AZAH WON Part 2 of 3 HOH! “I hate that I didn’t win sh*t this whole season.”

HOH Part 1: Xavier Vs Azah Vs Big D
Part 1 Winner = Xavier
HOH Part 2: Azah Vs Big D
Part 2 Winner = Azah
HOH Part 3: Xavier Vs Azah
Part 3 Winner = ?

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11:57pm – 3:14pm Big Brother blocked the live feeds for Azah and Big D to compete in Part 2 of 3 HOH competition. When the live feeds return Big D is sleeping and Azah is showering.

AZAH WON Part 2 of 3 HOH

On Finale night Xavier will compete against Azah in the Part 3 of 3 HOH. The winner of part 3 will decide who they want to take to the final 2 and who is the final member of the jury.

3:22pm Bedroom. Xavier and Big D.
Xavier – are you alright? Big D – yeah, I’m alright. Xavier – why are you just chilling in here? Big D – my knees hurt man. It sucked. I am just pissed. I hate that I didn’t win sh*t this whole season. I couldn’t even win against one person. I am just annoyed, that’s all because it makes me not feel valuable. It doesn’t make me feel like an asset to the team. So that is how I feel. Xavier – you should feel good. If Azah wins the third part she would take you. Either way you are sitting in one of those two chairs so you got that going for you. Big D – but I wanted to win it. You know?! Once they said you sit on top of it and spin around.. I was like how the f**k am I supposed to do that?! This was probably one of my worst performances all season. Now I put more pressure on you when I only had one job. Xavier – either way I knew it was going to be a situation where if I didn’t win the final HOH I was going to go home. Big D – I don’t want to sit next to Azah in the final. Xavier – at least you are sitting there. Big D – but I can’t beat her. (but you think you can beat Xavier!? lol)

3:30pm – 3:42pm Bedroom – Azah and Big D.
Big D – I just don’t know what he’s going to do… and what you’re going to do. I am just a sitting duck. Like okay, I can’t do sh*t! My faith is in two people’s hands and I don’t know how I am going to .. like I don’t know what to do. That is what is frustrating to me. Like I wanted to make it so that I can decide my own fate .. you know?! Like now I am like okay my faith is in two people’s hands. And looking at this jury .. I am thinking if I sit next to Azah I lose. If I sit next to X, I have a fighting chance. So I am like damn.. it doesn’t even matter. I will be okay. I did the best I can do. Azah – you did well. You did great. Your time was great. Big D – I just feel like I don’t deserve to go any further. Azah – you’re speaking like Kyland. Big D – I just feel like this could have been something to add to my case. Azah – you can’t beat up on yourself. Big D – when you lose ever single comp and you went in trying to win.. I just look f**king stupid! Azah – how are you going to say you look stupid!? You didn’t give up. You tried your hardest.

3:56pm Kitchen table .. Xavier and Azah playing Cards..

4pm – 5:40pm Cards, sleeping on the couch and food..

6:20pm Xavier studying the days / events of the season.

6:56pm Big D talking about the competition to the cameras.
Big D – I have to blame myself. I let get myself be defeated before we even started the competition and that is something I should never have done in the first place and then the competition started and I was in so much pain as the skin on my knees are just melting away.. I just wish I could have performed like Azah and do the competition. It is what it is..

7:11pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Still blocked.

8:30pm Burger time. Xavier – you know what .. I haven’t heard a single argument today. Its nice! Azah – we also haven’t heard an intellectual discussion today. Xavier – there have been no over explaining … or mansplaining if you will. That is the key one. Azah – yup. Xavier – I thought I had an idea of what mansplaining was but that man took it to a whole other level! (They’re talking about Ky)

8:40pm – 9:05pm Xavier, Azah and Big D discuss past events of the season.

9:22pm Living Room – Big D and Xavier.
Big D – I don’t know if I should speak my mind. I am going to regret taking her (Azah) this far if she ends up winning because then it makes me feel like F**K because maybe if we had got her out early we wouldn’t even be in this position. She don’t know we had to hold holy BB, she don’t know we were ten steps ahead of them, there is so much that I am just like .. you don’t know the work and dedication that we have already put in place for things to happen the way they did and then now… its just hard having these conversations.

11:40pm – 12am Bathroom. Big D and Xavier.
Xavier – 13 house guests have been evicted rank them for least favourite to most favorite. Big D – Travis, Tiffany, Brent, Claire, Whitney, Christian, SB, DX, Alyssa, Britini, Frenchie, Kyland.

1:00 am zzzzz

7:48 am X is up
9:14 am zzzzzzz
10:28 am Lights on but still zzzzzz

11:13 am Xavier and BIGD are now up eating breakfast
BIGD says he had bad dreams “Rough night”
BIGD – today is one of those days I wish I could just stay in bed.. \
BIGD now saying he’s hurt his knee.
BIGD says he had a dream where X and Tiffany had kids toegther

11:35 am Cards and conversations about their body’s “natural CLock” going back to normal.

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I’m shocked I tell ‘ya, shocked.

another name

Expect X to exponentially increase his cuddling time with Azah.
He’s done it before with her.
Remember the post zing?


You called it! X will be spending A LOT of time nursing Azah’s crush on him, so that if she happens to win Pt 3 HOH, she takes him over Couch to F2 as she envisions them riding off into the sunset together.


Azah’s win in Part 2 was to be expected but I am still happy that it happened. If X does try to woo her as a distraction I hope what no one wants to happen to them, happens to her….Azah hearing her parents’ in her head. That is sure to kill any mood. LOL


Derek- I dont want to be sitting next to Azah in the final. Xavier- At least you would be sitting there. Derek- But I cant beat her.

