Big Brother 24 Week 3 Eviction live show

We’ve really been treated to a great week of Big Brother on the Feeds. All the players left out of the majority alliance that controlled the house for the first two weeks formed together. They created a new Majority alliance. We rarely see this happened Especially week 3 (A fun week unexpected blindside week that is). This season is shaping up to be great lets hope the momentum continues.

  • Turner Wins the Head of Household. The collective Fandom was more or less unhappy thinking he would do something boring.
  • Turner’s nominations were Brittany and Michael. Telling everyone the plan was to backdoor Taylor.
  • Saturday night the target begins to move to Ameerah. The initial effort was essentially started by Joe and Kyle to explain to Monte and Turner (who were in full agreeance)  that Ameerah is the more dangerous person in the house.  The bros create “The pound” alliance . The plan is to pull Michael, Brittany and Taylor in to take out Ameerah, Jasmine, Nicole, Daniel, Indy. (And anyone else that stand in their way)
  • The Power of Veto is played and Michael wins it again. This gives THE POUND a green light for phase 2 which is to bring in the rest of the left over players.
  • Sunday night before the Veto Ceremony “The leftovers” alliance is formed. composed of Kyle, Monte, Turner, Joe, Brittany, Michael and Taylor. They all seem very happy it’s a sweet BB moment.
  • Nomination Ceremony happens and Ameerah goes up. Full blindside.
  • Ameerah will be evicted tonight and again a full blindside.

The Grid

Pretty amazing how things have shifted over the last 2 weeks, basically all the leftovers got a boast and everyone else tanked. Taylor and Michael still hold the top positions. Nicole dropping from solid top 1/3 down to the gutter, The wonderful Paloma finally out of the bottom spots which is now taken by Daniel, Nicole and Jasmine.

Lock your ranks in before midnight

Results from the live show

Alyssa votes to evict Terrance
Indy votes to evict Terrance
Monte votes to evict Ameerah
Nicole votes to evict Terrance
Jasmine votes to evict Terrance
Brittany votes to evict Ameerah
Taylor votes to evict Ameerah
Kyle votes to evict Ameerah
Michael votes to evict Ameerah
Daniel Votes to evict Ameerah
Joe votes to evict Ameerah

Ameerah is evicted

Ameerah says she was very nervous going into tonight.

Ameerah learns about the leftovers

New Festie Bestie Rules

After each eviction the surviving bestie will have the power to choose which set of bestie they want to join.
If your group wins HOH you are all safe. If your group gets picked in the veto all of you will play. If your bestie is nominated they will all be nominated but only one person goes.

Terrance joins the boys Monte and Joe

Head of household Competition

You get a red invite you go to part 2.
Jasmine, Brittnay, Terrance find a invite to the HOH part 2 competition

Grab the feeds by using this link YO FREE TRIAL PARAMOUNT + LIVE FEEDS

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WOW Ameerah looks so gorgeous on tonights episode, im sad my eye candy is leaving 🙁


I don’t know. She looks the same to me but she definitely does not look happy. Did someone give her a heads up as to what is about to happen?


Awww dang! I really wanted it to be a surprise ??


If someone did tell her, they get 3 points taken away from their ranking


You know what I think she had a gut instinct (maybe people not looking in her eyes) but I don’t think she definitively knew

Jas, Ally, Narcissist (I’ll meet at the Amazing Race — HUH?) Nicole & Evil Elvis were ALL surprised. No way they knew – that group was crying before the POV ceremony the other day & didn’t even know who was going up just that Taylor wasn’t.


I agree Simon even sitting on the side couch at the start she totally knew it was going to be her and look how the couch was dressed

You ain't nothin but a hound dog

She looks really pissed already!


I always thought she looked like a young Whitney Houston. Her downfall was how assertive and smart she was. People began realizing it. On another note, does anyone else think that Jasmine is milking this ankle injury?

Paul's Rubber Ducky ? FRIENDSHIP

Wow spot on! Yes she does look like Whitney Houston! Rest in heavenly peace Nippy 🙂 …..and to Ameerahs game. I’m sorry I couldn’t help it. Ughhhh


You can always tell who’s leaving by the way they’re dressed. She 100% totally knew she was going home. First time I’ve seen her with a blowout and make up like that. Definitely not a blindside. BB is so boring now.

L.L. Bean Dip

With glasses on she looks like the girl with asthma in Nightmare on elm street 4.

Keri Helen

Hooooooo boy, that sure is something.



You ain't nothin but a hound dog

Dang! That’s a big ole pot of butterbeans and
Cornbread right there!

