Xavier WINS Part 1 of the 3 Part HOH! “What kind of role model are you for your nephew?! KY, I’m a show you!”

HOH Part 1: Xavier Vs Azah Vs Big D
Part 1 Winner = Xavier
HOH Part 2: Azah Vs Big D
Part 2 Winner = ?
HOH Part 3: Xavier Vs ?
Part 3 Winner = ?

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10:56pm – 11:10pm The live feeds return – In the bathroom. Big D and Azah.
Big D – Azah, you did so good. Azah – really?! Big D – Yeah! You held on way longer than I thought you would! Azah – I am disappointed though I really wanted to. I mean I know its X and he does endurance comps .. you know!? Big D – girl! Look at it this way, you did really good and on top of that its not like everything is over. Azah – yeah. Big D – now you don’t have to worry about X, you’re just playing my dumba$$! So there is hope! Like you were solid! That was endurance, the next one should be skill and then mental. Mental you got no problem with. You just got to get through skill. Look you’re facing me so.. its a fair match. Its a fair match.. I’m sorry I can’t beat you but I can beat her. They talk about their techniques in the comp.

Bedroom – Xavier talking to himself. Xavier – What kind of role model are you for your nephew. KY, I’m a show you! I’m going to show you by winning! YES! First part ..DONE! One more comp!

11:29pm – 11:50pm Living room – Xavier and Azah.
Azah laughs. Xavier – what’s so funny? Azah – Ah, no.. I know .. I know we said we weren’t going to talk about this person anymore. I am just laughing about that 7am mind game. Xavier – ah yeah! Azah – like how depressed we all were at 7am like.. Xavier – no yeah, its all the bullsh*t.. all the games and all that sh*t! That’s why I was like if he wants to bring me a smoke he can. I don’t give a f**k! I was like I don’t want his a$$ here anymore! I just don’t want him to .. because like I think what he wanted was me, him and Big D in the final 3. Azah – he definitely wanted that. Xavier – and if he had won, he may have taken me but he might have also just have taken Big D. I don’t know if he would have won in either situation BUT if he took Big D its possible he could have won just because of like.. Azah – its possible! Xavier – I don’t know for sure but if people are looking at from a competition standpoint.. maybe. That is pretty much his only argument. Azah – or maybe if also just fenagled his way into final 3. Xavier – exactly. Like people might be impressed that people have been trying to get him out and somehow he made it to those final two chairs. I know he wants that satisfaction.. I don’t want to give it to him. I just really don’t! Azah – I know the way they’ve edited this .. I know my mom and Dad were on the edge of their seat like oh my god she is going to go home. Xavier – yeah. I told you if I win, you’re not going anywhere. Azah – I believed you. Xavier – I know you did. I just needed him to think so too. Gonna do a little blindside action here. If it was you, I would have told you straight up. Its because of how you try to do things, you would have been up Big D’s a$$ all day everyday if we had told you what the deal was. Or it would have just been what it was at the door for a longer period of time. Azah – that would have agitated somebody. Xavier – yeah. It would have been where if he had made a comment like that… if he hadn’t walked out the door sh*t could have got violent. SO instead I am glad it was a blindside. Because then he wanted to do some cheap little comment oh I still got the last laugh or something like that. So you got your 2 seconds. Say something.. then your a$$ was out there sitting next to Julie! THAT is why we blindsided you. Exactly what you’re doing is why we blindsided you. Azah – I said this at the beginning .. don’t game me pre the six.. game me at the six! Pre six I should have trust in you, and you should have trust in me. Xavier – facts! Azah – his problem was he gamed cookout people before the six so when the six came people was like okay real recognize real you wanted to game me when other cookout were in the house.. I’ll game you. They continue talking about past events of the season. Azah heads into the diary room.

11:55pm – 12:05am Kitchen – Big D and Xavier.
Big D – it makes me feel even better to know I made the right decision on getting rid of him because… Xavier – FACTS! He’s been making deals all f**king.. Like he tried to make a deal with Azah! Big D – I know he did. Xavier – like a final 3 deal with her.. like final 2 and some sh*t! Like he tried making all these deals and then when you get burned all of a sudden you sh*tty!? Big D – I definitely don’t regret anything! Xavier – hell no! Big D – X congratulations. I was like I am going to try my best but this is not me. Xavier – you did great! Big D – I feel bad that I couldn’t win any comps but I tried to help in other areas when I could. Xavier – if you win the next part and we are both sitting there for part 3… we both getting two cheques! Facts! As much as I like Azah, I can’t take her .. she’s been too nice to everyone!

12:40am – 1am Living Room – Xavier and Azah.
Xavier – Are you okay? Azah – yes, I’m okay. Thank you for keeping me. Xavier – Sorry you had to see part of my thug side today. Azah – no I liked it. Xavier – sorry I had to bring that out. Azah – no its okay. Xavier – there is nothing he can say that will make my family think less of me. Azah – nope! And it was literally said for the reaction. All these things were said for the reaction. There are so many things that you can list.. oh that’s not very honest.. Xavier – that’s the thing ..if anyone is like integrity and sh*t like that ..no one in the cookout can discuss integrity with maybe the exception of you. Everyone else .. we all lied! We all manipulated the f**k. We all deceived heavily. Like Ky, Tiff, Big D, Me, Chaddha… none of us can say sh*t about integrity when it comes to this game. Like we just can’t! Like YO! We did a lot of shaddy sh*t! For him to get all up because he got got .. its just like.. Azah – and at the six is when that could happen. Xavier – I think he was embarrassed. Tiff told him if you don’t take out X he is going to take you out. Big D joins them. They talk about how tomorrow will be a rest day where they will get to a request takeout dinner.