But I thought you carried her like a backpack to F3? (Not to mention that he actually thinks he could beat X, no doubt because Azah is a female and Couch believes all of the females in jury vote as one collective brain). @sshole.


Come on guys , don’t take what BIG D says seriously b/c guy is not normal

The Beef

If the Couch had a brain, he’d probably take it out and eat it.


Derek is guaranteed second place and also guaranteed to not get first.


He won’t get one vote in the finale.


He’s a useless lump… save for the Cookout, Derek would have been voted out by week 5…. His exaggerated sense of his self importance is laughable.


I can see SJW saying that BB game is fat fobic not they get a black winner… they will never be happy.

Jaymie lee

Anyone not White. They will be happy. As the ratings tank for cnn version of bbus and bbcan and prob bbceleb.


Don’t you get tired of spewing the same old shit? You might as well be wearing a klan hood for fuck’s sake. We ALL get it. You don’t like Black people—it’s been duly noted. Please mind the grass whilst dragging your knuckles back to the cave from which you lumbered.

Big Sister

THE comment of the season!



Jaymie lee

You wanna explain how its okay for Blacks to vote on race and have no problem with it. ? How its suddenly not racist because there Black? Wheres the logic? Thats why fans are upset. Whites=racist for being white. Blacks=vote out Whites chinese and spanish but not Racist because they cant be racist. Confusing and doesnt make any sense.


No, I won’t explain it to you. You don’t get to be ignorant AND lazy. Crack a book!
But I will tell you, Alyssa is not Spanish. She is half Puerto Rican (part of the USA), or Latina(x) if you’d like a broader label. Spanish people are from Spain—a country neighboring Portugal in the southwestern corner of Europe. So, add geography to the list of things you need to learn.

Jaymie lee

Yet you cannot explain why the Cookout isnt being racist for voting out Whites for not having black skin? Funny how its just supposed to be accepted without questions. So playing bbus for Black culture is okay but for white culture or pride is not. THANKS FOR THE CLARIFICATION?????


SMH. *sigh* You’re not so quick on the uptake. “Yet you cannot explain why the Cookout isnt [sic] being racist for voting out whites for not having Black skin?” — Of course I CAN explain it, but I already told you that I will not abide your ignorance and laziness therefore, I WILL not. I also know that my explanation will not satisfy you, nor will it change your mind. You are prejudiced. You are blinded by your biases. You are fragile in your ignorance. Long after this season of Big Brother, you will continue to perseverate about the outcome, and the rest of us will have moved on.
So no, Jaymie Lee. I’ll clarify nothing for you. It would be a Sisyphean task and frankly, you aren’t worth the energy.

Jaymie lee

So voting out anyone not having BLACK SKIN colour starting with the WHites then the chinese, then the spanish. But still not Racist right. ANYONE NOT BLACK. BUT NOT RACIST huh funny how it cant be racist


Please learn the difference between race and ethnicity. I do believe you’ll sound like less of a mess.


Yes your so right jamie lee


Great Comment!


it’s not fair to chacterize it at fat ppl. DF just sucks at every comp WW


Dump Derek. Please!

No fave yet

I can’t stop laughing. He is a useless piece of crap. No wonder almost everybody loathes him.


He actually thinks he can win America’s Fav.

Let that sink in. Spare me !


Oh and forget he thinks he’s going to be a dude magnet when BB is over.

No fave yet

I’m hoping Azah wins. Not because she deserves to, because it’s a perfect smack upside X and Big Douche bag’s heads.


….and because Grod’s plan & maneuvering will go out the window. Serves her right if Azah wins.

Will it happen that X passes “GO” and collects 200 dollars ? It’s anyone’s guess.

BigD, the guy who thinks he was a factor this season, heads to bed to lick his wounds. Can’t he for once remain vertical !!


DF once again showing how delusional he is. They showed him showboating on television about how he carried Azah to the end and now he’s saying he can’t beat her. Go figure. Lets be honest, he wasn’t gonna beat anybody in the final 6.

And I’ve never seen someone whine so much about not winning anything. He’s going down as one of the most lackluster contestants ever for me.


Lackluster – perfect description!

orwell the out of work bbad owl

It’s official Big D didn’t win a d*mn thing all summer. Well there’s always AFP. HA MY A$$!!!


But he will still get second place.

The Beef

Only because he was dragged there. Unfortunately he’s too stupid to realize that.


If he’s depressed now for not winning a damn thing this season, think how he’ll feel if the final 2 are X and AZ.

Being sent to jury on finale night means they’ll have to give him a long bench to lay on instead of a chair like the other jury members
: – )))


Sadly, he’s gonna win $75,000 which is more than I’ve ever won in my life.


And so it begins, Azah and X all snuggled up on the sofa!


YO is part 3 going to be spoiled or is that for Wednesday only? Then I can know not to visit this site lol.


nah now I’ll keep coming back. I just want a little bit of suspense lmao. Rooting for Azah so it’s her and Big D at the end. It’ll be a complete joke, especially when they do their speeches haha.


Please someone tell AZAH to stop being so thirsty!!! X has never once wanted to “cuddle” with her! You notice he doesn’t even put his arms around her! That tells me as a woman, that man has no and I mean no interest! lol …. Now if that was Alyssa it would be a different story!!! Hahahaha


So sad but true!


I hope that she uses the hell out of him just for shits and giggles and only for one night wins round 3 and theh tells X thanks but no thanks. she deserves alot better than that arrogant asshole

That doggie in the window

if azah wins p3, any chance she evicts xavier?


