“I’ve been thinking and I’m going to pray about it some more tonight but.. If I win I think I’m going to take you” [X]

HOH Part 1: Xavier Vs Azah Vs Big D
Part 1 Winner = Xavier
HOH Part 2: Azah Vs Big D
Part 2 Winner = Azah
HOH Part 3: Xavier Vs Azah
Part 3 Winner = ?

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Big Brother Spoilers – BIGD should have just kept to sleeping he’s pissed Azah off enough now that he better hope for X to win that final HOH. Basically what happened is DF told Azah he would have taken X to the final 2 if he had somehow won the final HOH. Azah and BIGD are now fighting. It’s 90% BIGD spiraling 10% Azah spiraling.

10:22 am BIGD and Azah
DF – you know how you were feeling last week?
Azah – I think we should not talk game that’s my opinion. I’ve really enjoyed my summer here with you and that stuff. I don’t want like.. we shouldn’t talk game.
DF – I need to clear my head in case I’m going out the door at three just like how you felt last week and when Kyland was in that situation and stuff like that .. that’s how I’m feeling. How you were feeling is how I’m feeling. Don’t feel like our whole summer because you and me are clashing. If you feel some type of way speak it I’m able to take it.
Azah – yesterday you didn’t want to talk .. we don’t need to have conversations.
DF – there was no need to have conversations until you asked me what I would have done if the power was in my hands. You put me in a vulnerable state.. I’m thinking am I going to have to sit here and lie to this girl or do I give her the truth. When I give you the truth you already knew what it was walking in here.. OKAY I’m cool with the third I understand you and X have a deal .. all of a sudden couple weeks ago and now that we’re here .. we talked about this weeks ago.
Azah – I asked you how you feel at the bottom of your heart.
Azah – I told you then and I’ll tell you now I respect where you are coming from and your opinion is not bad and it’s not wrong so I don’t understand why we are going back to it again.
Azah – I told you I was cool with it yesterday three times and you brought it up this morning again. I’m confused..
Feeds cut.

When the feeds return.
DF – when I said I wanted to make Jury and I wanted to make 5th yes and I did do that. when I was walking into this I had two deals but I got rid of one of my deals.
Azah – I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about what you said in terms of your placement.
DF – Ok.. my placement.. and I got here. For me right now I’m feeling a little bit.. I told you everything I was planning to do.
DF – I’m feeling like I told you all my gameplays and all my moves and now I’m kinda like.. damn was it smart to tell Azah about my final 2?
DF – on top of that I get how you were feeling last week when I was with Kyland and you were kinda like what are you doing blah blah.. Then when I came to you and said I don’t know what I’m going to do this is such a hard decision blah blah blah
Azah – Guess what I haven’t done. I haven’t said that to you. I haven’t given you any indication that I changed my f**ing mind. I HAVEN’T done that
(they’ve raised their voices)
DF – I’m just
Azah – no you are going off your own insecurities
DF – I’m going off how it looks..
Azah – and I went off your action of what you ACTUALLY DID I have not done that.
DF – but you questions my actions last week when I said I would never do that to you .. I’m just saying .. I’m just giving an example MISS Azah. I mean I’m giving you exactly what you gave to me.
Azah says he’s been feeling some way since Saturday.
DF – I was not feeling some sort of way so don’t put words in my mouth. I’ve already made it clear if I felt some type of way I would have said something.. I was not feeling some type of way. I’m just STATING FACTS…

DF continues to put on his outfit for the day and leaves..

