“I’m still awake.. He moved, she moved.. everyone is awake we’re just resting we’re not asleep there’s a difference”

HOH: Xavier
Nominations: Azah and Kyland
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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Big Brother Spoilers Even less going on today so this might be the leanest post of the year. The plan appears to still be for Xavier not to use the veto and for BIGD to vote Kyland out.

10:05 am wake up (Other than X takes over an hour for them to actaully get up)

11:03 am trying on some “options”
DF – this is my finale look..
DF – I would love to get some good earings
DF mentions how Azah is going back to her job she’ll have her job’s pay plus what she gets on Big Brother.
Azah – I’m going back to work mid October.
DF – if they told your three and a half..
DF – I don’t know who long you planning on staying out here if I stay I’m planning three days. Do you want to fly together?
Azah – I would love to
DF – I’m going back on a Sunday so I can start my week out right.. MONDAY go back to the gym start looking for a job all of that..

12:50 pm Breakfast and Chit chat.

2:00 pm Chit chat about kids shows like “max and ruby”, “Dora the Explorer” etc etc ..
Azah says Dora is too simple.. “Where’s swiper.. he’s right there.”

3:00 pm Zzzzzzzz
Ky – I’m still awake.. He moved she moved.. everyone is awake we’re just resting we’re not asleep there’s a difference
Kyland says he liked season 22 (Yikes)
BIGD says Nicole played a great game.

3:48 pm Everyone still laying around the living room.
DF – there’s no way I would be watching these live feeds..

4:09 pm
Azah says she wants to have three kids.
DF – I couldn’t imagine having more than one.. I dunno it depends on my partner I don’t want that one growing up by themselves.. I couldn’t imagine living my lavish life and having two kids. it’s a lot of sacrifice.
DF – I might have to have two.. F*** that’s a lot of kids.. TWO! .. I want to keep the legacy going so two would be good… I’ll have one and my partner will have one.

4:35 pm Xavier and Ky
Ky – Should be for the last time I ask but I DON’T have to be super thorough with packing?
X – you don’t need to be super through with packing You’ll be fine.. you’ll be good..
Ky – Thank you. I appreciate it. I’m sorry
X – you’re good.
Ky leaves.

The camera zooms in on Xavier


5:48 pm CARDS!
Ky is also flinging candies into a bowl at the corner of the room.

6:35 pm Kyland and BIGD
Apparently, BIGD said “Everything that has happened has happened because of me” and rightfully so Kyland calls him out on it says it’s cocky.
After Kyland leaves BIGD goes on about how he played a part in every single week.

6:45 pm
DF talking to the camera about how he ran this season. “I’m running this b1tch that’s not cocky that’s just facts”
DF – you all keep playing with me but your a$$es keep going home how does that make sense? Let’s write that check and cash that at the bank. Matter of fact I am going to write that check and cash that at the bank. when I walk away with 750K and you b1tches are laughing.. I’ll be laughing then.. remember you guys all think you’re running the show but lo and behold I’m running this b1tch. (Raven has some competition here)
DF – if you guys were running the show I wouldn’t be here. I’ve talked sh1t to every single person in this house
DF – People not in power have the most mouth
DF goes on that what Ky is doing won’t work on him. He’s come from Philly, he comes from a rough neighborhood, he’s dated men. “I went to military school please all this I would never fall for”
DF – you think I haven’t been through sh1t.. please.. Every single week I had a part in playing every single week I manipulated I lied I made sure everything got done. I also stated a lot of facts nobody knew. People trusted me and I used it against them.
DF – Does Kyland not think he’s a part of my plan. He thinks he’s running me. NO I’m running you and I’ll show you how bad I’m running you when I send you home beautiful.

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No fave yet

Most boring season…….Jokers isn’t updating much at all either. I waited till final 6 for some drama and game to happen and it never happened. Guess that is what happens when everything is pre-planned.


It’s always more boring & slows down but I don’t ever recall a F4 where all they did is sleep all day or just lie on the couches. TPTB aren’t even trying to force them to get up.

I mean it’s not a shock given they dragged a couch and a ottoman to the end game but as I posted on the prior page there are actual game related BB 101 activities that Xavier specifically isn’t doing. I outlined what Azah should do – couch I can’t be bothered he can just consider reupholstery.


Agreed. Every season slows down on the feeds when we’re down to F4, but it has never been this lackluster. Earlier this season, I was commenting on how much I appreciated that most of the HGs were actually playing the game and not just there to gain Instagram followers. Well, those people who were actually playing the game have now been evicted and we’re left with Couch dreaming of winning AFP and becoming an Instagram influencer.


lol Kyland really thinks he isnt going to get evicted? priceless.


Neither did Brett!! LMFAO!!!


I’m surprised he hasn’t tried to lock Xavier in a room with him yet.


Did they ever do the veto ceremony or has production quit caring also?

AZMDW_Gilbert AZ

Couch quit his job to come on this show ? I saw that it said he was a Safety Officer, is that a new way of saying he’s a Security Guard ? He really is living in a dream world if he thinks when he’s out of the house, he is going to be extremely popular, hearing him earlier this week when he said that he always the one that wants to be with a man, they never really want to be with him. Gee Just like now, how you want Ky so bad, but it’s not going to happen, Ky is playing you for a Vote, that’s it !!

