Big D “I’m fighting for my mom who has a lot of hospital bills & is also sick at times. Xavier “I would stay away from that”

HOH Part 1: Xavier Vs Azah Vs Big D
Part 1 Winner = Xavier
HOH Part 2: Azah Vs Big D
Part 2 Winner = Azah
HOH Part 3: Xavier Vs Azah
Part 3 Winner = ?

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7:07pm Bedroom. Big D and Xavier.
Big D – I am just stressed. There is so much pressure. I don’t know.. I am trying to breathe but it is just hard. I am hurt and I am just trying to take it like a champ and move on …and I am annoyed because you know how it is… like if you were in a situation where like you were looking at me because I am your friend and you’re like YO, You got me?! And I am like ahhhhh man I don’t know!? You, you, you get what I mean?! That is where I’m at right now so… Xavier – yeah its a lot. Xavier leaves. Big D starts playing solitaire.

Bedroom – Xavier and Azah are packing. Xavier wants all his stuff packed so that tomorrow he doesn’t have to do anything.

7:40pm Kitchen – Big D and Xavier.
Big D – what time would you like to talk? Xavier – you want to talk tonight? Big D – yeah because I need to talk to both of you guys. Xavier – what do you mean? Big D – I guess I need to pitch to both of you guys. Xavier – oh, that’s been said? Big D – Huh?! Xavier – that’s been said or that’s just how you feel? Big D – that’s just what I have to do. Xavier – you don’t have to pitch to me. Big D – yeah but.. Xavier – You don’t have to.. and you’ve already made your pitch to her. Xavier – Well, I refuse to accept your pitch but I am just saying you don’t have to pitch to me. What pitch do you feel like you have to give to me? Big D – okay, Xavier.. I have been with you since day one. I have did this whole entire game with you. I have had your back no matter what. I have did everything that you’ve asked me to. You know what I am here fighting for. I am here fighting for my mom.. who has a lot of hospital bills and is also sick at times. Xavier – I would stay away from that root with other people.. because you know how we felt when Tiffany brought up her daughter. Big D – yes, I am sorry. I am sorry. I’m sorry. Xavier – I know what you’re fighting for and that is why I told you. Its not an option for me to lose. Big D – yes. I have been there for you. I have been your ride or die. I hope my resume shows enough of.. if th shoe was on the other foot, I would not break our deal. I would ride it all the way till the end and duke it out like gentlemen. I know you did a lot for me. I hope everything I have done for you is enough for you to want to keep me if you do win. That is all I can say right now. I hope that you can find it in your heart that I played this to the best of my ability. I never gave up. I kept going no matter how difficult the obstacles were and no matter how much I wanted to give up.. and also I have never been selfish throughout this whole entire game. I have always put others before myself. So that is my pitch to you. Xavier – SOLD! Big D – I understand that Miss Azah has done the same. She has earned her spot to be here but if you can find it in your soul to see how much I have done to be here as well. That is my pitch to you. I will go give my pitch to Azah and then leave it alone. Xavier – I appreciate the pitch. SOLD!

7:45pm Bedroom – Big D and Azah.
Big D – Okay here is my pitch because I just gave Xavier my pitch. Azah – okay. Big D – I have been with you since the beginning of this time in and out, day and day, tears and tears, cries and cries, laughter and laughter. I am at your mercy and I hope that all I have done for you has been enough for you to find the graces in your heart to consider me if you do win. I hope my resume shows that I have been loyal to you. I have kept to all my words that I said I would do and I have been a dear friend of yours this whole entire game. I understand this is a game. I understand everyone has their personal beliefs and ummm.. what they think is best. If you find yourself looking at the whole entire summer and everything we have been through and all the ups and downs and the times I have always had your back and all the Tiffany fiascos and Britini fiascos and everything plus more I would hope that you would take into consideration picking me if you do win. If you don’t, I understand. I can’t say I am going to recover easily but at some point in my life I will. And I do care about you… and I am glad I got the opportunity to find a friend in this game because coming in here I was expecting to make no friends at all …so just keep that in mind. That is it! I just wanted to keep it short and sweet… nothing crazy. And Thank you for the wonderful summer and everything that you have done for me. Big D starts crying. He hugs her and leaves.

7:50pm Azah sits down on the bed and looks deep in thought.