10:55 am Xavier and Azah
Azah – he’s pretty much saying he doesn’t like the question I asked him .. You know I came in with Third and that’s the way he thought things were going to be.. Okay
Azah says she told DF yesterday he didn’t hurt her feelings “He started bringing it up again and I said we should not talk about game stuff.. he was like I need to get things off my chest and he brought it up again”
Azah – at this point you (DF) brought this up four times I made it clear to you yesterday that your opinion was not wrong It wasn’t bad jit wasn’t anything. I was completely fine with the say you felt. I said that yesterday and I said that this morning
Azah – I don’t know why this is being brought up again when I’ve made it clear since yesterday that how you felt is completely fine.. he keeps bringing up YOU SAID YOU WERE FINE WITH THIRD
Azah – on that note BIGD when you came into this house you said you were fine with Jury.. then with jury you told everybody you can let me go at five but no one has ever sat there and put those words over your head as to say ohh didn’t you say this?
Azah – he’s talking about the deals he made.. I’m like I’m not talking about deals..
Azah – he’s like the way you felt last week is the same I feel now..
Azah – I woke up not wanting to choose violence this morning.. and by violence, I don’t mean fighting..
X – I can see it in your eyes you were ready to go fist-a-cuffs
Azah – no when I say choose violence I don’t mean actual violence I mean like.. I didn’t wake up in the morning wanting to talk to you (DF)
Azah – we’ve had a good summer lets not argue. Like I’m cool without arguing. I start to get frustrated when I feel I made attempts.
Azah – he said I’m wondering if I shot myself in the foot telling you about my deals and all that stuff.. I mean.. I just figured it out. People are going to think about this game differently.
Azah says she had no intentions of getting between Xavier and Df.
Azah – I have to pray about things.. about Wednesday and all that.
Azah – there’s some hurt with me knowing that he feels like I don’t deserve to be here.. (Rich coming from BIGD)
Azah – I’ve never cared about what other people think.
X – it’s different when it’s people you are close to and respect.
Azah – I care so much about what my parents feel…
Azah – Maybe it could be me and BIGD blah blah but because of those things.. If you have someone who thinks you don’t deserve it or are worth it or whatever.. yeah I’m sorry it does make me feel a certain way about who I want to be beside me.
X – mmhmmm. To say one person brought all of us or to say one person did more than another I think is disrepectful. We did what we needed to do and we all did it well that is why we are all here.. He’s done what he needs to do, You’ve done what you need to do.
X – To demean someone’s style of gameplay isn’t fair there are many ways to play this game. Many different styles of gameplay that can be effective. Just cause your style of gameplay is different than mine doesn’t mean it’s not effective. We’re both sitting here..
X – we all deserve to be here because we are all sitting here.
Azah – he said Kyland said he deserved to be in the final 3 and that.. like.. I think .. what’s the word.. the audacity of someone to say that..
X – it’s very subjective. Everyone will be biased on how they play the game.
Azah – the only people that can say they deserve to be there are the ones that won that HOH and that Veto.. it’s not a d1ck measuring contest. It’s not like I did this or this.
X – in a d1ck measuring contest can I not go against someone named BIGD I feel like I lose 9 times outta 10
Azah – yeah you do..
they snicker
X says DF feels like Kyland did his game is in other people’s hands. “When there game is in the hands of other people they react poorly they don’t like not being in control”
X – BIGD is a wonderful person but you can see his back is against the wall. He’s helpless and I know he doesn’t like that feeling and he’s lashing out. He’s showing his true game thoughts.

11:20 am X and BIGD
DF talking about Azah getting mad at him when he said last week he really likes Kyland and Kyland is so vulnerable. “She’s looking at me like are you f**ing kidding me”
X – people have thrown the nomance thing to her face to me that’s just rude. She’s not a woman that is undateable. It’s just that is not what I came here for.
DF – if she didn’t question me about Kyland I wouldn’t be pushing her about you
DF – she looks at me asking why aren’t you questioning X.. I’m like I don’t need to question X. I’ve been with that man since day one we’ve never gone back on our word. All I can do is trust he’s a loyal honest man the whole time.
X- the difference between myself and Kyland from a game standpoint I never went against her. He did go against you. From a personal relationship, it’s the same smoke.
DF says he’s not using what Tiffany and Claire were saying that Azah is not in a showmance with X.
DF – I would rather have walked out knowing.. hey I kept Kyland. Kyland will take X if he wins and that’s fine. I don’t want to be sitting here wondering what it is. I would rather going out third being like alright Kyland is going to go with his deal with X Okay cool if he takes X I already know what it is.
DF – that makes me upset.. I wouldn’t have done that to either of you to (make them wonder)
DF – it’s like you coming to me like HEY what will you do? I would be like X you crazy yo? Obviously, I’m taking you why are you questioning me?
X suggests they stick with not talking game with Azah.
DF – I feel like I did so much trying to be honest and trying to cradle her emotionally and help her through the game and it’s like I’m just at the point where she questions me for a whole week.. she was worried the whole entire time.. I feel as though I never asked her questions like what would you do in my position if Xavier was on the block. I never put her in that situation.

