daniel seemed to think he did have the votes to evict Taylor. He was willing to risk his finale 2 going on the block for it. During the Power of Veto Ceremony, Daniel and Kyle use the veto to save Indy/Alyssa and Taylor/Nicole are nominated. The leftovers obviously now go back to their initial plan to target Nicole. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Nicole goes batshit crazy.

Nicole will be evicted tonight.

Results from the show

Taylor tells Nicole she looks dumb right now.

Joe votes to evict Nicole
Terrance votes to evict Nicole
Michael votes to evict Nicole
Indy votes to evict Nicole
Jasmine votes to evict Nicole
Daniel votes to evict Taylor
Turner votes to evict Nicole
Kyle votes to evict Nicole
Alyssa votes to evict Nicole
Brittany votes to evict Nicole

Nicole is evicted


Taylor joins Indy and Alyssa

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un autre nom

The Bruja’s Final Brouhaha
preamble: going to go with report / reaction as usual. TBH, I don’t care who the next HOH is because I expect some sort of shift in dynamic no matter who wins HOH. They’ve had a stable alliance for a week and a half… that can’t stand this season. Most in danger this coming week in order most to least from my read on the house and storyline:
Britt, Daniel, Jasmine, Terrance, Indy, Michael, Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle, Turner.
Showmance caught in the middle (ED. he started the alliance and started the talk to get rid of her).
Dan won’t put Nic at risk… wait for it.
Dan changes his mind….She’s a human polygraph…. he’s an idiot.
More showmance barf fest. oh grod… watch harlequin movies and quit forcing it on us.
Post Veto Ceremony
Did Daniel seal the fate of his ride or die?
Elvis d/r: Monte didnt want us to.
Elvis d/r: I’ve got the numbers.
Kyle d/r: my hands are clean. (ED. He encouraged the veto use).
Michael d/r: is pissed
Monte d/r: I tried to help Elvis and Copchef.
Alyssa d/r: I DO Kyle.
Taylor d/r: pissed.
Nic d/r: Monte you don’t have the numbers. I’m happy to be on the block. (ED.Wait for it.)
Elvis is bussing and trying to keep the team he hates together.
Kyle tells the guys he had no choice.
NIC OFFICER REVEAL. She’s a social media mogul and studied Sports media.
We have the numbers…. ED. oh. about that…
Nic Elvis say of everyone else: they’re clowns and losers. This whole episode is a big waitforit.
Don’t get too comfortable says the guy that just put his final 2 on the block.
JULIE: Kyle contemplates voting with his Showmance or his alliance? Excuse me?
Showmance POO.
Cold shower line. MORE SHOWMANCE POO.
He’s the one that pushed for her to be a target. Jebus. He just wants it to look like friends hanging out. Oh enough already. Alyssa was anti showmance? Biggest bullshit EVER. Kylemom… come get your son.
SO far 12 minutes of the EVICTION has been SHOWMANCE CRAP. That will not do.
Can’t be a blindside. ED. And they wait until late Wed night. Wanted to wait until Thursday morning. Nic: worry worry super scurry. Nic campaigns poorly. Buses girls.
Monte gonna tell the girls. ED. Nic tells them first.. but.
Monte tells Jasmine.
JASMINE stupid blither d/r. Wrong side of the house blah blah buttabean blahblah kiss my grits blahblah hyuck.
The Ladies Auxilliary Clown Posse seltzers themselves in the face. Indy sadface clowning.
Taylor must leave. Jasmine: wrong side of vote do we still have numbers?
Julie: Will the Leftovers be exposed?
ED. They gonna show Daniel and Nic and Terrance performances Last night / today? magic 8 ball says no.
DID NIC GE THE VOTES? Magic 8 ball says no.
Nic speaks first. Cancer. Loyalty Integrity, humility and grace…. i threw up a little. Poached eggs.
Taylor. the rhianna speech. safety net. bff put you here. not a manipulator. Love even you Nicole.
Does KYLE flip? cam shot. ED. no he doesn’t. This is a weird edit choice they’re pulling. Next week sure. This week nah.
Evict Nic
Joe. Terrance. Michael. Indy. Jasmine chickenwing air fryer. Turner. Kyle. Alyssa. Britt.
Evict Taylor
More shoutouts. eyeroll. stop.
9-1 COPCHEF IS EVICTED. Ding dong the witch is dead the wicked witch that mean ol bitch.
Daniel is you all can’t split the check. But Paloma said…. oh. Right. Doesn’t like sheep unless he thinks he’s the shepherd.
Julie is prepping Nic as we go to commercial. mmhmm. I see you.
Taylor’s speech was great. Nic played her alliance’s game. Big risk big reward we have the numbers. Larger alliance. Laser focused on getting rid of Taylor. She thought it was game is her answer. Monte knew of the side alliance. She’s not surprised. The alliance was formed because they were the bottom of the pole.
She’s happy she got to play. Julie says it was fun to watch Nic play. who knew Julie was into s/m.
TAYLOR JOINS Indy and Alyssa. Indy pretends to clap.
NO HOH reveal this episode.
Daniel whining. complaining. call the season. who knew Elvis played Eeyore?