There’s basically no real chance she even wins part 3.


Why do you say that? The final comp is typically either based on what house guests thought about something. Azah had a better/closer relationship to Brit, SB, DX. Claire, & Tiff whereas X was closer to Ky, Hannah & Ally which would actually give HER the edge.

Although in recent seasons Part III has shifted to being more of a dates related Q & A which they both know well and is a coin toss.

If you believe that TPTB will give him the answers in advance I’d buy that. Still, even if they feed X the answers she seems to have her dates nailed down so she could still tie him (would they also tell him what the EXACT tie break number was?).

I would agree he’s more likely to win & I DO expect production interference but I wouldn’t say she has no shot.


I would like to think production will not cheat by throwing the comp/win to X. I just don’t believe they would. If they did I would never watch BB again.

The Beef

Given that it’s often “crap shoot” type questions, I’d agree she has as good of a chance of winning as he does. But that assumes, as you said, there’s no shenanigans going on, which I’m not sure we can assume.

I’ve often wondered why they get to the very end and base the final comp on some crap questions like Britini said “My favorite moment in the BB house was…….”

A. when I ate three bowls of ice cream and got a serious headache.
B. when Azah told Big D he needs to get off the couch, and go wash the dishes.

Lock in your answers. Your answers are considered LOCKED!


If she knows what people are thinking, why does she keep trying to get X to cuddle with her? Why did she evict Hannah during her HOH? She has no insight. You just want her to win.


To be honest – I wanted Tiff & Hannah to reach F2 – or if the Cookout hadn’t existed I wanted that duo plus DX & Claire to make F4.

I agree nominating Hannah at all was a bad game move for her and that X isn’t interested in her (despite what he said last night).

Of the three remaining X definitely played the best game, then Azah, then DF.

I’m not sure why you think “I want her to win”. I don’t care tbh. I’m simply pointing out what each player has done, or does know and that she has good relationships with certain people that X didn’t.

Stressing me Out

I hope cuz I see her winning over Derek F next to her but knowing her she would probably keep X because she thinks she will get a date with him after ?


100% evict him easy answer


Only way to have a just final will be an Ash win of comp. 3 and take big D. Cutting X would all she would need on resume to at least get some validation for a game win.

The Beef

You think winning a “crap shoot” comp at the end, allowing her to eliminate a player who clearly outplayed her for the entire season would somehow validate her game? Let’s review….

Azah did NOTHING strategically all season. She made no deals with anybody, other than possibly a final 2 deal with the Couch he had every intention of breaking until X forced him to vote Ky out this past week. Yes, she was nice to people, but that’s not exactly playing a “social” game, as that means interacting strategically with the other players, and Azah just didn’t do that, unless you consider crying and bitching about Britini leaving playing strategically (she left anyway).

She “won” two comps. The first was most likely thrown to her by X, after it was down to the 2 of them, because X knew Hannah would be her target and even if he ended up on the block with her, he wasn’t going anywhere with Ky and Big D voting. By throwing it to Azah, he ensured he could still play in the Final 4 HOH (which he won), and get out Ky, which was his plan all along. The second comp she “won” we haven’t seen yet, but she was playing one on one against a piece of furniture who hasn’t won a single competition all season long, and SOMEBODY had to win it. If you beat a blind man in hide and go seek, just how great of a win is that anyway? Again, somebody had to win, and once we see the comp, I expect we’ll know why she won it, as it she probably had a serious advantage due to the Couch being fat and out of shape.

Given the nature of most of these part 3 comps, I’d say she has as good of a chance as X does of winning, barring any production intervention on X’s behalf. I wouldn’t be at all surprised though if they alter the comp in some way to give X the advantage though, because they don’t want this season to be marred by having such a weak competitor win it, and that’s exactly what will happen if she wins the final HOH, as she WILL pick Big D to go to final 2 with her – she’d be a damn fool if she didn’t. But winning a crap shoot at the end when you haven’t really won anything all season long, and have had nothing to do with ANY of the strategy or evictions that took place either, I just don’t see how you can magically get validation at the end, where validation is not justified.


So let’s see if X paces a hole in the floor tonight as it suddenly dawns on him that he might not get to F2 & tries to make a deal with Azah. Again, it’s just MHO but I believe Grodner will give X all the answers to ensure he wins which means Azah would have to be perfect & then beat him in a tiebreak.

Just the fact this season could end up being an Azah/Big D final is “something” – I’m not sure of what word I want to put there lol. It would be apropos if X ended up losing to a woman after how he’s referred to & treated the opposite sex this season. It would be equally delightful if the mastermind himself got bested & she won but took X instead after how he treated her last week.

In fact – just for fun can we PLEASE get a few days of Azah telling Big D that X wants me to make a deal with him for F2. Let’s have Azah put DF through his paces — make him be accountable for having to be convinced to keep her last week. Or how he was telling her the past three weeks how he would likely have to put her OTB if he won HOH.

PLEASE can we have Azah tell him X told me how you really wanted to cut me a couple of times & how you feel burdened saying you dragged me through this game. If that’s true then the jury would respect me cutting you at F2 — right? I highly doubt Azah would buy X’s pitch — I guess it depends on how much she’s invested in believing X would actually pursue her outside the house (we KNOW he won’t). Still, I sooooooooooo want to see Big D go nuts with her doing this to him especially since he won’t be able to got to X to complain since he’ll be the one pitching it!