DF – X if you feel differently then let me know.. If you win and you don’t want to take me no more.. just give me a heads up?
X – I’ve told her the same thing whoever wins has options at the end of the day. Whatever way someone’s leaning it is what it is.
DF – right I respect that. I’m just I think that when she was on the block she was dealing with a lot of emotions. Now I have to sit here and wait.. wait.. wait.. I have a lot of emotions.
DF – I’ve always seen you and me in those final 2 chairs.
X – from a game standpoint neither of us had a deal with her.

X – part of me wish before the competitions started we sat down and made it black and white. We all deserve to be here whoever wins 1 and 2 those people go to the final 2 and that is what way it is.
DF – absolutely.. the thing is I got hounded all last week so I don’t know how I am supposed to sit here and say anything I don’t want her getting distracted by a man who she can’t come to a decision.. that’s what I’m getting at. I got hounded all last week so when I’m sitting in my room she’s like ‘are you going to send me home or a MAN over Kyland’
DF – I’m just doing the same thing you did to me.

DF – I want my second place
X – I’m going to do what I can to make that happen for you
X – Right now I have a job. My job is to win this competition and take the person I have said we are going to start this game together and end this game together have that come to fruition. The only thing standing in the way of that is me winning a competition. If I can pull that off we both get a cheque and we can go home happy.
DF – I’m happy
X says the way Kyland acted the thought of him getting to the final 2 and getting a cheque “makes me sick”

4:51 pm Azah and X
Azah – can I tell you something? I’ve been thinking and I’m going to pray about it some more tonight but.. If I win I think I’m going to take you
X – you think?
Azah – mmhmmm
X – I appreciate that

5:43 pm Back to cards

6:36 pm Dinner made by Azah

7:10pm – 8pm Kitchen – Big D, Xavier and Azah are talking about past events of the season. They speculate on how things would have changed due to different circumstances. They start playing cards.

8:25pm Kitchen. Big D and Xavier.
Big D – my game is literally in one persons hands and its ah…. scary! Xavier – MMmmhmmm. They start playing cards again.. Big D – yeah my mind be okay. Xavier – there ain’t no holding back at this point and my goal was to always win part 3… so nothings really changed for me. Big D – I just hate that we’re in this situation. Like I don’t know what the F**k she is thinking. I don’t see my name on the first place prize. I see my name on the second place prize. Xavier gets called to the diary room.

8:30pm Bathroom. Azah is showering.
Big D – do you kind of get where I was upset earlier? Like I am moving forward but do you? Azah – yeah, Mmmmmhmmm. Big D – its just because like I am in the middle. Like I don’t have no more game left to play. So that is why I am just stressed and like and feeling like I don’t know what to do. But like my attitude should have never come at you that hard. I apologize for that. Azah – okay. Big D – its just tough because I just see my whole game go out the door. They talk about talking about it more to get it out of the way.

9:24pm Bedroom – Big D and Azah talk out their issues again.. Big D – I appreciate your honesty and I appreciate you letting you know and that is it. You feel like you think I don’t think you deserve to be here. If I felt like I thought you didn’t deserve to be here, I had power in my hand and could have just off .. you didn’t deserve to be here. But no you earned your spot here. Me and you talked it and were able to clear the air. And what do I look like cutting a friend over a man that I like (Ky).

