Big Brother Canada Talla says I am the second place goddess, the 3 DQ threat!

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: Alec & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 6pm

5:55pm Jillian goes up to the HOH room with Emmett and tells him everything that Topaz just told her about Alec. She says that Alec threw every competition and only tried for that one because he wanted to win the 10 grand. She says that Alec is such a weasel. Jillian says that Topaz told her that Alec and Peter are trying to play the game like Dan .. I don’t even know who Dan is but they are thinking of whatever he would do to get out of things like lying and backstabbing ..whatever it takes. Jillian says that Topaz told her all about his game play and how he thinks he is a genius. Emmett tells Jillian not to make any deals with her yet. Jillian says don’t tell Andrew this but the only person that would benefit is Andrew’s game if Alec stayed because he would try to align with him and try and get us out. Emmett says that Andrew wouldn’t do that though .. I don’t think. Jillian says Topaz said the biggest thing is that he would try and separate us. Emmett says I would just try and spend as much time with her as possible. Emmett says Peter came up to me and said Topaz is trying to work Jillian right now. Emmett says it was pretty obvious what you two were doing. Emmett goes over and starts kissing Jillian. She asks him am I talking too much game .. you just want to have make outs? Jillian and Emmett start talking about random things and then start making out. Emmett starts teasing her about how he pretended he was younger than 25. Jillian tells him that he better have his ID with him when they get out because that’s the first thing she wants to see.

6:10pm Talla and Andrew talk out on the backyard couches.

Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 645pm

6:20pm – 7pm Talla heads up to the HOH room to talk to Jillian. Talla tells Jillian that Topaz told her that if Peter wins he will put you and I up. Jillian says that Peter cannot win! Talla agrees. Jillian says yeah Topaz said that Peter is going to try and dismantle the girls. Talla talks about how she pitched a girls alliance to Topaz the other day. Jillian tells Talla how Alec said he would either throw the HOH or win it and go after Talla and Topaz.. whatever they wanted him to do. Talla wishes that Alec would campaign to her .. because then she could tell him no I am not voting for you to stay. Talla says that she needs to get a title under her belt because this is getting ridiculous. They talk about if Emmett wins he’ll put up Topaz and Peter. Jillian says and then we get to decide who goes but we don’t really want to go against our alliance. Talla says I need to win an HOH ..I am the second place goddess, the 3 DQ threat! Talla says that she thinks Peter needs to go before Topaz. Topaz joins them. Talla says that Topaz that Peter needs to go STAT! Talla says PETER CANNOT WIN THURSDAY!! Topaz says that she wished Jillian or Talla had won the POV. Jillian says she wanted to more than anything to keep the nominations the same and not have to backstab you. They talk about how Alec would stab her in the back but would never do that to Peter.

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Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 7pm

6pm – 7:20pm Meanwhile Andrew and Emmett are out in the hot tub talking game and about past competitions. Andrew talks to Emmett about how Alec is saying different things the both of them. Andrew says that Alec said he would throw the entire last HOH. Alec joins them and awhile later Peter joins them.
Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 720pm
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7:25pm – 8pm Talla, Jillian and Topaz are in the kitchen making the ribs and talking about whether or not Emmett is 25 years old or if he is lying about his age. The guys come in from the hot tub and jump in the pool. The girls go out and join them. Jillian is working out. Andrew says that Talla is going to make some guy very miserable some day. Meanwhile in the kitchen Talla takes her cheese pizza out of the oven. She thinks she ruined it and will get sick. Jillian tells her she won’t get sick its just dough and cheese.

Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 738pm

8pm – 8:20pm In the bedroom: Alec says that the thing that worries me is that no one has come up to you about next week yet. So they aren’t doing it because they don’t want you to know what’s happening until it happens. Alec tells Peter that it looks like your & Talla’s friendship is non-existent.. so you could become her target next week. Peter asks so what do you want me to say to Emmett and Jillian tonight? Topaz comes in and the conversation ends. Topaz leaves. Peter tells Alec that he never should have mentioned Andrews name to Emmett. Alec says yeah but Emmett isn’t stupid like Jillian he would have known I was lying. Alec says I don’t want to take you down with me if I am going out. Alec tells Peter to get back in good with Emmett and Jillian. Alec says maybe for you sake I should stick around with Topaz will look like we are together.. Alec asks Peter to pitch to Emmett and Jillian that if they keep me I will go after Andrew and Talla. Alec says and I will try and talk to Andrew and see if he will give me a sympathy vote or something.. na he wouldn’t do that. We have less than 48 hours to make this happen or it hello Aj and Gary for me. Peter says it doesn’t work I will be coming after them with fiery vengeance..

