Big Brother Spoilers – Week 5 Eviction results

This was a fun week in the Big Brother house. It started with Whitney getting evicted and DerekX winning the Head of Household. He’s pretty clear that his target is going to be Christian. His plan was to Backdoor Christian by putting up Sarah Beth and Britini. The veto is played and Britini pulls out the win. At this point DerekX is thinking – Do I take out Christian or do I put up BIGD and let the house decide? He sticks to his original plan and puts the player with a 56% win record on the block during the Power of Veto Ceremony. The votes on Monday were 7-2 against Christian with little prospect of it changing until……

Tiffany’s madness

The Begining

For the last two weeks, Tiffany has been on the warpath against Sarah Beth. From my observations, Tiffany was smitten with Kyland. Sarah Beth and Kyland have been getting closer and closer something like a snugglemance. Tiffany came up with all sorts of theories about SB to turn the house against her. For the most part, It worked!

The background

Right after the Veto Ceremony Christian and Alyssa “corner” Britini asking for her vote. She said yes but in reality, it was no. Early Wednesday morning (2 am) Tiffany confronts the Jokers telling Britini she has to tell Christian she’s not voting for him to stay. If Britini wouldn’t do it then Tiffany will do it for her. This did not go down well with the Jokers. Around 4 am Kyland drives the wedge deeper suggesting to Azah that “she [Tiffany] is looking to be Alyssa’s second choice for a jury vote.” When the Jokers wake up on Wednesday they are STEAMING mad. Azah and Df are ready to go to war with Tiffany cookout or not.

The Attempted Flip

As if the rift between Tiff and the Jokers wasn’t enough at around 4 pm on Wednesday Tiffany has the idea to try and flip the house to keep Christian and evict Sarah Beth. She consults with Xavier who was always voting for Christian to stay. He’s onboard. Xavier goes to work on DF and Tiff works on Claire. Xavier doesn’t have any luck but Tiffany gets Claire to agree. They figure they have 4 votes locked to evict Sarah Beth, Alyssa, Tiffany, Claire, Xavier. All they need is one more. The decision is to work on Britini the weak link. They call her into the HOH to strong-arm her.

The Blow-up

Christian is sent to go pull Britini into the HOH where Claire and Tiffany are going to flip her vote. DF and Azah will have none of this “Bullying and Manipulation” they storm in to protect Britini. A fight ensues which is blocked from feeds. Tiffany and Df/Azah are full on pissed at each other. By 6 pm on Wednesday the flip is dead with Xavier telling Tiffany they have to vote out to evict Christian 7-2 to save the cookout. She agrees and the flip dies.

The Damage

Hard to tell right now exactly how much damage this did to Tiffany’s game but it’s most likely substantial. Brit, Df, and Azah are both done with Tiffany. Hannah and DX all witnessed Tiffany’s frantic attempts to force a flip and have to be questioning her loyalty to them. Kyland is already on a war footing against her. He now can use this as ammunition to take her down.

All in all, she got drunk on power. Being in such a commanding position for so many weeks made her think she could do anything.

Results From The Live Show

Hannah Votes to Evict Christian
Kyland Votes to Evict Christian
Xavier Votes to Evict Sarah Beth
Alyssa Votes to Evict Sarah Beth

Brit Votes to Evict Christian
DF e-Vote to Evict Christian
Tiffany Votes to Evict Christian
Claire Votes to Evict Christian
Azah Votes to Evict Christian

Christian is evicted
Everyone has reached at least Jury.

Fan Vote Twist Details

New room opens up the High Rollers Room
Three unique BB casino games and three game-changing powers
Game-CHanging powers like – Take yourself off the block, Win a second veto or win the ultimate power
You need BB bucks to play for the powers. America votes to give you BB bucks
Top 3 votes = $100, next 3 = $75, everyone else gets $50

You can use the bucks to play for a power. The bigger the power the more expensive the game. You can bank your money for a more powerful power later in the game.

Rules from CBS can be found here

Head of Household Competition:

Kyland wins

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This edit….Oy! Showing Tiff in a better light so far than the feeds showed


The Feeds: Tiff concocted conspiracy theory #812 about Ky & SB and wants SB out.