Michael’s Big Schnoz

Sharpie marker strikes again ……..hideous look

The Beef

If she would just draw on the thick mustache she’d be Groucho Marx!


And Daniel did do the hinky vote…


no. it was already decided he was going to give Terrance a sympathy vote


And confirmed. Turner was gunning for Ameerah from the start of his HoH


Why am I not surprised with who Terrence decided to join


i mean, was there much of a question? almost every other pair has one person who’s good in comps and one who’s dead weight.


actually good for the leftovers, if they get nominated, both alliance members will be safe, terrence will go home


yeah, as i thought about this strategically i think terrance should have picked nicole and taylor. one of those two would definitely go instead of him if that pair’s on the block. he could be in trouble sitting next to the boys.

The Beef

That’s a good point, but only if one of the women win HOH and decide to attack that particular group. Given what just happened though and depending on who wins, the new HOH may decide to try and switch things up, because without Ameerah, that whole women’s side is a WHOLE lot weaker IMHO.

The Beef

Who else was he gonna choose? He damn sure wasn’t about to choose Alyssa and Indy, as they are likely targets for the alliance that just saved him, nor would he choose Turner and Jasmine since Turner is outgoing HOH and can’t play and Jas is on the other side and “injured” so unlikely to win. He knows the women hate Brit and also Michael is on the bottom of their list, so he wouldn’t want to be with them. He also knows Elvis is high on the men’s hit list, so unless he wants to be OTB this week, he wouldn’t pick Elvis and Kyle. And who in their right mind would want to get in the middle of all the Nicole and Taylor drama, especially when the women all hate Taylor?

That only leaves Joe and Monte, the logical choice, and that’s the one he made. They are part of the alliance that saved him, and it seems to me the only good choice he had.


Omg the memories


So glad Ameera is gone. Jasmine and her eyebrows need to be next.


yes! and then nicole.

Palm Oil's Meds

I want Daniel gone! He’s a delusional narc!


The movie The Invitation has the vibes of another movie that I saw awhile ago which had Adam Brody in it


Hahah so happy! Go leftovers! But they used big brother HOH time to show a movie AD? *eyeroll*


satisfying af.

un autre nom

Blindside day Episode. REAL TIME REACTIONS
throwing wasn’t why Nic was upset. Realizing she’s going to be perceived as a horrible person in d/r was the problem.
Pound and recruits is the Leftovers.
Oh right they never did veto ceremony.
POS pack were poised to dominate.
Guys realized Girls were dominating the game… funny that happens when Monte didn’t have control last week eh? Oh like that still doesn’t bother him. riiiiight.
Michael and Brittany save themselves.
Turner Renoms Terrence and Ameerah.
not adding to dogpiling. You old people talk some crazy shit.
Lots of d/r basically one side saying bullying is not okay (at least Turner acknowledges he isn’t perfect).
Tears and who is the bully talk.
Terrance falls on the sword.
Michael isn’t POS. Terrance cancel the moving truck, La-z-boy is staying.
Ameerah being snowed by the men of POS.
Where is Nic spinning out having a tantrum and falling out of hammock?????
Dan/Nic/Ameerah conspiring and shit talking on feeds at that time.
Ameerah checks and reports what a bunch of leftovers…but didn’t say that in edit.
Taylor playing poor lone lost pariah.
Kyle playing i didn’t know
Monte playing i’m shocked.
Joe playing clueless.
Nic says goodbye to Terrance. Nic exposes cop.
Nic announces to Turner that Terrance is going home.
Turner tells Terrance he’s safe.
Ameerah is giving the girls watch out… guys are coming for you if i go talk.
Britt is saying nope… not just he guys.
Ameerah will blow up shit if she’s voted out, with Nic’s permission.
Shot of nominees as Julie speaks.
Ameerah: Open arms. having fun. Everyone see me as an ally. (cus i’m in 3 alliances with all of you).
Terrance: courageous move. Like bumper pool.. what? i actually got bored and spaced.
EVICT TERRANCE: Alyssa, Indy, Nic, Jasmine
EVICT AMEERAH: Monte, Britt, Taylor, Kyle, Michael, Daniel, Joseph.
TOOOO many shoutouts. Oy vey.
7-4 Ameerah is evicted.
Ameerah evicted. Nic shock face. Alyssa shock face. Michael looks guilty. Britt looks confused.
Ameerah whispers to Jasmine.
Nic says Amazing Race… Ameerah weird reaction… didn’t hear response but..
Ameerah / Julie. oh my god. Taylor not nominated for why?
Names: dan nic michael betrayed her?
Leftovers reveal. but i’m aligned with so many of them.
BESTIE REVEAL: Sit with your besties.
Surviving bestie joins a set of besties.
Name which set you are joining Terrance: Terrance joins Monte and Joseph.
HOH COMP: The invitation movie tie in.
Find red invitation in 1000’s of envelopes dropped. 4 don’t get to compete.
Jasmine is in. 6 spots remain. Terrance and Britt are in. 4 spots remain.
Episode ends.

