“He thought he was a master manipulator now he realizes damn I got played .. it hurts.”

HOH Part 1: Xavier Vs Azah Vs Big D
Part 1 Winner = Xavier
HOH Part 2: Azah Vs Big D
Part 2 Winner = ?
HOH Part 3: ? Vs ?
Part 3 Winner = ?

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12:08 pm CARDS

1:58 pm
DF – I played an incredible social game where it will go down in history (staying motionless in one spot for 80% of the season = social game win)
DF – all I did was cook, clean, dance and entertain you guys and distract you from seeing me as a threat. At times I even told you guys I’m a threat send me home. You never did.

2:00 pm DF and Xavier
X says DF has a chance to win part 2.
DF – if I win part two Azah will be more like Got it
X – she will be happy she already said weeks ago if we win part two its a wrap. at that point, we’re enjoying our time in the big brother’s house.
X – tomorrow you have to pull out a Dub .. and I think you will.
DF – I think it’s more than one round.
X says if DF wins the second part it Solidifies they both get a cheque.
DF – 750K is a very nice number.. but 75K plus the time I was here..
X – and you have a good chance to get America’s favorite houseguest.. you will be one of three people
DF doesn’t know America will like him after what he did to Kyland.
X – he was belittling you all week and once he got some power you said take your a$$ out the door. America loves sh1t like that. Especially how he reacted. Showing his true colours we glad you sent his a$$ home.
DF hopes Ky will apologize to X.
DF brings up his missing ring that they think Kyland has. He stresses how much the ring means to him. DF says it was the last thing his dad bought him “with his own hard-earned money when I graduated valley forge military academy.. she said this is for you Dennis.. I thought ohh cool. ”
DF – I can always get another one I can call the company and get another one.
DF – I got that ring when I was 17
DF – god will judge him not me.
X says it’s too soon for him to see Ky again.
They don’t want the fandom to “Cyberbully” him (you’ve never met this fandom)
X – you don’t get invited to future cookouts
X – he should who he is. at the end of the day my nephew is very proud of the man their Uncle is. My family is proud of the man I am. One quote that I love. Lions never give energy to the words of a sheep.
X – bro you got got… You felt shitty about it. I am confident about me as a person what I bring. Him sitting there saying ohh what kind of roll model you setting for KOBE.. I’m saying A great one.
X – a great roll model for my nephew and he knows that..
X – he said what he said he knows what he is. I know what I am to my Nephew and to my family that was it..
DF says what Ky said was very disrespectful.
Df lists off all the historic first this season.. ..

DF about Ky – you knew you antagonizing someone especially another black man and showing your a$$ like that you were trying to get a reaction and it’s like.. how could you be that selfish when we all said we wouldn’t take this personal and even if you did take it personal why did you say something about someone’s family? Why not say something nasty about X and kept it moving..
DF – that’s my thing I would have loved it for him to call me fake, a b1tch a liar whatever.. I would have loved it. YES I AM
DF – to me as a black man to another black man you don’t do that. If I want to come at you I’m coming for YOU ..
feeds cut.. when we’re back..
X – with Kobe my concern might be you may.. take me or someone else.. no one can blame you for that. That is literally what he said.. no one can blame you for that cause you are doing what you are doing for your nephew.
X – then I take your a$$ out and all of a sudden you try to say
DF – Ky is the most shystee-est person we talked weeks and weeks about our final 2 about how we are going to make it we love each other we will never cross each other. Literally low and behold he’s over here trying to get with you to try and make a deal wand WHATNOT. Talking about the gentlemen and the competitors.. and the batman and superman and all this sh1t.. look I will never regret that move.
DF goes on about this friends back home being excited saying “get that b1tch”
DF – that just shystee. he would not have had those conversations with you if I did not open that door.
Feeds cut.. when we’re back
X says week6 people started seeing Ky as a “shady motherf**er”
X – week 6 was the start of jury.. the start when people vote is when you f*** up your social game.
X – he thought he was a master manipulator now he realizes damn I got played .. it hurts. The fact that he got played he doesn’t know how to handle that.
X says what happened to Hannah is the same that happened with Ky. they had a chance to win the veto they didn’t win. They thought they had the votes they didn’t.
X says if they would have told Ky he was going to get evicted they would have had to deal with his “nasty sh1t” all week he would have rather dealt with it for 30 seconds just like they did.
X – I’m glad a person like that isn’t going to be the one that is not only representing this season as its winner but representing our community as the first winner.
X – he needed to be gone.. out of the people that remain I would be proud of any one of us won.. I know every single one of us would represent the community.. (Yikes.. Let’s get real now DF or Azah winning is a Jordan moment)
X – I would have said the same thing about Hannah too. The two people I was iffy with was Tiff and Kythe fact they are goner now whoever represents this season as the winner I couldn’t be happier
X – we had to make sure any of the bad eggs are gone and they’re gone.. Hannah, I’m sorry you are a casualty of war I love you.. Tiffany, you know what you were doing and Tiffany owned up to that sh1t I f**ed my game up by winning that second HOH.
X – [tiff said to him] If you vote for me You will have me in this game.. what the F** does that mean? What does that count for? Like you saying I got you in this game like if I can’t win sh1t Tiff.. you know what i’m saying.. Tiff I can beat you and sh1t. truth be told I don’t necessarily need you if you already got something with Ky and I know Baby Sis i’m more inclined to trust than your a$$ why don’t I keep her.