The Edit: Tiff is a mastermind and the Jokers can’t keep pace with her strategic genius.

The Result: Tiff appeared completely rational and sane. DF came out looking like the jackass.

(AnotherName made a great point that the edit will impact the fan vote, so it looks like production wants to give Tiff a boost).


Even tho I’m not a huge Sb fan, I will give her my votes. The name calling and hatred from Tiffany is out of control.


Well duh, production is obsessed with her.

Big Brother 23 Fan

They made her out to be calm and rational instead of a screaming witch!

another name


  • I don’t know what alliances the edited version has included. If they haven’t included the Jackpot alliance on the edited show, how are they going to explain why Tiff and Claire don’t trust SB? Whimsy?
  • I don’t know if they are running with poor Brit or if they are going with Brit is part of the plan. Is she the Assistant Assassin or just the poor ass they keep nomming?
  • I don’t know how they are portraying the individual cookout members. Last I heard they were giving Azah the social d/r treatment. What about the others? Who are they giving credit for the game moves and alliance creations?
  • Twist: similar to the season 20 stuff mixed with the typical bbCan early season extra powers? like safety from nom/ veto power/ extra nom/ negate votes?

This is something that occurred to me just now.
Anyone have an answer?


I don’t recall them noting the Jackpot prior.

As for individual Cookout members – in the first episode or two it was Azah & Tiff they showed a lot of. Ky going OTB & being part of SH/Butches as well as X gave them some hits while Hannah got most of her hits early b/c of how she felt about Brent & Big D gets humorous hits here & there but man he got nailed tonight & that stupid eviction speech ineptitude of his won’t help his cause.

As for game moves they typically feature Tiff albeit also paying homage to Ky, X and occasionally Hannah (pretty much who the strategist are but my friends think it’s driven by Tiff who are casual watchers if that helps).

another name

It helps me understand, thanks.
How tptb are interpreting the dynamics says a lot about storyline projection.
Things that would stand out: if they gave alliance creation in D/R to someone that had nothing to do with the alliance being created. That type of oddity usually stands out for a reason that becomes clear about 3 weeks later in storyline.


Its funny how tiff bitches about df and azah gettin mad when she tried to talk to brit to get her to flip and she says hey were supposed to be working together why you doing that….ahhhh hello if ur in a 6 person alliance and 4 out of the 6 want christian out and only 2 of u want SB out your the one whos fucking it up i hope she gets taken out this week


ah ha. No goodbye messages so possible chance for come back.


No, not the way it was phrased. I don’t think anyone before Jury can compete their way back into the house


She told him about DerekX coming for him since the beginning of the week..I want him back in but not a chance unfortunately

Big Brother 23 Fan

Julie said she would play him the messages after the show.

Double Ds

No comeback. Julie Chen told Whitney about the alliances last week.


So no Battle Back this season, good


Hmmm, voting by text message. How does everyone feel about what we are voting for?

Big Jim

what was the number to text to?


Text your favorite player’s name to 97979




Just voted 10 times for Derek X. Time to fight the good fight!!!


Same here!! God I hope people don’t give it to Tiffany.


The fan vote is vote and production still gets to decide who wins the powers..too many people get cash.

The Beef

Exactly! Casino games? What’s it going to be like slot machines? Your telling me TPTB won’t control who wins those games and what they win? Julie even said “luck” was involved, which means production will decide who wins! That’s why EVERYBODY gets bucks, so that everybody gets to play, so that the right person will win!

What a joke this “twist” is.


Is HOH happening now?


isnt Christian 7 and SB 2? You are the only one saying 5-3.

another name

What this twist does? Removes the part of the Plus One plan that had the Cookout and their partner on the block together. So, the chance the cookout gets outed has increased?


Nothing will get the Cookout ousted. This was all by design by production.

Hopeful for a Good Season

Hoping Christian is brought back to play in another season. He was good and entertaining player and taken out the coward way. BB bring him back again.

another name

He spent upwards to six hours a day cuddling.
He isolated himself with his showmance and lost all track of house dynamic.
He got taken down by a backdoor. Backdoors and blindsides are not cowardly, they are strategic. Strategy is a big part of the game, so is socializing.
He spent his HOH on getting out an ally.


and he stood by and watched as every white dude went out one by one and thought he wouldnt be next, lol him winning hoh only bought him another week, and dont forget his gametalk in that iddy biddy baby voice of his, tha dude needed to grow a pair, for realz


I split it between Britini, Kyland, & Claire

Big Brother 23 Fan

I wouldn’t give any to Claire because she is Tiffany’s puppet.