10pm – 10:30pm Big D continues to talk about the same things over and over again to Xavier… he’s talking in circles.

10:32pm Bedroom – Big D talking to the cameras – She’s whack and she knows it. That’s why she got $50 BB bucks! Not me! Big D grabs his blanket and takes it to the coral room.

11:30pm Big D goes to sleep.

11pm – 12am Bedroom – Azah and Xavier.
Azah tells Xavier about the conversation she had with Big D and then they go to sleep.

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I thought I was only one who felt that way

another name

X counting the money in his head after Azah said that… he was practically giddy.


Either way he was winning but finally DF’s mouth got him in enough trouble with Azah that it works to X’s advantage. There’s plenty of hypocrisy where X is concerned but he has been able to control himself so that the people that he doesn’t want to hear certain things doesn’t hear them

another name

That’s just it. X, yeah, lots and lots of opinion that would get him in trouble, but unlike the Couch, he ‘s able to practice self control and know when to give those opinions and when to keep his gob shut.

No fave yet



I love him but he won’t. AFP


I’ve been concerned people voting could mix up Derek X with Derek F!!!! Especially ones only watch show & not as familiar with 2 Dericks?


i hope azah doesnt win, her dumb ass does not deserve final 2. I’d rather couch get it, at least he has some brain cells


Let’s see here… Couch got dragged to F3, but he’s now managed to insult his fellow HGs enough to potentially NOT get dragged to F2. He really is the worst player in the history of the game.

Cheering Azah for final HOH and her to take X (you know she’s going to do it). Couch getting evicted at F3 would make finale night worth watching.

another name

From an analytical standpoint? Foolish of her.
From a schadenfreude standpoint? heheheeheh.


Tired of hearing BigD got dragged to the final 3!!!!!!
Have you watched this season????
He’s too damn big to be dragged, pushed, or rolled anywhere!!
Now if MayFlower moving company was brought in to move the Couch, then maybe.


Absolutely, couch out at 3 makes all these weeks worth the torture!


He’s running his mouth like he’s got game, that’s what he calls “Great social game”. The Sad thing is, I don’t think he understands the reason they haven’t cut him is b/c whoever takes him to final 2 is guaranteed 750k

BB fan

I would agree Derek F doesn’t realize that he’s been dragged because he will Automatically get second place. However if you’re Azah you HAVE TO GET RID OF Xavier -that’s just giving him the game.
Azah you can actually win $750,000 !
As much as I can’t stand Derek F just take him you will win Azah! AZAH cannot be that foolish enough to keep a guy in Xavier who doesn’t care about her!
Xavier wanted Alyssa so badly and she never wanted X and Alyssa was wanting to cut Xavier her closest ally during jury at final 3. Xavier never made any hints of wanting Azah. Azah wake up you cannot keep a guy to final 2 who never wants to talk to you and X will CUT you AZAH at final 3!
If she does that and keeps Xavier that’s how you know that Alyssa was not a 0 star and better player than Azah.


I think Azah’s being a lil realistic here.(probably thinking she’s not that much better than Couch lol) , therefore thinking that she’d rather go for a guaranteed heroic loss to X instead of risking a would be tough to swolllow loss to Big Couch! And I think the idea of the possibility losing to BIG D is eating her inside, that’s why she’s having 2nd thoughts

BB fan

I see what you’re saying & making fair points but you just have to go with what gives you the best chance of winning 750k and there’s no question she can’t win against Xavier and she can totally win against big couch.

Especially when Xavier is just using Azah and doesn’t care about her 1 ounce about her. Only just using her in the event she wins final HOH and X is just going to cut her at final 3 if Xavier wins the final HOH.
I wouldn’t take somebody like that who is just going to cut me right there he’s completely disingenuous and it’s just using her in every sense of the word.
For that reason of him wanting to cut her you got to get rid of him!