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BB fan

Kyland had a point though Xavier just uses his nephew for sympathy. Xavier deserved to get called out on it.

Wilma Matthews

Yes X used the poor me card and Ky bought it.

another name

Ky chose X as his final 2 long before learning about the brother and nephew stuff.
Ky wanted the big bbhistory glory moment.
He decided to go with X over Tiff to final 3 loooong before learning of that stuff.
He made comparisons to game long duos that were ride or die from day one until the end.
He never had that day one until the end legend duo relationship with X. He made that up in his head because it sounded good to him.


I was watching the final two alliance made in the bathroom & named The Gentleman. X approached Ky with the idea of the two strongest men …and have their Superman & Batman moment in the end. Everyone already knew about the brother & nephew in the house. This was first time X spelled out his motivation to win.


X’s motivation to win has been apparent since the beginning. And he is achieving it!

another name

The first time Ky talked to the cameras about going to final2 with X was Way Before The Gentlemen was formed.
The Gentlemen was so new that it didn’t exist the last time I charted alliances before giving in and only charting the cookout deals of the final 8.

Ky was talking about going to final two with Xavier, however, as far back as the end of the week Brit was evicted.
So, at that point, there wasn’t general knowledge about the motivation.
The reason Ky wanted the final 2 at that point was to feed his own ego.
Ky was throwing around alliances and final 2’s like Tictacs.
Remember, at that point (when Brit was being evicted), Ky had:
The Monarchy, the final four proposition with SB, Dx and Hannah, The Flops, The final 3/4 with Claire, Hannah, Tiff, The detectives, and two sweet (f2 with SB), the connect (f2 with Tiff) as well as his final 2 with Dx, and the one with Hannah that wasn’t cemented, and the final 2 with Couch, and the proposed but unnamed final 2 with Xavier.

What is being forgotten here:
Why. Why did X go to Ky to cement a name for their final 2? X was playing into Ky’s ego.
X went to cement with Ky by feeding his ego for what reason? BECAUSE it was common knowledge that KY had final 2 deals with everyone, and X was hedging his bets.


AND it was just prior to F6 HOH so X was ensuring he’d be safe on the chance Ky won. IMO that was his true motivation to cementing the deal.

Tina Miller

On mission to win… Covering all grounds

Lorrene Kohnhorst

Ky didn’t make final 2 (the gentlemen) with x tell late in the game, they all heard about his nephew I been watching the feeds relentlessly. I really wanted that “allaiance” in final 2

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Remember when BB16 Devin said he had a daughter like 2 million times a day. He sucked.

Game fan

50 likes ? NO. You are not bringing a kid into this . Low blow!

I Bite

I feel X was genuine in sharing. There could be a component just like anyone in life where you want to garner some sympathy. That to me is not ‘using’. Anyway it doesn’t matter. Even if true, Ky overstepped as he has no business advising others about what makes a role model, esp as he knows nothing about the dynamic in X’s family. It was a very low blow to go there.

Just a game show

That’s true and now he’s worried about that vote. Ky wasn’t embarrassed or blindsided. But Xavier may be on finale night. Azah and Big D are so happy that he over played his hand. That’s what happens when people become over confident and needlessly nasty.

I Bite

A jury has to be very bitter to not give X the win. I don’t see that happening. They all really regard and respect X.

Ky was very agitated last night. He definitely had a flood of thoughts and feelings going on. If he wants to look extra childish he can vote against

Hannah DerekX Tiff and Claire all understand and respect that the final vote is about gameplay. I think X also has SB and probably Brit too. Obviously, Alyssa.

Jury has been saying that the strong competitors had to go. That’s why they figured out most of the CO. Bc why would anyone keep X or Ky over SB or Alyssa? They anticipate that one or the other will be taken out in final 4.

The jury gets it. No one is crying for Ky.

The Beef

If X ends up in the final 2 and Ky votes for either one of the others, after all he’s said about their piss poor game play, and how important it is for a good representative to win this season, everyone will know it’s just a bitter vote because X got him out, and people will lose even MORE respect for him, if that’s even possible.

I expect he’ll cool down over time, do the right thing and vote for X to win. If he doesn’t, I don’t think it’ll matter much, as I suspect the other 8 jury members WILL vote for X to win anyway, with the possible exception of Britini, who may throw Azah a friendship, sympathy vote.


Well of course you’re gonna win you took two of the weakest players to the end with you.


And you blame him? I don’t get why people are upset or surprised he’d evict Ky and take 2 weak players to final 3. He’s trying to win 750k. Most ppl would do the exact same thing. If X lost to Ky in f2 and didn’t evict him now, it’d be a 700k mistake.

Sir Kirby Williams

It is a great game move, but of someone says their game is about honesty and integrity, then ensure it happens. If not, the true colours show low integrity.
It would be history making to see a final two of players who could both deserve to win, then there would be reason to continue watching. Everything is now locked in with X winning. No surprises, no excitement. We’ve already known for a few weeks that history would be made and that it wouldn’t be a Joker who would win.