7:55pm – 8:25pm Big D comes back to talk to Azah. Big D – Also can I mention that I have been here with you every night. Can I also mention that you have been my real housewife sister and also you’re my former Joker member. That is all I can say. You know why I am here. Azah asks Big D to sit. Azah – keep going. Big D -You’re my former Joker member.. I have not did anything to jeopardize your game. I have always supported you. I have always followed through. I am sorry that I did not take the deal that you offered me. I just didn’t want us to be in a situation where .. coming down to the six where you would have to pick between like me or Tiff because you guys had a deal. Azah motions like she didn’t have a deal with Tiffany. Big D – I am just telling you what she said. She said that you guys had a final two. For me I never wanted you to have to deal with that pain. I was like hey it is what it is, don’t get upset. It is what it is. So I never thought that the person I made the deal with and my friend would be at the end. I never did expect that. Take time and think on it … if you’ve already made your decision .. that is fine. Like I said I have already stopped working on my speech because there is no use in me working on my speech because I can’t even think about it because this had torn me a part a lot. I could see myself getting blindsided by X but I just couldn’t see myself getting blindsided by you.. so it just killed me. But you came into this game by yourself. You don’t owe me anything. Everything I do not regret. I do not regret putting myself up as a pawn. I do not regret telling people I would be a pawn in order for you not to be a pawn. I do not regret those things! Azah – I am still struggling with everything. I know where I am wrong. I signed up for being third. I still feel like I only have one option. I have one bet that I am placing on.. and that person is myself. Big D – yes, yes, I know that. Azah – I feel like it is difficult for me because your bets are placed on two people. It would just be so much more simpler from you if I felt where you want to be. Big D – if I had the power .. Azah – but I know you’re saying the same thing with X and you’re trying to get in with X. Big D – but I am not getting with X, I’ve already been with X since day one. I made that bet. I kept you because you deserve to be here. If I didn’t want you to be here I could have gotten rid of you. Your game was in my hand. I did not close that door for you. Azah – it was the same at final 5 .. its the same on both ends but right now we’re here. Big D – X and I have a final two deal. He could either honor it or not honor it. Azah – but you’re pitching to both of us at the same time. Do you get what I’m saying. Big D – but my game is over. In reality the third person is supposed to talk to both people to see where their head is at. Azah – the only person I would have been pitching to is you because you’re my best friend. Big D – I just feel very alone right now and like played. They continue to talk it out and talk about past events of the season.

8:20pm – 8:40pm Kitchen – Xavier is pacing back studying the events of the season and mumbling his speech. Big D joins him and they play cards.

9pm – 9:23pm Bedroom. Azah and Xavier.
Xavier – how’s it going. Azah – ahh… my mind is racing! Xavier – do you want to talk it out? Azah – I don’t know what to even talk about. I feel like sh*t! I just do. I don’t know if this is the right decision. I am caught. He is really hurt! And I don’t think it is game. He is very hurt and trying to figure out what he did wrong and where he went wrong… and I feel like sh*t. I am trying to make sure what I am doing is right because my mind is just scrambled now. My mind is scrambled and I don’t even know if I am going to win tomorrow. If I don’t win, I am third. My faith has me believe if my god wants me to win, I am going to win. But I want to make sure whatever god wants for me, I am making the right decision. I literally have no idea what to do. This decision isn’t even about me anymore. Xavier – what do you mean? Azah – when I came to my decision it wasn’t about me .. and now definitely is wasn’t about me. Xavier – then why don’t you make it about you! If you win, you should do whatever you want to do. If you want to take Big D, then take Big D. I am not going to sit here and push you one way or another. Azah – I don’t know man. I feel if I make the decision about me, then I take Big D because I feel like I could win against him but… I don’t know why I .. your game resonates with me and I just don’t feel like you should be third. And on the other hand I have a best friend that no matter how I have explained to him.. he feels like I have betrayed him. Xavier – but have you ever explained to him why you would pick me over him? Or has it always been personal? Azah – when I first talked to him I said I don’t think you should be third. My thought process isn’t motivated by money. Its what decision I will be fine with 5 years, 10 years, 15 years from now. Xavier – I am not going to try and convince you one way or another. Whatever you decide, I support it. Do what you got to do. If his hurt has affected you so much .. then take him. If you feel otherwise, then take me. Just make sure its what you want to do, not what someone else is making you do.. or what other people expect you to do. They hug and Xavier leaves. Azah – this is just so stressful yo! Big D stressing me out!

