“[X] played the game well and I don’t think he deserves third. I think if there’s anyone that deserves third it should be me”

HOH Part 1: Xavier Vs Azah Vs Big D
Part 1 Winner = Xavier
HOH Part 2: Azah Vs Big D
Part 2 Winner = Azah
HOH Part 3: Xavier Vs Azah
Part 3 Winner = ?

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Big Brother Spoilers – Hard to tell if Azah would take BIGD I’m thinking she won’t. Sounds like Xavier still takes BIGD.

11:04 am BIGD and Azah
Azah – it’s not anything on my opinion on you and to an extent, it’s more my opinion of myself and my opinion of him. He played the game well and I don’t think he deserves third. I think if there’s anyone that deserves third it should be me (yikes)
Azah – which is why I’ve made clear to him he should follow his deal with you and take you. I’m comfortable with that decision. I thought about if this weren’t X if this was DX and DX was a member of my alliance. Putting people up not for my personal game but because the alliance wanted you to. it resonated with me. Throwing competitions when necessary not to further your own resume but for the good of the alliance resonated with me. A lot of decisions he made in this game were very good moves for a big brother player and I don’t think that deserves third. So for me I don’t know if I feel comfortable getting this money going home 10, 15 years later knowing that I did that. I don’t feel comfortable with that. Where I can gracefully bow out is the agreement I said when I came in which is you guys have this final two and with that final 2 being said I don’t want to impose on it. I don’t want to do anything that.. I’m not trying to get into that at all I’ve said from the beginning I would love to see both of you up there. I would happily cheer you on with no feelings towards Jury I will say nothing to nobody about whatever. They might sit there and say see I told you that the guys were going to kick you out. I don’t care. I am fine with that.
Azah – for me if I do win final three and I do have that chance the easy way is for me is to go with the person who I feel I would have more of an influence in Jury. that is a easy decision for me to go home and make 750K the hard decision is for me to ask myself does that person deserve third?
Azah – I can’t say that. I think about it. I hate to think about other things such as for me I can go back go home and start working. I told you from the beginning I’m okay going back to my life.
Azah – I feel no matter what placement you are you are walking out with 50K I don’t know if I can say the same for him. If I felt that way for him.. if I felt he would win AFP or whatever different story. I don’t know. I’m okay with not getting neither. I can go home with what they pay me here. My best friend is up there and someone I don’t think should be third is up there.
Azah – I can be at complete peace. I promise you it’s not me picking a man over you
Azah – I thought you wouldn’t want to be my friend anymore after this. It has nothing to do.. it’s not a man decision

DF – I think it’s hard for me because.. I came into this game coming from the HOOD trying to change my moms life. I didn’t share a lot of information with you I shared it with him that is what allowed me to make that final 2 deal.
DF – I think the thing that kinda hurt me a little when you were saying he deserves it
DF – everything the cookout has done.. even though I didn’t throw comps I did as much work as he did. (WOW)
DF – I put in even more overtime and on top that time that I’ve been there for you way longer than when he popped up. This whole time I protected you in ways I can’t even go back and give you time and day.
DF – the thought of me considering someone over you kills me. I’ve made it clear if I did not have the deal with Xavier you and me can ride into the sunset until the wheels come off baby.
DF – I felt like because you were a woman about honouring your deals do not go back on your deals.. I have to and I make sure to say that WEEKS and WEEKS prior.. I could have just lied and we would have had all these conversations. It just killed me, someone who sat beside me day by day pushing each other, keeping them in check and now we’re at the end. As an overall gameplay you win me walking out the door the Jury is like what the f***
DF – just as a gameplayer they are going to look and be like who sent you home? I’ll say Azah and they’ll go what the f** none of it makes sense.
DF – you are coming from personal and who you felt deserves it.
DF says it’s not a guarantee he’ll win America’s favorite houseguest.
DF – I can’t imagine Britini’s face if you send me home
DF – I don’t expect you to change your mind it’s your own personal beliefs. I would never sit here and do anything to manipulate of tarnish I love X equally the same. For me it was just a shocker after all that we’ve been through and all that we have talked about when I’m now in a situation Hey I have no more game left to play that I would automatically Hey Azah I know she’s got me.. I have this deal and she’s a girl who’s always about honouring those deals. I would have to honour it if I were to win..
DF again says to her “this is personal decision you are going off of”
DF – I can see Tiffany right now saying ohh you are just going to hand someone the money? that is what it looks like to me. it doesn’t even look like you are fighting you are near the end.
Azah – BIGD I’m thinking in the past you haven’t been there for me. You’ve been putting me down it’s really hurt me a lot. It has hurt me.
DF – my actions have shown.. Actions are bigger than words
Azah – Words still hurt BIGD.