I Bite

The concept of game integrity is a fallacy here. The game is predicated on deceit. Who gets to define when that line is crossed? That is a very individual projection that does not belong in the game. Some people think integrity is taking a strong player. Well that is a game losing approach with no actual ethical foundation.

I did feel that Dan went too far in using his grandfather’s pendant as leverage with Ian. That is different to me bc he literally swore on something that is sacred to him. Or Ky calling out Tiff’s son about his mom’s behavior, where he’s playing mind games with a minor.

99% of what happens is otherwise literally just game.


I’m not going to make a 750 thousand Dollar mistake to give some excitement to the internet /tv viewer. They in the house playing we watching with knowledge of what everyone is saying. Ky could have got down to the end and opt to evict X
nah then we would be say X was stupid for not getting him out. Talk is cheap that’s why we on the outside looking in.


I agree. That’s why Tiff messed up sticking to the cookout plan. She would’ve increased her chances to get to end with Claire in house. She was not playing for $750k like X is. Ky was stupid to believe in X. They never had a
Strong true friendship so X cutting him should not have been a shocker.

double d

He has got to win part 3. Whoever wins part 3 wins HOH. And part 3 is a T/F on what the houseguests said.

BB fan

Everybody has a story and just because of X nephew trying to drag out sympathy doesn’t make him more worthy than anybody else to win.

Sir Kirby Williams

Is his story verified or is it a Matt Hoffman version?


i know, tiff is literally a single mom and doesnt have a lawyer salary…

guy from canada

Well we know production didn’t interfere……it wasn’t sleeping on the couch endurance or pursuing an unaffectionate opposite sex competition……

Wilma Matthews

I don’t like big D he doesn’t deserve to be near the finals, he was lazy but talk big about him self. Ky shouldn’t have kicked Hanna or Tiffany I’m glad he got kicked out.

BB fan

The three girls were always sticking together and would have voted Kyland out at 4 if not 5 because Derek F is beatable. The fact the boys in particular X stabbed his final 2 Kyland in the back after Ky just saved him three weeks in arrow. That is just further proof that Kyland had to win out in the final 6 with the cookout just to make final 3. Those girls were always going to cut kyland by final 4 if not 5. It was the right thing to vote out Hannah and Tiffany for that reason!

Ky for Worst Loser Ever

Once Tiff was gone, Hannah would have had less power to take out Ky.


I didn’t realize X was using his nephew. If you think X was using his nephew then what was Tiff doing with her son. Both were sharing about their family not game play. Ky didn’t need go after people’s family. BB is a game to win $. We know everyone has different strategies. Bottom line X is in the final three and one competition and speech from $750,000.

another name

I don’t understand all of the Ky is a victim stuff.
I never will.
Ya know who has a right to feel emotionally manipulated? Sarah Beth. f2, f4, f5.
You know who has a right to feel backstabbed? Derek x. f4, f3, f2
You know who should say I told you so? Tiff. f2, f3, f4, f6
You know who should point out that he’s just another juror, so unworthy of being in the finals? Hannah. f2, f3, f4
You know who should be condescending and flippant? Claire. f4, f3
You know who should just scowl? Alyssa. f4
You know who should run around the room trying to talk over him constantly? Brit.

Ky DESERVED what he got. It’s what his chosen style of game led to.
Of the Cookout members… Ky by FAR played the dirtiest game of emotional blackmail and emotional manipulation. And yet… still looked at the cameras trying to justify his game as a clean game to the feeders.
Ky was no victim. Everything Ky sowed is what he reaped.


yes yes yessssssssssssssssssss

Carlito's Way

Agree 100%. But Ky played the game, maybe too hard until the last few days. The fact that we now have two of the laziest people I have ever seen, get to final three, is just galling. Yeah Ky was a weird one, certainly had some issues, and should have cut X as he was warned repeatedly. Dumb move that will torture him forever. But even with all of his issues, I still would have preferred Ky in final 3 or 2. X’s toast was perfect when he toasted to “A king and two jokers.” Truer words have never been spoken. Unfortunately the 2 jokers will be rewarded for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. That just doesn’t sit well with me. And definitely sours “the mission.”

The Beef

You can blame the Cookout for that! Their “mission” ensured they ALL got to the final 6, even though they didn’t like each other and were not particularly loyal to one another, they WERE loyal to the mission, so they all made it, including the two lay abouts who didn’t deserve to be there. Because they had “cut” the people they trusted, they were left to try to get to the end with “alliance mates” they had basically been forced to work with previously, and never truly developed “ride or die” type loyalty with. Do you really think X is taking Big D to final 2 out of loyalty to their “Final 2” agreement, or is it because he thinks he will wax his ass poetic when the jury votes for the winner? I think it’s the latter, and I know he picked Azah over Ky for the reasons he’s stated – Ky is the better competitor and he wants to win!

So the whole Cookout deal has it’s good points and it’s bad points, if you’re one who is so happy to see the all black final 6. It’s the thing that made this abysmal final 3 possible because of the strategy that was used to get them there.



I Bite

Right on!


I don’t think he was “using” the nephew but did repeat his motivation to win & how he wanted to be the example of strength, loyal & integrity to his nephew and do so by sitting by someone else showing that strength. X could’ve won next to Ky. X & Ky said loyalty has to be proven & therefore Ly took X off the block total of 3 times. I wanted to see Tiff at the end but still think C made a bitch move & it will be seen as such by the jury whether they vote him or not. A lot of respect will be lost for him & sadly towards the cookout alliance.