11:15pm Bedroom. Xavier and Azah.
Xavier – I understand the game is big brother and you want to play for your mama, that is fine. The guilt tripping sh*t is not fair. He knows that the people he is guilt tripping are people that wouldn’t do that to you. I am not going to put any of all in that situation. Its just not me. I care about both of y’all. We all had a chance to compete in part one. The two that didn’t win part one got a chance to compete in part two, at that point… if you hadn’t won that .. that’s how it goes. If you had a deal see how that goes. If where you placed your bet didn’t work out .. guess what? You lost and that is it. Its the very nature of gambling. You live to fight another day. I understand its a lot of money but this isn’t the end of the road for me, nor do I think it is for you and it definitely isn’t for his ass. If anything it is just the beginning. Azah – yeah I felt that. If he is making that argument… I know we all came here for different reasons .. after hearing you, I wanted to throw in the towel. People weren’t here just to play around. People came here for some real sh*t. I decided not to throw in the towel and keep going but now that I am in this place.. I look at yeah I could use it. I could help my family out. Its a life changing amount of money. With my decision in things, I am looking past that. I want to put a lot of thought into my decision, especially with what we’ve been able to achieve. I just don’t think you should be third. I know my family might be yelling at the screen but I just don’t. And if its me that needs to step back, I am okay with that. But if I have the choice in my hands that is still the direction I want to lean. I really feel deeply that Big D is going to be real good. To take care of his mom and everything. At the bottom of my heart I really feel like he is going to be good. Xavier – there is no way this doesn’t lead to other things for him.

1:30am The final three are sleeping..

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another name

Blink. Blink. Shrug.

bb23 furniture war.jpg

HAHAHA love it!

another name

Not to kvetch about production’s choices… but they really missed out on making Couch’s comic “the big blue couch” and Azah’s being ‘the bedsitter’
Much more approriate than what they gave them.


I believe BIG D “is a serial liar”. Do all gay men lie more than normal? Is that a thing?

Miss Impression

Is everyone named Fefe a French Poodle?


Haha yes it is

Sandy Simmons


I like to watch

do all people who call themselves Fefe display homophobia? Is that a thing?


No I am not homophobic. I sometims hang out with a few gays that tend to lie a bit more than average then listening to BIG D makes me wonder that’s all.


My best friend is gay and the biggest liar I know. Always embellishes everything.

I Bite

Or maybe you perceive that bc you’re homophobic. Being that, um, some of your best friends are gay……..

The Beef

Or maybe he’s telling the truth and not at all homophobic.

I used to have a gay friend at work who was a big time NASCAR fan. Every Monday morning after the race, I would go to his office and spend 30-45 minutes just talking about the stock car race of the previous day. Now I’m not going to sit here and say that there’s no gay NASCAR fans, but in all of the races I’ve been to in my life, and I’ve been to quite a few, I’ve never seen one. But this guy was very gay and also a HUGE fan of the sport, and it was a pleasure to talk with him about it any time I got the chance to do so.

He worked in payroll at that company and left about a year after I started working there in 1989. I hope he fulfilled his dream of working for one of the bigger “Winston Cup” teams one day during his career, as I’m sure he would have done a great job for any of them.

I Bite

What truth? You believe gay men lie more than others? I can line up a bunch of women who would say otherwise about straight men. It’s anecdotal, with bias filling in the rest.

The Beef

I didn’t say that, he did. I just pointed out my experience with somebody gay that was unusual. Maybe his is too. That doesn’t make him a homophobe. Or maybe it does. We don’t know his experience. That’s all I’m saying.

Jaymie lee

Its okay they throw around racist and homophobic to everyone who doesnt agree with the Cookout evicting people for having the wrong skin colour. Very welcoming folks if you agree with them.

Aw Hush

Evicting POC have been a thing since the beginning of BB so WTF you talking about?

the corey's

Not one person in the history of big brother was evicted for being black. Sit down racist.

Buh Bye

No. It’s not a thing. He’s just a delusional, manipulative liar.

Sandy Simmons

Idiot. Gay people are people.
Some people lie.

