Xavier “Who would I be more proud to see crowned the winner? I would be proud to see either one of you.”

HOH Part 1: Xavier Vs Azah Vs Big D
Part 1 Winner = Xavier
HOH Part 2: Azah Vs Big D
Part 2 Winner = Azah
HOH Part 3: Xavier Vs Azah
Part 3 Winner = ?

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12:55pm Living Room – Xavier and Azah.
Xavier – If there were no deals on the table I don’t know who I would take. I do feel a sense of I don’t want to go against him but he is also like now telling me you don’t owe me anything. So then I am like I can consider all my options then? Because that is a little different then. If before I felt like I had to take him now I can consider everything.. that is a little different. What I feel like he is leading me to believe.. so I am like okay now it is not so cut and dry I guess. Which felt like a difficult decision to be in before because this seems kind of F**Ked! And so even without winning he gets to be like well you know who ever wins is going to pick me. That must be nice! For me its always been like game related so in this game I’ve tried to be as loyal as I can but if now he is saying by me taking you or him he doesn’t feel like I’ve broken any bond to him then that makes me feel at ease that I can make a decision of my own like of what I want to do. Azah – and from my point of view its been him from the beginning and I won’t like from last week it left a little EHHhhh… for me and then turning around and being like well are you going to do this when you’re not doing the same thing. Has me like well dang now I want to reconsider. Because I am like BRAH, from the beginning it was always you. I signed up for this knowing it would always be you. And then last week came along and now you’re telling me you did this for me when you literally told Kyland I can’t beat you, I can beat her. Xavier – but then he didn’t beat you. Azah – and now you say this was for you.. but no! At the time you felt like you could beat me and you know you could have beat me. You took the gamble on where you felt you could beat and that’s where you thought. I get it and I am very appreciative at the end he turned to me but this was just as much a decision for his game as it was for me. It was an objective decision of yeah I am going to take this person that probably won’t take me to final two and also I don’t know if I can beat. I am not going to take that person. I am going to go ahead and go with this person instead. And now that the competition happened you’re going to go ahead and say well I did this for you. Xavier – I get what you’re saying. The perspective has shifted. For me I always knew if I get rid of Kyland I kind of shaft myself from a game perspective. And I knew that would stupidly kind of benefit him and I kept my word that I would do everything I can to get him to the final 2 chairs. I looked at it objectively and I was like if I keep Kyland I am almost guaranteed a spot in the final 2. If I go with the decision that I would prefer to have I am not guaranteed final two. If I lose then I am probably third but I told him I would do everything I can to get him in the final two chairs. So I went with that and I wanted you here more than Kyland. Some times you have to go with your gut.

Azah – removing deals and all that do you think its best for you to go with Big D? Xavier – for me it depends on if people will view on things that he has been saying throughout the season. IF they start to take the things that he said seriously.. I think people will be one impressed that he made it to the final 2 without having won anything. Two the fact that even though he did kind of lie, deceive and manipulate but then he also had some transparency in like hey if I’ve got to vote you out, I am going to vote you out. He did get people together for the cookout and things like that. Like I do think he has a very strong argument and if people take it seriously he has a good shot to win. I also think that you have a very strong argument along similar lines. To every member outside the cookout you didn’t necessarily lie to them. If you win part 3, at that point you’ve won 2 HOHs. That is powerful! And you won when you needed to. Which the only other person that could potentially say that is me. And when you go to personal relationships, you have a lot of personal relationships with people in the jury but so does he. For me I definitely know I am not getting one vote and if the other votes that I thought I had are bitter then I am not getting any of those votes. I wasn’t lying when I said I thought I could lose to either one of you just because of how I played the game. Who would I be more proud to see crowned the winner.. that is something I am also factoring in. I would be proud to see either one of you crowned the winner but I don’t want people to be like EEHhhh about I want it to be someone that they are like yeah this person played the game. I think Big D played a great social game but you also did and you won when you needed to. For all of his bullsh*t I did agree with the difference between a willingness to do what needs to be done and the ability to do what needs to be done. I would feel comfortable losing to either one of you. Big D joins them.

1:37pm – 2:15pm Living room. Xaiver and Big D.
They’re talking about what the jury will know and what they won’t know. Wondering if they will know about the cookout or not. Xavier – Kyland will be singing! Xavier comments on how Kyland will be bitter. Xavier – I promised someone (Big D) I would take them to the end before you (Ky). Azah joins them.

3pm Living room – Azah and Xavier sleeping on the couch.