You’re right on target here. Surely Azah realizes that she will win over Couch, but not against X. Sadly, I think that Azah is not actually playing to win the game (she never has been). She would rather take 2nd place and give 1st to someone she considers a deserving winner than take 1st place herself and have Couch get 2nd. It’s a $750k mistake driven by her heart and not her head.

hernanday oleary

DF laid the groundwork for arguing he carried Azah socially, he will get credit for carrying her to the end because he has been saying it to everyone who listened that he carried her.


If Azah is sitting next to Couch and couch gives his planned speech, who votes for him? His speech is a joke! (Lol!) Probably offensive to some, especially Tiffany. (An insult to anyone with intelligence!) At this point, he might not even have the bitter sore loser vote. (I’m talking about Kyland of course!) Seriously, that speech could be the catalyst for turning a jury that wasn’t going to be bitter into one that is.

BTW, didn’t couch get all bent out of shape when Kyland talked about being “vulnerable?”

Okay people, lets go. Tiffany for AFP!


If Couch makes it to F2 and gives his speech, production is going to have to mute the jury. No way they will be able to sit there and listen without busting out in laughter.

Hopeful for a Good Season

I watched the winners circle with Derrick and Cody and I have to say I didn’t realize how out of line Kys comments were to X on his eviction he just lost his brother. So reviewing the clips again ky owes him an apology and his vote. That being said I have to go with I hope X wins this season. He has played a good game. He maneuvered each move he knew what he was doing may of been cocky but he was playing the game. Hoping him and Azah final 2. Df deserves nothing

Just a game show



It just amazes me that X and couch are still dogging Tiffany! Their whole conversation right now is about Tiff.


It’s not just a cliché. Weak men are threatened by strong women!

Couch is just an a$$ in every which way. I think it could be X’s way of trying to convince America and probably himself that his reasoning for wanting Tiffany out before F6 was justified. Right now, he is presenting himself (with a lot of help from production) like he was all about the mission, bringing the CO to final 6. The feed watchers/readers know that’s revisionist history. He wanted Tiffany out before F6 and took trashing her to a whole new level. He was just pissed because she screwed up his plan to take Alyssa. Tiffany following through with mission, put up her person, Claire, sending her out on Tiff’s own HOH should have shut the “selfish” BS talk down. Tiffany knowingly sacrificed her game for the CO mission. The mission that X & Couch were ready to abandon for their own personal gain.

Sorry, what can I say? The hypocrisy of it gets me a little worked up. I know it’s a game and usually, I think almost anything goes in BB. I expect lying and a little backstabbing. This was a different year and I know many disagree but I think it was long overdue. I understand and had respect for the CO and their goal. Unfortunately, 2 of them were not truly onboard. They want us to believe they were and in the process they are relentlessly trashing a person who was true just to make themselves feel/look better. Feeding their egos!

That leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

I’m voting Tiffany for AFP. If couch gets it I may just burn my own couch. I really like my couch so don’t let me down America!


I’m so torn! I want Claire or DX for AFP but hearing X and couch right now (so jealous of Tiff), I wouldn’t mind if she won just to stick it to them!


I love Big D. Being a Philly girl you root for your hometown. This post is for him
I ? u Dereck and wanted you so bad to win but some of the things that you’ve said on the show has not been pleasing. I voted for you during wildcard and some of my votes were for you for AFHG. I hope you look at the show and live feeds and see where you went wrong especially with Azah and calling Tiffany a bum bitch, unacceptable.
Everything was not the truth. You are probably a great person outside the house. Thank you for being apart of history. And remember a little tough love (4 U)ever hurt no body.

BB23 Connoisseur

They are so funny. Lol DF wants a heads up if Xavier decides not to take him to f2. I don’t remember them giving that respect to Ky, even after his incessant asking. Also, did DF have the nerve to describe himself as “vulnerable”?? The audacity to use that word after flipping and tripping on Kyland. Azah “The Floater” for the win cause why the heck not?? Nobody else deserves it.


So true. DF would not give Ky a heads up about his eviction. Why should anyone give him one. What goes around comes around.


