Big Brother 23 Finale Results

Xavier won the first part of the final head of household and Azah won the second part. BIGD was pretty much guaranteed a second-place but over the course of the last couple of days, he talked himself into a spot where he’ll likely be third. Either way, the winner is probably going to be Xavier. In the final 2 with Xavier, Azah, I don’t really see the jury giving the win to Azah. In the final 2 with BIGD and Azah, she has a chance. If BIGD wins this season I’m calling Kraken.

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Big D “I’m fighting for my mom who has a lot of hospital bills & is also sick at times. Xavier “I would stay away from that”

7:40pm Kitchen – Big D and Xavier.
Big D – what time would you like to talk? Xavier – you want to talk tonight? Big D – yeah because I need to talk to both of you guys. Xavier – what do you mean? Big D – I guess I need to pitch to both of you guys. Xavier – oh, that’s been said? Big D – Huh?! Xavier – that’s been said or that’s just how you feel? Big D – that’s just what I have to do. Xavier – you don’t have to pitch to me. Big D – yeah but.. Xavier – You don’t have to.. and you’ve already made your pitch to her. Xavier – Well, I refuse to accept your pitch but I am just saying you don’t have to pitch to me. What pitch do you feel like you have to give to me? Big D – okay, Xavier.. I have been with you since day one. I have did this whole entire game with you. I have had your back no matter what. I have did everything that you’ve asked me to. You know what I am here fighting for. I am here fighting for my mom.. who has a lot of hospital bills and is also sick at times.

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“[X] played the game well and I don’t think he deserves third. I think if there’s anyone that deserves third it should be me”

11:04 am BIGD and Azah
Azah – it’s not anything on my opinion on you and to an extent, it’s more my opinion of myself and my opinion of him. He played the game well and I don’t think he deserves thrid. I think if there’s anyone that deserves third it should be me (yikes)
Azah – which is why I’ve made clear to him he should follow his deal with you and take you. I’m comfortable with that decision. I thought about if this weren’t X if this was DX and DX was a member of my alliance. Putting people up not for my personal game but because the alliance wanted you to. it resonated with me. Throwing competitions when necessary not to further your own resume but for the good of the alliance resonated with me. A lot of decisions he made in this game were very good moves for a big brother player and I don’t think that deserves third.

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Xavier “Who would I be more proud to see crowned the winner? I would be proud to see either one of you.”

12:55pm Living Room – Xavier and Azah.
Xavier – If there were no deals on the table I don’t know who I would take. I do feel a sense of I don’t want to go against him but he is also like now telling me you don’t owe me anything. So then I am like I can consider all my options then? Because that is a little different then. If before I felt like I had to take him now I can consider everything.. that is a little different. What I feel like he is leading me to believe.. so I am like okay now it is not so cut and dry I guess. Which felt like a difficult decision to be in before because this seems kind of F**Ked! And so even without winning he gets to be like well you know who ever wins is going to pick me. That must be nice! For me its always been like game related so in this game I’ve tried to be as loyal as I can but if now he is saying by me taking you or him he doesn’t feel like I’ve broken any bond to him then that makes me feel at ease that I can make a decision of my own like of what I want to do.

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AZAH WON Part 2 of 3 HOH! “I hate that I didn’t win sh*t this whole season.”

11:57pm – 3:14pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for Azah and Big D to compete in Part 2 of 3 HOH competition. When the live feeds return Big D is sleeping and Azah is showering.

AZAH WON Part 2 of 3 HOH

On Finale night Xavier will compete against Azah in the Part 3 of 3 HOH. The winner of part 3 sill decide who they want to take to the final 2 and who is the final member of the jury.

3:22pm Bedroom. Xavier and Big D.
Xavier – are you alright? Big D – yeah, I’m alright. Xavier – why are you just chilling in here? Big D – my knees hurt man. It sucked. I am just pissed. I hate that I didn’t win sh*t this whole season.

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“I’ve dealt with people [Tiff] like that. Where they sit there and hug you and take your wallet out your pocket without you knowing”

9:46 am
DF – this whole season I’ve felt like I couldn’t win anything.. I need to win
They talk about working out. X complains he can’t do legs in the house he’ll have to wait until the backyard is open.
DF – I worked out inside that room once.
DF adds it was the week SB was put up. “I was so annoyed.. I was pissed like.. I can’t like.. for me I was annoyed I was we’re keeping nominations the same like.. stupid.. I don’t know why TIffany’s not up there.. It was stupid I was mad”

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“He thought he was a master manipulator now he realizes damn I got played .. it hurts.”

2:00 pm DF and Xavier
X says DF has a chance to win part 2.
DF – if I win part two Azah will be more like Got it
X – she will be happy she already said weeks ago if we win part two its a wrap. at that point, we’re enjoying our time in the big brother’s house.
X – tomorrow you have to pull out a Dub .. and I think you will.
DF – I think it’s more than one round.
X says if DF wins the second part it Solidifies they both get a cheque.
DF – 750K is a very nice number.. but 75K plus the time I was here..
X – and you have a good chance to get America’s favorite houseguest.. you will be one of three people

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Xavier WINS Part 1 of the 3 Part HOH! “What kind of role model are you for your nephew?! KY, I’m a show you!”

10:56pm The live feeds return – In the bathroom. Big D and Azah.
Big D – Azah, you did so good. Azah – really?! Big D – Yeah! You held on way longer than I thought you would! Azah – I am disappointed though I really wanted to. I mean I know its X and he does endurance comps .. you know!? Big D – girl! Look at it this way, you did really good and on top of that its not like everything is over. Azah – yeah. Big D – now you don’t have to worry about X, you’re just playing my dumba$$! So there is hope! Like you were solid! That was endurance, the next one should be skill and then mental. Mental you got no problem with. You just got to get through skill. Look you’re facing me so.. its a fair match. Its a fair match.. I’m sorry I can’t beat you but I can beat her.

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“I’m still awake.. He moved, she moved.. everyone is awake we’re just resting we’re not asleep there’s a difference”

11:03 am trying on some “options”
DF – this is my finale look..
DF – I would love to get some good earings
DF mentions how Azah is going back to her job she’ll have her job’s pay plus what she gets on Big Brother.
Azah – I’m going back to work mid October.
DF – if they told your three and a half..
DF – I don’t know who long you planning on staying out here if I stay I’m planning three days. Do you want to fly together?
Azah – I would love to

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