Andrew says I want to make a toast tonight.. Alec I AM VOTING YOU OUT!

5:50pm Alec tells Andrew that Jillian is a liar and I don’t believe for a second that she will vote to keep me if the vote ends up being two to two like she says she would. Alec says that if he stays he will go so hard for the HOH and that he will put up Emmett and Jillian on the block. Andrew asks him so if you are telling me this, what are you telling them? Alec says that he is telling them that I would nominate you and Talla with Talla being the target. Andrew says well that’s not believable. Alec says yeah, and I shouldn’t have told them that because I know they wouldn’t believe it.

Andrew says that he is getting sick of talking about it, I am a grown man and I can make my own decision. You have talked to me now three times. Alec says yeah but this time its different. Andrew says no its not.

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Peter says Jillian isn’t smart enough to know what you are doing, she will take it as a threat.

2:30pm Andrew and Emmett are in the hot tub talking about the game and other random things. Andrew says that if we make it to the end I know you will probably take Jillian and she will probably take you .. which sucks for me. I have a difficult decision of deciding which one of you to take. Emmett says that he doesn’t think he can win against Jillian. Andrew says we will be friends no matter what .. it will just decide who buys the drinks.

Meanwhile in the bathroom Alec and Peter are in the bathroom. Peter says that he doesn’t think Jillian is smart enough to know what you are doing .. she will take it as a threat. Emmett my understand. If Andrew and Talla are smart .. and that’s a big IF.. they may understand it. Peter says its a bold move and I like it.

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Spoilers – Andrews done everything in the game except have a showmance “Emmett, can you lend me Jillian”

10:27AM Hot Tub Emmett and Andrew

Andrew is saying Talla won’t vote him out so if he goes up int eh case of a twist it will send Talla a message that Jillian trusts her. Emmett doesn’t know thinks it’s a bit risky. Andrew points out that they only need 2 votes so if it’s Andrew up against Alec he’ll be OK. Emmett thinks it’s too dangerous with Talla if the twist results in the nominations being Andrew and Topaz.

Emmett about Talla “Does she honestly think that Talla deserve to be here”

Andrew: “She said she needed to win to increase her stats.. she doesn’t even have a stat. “

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Big Brother Canada Spoilers “You ask why.. I have two words.. Why Not Bro”

12:36AM Bathroom Topaz, Alec, Andrew, Talla, Peter
random chit chat.. Alec says that he would really get along with Liza outside of the house he just didn’t like her inside. Peter says the only reason why he didn’t like Tom was because of the entire “Liza thing” Alec asks him about that elastic he wears on his fingers. Peter says it’s Liza’s Alec wonders if Peter and Liza will hook up. Peter doesn’t think so.

Alec and Peter joke that they are going to the Vancouver casting calls for Season 2 of Big Brother Canada. Andrew mentions they should go as Emmett and Tom wearing muscle suits. Peter brings up something Tom said “You ask why.. I have two words.. Why not Bro” ALec breaks out in laughter (Damn i’m missing Tom )

Andrew, Talla head to bed. Topaz says she’s going to go into the Hot Tub.

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Peter Campaigns to Talla – Jillian walks in and scares her..

9:10pm Peter is in the storage room with talking with Talla trying to save Alec. He pitches the idea of saving Alec so that they can all work together with hopefully Andrew to get Emmett and Jillian out. Peter tells Talla that he has trusted her for a long time in this game and I trust Andrew. Peter tells Talla that there is an east coast alliance. Talla asks well how many votes does he have? Peter says well he has me and Alec is working on Andrew … if we can get you then Andrew would be much more inclined to work with us if you are wanting to. Jillian opens the door and Talla gets startled and screams. Peter comments we were just about to make out. Peter leaves. Talla tells Jillian her conversation with Peter. Talla says that she should just tell them she will vote to keep him ..but won’t really. Emmett joins them. They tell him the conversation. Emmett leaves.

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Big Brother Canada Talla says I am the second place goddess, the 3 DQ threat!

5:55pm Jillian goes up to the HOH room with Emmett and tells him everything that Topaz just told her about Alec. She says that Alec threw every competition and only tried for that one because he wanted to win the 10 grand. She says that Alec is such a weasel. Jillian says that Topaz told her that Alec and Peter are trying to play the game like Dan .. I don’t even know who Dan is but they are thinking of whatever he would do to get out of things like lying and backstabbing ..whatever it takes. Jillian says that Topaz told her all about his game play and how he thinks he is a genius. Emmett tells Jillian not to make any deals with her yet. Jillian says don’t tell Andrew this but the only person that would benefit is Andrew’s game if Alec stayed because he would try to align with him and try and get us out. Emmett says that Andrew wouldn’t do that though .. I don’t think.

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Alec says I want to be here next week to stick it to Emmett & Jillian, then win veto and put a nail in the coffin.

2:45pm Alec and Peter are out in the hot tub room talking. Alec says that he wouldn’t mind being up against any of these people except for Talla. Alec tells Peter about how Talla was asking about what kind of tuna is this .. salmon. He then says that Talla saw the light mayo and asked if there was dark mayo. Peter and Alec laugh. Alec says I need to distance myself as much as I can for Topaz and let her and Talla drag themselves down. Peter says I cannot throw another comp, its like from here on out ..give it all you got. Alec says that he won’t try and sway Jillian but that he will let her talk to Emmett and see if she sees all the angles. Alec says I want to be around one more week just to stick it to Emmett and Jillian … and then I want to win the veto too just to put a nail in the coffin. And then everyone in the game will be coming after me.

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Big Brother Canada Spoilers HOH Pictures Where’s Waldo

11:45am Andrew and Jillian

Andrew says that only him and JIllian are “two Timers” Meaning they’re the only players that have won a HOH each.

Andrew: “I don’t know what to do i’m starting to get freaked out.. I want to get rid of Alec.. I want to get rid of Topaz and I want to get rid of Talla”

Andrew adds if they make it to final 3 he’s flying alone so it’ll be tough to make it to final 2. Jillian says he’ll need to bring Talla with him. Andrew: “Not to final 3!” Jillian: “Ya I know just this far”

Jillian tells him if they get rid of Alec than Andrew can team up with Peter. Andrew: “But then i’m nervous about Peter going to the final 4 with us and winning”
Andrew says he having a hard time deciding who to take with him to the end Jillian or Emmett. Jillian laughs tells him to take her. Jillian: “You take who you think you’ll win”

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Big Brother Spoilers Peter Tells Andrew If He wins HOH Talla and Jillian are going up

9:31pm Houseguests waking up Andrew and Alec eating cereal chatting about random things. Andrew says how some people in the house have said they wish it game would last longer but he doesn’t, “I would rather shoot myself in the head”. They joke about them getting another activity to play with like a pool table, Andrew: “Canada has voted for you to have a ice pick to scramble your brains.. I’ll play first”

Alec starts to say how awkward it is being with Topaz right now. During the day they are enemies but and night they are close. Alec finds himself getting closer to Topaz but further away from the rest of the house.

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