The Beef

Couldn’t believe Nicole yells to Ameerah “I’ll see you on the Amazing Race!” Does she really believe CBS is going to invite her to appear on another show after the way she’s treated Taylor on this one? Seems like she thinks she’s the star of the show I guess.

And dear sweet Ameerah wasn’t much better, telling Julie during the interview how “easy” the game was. Really Ameerah? Guess you think the object of the game is to get evicted week 3, pre-jury, after saying all week long how confident you were you were staying? Didn’t even bother to campaign, and even told Nicole it was okay for her to give Terrence a “sympathy” vote, she was that confident – or should I say cocky?

You would think having just been voted out, she would have shown a bit more humility, but I guess she is who she is, as is Nicole. Both may learn some hard lessons once they get back out into the real world and learn how their behavior is being viewed, and just saying “But, but that wasn’t me! That was somebody else!” isn’t going to cut it when there are receipts out there proving otherwise.


I’m so happy, never judge someone. Be kind to one another


Jasmine cannot be HoH again. I hope the feeds leak and we get to see the actual HoH competition

You ain't nothin but a hound dog

WTH! You would know the crippled potato would find the first invitation! ZOMG


Puke emoji

Buh Bye

That ain’t no potato. That there’s a big ol’ pot of butterbeans!


And she’s as happy “as a fruit fly in a berry bowl!”
I swan there must be a writing team trolling through
old Dr. Phil and Hee Haw reruns to find these sayings!


That was so enjoyable. I am proud of Turner for standing up to treating people wrong. He will be my Americans fav player.

Enjoying 24

That move took balls and was absolutely necessary. Taylor has been getting beat up for being a beauty queen. Glad she is in a better spot.

Daniel Sucks

Yes, that is what started it. Palmona was used to being the prettiest in the room most of her life, and got jealous of Taylor being in beauty pageants.

I don’t watch the feeds, but I hope Daniel feels like the a-hole he really is for attacking Taylor. But I doubt it. “Don’t speak to me until finale.” He had no reason for doing that to her, other than being a bully. I cannot stand him and hope he is out before jury.

Blindside Butterbeans

Low rent Elvis needs to go! And he can take the biggest bully Nicole.


Do you think Turner was nervous when Nicole had him in a headlock while they were waiting for Ameerah’s picture to change?


I KNOW – right?

I’ve said it since week 1 -this woman will do anything for fame & her THIRST is real. She CAN NOT let anyone have their moment EVER.

Ameerah’s blindside nomination became about her AND her blindside eviction also became about her.

CAN’T WAIT for her to be off my screen!

I'm impressed

I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me, so far, this season has been the best in a long long time. 2 blindsides in a row! I’m glad Turner stood up during that veto meeting to and called out the bullies. Also, it actually seems like many of these current house guest are actually thinking strategically about who they want to nominate/evict. For far too long it has been this mob mentality where a majority of the house will just steamroll through all the “weaker” players never thinking about taking shots at real threats, which makes for predictable and boring big brother seasons. Hopefully I didn’t just jinx the rest of the season, but so far for the first time in a while, I am actually enjoying Big Brother again. Let’s bust out the Kraken and toast to that!


I agree! This is such a good mix of personalities. Joseph is cast as the meat head but he definitely peeps all the subtle nuances in the game. Then you have idiots like Nicole and Daniel who think they know everything and have egg all over their faces. Michael is totally the favorite to win at this point. He’s in a good spot. And Ameerah played too hard too fast and wasn’t expecting anyone to let her go. Good job Turner!! Thank you for actually playing big brother!!

Enjoying 24

Agreed! Casting did a great job this year. Wish they would have vetted Paloma better. But, definitely the best season in a long time. I was just about done, but wanted to give them one more chance.

illegal smile

That episode was delicious. But this HH comp I say Wow so soon? What did they just hand jas the invite? Let’s see if she milk’s that sprain, faints or (fans herself) get the vapours. ? Heavens to Betsey. I’m rooting for Taylor, Kyle, Michael or Joe. I think they could make a great decision, I would trust those 4 to go after the others for real, keeping the leftovers together. I’m unsure about Monte, and Brittany I feel could be easily persuaded by Jasmine or Nicole. Maybe even Evil himself. If the leftovers Make it to the 7 I’ll be happy to whoever wins.


i’m weirdly rooting for someone who voted for terrance to win hoh just to witness someone (my money’s on brittany) throw the leftovers alliance under the bus and see what chaos ensues from that.

un autre nom

I’ve seen 2 different spoilers for part one.
rumor one: kyle indy michael taylor did not find red envelopes.
rumor two: alyssa kyle indy taylor did not find red envelopes.