3pm – 3:30pm Bedroom – Big D rehearsing his speech.
Big D – House guests let me first start by saying I came in this house by myself. I made it clear week one that anyone can get it and I owe no one nothing. I had a goal coming into this game that I wanted to be the first African American winner of US Big Brother. And when I walked in this house and I realized there were five other individuals that looked exactly like me I knew if I was going to start an alliance then I was going to start an alliance with those individuals and we took off running from there. Throughout the time I managed the six of us and made sure if there was ever a crack in our alliance that I would make sure it was handled. I was a very good leader and I put things in place not just to protect myself but also to protect them and I will mention since day one I made a final 2 Xavier called the Black Ops and throughout that time me and Xavier made a lot of moves throughout this game to help us get further. Now I was not a comp beast, we all know that! But every competition I walked in I knew I was going to give it my all and never gave up no matter how many times I fell or tripped or cried or anything. I kept going because I wanted to prove to people just because you’re a big guy you can do it too. Now knowing that I am not a comp beast, I knew in order to protect myself but also to protect the person that I gave my word to who is Xavier … I made sure to link up with someone it was them my alliance that I felt as though was going to protect him and I. So I linked up with Kyland and I felt as though Kyland was someone that would protect me and him. And I made sure to play my social game very strong with Kyland in order to make sure we both .. me and him made it further. Now my social game was very strong to the point that I knew I couldn’t win HOH competitions but what did I do? I made sure whoever was in HOH power that I got close to them and made sure that I gave them actual facts and reasons why anyone outside the six should be on the block. And if someone outside the six was on the block and they were sitting next to a member of the cookout because no matter what we had the numbers. We had allies that would vote our way but each time someone was HOH I made sure to give them actual facts why someone outside the cookout was the main target. And that is how I played my game when it came to each week of losing HOHs. And I gave them actual facts not things that were made up of lies and fairy tales. I actually said things that have been said in order to make sure things go the way accordingly by leaving those seeds and also put things in place so each week if someone came into power they were always looking at someone else as a target. Now people thought that I would not get rid of a big threat or someone I am close to I have made it clear to anyone I am close to I do not owe them anything. And if I got the chance to get power I will show that I am here to play the game and I got rid of my one person that people thought I would never get rid of and that was Kyland when the opportunity came upon. Now I have played a very strong social game and if you guys have respect for that then you will show that. And not even just a social game I have played a competitor game because I have made it clear that anyone can get it at any moment and I also told people in pre-jury and you guys in jury that at any moment you guys should get rid of me because I am a threat and you guys laughed in my face and didn’t think I was a threat and low and behold look at me now I am sitting at the end because I put everything place and made sure things went the way they needed to be in order for me to end up at the end. I did not just skate on by. No one just brought me here. I did all the hard work and planning to make sure things get here and I also don’t think cookout would have got so far if it wasn’t for me putting those individuals together and helping it get that far… so if you actually see the type of game I have played and have respect for the type of game I have played then you will vote for me to win because at the end of the day I have always made it clear what type of game I am playing and I told everyone to their faces. And the reason I should win is because I have played the best game not just socially but also competitively. And what is this game all about?! So remember all those things that I have done and the connections I have made with each and every single one of you guys and I think that this summer if I was not in this house this house would have been pretty boring. SO think about that too!! And as I once said before I go by Derek as known to you guys Big D and on a good day I could be the veterinar… or I can be Gerred so remember all those things..

4:05pm Jenga time..

5pm – 5:29pm Xavier and Azah are sleeping on the couch. Big D is in the bedroom continuing to perfect his hour long final 2 speech.

6:40pm Kitchen Table. Big D and Azah eating and talking about what it will be like when they get out. Jobs, living situation, bills, etc.

7pm Living room – Xavier is sleeping. Kitchen – Azah is doing dishes. Bedroom – Big D is talking to the cameras… best moments, saddest moment, most embarrassing moments, etc.

8:10pm – 8:32pm The final 3 chatting about past events of the season and other random things.

8:33pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

8:42pm Still blocked.
9pm – 9:40pm Xavier and Azah playing cards. After they head to the couch to cuddle.

10:45pm Living room couch. Azah and Xavier.
Xavier – I’ve had visions sitting next to him and you. And I am fine with either one. Azah – I’ve had visions only sitting next to him and until recently I’ve had visions sitting next to you too. So because I mean and that was because of the deal that I knew what I signed up for. I think I would like to know where you’re leaning towards. I know that isn’t now but when we get closer. Xavier – I think we should all talk on Tuesday.

11:20pm Big D playing cards.

12am – 12:30am Azah asks Big D who he would take if he won. Big D – my opinion doesn’t matter. Xavier – if you did win the final HOH who would you take? Big D – If I won I would stick with my original deal and take Xavier. Big D gets annoyed that there is nothing that he can do at this point but wait for them to decide who they want to take.

12:30am – 12:45am Living room. Big D and Xavier.
Big D – I am just over it! I am so over it! I hate getting asked stupid questions. I don’t have a say! I don’t! I hate getting toyed with. I regret even saying anything. I am giving you the real. I made a deal in the beginning. I would honor that deal because that deal got me to where I am today. I am not that shiest to where I am going to where I would be like you know what f**K that deal let me take my best friend and we can jump down the yellow brick road together. I am just like why!? I am just being honest. I don’t expect you to pick me. I am annoyed I have to sit here for three days and wait for someone to win to hope and then have to pray that my relationships and my deals will get me to the end. We have three days left… I lost what do you want me to say!? I don’t even know if I am going to sleep tonight .. I am just so irritated. I am not going to say if I would have won that I would pick her. That would be a lie. I wouldn’t pick her, I would take you.

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The update is coming from the morning..



Azah who

A big yawn. Azah is 30 years old, can someone tell me why she is sleeping on X? Bearing in mind she is not his cup of tea. (Sickening)


Everyone seems to snuggle during Big Brother. This season and others. X may be snuggling more while he is hoping if Azah wins final she will take him. Still they all snuggle.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Me thinks this show goes on a little too long. Change it back to 75 days, just like back in the good ol’ days.

Ray Suess

And don’t stack the deck


I agree l, then we can have the 7 person Jury again


i was just scrolling down to make the same comment


Maybe we’re being too hard on Couch. After all, he has not lost every BB competition. He still has America’s Favorite Houseguest to lose.

Just a game show



So true! He is going to be shocked.


