Xavier “I don’t think he would be slighting you as much as he has if he knew how much power you had”

HOH: Xavier
Nominations: Azah and Kyland
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony: ?

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Big Brother Spoilers Even less going on today so this might be the leanest post of the year. The plan appears to still be for Xavier not to use the veto and for BIGD to vote Kyland out.

7:13pm – 7:40pm HOH room – Big D and Xavier.
Xavier – With him (KY) going we definitely can’t take her to the final two because if either one of us sit next to her (Azah) she’s got all the votes. Big D – no, she’s got all the votes. That is the scary part X! That is what is scary about taking her. Xavier – But here is what I would say is the bright side of that.. the difference with taking her over taking him is we can beat her. I can beat him. I don’t know that you can. Big D – right. Xavier – and best case scenario maybe they switch things up this year and we’re both able to compete in all three rounds. Like everyone competes in every single round. You know what I’m saying? Big D – yeah. Xavier – because then I can potentially win every single round or you could win every single round. Big D – I know you would feel more comfortable you winning the endurance and then me winning the skill. Xavier – the reason why I think that is because the last one was a mental comp. Big D – he is such a man. He reminds me of all the men I have ever dealt with in my life. He comes up here and comes and cuddles with me and apologizes. He is such a man. He just reminds me of men I have dated. Uhhhh…he is such a man. He is so predictable! Come down and eat, I want you to eat with us. No I am good. Come on you know I didn’t mean it like that. I meant it like there was two times you have did everything in this game .. which made me feel like I didn’t do anything. And I am like motherf**ker you know what you f**King done in this game. That is me talking for myself. That doesn’t mean I am cocky! What the f**k! If I was cocky I would be walking around here like I’ve got a 12 inch d**k! And guess what I am winning comps left and right and none of you b***hes will get me out of this house and I am the veto champion! Like that is cocky! Xavier – you’re the veto champion? I’m the veto champion you jerk. Big D – I am just saying. Xaiver – I know, I’m just f**king with you. Big D – I am just confident in my gameplay and you’re confident in your gameplay. You’re confident. Everyone is confident. Xavier – the way I see it.. The difference between him and her … in both scenarios if we don’t win, one of us is going. That is what it came down to for me. In both scenarios we have to win.

Big D – so how are we going to play this for tomorrow. Xavier – he literally finds out in the eviction. That is it! And if there is a pause between when I don’t use the veto and … you have to be strong. You can’t weaver. Big D – no I won’t weaver. I will be like don’t bother me, I am about to send my best friend home (Azah). Xavier – yeah its going to be a blindside. As for tomorrow I am making him feel like he is staying. As far as he is concerned he is sitting cozy. One thing I did want you to see is how he is when he is completely comfortable. I don’t think he would be slighting you as much as he has if he knew how much power you had. Big D – I know. In my speech I will say I played this game letting everyone know to their face that I was sending them home. If I ever have power I will show y’all why. Me with power is dangerous. I love both of you. This is a very difficult decision for me, I am going to make a move that I feel is cocky so Ky I am evicting you. Xavier – yeah hit him with it! Big D – I just hope the jury respects that. Xavier – they will. The jury will respect it from a gameplay perspective because no one would though you would do it. No one ever thinks that you would ever vote him out. So you doing that shows that you are ready to play the game. Xavier – one thing he has brought up to me was like a gentleman’s code. Like hey we’ve been in sync most the game. We have almost had an unofficial final two. Like his competitive mentality won’t let him take you to final two. Big D – no I know that. Xavier – if he is really the gamer that he says he is, he will respect that.

7:58pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

8:08pm – 9:40pmThe feeds return to Azah and Ky still playing cards. Big D joins them. In the HOH room. Xavier is listening to music and then he comes down to join them in the kitchen. They all play cards together.