2:33 pm BIGD fueling up for more social game

2:45 pm – 4:00 pm Zzzzzz

5:20 pm Some would say Zzzzz others would say Incredible social game

6:26 pm SPOILERS!

6:38 pm DF and Xavier
I think they’re discussing names for their final 2.
X – Freedom chasers
X – I can’t believe the creed can’t be used but the gentlemen can?
DF – the roots was good. Nobody is making of the roots.. you know..
DF – movement.. the movement.. ummm..
X – thew wave.. the movement..
DF – the mission.. no.. okay..
X – the revolution
DF – the revolution.. it is powerful..
DF – the revolution and the black knights..
DF – black city
X – chioclate city
DF – now we’re getting sexual
X – dark city
DF – power city
(jesus H)
DF – big power.. power big, powerful.. can’t say black power..
X – the fist?
DF – the fist..
X – rock solid and if you catch it at the wrong time
DF – you get your lights knocked out
They like THE FIST
X – that’s the top of the list..
X says htey now have 3, The fist, the revolution and the black knights. Adds that they need to have five..

5pm – 6:30pm Azah and Xavier are sleeping. Big D is in the kitchen.

6:30pm – 7:38pm Bedroom. Xavier and Big D try and think of a final 2 name. Xavier – Something with chess…. The Black Knights. Big D – add it to the pile. Big D – throw out power full words. Xavier – Dream killers! Big D – I was going to say the knockout kings .. but I wasn’t a King so it doesn’t make sense. I don’t want people to be able to make fun of it. The Roots was good because no one is making fun of the roots. Xavier – the revolution. Big D – that is powerful .. lets add it over here. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Xavier – alright hit me with the four? Big D – Black Ops, Blackout, Blood Brothers, The Fist. Xavier – I am not going to lie when you said all of them right now Blood Brothers sounded good. I like the way it sounded. Big D – I feel like its something that’s commonly said. Xavier – then its gone! They agree on using The Black Ops. Big D – The Ninjas! Xavier – no we ain’t going to be no damn ninjas…. bald black growna$$ men are not going to be the ninjas. The Black Ops. Big D – The Shadow Knights. The Shadows. The Covid-19! The Vaccination! Xavier – The Pandemic! The Flu! Big D – The Toilet Tissue! Xavier – The Squatty Potty. The BB NFTs!

7:43pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.. They likely got to order takeout as a reward for making it to final 3.

8:40pm Still blocked.

9:10pm The feeds return to the final 3 at the kitchen table. They go through each of the other cast members and say one word to describe each of them. They start rehashing / reminiscing about past events of the season.

10:20pm – 11:10pm Living room. Xavier about Big D – you’re Trader Joes. Big D – I hope when I do get out of here I do get treated like a convenience store. Xavier – you’re a trader joes, don’t make yourself a 7/11. Big D – I want to be like an In and Out Burger. They talk about dating and dating apps.

12am Bedroom. The final three heading to bed.

5:00 am Lights out yo

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“ represent the community”
really bro,?
Not like you crossed The Bridge or rode The Bus, or broke the MLB barrier.
Get over yourself.


I said the same thing. They are on a reality show to win money, not changing the lives for POC. Then sitting there digging the other CO members. All mad cause Tiff won the HOA and wasn’t suppose. The irony!