Well in fairness that’s probably not accurate b/c even that wouldn’t stop Big D from going to X to whine. I mean he’s already doing it to an extent citing how he doesn’t want to go to F2 with Azah & how he can’t beat her. Seriously – is it worth dissecting this to point out – you can’t drag someone through the game & then lose to them. Or the fact he’s complaining about having to sit beside her — & saying this to the guy who would exit in that scenario. It just goes to prove how extremely selfish Big D is – no one else’s angst, nerves, paranoia matters in this game but HIS. THAT is who Big D is!

I mean give us THAT clown on feeds losing his mind – show me how the self proclaimed mastermind would navigate this situation & still spout his mastery!


Love your post very insightful


Thank you 🙂


I don’t believe X made the calculation about the possibility of (Azah winning final HOH). Perhaps too confident and arrogant? It’s possible folks (depending on what the last challenge is). Not likely but she may well win against X and take BIG D with her…I wouldn’t necessarily be happy if that was the case but it would teach X a lesson for wanting to take the easy route! And I think KY would be pleased lol


Although it would be great to see Azah win and take Big D with her I just can’t stand Big D getting 2nd place. 3rd place is still too good for him. Azah would probably get first place if she takes Big D to final two.


The Useless Couch is getting second place either way.

I just want to see the look on the cocky AF Xavier’s face when Azah finally realizes that he doesn’t love her and evicts him which will 100% be a game winning move.


Azah still living the dream… she wouldn’t cut X b/c she realizes that he doesn’t love her , she would just do it b/c it would be her only chance to win!

Hopeful for a Good Season

Tiff for AFP and Azah for the win with X in 2nd. DF deserves nothing except maybe a Dinner from the winners


Azah literally laid on the bed the majority of the season. Azah and Big D do not deserve to be in the final two. I think this season was ruined because the focus was on having a POC to win. There were some good competitors but they were voted out by a group. The two worst players in Big Brother history in the final 3. Grinder ruined our show!

BB23 Connoisseur

Production is definitely to blame for this monstrosity. I understand that CBS is all for diversity and #BLM but that goes along with all their other programs too and none of them made this fatal mistake. I really wish they hadn’t forced that alliance. It did truly ruin everyone’s game


I am clueless. What is Grinder? I should know this.


Yes! Absolutely true! I liked the season overall, but this ending is lame. I miss it when floaters were targeted for floating! The greatest seasons on BB end with stronger players. I would have loved to see Tiffany, even Kyland, sitting beside X.

Backseat Driver

Okay it was a shitfest this season……but our boys Simon and Dawg had to report on it so don’t forget the tip jar! ??


I have a feeling that X did not overlook the possibility of Azah winning Part 3 at all.
I think he’s just THAT cocky that he’s unbeatable. His ego probably won’t even allow that scenario to enter his mind.


Being a lawyer he should know either side could lose.


I think his misogyny trumps the lawyer side of his brain right now.

No Fave

Really big people never do well in comps or with the game….period. Why do they get casted? The heavy gal on Holly’s season did terrible too.


There are comps geared for everyone to win – skills like the golf game or the egg comp, endurance, physical, Q & A, memorization. In more than half of those anyone can win – sure the more physical games favor the younger, more athletic players but Tiff is 40 & won the rope swing.

Once they reached F6 there were comps everyone had a shot to win F6 HOH egg comp, F5 HOH & POV (one was skill/and a bit athletic/second was memory based), F4 HOH was a matter of staying calm & finding clues & sure running was involved but there was no reason any of them couldn’t have won that, ditto for F4 POV seesaw comp which was more about technique.


Tiff won the rope because Clare & X dropped on purpose

BB23 Connoisseur

There were a great number of comps where he didn’t have to do much. I genuinely think he just sucks…doesn’t help that all he did all summer was cook, clean, attempt to be funny, and lay around


DF has a loser mentality and no confidence. That’s his problem going into comps. He loses before it begins with his mentality. That’s why he talks so much. He need to watch Rocky 2 and find the eye of the tiger!!

Sir Kirby Williams 2, Rocky finally beats Creed. 3 is the Eye of the Tiger.

Denise Lieb

And then Azah wins final HOH and takes Derek to final 2! I really wish he would’ve evicted Azah because then at least final 2 would have a person who deserves to win regardless…. just my thoughts….


Maybe Big B (d) B=baby should apologize to Azah for his arrogance over the past week and that he carried NO ONE ALL SEASON. He got this far based on the fact every member knew he could not win anything and that he would be easy to defeat. Now he is all feeling sorry for himself. Sorry but no love here dude. You have just been the worst player on record and if Azha wins she should take that loser X. I think she could beat him giving that he has pissed off a few of the jury members. Big B deserves to be sent to the jury


Based on banter – it sounds like the final HOH was a two part competition. I’m not exactly sure of the order but Big D talked about needing to be on his knees for one part & they had to run on a tread mill so that must’ve been the second part.

It sounds like they had to put faces in order (remember the hamster wheel comp where they ran to put things in order – sounds similar).

So they’re saying Azah finished in 13 minutes & Big D in 20 minutes. Question: Does ANYONE believe Big D finished in 20 minutes? I think he finished with a much worse time since they feeds were down for over 3 hours. My guess is Big D failed miserably but his “friends” in production tweaked his time. It actually sounded while he was explaining it like he didn’t even finish but they cut the feeds.

He’s also replicating his typical activity that surrounded every HOH or POV comp this season. He goes in with all the bravado saying how he’s going to win & how he doesn’t care what any of these b*tches say I’ll do what I want. We KNOW if he’d won he would’ve been trashing Azah & showing her ZERO empathy.