9:50pm They head over to the couch and chat about past events / days of the season

11:20pm – 12:10am Bedroom. Big D and Azah are laying in bed chatting. Big D – This is the only thing that I do not respect out of big brother. Tyler made all these promises to people. Like deals! Like final 2’s, final 3’s! Like he made a bunch! To me, I didn’t like that. If I go down my history of what I did.. I had Frenchie final two. He then points at himself, her and the wall (X) and then hold up three fingers. Me and him (Ky) would just never vote each other out. I didn’t have nothing with Hannah, Tiffany, …. Alyssa thought we all had something. She thought me, you, her and X would be final four. Aazh she never said that to me. Me and Britini didn’t have anything. Azah – Britini thought we did, and then I told Britini we didn’t. Azah – I don’t think I have a chance next to X. The only way I might have a chance.. Big D – if you win the final 3. Azah – possibly.. but they might just give it to him anyway. Big D – correct! Azah – or and he would never do this because he (X) has a final two with you.. if he brought me. Big D – you just have to do what is best for you game. If you think getting down to the final two you are like you know what I am going to go against X… Azah – I am not saying.. I haven’t said anything. Except at the beginning of the week you were trying it.. Big D – I wasn’t going to get rid of you girl, I was just giving you the heads up. Azah – HHHmmm… you see how I am actually packing.. I am scared. Big D – you’re still scared!? Goodnight!

12:10am – 12:20am Havenot room. Ky is on the floor.. he then heads to bed and big brother turns out the lights.

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BB23 Connoisseur

Xavier- “…so you doing that shows you are ready to play the game.”
So DF is ready to play…at final four…the jury is supposed to respect that??

orwell the out of work bbad owl

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ….Wake me up when Julie Moonves pulls out X’s fifth key….ZZZZZZ


Not really, that is just X getting BigD to do what he wants.

Georgia Allen


another name

The only way X loses the game is if he fouls up the final four eviction.
I mean, that would be the losing move. If the guy that controlled the cookout couldn’t get the couch to vote out Ky?
That’s his big jury angle. He always had other people in his pocket willing to do what he needed for his benefit.
If he can’t even handle a final four vote without others (cough cough Tiff and Hannah) socially manifesting? What has he got?
Comp wins? got people to take him off the block when it didn’t matter? Was able to talk morons into hating who he couldn’t beat? Gee.

Otherwise, the jury would have to be 9 ravens and a cereal boy if X successfully gets Couch to evict Ky.


bigD can only be faithful to one, i believe it will be Ky,but X will still win it all

The Beef

Here’s the problem with that. The Couch is only faithful to the COUCH! He’s neither faithful nor loyal to anyone else, despite what he may say to anyone. All of that is window dressing to get him to where he thinks he needs to be to win. The problem is he’s such a moron, he doesn’t realize the ONLY chance he has to win is to get to the final 2 with Azah, and even then he probably loses – but his warped sense of reality has him thinking he’s done as much or MORE in the house, than either Ky or X has, and way more than Azah has, so he’s screwed.

He’s afraid of Azah because of the female vote thing, when he should be afraid of X and Ky because of the “he hasn’t done sh!t in the game” thing – but his ego, and apparently his lack of IQ, won’t allow him to see it. If he makes it to a final 2 chair, I’d say Wednesday night is going to be a serious eye opener for the Couch, but he’s such an ego maniac and so enamored with himself, he probably won’t even bat an eye, even on a 9-0 vote! He’ll just chalk it up to either a “bitter” jury, or the fact people didn’t know all of the great “big” work he put in behind the scenes to “get out” all of the people he wanted out. It’ll never be because he laid on his ass all season on the couch doing nothing.


Now I know why the word moron was invented.


At least I got to see Fessie’s arrogant a&& kicked off The Challenge tonight!

mj starr

thanks for spoiling the challenge!


how did that spoil the challenge it was already aired

mj starr

i haven’t watched it!


well you knew what was gonna happened.. he literally hit someone in the previews


I think it’s weird seeing DF standing or sitting upright.

another name

Couch’s game plans vs. what happened.