BB24 WEEK 5a.jpg
No Name

You’d think production would be able to figure out how to keep the drama for the live cause the fakeness I just watched was real…..boring.This showmance shit is gross to watch,it makes me want Alyssa out next or even Kyle as long as I never have to see that again.What Grod does on her own time is her business but I don’t want to watch the Grodgasm.As for Jasmine,wtf,I guess she thinks being a country fried dr muppet is better than the mean gremlin she is.Gross just gross.


“Country Fried Muppet” hahahahaha


Yeah, her remark to the Chenbot that she “…looked better than a chicken wing in an air fryer”, I mean WTF? Who says something like that? Even Chen looked uncomfortable.
Can’t stand jasMEAN. Want either her or Daniel gone next. Isn’t it time for a DE?


I love that Chenbot compliments back those who compliment her EXCEPT Jabba. ??? Those eyebrows!!


I’m here for your commentary LMAO

The Beef

How about all the fake “I was shocked the Veto was used” commentary by Brit, Michael and Taylor, when we all know they were told it was going to be used by Kyle before the ceremony? I just wish the damn producers would tell the story that’s actually happening in that house instead of trying to force some false narrative because they think it’s better to lie to the casual viewers for “dramatic” purposes I suppose.

un autre nom

Taylor didn’t know that it was going to be used as far as i remember.
The early morning Leftovers meeting conclusion was it would not be used.


So precious watching Daniel now on the live show talking about how people don’t know how to play this game. Saying you can never get too comfortable.

Hello, Daniel… here’s irony calling you!

Blindside Butterbeans

I hope the front door is calling him soon. He’s a little b!tch.


Wait…Do I truly see Nicole and Taylor laughing with each other. I wonder what happened when the live feeds paused


Wait… guys, my feeds people: didn’t Nicole think of telling the girls first that she was gonna tell Monte about her “plan?” Or is this just CBS editing trying to sell me that Jasmine actually bought that “Nicole will nominate you” that Monte was selling?


Oh Damn! Taylor said it…And Daniel’s look…..


“You look so dumb right now” lmao! I am in love with Taylor after that speech. Ha!!!


“To quote Rihanna…”



What a nice speech, Taylor.

I dunno why CBS already sent Terrence and Indy to vote. Sorta already confirmed that not only the leftovers are getting what they want but that there won’t be split votes.

America’s Favorite

Considering that everyone knew that Nicole was leaving, Taylor’s speech was classless. I was beginning to like her this week, but she sucks and needs to get over herself.