Buh Bye

Can anyone explain why BigD keeps saying he feels “played”? He’s said it over and over. What an ass…

The Beef

He’s got nothing else to say? His game is over and all he can do now is sit back and watch Azah and X fight it out for the dough, so he’s frustrated. He’s also a loser – not even ONE comp win all season long – even against AZAH he can’t win, when it’s one on ONE! The Couch may be the absolute WORST competitor ever seen on Big Brother USA – and if he’s not, I challenge you to name one worse! He’s just the pits! Rock bottom! Absolute zero!


BigD could you just stop. Please, give it a rest. Damn, you have zero self-awareness.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

All these people whining and crying 24/7 Geez Loweez!!!! They’re ALL getting paid something for literally nothing. Thank DAWG it’s almost over. The viewers should be the one’s crying!!!!!

another name

I don’t think Kyland is with the rest of the jury. In the past the 4th placer was kept in a hotel for the remaining days except for round table… but who knows.
Sure they released photos of painting projects… but 7 people standing individually in front of a white wall with six photos being medium shot showing baseboards etc, and the last one more close up and not showing any distinguishing marks? It’s possible they aren’t together.
I have yet to see him in any of the jury house clips that have been released in the last 2 days. Odd.
Even if it was staged, the quick clip of Sarah Beth throwing Kyland’s sweat shirt out the window made me snicker. She lets him totally make her into a laughing stock, and then she gets pissy? Yeah. That’s going to be a post season bitter, table of one. He really did take the brainfuqery too far in the last 2 days she was in the house. At the time I said it was pointless and stupid. Gee. Look.
Realistically, I think the cast members that are going to have the worst relationships with each other might actually be the cookout members. Just saying. When their egos get slapped with all of the social media receipts? Ugly. Yeah, you know that if their social media minders aren’t wiping the tags… they’re going to see receipts.
Note to couch’s people… just delete the account, throw away the phone, replace it, and make a new account telling him you forgot to send out any messages, you got busy. It’s for the best. No really. It’s for the best. Yeesh.
Honestly? Kyland and Brent, and possibly Whitney from what I’ve seen are going to be the most… okay, least likely to be invited to the group chat, and most likely to do live videos where they mute everyone from responding. Oh come on.
I would not be surprised AT ALL if the rumor of SB and Tiff having an argument (and realizing that they were always both being idiots when it came to Ky) is factual.
Sure, it’s quite possible there is no secret jury whisperer… but there was that info released that David and Chaosgremlin had a falling out with Da’vonne last season… That turned out to be spot on.

I’ll be glad to see the back of the lot of them tbh. Once the season is done, And finale interviews are posted, their fifteen minutes are done in my opinion. Well… Yeah, the day or two after finale crap fest… I’ll look for it. But after that? Nope.

mj starr

the wall behind kyland is a different color and texture from the others

double d

I’m guessing they filmed him before he left the studio.

Larry Pooper

Everyone knows Daybed Derek will win because of his social game


Did you notice in the jury “family video” segment on social media Tiff/SB are sitting side by side & looking like BFFs. They were holding hands during their segments & hugging right afterward.

Tiff mentioned SB in her response about the best part of being in jury: Being with all her intelligent “friends” that she is really enjoying being with (SB, Claire, DX & Chaddah).

My guess is they probably had an airing of their grievances — Tiff prob told her look I shifted once I learned you outed the Jackpot in week 2 to Ky – that likely led to both spilling how they’d BOTH been played by Ky & my guess is they are cool now. Look back in weeks 1 & 2 – Claire/SB/Tiff were all on the same page but once X won HOH & SB was pushing for Chaddah to be the target things shifted & SB was feeling safe after B2B weeks of HOH with Ky/X HOH & she stopped checking in & talking to them (Claire/Tiff) so Tiff was only relying on Ky when it came to intel about SB’s thoughts.

Something else that was notable is when the hamsters were asked who of the jury most deserved to win they all said Tiff (except DX who oddly said Alyssa) Perhaps that’s a little bit of bitterness on his part OR maybe he spoke to Ally just before they asked the question b/c as good as DX was at adapting to his lessons quickly his weakness was how easily manipulated he was & the last person in his ear often was the thought he went with.

another name

I’m pretty sure there had to be SOME airing of grievances. I mean… given the entire FSBAISTS movement? There HAD to be.