I don’t trust EITHER source. just saying.

Let’s Play Fair

Can we trust that Kyle, Taylor and Indy didn’t find an envelope since they are the same on both rumors?

un autre nom

the reason i say i don’t trust either is i’ve never seen a verified spoiler from these sources before, and they seem to be following spoilers from someone else and claiming them as their own.

For me a real spoiler comes from a source that i can verify has been correct, not a source from an account created this month.
But if extrapolating through shared commonalities you could assume that Kyle Taylor and Indy didn’t… but i’d call it rumor.


Turner and Taylor Michael my favs

Reality TV Fan

Did anyone else catch Nicole saying to Ameerah, “See you on the Amazing Race.” Really, Nicole? Don’t flatter yourself.


yeah, i thought that was nicole, but was confused cuz in terms of who in the house ameerah would partner with on amazing race nicole’d be pretty far down that list.


May not be anything but did anyone else notice everyone weirdly had glasses on for the hoh competition? Well everyone but Kyle which is even more strange since he is one of the glasses wearers. There is no way the whole cast wears glasses.


there’s actually a pretty high chance the whole cast wears glasses. about 60% of the us population needs glasses or contacts.


I would wager eye protection from the sharp flying edges of the envelopes

Wait. . .what???

I’m pretty sure it was a safety/legal thing. No one (aka Jasmine) would be able to say the envelope cut their eyeball. I don’t know why Kyle wasn’t wearing glasses; maybe he signed a waiver.


I’m happy!! One of the best Blindsides ever!!




Monte is the new HOH!!

No Name

So Nic/Tay as noms?

un autre nom

Joseph setting the stage for Kyle and Joe are not close. adding that to my when did they start targeting each other list. Kyle isn’t questioning it. dope.

Terrence has sworn loyalty to Joseph and Turner now. He has previously sworn loyalty to Dan and Jasmine and Nic. He’s sworn he’s riding with Taylor and Britt and Michael. He previously swore he was riding with Ameerah. His word is his bond…. he ain’t got many left he COULD target at this rate.

I wonder how long it takes before Nic starts investigating loudly how they could do this to HER.

BB24 WEEK4a.jpg

LOL – the answer to the last question was not even a hot minute – HOW DARE they not share this with her b/c “I” wanted to say goodbye & “I” would’ve wanted to tell her something prior (cop story I’m guessing).

Oh– AND she had the audacity to say they FORCED her TO GO TELL Terrance & cry. THEY – who – what I recall is her asking about 5 people (more like she TOLD them) & they nodded heads & walked off smirking/giggling b/c (as I pointed out earlier) it was going to make her look like the clown she is.

THEN she was right back into her “it’s all about me even though I’m F’kd — Kyle YOU NEED to go talk to Jas, & YOU NEED to get Monte to put up Turner (the guy she said her & Evil should align with less than an hour earlier) & YOU NEED to talk to Ally & tell her …

I keep waiting for someone to turn around & say to her I’d say YOU NEED to STFU but b/c you’re so concerned with the vernacular of everyone but your own I’ll just tell you – Bless her heart!

un autre nom

How nobody has told her to back off yet mystefies me, but at the same time is obvious.
It’s almost like the house has silently acknowledged that you can’t talk back or defy her, because look what happened to people she shit talks.
Self perpetuating hell of their own making.
By allowing her to be the (hate the world but it’s the shoe that fits) house bully, they are allowing her behavior to continue.
I’m not saying blame the victim with that. I’m saying the microcosmic “society” has developped a warped class structure because of fear and intimidation.
The former prison guard has created her own stanford prison experiment, and the inmates have accepted her rule.


Will someone explain Nicole to me?
I want to go on the block so I can backdoor my partner, get her evicted and get a special power. I am crying because I will have to throw the veto competition in order to make that happen, and I don’t throw competitions, even though that is what I already decided to do. Partner sees me crying and says if you need to bow out of said competition, it is okay. I get mad at her for saying it is ok for me to do what I am going to do and I angrily respond “That is not even in my vocabulary” and tell the whole house my skewed version so they all get even more mad at her and bully her. WTAF?


Pretty much. Makes no sense whatsoever. I can’t understand that person.