Outside Looking In

I do think X was using his nephew, because he knew that Ky has sold himself as someone who cares about helping others. Ky and X had a conversation where Ky was talking about “making a difference in the world” and for the first time X brought up his nephew, to score some points in the “I can be a good human who has a tender spot in his heart for others too” game. I mean, what could X do? X is a lawyer. He knows how to manipulate people to into seeing the side of someone he wants them to see. I would not be surprised if he doesn’t even have a nephew. It reminds me of the joke, “what is the difference between a lawyer and a catfish”? “One of them is a scum sucking bottom feeder, and the other is a fish”! X telling Azah he hated her seeing the “thug side” of him come out, (when Ky pressed him to think about the optics of his betrayal to the guy who had taken X of the block last week), and her saying she liked it! LOL Her thirst for X is almost as sickening to me, as X’s need to present himself as a badass, now that he is the only straight male in the house. For the record, in a Ky vs X “cage match”, I am certain that Ky would mop the floor with X. Metro-sexual lawyer X would would be afraid of damaging his manicure!

I am still hoping the couch and coat rack go to the finale, but I know it can’t happen. I only root for them, because they are exemplary examples of just how lousy this season of BB has been. Crowning one of the two most useless players in BB history would complete the worst season in BB history just as it should be. And hopefully CBS will blow the whole show up, bring in new production, and learn from the mistakes of this season. Players should be notified before going into the house that no alliances will be allowed to be formed with the express intend of voting off others based on the others skin color. As soon as a player brings up that premise, production should invite that player to the DR, and have them removed from the game. This should have happened to racist players of the past, and maybe if they had handled it back then, the racial prejudice of this season would not have happened. My two cents…


Interesting how bitter so many people are on here about the CO, especially since the people in jury don’t appear to be. (SB is but I think her bitterness is personal and directed at Ky.) I’m sure they weren’t ecstatic that they ended up in jury but I think they genuinely understand the CO mission and why it was so important to the alliance.


Do you thinik they would actually show their bitterness on TV if they disagreed with what CO did? No, because they know how they would be seen.


I’m not an X fan – BUT – I’d bet anything the nephew story is real.
During week 1 Big D walked in on X crying. They shared a moment with X telling him about his brother’s recent passing & that he was still processing the grief. X asked DF to keep it between them.


a racist will always be a racist FOREVER!!!

Hopeful for a Good Season

X won 1st part Hoh??? What a surprise I thought Big D would have won this.


I’ve always thought Kyland looks like a young Osama Bin Laden and after his classless, pompous exit tonight I don’t mind saying it. Hope he got one good sniff in before he left cause he will never be invited back.


idk man, that stunt might land him on another reality show, that was good tv and tame for reality fights.. cbs is just too vanilla


Put him on The Challenge. The minute he starts talking in circles they will throw him in the pit!!


His exit wasn’t the reason I don’t think he’ll be back. I think he wore out his welcome with his constant complaining and constant talking. Can you imagine having to listen to him for your job??? I would have quit after the first week.


Are parts 2 and 3 only going to be shown on finale night and not the feeds? I don’t want it to get spoiled lol.

another name

Part 2 will not be shown on feeds.
There will be a feed block, then when feeds return, they’ll be talking about who won part 2 and what the comp was like.
The only Part of the HOH that will be safe from spoils is part 3.

double d

Part 3 is live and is a T/F on what the houseguests said.


I am having a hard time remembering if Part 2 is also a Physical competition


typically it is a combo of dates (mental) & physical. B/c of Big D they likely won’t make it a climbing comp (which many recent Part 2’s were).

It could be as simple as find the hamster name/climb & put them in order of evicted or as complicated as which 2 women won the 1st HOH/POV.

Either way if Big D wins it’s a set-up (fake) b/c there will be a physical aspect that requires fitness (not endurance but stamina).


Thanks. Whether Part 2 happens tomorrow or Sunday, I am hoping Azah pulls it off leaving Part 3 to be between Azah & X

Daisy may123

Kyland is classless , doing that on national tv where the host has to call you out, he should be embarrassed. Xavier wouldn’t do anything he’s a lawyer he knows not to touch the guy or he would get sued and kicked out of the game. This is big brother not everybody makes it to the end. He ended up looking like a cry baby.


He will be remembered as a sore loser.


I feel like maybe Ky was trying to institage him? Like he knew it was the only way X didn’t win? Feels like he was trying to pull a Paul.

Chaddha’s Fish Lips

Ky will be hearing a lot of , “ Told ya !” and rightfully so, his arrogance / delusional thinking is why he is a F4 boot; he will ruminate on this long after the show is over and maybe continue to smack himself in the head…. You f’d up, dude! Having said that; I can’t stand this F3…my snarky, evil self would love for Azah to win the next 2 comps & choose Big boy ,sending X packing…..just like BB17 Vanessa ! X’s shiny head would explode


Kyland needs therapy!


& if he did, Xavier deserve to win BB23 he played this game well. Isn’t that how you suppose to do, take your weakest players to the end. I’m all for Xavier & again Xavier, Kyland & Tiffany played this game the best. GO XAVIER

Ha Ha

Big D is a sleeper. Going to win part 2 and 3 of the HOH.