Hopeful for a Good Season

Xavier and Azah final 2 and X for the win. DF deserves 3rd place and to give a jury vote. Hope Tiff wins AFP, this season needed her or it would have been more boring.


The only way it will be good if DF is in final 2 is if he gets zero votes. Won’t he be surprised!

double d

I’m rooting for Azah to win part 3 and takes Big D. Only way anybody else wins other than X. I think X would like to take Azah, but he made final 2 with BigD and that could cost him a jury vote, not that 1 vote would matter.

The Beef

DX for AFP, as I think he deserves that for the backstabbings he took at the hands of both Tiffany and Hannah. Did she provide some entertainment this season? She did, but she also eliminated a great deal of entertainment as well, by helping to take out DX, SB, Claire, and Chris, all who could have been very good players, and all who could have provided some very stiff competition to the Cookout, had they known about it.


That’s a solid point (removing most entertaining hamsters) BUT do we punish Tiff for that our TPTB? She got called into DR – live feeds were shut down & poof suddenly she was pushing the CO instead. That was the same week every second conversation she had with Ky was about not being sure she wanted to stick with the CO b/c her game was aligned better with the others (DX, Claire, Christian).

It was obvious TPTB forced this on her & at least personally I blame them not her for that.

The Beef

You’re right, but that’s where the problem comes in with real game vs. production game, and just how much of what we see is really what the players want to do and how much of it is production driven? After hearing DX’s comments tonight, I’m convinced he didn’t have a damn clue as to what was going on anyway, and it just frustrates me that a player with his potential for being such a good player, is brought in with basically NO knowledge of the game whatsoever! I mean, why bring in somebody like that? Why not tell him “You watch this season. Watch the live feeds. Go back and watch 6 or 8 of the previous seasons and THEN we’ll bring you in NEXT year.” He would then KNOW what to expect and would be a great player, but instead we get a raw meat rookie with no idea of what’s going on, who believes every lie that’s told to him, and is easily mislead at every turn.

Good for Tiffany for winning AFP! At least one of the “good guys” (IMO) won that award. I can certainly live with that a lot better than I can with Manmeat getting 2nd place.


Derek, now I’m disappointed in you along with Ky. You have always said no one owes me nothing yet you tell them in not so many words that they do. I know what it’s like to stress because you have so much on your plate but you should of used the rest of your time there laying in the cut. Now you have given both Azah and X reason to make you 3rd. You have had a good social game and you should have been proud of that. Best wishes.

Late to the Party

His social game isn’t all that social. He is so passive aggressive. First he was OK with jury, then 5th place. He has deluded himself so much that he actually believes he deserves to win. The way he brow-beat Azah is horrible. And what is up with Joe Frazier’s kid needing money? HA! He is in this for fame and followers. He can take his sassy a$$ back to Philly with no $$.

Daisy may123

Big D stop the crying, this is a game a game you sucked at. Ahaza is boring too didn’t play the game much either the two of them should be very grateful they are even there. X for the win! Only one who actually played the game.

allen L spath

Is there a reason to even watch this travesty of a show this season.. so boring, and stretched out.


Azah needs to stop worrying about Big D and who she may or may not take and get to studying!! X has had so much worry free time to study it’s hard to imagine that he’d lose part 3.


DF reminds me off the guy on survivor years ago that said he just got news that his grandmother died and in fact she was alive and well, playing in up just to stay in the game longer.


comment image

He kinda looks like Couch if you get really high and squint your eyes just right…..

The Beef

He’s the “light skinned black guy” according to my refereeing buddies. Or in Fairplay’s case, the “VERY light skinned black guy”.

Sick of it

Johnny Fairplay


Dawg and Simon, thanks for all your time and hard work, much appreciated.
I don’t expect the unexpected.
X will win part three, take Df and x will win. Dx will AFP.
Peace out.


You are very welcome ribbet


I can’t with Azah. At one point last night, talking to herself, she said, “Here are the biases: Big D is your best friend and he is very hurt. Here is the bias on the other side: you like X. What is the best move?”

$750,000 is on the line and Azah is deciding if she should bring a guy to F2 so his feelings don’t get hurt or if she should bring the other guy to F2 because she likes him. Just painful.