Of course he is representing just like you are representing the white racist community. You are still so bothered right now. Should get over yourself but never will lol.


meh x and df are ultra misgonists, i dont want think they should be representatives for black ppl. And they’re literal right. They didnt do anything historical.. this was tiffany’s doing, so idk why they are acting all high and mighty and more important than the rest of the CO members.


x doesn’t know what being black means.he has a white step family.he is a lawyer.bet he never went hungry


Are you high? The man walks around in Black skin! I do believe he knows what it means to be black better than you, deb. Are you one of those old school white ladies that believe Black people have to be uneducated, unemployed, and unfed to be truly deserving of empathy for the struggles they face? White proximity doesn’t make someone’s skin less Black. Prejudice and ignorance, such as you’ve just shown, is disgustingly alive and well.


Xavier and Derek F are so full of themselves it’s laughable. I liked X in the beginning but now realize what an arrogant shady person he is. Still feeding BS to Big D and Azah to use them. They can also say we got played!


Although I didn’t like the way X cut Ky but don’t hate the player, hate the game…if they are here, they should be able to play for themselves, you can’t blame the guy for playing the dummies!


And yet that is why they got rid of Tiff, cause she was playing the game.


Right and wrong. She was playing the game, but she was putting her own ajenda ahead of the Cookout’s. There’s nothing wrong with that as a viewer, but as a member of the Cookout, if we all agree to go up with our #2, and we all agree to have so and so win a comp, then we need to stick to the plan. She deviated from the plan for her own selfish reasons more than once, and THAT is why they (smartly) got rid of her when they did.


But hang on — she didn’t have a problem going up with Claire— the issue here was WHO decided that Claire had to leave before Ally? Xavier not only wanted to keep Ally longer he ALSO wanted to take her further than F6. Initially he wanted to cut Kyland first then when Tiff won F8 HOH he switched & wanted Tiff out first. X had several conversations with others about keeping Ally to F4. And WE KNOW he would’ve brought her to F2 – I guarantee if F8 had gone differently that’s precisely what his plan was. He spoke to Ky copious times trying to get him onboard with a F4 of the CO men & Ally.

The reason Tiff said I’d prefer not to go up next week is b/c she took out Claire on HER HOH.

So X, Ky & Big D wanted Ally to stay longer b/c they were hoping she would win F7 HOH & target Tiff/Hannah (the latter would NEVER have happened) whereas Tiff, Hannah & Azah ALL wanted Ally to go first which was the SMARTER decision of the two based on comp wins.

That’s the situation here – the men are judging Tiff b/c she had an opposing opinion to theirs on the boot order. She also wasn’t happy that Chris or DX were targeted to leave prior to others & X literally said to her “if you want to run how things go I suggest you win something then”. It was arrogant & out of line especially if the TRUE goal was to get the CO to F6.

Tiff saw through the BS & KNEW X wanted to bring Ally deeper in the game. Besides, who died to make X/Big D/Ky the decision makers? Why was their opinion more important or relevant than the CO women? The ONLY reason Ally left at F7 was b/c X spent 10 straight days whining & b*tching about Tiff calling her selfish so HE made it impossible to keep her longer. For a guy who is the “alpha” he acts like a petulant child when he doesn’t get his way.


I can’t stand Xavier….have no respect for the game, or lack there of, that he played. He is a complete spineless scum bag. Only a coward would chose to take the weakest players to the end when he could of did the “honorable” thing and honored his agreement with KY. I can only hope that the jury doesn’t reward this spineless puke with the money. Let’s not forget that only KY knows, at this point, that the nephews momma does quite well for herself. So if that’s the case why is Xavier so worried about setting the college fund for the nephew? Don’t buy that for a minute…..Xavier is about Xavier. I hope all his clients are following his sad behavior on this season. Real professional to be talking “F” this & “F” that in all the live feeds…..your a real class act, setting a great example for that nephew!


He’s an Investment lawyer, not like he’s out there representing people on trial. He’s too much!

Lena Kidd

I used to like X but he has shown his true colours. Ky saved him three times and what does he do, he stabs Ky in the back. He is not a gentleman but a snake in the grass. And as for Aza all she did was look at herself in the mirror, take naps and concentrate on her wardrobe. She shouldn’t even be in the final four. The final two should have been X and Kyland. They played the best game, winning more comps than anyone else.