  • Week one wanted a woman evicted. Nope. Fell in love with a clown. Had safety. Wanted to form a four person alliance of black people. Got 5… and a maybe sorta but not really sixth… that he didn’t want… Joined the Slaughterhouse and the Butchers, and the other Slaughterhouse and the other Butchers.
  • Week two wanted Frenchie saved. Nope. I think this is part of what really ticked him off about Tiff. Tbh, she’d been smoky the bear putting out fires in the house of people saying easy move is to get rid of the furniture… he had no clue. Wanted the slaughterhouse to continue, minus Frenchie. Nope.
  • Week three wanted a woman evicted. Nope. Ordered the next three evctions to be women…. nope.
  • Week four wanted a different woman evicted… got a woman but not the one he wanted originally. Had no idea the Royal Flush existed. But a woman left.
  • Week five wanted a woman evicted… other than a joker woman. Nope. finally comes to the conclusion that fine, Hannah can be an associate of the cookout… but not a full cookout member.
  • Week six volunteered to take Azah’s place on the block because Ky looked sketch enough as it was with his breaking the cookout plan. Had to stay on the block when Ky won veto… he didn’t like that.
  • Week seven got volunteered by Ky to go on the block. Yeah… not what Couch wanted.
  • Week Eight mad that others got bbbucks. “Threw the comp” like he “threw every comp” to that point. Not what he wanted.

So, this whole controlled the game and got every target out in the order he wanted bullshit…. When was that?
Has he been playing a different game of big brother in his 21 hours of lucid dreaming he does every day?


Yeah – the one example he gave to Azah about how he protected/saved her was Chris HOH when Hannah/Whitney were up — He tried to say they were going to put her up & that HE was the reason Whitney went up/out.

If he uses that as an example it might be the worst possible thing he could say. First, he was never a part of Royal Flush & didn’t know about it. In the RF sans DX meeting Tiff pushed for Brit to go OTB instead of Hannah saying she was a bigger threat while X/Ky just sat there & SB battled on why Han had to be target. B/c SB got so bent out of shape Han went up

That was when Tiff said to Chaddah & Baby D you need to create some sort of alliance/deal with Ally/Chris so you’re safe & told Han you need to “dumb it down” you’re showing how intelligent you are & it’s freaking people out. Just take your time to answer questions (& it did actually help with some of the people who were scared of her). Then Tiff had a LONG talk with Chris pointing out why Whit had to go,

The other ironic part of this time of the game is it was when Big D kept making comments about Chris/Ally being in a showmance. She was wanting him to leave next at that point in the game.


Couch talks a big game, but if he does vote Ky out tomorrow, he will be such a little wuss, he is really struggling with voting Ky out. Boy would I love to see the look on X’s face if Couch votes out Azah and keeps Ky.

X would be ready to have a stroke knowing that Ky now knows that X has been telling Couch to blindside Ky, it would at least bring some excitement to this week, I’m sick of X and Couch acting like they have been running things since day 1.

Couch saying he has had a hand in every eviction each week, that’s a bunch of BS. If he is dumb enough to say that if he is dragged to final 2, I hope the Jury laughs in his face if he’s dumb enough to say that to the Jury. If he is, if I were on the Jury, I’d ask Couch to give me an example of what he did each week, explain how he played a part in everyone’s HOH, he would look like a damn fool, and he would not be able to give any examples.

Couch does not deserve any $$$, he should have kept his big butt at home on the sofa eating and watching the real players play BB. Couch could not win a comp, even if you gave him all of the answers, he would find a way to still come out as a loser !!!


I would love to see couch keep Ky. The look on X’s face would be priceless! Of course, TPTB would have to be on board. I’m sure they are steering couch in the direction they want.