Maybe we can collectively will her into a Part 3 of the Final Competition win

No F's given

Azah thinking/talking like she’s going to win the last HOH is freaking hilarious. No way in hell she wins a mental comp or physical comp


Azah might win the last HOH if its not physical. The bad thing is that she is still taking X to final 2 because she has a grudge against D. Azah forgot she there to win the money, not the nobel peace price.


There is also an article where past BB players and winners were asked who should win. All said X will win big in Final 2. Some said that they hoped Azah would win. At least a couple said DF didn’t belong in the Final 3


Yeah and OVER 90% brought up Tiffany either saying she was the mastermind, or they wished she was still in the house or that she was the best player.


After reading their comments, I’d love to hear Big lazy explain he was the creator of the Master Plan, knowing everyone in jury knows it was Tiffany. That would almost be worth the whole season.


These new age BB players. It’s ridiculous. All azah should be thinking of how to win $750k. And that is sitting next to Derek. If she does pull out a win and takes Xavier that is so dumb. I don’t care what reasons she would use to justify it.

I can’t help but think production has a hand in her potentially taking Xavier.


This is part of why people have been annoyed with Azah. I do hope that she manages to pull off a win against X in Part 3 however improbable that is




Thanks for donating $20.00 USD to


Thanks Wyant! Your support is appreciated

Mindy Schneidereit

If She wins the final hoh and takes X , she’s giving away $750k!! What is wrong with people? Why’d you come on the game if you don’t want to win

another name

She stopped playing the game on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the first evction.
No, really. She hasn’t been playing Big Brother.
Unpopular opinion: in terms of gaming (not comps), Couch did more than Azah.
He’s just… well he’s full of crap thinking he did so much.
His schmoozing and plotting with Ky during that second HOH. That alone was more than Azah has done all season.

I think Azah was another one of those fans that wants to go on Big Brother thinking game show, and got hit by the realization of Reality Entertainment Programming.

Azah, surprisingly, is going to be the most personally offended by the social media comments made about her lack of game. Book it. She won’t be as loud as some of the others when it comes to critique, but she’s going to be offended BIG TIME.
Remember, a couple of days ago where she was venting about how mean Claire was because Claire was saying Azah actually has to play the game at some point? She took it as a personal attack from a mean person… when it’s actually the most honest anyone in the house WAS with Azah. Think of how she’s going to react. riiight?


I know she’s claimed that she needs her alone time- but if you’re an introverted person, why even apply to be on Big Brother?
I mean, that’s probably a big reason why half of us haven’t applied to be on BB, am I right?? lol


You’re right on target. Other than voting with the CO and winning a couple of comps, Azah has never taken a single action to play the game. I also agree that she takes game critique highly personal. She has mentioned numerous times that Hannah was disrespectful to her. Unless I missed something (which is very possible), I don’t believe that Hannah ever disrespected Azah on a personal level. Hannah tried to convince Azah to work with the CO women instead of playing for the CO men and was blunt with her words, but it was game critique. What’s funny is that I’ve noticed the Azah fans on Twitter also take game critique as a personal slight. Anytime someone suggests that Azah is not a phenomenal gamer in the BB House, the Azah fandom blows up.

Post-House Predictions: Ky and DF will fight back with their social media haters and maybe set their accounts to private for a period of time; X will stay off social media and ignore his haters; Azah won’t have any haters, but she will cry foul on any critiques of her gameplay and her fandom will swoop in to attack the offender until they set their account to private.

another name

It’s funny that Azah was so offended by Hannah, given that Hannah is inevitably going to see that Azah didn’t think Hannah was worthy of even being cookout. At. All. Up until week five or so… Azah refused to view the cookout as a 6. It was a 5. In part, I DO believe it was because of Hannah being viewed by Azah as Indian more than black. So… Azah being offended is a hoot and a half when her glass house can have a window or two broken so easily.


She did say — if I was playing selfish “I NEVER put up Hannah” so I think she got it. I always felt Azah’s disdain for specific players had more to do with gender. She was much more like Ally in that regard. Remember how she used to shoot dagger looks at Whitney? Toward the end of the game she was doing the same with Ally (who by then was the one tied to X’s hip) AND at Hannah b/c she too had a good relationship with X.

Claire ALSO made the mistake of saying she thought X was hot — or her type— remember?