So If Azah goes to the final with X, I can totally see her just saying
“I’m happy with 2nd place”.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm so wasn’t Big D’s original F2 partner Frenchie right?

Well I guess it makes complete sense then -b/c Frenchie served up the worst personal game play (as HOH no less) in week one & Big Flop is serving up the worst possible personal game play of the final week.

As for Azah – I get she’s hurt by how DF spoke to her but I’m hoping this is a ploy to try to get X to say okay so why don’t we just agree to take each other & then if she wins cut him.

And X – BRAVO– this is what I was screaming at you to do last week (ensure F2 with both).

another name

Is anyone else laughing at just how illogical and foolish Couch’s rant is?

He’s mad that Azah won’t take him to finals now.
Doesn’t know what changed her mind. (could it be all the crap he’s been saying AT her since last Thursday???? Noooo. couldn’t be THAT). It’s the cuddling. That’s it.
So he says he hasn’t done anything. d’oh. duuude? c’mon now. dewwwwd.

His big argument: if it was Tiff, Couch and Azah, and Couch won the final HOH he’d still take Azah. Gee, he hated Tiff all season, so not a parallel example AT ALL.
Mmmmkay. But the final three was X Couch and Azah. And according to everything he said, if Couch had won the final HOH, who was he taking? Wasn’t Azah.
Apparently what’s good for the gander is in no way shape or form what’s good for the goose, especially if the gander ends up cooked.

Oh yeah, the cuddling has something to do with her change of mind. While Couch is doing everything he can to put Azah back in her place (beneath him) after beating him in part two, X is cuddling up like he actually gives a shit (he doesn’t, don’t kid yourselves with any *but this week he saids, because since week 3, when he didn’t need anything from her, he said the complete opposite).

Couch has been taking out his frustration on Azah for almost 2 weeks. He told her point blank she didn’t deserve to be at the end, and that he and X would be sure to wave as she left in third and should have kept Ky because Ky would have taken him to final 2 (um oh, Ky… uh… hmmm. uhhh grimace)… and he’s surprised that he’s maybe lost a guaranteed seat no matter what in finals? Really?

Yes, X will take him still (eyeroll). X has to lie to the jury and say he was 100% loyal to someone from day one to the end. He chose Couch. He goodbye messaged that. Guy had multiple final 4 3 and 2 deals that didn’t include Couch, so the jury should (but won’t) call bullshit (most beatable deluded loudmouth with the weakest comp history is why).
So Couch still most likely goes to the finals.
Every time he talks at Azah now, it’s just getting X one more vote more and more solidified.

How long are they going to keep Azah in D/R? This rant is just getting stupid.

He feels portrayed.
Portrayed in a way he didn’t portray her because he didn’t make no promise to her. He didn’t make no deal to her. ……whu…
My face is doing all kinds of contortions. oh. betrayed. ohhhh. still face contorting with a bit of a grimace.
He’s not going to talk to her any more and is moving to another bedroom, and will only talk to her if production says he has to. He’s this close to holding his breath until he passes out or lying on the floor kicking and screaming. Surprised he hasn’t threatened to Trunchbull her yet. But then she’s pretty much already spent the summer in the chokey… and appeared to have liked it just fine.

He’s not going to talk to her. Oh, She’s getting a reward? nice.
If he’d done that a couple of days ago, this wouldn’t be an issue.

And she hasn’t even made up her mind yet. Blink. Blink. She still needs to pray. At least she’ll get to pray in quiet.

Final week Couch is trying to outdo First week Old Methdonald for the Worst week of big brother game play of all time.. And the writers and storyline advisors and d/r flying monkeys have already given us nearly a full season of weekly bonehead moves just to hide their objective… poorly. In a season where bed sores are big brother battle scars… this is your final three.

Larry Pooper

So birchen.


Old methdonald. I’m still laughing!! Thank you!