No way he’s done nothing but slept on couch he shouldn’t even get the final 2 chair


and azah has done nothing but lay in her bed


Week after week, TPTB generally give the couch good edits. Not that he looks great but certainly better than his true nasty self, the guy we have come to know. I am a little worried that America will give AFP to couch. (I just vomited in my mouth!)

I know the winner cannot win AFP. Is that also true for 2nd place?? I don’t want couch to even be in the running. X either.

X has certainly had a great edit last night. I almost believed the CO mission was his first priority. Kudos to Couch and his phenomenal plan for making this historical moment happen. (Snarkity, snark, snark!)

Tiffany for AFP!

I watch BB every year

… awwww … I agreed with everything until the last comment …


That’s okay!!


TooFab website has predicted Derek Frazier will be AFP. ?


Boooo! I hope not!

Double Ds

Tonight will be boring unless Azah wins part 3 and takes bigD


FYI. Part 3 doesn’t get played tonight. You get to look forward to more of this on the feeds for a couple of days


OMG that would be awesome if she did, it would show X and him being so cocky. He took those two knowing he could beat them, I hope she does win the last HOH and take Big D


That is exactly what I hope will happen.


That’s how you get a Jordan winner! X is the most worthy player left, even if there was no “black initiative” he goes far/wins on any other season with his game play. The other two are just floaters that got to the final 6 because they had the “right” pigmentation.


Looks like X won part 3 comp against Azah based on the way he’s talking…


They don’t play Part 3 until Wednesday night (LIVE)


I don’t think so. I hope I am not wrong. It will be a long week if they already know who won. Will he take Big D or will he take Azah? He might not win if he takes Azah.


You’re kidding right? There’s no “Might”! X wins no matter who he takes to final 2, no normal jury would vote for Azah against X , girl is lazy as f**I!!! But first let’s wait and see who wins parts 3…earlier post was pure speculation


The jury is stupid if they don’t give win to X he’s the only one that deserves the win


Out of those three.

Sir Kirby Williams

Is D actually planning to say that at the finale? I can’t wait to see all the jurors faces and reactions…


I was thinking the same thing. Not that he had a chance before but if he said that he will literally get no votes

Sir Kirby Williams

Maybe as he begins speaking, he will realize how wrong he is and then evote himself out the door.




Please take azah, please take azah!


I can’t wait to see their faces listening to that BS!

Just Sayin'

Big Ds delusional mind is really something else…..


The “D” stands for Delusional


Based on what I heard the other day on the feeds, a couple people in the house won’t be happy to find out that the Jurors got messages from home

another name

Guess who:

“Please cast your vote to evict me the winner of Big Brother.”

Blink. Blink.

Sir Kirby Williams

He’s out at three and gives his final vote to Azah (by mistake) and she wins by one vote. Maybe Ky can get the women onto voting for the not only the first black winner of all time, but also the first black female winner of BBUS.

another name

At this point, I think in the jury house, it’s going to be difficult for Ky to get the women to do anything. At all. He can’t hold threat of eviction over their head anymore.


You are assuming that there would be many bitter jurors against X in this scenario. I saw nothing to show that to be the case

Sir Kirby Williams

Not so much for bitterness, but for representation.


Yeah, even if Ky goes in & spills the tea on how X tried to make a F4 with him, DF & Ally & went on a full on Tiff bashing rant for 10 days. AND Ally confirms he was targeting her AND she learns X called her the most selfish CO member & UNWORTHY of representing this season … I STILL think Tiff would vote for him b/c she’s a BB super fan.

Now after the show.. I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that first conversation between X & Tiff.


Wins by one vote by mistake ? Memories of Topaz!!

Larry Pooper

Everything in this season will be traced back to Big D’Souza incredible social game. The key knows it, casual viewers believe it, and producers will make it happen. Book it! Big D owned it this summer.


thats BigD in a nutshell alright!


His fat *** is so delusional.


It’s okay to say ASS on the internet


Did anyone notice on tonight’s episode during the first part of HOA they were moving Azah’s boat way more than X’s boat. Total setup!

Sir Kirby Williams

X even mentioned he noticed that the boats would begin moving whenever D wasn’t in a good position, then became first out.
Next, Azah’s began rocking big as X lay face down.

Barbara Butler

X was moving his boat when back and forth he was ajusting the way it was moving usage just lied down like she was in the ?


A thought popped in my mind – “if you tell a lie often enough and loud enough they will believe it is true.” Could they start believing Big D’s lies? I hope not.

another name

How did the episode catalogue recap their games?
That’s how the jury will see it.
So sayeth the Grod.

Tammy Segal

I stipped watching this so long ago. Just curious and checking on whats going on. I dont promote any racism, and yes it comes in all ways. It should never be ok to single out people to go home because they dont look like you. Shame on anyone who claims their behavior is ok. I will continue to respect and love all people based on character and if this is BBs direction for the future, so sorry, it will be without me.


You might as well have started your comment with, “I’m not racist but..”


You aren’t helpful to the racism discussion. Critical thinking is not for you.


nope thats what all your comments should start with.

Jaymie lee

Youre not the only one feeling this way. But on this website its not Racist cause there Black. Thats the reason i get, dont make any sense. Whites=racist automatically Blacks=nothing to see here. DOUBLE STANDARD IN FULL VIEW UNLESS YOU CHOOSE NOT TO SEE IT

Buh Bye

It’s been explained to you ad nauseam. This site isn’t required reading, so feel free to take your repetitive self elsewhere. Don’t forget to tip Simon and Dawg on your way out!