John R

I would have said much worst if anyone treated me that way. So there…

America’s Favorite

So would I, if I had to deal with this person. Nicole was already out the door. Taylor never had to see her again. Take the win and be happy. She’s the most vulnerable person in her alliance. She’s in a position where she owes them and has to do whatever they (Monte, Turner, and Kyle) say because they formed the alliance around pitying her. And she’s still the main target of the other side of the house. Being the pawn in your alliance and the main target of everyone outside your alliance isn’t the position you want to be in, but she feels comfortable there, and it’s going to bite her. Instead of taking the target off herself by showing a sliver of sportsmanship, she took cheap shots. The people in this house are only out for petty revenge, forgetting that they have a social game to play.


I can’t believe people are upset that Taylor took one shot – which wasn’t even that bad – after being RELENTLESSLY bullied for 5 weeks. And she doesn’t even know the half of what’s been said about her behind her back. I can’t imagine how shocking & painful it will be when she watches everything. I’m glad Taylor stood up for herself. It’s obvious that Nicole’s departure has already changed the house’s energy for the better – minus Indy’s jealousy re: Joe & Dan’s occasional pity party. Hopefully with Nic’s poison gone the cast can start to genuinely come together

The Beef

What you call cheap shots other people might call finally returning fire, after enduring FOUR weeks of shots from Nicole, Daniel, Paloma, Ameerah, Jasmine, Indy and possibly others. Do you not remember how Daniel attacked her in his Power of Veto replacement nominee speech, attacking her personally when she could say nothing in return? How about when both Nicole and Daniel double teamed her after she offered Nicole words of solace when she was crying, and everybody thought it was because of her mother’s cancer situation, they twisted her words and again attacked her.

No, this was her chance to fight back, and while I do understand where you’re coming from, I also understand the need to stand up for yourself when it seems people are constantly kicking you when you’re down, and it doesn’t seem to matter how many times you get kicked, another kick keeps coming. Daniel, Jasmine and Indy are unlikely to change their minds about how they feel about Taylor, so I fail to see how extending olive branches to any of them is going to help her in this game.


Did u not see how everyone treated taylor in the house


She was planning on saying it for awhile over the week. Everyone except Daniel voting for Nicole was just put together over the last day due to haphazard planning on Monte’s part


I disagree… she and Daniel were classless first. Plus sportsmanship is required to play this game.

America’s Favorite

Yes, but the person who stays has to be the bigger person and play the game.

Daniel Sucks

No they don’t. Have you ever heard of Dr. Will? Evel Dick? Both are BB winners, legends even, who never took the high road on the show!


She has shown a lot of poise and deserves to clap back once. Troll…


Right because black people always have to bite their tongue and never say anything in defense of themselves while constantly behind attacked. You know because of they do.. then some how they’re the classless ones. Nicole had said way worse to her and about her but yea, Taylor is the classless one.


I also believe Taylor was due to take a shot but isn’t Nicole black, so what’s your point?


Classless? In what alternate dimension is this true, cause it ain’t this one.


“Y’all can’t split the check, play for yourselves” deadass

The Beef

I laughed hard when he said that. Of course he feels that way…..NOW! Now that his two biggest allies have been voted out of the house, and he’s left with dead weight to play with!



Sorry but this elimination wasn’t as fun as I had pictured it. If it weren’t for Taylor’s speech….

P.S.- “Remember y’all, you can’t split the check” — just shut up, Daniel.


For some reason when he said that it reminded me of Ronnie from season 11

Daniel Sucks

He tried to ostracize Taylor. “Don’t talk to me until finale.” Now he feels ostracized. And I don’t feel sorry for him at all.


Karma is such a b!tch! LOL!!!


Daniels face after Nicole’s eviction is pure comedy. Talking about some “you know y’all can’t split the check” omg lmaoooo


Nicole’s last statement was different from one of the rants that Nicole did on the feeds


I am glad that they showed Daniel’s spiral at the end of the live episode for those that don’t watch the feeds

Keri Helen

“Turtle and die” lol Simon


If he loves the game as he says, he needs to get back on there and fight for his life.