Outside Looking In

LOL! Sleeper for sure!

Carlito's Way


Azah who

Wake up everybody! Big brother is now casting for season 24. You are only qualify if you are prepared to sleep on the couch or bed all summer.
I don’t know how you guys feel but Xavier just ruin what they call a historic people of color (POC) history, why being so coward when he would have beat Kyland anyway. This finale is too predictable now. Everyone knows he would win round one. I pray that the BB gods allow yellow blanket sleepy Azah to beat sleepy couch and win final HOH and pick sleepy couch. A finale shouldn’t be this predictable and boring. Couch would not even try he wants Azah to win round two, he knows any of the two will take him.
I am signing off no longer interested in the finale.


me neither. I did not watch last night will not watch again ever. This is the worst big brother ever. I AM DONE!


You say that every season. I’m done. Wah Wah Wah.

Azah who

And he is not going to carry a man over is best woman friend in the house. His words to Kyland. So you know who he is going to cut.

Carlito's Way

X is a nasty, conceited ass. FACT!


And the BB23 winner!

Just a game show

Nope it will be a blindside. Expect the unexpected. He should have given Ky a 5min notice and had Big D looking shady (protecting his vote) but he wanted an unnecessary blindside.


In 5 minutes, Ky could have changed BigD’s mind. BigD is a weak player.


Slimy coward …..perfect role model for his nephew!!! This has been thee worst season of BB I’ve ever witnessed. Xavier is jealous of KY!

The Beef

Who voted Ky out? Isn’t it funny that the Couch is the one who had the power, yet everyone is blaming X for Ky getting voted out? Why aren’t people mad at Big D, the guy who actually cast the VOTE to send him out of the house?

Big D’s game is SO weak, even when he makes a move people give him no credit for it! Hahahahahaha

Just a thought

So because of the comments here I went back and watched the episode. I haven’t watch since around episode 4 or 5. It didn’t seem all that serious to me. Just Kyland talking, analyzing everything as always. I didn’t think they were about to fight, at all. But I guess in a season this boring, that is as close to excitement as it’s going to get.


We are in the minority but I agree also. Regarding Julie calling out Ky….it’s live tv and they are on a time limit. She’s done it to everyone who took too long.


I don’t think KY was trying to bring Xavier’s nephew into it in a bad way it’s just Xavier told KY he wanted to be a role model to his nephew and that includes loyalty and being a man of your word. Xavier didn’t do that! KY saved Xavier. I honestly don’t think Xavier would be there if it wasn’t for KY. KY was hurt and felt betrayed because they both agreed they wanted to be at the end with a real competitor and someone who deserved to be there not a couple of floaters. So after Xavier backstabbing him he was reminding Xavier of what he wanted to teach his nephew. It’s sad that Derek F and Azah can’t see how he is using them. Xavier disgusts me the way he is acting like he likes Azah and talks about how much he did for them. Everything he has done is only for himself at least KY did try to be loyal and keep his word to Xavier. I think KY earned his place to be in final two. Derek F and Azah both need to not be talking about KY they have done nothing. I have watched BB from the beginning and this is the worst most boring season ever. I hope Derek X wins AFP!

Carlito's Way

I hope Derek X wins also. I am afraid people will again mistakenly vote for Derek F accidently like they with the BB bucks and The Couch will win or split the vote. If that happens, Tiffany probably wins.


I think that the fans of Derek F’s Father, Smokin Joe Frazier gave him the BBBucks

Azah who

One thousand percent in agreement with you. You couldn’t have said it better.


Xavier is all about Xavier……the cookout could of produced two strong black men sitting as final two……and I can only hope when KY gets to the jury and let’s them all know that Mr. Coward backed out on their gentlemen’s agreement that they all unanimously give Xavier no votes, if his sorry ass is sitting in final two.
Worst season of BB ever, it’s been painful! Thanks Xavier!!

Backseat Driver

Bottom line: Xavier outplayed everyone and deserves the win!

Sir Kirby Williams

He played for of a Franzel game than he did a Will or Dan style game.
He hid behind the Cookout, had no integrity, and bitches about members who were doing the same as he (trying to hold onto their plus one).
X is a lame player, not much better than the other two he is currently living with.

Ky for Worst Loser Ever

You seriously think WIll and Dan had integrity? They lied and backstabbed with smiles in their hearts. WIll told a girl he had cancer while Boogie chuckled nearby.


I respect a player that is willing to get blood on their hands…..something Mr. Coward would know nothing about!

BB Fan 21

If Part 2 or 3 are eating comps, Big D has it in the bag! I wonder if Ky is sniffing everything at the Jury House lol.


Could somebody please explain to me the difference here…… ?


noun: racism

  1. prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.


Tiffany explain the “formation” of the cookout to the Jury house? And I quote:

“DAY ONE………………….. (karate girl and bikini girl repeat “day one” while slapping their hands like the ugly seals they are…. somebody throw them a fish so they stop barking!)

Tiffany continues…..

This is what happened…. I walked in the house, we all walked in the house…. and we looked around and I was like WOW there is a lot of color in this house….. I was like well I personally don’t want to go after anyone of color because I just know that ummm it’s been so…WE’VE never had an African American winner in Big Brother… and I’m like I’m definitely not going to be the one to take one of THEM out…. and I don’t know if we have a…..TELEPATHY…. but (bikini girl finishes her sentence,,,, everybody is thinking the same thing?) Everyone is thinking the exact same thing. So at first it was just an…. understanding that… and I hear later on like… the Cookout.. what the hell was that… and THEY SAID that’s us…….