As for the jury questions you proposed to ask couch, I’m quite sure Tiff would be more than happy to oblige.


big D will not evict a male over a female
he has gotta want 3 men at the end
Ky is staying

The Beef

You just never know with the Couch. Can you count on him doing something that is in his best interest to do? Will Ky take him to final 2? No. Can he beat Ky in final 2 even if he did? No. Will Azah take him to final 2? Most likely YES! Can he beat Azah in final 2 if they get there? Maybe not, but it’s his best chance of winning!

The only question is why would Big D NOT evict Ky? He would have to be a true moron of epic proportions to not do it, based on the probabilities of future outcomes possibly being in his favor. To do it simply because he either doesn’t like women, or wants to “bro-out” with an all male final 3? Well, that would just show he has no ability to work through scenarios in his brain, OR it shows he has a completely warped sense of reality and actually BELIEVES he can beat either X or Ky in a final 2 showdown, which is just ludicrous.

another name

What’s going on?
Why aren’t we three hours deep into the opening preamble of the pre-veto Kyversational one on ones in the have not room?
There’s… there’s…. there’s no…. meetings?
Okay, admittedly it’s been raining here for 24 hours, i didn’t realize that meant that Hell had frozen over…
Okay everyone, just like we practiced… assume your apocalypse positions.


At this point, I’d actually welcome the dumb meetings over this snoozefest lol


X is cold. wow. Def a lawyer haha


He’s an ice cold dick killer.

The Beef

Colder than Hannah even? LOL Colder than a brass toilet seat in the Yukon!


Not denying Hannah is cold either lol.
I didn’t address that, she ruined Derek X that was his mistake listening to Hannah she was awful for his game.


What makes big d entitled to making it to final 2 he’s done absolutely nothing this whole game rediculous


What’s the difference between the death on the street, between a snake and a lawyer.
There’s skid marks in front of the snake.



Carlito's Way

I haven’t watched too much of the feeds because every time I tried, the blithering horizontal town idiot was more than I could bear. Honestly, how can anyone stand this fool? But the little I did see and in reading these updates, I don’t see any indication that Ky has had any game talk with either Big D or X all week. He has to know he is not safe, so why is he not in DF’s ear all day? Why wouldn’t he promise him a final two? Can’t he see how sketchy X is being with him. Ky is now definitely leaving but he dug his own grave. I cannot believe he would not promise DF a final two. DF is so malleable, Ky could have had him wrapped around his finger. Don’t like X, don’t like his cockiness, don’t want him to win, but he has played well and has handled DF like playdough – X has DF believing that it is more of a benefit to DF to get rid of Ky. He can talk him into anything. Ky could have done the same thing but failed miserably and tonight he will sadly be “evoted” out by Big D. What a waste and horrible end to a promising season. Stop torturing us. Let’s get this season over with already!


I am not sure that even Kyland’s verbose multiverse way of talking could penetrate DF’s delusions


When you want to give couch any credit at all for having even the tiniest amount of intelligence, just remember, he is incapable of saying, “I vote to evict.”


I suppose when DF is gone he’ll say “I e-guess they didn’t e-want me to e-win the e-game. I e-don’t know e-why, I e-played better than e-anyone in the BB e-house”.

Susan Sholly

Does anyone know what the extra Friday episode is going to involve? I feel like between the Friday and Sunday episodes there may be a twist.

another name

Season recap episode.
I’m guessing this is where they reiterate all of the bullshit they twisted into the edits, so that annoyed feed watchers just give up and say, fine… you want me to believe that’s how it happened, whatever, just finish the season ffs.


Usually they have an episode where they go over the season highlights and have the jury talk if I remember correctly they have a past player host it. It’s kind of to see how the jury is thinking and if they will be bitter.


I don’t think the thought of the jury figures into any part of the reminiscing episode considering that it happens every year and occasionally the Final 2 miss any scent of a bitter jury


It’s probably the season “highlights” recap show they typically do at F4 or F3

Personally, I’d be happier if it was an hour of jury footage!