Sarah Beth's baby voice

* they’re

Jaymie lee

over spelling and not the racism funny thing to get upset about


Also: *doesn’t

Hee hee I was thinking the same thing. It’s ironic how often the people who rant about divisive issues have the most grammar & spelling mistakes. Almost as if…


This season was a total production set up and i find it disgusting and funny how they chose all highly professional people lawyer director of sales account executive phlebotomist safety director and a grad student then to top it off the up the ante for them Soooooo Racist


Big D is like a walking, talking April Fool’s Day joke.


BigD rambling B.S. – – –

I just threw-up a little bit in my mouth.

Shakespeare he’s not.
Delusional he is.


I heard some overweight men sometimes develope side tits, I’ve never seen it on anyone b4 till BIG D. (I am not fat shaming people, just an observation)


I’m off Tacos that’s for sure


Keep seeing comments about race, historically people have been voted out because of age, sex, intelligence, physical ability…. Last season was a joke, it was plane as the nose on your face what went down. So the game (“GAME”) has evolved, next year will there be LGBTQ issues, one thing is for sure I’ll be watching.

another name

Since it’s more of an oddity I find with bbcan… I actually hope they do make some alterations to their stale storylines in regard to the LGBTQ2S Houseguests.
I’m not saying they haven’t cast Lgbt. They have. Roughly 9-12% of all houseguests in 8 seasons that filmed to finale (with some of them attempting to play straight at production behest).
They’ve also used a plot device of the silly lovesick gay houseguest being manipulated and used by the more str8 identifying houseguest at least 3 times now (again, at least once at production behest).
They also have a rather bizarre tendency to evict the lgbt houseguests on the special eviction episodes (ie/ pre feed viewer vote, instant, double, triple, pre jury viewer vote; not every time… like just under 80% of the time so a group that makes up 9-12 % of the total cast is evicted on special eviction nights roughly 80 % of the time). This changed in the most recent season, where the first 3 evictees were 75% of the lgbt representation cast that season.
So yeah, I wouldn’t have a problem if the canadian version would change things up a little in their standard plot devices.

Jaymie lee

How about actually playing the game not worrying if your the Alphabet people or what colour you are as long as its the preapprived one. What a concept Actually playing big brother with sjw politics. Its even ruined us up here in toronto. Sad to see what thus games become.

another name

And what exactly is the opposite of sjw? if you think it’s an insult, you’re sadly mistaken.
Educate yourself, or do they not actually include education in the PPC purple wave handbook?

Jaymie lee

You mean grade 12 diploma and psw college diploma. Surprised huh. Someone thinks i live in a cave on this site. Turns out people can have different opinions and not be automatically a Racist. Not everyone tows the bbus company line. Whites=forever racist no questions asked. Blacks= free pass for having the correct skin colour for this year.

another name

Educate yourself.
That doesn’t mean did you graduate highschool. That doesn’t mean did you attend college.
That means actually understand where your inflammatory bias comes from; understand history, social dynamics, and propaganda. And then be better.
If you want it to just be about playing the game, perhaps drop your preconceptions, and your hate drivel, and actually talk about the game instead of tossing around buzzword bullshit like sjw and worrying so much about race.
Frankly, it’s tiring, and it lessens the value of every opinion you write because your objectivity is compromised by your hatred.
Do better.

another name

In case you think I’m trying to be harsh or mean, that isn’t the point I’m trying to state. I have faith in you, as I do in all people, that if you looked beyond hate, you would provide a valuable insight.
Your insight is being lost because of the hate, and that’s a shame, because I really do think you have value.

Buh Bye

“Pre-approved”, they’re”, “Toronto”, “this” “it’s”, “game’s” … hope that helps.

Jaymie lee

Funny how words upset you but evicting Whites for not being Black gets a pass.


The Couch rehearsing his speech, he is just repeating a lot of things that Tiff said in her speech before she was eliminated. Tiff is the one who kept the CO together, Tiff is the one who made sure that she redirected anyone that was gunning for a CO member.

Couch is stealing comments that were already stated by Tiff when it comes to the CO, this idiot cannot even come up with his own speech. I’m so over listening to him talk about how he did so much when he never had any power to make any choices.

He did not have a great social game, he slept most of the season, and when he was awake, he was either lusting after Ky, or he was irritating Christian and Alyssa talking about their showmance. Couch was getting on almost everyone’s nerves with some of the comments he made.

Couch does not deserve any $$$, this man is such a loser when it comes to having the skills to play this game. He has won nothing all season, but always said when he wins HOH what he was going to do, does he not realize EVERYONE in the house, and in Jury has won either HOH or they won POV, Claire was a silent HOH, but she won something, Couch has not one ANYTHING the entire season, I wish someone would bring this to his attention when he starts talking about all he has done this season, and how he carried some people.

I can’t believe he said that nobody carried him to where he is now, REALLY ?? Then how and what did you do to get to be where you are now ? The CO carried your big sloppy fat butt !!! Please just stop talking about all you have done, you’re the only one this entire season who won absolutely NOTHING all Season, please just Shut Up !! You are horrible at this game, you are not the smartest man from what you have shown us this season.

I watch BB every year

Reference your final paragraph, I think BigD literally meant that no-one had carried him to where he is now. A forklift truck perhaps (I know that’s a bit nasty, but I’ve had to listen to his delusional shit all summer).