And now that the “girl he dragged through this season” has won again, he’s whining about how he hasn’t won any comps this season. Worse he’s being a big baby about potentially having to sit next to Azah – This guy did NOTHING to affect the game this entire season but wants Xavier who could be ousted at F3 to feel sorry for him because he believes Azah will beat him.

This man has ZERO empathy, ZERO self reflection, and ZERO reasons why he deserves to hit a Final 2 chair. I’m still torn between wanting him there just to see him called out for his brutal game and not wanting him there so he gets no extra camera time.

While many believe X can flip Azah to taking him I honestly don’t think she would — yeah I know she comes across as thirsty while he appears to up the cuddle sessions when he wants something. But if she wins Part III & takes Big D she’ll be $750k richer & have PLENTY of men vying for her attention.

Still, if I was Azah I’d entertain him asking for the F2 but throw it back on him. The best avenue would be if she lays it out saying he’s based his game on honesty, integrity & honor and was quick to put down Tiff/Ky citing them both for being selfish & undeserving of representing the season. If I’m Azah I say so IF I accept it will only be if you tell DF you are not going to honor your F2 with him b/c you’ve made a deal with me to ensure you get to F2 — otherwise you’re no better than all the things you’ve called Tiff/Ky right?

Note: I didn’t say in that statement SHE would also say this to DF. The truth is it’s likely both of them would vote for Big D if they were cut at F3 so it’s really semantics. I’m just thirsting for game play & for X to be put in an uncomfortable position by a woman specifically b/c he’s underrated all of them this season. They were either there to cuddle or to be used for a vote (and if Tiff/Han’s case to do the work he either didn’t see as necessary or wasn’t capable of doing himself).


Maybe 20 minutes was the limit, and he timed out?



Sir Kirby Williams

Best post of the season!
What would Smokin’ Joe think of BigD’s couch gameplay? He obviously didn’t get the old man’s drive and will.




Big D should stand for “delusional” from now on. I’ve never seen anyone live in such an alternate state of reality . The way he is rewriting history is mind blowing.


I wish one of them would just say you are right you haven’t won anything and you are still here. You are welcome

another name

The third part of the HOH will be:

The guy that has been the golden child of the season…
who was present in the first conversation of the season focus alliance episode one.
the woman that got more screen time than her role in the first week would suggest was warranted in episode one.

My questions from one of my first comments of the season: who was there when the first alliance in episodes was formed / what was the first episode alliance?
who had little to do with the action of the week but got more d/r time than they should have?
I also asked who the person in d/r was in episode one that first said they were going to win.
Only acccurate as a predictor of storyline if that respondent is also someone in the first alliance forming moment… or the person getting excess d/r focus.

I guess they are following the pattern.
Just like bb21, can 6, can 7, bb22, can 9. Just saying.

BB23 Connoisseur

I’m thoroughly entertained with his stress. Tbh I thought he was joking when he said he could be Azah, but he was actually serious…and him being fat has NOTHING to do with why he hasn’t won any comps. I suppose BB was being fat-phobic during all those mental comps that he had a chance to win too, huh? I PRAY AZAH WINS THE LAST LEG and takes DF to f2 as a slap in the face to all of the jurors, the cookout, and Xavier.


Big D’s delusions about the hamsters are in line with how he played the game – still ranking Frenchie & Kyland as his two favorites and SHOCKER Tiff is only ahead of Travis as his least favorite & didn’t even bother to list Hannah.

And, the question is once he learns how popular Tiffany is will that also go through his typical revisionist history?

Hearing him continue this nonsensical banter about how he’d play again next season but would rather come back for All-Stars 30 – I mean I just can’t. Wait until he learns people view him as the worst player not just his season but EVER. He’ll be trying to spin it saying “but you don’t know” & then he’ll be told it’s the LIVE FEEDERS who are the ones who called you couch & feel the strongest about this the producers tried their best to make you look better than you were.

The more X talks about the game the more obvious it becomes how much he truly didn’t know what was going on. Telling Azah “no one noticed him until his face came up in Roulette”. When he says things like that I have to ask if he’s been hanging out with Big Delusional too much. For WEEKS Tiff was having to shift Claire & DX off talking about X as he was the priority person they wanted to target.

He’s also is trying to play up the Azah flirting big time telling her that he couldn’t get close to her or Ally b/c he would throw away his game for them & tells her they are the two types of women he would like outside the house (STOP LYING X – yes you said Ally was your type but you’ve repeatedly said Azah wasn’t your type – now suddenly she is). Later he tells Big D “do not get me & Azah to F — I’ve been good, only 4 days left.” He also says this ditty…. “Ally was my best friend, but she was not brown enough.”

A bit after 11:30 X talks to live feeders saying there is one comp between him & the finals & that he HAS to take Big D & then says it’s ok if Azah takes him. I thought he meant Big D but then he says she win against him (X) b/c she beat him in two HOHs. Then he laughs saying Big D carried us all to the finals & notes it took DF 81 days to figure out he’s the Enzo & X is the Cody and says Big D thought he was Derrick L from BB 16 (head slap).

As for X & gun clearly being out of the loop it would be GREAT if in his post game interviews if someone tells him ON CAMERA how much work Tiff did to protect him in the game & how DX/Claire specifically wanted him out for weeks but she kept redirecting them elsewhere. Then bring up how he tried to create the F4 with Ally/Co men & how live feeders watched him Tiff bash for 10+ days but it looked like HE was the one being selfish while Tiff threw away her game to ensure everyone in the CO got to F6. Then ask him – now that you know she was the one who kept you, Big D & Ky the safest does it change your opinion of calling her selfish or undeserving of representing the season particularly when he & Big D were willing to cut her for Ally. That would be a worthwhile interview to witness.