Big D is in for a very rude awakening when he exits the BB house if he gets a look at OBB’s Ranking Grid. Ouch, couldn’t happen to a more deserving player imo. Azah at least has 1 win.

another name

If I understood correctly:
The feeds went down at 11am bbtime, and will return at 11pm bbtime.
This would mean that part one of the final HOH is tonight.
Stands to reason, I guess. The usual pattern is Thurs. night for part one, Sat. afternoon / evening for part two, unless injuries from part one are sufficient to put it off untl Sun.
If memory serves.


I believe that you are correct. Being that I watch the feeds, I most likely will opt to watch Part 1 of the Tony Awards on Paramount instead of Big Brother Sunday


I’ll be watching the Tony’s as well. Looking forward to finally getting back to NYC in December to see four shows (including Hamilton, finally!)


Or maybe 10 hours of that time is for Ky’s speech.

another name

The jury house is hoping they let him come for roundtable, then whisk him back into segregation (like they have for most of the 4th placers, who don’t actually GO to the jury house to stay with the rest).
Just so they don’t have to listen to a horse’s ass speaking in fart language for 5 and a half days straight.

double d

The perfect ending to this season would be Big D and Azah making final 2 and X getting booted. Could happen because the final contest is always T/F on what the houseguests said. And anybody could win that.


If that actually happened (chances are minimal) X won’t be the only one who loses his mind over that happening. A number of us (myself included) would be using language that would make Genghis Khan blush


Anyone else hoping both X and Big D take Azah to final 3 and she wins last HOH and evicts X ?

Hopeful for a Good Season

I do like X. He was one of my favorite right from the beginning. I do think he should win and represent the season. However do not agree with the coward way of how he is trying to win this. He needs to take KY he will gain respect and will win


He was one of the four favorites I picked when the cast came out. DF was also on the list.. how wrong I was…

another name

Azah’s game.

Week one joined the Cookout and joined the King Slayers. Chose Brit to be her number one ace in the hole in case the cookout broke and she had to target one of them.

Week two: got brainwashed by a clown and a couch. Took on the job of babysitting Brit, and entered a co-dependent matching set furniture deal. Started judging her other Cookout allies as morally inferior to herself (especially Tiff)
Decided she liked the yellow blanket more than the white one.
Almost burned the kitchen down.
Played a really pathetic version of the dating game in her head for 8 weeks.
Admitted Hannah was finally cookout, sort of, by saying the girl who isn’t really one of us is the most devoted to our mission.
Week six got mad that the plan to throw HOH to her was ruined by Ky refusing to throw to her. BIggest game move: Of everyone in the house, refused to play Ky’s little hand me your game 20 questions with candy game. Her biggest game move was repeatedly saying, “I don’t have an opinion on that.”
Week nine got mad that the HOH wasn’t thrown to her, but preferred Tiff have it over Ky because Ky…. that’s the entire reason: because…Ky.
Week ten. Finally got an HOH thrown to her. Took out the only other woman left in the game… it was 1/2 to 3/4 on purpose.

Says she was playing an honest game with her heart. Who’s going to tell her that lies of omission are still lies? Compared to the rest of the cookout, yup. Most honest. So what? Still accepted ever benefit and reaped every reward.
So her game was doing nothing but prospering by doing nothing on the backs of everyone doing something (and judging them for it)… and omitting or refusing to answer. Blink. Blink.
Will probably be asked to be a spokesperson for designer bed linens.
And STILL more deserving to win than the Couch… HOW is that POSSIBLE???

Miss Impression

Yay! Azah for the win.Hope she doesn’t have to do anything to get there.


At least the edit is showing DF being foolish even if not showing the full picture of how foolish he has been


I am happy that we got that long jury segment


LOL kyland is dumbfounded he got evicted.

The Beef

Dumbfounded and PISSED! Him calling out X’s manhood by saying his nephew doesn’t have a man figure to look up to was beyond out of line. X actually stepped up to him at least once, and I thought they were actually going to fight! Ky took it too far, IMHO.


I lost all respect for Kyland.