DF – you’ve always told me tell me the truth I can take it.
DF – it feels like I just got played.. I feel like I got betrayed (Big brother does that)
DF – how? how did this happen? I brought my friend. I didn’t even bring Ky how are we in this position.
DF – when I’m honest I get the repercussions
Azah – I didn’t ask you just told me..
DF says he had to honour his final 2 with X because “it’s the honour in me I went to military school when you make a deal especially”
DF – this is a game you always told me like I told you to always fight..
Azah – I am appreciative of this conversation
DF – my goal is not here to … umm.. to put him down. I hope nothing I said came off that way. You have three people at the end that all deserve to win Big brother
DF – I think this is where you have to look at sitting next to me is a winning deal for both of you guys. that’s a game point because of the jury.
DF leaves..

12:30 pm Cards

4:00 pm BIGD Azah and Xavier reminiscing about the season.

4:45 pm Zzzzz

5:50 pm – 6:50 pm Xavier and Azah
Azah – this is hard.. I feel like I’m certain then back and forth. I wanted to know your thoughts about something. When I signed up to this final 3 I knew what I was getting. I have a shot to win or I’m third and I was okay with that. You know.. yes.. things that happened this past week had be doing things I didn’t think before which is reconsidering. It’s hard for me to not reconsider.
Azah – I was able to squash a lot of things with BIGD this morning. I don’t know if he’ll like this. This is what I am considering it you are down proses to him
Azah – I think third is something that I am .. I can be at peace with because I like you guys. You know what I’m saying. Umm.. but winning part two puts you in a different mindset somewhat.
Azah – I would like to propose to BIGD you know you feel like your fate is in two people’s hands and for us to.. we feel our fate is very undecided as well to
Azah – before walking into part three we had the deal of getting first or third.
Azah – if we asked him taking, Deals, taking relationships, taking best friends off the table who would he liked to sit next to no pressure no whatever. It won’t be looked at negatively by either of us.
Azah – if that person wins take him whoever is third is at peace with that. If the other person wins they take the other person.
X – I see what you are saying
Azah – at least I feel… we all are shooting for something or Third except him. We can’t help but I didn’t think of it before winning part two. Dang does X deserve third? I don’t know those are thoughts that never crossed my mind before. Started to have me considering those things.
Azah – between us and going for the comp. I don’t plan on throwing it I know you wouldn’t plan on throwing it. It’s not like we are planning on scheming we are going to go for it and put our all into it and do our best either way. I know if I don’t get it and he picks you I’m okay. How do you feel about that?
X – This morning you said you wanted me to honour my deal. so if he says.. all deals aside he’s going to base it on who he can win sitting next two so I don’t think his answer will change. He’ll want to sit next to me.
X – as much as he’s mopping around he’s not throwing his game away he’s still playing he’s still fighting
X – he’s going to say what he needs to say to get himself guaranteed second place.
X – he feels like he can beat me and he losses to you.
X – you won part two .. okay you said you were okay with third now you shouldn’t be competing.. no she won third she should do whatever she wants.
X – I always felt like if I won part one I have to win part three.
Azah – I knew I had to win part three. I was guaranteed third unless I won part three.
X – his perspective is If I win I take him if you win you take me he gets third.
X – i’m just saying you won.. if BIGD had won what would be the situation?
Azah – I would be sad and I would be in my room but I would be at peace because I know what I signed up for
X – you wouldn’t be guilt-tripping me to take you you wouldn’t be guilt-tripping him to take you. You wouldn’t be playing on people’s emotions you wouldn’t be doing that.
X says if they would have brought Ky to the final three DF was guaranteed third place and he was okay with that. “Now that it’s the same situation he’s not okay with that”
X – I’m like would you rather have KY win or your best friend win? I would rather you win. For him, he’s like I’m not so sure.. I’m like WHY based on what?
X – if you follow this women empowerment women do what they want to do things like that why is it okay for a man to betray you and not..nor even betray. why is it okay for a man to discard you and not okay for her too.
X – he’s playing to your emotions. He told me last night he’s not giving up on his game.
X – If either of us won and you (DF) were in third you don’t have to worry about your momma. I’ve heard that I’m leaving you out there to dry. If I won first and he won third I can guarantee some of that money is going to his momma. I can’t tell him that because it incentivizes votes.
X – dawg.. we care about you.