Big Brother 23 Fan

I like the name “The Big Delusional” even better than Couch. 🙂


Your recent analyses of X are the best that I’ve seen all season from anyone. What you have identified (and X fails to realize) is that he’s actually not that good of a player, rather he had the good fortune to be perfectly positioned throughout the game. He happened to be on the strongest team (Kings). That was not gameplay; that was luck. In addition, he was part of the Royal Flush, so he was guaranteed to coast through the first five weeks of the game. Most importantly, he was in the CO, so as they took out other strong players (Christian, DX), he was protected.

If we re-examined the season, week by week, we would see that X was protected by his position, which was largely due to chance, not by his gameplay. Compare X to BB18 Paul (not BB19), who was poorly positioned the entire season and still managed to get to F2. That is the difference between good gameplay and lucky positioning. Overall, I would say that the only critical move that X successfully executed himself was to win F4 HOH and veto, and even then, his decision to cut Ky and keep Azah puts him at risk rather than the guaranteed win.

X’s BB23 game is like the kid who gets admitted to an Ivy League school because he’s a legacy, and then claims that his post-collegiate career opportunities are due to his own hard work and skill. Grod will inevitably ensure his win (even if that means giving him the Pt 3 HOH answers in the DR), but his “win” is not truly earned… and the fans, perhaps even many of the casuals, know that to be true.

The Beef

I agree with everything both you and TTO say here about X. There’s no doubt he benefited from being “covered” by the CO, the Kings and the Flush, and he also gladly took the “help” Tiffany, Hannah and even Ky gave to him, the first two mostly before the F-6 and Ky mostly after, but still they all protected him.

What you won’t give him credit for though is turning the CO on Tiffany, which ended up getting her out at 6 and Hannah out at 5. We all like Tiffany and think she played a great game, but if that’s true, isn’t it then a great game move by X to orchestrate a reason for her to leave earlier, to clear a path for him to the win? He manipulated that entire situation to his advantage, accusing her of being “selfish”, even when she put Claire up and got her out, and made it stick with the mental midgets Ky, the Couch and Azah! That pisses us off because what he says isn’t true, but isn’t it good game play? Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do in Big Brother – lie, manipulate, and get others to do what you want them to do, in order to get where you want to go in the game?

It’s probably past time for him to shut-up about it (the selfishness), but if you think about it purely from a game point of view, it was probably his BIGGEST and BEST game move of the season – maybe even better than making the Couch vote out Ky, because if Tiffany truly was the best player, getting her out, no matter how it was accomplished, was a HUGE move in the game, and X got that done basically by socially bad mouthing her to Ky, Couch and Azah. As much as you might hate him for doing it, if you think about it purely from a game point of view, I think you have to give him credit for doing it.


Very fair point that X was strategic in turning the CO against Tiffany. Couch and Ky were already anti-Tiff (and Azah to some extent), but X fanned those flames big time. So, yes, he deserves credit for that from a game perspective.


I agree with your point & perhaps I don’t state it enough but typically my analysis is based on his ride to F6 (not after). To your point, it’s relevant to say he was primarily responsible for Tiff being the target (believe it or not Big D also gets a little credit here for his season long rift with her).

Post F6 my comments about X have been primarily based on his lack of knowledge about how the CO got to F6 & as you accurately point out his unwillingness to let go of Tiff being “selfish” or what I find more arrogant/condescending “her being undeserving to represent the season”. I keep asking the question — WHY won’t he OWN his game? And that invariably leads me back to how much he was unaware of & the hypocrisy of his “selfish” statements since X (& Big D) were the most active in trying to fracture the CO

Of the trio remaining I feel he’s by far the most deserving winner. That doesn’t mean I don’t see areas of his game that could’ve been sharper even once they reached F6. For example, I don’t understand why he never elected to provide GBMs like Azah did. Moreover, he refused to give a heads up when someone was leaving. We can argue Ky would’ve been a nightmare but he also did that to Hannah – lying to her face that he wanted to keep her seconds before voting her out.

The obvious misstep IMHO is why he didn’t use last week to drive a bigger divide between Azah & Big D or try to work her for a F2. With so many F2 (F3,F4) deals it’s not like X can argue it was b/c he only wanted to stay true to one (Big D).

To your point about biggest moves – winning F4 HOH/POV will likely be what he cites – but Ky would’ve kept him anyway. I completely agree with you that targeting Tiff & turning the guys against her worked fabulously especially since Ky won that pivotal HOH/POV.

Much of my analysis of his lack of awareness is based on his adamant refusal to ever acknowledge Tiff as his biggest threat (or a threat at all). X has consistently called her “the most selfish of CO”, stated she was never coming after him, did NOTHING to protect him, was NOT the driving force of the CO moves & as noted most egregiously keeps repeating “she didn’t deserve to represent the Cookout or be ‘the face’ of the season”. Maybe he’s playing us but his practice F2 speech didn’t deter from the above views. I hope you’re spot on that he’ll recognize that as a big move but I honestly think he’ll point to Ky & getting Big D to take him out instead (I hope I’m wrong).