X and Ky as the Final 2 would have been a heck of a show !!


I couldn’t have said it better ! Ky deserved to be in the final 2 !

Sir Kirby Williams

So, because both X and DF keep going on and on about Ky, I guess they really are sheep…they do seem to care a lot about what he had to say.


What else do they have to do or talk about in that house now? I’d be going crazy.


I’d be talking about how I’m gonna spend all that money!

Sir Kirby Williams

Considering they sleep most of the day away when not chowing down, I’d say there are many convos they could have. They talk more to the cameras than each other.


DF – I played an incredible social game where it will go down in history (staying motionless in one spot for 80% of the season = social game win)
DF – all I did was cook, clean, dance and entertain you guys and distract you from seeing me as a threat. At times I even told you guys I’m a threat send me home. You never did. LOLLLLLLLL

My man BIG D is living in a BIG FAT bubble!!! I wonder what will he do when that bubble bursts? b/c it will eventually!

Sir Kirby Williams

His “memories” of his time in the house are actually the fantasies and dreams he had while “playing” with his eyes closed. The only truth about his game is that he in fact was in the actual BB house.


Yep, couch and clothes pin played the same lazy game, or lack there of.


Imagine when he reads some of these comments and finds out his nickname was Couch.

Another Dixie

He’ll probably read it as “Coach” & take it as a compliment.

Azah who

Better start calling him sofa then. LOL

another name

I really didn’t expect Couch to take off.
LOL. I was in a mood.

Azah who

X can you and couch please shut up. You both are a disgrace to the people of color (POC). Kyland behaves badly but you force him to. X you are just one liar Lawyer. I would be so happy if couch clip your wings at final two if he can only win one comp.


He’d have to win 2 (parts 2&3 of the final HOH) after not winning a single thing all season. So unless it is an eating contest followed by a sleeping contest, he doesn’t stand a chance.


Best comment of the night!!! Haha 🙂 🙂

Azah who



“Azah or DF winning is a Jordan moment “. Ouch!!! I had forgotten how Jordan coasted to her win. DF is definitely in for a rude awakening once Big Brother ends


At least Jordan was kind and likable. Couch is disgusting.


“awake” is a word I’d never use to describe BigD.

: – )))))))))))))))))


Watching tonight’s episode, one Kyland DR gave context to the “Kyland smelling segment” the other day. Apparently tortillas were “tasting like soap” at one point


It was funny, but he did smell his pillows and shoes.


I was watching feeds & he was doing laundry. Smelling clothes, shoes, linens to see if needed to be washed. Then another time he was explaining to someone that the food & containers were being washed with disinfectant due to covid & some food containers (bread bag, tortilla bags etc) were absorbing the cleaning products & leaving bad taste. He is a clean obsessed person & some HGs just rinsed dishes instead of fully washing & rinsing in hot water. The floss… I guess we all do stuff in private without cameras on us lol.

Sleeping in

I would not have been bothered if he smelled the tortilla he himself was going to eat. But, he put all the tortillas to his face and then put back the ones he didn’t want. That’s gross for the other houseguests.


How about when the took a napkin, wiped his nose and then used it on the table in front of him rubbing it all over (I gagged watching it). I mean there’s no way I could live in a house & NOT say something. I’d be telling him – CLOSE the fridge door, DON’T put that back in the bag b/c who wants to eat that now that it’s been all over your face or KYLAND – you just rubbed your snotty kleenex all over the table- I’m going to be sick – clean that up.

I’d be targeted by him & getting the boot b/c he was being unsanitary & using unnecessary energy lol.

another name

He didn’t just smell the tortilla though.
He rubbed it on his face and put it back.


I know! That part REALLY grossed me out! Like sniff them, rub them all over your face, then put them back for someone else to eat? Ewww!


what is big d’s obsession with tiff? is it bc she slept with his “showmance” ky?


Girl you should know
2 diva queens cant get along in the same house. They be cutting on each other all the time.

Miss Impression

In the game she is everything he wanted to be but couldn’t bother staying upright.


Week one Baby D made a joke to Tiff (not on feeds). Frenchie was desperate for a target so he/Big D tried to turn it into something inappropriate & made Baby D cry. Tiff stopped it saying DX never meant it that way & she didn’t take offense (& X backed her up). That pissed off Big D b/c he wanted DX gone. It forged Tiff/DX’s bond & alternatively, Big D was pissed that Tiff refused to railroad DX into a corner & make him look bad.