X – for me it has always been about I have to win part three.
X tells her to no feel bad about her decision. She cares about him like DF cared about KY he stuck to his decision and if you stick to your decision he should respect that decision.

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Why would you want to finish 3rd and lose out on at least 75k

The Beef

Who wants to do that? Azah is doing her best to think things through fairly and logically. She knows (or at least THINKS she knows) that the Couch and X have had a Final 2 since very early in the game, and she’s trying to “respect” that (which is dumb, IMHO) while still trying to maneuver to final 2 with X. She doesn’t want to “lose” her reputation as the person who played the game with her morals and integrity intact all season long, only to lose that during the last two days of the season.


He played the Brittany card. That rogue! Azah can’t br serious. Take the money honey!

The Beef

I hope she wins and cuts his azz! Yes, she’ll lose the big money, but still win second place – not bad for a bedpost!


This feels like Paul, Josh, and Christmas all over again. But at least they played the game. Just three obnoxious people who don’t really deserve to win. Xavier has won the season, and I feel like a ton of people called that on day one. X needs some humility, DF needs a dose of reality, and sweet sweet Azah needs a hand across the face. Girl what are you doing? Does she not realize that if she won part 3 and take DF, she would win the game. As much as I don’t want her or DF to win, it would be kind of lovely to see Xavier lose at the very end lol. Would be poetic for one of the two houseguests that did nothing all season to win. The cherry on top of one of the most boring seasons ever.


Oh my God, she needs more than a slap across the face. I’m at a loss with her! Those men are so manipulative! She needs rescuing!

hernanday oleary

Azah has a really good job, $75 would mean alot more to DF who struggles financially than Azah who comes from money being a literal princess and all.

Elizabeth Romine

It shouldn’t matter !! Winner is the winner.!! Everyone plays BB to win the money!!!

The Beef

She most likely lost her job due to being inside that house for nearly 3 months, so she’s probably starting over again when she gets out. And I don’t get where you get the “literal princess” part. She’s an American and we don’t have Prince’s and Princess’s here, so no, she’s not “literally” a princess. Her grandfather apparently had 6 wives (a polygmist, with 47 children), so probably no family money to speak of at least on the one side, and she’s spoken of buying her parents a new home with the $750k prize money, so I doubt her parents are wealthy.

I do hope they tell her to invest the money though for her own future, and maybe for her future kids.


Since bb reads this site, could this be contrived drama to spice up what many are complaining as a boring season? BigD knew he would get 2nd place either way so why the “sudden” drama and azah potentially changing her mind.

The Beef

What makes you think CBS (BB) reads this site? I hope you’re right and they do, but just curious what makes you think they do?


How bad do you have to be at Big Brother to convince someone to give up $750,000 just to ensure that you don’t get $75,000? I guess Couch finally made a big move this season. He threw away his guaranteed F2.

another name

At this point, let’s just end the prolonged torture.
Send Grod in.
Have her ask the bozos who wants to come in second and third.
If anyone raises their hands, send them to the cheapest hotel possible and just reduce the finale to a half hour.
They’re just getting stupid.


Yeah, watching Couch and Azah try to out-do each other to lose this game has been a long, painful end to the season.

another name

I was about to ask how long until everyone starts comparing their financial need… as if Big Brother is a charity.
I can’t stand that. Financial need should not EVER be a measure of consideration in Jury deliberations….
And here comes the mom has medical bills, gotta set up the college fund, oh… Azah, you don’t have a financial need Big Brother Gofundme story? Oops…. guess you should come in third angle.
It’s last full day of feeds, so too late to group nope… dammit.