Oh, I forgot to say one more thing. I’m so tired of seeing Thirsty Azah throwing herself at X. Girl, you are so silly if you think this man wants you, you are just a Vote, you are being flirted with by X, just to ensure you vote for him when he votes you out and sends you to Jury.

Azah, looking at you snuggled up on X, girl get real, you look VERY Desperate & Thirsty, leave him alone. You are really going to be heart broken when you see how X didn’t give you the time of day when Whitney was in the house, he has shown you, you are not his type, but yet you still keep chasing after him.

When you get out of the house, and you are at the finale party, watch how much X ignores you when Whitney is at the wrap party, or there are other women there at the party that catch his eye. Azah “ HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU “, move on, stop being Thirsty, it’s not a very good look for you, X just wants your vote, that’s all he wants from you. Move on!


Azah, I get it… the heart wants what it wants. X’s heart is elsewhere. Long ago I asked my mother “how do you get a guy to like you ?”. She replied “you don’t; if they love ‘ya they love ‘ya if they don’t they don’t”.


Mom is smart!

No fave yet

Listening to X today, he definitely leads her on talking about Chemistry with her. The possibility of something after. Reiterating no showmance. He is definitely playing her for her vote and it’s working like a charm. She is a fool.

another name

Since they filmed the jury round table tonight… don’t they usually show that on the Sun before finale? Oddness…. Anyway, since tonight was filming, I thought I’d look at how the votes would fall, given the information and the feelings jurors had when leaving the house.
I’m not saying this WILL be the final votes… at all. I’m saying nobody is getting all the votes in any scenario.

Scenario one: Brit said repeatedly loyalty was primary to her. Ky will contort his definition of best game to fit his bitter betty tude.
Azah? With the cuddling enriched juror management… does she end up thinking she’s booboothefool (her words earlier this season) when he cuts her? Still votes X most likely, but it’s not a sure thing.
Scenario two: Brit and loyalty. Ky is in a pickle… his opinion of women in the game vs his bitterness. more likely bitter vote to her because it’s X.
Couch? depends. If X cut him? bitter as hell, but may still vote male. His opinion of women block voting for a woman comes from somewhere, I contend it’s because he knows he’d vote male over female, and assumes everyone thinks like he does. More likely votes X even if X cut him, but not set in stone because the vote is too close to the eviction. It’s fresh.
Scenario three: Brit is more loyal to Azah than Couch. X votes for him over her. he just does. no question. no argument. He just DOES.
Ky becomes the interesting one… more likely to vote for Couch over Azah because of his belief that Couch did more… but bitter still. not set in stone.

another name

oops. accidentally put x’s picture right on top of Alyssa’s in scenario three and didn’t even notice i’d done it.
She’d be more apt to vote for Couch than Azah. She’d advocate for him more than her. for sure.


This is your first graphic with Couch upright. LOL.

I see Brit voting for X over Couch. Even though she’s loyal to the Jokers, I think she’d break form if it’s X vs. Couch (mainly to vote in tandem with fellow Joker Azah, who dreams of X proposing to her at the finale).

another name

No less than 20 times she said she was playing the game according to loyalty and her values. Whether or not she was being hypocritical is up for debate, but I don’t believe she’d stray that hard from her core personality, which is to play personally, including rewarding those with whom she felt a stronger personal connection.


On two separate episodes Brit was RAVING about X — and the one thing Big D might actually be correct about is all those women in jury — bear with me on this tangent—

First. SB is already very ticked at the “extra” unnecessary manipulation by Ky – so the presence of that type of “cruel action” is already on the table. With Tiff/Hann in jury no doubt they’ll spill to Brit that Big D not only knew she was leaving he volunteered to sit beside her (that’s how safe he knew he was) but that Azah was very emotional having to lose Brit.

Brit will grab onto this new “unnecessary cruelness” but shift it to Big D against her. Remember this is the same OVER THE TOP Brit who would wail over being OTB and how unfair it was for her to keep going up (never mind she sat beside Frenchie & Brent). She’ll blow up how he gaslight her constantly saying “he was Ky’s target”. She’ll play it up about how he was playing a Ky-type grift.

It’s another opportunity for her to gain attention — and I don’t dislike Brit – I just feel she really enjoyed being the center of attention.

another name

I totally get what you are saying.
And while Brit does love the attention, I can’t help but feel she’s less likely to vote game than personal connection. It fits her personality profile better. Sure, she took the smallest slight and made it an attack in her mind, but. There’s always a but with Brit.
My gut is telling me she is the “pity vote”
sideye. okay. that thought just hit me.
What if the jury is currently debating who gets to pity vote for the loser?
That would be appropriate for the season now, wouldn’t it?

I watch BB every year

Nice graphic, even with the small faux pas.

The Beef

I believe in being loyal, but this is also a game, and the juries job is to pick and REWARD the best GAME player, not reward their friends by giving them money. For that reason, I sure hope Britini doesn’t vote for either Big D or Azah over X, when the disparity in their game playing is so very wide, and do so out of loyalty. If she does, she’s making a mockery of the game she’s said she loves so much – and besides, how exactly were Big D and Azah ever really loyal to her? Since she was NOT a member of the CO, she was clearly expendable to them, so NOT loyal at all. Why should she return loyalty when it was not given to her? Therefore I HOPE she’s smart enough to vote strictly on game play, which means she votes for X against either of those two, leaving Ky on an island by himself, which just amplifies the bitterness of his vote.