It’s not about the money…….

Calling it “The Master Plan”…..


Okay enlighten please….. and thank you!!


It is because as long as it’s not a white person saying or doing it it’s ok. Hypocrisy at its finest.

I Bite

No. This has been explained ad nauseum since the George Floyd tragedy.

It’s racist when against a marginalized group. That is the sociological understanding and more so, the reality of the situation.

Anyone still asking or agreeing otherwise with your sentiment, is just not interested in doing better.

Just a game show

There’s no difference
Tiffany: Kyland trying to act full black.
Tiffany: They never pick the black women. (Talking about Ky and X)
Tiffany: Hannah trying to fit in.
Xavier: He’s (Kyland) only half black anyways. He can go on the block if he wants to play his own game.
There’s no difference in my opinion. I’m a POC and I didn’t particularly like the whole “let’s get rid of the white people”. Racism is racism regardless of who’s doing it. There was still a very strong chance for two African Americans to be in f2 without that type of game play. If someone was being targeted because of their race or ethnicity, then of course step up and put a stop to it. But it was only the CO doing that this season and like it or not, that’s wrong. Things can’t change if we mimic behavior that we’re trying to change.

another name

Okay. Go beyond the dictionary. Go into what we all KNOW.

Without using a dictionary definition, I’m going to give the lesson on the differences between Bias, Prejudice and Racism. I’m loathe to do so, but we’ve really ALL got to understand the inherent differences between the three, because Racism is being tossed around without the full weight of it’s meaning far too much.

Bias is picking a stance, or having a preference. It can either be a bias toward or a bias against. Bias is the active choice for or against.
Prejudice is fear or hate or strong opinion. it is based on the assumptive grouping of all members of a particular group. THIS is the word that SHOULD be used in MOST of the cases this season because: Prejudice is Bias against in action.
Racism is fear or hate or strong opinion. it is based on the a metered grouping of all members of a particlar group. Metered in such a way that superiority and inferiority is the basis of judgement. Racism is prejudice with assessment of value (sup/inf).

THIS is why so much of the use of the word Racism is incorrect this season.
The value judgement of superior vs. inferior is baked into the concept of racism. That is what differentiates racism from prejudice.

This season was overflowing with prejudice, not heaping with racism.


I agree that it was full of prejudice but I believe it was also full of racism. Many times the two go hand in hand. You can’t say that there are not a lot of blacks that think they are superior to other races in this country because there are. Perhaps with the addition of DF in the show, quite possibly the worst houseguest ever, they hoped to escape the racist title, but he and the other Cookout members were part of a secular group that clearly thought they were superior to the big-racial players as well as the women. Of course it was racist.

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In the game,
The reason for the cookout was not based on the superior banding together to eliminate the inferior. That was not the impetus for the alliance and the mission.
The mission and the alliance were created because of a fear of being treated as inferior due to past examples of seasons where the black people were targeted and eliminated.
My point is expressing why the use of racism as a blanket term applied this season is for the most part a widespread inaccurate choice of words for the actions within the game. Prejudice is the correct terminology for most of the cases where racism has been used this season because of the inherent superior / inferior assessment of value. There is more to differentiate Racism from Prejudice than what I have mentioned, but for the quick and simple determination of which word is the right word to use… I stand by my comment.
As you might notice, I’ve bolded the in the game thing a couple of times.
It’s intentional. The in this country stuff… not my circus not my monkeys


Sorry… that was supposed to be ‘ bi-racial ‘.

Dollree Brown

Doesn’t she know that he (X) is not into her…if not, she should

Game fan

if she wins part 2 he can feel free to hook up with her ..

Azah who

I hope she don’t go to that low level. The guy is not interested in her. She is thirty years old she is not a child. I don’t think she is blind as not to see that he is not interested in her. It is so embarrassing to watch.


What Kyland said is unforgivable. He hit below the belt. So glad he is gone!


By reminding Xavier what he had said? Seriously? Why did Xavier feel the need to play the nephew card to KY in the first place? It surely isn’t because Xavier is worried about being a good role model to that nephew!


X is still in the game. Ky is not. X’s strategy worked, Ky’s didn’t. Period.


Only because Ky SAVED him!!!

Just a game show

Xavier is so pumped up! He just won the first part against two of the weakest and laziest players to ever play this game. Whoopee!!! (SARCASM) Its funny how he’s so sure, he has the votes. He must have skipped over both of Paul’s seasons.

Sir Kirby Williams

I don’t care for any who are left. I hope Azah or DF win = great historical win. Lamest players to ever win a season. Weakness wins and strength suffers.


Weakest wins and sleezy slimball gets his ass handed to him!

Outside Looking In

Yes, I agree! And anyone who feels differently, is just prejudiced against lame/weak players! The weak/lazy deserve their champion! LOL.