Hi Simon! Just wanted to point out that Brit voted out Christian but in the list is says she voted out SB. Thanks for all you do!


Think they have already been given every advantage known to man.


I’m so happy Christian is gone. Backdoors are part of the game. He was a big threat to DX and I’m glad this is on DX resume. Unfortunately it makes him a bigger target unless Tiff can make SB a bigger target ?


who is ready for 6th week in a row of a house target? maybe production throwing a bunch of powers at them will prevent another house vote? i wont hold my breath

another name

Sounds like Ky is HOH.
Sounds like X thinks the way Ky played HOH means he lost the trust of the cookout.
Sounds like X told him to throw it to Tiff (the last two standing) and he wouldn’t do it.
Sounds like a knock out comp.

Sounds like Ky can’t bear for SB to be the target. just guessing.
(Ky was supposed to throw this HOH because Sb is the next boot on the cookout list).

another name

From Ky’s talking, sounds like he’s ticked at Brit, but probably won’t nom her.
He won’t nom SB or Dx.
Process of elimination says Alyssa and Claire?

Clarification: Maybe Ky tried to throw by Tiff buzzed in first and got it wrong.




Honestly I wouldn’t throw a competition unless I felt it was necessary. It wasn’t necessary

Big Brother 23 Fan

Why would Ky throw anything to Tiffany? Tiffany is out of control and only interested in Tiffany’s agenda.

Kid Rock

He threw it to her but she got the question wrong! X pissed Ky picked Azah 4 times in the comp

another name

Yeah, my clarification after a couple of minutes was that Tiff got the question wrong.
I was going off of the initial info as feeds came back before clarification began.


And even this HOH wad set up in advance with the players in the all black alliance agreeing to give it to Tiff. Except Ky went rogue and took it for himself. But you can bet money that no one who isn’t white will go on the block regardless. It doesn’t matter who wins HOH any longer. All 6 players are playing only to remove all white players. I bet Ky and Xavier will be the final 2.

The Beef

So if Tiff didn’t trust Ky to throw it to her, and therefor buzzed in and missed the question, that’s on HER! Let them rearrange their damn boot order, to accommodate Tiffany’s screw up, and send out her pale face FIRST instead of Ky’s! Why should Ky have to sacrifice his “jury vote” because Tiff screwed up? Looks like it’s Claire and Brit on the block – the only two white people left who aren’t named SB. I guess they could go with Alyssa, who’s a semi-white, but that would piss off X who just lost Christian, and why should X pay for Tiff’s screw up?

It’s almost comical the way the Cookout members talk about their “pawns” and controlling them, as if they were pets. It’ll be interesting to see how this “knock out” comp played out, and exactly how players were chosen, to see if any cards were laid on the table or not, and to see if anybody picks up on it. It’s too late now anyway, with only 3 white women, 1 Asian man, and 1 half white and half latina woman left, and the Cookout fully in charge this week.


So I guess tomorrow will be high roller twist and evening nominations?
I think Tiff already killed TCO. We just didn’t realize it until HOH. Second Kyland HOH


No way. The Cookout will remain regardless of who likes who. That is the ONLY agenda this season – to remove all white players. They have made that clear week after week even though they argue amongst themselves. They believe they are fighting for a noble cause…..smh.


I got it backwards noms 10:30 am and later High Rollers room


so? we all knew how this season was going to play out , CBS couldnt have a caucasian winning this season, i mean lol cmon, just imagine the chaos, probably wouldve been the end of the show


Congratulations To The New HOH-Kyland!!

Kid Rock

Knockout competition, Ky won HOH! Tiff pulled a Dayvinne n got the question wrong… the plan was to throw it to Tiff… Ky picked Azah 4 times during the comp…..


Derek X is the type of guy to sit on his TV and watch his couch.


Looking forward to Sunday’s episode to see how this HOH Competition plays out! So much drama afterwards! Lol