There was also the nonsense with the Wild Card Comp … Brit LIED to Azah/Big D about how things went down (Tiff was gunning to win & X ASKED her to in order to keep Brit as a pawn option). It wasn’t until Azah/Tiff had there chat that it got cleared up. Meanwhile DF shot shade at Tiff right after & she fired back at him. All the women didn’t like how DF would make shady, petty comments like SB/Ally re: showmances but Tiff was the only one who was unafraid & would fire back.

Then there was the whole Brit fiasco from the week Christian left. X sent Chris to get Brit to talk to Tiff b/c they were trying to flip the vote to take out SB instead. So DF/Azah accompanied Brit to the HOH & production had to shut down the feeds b/c things got intense with words exchanged.

The key here is in TWO of those instances Xavier was the one driving the action – he wanted Tiff to win the WCC & he wanted Tiff to flip Brit. X could’ve helped Tiff avoid the nonsense if he’d gotten off his ass to go get Brit himself or by telling Big D/Azah he was the one who sent Chris. Instead he just let it fester. Something worth nothing here is THERE WAS A REASON WHY Big D/Azah were NOT in other alliances or kept in the loop (the 4 — X/Ky/Tif/Han) did NOT trust them with information or feel they needed to know. X only shifted this stance when Tiff won the 2nd HOH (b/c HE KNEW DF hated Tiff & wanted her out).

When Azah/Tiff finally talked through those incidents X confirmed Tiff’s account. Meanwhile DF never bothered to apologize or get to the bottom of the Brit issue. He spoke to Tiff SIX days after they fought & ONLY b/c he was on the block & needed her vote. The point is tell me Big D would EVER get upset at X for wanting to talk to Brit to save Chris or would ever say sh*t to X if he’d targeted Brit. Clearly Big D has two standards – one for men & one for women.

Once they’re out of the house we’ll see how things are handled as X & Big D will no doubt learn how live feeders are WELL AWARE of how they wanted to boot either Tiff or Ky to drag Alyssa deeper in the game (meaning THEY were the truly selfish players). I could care less if they preferred to be selfish but then STFU about calling others selfish.

Big D’s social media is being run by his friends & they’ve commented they’ll be showing DF the receipts upon his exit – they KNOW he looked like a chauvinist & that he treated Tiff esp differently than anyone else. Think about how he was when she exited – he was the ONLY one who ‘sadly’ voted her out & he spun her around in a big hug. So there is reason to believe he just recognized her as good player he wanted out b/c he wanted to go to the end with 2 men.

As for X – he too will learn Tiff saved his bacon on more than a few occasions & was more responsible for his safety than anyone in the house prior to F6. The oddity of X’s situation is he KNOWS he tried to get both Ky/Big D to agree to take Ally deeper in the game so the fact he’s STILL calling Tiff selfish makes no logical sense b/c she DID take out Claire whereas he ACTIVELY tried to fracture the CO. His people will also have receipts (and for sure the DR has already given him a head’s up about his misogyny b/c he backtracked & even tried to stop Big D’s comments). The 10-day Tiff bashing was a really bad look so we’ll see as the analysts/BB fraternity are virtually all calling Tiff the mastermind of the season & the main REASON why X got to F6 safely.

I’ve felt all season X didn’t like Tiff. It might just be a personality thing where he didn’t take to her- who knows. The fact both men keep saying neither Tiff or Ky were “deserving” to win & represent the Cookout is also NOT a good look & hopefully they’ll shift that stance once they get read the tea. I’ve tried to keep an open mind about X but I can’t say his misogyny didn’t tick me off. Saying things like “that’s why I date hot women b/c then I’m less likely to cheat if another hot woman hits on me.” It’s also annoyed me that not one of the CO men OWNS their game & they all suffer from delusions to one degree or another. Perhaps they were just that ignorant to the game moves which is fine – plenty of former winners/2nd place hamsters weren’t the best players.

Let’s just hope once outside the house they stop trying to gaslight us about who was really “selfish” & who really ran the house the majority of the season!


During tonight’s episode, the X on camera doing the reminiscing said that Tiff played a good game while live Feed X was still disparaging her. I wonder how many people close to him will call him out regarding that


thanks for this synopsis. why does x think he’s this hot commodity.. bald men are not even sexy. At least if you gonna go bald, give me a couple yrs of being attracted to you… isnt he in his 20s?