Excuse Me
but I think so many of you are missing the big elephant in the room.
Just what type of Comp can BB come up with for #2 that either BigD or Ash can win before final nights scheduled #3 comp????
They will be playing only each other thats like watching a turtle climb a rock wall!!

another name

Reading one of Ky’s exit interviews is like listening to Ky talk to cams.
It’s that bad.
On his exit:
If you look at the literal definition of the words that he used, he was in the right, so he stands by using the literally correct words in the order that he used them. X’s family should harbor no ill will towards Ky because his words were literally correct in their use.
(me: stfu. you went punkass low blow, own it sore loser).
On should he have honored his deal with Tiff:
loves Tiff, loves everyone, has no negative feelings for anyone. By Tiff’s own admission, Tiff was the architect of her own failue. Her lack of trust in Ky was the reason for her own downfall, she said it herself.
(me: stfu. Timing. When she lost trust in him was when he was actively disparaging her to the other houseguests. She ate crow and took on all the blame because he had her on the block and had his heel to her throat. This guy isn’t going to take ownership of anything, he’s really going to try to semantic his way through thinking he’ll come out looking fallen hero, isn’t he… oh stfu).

I tried. Really. I tried.
After he tries to justify his feelings on Hannah with backhanded compliment reasoning he can later deny, while completely glossing over his inherent chauvenism…
Before he goes into telling us about how the jurors were explicit that they’d vote game not bitterness or personal… You know, those Kyversations where he was going on and on about how the jury had to vote game alone until people agreed because of how he was framing his kyversational loops?
*get ready to tell him to stfu while he’s distorting shit in this answer.

Had to turn off the interview. I can’t.
I don’t like him enough to give a shit about anything he says.

Unasked Question:
SO. is mr. everyone was so vehement on voting best game not bitter jury going to twist the definition of best game… or is he going to vote for the best winner?
He’s going to be contorting logic like a pretzel so that he can choose the definition of best game that validates his soreloser punk ass is my guess.

Game fan

if azah win part 2
X HAVE TO make a deal with her they are taking eachother
she is loyal to deals
he have to ensure f2 cause he than wins


Big Brother had a historic lack of comedy this year. Xavier watching Kyland smell food was the high point for humor.


Some super simps commenting here. If you think X has done anything wrong, then you simply are not thinking objectively at all. The bottom line is to win the game to win $750,000. X gets that, Ky didn’t. X used the Cookout to get him far in the game. I guarantee you that if things went another direction he would have bailed on the Cookout fast if it meant winning the money. X has won BB 23. It is over.


I agree. X would’ve been the only one smart enough to bail on the cookout to WIN the $750k.

Sir Kirby Williams

True, X is also his middle name.


The name for X and Derrick F…. It should be BBBM = BIG BROTHERS BALD MEN till the end!!! hehehehe…. lol


I realize X isn’t that into Azah but I guess after Ky showdown he needed comfort as much as Azah. I only say that because 90% of the she lays on him but his arm are usually stiff and not holding her.last night he was actually holding her. She looked like she was in heaven. I do feel for her. Glutton for punishment.

Azah who

Azah is just one desperate 30 year old woman, no wonder she can’t find anyone. If someone is not interested in you they are just not interested. Move on.


Damm dude give her a break. I thinks she very beautiful. Go look at yourself. Ass clown.

another name

I think that was after X won the first part of HOH and the realization that part 2 is Azah vs. Couch is the reason X was responsive.
He’s playing up her crush in case she beats Couch in part 2.

At the same time, X was confronted with ownership for the first time in the game at the eviction. Ky’s method: deplorable. The fact is it was the first time anyone called X to account for his game. If Ky had stuck to game, I’d have said well finally. But Ky being Ky has to shoot a cannon into his own face by taking things too far. X avoids ownership this season like Christian avoided bathing. That had to sting.
Therefore, he needed some ego stroke to validate himself.


The trio are all in a room with X just lying in bed & Big D going on and on about his favorite topic — BASHING TIFF. He says “if he could he’d split the money but he can’t & as long as Tiff and Ky went home, the selfish ones, he was okay. They did not need letters or pics of kids.”

Seriously, the MORE he talks the MORE I dislike him. Who the F is he stating Tiff was selfish – she kept him off the block in both her own HOH’s made sure Claire didn’t replace Ally with him with the secret HOH & on several occasions pushed other non-CO players to go OTB instead of either him or X.

I’m annoyed X won’t consider taking Azah instead of Big D to F2 bc I don’t want DF winning that much money for literally laying around letting X & the CO drag him to F6 & then using his personal vendetta against women to ensure he kept moving forward. I understand why X wants to take the easiest people to the end but this guy is delusional, rude, misogynistic and yes cruel. Can’t wait for him to get read & clocked when he leaves the house!

Side note: apparently Ky asked to hold DF’s ring as collateral he’d vote to keep him & left the house with it & now Big D is saying “God will judge Ky” for what he did. Really Big D? Will God also judge you for all the opposite sex slander that’s spouted out of your mouth all season? Just shut the F up!

another name

Wait… that’s what all that ring stuff is?
Ky asked to hold it as collateral?
So going back to Ky played this week ALL wrong.
Add that to the list.


The US Magazine article is out (Ky interview) & he’s also still on his revisionist history tour. First, he’s telling people to look at the specific words he used with X that they are accurate in terms of what X & he discussed. So honor, integrity, honesty & bravery (versus being a coward) are all words he still has no issue believing he displayed. Okay Ky SIDE EYE

Asked about what happened with Tiff/SB he’s saying he ONLY cuddled them (liar).

And, he’s also sticking with Tiff not being honest – or playing a game WORTHY of representing being the winner of this season. The fact he’s completely ignoring how many times he lied, back stabbed, used unnecessary controlling techniques & manipulation is beside the point to someone like Ky who is almost as delusional as Big D.