On my mind: Ky received/receiving so much blow back referencing X’s nephew. I said then the live feeds showed multiple conversations with Ky using his nephew as motivation to seal the final two deal with Ky. He even said he wanted to teach his nephew to be the best you have to beat the best. Went on talking about Kobe’s namesake Kobe Bryant & the way he learned, mastered & taught that. Then fiasco happens on eviction with none of those conversations making edit. NOW…he’s doing it to Azah but playing it a different way. Broke bartender trying to set up money for Kobe’s education & anything else needed…remember no one knows he’s a lawyer & mother of nephew set up well financially already. Point: Azah tonight decided to take X over Big D if she wins part 3 because his life story about nephew “resonates “ with what she feels God is leading her to do. Smh X should be in final for game play, nasty as it is, but goes on to say Big D will have great success after this plus he won some in luxury comp AND X had convinced her Big as is definitely going to win America’s Favorite ???


The only way to save this season after Tiffany and DX left it to NOT take BigD to the final 2!!! That would make fans happy no matter who wins!


Tiff, DX or Claire for AFP


The TV-only fans saw a different BigD (or at least less of the REAL BigD). I think many of them would be happy/ fine with him getting 2nd.

Hopeful for a Good Season

All my votes are with Tiff for AFP. she was a bit annoying but she played the game and I was always in tuned with what she was doing or saying next


Derek X kind of got robbed by being on this season. I feel he may have gotten a lot further in most other seasons. That is why I am voting for him as AFP.

The Beef

Big THUMBS UP for Derek X as AFP for this season! That kid deserves something, for being such a good sport about his #1 and #2 allies sticking a knife in his back, plus he was a good competitor and a funny guy as well (IMHO). I’m not going crazy voting, as I do think it’s rigged, but I did vote for him two times so far, and do think he deserves to win it this year!

Kid Rock

GROD WOULD NEVER LET HER season End with a jury having to choose between Azah n Big D! It’s a tv show guys! It’s scripted….. It will never end without X being in the final 2

The Beef

Have you ever seen the part 3 HOH comp? It’s a total crap shoot, which anybody could get lucky and win! There’s also the possibility X could be spoon fed the answers before the comp even starts, as TPTB may want HIM to represent the season, rather than either one of the other two cadavers, but you just don’t know going into a comp like that (which is why I hate they have those as the final ones!).

This is the risk you run when you drag two stiffs to final three with you, and X knew that. Now we just have to sit back and see how it plays out.


Dayum Azah!!! your parents will see how hard up you were!!! The language you used is like WOW!!! F This and F that! But now you just handed the WIN to a lawyer who played you like a fiddle!!!! lmao!!!! At least the best game move to make would have be to take COUCH!!! From the perspective of myself, You were one thirsty chic, thinking cuddling would change X’s mind about getting close to you!!!! Remember your not his flavor of choice!!! lol

Late to the Party

If Big D booted Frenchie out of the bottom spot on your ranking grid, I seriously don’t see him for AFP. My worst nightmare is Big D and Azah in F2. DX for AFP, X for the win!!


Season End Predictions:

1. Production heavily influenced Azah’s decision to take X instead of Couch to F2. Azah was hurt and upset (understandably so) by Couch’s verbal assaults. Production used those feelings to manipulate Azah into switching her F2 plan during yesterday’s DR session.

2. Production will re-tweak the Final HOH to favor an Azah win, thus adding more suspense to the season finale. This is predicated on the understanding that Azah will take X to F2, so Grod will get her desired outcome of X winning the game.

3. Production talking with jury to ensure that X gets the votes. Kyland is the only bitter jury member who will vote against X no matter what. Kyland will vote for Azah, everyone else votes for X (even Brit).

End Result: The season finale has a little suspense because Azah wins final HOH, but Grod gets what she wants and that is an X win. Azah is happy to get second place and believes there is a future for her and X outside of the house. Couch fumes that a female voted to evict him and that he didn’t get the 2nd place he deserved (in his delusional mind). DX wins favorite HG, but all three CO men are shocked when the top three are announced and Tiffany is one of them. BBTwitter freeze frames that moment and trolls the CO men for the next six months.