8pm – 8:25pm Meanwhile up in the HOH room Emmett and Topaz are having a conversation. Topaz is throwing Alec under the bus to save herself. The conversation turns to talking about how they could tell how Alec’s been throwing competitions. Jillian joins them.

8:25pm Alec asks Andrew in the bedroom if he thinks there’s a hope of him getting Talla to vote for him. Andrew says you can do whatever you want but I don’t think it will do any good. Alec tells Andrew that he will have to lie straight to Emmett’s face. Andrew tells Alec I know what you’ve said to me .. I will make my decision.. you need to go talk to them. Andrew says if money doesn’t mean anything to you then why don’t you walk out the door? You’ve made your last ditch effort. Alec says saying I am making a last ditch effort implies I am doing whatever it takes to stay and I am not doing that. Andrew tells Alec that it sucks that you screwed up that thing with the veto because you would have won it. Alec says that he feels like he put Peter in that position on the block. Andrew says don’t you think if you had won, Topaz would have gone up and would be leaving. Alec tells Andrew that he is in a great spot, you have a lot of people wanting to take you. Andrew says you have told me all this.. Alec says yeah I am spinning my wheels. Alec says that he trust Andrew and has wanted to work with him. Andrew says you say that but why didn’t you make an alliance with me? Alec says that he is going to work on Emmett and Jillian. The one thing I would ask of you is to have a conversation with Emmett and Jillian to see what they say. Alec says I am going to just sit back and pray. Alec says if you want that is the last thing I am going to say to you.

Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 835pm

9pm – 9:10pm Topaz Emmett and Jillian are in the kitchen cooking. Meanwhile Talla joins Andrew in the bedroom. Andrew talks about how annoyed he is with all the campaigning and wishes people would leave him alone. I am a grown a$$ man I can make my own decisions. Talla finds an open condom under Andrews bed. Andrew says you found out about Aj and I and how we made passionate love to each other. Andrew and Talla leave to join the others.

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Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 855pm
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I don’t get to watch the live feeds very often so I’m wondering if Talla always talks down to Topaz? She seems condescending towards her (in kitchen while they’re cooking). On another note, I’m looking forward to Alec finally wearing a shirt on Thursday.


Talla, if only you had any say in anything that happens in the game.


It’s funny how Alec was crying for a week when tom opened the door on him while showering and he never wears a shirt , what a sissy


Canada seeing your chest is very different than Canada seeing your d!ck.


Talla’s quote of the day.

“LIke y said gaba gook iba slam bity aan and kinda like this but I dienna emand siad this anddn butalkd
lthisn and ou know ah what I mean yah! “


am i the ONLY person who saw the live feeds at 9:54AST the 35 number on a piece of white paperoutside the bedroom when talla and andrew were talking and see someone take the number? noone? just me?


who else thinks that andrew is sorta an ass?


He’s more mature and doesn’t have time for the BS.

Re: Talla. Someone needs to make a list of her ‘quotables’. She makes me laugh everytime.


alec’s dick is probably to small to see anyways lmao


Wow Alec karmas a b*tch topaz told all!!


As always i cannot wait until Thursday!! It is pretty obvious that Alec is going to jury. I am hoping Peter or Topez win only because I don’t have clear cut favorite since Gary left. I really want Jillian and Emmett to experience the block than maybe Jillian will know what real stress is in the house.


I hope Topaz wins either HoH or PoV in the double eviction!


Yeah.. As HOH Talla probably would nominate herself . Then winning the POV end up putting herself on the block and taking her other nominee off. So she’d be the only person on the block..LOL.. If she wins any power the other Hg will all be in panic mode…more wishful thinking..LOL…


Honest Andrew – I like it!!


I liked Alec throughout most of this show up until the last week or so. He’s just a dick now! Throwing everyone under the bus and lying left right and centre and telling everyone what to do. Like I just want to tell him he’s not as great and smart as he thinks he is. So annoying. Just like Garry. Always calling everyone stupid. Like shut up already. They’re all playing a game for themselves. Just because someone else’s plan doesn’t benefit you doesn’t make them stupid. Can’t wait to see his arrogant ass walk out the door!