Daniel Sucks

Maybe he’ll self-evict, like Paloma.


I think Taylor shoulda chosen Jasmine and Turner with the excuse Turner had her back once and she was thankful. Sounds weird that she wanted to join 2 girls that she’s not close to.


It was planned that way at one of the groups’s meetings. The question is, if Taylor wins HoH, does she put Daniel out of his misery or go after Jasmine


I agree. Wonder what she’s up to because there has to be a reason

Daniel Sucks

If the 3 of them go on the block, she is the only one in the Leftovers alliance. The Leftovers won’t have to split their votes, and she will stay. It’s a good move.

un autre nom

The alliance decided it was best. means if the 3 women go on the block the other side doesn’t have numbers to evict her. most they can manage is three votes if the alliane sticks together if she’s paired with 2 of them.


The funny thing is that I didn’t realize that a houseguest could join a team that already had 3 people until Julie said it! I laughed when I saw Monte’s face practically go “No, No, No!”

The Beef

Hell, you didn’t have to see his face! His whole head was shaking side to side NOOOO!

Team Taylor

Alyssa and Indy are simply shields for Taylor. If she finds herself OTB again, the votes will go towards either Alyssa or Indy (if Kyle gets the last word). Only Brittany and Michael are in danger should a non-Leftover player win HOH.


She picked the girls because if they go on the block, she has the numbers from the leftovers.

Allyn Lavern

She chose them because they are not in the leftovers


Maybe Daniel will self evict! He is like a petulant toddler!


“Petulant toddler” is perfect for him.


“I’m gonna start packing my bags now” — Loser, Daniel

Someone please edit the nonstop whining so I can laugh at his expense.

P.S.- he just said “Just end the season already.”


Team Taylor

What are the chances Daniel suddenly goes into BB11 “Chima mode”??


I can totally see that happening. I can also see him straight up walking out if he doesn’t win HOH. He sucks so bad, he’s a f-ing moron. He’s hateful, gross, and an egomaniacal idiot. He deserves every bit of backlash coming his way.

Daniel Sucks

Oh no. She was a spoil-sport.

It's me

I did not understand Taylor’s reference to rihanna??? Please explain


The phrase “you look so dumb right now” are lyrics from Rihanna’s song Take a Bow

Daniel Sucks

Lyrics from her song Take A Bow “You look so dumb right now”.

un autre nom

Dear Chenbot:
If Jasmine is ever evicted make sure she has to wear a Hannibal Lecter mask.
She keep comparing you to food. Ribs… wings…. blink blink…
This is for your own safety.
Also… try not wear gingham. She’ll think you’re a picnic.

Just a viewer

Taylor’s speech was classy and perfect. Nicole deserved every bit of it. Nicole has personally disrespected Taylor multiple times. No sympathy for Nicole and that’s nothing compared to the backlash she’ll face outside of the game. The nasty classless dirty game Nicole played, is what got her evicted. Good riddens and hopefully Daniel, Jasmine or Indy are next.


2 great weeks in the books.

un autre nom

d/r thoughts.
Ameerah left with more d/r than Nic.
Nic was near the upper end of the pack.
What this tells us:
Ameerah was a big part of the first three weeks.
Nic was being downplayed in the d/r (edit for her own protection?)

Indy, Terrance, Britt are way at the bottom of d/r inclusion (like Paloma and Pooch level inclusion).
Joseph, Turner, Jasmine and Alyssa are mid level but still lower than Ameerah and she left a week ago.
Taylor, Michael, Daniel, Kyle and Monte are above the Ameerah line.
Damn, Ameerah was in d/r a LOT if most of the house is beneath her inclusion a week after her departure and she never had an HOH or a veto win.


Michael is Hoh!!


Michael is the new HOH!! He said Daniel was only 5 seconds behind him!