Given how he’s known to go after companies on social media & his antics this isn’t that surprising. Ky will always feel like he’s more deserving than everyone else – it’s how he played the game. His only true desire was to win, to have a bromance & to return for another appearance on BB. We know two of things won’t happen & it’s unlikely the third will after how he chose to exit the house.

So yeah – I get why he’s upset that X didn’t want to play this “honorable game” that Ky talked himself into believing he was playing. But I also don’t blame X for taking the easiest route to F2/winning.

Tiff/Hannah both excited with class & grace & nether was on live feeds telling family members that something was wrong with Ky or that they should be talking to him about his selfish game play, lies, elitism or misogyny.

Ky admits he wanted to make a splash on his way out the door. That he also is trying to gaslight the public just like he did to the hamsters on what he did/said is expected I guess.

Based on that interview he’s STILL REFUSING TO OWN his game (if he did I’d have more respect for him). He’s likely to be blocking a ton of people on social media post BB. Fortunately for him he doesn’t have to go to the jury house & instead will join the jury at the round table session.

Keep an eye for how SB/Hannah respond to him when he arrives. IMO Tiff will tease him with an “I told you so” but she’ll also likely be quick to forgive. If she knew he was speaking to her son on live feeds telling Christian his mother was a liar I’m not so sure she’d be quite as forgiving (but she’ll learn that soon enough).

The old school BB casts used to all be friends after the show but it hasn’t been the same in recent years & I wonder how Ky will be treated by his cast mates post show. Claire already said she wouldn’t be friends with Ky post show. SB/X are sure to carry over resentment toward him. So maybe DX & Big D will be friendly with him & my assumption is Tiff will forgive but not forget (upon learning about him talking to her son).

I’m also not sure how friendly X will be with the majority of the cast especially once he learns he was clocked on social media for saying Ally offered him sexual favors to stay or his own misogyny. Perhaps once he gets brought up to speed on precisely how much Tiff did to keep him safe & how poorly his bashing of her went over he’ll adjust but (shrug) who knows as he only truly liked Ally, Whit & Hannah of the opposite gender in the house as it was. Besides he’ll be $750k richer & my guess is he won’t really care. I’m also not convinced he really wants to do this podcast with Big D they’ve been discussing (especially once he discovers Big D was viewed as the worst player of season).

The group I expect are most likely to remain friends are Chaddah, DX, Tiff, Claire, Ally, Christian (and shockingly SB – if she gets over all the conspiracy theories about her – which we can assume Tiff/Chaddah asked her about in the jury house lol).

Ky for Worst Loser Ever

I don’t think that is accurate about old school BB. Everyone hated the Nerd Herd. I’m sure there were plenty of other grievances among various casts, as well.


Did anyone catch X practicing his F2 speech on Weds? He spent a long time discussing how he became a lawyer & also referenced how MANY in the house compared him to some of THE BEST BB PLAYERS EVER.

I hope he loses that last portion of his speech b/c it plays into his ego-arrogance & his delusions – b/c it once again fails to demonstrate the fact he didn’t know what was really happening in the game until F6. Sure he had the two Jokers locked down & Ky chasing him for his bromance so it was really only Tiff/Hannah he needed to oust. As I repeatedly state – LUCK– plays a huge factor in BB & X was lucky to have the Cookout/Kings/Royal Flush to allow him to quietly sit in the bushes awaiting the F6.

He’ll win regardless — but, he’d be much better served (and remembered) if he spoke to his good fortune of landing on the Kings, having the CO as another solid shield & how he APPRECIATES the hard work & effort Tiffany/Hannah (and yes even Kyland) put into making sure the CO arrived at F6. If he tries to take credit for everything it will show how little he knew or how it impacted him being the BB23 winner.

I do suspect he’ll be given a helping hand from Grodner & TPTB in the DR. I mean come on – he suddenly starts giving Big D lectures on talking down to the women after he consistently did it the entire season? Yeah – I’m not buying they didn’t warn him. Likewise, I won’t be surprised if the DR hints to him he should pay homage to Tiff/Han’s pre F6 efforts especially now that he has no reason to stroke Ky’s ego after his exit.


So who should be house guests?
By so many comments it appears that
racists should not play
liars should not play
trying to win for youself should not play
sexists should not play
being selfish should not play
lazy peopleshould not apply
talking behind someone elses back should not play
having individual physical/mental quirks that are annoying do not apply
prefering a particular alliance
over another, which is not as “popular” dont apply
Grandi, Mother Theresa???

another name

Anyone can be a houseguest.
Anyone at all.
And every single one puts themselves under the magnifying glass to be judged by the viewers.
That’s the actual point of reality entertainment programming.
Put a bunch of people on the screen, and let the public have at them.

Big Brother 23 Fan

Did anyone else think of a poo emoji when you looked at the first picture?


I haven’t even seen tonight’s episode yet but I’m already bored out of my gourd. No way will I waste a perfectly good hour of my time. Reading these comments will no doubt tell me everything I need to know about tonight’s show.


X= The Black Paul. Whoever he takes to the end will win. I hope his “awww shit” face is as good as Paul’s was…. TWICE!!!


I vote for Azah spelled INTEGRITY to win it all. THAT’S the way to REPRESENT.