This morning Big D went to Azah to apologize lol or attempt to & explain his response to her telling him she’s probably taking X…of course even this was in his delusional mind. But she did begin to reconsider. As soon as D left room Azah was immediately called to DR. My thought was they’ve got to re direct her mind back to X.


Work place vote
for AFP.
DX. 32
Claire 11
Tiff. 9
Hannah 9
SB. 8
Big D. 8


3 shifts. warehouse , & large call center. Have had watch “groups” etc. for a number of years.


I would be interested to know how many of those votes are from casuals (episode viewers only) versus feeds watchers? I imagine that the percentage of feed watchers is much lower than episode viewers, but would be interesting to see how that impacts the vote.


Yes you are right

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Agreed! We would lose those 8 votes for Big Di*k

another name

I’m actually wondering if anyone in the cookout would be able to take an honest assessment of how they played the game.
It seems to me that none of them would be able to take objective criticism.
They’d glow at praise, but glower at critique I’m feeling.
I came to this conclusion when Azah was camtalking.

The Beef

Be careful! You must keep in mind every member of the Cookout is black, and therefore you CANNOT criticize them for any reason, objective or otherwise! They don’t have to be open to any kind of critique of their game, because their cause/mission was so noble, they are totally above that. That’s why your perception that they seem to glower at being critiqued, is not only true, but also justified in not only their minds but also the minds of their fans. To all of them, this mission was truly a noble cause, so to find fault with any part of it is weakness on YOUR part, not the part of the person who was in there fighting to make the mission happen!

I think that’s how they are going to view the “game” they played, and anybody who wants to critique it, well, that person can “go pound sand”, since they obviously don’t recognize the importance of the “mission”.

As for the rest who think this whole mission was just a made for TV excuse to push more “white vs. black” drama on our country (as if we didn’t already have enough of that), or that it just sort of happened, due to people who had similar cultural experiences just sort of came together in the BB house, y’all can fire away with your critiques, but keep the above in mind when judging your expectations of how they may be received. You may view this as “only a game”, but to others it’s obviously much more than that. After all, why would such a high level mission be created to WIN this thing, if it wasn’t so much more important than “just a game”? Hell, even CBS stacked the deck with players and team twists to ensure it would happen, so they knew it was important to somebody for sure! So keep that in mind as well, when making your “game” critiques. LOL


I really want X to win. Should he take Azah or Couch?

Azah – Floater game, but did a helluva lot more than Couch; Most of the ladies who wanted the female winner are in jury; And then there’s bitter-ass Ky….AZAH Wins!

Couch – Floater game; had neither the ability or capability to make moves;

From a jury management standpoint, X should get a dolly and take the couch!


I’m not an Xavier fan, but I’ve seen many comments that he doesn’t need the money because he is a lawyer. He is twenty-seven years old, so he has been practicing law for maybe a year. Even if he makes a six figure salary, I’m sure he has substantial college and law school loans to repay.

Not Sorry

Big Brother, when the seasons over, please burn that dang couch ? YUCK!!!!!!


Simon & Dawg if I had money I’d give it to you. You are awesome reporting on this season. Especially with Christian, Alyssa, Couch, SB and Ky. Oh I forgot Brit’s rapping. Thanks so much :-)

Carlito's Way

Please BB gods, do not let DF get one dime more. I haven’t been able to watch the show and have occasionally peeked in on the feeds since Ky left as I just can’t with these people. All the bashing of Ky and Tiffany – classless and cowardly and NOT representing “The Mission” very well. The last two days when I check in, it is DF relentlessly harassing, guilting, disrespecting, bullying, being abusive and basically waterboarding Azah in his attempt to force her to take him should she win next round. Never have I seen a contestant behave so horrifically final three. He is absolutely despicable. I hope when X wins next round, he takes Azah to shut up this blubbering, blabbering, worthless excuse for for a human being. UGH UGH UGH

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Did someone hit rewind today??? UGH


Big Brother this year, reverse racism at its best!!