Long message (sorry) to say I agree with you that was his biggest move & that I do think he is the most deserving of the remaining hamsters. He’s also the most enticing to dissect b/c he’s the only one of the trio who had much of an impact on the game. And you know dissecting/analyzing BB games is what drives me lol 😉

The Beef

All very good points, and at the risk of pissing off some people (but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again now) I don’t think ANYBODY exhibited great game play this season. X is obviously the best of what’s left, and after him (and maybe equally or better than him) Ky and Tiffany played good games, but not great. Hannah was okay, and the rest were really just there. DX could have been a player, but was so naive and was really played badly by both Tiff and Hannah. Not the trait of a great player. Claire seemed like she could have been a player, but she too just went along to get along, and never seemed to “get it” even when she and DX were all over it and around it at one point, so you can’t say she played really good either. Hell, even SB could have been good, but she got so caught up in being lead around by Ky, she gave her entire game to him, and then the CO got her, so not a good player.

I think both X and Ky are ego-maniacs and also think they think they are just better players than the women are. There own words would seem to back that up more than me saying that, and I think that’s why he keeps repeating the “selfish” crap over and over again – to justify what he did not only to himself, but to the others in the house and to the live feeders as well. He wants everybody else to believe that mess, and as you know that sometimes WORKS depending on how they edit things on the show (and it makes my blood boil sometimes). They did some of it tonight during his “segment” on the show tonight, but they also did a lot of “augmentation” of reality in both Azah’s and Big D’s segments as well, so I’m not sure if maybe production is telling him to continue to push the “selfish Tiff” narrative or not, but they very well could be.

If he’s smart, he’ll do what most good players do and compliment the players he had to evict (Tiffany), saying “You were playing too good of a game, so I had to get you out somehow or risk losing to you, so that was the only way I could see to get you out.” or something to that effect. But knowing X, it will probably be “You were being too selfish, so you had to go.” which would be the dumbest thing he could possibly say.


I’m over Xavier especially since he has been the obvious winner of the season for so long now.

So to spice it up I want Azah to win.

She doesn’t really deserve it but hey if she takes out Xavier (hopefully with an epic speech) then she will certainly win against The Useless Giant Couch.

Plus while Azah is NO Danielle Reyes it is only fitting that the first black winner of BB is a female because it should have happened 20 seasons ago…. The producers did Queen Danielle so dirty and they knew it.


I would love to see her win, just to see the faces of X &DF. Priceless!


I want to see Big D try to tell the jury he carried Azah. He did not carry her, they were always protected by the CO. Final 6, they went after Tiff, then Azah won HOH. So again Big D explain to the jury, which has 4 CO, that you carried Azah. Lol


Big d is is a poor loser and would be an even poorer winner. He cannot help but put women down, what must his mom think of that!?


Considered Smokin’ Joe Frazier had 11 children with 6 different women, Derek’s mom is probably used to men with little respect for women.


True dat!


Would you be so mean & judgemental if it was his mother who had 11 children with 6 different men?


Yes. No one should have 11 children. And if you have children with 6 different partners, then you do not respect your partners. Whether you are male or female.


That is sad.


Having so many children with so many different people that you rarely even see some of those kids? I agree. It’s pathetic.


Two wishful thinkings

1 – “Expect the unexpected.” There is still time for a jury member to come back. Derrick X wins it – comes into the house Wed night and is voted winner.

2 – Azah is the winner Wed. night and says that even though she will lose, she has to take X to final two because Couch is so undeservi9ng of winning that she would rather give up 750K then see him win anything.


It’s apparent the season was dumbed down for the houseguests. CBS thinks the audience is dumb – stupid move CBS you just lost viewers!


Wowsers some of these comments are brutal. I will never understand why opinions can’t just reflect gameplay instead of outright character assassinations.
These players are stuck in a reality world bubble with nothing to do but think about the game, each is playing what they feel is their best selves I’m sure. No one should be judged on their physical ability or intelligence, keyboard warriors I tell ya!
In this thread alone, BigD was called: clown, useless, couch, loser, delusional,@sshole, whiner, not normal, fat, useless piece of $hit, crap, douche bag, lackluster and stupid. I’m sure I missed a ton! Just feel badly for him, I think he is funny, and he is who he is, faults and all. Cheers! ?


Yep! That’s me. I called him delusional and I stand by it. It refers to him thinking he’s done way more in the game than he actually has. It’s a term used often for people who seem to have an alternate view of reality. It’s not an attack on him physically or personally it’s just an observation based on him saying things like he was ten steps ahead in the game. I actually think he’s really funny and likable at times. He looks like someone I would enjoy being around but that doesn’t mean I agree with how he’s rewriting history. I would have more respect if he just said he stayed under the radar and because he didn’t win comps he relied on his social game.


I agree with you. Delusional I guess is a decent description to describe what he is seeing on his end, you are right. I guess I have just seen so many BB games for the last 20 yrs, UK, Australia, Canada and the US, and even talked to a few players in person, and they have all said the same thing, I thought I was doing something amazing in there, I thought I was in control, I thought I was good at reading people, I thought I had solid alliances, you really are in an alternate reality living 24/7 with nothing to do but think about how to play the game, just to leave the house and realize nothing was as it seemed, people lied, I got a bad edit, they never showed any of my good stuff, they made me the villain, the dumb character, the stereotype, the jock, etc. Many of them are labeled, bullied and harassed because the outside was able to watch everyone’s every move and make judgements. It is the choice they make going in there of course, but not 100% their fault. It is unbelievable how much coercion and favoritism goes on behind the scenes, especially what they choose to show on the live feeds and TV show.
I guess what I was trying to express is that I wish everyone would chill on the name calling and appreciate that it is just a game for our entertainment. ?