I do see her voting for Azah over Big D if those two end up in the final 2 chairs, because she was closer to Azah, but also because Azah played a better game than the Couch did. I also agree that X and Ky will vote for the Couch because – Misogyny – nothing more, nothing less.

I hope Alyssa sees that Azah played the better game than the Couch, but being the way she is (a man’s woman), and the fact she was closer to the Couch than she was to Azah, I could see her voting along with X and Ky for Manmeat over her for the win. After watching the whole season though, I just don’t see how ANYBODY could vote for that useless waste of oxygen to win, since he literally did nothing, and contributed nothing not only to the team effort, but even to his OWN effort to get him to the final 2. He’s like the open heart surgery patient who went to sleep in the operating room and woke up in ICU 6 or 8 hours later. He has no idea how he got there, or what happened during the time he was asleep. He’s just glad he’s alive!

another name

If I’m prodo, I don’t want a unanimous victory. That’s where my assessment begins, in all honesty. Landslide, yes, unanimous no.
Tbh, it’s actually not hard to see Azah v. Couch being a 5-4 with Azah narrowly beating Couch. SB is a bit of a factor here. I’ve been told she has a bit of disdain for Azah post eviction in the jury visits. She may be projecting her own game failings on to Azah in her judgements. But that one was difficult to call.
For some reason, I think unless someone is ultra bitter and absolutely refuses, they will usually follow the script plan for the winner. They don’t write their own jury questions, Production helps the finalists with their last sunday episode game recap spiels, and jury visits are hyper scripted. With that said, the assessments fell the way i put them (but it’s just my opinion).

The Beef

Agreed that production doesn’t want to pull only 5 keys and have the count be over. Obviously they would like a little drama at the end of the season, and about the only way they will have that is if it’s Azah vs. Couch. But how do you pick between two people, both of whom basically did nothing during the season?

Yes, Azah has two “wins”, but the first was most likely thrown to her, because X knew Hannah was the target, and she WOULD leave no matter who she was up against considering the 3 options and the other 2 would be doing the voting. Also, it was to his advantage to be able to play in the Final 4 HOH, so yes, I believe he threw that one to her. Her second “win” came against Couch in a comp we haven’t seen yet, but he hasn’t won jack sh!t all season, and SOMEBODY had to win the comp, which left it to Azah by default. She doesn’t even claim to have done anything else, other than to have played an “honest” game, which since she wasn’t doing anything or making any moves, really doesn’t mean anything. She didn’t have to lie to anybody, because nobody was coming to her on any strategic matters. She was the bedpost……literally.

The Couch’s biggest claim is that he orchestrated and “lead” the Cookout. Well congratulations Einstein, do you honestly think none of the others had the thought of working with the other black players in the house, once they saw there were so many of them? Have black players not “worked together” on every season of BB before this one, and agreed to not “vote each other out”, but this is the first time there have been so many they could actually make a splash (along with the help of the “pawns” strategy, the team concept, AND Frenchie loudly proclaiming no women or minority would go out on his HOH – the first)? Big D had nothing to do with any of that other stuff, and his team (the Jokers) was the weakest team of the four, after Frenchie left. We all know he got in the way more than he lead, especially early on in the game, never really came close to winning anything, except for that one egg transfer and ramp roll comp, in which he did okay. The rest he did miserably in, and all of his boasting of leading and “running this game” is just that – all talk and no substance.

So how do you pick between two losers like that? She at least won something, but what she won was pretty much wrapped up and gifted to her both times, so it’s hard to give her a lot of credit for those. And even when she did win, she made the worst move she could have made if she truly wanted to win the game, by going after Hannah. She got LUCKY when X decided to blindside Ky at F4, and take her on to F3, IMHO, as she had no idea that was going to happen when she took out Hannah.

But at least she took SOMEBODY out. The Couch had to be forced to take out Ky by X, as he certainly wouldn’t have done it of his own volition. He stood there and acted like it was his own idea, but Ky knew better, and so does everybody else who watched the feeds all week leading up to that point. He’ll brag about doing it at the finale too, and it’s a damn shame if anybody gives him any credit for it, as we all know he would never have done it had X not held his hand and pretty much forced him to do it. But as I see it, it’s the only thing he really did in the game, other than saying to X “How about we get all these black people together and form an alliance?”. And for that, he thinks he deserves $750,000?

If I had to pick between those two, they might have to send somebody out there to drag me off of the stage, with my little felt bag still in my hands, and no key in my keyhole. I just don’t know if I could shove one of their keys into that winners hole.

another name

Is there an argument to be made for being the player that tried to play the cleanest game? I’m not sure. X is certainly worried about that when it comes to Azah (or at least that is the reason he is saying out loud). I’m not sure if this jury would reward clean game. I think that’s an excuse.
Comp wins are always a little iffy to judge by in my mind. Why?
Early season comp wins usually involve at least half the house throwing because they are trying to hide their abilities. End of season comp wins usually involve a pool of opposition that is weaker, because many of the stronger competitors have been assessed as threats and eliminated. So you beat people that weren’t trying, or won against the unworthy. um. yay?
Of the three, it’s obvious that X played the ‘better’ game.
Of the three, it’s obvious Azah played the most ‘moral’ game.
Of the three, it’s obvious Couch… hmmm. It’s obvious couch was present.


I enjoyed the game in tonights episode X won. lol I think that was my favorite all season. I am surprised Big D lasted as long as he did. It was very entertaining. LOL. SHARKS!