The Beef

BWAAAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA – What a bunch of losers! You just had to know they would get to this point! You just had to know it!

But but but – My mom’s got medical bills to pay!!! And, she’s always helped me out when I was in a tight spot! Like every month when the bills came in! Bwaaaahahahahaha Mommy, can I borrow another $15,000 to go to the Bahamas? I promise I’ll blubber, stammer and cry like a blithering idiot when they show you on TV, just let me have the money!!!!! Baaaaahahahahahahaha


OMG i cant wait for this shit show to end

Miss Impression

BigD and Azah coasted to the finals while X coasted to final 6 then put in minimal effort to get to the finale thereby making him worthy of the win by comparison.None of them are worthy of the win in my opinion.BigD and Azah literally did next to nothing and X did not play a great game but rather a safe game which was smart since it will get him the win.I was all for the Cookout but to me Tiff was the Cookout.

Another Dixie

As much as I detest X, I think we have to admit that he did things that may be construed as a reason for him to win. He was so good at making others do his bidding without them realizing that they were being played. He threw competitions so someone else would do his dirty work & they didn’t even realize he was doing it and then he pretty much controlled their HOHs. He got at least 2 women to throw themselves at him, even though he wasn’t interested. Azah still thinks she has a chance. And, although they have accused him of being a lawyer, they still don’t know for sure.

Miss Impression

X controlled others HOH’s?Only in his revisionist history.I’ll give him credit for controlling Azah’s HOH but pre 6 all he did was throw HOH’s to keep his hands clean so he could play the nice guy but others weren’t doing his dirty work,if that was the case Alyssa and Christian wouldn’t have been evicted.


That’s why Xavier played a better game. It’s not just winning competitions but jury management. Xavier did what he had to when he had to..


I never could stand Big D and his attitude and to beat it all he’s taking credit for doing things when all he did was lay around and whine.Why Xaviers on Big Brother is yond me, in his outside life he’s a Lawyer, anyone and everyone knows how much Lawyers make, and it’s not what Social Security pays out. Azah may not have done much, but out of the three, I sure would like to see her win and think deserves it. And it makes me so angry Tiffany didn’t reconized for starting the Cookout, it was her idea, no matter if Xavier Big D and rest who claimed to be responsible for Cookout, it was Tiffany. I hope if Azah wins the last round sends Xavier to Jury, and wins Big Brother against Big D, only way will win cause I don’t any of the Jury cares for Big D.


DF – I think the thing that kinda hurt me a little when you were saying he deserves it
DF – everything the cookout has done.. even though I didn’t throw comps I did as much work as he did. (WOW)
DF – I put in even more overtime and on top that time that I’ve been there for you way longer than when he popped up. This whole time I protected you in ways I can’t even go back and give you time and day.

I am gonna try to refrain myself from commenting on BiG D but it’s gonna be hard tho!


DF must have been given a lot of participation trophies throughout his life.


I doubt it… and if that was the case, I can guarantee you that none of those trophies worth 750k!


I can’t even deal with these people right now!


And that the glorious first black winner of BB… I hope the SJW ans Davine look for another show to be ruined with their bs.

Sick of it

Hi I’m Azah, proud spokesperson for thirsty idiots everywhere.
Hi I’m Couch. I’m fat, I’m black, I’m from the hood (but went to military school). Vote for me because I have three strikes against me, four if you count I’m black.
Hate X but at the point he wins it so the other two just shut the hell up.


So is she really going to throw away $750K Dumbest move ever….even dumber than when Lavon went up as a pawn and went home.

Elizabeth Romine

Can’t wait until tonight. I agreed with who said what the house mates do for a living didn’t matter. It’s a competition .If you manage to get to the end you’ve won and it’s a game ,and disserves the money.!!
People never know what kind of things or successful careers could disappear ,as everyone saw devastation. Also not all lawyers make the big bucks .. And that is what I think. ? I Love Me some BB . !!! Enjoy Tonight!!!


I firmly believe that Big D should win big brother 1st. followed by Derick and third place aza

another name

I think you’ve gotten confused.
You want who to win? The same person you’ve said should come in second?