I think Tiff was spared it b/c she never flirted with X or maybe Azah didn’t see her as a threat based on her age.

I’m not ever sure it was conscious thought on her part but it was definitely there & consistently applied when it came to the women in the house.


It’s funny looking back at the early game — I forgot Azah was the one who talked Kyland out of staying on the block in week one. She was also the one who outed the Slaughterhouse (or at least gave big hints to Tiff/Claire).

When I went back & looked at Azah’s game the weird thing was Tiff was spot on (Azah being far too emotional). The precise moment things shifted for Azah was week 3 when she got in her feels about Brit going OTB two weeks in a row. She offered X to be the pawn instead (he declined) then the WCC happened & Azah never heard Tiff out electing to believe Brit’s lies over Tiff’s truths. From that moment she completely withdrew awaited her “friends” to come & share intel with her.

It was also the same week Tiff stopped even attempting to talk game/share intel with her. Although it was understandable, in hindsight, it hurt Tiff’s game b/c she might have known how many lies Big D was spouting & how close the CO men were had she kept those communication lines open.

I will say this – on a whole of the trio, Azah has the best read on what happened & is the most self aware of the three. Case in point X saying he was NEVER in danger until the Roulette wheel put his face in people’s minds. He seriously isn’t aware that Ally/Chris made a F4 with Tiff/Claire in week 2 & were already talking about taking him out sooner rather than later. He’s unaware that both DX/Claire wanted him targeted as did SB ALL BEFORE that Roulette comp.

As for Big D – well no need to beat a dead horse about his claims of being a mastermind, lol. Like X, Big D benefited by the CO b/c Claire, DX, Ally/Chris ALL wanted him out sooner rather than later b/c they didn’t appreciate how mean he was with his “jokes” and none of them wanted him staying too long & gaining an easy F2 seat. Little did they know he would be his own worst enemy at losing that spot.

Two quick questions:

How will Azah feel post game when she learns X is a Lawyer NOT a bartender? (someone posted X’s sister in-law/nephew are already set-up financally – I don’t know if that’s facts but perhaps that’s true).

I’ve seen some people say the house knows Big D’s father was Joe Frazier – I NEVER heard that referenced even to X or Azah. Do you know if he said it? And if not how will they feel about him withholding that information & trying to make it seem like he grew up in poverty?

another name

She’ll be thrilled he’s a lawyer. Career path is important to her.
I thought he mentioned boxing and his father waaaay back in the early days.
Something about when he was being pissy, and said something about he wa trained as a boxer and you know who my father was. I’m sure that was a thing… but I can’t find the exact week. Very early.

The Beef

They damn sure acted like it was a secret on the show tonight, but I know they don’t always report the truth when doing their shows for “drama” purposes. Everybody sure played along like it was a big secret revealed.

another name

Having watched both Bbcan9 and Bb23, I think there’s some great and some not so great changes.
I think a more diverse casting structure is great. Shush. It is. Just IS. As soon as the fanbase started having BB bingo cards of stereotypes to check off during cast reveal… the model became stale. It’s been stale for years.
It’s good to see that the ‘stood out from the crowd’ excuse for early nomination reasons has been removed from the field. It was a tired cliche of how to get rid of the old fat gay or black house guests, without actually showing an ism. It. Was.

The first year of change? Of course that’s going to get every group of watchers riled. Nothing gets people riled up more than change.

On to the not so great:
When they changed the casting parameters and process, they didn’t actually change the storyline plotting pattern. You can still watch the first week episodes of the season and accurately determine the progression of the entire season.
I shouldn’t be able to ask those three questions about a first week’s episodes, and have the answers be the finalists. That should not happen. It happens way too much.
They need to actually grow with their change, so that a viewer can’t say:

  • What was the first alliance shown? not the first to exist, the first recognized by the episode edit?
  • Who got a lot more d/r time and focus than they should have considering they had no part in the first week plot, and were in no danger?
  • Who was the first person in the d/r edit to say they were going to win this season?

The fact that those three questions tell us what alliance is going to be the storyline focus in the second half of the game, and always include the winner of the season, and which houseguest is being edited for the first day to last day focus so that the winner has a full arc story over 10 or 11 weeks? Problematic. Hyper problematic.