Initially, (before jury & especially prior to F8) X was literally just chilling – hanging out & throwing comps. During that phase of the game he came across as cool & laid back. Whitney was trying to showmance him, Azah was into him & Tiff had mentioned he was too young but seemed like a really nice young man.

Of course — this was prior to him starting to rant about the men doing all the work for the CO or spouting misogynistic statement like none of the women could beat him in comps or were “deserving” of winning.

As for age, I think he’s 27. I think the bald thing is a matter of preference – Boris Kudjoe. Jason Statham, Tyson Beckford. Kelly Slater etc are all bald & pretty handsome.


Perfectly said!!!!


I think it’s because she came to play!


I thought he was dismissive & condescending to all the women really…even Azah. But he was definitely most threatened by Tiff!

Just a game show

It probably is. His attitude changed drastically towards Kyland after Claire ran her mouth (like a gossipy high schooler) saying in front of Big D, that she thinks something happened between Kyland and Tiffany.



Simon, you’re too funny.


I had a boss that use to say “and what not and do fourth” all the time. We laughed in the meetings.

No fave yet

“At the end of the day”……..blah blah blah

another name

I still think about Production’s angle.
I can’t help it.
What does production get out of this season?
I still come to the conclusion that it’s current p/r in order to bury past p/r nightmares that ALSO eliminates future p/r nightmares.
Cynical, sure.
But from next season forward, what is the company line going to be when any marginalized person is targeted first? ‘it isn’t a racist issue, it’s a strategic issue because of fears of a cookout happening again.’
That will be the statement from the grod to ew or us, and it will be parroted by chen moonvesbot as long as she gets to pepper in a parable from her latest biblestudy class.
Opportunism clouded as social equality. That’s the Production angle.

Oh. there was a season recap episode tonight. I didn’t enjoy watching those when I watched the episodes.

My guess: Grain of salt this because I really don’t give a crap once the season is over what a former houseguest does… unless they are on my timeline for some ridiculous current news item. But anyway, post caveat, my guess is that there will be 3 groups of people that make the attempt to have some post season solidarity fest.
You’ll have the Post season slaughterhouse (preseason evictees plus Couch), and the post season royal flush (minus Ky, adding in Brit and Azah). The last group? the ostracized, populaton Ky unless he tries to suck up to the slaughterhouse pre jury evictees.
Just a guess.
The cookout? not going to be a post season thing because they didn’t actually like each other as a group.

Carlito's Way

What did production get out of this season? Really, really, really bad ratings.


Every BB Houseguest reveals their true character by the end of the season. Those HGs who leave with dignity upon eviction show a strength of character. Those who pull low blows upon eviction reveal a lack of character. But I’ve noticed that character is even more apparent among the HGs who succeed in staying in the house. Some HGs are thankful and recognize that a certain amount of luck was part of their journey. Other HGs (I’m talking to you, Xavier and Couch) deliver an endless parade of self-congratulatory arrogance as they spout verbal eviscerations of the evicted HGs. It’s always a bad look. Always.

So, it seems that Xavier and Couch have officially entered the @sshole arc of their storyline and they will remain in those roles through finale night. The only thing that would add to their clownery would be if we see the F2 speeches delivered from recliners, so that Couch doesn’t have to stand. It would be the ultimate accommodation for his size, which he has demanded all season long. I just hope that one of the HGs asks Couch to explain specifically how he influenced one game move this season. He’ll respond with, “Oh, I worked so hard and I was part of every decision,” but he won’t be able to name a specific move. Cuz he didn’t actually influence one. Not one. The entire season.


Big D’s BB game reminds me of a game we used to play on the streets of Philly. We called it Red Light Red Light. We would just freeze in one spot for weeks at a time.

another name

When did naming final 2’s become a thing?
It’s dumb.
I said it.
Thought it for years. It’s dumb.

BTW, me, I think the final 2 should have value. It’s the thing you point to the jury when they question loyalty and honor and all that superfluous value judgement crap a bitter jury will want answered for why not them. It’s the one person that you WERE loyal to in the game. That means you have one final 2. ONE. not 5, 6,7.

The entire notion of anyone watching that they want THAT final 2 to be the real one when the players in question have 5 or more active final 2 deals at a time, each, is silly.
If you have a deal with everyone, your deals are worthless because a deal with everyone is equal to a deal with nobody.