Paul Sucks

Just watched the first round HOH contest. They actually had a contest Big D asked for, just lay there. He was still eliminated first. Expect the expected. yawn. Congrats on your win X.


Great observation! All he had to do was lay there and not move. He’s been doing that all season, so he should have excelled at it. LOL.


Still, Azah dropped only a few minutes later. Not like an hour. Grod has played god with the Edit & Lawyer X wins. I always did find it funny though how salty X got during the “lawyer” speculation! LOLS. Ooops! Big D got that right at least.


If it Big D and Azah as final 2 and I was one of the 4 other CO, I would be embarrassed that one of them becomes the first POC winner of BB. Big D thinks he carried Azah when he was actually dragged by the other CO’s.

Just a game show

Several live feeds ago, some of the “cast” talked about KNOWING the mission before coming on the show. Getting scripts changed or what they were cast for and not being able to play their own game. The winning amount of money is more then what All Stars recieved. Why so much this season? The constant singing and nappping whenever. Usually, production would say stop that or no napping. This season is so scripted and it’s absolutely silly for any of us to get upset. The ratings have been crap for a few years. I think they thought this would boost the ratings, putting together a cast and clearing the racist stigma the show has over it. But, the way it played out sucked. They should have let the game play out normally. There were seven people of color, including Alyssa, in the house this season. It was still very possible for a few POC to make it to jury or f2. If not, then maybe it was just gameplay and nothing else. Imo…


I agree so much. The deck was already stacked with 8, not 7, POC. The likelihood of one of the cook out winning were high even without all the production shenanigans. I think Tiffany especially had a good chance.

Just a game show

That’s true and I think this could have been a pretty good season, but nope…


8 POC, DX would normally be a POC. I guess Alyssa and DX were not the right color.

Jaymie lee

No Whites then anyone out the door who didnt have dark black skin colour. No mixed breeds either. But Not Racist i guess if people keep saying it they feel thats true when it aint. Oh yeah thats right Whites are always racist and Blacks cant be thete black.


exactly. I stopped watching when Alyssa and DX were not included as POC. I never think we can fix this broken world with trying to divide us or anyone. Azah talked about God and her faith. God would never agree with us excluding people. I do not just believe this I know. Money should not change that.


Thanks for sharing the link, Chessie! “Beautiful smile” is what Julie Chen had to say about Kyland. LMAO. If you can’t talk positively about a HG’s words or actions, then go with “beautiful smile.”

And leave it to Julie Chen to invoke the power of God in winning BB. So, I guess the F2 will be the power of GROD (for X) versus the power of GOD (for Azah). I’m a fairly religious person, but I wouldn’t bet against GROD in this case.


You’re Welcome. I like that- the power of God vs the power of Grod. X has always been Grod’s fav. But you never know. Looking forward to this Finale. Very curious as to how Ky is going to act.

The Beef

OMG, what a total waste of time reading that interview was. It was filled with lies and Julie spouting the CBS corporate line, along with a whole lot of her personal views on God, which I don’t think God cares at all about Big Brother or who wins it.

For her to say that X has done absolutely “nothing” wrong in this game, after all of the misogynist comments he’s made inside that house, I find that comment to be reprehensible at best, and again, just CBS trying to paint a much rosier picture of the true character of the probable winner, just like they do with the “hero” edits he gets.

Oh, and she didn’t hear Ky saying X was playing a cowardly game at all. She didn’t hear ANY of that! Can you say revisionist history?

Just a game show

Typical Julie Chen and I guess GOD has nothing better to do then care about a television show. She’s as delusional as BigD.


I never follow up on what happens with cast after the show ends. This time, I would really like to know how they feel after seeing/knowing what went down. Of course, at the top of my list is Tiffany, then Hanna. I don’t think they will be too surprised by couch’s behavior but the severity of X’s contempt for Tiffany (and blatant hypocrisy) just might.

I’m not upset that X played Ky after all, Ky played Tiffany. That’s the game. I’m upset because I understood the CO mission and why it was so important that it’s members would put their game on the line for it. To final 6 then off with the gloves. Now we know X and couch had no intention of honoring the CO agenda. I think X was just looking for something to justify him breaking with CO mission and bringing Alyssa to final 6 (and further). He was angry at Tiff for screwing with his plans. He pushed the “selfish” BS and the guys were quick to jump on board because it suited them. (Yes, I think they are misogynistic a$$ holes!) So X’s plan didn’t work out. CO has their F6. His anger is building towards Tiff and he carries on about her being selfish BS, etc. The guys pile on. Why can’t they just say hey, we want Tiffany gone because she is a threat to any of us winning. It’s a game.

So, after Tiffany is gone, X cannot let go of the animosity he feels for her. Honestly, it’s just full on hatred. She knowingly gave up her game for the CO. She struggled with not being able to play the game for herself. She didn’t have to put Claire up, but she came through for the CO.

Since Tiff is gone, you would think he could give it a rest because who else does he need to convince that she was the awful, selfish person willing to screw the mission for personal gain?? Could it be America?? (We all know TPTB have given him plenty of help.) My guess, it’s a little bit of that and he’s probably trying to convince himself!

At first I was thinking Dx for AFP. Then, Claire went out on such a high note and I have such mad respect for her that I might choose her. Now, I’m all in for Tiffany. I know many won’t agree because she “through her game away,” or let’s keep it real, she’s black. I do watch BB for the game. Okay, and the drama. (I don’t like drama in my own life!) This year was different and I think, necessary. In Tiffany, I
saw a strong woman, struggling at times (as we all do), put her own needs aside and fight for the greater good. Sooooo, Tiffany for AFP!!!