First year of change. So the first year of change attempts to redress the issues of all the seasons that come before. Okay. I think the past should be addressed. The redressing is a bit ham fisted. The way that the writers and storyline coordinators are handling the address vs. redress issue? It could be a little more believable. Even seeing the differences between handling between can9 and bb23… oh. um. Those differences were definitely to stoke up the viewers. Those differences were very much intended to create a partisan response.

Too often of late, we are asked by production to make sense by denying our own senses. It doesn’t make sense.

In regard to this season game itself, not the production end:

Should the Cookout be held to task in the form of questions? Actually, I believe there is value to doing so. I think the membership parameters, and the lesser value attributed to multi-ethnic houseguests, houseguests that were also poc but were excluded, and the differences in value between the games of the women v. the games of the men? Of course they need to be asked about that. At times there was no difference in behavior between Cookout and Gr8ful. They SHOULD be answering questions about that. Reap the rewards, yes: take responsibility, yes. In case anyone is scratching their head, I’m really big on own your game / game moves. Even if I do believe the conclusion is pre-written by production by the end of week one… I still want the individuals to own what they did to contribute to that foregone conclusion.

The Beef

Alright Simon and Dawg, it’s the last day of the season, and like every season I have thoroughly enjoyed both of your hard work here this year, as well as the thoughts and insights of many of the contributors to the OBB posting board, website and community. It is long overdue, but I finally made my annual contribution to the tip jar today, and hope you guys know that I for one truly appreciate the hard work you put into this site, and I also hope you know how much I enjoy coming here and reading EVERYTHING you guys make available to us – YOUR dedicated fans and Big Brother junkies! You give us the information we want and crave in a timely manner, and you give it to us with accuracy! I know of no other site that does what you guys do, as well as you guys do it. As far as I’m concerned, You are the acknowledged Kings of the Big Brother world wide web information community!

I wish it could be more or what you deserve, but know what I send is sent with much appreciation, and also sent with the hope we’ll all be back here again next season to do it all over again! Keep the faith my brothers Dawg and Simon! Thanks again for another great season!


Thanks a ton THE BEEF! I really appreciate the support.

Ceya on BB24 .. maybe celebBB 🙂

The Beef

Glad to help out a little bit. You guys really make the whole experience a lot better. I hope my comments don’t create too many headaches for you guys. :-O

The Beef

See you hopefully for Celeb BB!


This was a boring season, drama and memorable moments were at a minimum. Everyone will hang their hats on the first POC won and that is significant of course but was it good television? NO

I applaud the cast this year for being all good people but good people are boring.

Game strategy was terrific but again it was boring, you knew each week after the HOH was selected who was next – just boring

Congratulations to this season but looking forward to a new group of players next year


And the REAL WINNERS of BB23 are…. SIMON & DAWG! These guys transcribed 3 (count them, three) Kyland HOH’s for us. Thanks to both of you. Just sent one more tip for this season.

Last prediction for tonight – Jury roundtable got messy and production will show that in the edit to add some excitement into an otherwise boring finale (with X easily winning). Source of jury messiness? Kyland, of course! Kyland will fight with Alyssa about X’s integrity. Kyland will also fight with the jury at large when he tells them that he does not think X is a good role model and should not be a father until he learns to be a good role model for the community. Kyland will further suggest that X’s nephew should have been named Kevin (i.e. – Kevin Durant), not Kobe (i.e. Kobe Bryant), because KD takes the easy way out and that’s the role model X is setting for him. By the end of the show, all of X’s faults will be forgotten as he ascends into the heavens (per Grod) and Kyland will seal his fate as the season’s douchecanoe (per his own actions). DX will win AFP, but Tiff will be in top three with Brit. We’ll see if I’m right. 🙂

Big Brother 23 Fan

and also I have never been selfish throughout this whole entire game. I have always put others before myself.”

Big Delusional is so full of it! He has been selfish every moment of every day in the house. Every dang one! He has done nothing but bitch and moan and proclaim how wonderful he is.  


Wait – when Tiffany talked about her daughter- what daughter? I missed that. Anyone fill me in please?


Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any easier to give x the money. Azah agrees to take x to final 2 if she wins. This season is such a letdown, no one has/had any drive to actually win but x.


I can’t stand Derek. Hope he gets 3rd. Nothing. Guilt tripping, not winning anything all year. He should have been out 6 weeks ago. Go X.