The fact that a guy that can’t own his game and a piece of furniture can’t come up with a final 2 name on day….80???? Says about ALL that needs to be said.
Production…. stop them, or stop trying to get them to make a name. It’s dumb.

The last thing I need to hear is the Couch coming up with the slogan : You just got FISTED on big Brother!

another name

In future seasons, ain’t nobody going to be saying let’s be like the fist… you be X… and i’ll be the crisco.. I mean Couch… I mean big d.

insert as many butthead and beavis laughs as required.

Buh Bye

OMG! The “Fist”. LMAO! It’s the perfect team name for these two a-holes. One step forward? for POC in reality tv. One step back for women.

Sleeping in

Naming final 2 is dumb here cos we’re already at final 3.

East Coaster

You just got fisted LMAO funny thing is I can hear couch saying it.

Buh Bye

I mean “the vote” is an artificial construct based on the individual jury members personal experience in the BB House. They don’t know what was actually being said and what was going on around them except for the times they were physically present (unless you’re Couch and then you know everything because you ran it). Just for fun, let’s see a ‘re-vote’ after everyone sees the tape 🙂


I disagree that Ky was talking poorly about X’s nephew, he was speaking poorly of X, for good reason. X showed his true colors to his detriment, because even if he stuck to The Gentlemen pact, he still would have won BB against Ky; he would’ve had the votes to win. But being the slime ball he is, he chose two inert objects to take to the end. I would laugh like I’ve never laughed (bringing on an asthma attack probably) if Azah won. X is the reason there are so many disparaging jokes against lawyers. Such as – What do you call 100 drowned lawyers? A good start.


I don’t think I can ever remember when the Final 3 just sat around bragging day after day about how wonderful they are and how outstanding they played the game. These people make me sick. I don’t think any of them deserve to be in the Final 3. I can’t remember disliking the Final Winner (X) as much since Andy Herren won. I can honestly state that this was the WORST Big Brother that I ever followed. They have made a mockery of the game. Shame on you, CBS, I blame you for putting together this travesty.


I couldn’t agree more!


That is all the cookout has been doing since CBS gave them final 6. It’s not just the final 3. Did you see Tiff get to jury? She couldn’t wait to tell everyone how great she is I hope she didn’t hurt herself patting herself on the back.

Azah who

1000 percent agree, you hit the nail on the head; I don’t care if it hurts .

Hopeful for a Good Season

After staying away from feeds and BB for the day to think about AFP. I’m voting for Tiff she played a good game even though she got on my nerves a bit. She played a BB good strategies and socially. Tiff for AFP. She’s also single mom, however very least reason of why I’m voting her AFP


Plus that will piss off Big d and x

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Couch Azah and X.
Discussing how they each saw the game from their perspective.
This oughta be good.

Q: Azah, How did you see the game?
A: Well, if you open the door all the way and arch your neck you can sorta make out what’s going on in the next room.
Q: whu?
A: Well, for a few weeks only saw what was going on in the back bedroom. You remember Derek… you were there.
D: Yeah, but I was… uh…ummm. i was running the game (waits for lightning to strike).

This is the wrong three people to be giving perspective on the game opinions.
Two Recluses and a moronic clown explaining how they saw the game.
Fine. Tell me what the Cookout looks like without Tiff.
Called for rain, and Uncle Stumpy got his ass kicked by Auntie Loretta again.

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Deep diving.
Can someone please Verify this for me:

In an early Kyversation, did we learn that Ky had difficulty in one of his relationships?
He had difficulty with being faithful, and found himself cheating a lot…..
So to rectify the problem…
He asked his ex to go to therapy to learn to accept his cheating?

Did… he really say that? And if he did…
Why are we surprised about his semantic gymnastics routine he’s been pulling this season?

Just a game show

No he did not. He said he cheated and didn’t understand why his girlfriend thought he was the perfect boyfriend. He went to therapy to figure out how, if he was a good boyfriend and did love the person he was with, he would be unfaithful. His thoughts and feelings were confusing so he went to therapy. It’s better than just cheating and not caring.

another name

Thank you. I didn’t understand what I was getting from the twitterverse on the subject, which is why i asked for verification.
Cus you know… stans say crap without anyone asking did this happen?


