Big Brother Spoilers – Week 4 Eviction results

Endurance competition this Thursday Night!

** It is going to play out on the live feeds after the episode airs on the east coast! **

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This week was another simple done deal. Christian won the Head of Household and nominated up Hannah (who wants to be called Chadda now) along with Whitney. Claire wins the wildcard and gets safety for two weeks. Power of Veto was won by Christian and wasn’t used. There wasn’t a lot of game played to change votes it was always locked on Whitney. A large swath of the feeds was taken up with Tiffany’s morning frenzies of moving around everyone’s position in the game. It was a bit tiresome. Unfortunately, we’re at a familiar spot in a Big Brother Season. A large alliance (cookout) running the house. Fortunately, that alliance is composed of decent players so there is still a chance for something unexpected and fun to happen.

teams are now over.

Results from the Live Show

Derekf Votes to evict Whitney
Britini Votes to evict Whitney
Azah Votes to evict Whitney
Kyland Votes to evict Whitney
Alyssa Votes to evict Whitney
Sarah Beth Votes to evict Whitney
Claire Votes to evict Whitney
DerekX Votes to evict Whitney
Tiffany Votes to evict Whitney
Xavier Votes to evict Whitney

Whitney is evcited

HOH is basic wall..

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Best part of the show so far has been Julie correcting DerekF on how to vote to evict.


It’s like he has a brain fart. He says the same nonsensical phrase every week. LOL


Wait… Did Julie reveal that because there is no competition to get back into the house?


Might be one after first four in jury


No teams unless you count the 6 who have been an unofficial team since what day 3

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Well, I called it day 2, watching live feeds in the day room or whatever it’s called, Xavier, KY, and Azah, they were talkin trash about the POWC and making to put it mildly, racially insensitive remarks…That’s when I stopped watching BB and only come here to watch my pre season predictions come to fruition.

Survivor US will be the same as well. Will give that a pass. The good news is Survivor S. Africa and Survivor Australia are currently on and very entertaining with no racial BS or “game fixing” based on race.


The Houseguests mentioning America earlier is what probably got Producers to resurrect the “America” twist


The first time the wall moves?! Wow…Big D…lasted as long as a high school boy after prom.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Doesn’t matter, he will be dragged to the final 3-5 by production.

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Whit(e)ney evicted yo. Who could’ve seen that coming….lol


What’s up with Derek F not being able to say I vote to evict so and so…? Very strange. Three weeks in a row. Can’t he hear himself? No one else does that. Julie finally said it correctly back to him tonight.