Fantastic post, Cujo! Like you, this is the first season I am interested in seeing the HG reactions after they leave the house. I’m sad for Tiff to see the vitriol spewed in her direction from X and Couch. For Hannah, she seems well aware that Ky is anti-female, but I don’t think she realizes how badly X and Couch share those same sentiments. It will be a disappointment for both of them to see the sheer hatred for them by the very HGs they sacrificed their own games to protect.

I also find X unlikeable because he never intended to honor the CO mission, yet he rallied animosity towards Tiffany by making the accusation that she was not committed to the CO mission. X was always planning to keep Alyssa. He was planting seeds with the CO guys to replace Tiff with Alyssa. But when Tiff felt badly about nominating her best ally (even though she still did it), X mounted his high-horse of self-proclaimed moral superiority and condemned her as not caring about the cause. Shame on him!

America’s Favorite Houseguest results (leaked from a member of production) are currently: 1st) Derek X., 2nd) Tiffany, and 3rd) Britni. My guess is that Britni gets a large share of the casual vote. Apparently, DX is way ahead, but I’m casting my daily vote for Tiffany. Not only would I love to see the single mother who sacrificed her personal game week after week in devotion to the CO mission get $50k, but I would also like to see the faces of the CO men when it’s announced.


Where are you seeing this? Last I saw DX was ahead but not huge (like 40% to 32% and that was the weekend) Hannah/X were tied in 3rd with 12% and the rest had 4%.

TBH, NEITHER poll results make logical sense to me (other than the DX & Tiff part). Hannah’s fan base is strong (dare I say rabid) & Claire was wayyyyyyyyy up there all season. Brit is listed at best in like 7th or 8th on most polls I saw.

I’m with both you & Cujo & although it’s likely in vain, hope for the BB legends/analysts who have been pushing for Tiff have a late surge. It was clear the CO women were fully committed & while Tiff knew that was the WORST move for her game she stuck to it (and TPTB also pushed her to commit which is equally annoying).

I wonder if Tiff already has some insight on the men… did you see the BB jury tweet leak with SB getting a message from home? Tiff was holding her hand & SB completely collapsed into her after it finished. I bet they’ve had some major chats where they discovered Ky’s double-standard control game was applied to them both.

As for the men being misogynist you & I jumped on that ummmmmm at least 6 weeks ago I’m guessing lol. And while I’m annoyed at this BS gaslighting narrative by X in truth what I find really disturbing is how all three CO men are pushing “Tiffany was not deserving or WORTHY of representing this historic season”. It implies something ugly as if she was the corrupt female version of Evel Dick. NONE of them have any issues with Ky who took manipulation and control to a whole new level or Big D’s ceaseless “bitch” references or X’s constant rants “the men are carrying CO women”, “no woman can beat me”, none of the women deserve to be here, the women did less for CO (or that disturbing unworthy BS).

How INSANE is it that neither X or Ky who are both highly intelligent men have zero issues with Big D representing the season/being the face of BB23 but can’t keep Tiff’s name out of their mouth or in Big D’s case out of his subconscious since he keeps dreaming about her.

another name

The facebook people.
Don’t discount the facebook people.
They have been huge Brit people all season.
They got her 100 bb bucks the first vote.
I have no idea why… but some thought she was going to win the season.
Shrug…. i said i have no idea why…. I’m as confused as you are.

If I remember correctly what was being said, Tiff’s edit was pretty… hmmm. She was not given credit for some things, and made the villain for others. Isn’t that the case?
This is effecting her votes with episodies.
Dx? He’s not cookout and he won comps.
Claire’s edit was… nope.
Alyssa? nope.
SB? Oh now we’re both laughing. She’s not winning any viewer votes, they’re more likely to tell that after wiping their asses with their bbbucks, they haven’t got a vote to spare.
It’s not typical for final three to win a viewer vote. It’s happened, but it’s not standard.

Take away everything we know from feeds, and concentrate only on what the episodes showed. That’s where a large number of votes are going to come from imo.


Americas Favorite tally was texted to me by someone with a production source. I take everything with a grain of salt, but this person has been accurate all season. They also revealed that Tiff/SB had one argument in jury (it was when the jury had an 80’s night; 80’s night not filmed so we won’t see it). The fight was about…. Kyland. Since the fight, they reconciled and realized neither of them was driving Kyland’s poor behavior, rather it was Kyland himself.


i hope Big D and Azah are the final 2, it would be the icing on top of this shit cake of a season


Simon and Dawg – curious to know how accurately the houseguest rank from you all, lines up with America’s Favorite Houseguest through the years?


We’re usually around the same ballpark some years we’re totally wrong.

another name

So, you’re the Couch.
All you’ve got to do in order to win 75k is stfu for four days.

Oh. Gee.
Or be a dick and yak your fool head off letting all your isms out.
Shakes head.


He’s officially the worst HG in BB history. Many past HGs are terrible players. Many past HGs are @ssholes. Couch happens to be both a terrible player and an @sshole.

another name

He followed his preseason plan from his introduction though.
Take a summer long nap and wake up in a final 2 chair.
Shakes head.


RIGHT? I mean have you EVER seen someone GUARANTEED F2 F up so badly they might talk the other two out of taking him? WOW