In an Interview with US Mag, Ky said he doesn’t regret comments to X



I notice that there is a lot of hypocrisy going on in these comments on this board. You guys are criticizing X for doing what’s best for his game in order to win the money. Why in the world would he or anyone take a strong competitor to the end if he wasn’t sure he could beat him. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like any of the F4, I especially don’t like any of the Cookout men, but you guys are the same people that called Cody, Big Brother 16, stupid for taking Derrick to the end, with Derrick being the stronger and better Competitor and thus Derrick winning the game.

Just a game show

I think it’s because he didn’t with such hateful way. He literally looked for every moment to say nasty things behind his back or make nasty faces. Kyland asked him was he safe and he said absolutely, then proceeded to grin like a weirdo to the cameras, when Kyland. He was unnecessarily cruel towards someone that watched out for him and protected him in this game.


I feel as though Kyland got what he deserved. He didn’t treat Tiff any better, talking about her to her kid on the feeds, calling her liars etc. Honestly, at this point, I hope Azah wins.

bumbling bee

this isn’t the worst at final three ever. that honor (if honor it is) goes to Josh, Paul, and Christmas. X is absolutely terrible. X is also absolutely correct to get rid of Ky at final four.
he made the best choice for his game. just like Josh and Paul. look what happened to Paul. I don’t know if this jury will be bitter. but i hope they will be 😉
i hope after this season people will ally on something other than race. but, then again after the season of the witch (aaryn) i hoped that too. i’m afraid it will never happen.
i’ve discovered something about myself this season. after Frenchy left, i was no longer that interested. much to my horror i enjoy watching drama. and this cast (Frenchy aside) just didn’t bring it. everyone was too nice to each other. it wasn’t until Tiff’s eviction we saw anything. then it wasn’t even exciting. X and Ky drama didn’t even get my dramameter going.
i hope Azah beats Couch and then pulls out a defeat of X. Then dumps him for the Couch.
its what this season deserves.


since production is pushing for x win, i will be rooting for azah even if she sucks


So they finally got a black winner, but at what cost? Making a alliance based on race, evicting people just because their skin color or how much pure black they were.
Great message to the word.


X addressing Jury,  “That’s all I have to say about that.”


They’re going to rename the show, “Black Brother.” This is the worst representation of entertainment in the history of television. This certainly indicates that blacks can’t compete unless they are the only ones on the show.


Funny that X thinks that Big D has a chance at the favorite HG


AFP vote totals from the first day of voting leaked by a member of production:

1st – Derek X (by a large margin)
2nd – Britni (casuals voted for her)
3rd – Tiffany
4th – Couch (yep, he was fourth; he probably gets votes from casuals because of the favorable edits given to him)

Of course, this is just the first day of voting, and casuals are less likely to vote daily, but if this is any indication of the final tallies, then DX has it with Brit and Tiff in the Top 3. That will make X, Ky, and Couch fume with righteous indignation.


Spoiler girl has different totals:

DX – 40%
Tiff – 32%
Hannah/Xavier 12%
others 4%

Seems off to me but (shrug) b/c Hannah fans were robust. Odd that Brit would be that high honestly b/c she’s been out of sight, out of mind forever & I honestly don’t see Big D that high – b/c he’s been getting slammed on social media (as has X – but he’s getting some sympathy now b/c of how Ky left).

I do know a horde of the BB fraternity & every analyst/podcaster I’ve seen/heard are all promoting for fans to vote for Tiff. I wonder if Hannah/Claire fans will shift to vote for Tiff to drive her numbers if they start feeling she can’t overtake DX.

We know TPTB (Grodner) will likely make the call anyway & my personal hope is for Tiff to be awarded the money since she’s the one who drove the season until F6 & gave up the most for the CO. Hearing X/DF say they had a desire to bring Frenchie to F3 & all the times X was pushing to keep Ally deeper than F6 only serves to confirm those two really weren’t that invested in the mission. And that’s not to say they should or shouldn’t have put the CO first — it’s just to say I’m fed up with those two claiming to be the reason for the CO’s success, their constant bullsh*t about Tiff being selfish and the really offensive “she wasn’t deserving or worthy of representing this season”.


They should call themselves the bare headed bitches.


so many narcissist’s all blowing there own horns and DF is the biggest of them all.


Someone posted that Azah won part 3 of the challenges. Please tell me this is not true. I hate to find out this early. So now she has to pick, the jury votes and the winner is crowned?