I don’t want to come across as being a jerk, but when Couch said that having 2 kids would interfere with him living his lavish life, how is he living such a lavish life ? His father had a net worth of 100K when he passed away, he did not do a great job managing his money, and another celebrity paid for his funeral.

Not being a jerk, this is out on the internet for anyone to see. So How is Couch trying to act like he is living a lavish life ? Couch is not a very smart person, earlier this week he said Ky had him 2nd guesting himself, I was like man, don’t you mean “Guessing” not Guesting, and don’t get me started on listening to him mess up every week in the diary room when he votes to evict a houseguest. I’m still waiting for Julie Chen to correct him and say, “Don’t you mean you Vote to Evict” !!!

Ky is going to look like such an idiot when he is voted out, he better go ahead and pack all of his belongings, stop asking X do I have to be through when he packs. Man you are going home, you have been cuddled up, laying your head in Couch’s lap, giving couch a lot of attention this week, but X has given orders to vote Ky out, Ky you are on your way to the Jury House.

Ky is being played, he deserves to go to Final 3, or Final 2, but X is taking 2 people to Final 3 that have done nothing this entire season. Couch, Azah and X in Final 3 is depressing, couch talking about all he has done in this game to get this far, same as Azah, I find it hilarious they actually think they have played a part in getting this far in the game, NOPE !! you both were dragged here 100% by the Cook Out. Both of you should have been evicted back to back once you were at Final 6.

I honestly hope X sends Couch home when they are final 3, take Azah to Final 2. Out of the 2 of them, I can stomach Azah more than Couch. Couch has been mean, jealous, and nasty about things he has said regarding previous house guests.

Couch annoys me, I cringe every time he starts telling Azah how he protected her, he carried her, how he has done things behind the scenes she is not aware of, are you kidding me ! You had no power, how did you protect anyone, you have slept your way to Final 4, you need to be evicted ASAP !!!


Couch for the win!!!!!!
Greatest BB game play ever.
BigD does nothing but eat , cook, and rest but goes to final 2
( I hope ). Wins the Game
with the I dont give a F%#*
statergy!! Love it


Im down for that too honestly.


Couch really thinks he’s gonna live that lavish life style when he gets out, sadly he’ll end up second. He also thinks he’s super popular and will have all these opportunities when he gets out, he truly is delusional. It’s also sad that Azah is desperate for X’s attention, and Kyland willing to lay in couch’s lap and flirt with him for a vote is really disgusting!


Couch really thinks he is AFP and production did him no favors when they gave him the $100 two weeks in a row. It fueled his irrational belief that he’s gonna be a star.

Backseat Driver

Everything you posted here is right…..I am so bugged about this ending that is fast approaching……however, the jury might not take to Xavier’s cowardliness if he has one of those two lazy, non-competitive clowns sitting with him at the end AND award one of them the win. Please let me be wrong…..


I think DF is missing the part that he played other people’s games not his own


Thank you. I know i was on vacation for a bit and not watching the feeds but I was thinking did i really miss this mastermind?


1st. to be voted out of Survivor tonight……..Hmmmmmm

Sick of it

Actually one black and one white so don’t even take it there with survivor too

Kid Rock

That’s how it goes…


Finding it very hard to watch any off tge shows seem to be fast forwarding much of it . Hopefully next season is better than this season


You know things are getting awkward & boring when……they do a “Kyland is sniffing everything” segment


Next they will show X’s OCD when he paces and stays in the squares around the HOA bed.


When 2 out of the F3 HGs are the lowest rated HGs on almost every fan poll, you know the season has gone downhill.


Right? — and in the polls I’ve seen Azah is ranked higher lol

another name

Couch to cameras:
people watching know I played the best game.

Couch’s people:
Derek deserves to win because he ran out of cigarettes week three.

Me turning my head to look the reader of the above in the eye to do a BIG eyeroll, then slowly shake my head no.


Simon/Dawg, does the AFP voting start right after Thursday’s episode?

BB23 Connoisseur

Lol they keep saying Kyland is trying to play them, but how lmaooo? He literally thinks he is staying. And frfr Xavier and DF are the ones looking like a**holes. Lying for the sake of the cookout is over and they don’t have to worry about Ky retaliating if he wins a comp cause it’s too late for that so why continue to lie to him. All they are doing is costing themselves a jury vote if either of them are sitting next to Azah. But I honestly don’t know if Ky would be that bitter.


I don’t think Ky would vote for Azah unless it was against BigD. Anyone voting for Azah over X would have to be the MOST bitter juror ever! She slept thru much more of the game than sleepy bear Couch! While I agree that X is looking like an a$%hole for taking those two to the final 3, he’ll be the a$%hole that will be the 750K BB winner.


I can’t believe that BB didn’t stop Kyland from sniffing the food and putting his face in it and then putting it back for the other house guests to eat. That is a Major health issue for the house guests! With the Covid virus you would think that BB would immediately call him out on that as a health risk. I would be really pissed as a house guest to find out he was doing that and that BB knew and didn’t do anything about it. I also can’t believe that X didn’t call him out when he saw him do it.
As for Big D, he’s delusional if he thinks he did anything this season. He did Nothing! He couldn’t even win a challenge when they tried to throw it to him. He doesn’t deserve to be there now.


They have been tested and isolated. How would he have Covid?