Azah who

Did you just realized that you call him Big D? His name is Derek. He is also putting himself down( e.g.. “My big dumbass can’t win anything. “)


That is a nickname, I did not say it in a demeaning way against him, Julie Chen also calls him that. He can say whatever he wants about himself, I just am not a fan of name-calling towards others in a derogatory way that’s all. When you have lived with it, I guess you are a bit more compassionate/sympathetic about spewing it on others.


He calls himself BigD and likely because he is alluding to his penis.


Exactly! LOL


We as a community know how to describe him…

He deserves all of those descriptions.

Sorry not sorry but the truth is a defense!


I’m the one who called Derek Frazier “Couch” and “@sshole,” and I stand by those statements. The designation of “Couch” is because he was literally attached horizontally to the furniture for 90% of his awake time (and 100% of his asleep time, of course). The designation of “@sshole” is because he has repeatedly made derogatory, condescending, even hateful comments toward the females in the cast for no other reason than their gender.

I think that you make a fair point that reality contestants are unfairly scrutinized on the whole. BBTwitter alone is reason for anyone to re-think their participation on the show. Therefore, we should withhold judgment on a person’s character as a general rule. With that said, there are some BB players (not all, but some) whose rhetoric and actions become so egregious that it would transcend logic not to point out the obvious. Derek Frazier is one of those players.


I agree with what you say, I guess what I am referring to is, couldn’t it just be said “he has repeatedly made derogatory, condescending, even hateful comments toward the females in the cast for no other reason than their gender” without also calling him an a$$hole, to me that just means your comment was not any better than his. IMO only. I guess I am just not a fan of name calling, but I AM a fan of describing one’s actions.

Buh Bye

See. His constant derogatory comments about women just isn’t funny. He’s not funny. I’m pretty sure I know a misogynistic ass when I hear one. Being ‘who he is’ needs some serious work. Not excuses…

another name

what does he’s funny and he is who he is have to do with gameplay?


Obviously a lot he will probably be final 2!! LOL
What does calling him an a$$hole get anyone? 🙂


To hear BIG D speak like he was the mastermind…OMGEEEE is annoying! Like how can you be that delusional. The 3 CO members that have left plus X did more in their pinky finger than you did! Face it, you’re only there because you are easy to beat! Period. Ugh… I need an aspirin .


People need to click this link and then hit the like button. This might be the best post of the season.

another name

If Azah wins final HOH, here are her points:
likeable by other houseguests
loyal to her mains (closest members of her alliance)
didn’t touch the block until final 4
with her HOH took out the person she considered to be her biggest rival in the comps she would be good at in the endgame (caveat, the target she was able to take out given house make up and her loyalty priorities). Could she have beaten Hannah in part 2?
Goodbye messages hinted to jurors the bigger goal issue.
Of all cookout members, hers was the least dirty game.

If X wins Final HOH, here are his points:
charismatic to the other houseguests (given a leadership role because of charisma)
will take credit for alliance / mission creation (due or undue, he will)
hit the block by twist, and his own choice.
Able to get others to remove him from the block even when there was no danger to him.
With his HOH took out a house target (Brent) to gain house loyalty, and his biggest obstacle to winning (Kyland).
Grodboy of the season, he can’t say it, but the jurywhisperers can.

If Couch gets taken to final 2 here are his points:
On the first day he created light.
He owned up to it when he chopped down the cherry tree.
He didn’t give up his seat on the bus, his dogs were barking.
He took one step for man and one giant leap for mankind.
He built the pyramids and the heads on easter Island, he never finished Stone Henge, but you got the gist.
He was the real fifth beatle.
He taught Dr. Will, Dan, and all the rest how to play big brother.
He was the season super saiyan.

Margie Pingleton

Is big D the most delusional player to ever play this game? He carried Azah? I don’t remember ever seeing someone think they actually did something to get to the end when they literally did nothing. I hope Aza wins the third part and takes big D and since Xavier out. How can big D think he has no chance against Azah but he has a chance against Xavier? Such an idiot


I want to see Xavier propose to Azah when they are making their final speeches to the jury. THAT would be Epic. They are getting closer and not in an R rated way. They would make a good team, especially with ALL they money. X told Ky he would see “why?”

Stressing me Out

He’s not even into her though lol. It clear to see! He’s only being nice to her because she could win the last park of HOH and he wants her to bring him.


“this thread alone, BigD was called: clown, useless, couch, loser, delusional,@sshole, whiner, not normal, fat, useless piece of $hit, crap, douche bag, lackluster and stupid. “

Yes you are correct these are but a few of the discriptions of Derrik.

Typical language used to stereotypically describe Black men! Instead of sticking to and criticizing his style of game play you resort to historically belittling racist depictions.
Those who do should have some
“soul” searching to do.

another name

Oh, I see what you did there.
I realize that many people would feel intimidated to say anything, out of fear of being called racist or motivated by prejudice if they disagree. I disagree.
As far as my opinion of him, his characterization is determined by his own comments and actions in the game and on the feeds as an individual. Period.


My point exactly, what does name calling do for anyone?
I never said I liked all of his actions or words, I think he should be accountable for all as do all the other housemates, but I can discuss without calling him a nasty name, I don’t get it really. (FYI I am a white female, so sticking up for a human here, regardless of their colour, size, gender)
Can’t change the world though I guess if that is how some people choose to express themselves. Glad I am able to give my opinion here without too much backlash.


I am not so sure Azah would take X to the Final 2. Remember when she won HOH, she told Hannah that X was her target. She was very unhappy that Hannah was evicted. With $750,000 on the line, would she still take X, crush, or no crush?