Peter Campaigns to Talla – Jillian walks in and scares her..

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: Alec & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

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Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 911pm
9:10pm Peter is in the storage room with talking with Talla trying to save Alec. He pitches the idea of saving Alec so that they can all work together with hopefully Andrew to get Emmett and Jillian out. Peter tells Talla that he has trusted her for a long time in this game and I trust Andrew. Peter tells Talla that there is an east coast alliance. Talla asks well how many votes does he have? Peter says well he has me and Alec is working on Andrew … if we can get you then Andrew would be much more inclined to work with us if you are wanting to.

Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 920pm
Jillian opens the door and Talla gets startled and screams. Peter comments we were just about to make out. Peter leaves. Talla tells Jillian her conversation with Peter. Talla says that she should just tell them she will vote to keep him ..but won’t really. Emmett joins them. They tell him the conversation. Emmett leaves. Jillian and Talla laugh about Peter trying to recruit her. Jillian says they know there’s an east coast alliance but they’ll never suspect you’re a part of it.

Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 924pm

9:35pm Jillian continues cooking in the kitchen while Topaz watches. Peter stares at them from the kitchen couch. Emmett and Alec are playing the puck ball game at the kitchen table. Emmett leaves and Talla takes his spot playing Alec.

Jillian heads up to the HOH room and talks to Andrew. They share their conversations that they have had with Alec and Topaz. Emmett joins them. Andrew says how long have I said that he doesn’t want blood on his hands… I love blood, I want it on my face on my hands.. They talk about how everyone knows about the east coast alliance. Jillian tells Andrew about how Peter cornered Talla in the storage room. Jillian says Alec got Peter to talk to Talla because he didn’t want to look like he was campaigning against Topaz. Andrew says yeah I know what a cock knocker! Andrew heads downstairs. Emmett talks to Jillian about his conversation with Topaz. He says that she has no idea how close we are with Andrew. Jillian says that she already told Topaz that she is close with Andrew and that’s why I didn’t put him up.

Peter and Alec game talk in the backyard:

10:10pm – 10:25pm The house guests sit down to their rib dinner. Talla does the “Big Brother Grace” Thank you Topaz for making this lovely meal, and to big brother for giving us this food. The other house guests try to convince Talla to date Aj after the show. Topaz asks her what if he gives you two Ferrari’s? Topaz says she likes Toyotas.

Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 1004pm

Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 1011pm

10:50pm – 11:15pm Talla is out in the hot tub room with Andrew. Talla tells Peter the conversation she had with Peter in the storage room where he tried to campaign for her to keep Alec.

10:50pm – 11:30pm Meanwhile up in the HOH Peter is campaigning to Emmett and Jillian to keep Alec. Jillian explains the reason why Alec is up is because I didn’t think I could trust him. Peter says and now this is the perfect way for Alec to show you that you can trust him. Peter says we want to be with you to the final four. Jillian asks well what is he telling Andrew? Peter says that he thinks Alec is trying to be as honest as possible. Jillian says that Andrew has been HOH twice and never once mentioned putting you two up. Emmett comments on how Andrew is doing his own thing.. he is a lone wolf soldier. Peter tells them that he is not voting against Alec. Peter says that if Alec goes against what he says he will do he will look eternally stupid. Emmett says well looks don’t really matter. Talla joins them. Jillian tells Peter that she thinks they have good arguments .. and I trust him more than her. I didn’t want to put her up because I didn’t want to make another enemy. Peter tells Jillian Topaz is coming after you no matter what she says she is doing .. and Alec and I are not coming after you ..that would be a poor move on our part. I respect the game and the integrity of the game and I don’t want to go against that. Jillian asks is today Wednesday. Peter says yes and that is why I am talking to you today.. I consider Alec my brother and I don’t want to campaign on my last day with him. Jillian says that she will not campaign for votes, I would just rather let the votes go the way they go and I will break the tie. If you can get the vote to be two to two ..then I am game. Peter says if you do that and I win next week I will do whatever you want. I will play on your behalf. Jillian says if you get the votes to be two to two then you have my vote. Peter gets Jillian to shake on it. They head downstairs. Jillian and Peter continue to talk in the kitchen. Jillian says that she doesn’t trust Alec like she trusts Peter. She says that Alec talks to me like I am dumb. Peter asks if you are with keeping him do you want him to sit out the HOH? Jillian says no, if I trust him I want him to fight for it. Peter says yeah some people need act over just words. They talk about not wanting a floater to win. Peter says that he would rather vote for the coffee maker to win. I am not a floater .. I understand this game and know that you don’t need to be in power to have power. They end their conversation. Jillian heads to the bathroom. Peter is heard saying can someone please call Dan Gheesling for me and …

Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 1139pm
11:40pm – 12:15am In the bathroom Alec, Topaz and Peter talk about random things, tv shows and watching Big Brother. Topaz says that she wishes she had been more prepared for this game like watch more live feeds and seasons of big brother. Peter says that what he really hopes to get out of this is a larger youtube audience that I can eventually live off of and travel. Meanwhile: Andrew, Emmett, Jillian and Talla are in the hot tub talking. Emmett and Andrew are talking about random things. Jillian tells Talla that Alec isn’t going to ask for your vote. Emmett gets after Jillian for talking to much with Peter and says that she should listen but not give information. Jillian makes a face and says she is always getting in trouble. Talla bring up how Thursday might be a double eviction. If it is who do you want gone first Peter or Topaz. Andrew says that he doesn’t care. Andrew talks about how he wants out of the house so bad .. that when he finally gets out he is going to lay butt naked on his bed and take photos of his genitals. They continue to talk about random things. They start talking about cows. Andrew says its a derogatory term to call a girl a heffer. Talla asks why? Andrew says because you’re calling her a cow! Andrew tells Talla that he doesn’t find her attractive at all .. you have a nice body, you have a nice face, you have a nice personality ..I am just not attracted to you sexually. Talla climbs on Andrew. Andrew yells at her to get off him. He says that her skin is scaly.

Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 1158pm

12:17am Talla and Andrew head inside the house and Emmett and Jillian start making out..

Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 917pm
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Alec is eating like a neanderthal devouring his kill.

Antony G

Jillian and Emmett are so wishy-washy.


This season is turning into season 11 of Big Brother US. Anyone else agree?

Jeff/Jordan = E/J
Natalie = Topaz
Kevin = Andrew or Peter
Michele = Talla? Hard to make this comparison since Michele’s IQ is Talla’s +100

Here’s the final 5, and I would have to think it plays out in a similar fashion.

Alec’s heading out first here. Double eviction to take out possibly Andrew or Peter.

Then either Emmett or Jillian will lose out, and the other one will go one to win.


i dont think its fair to compare jillian and jordan…..jillian is a strong competitor….jordon couldn’t win a comp to save her life….


i have to say that alec and peter are either the dumbest players in this game or they are just so arrogent they don’t see what is in front of there face. I get they don’t know the conversations that we have seen but how can not have figured out that talla,andrew,emmitt and jillian are in an allience. They have been hanging out with each other since before andrew won hoh the signs are right in front of there faces. I can’t figure out how they don’t see it.


Well you can’t know what you don’t know, with just 7 people left in the house 24/7 you cannot assume two people talking = mass conspiracy.

Why would talla whose been gunning for jemmet since day one be in an alliance with them, from an insdider perspective it is completly non sensical. From our perspective it makes sense, but the house works in such a way that 2 people go up and whoever is the strongest one almost always goes home ie tom and liza, gary and topaz, aneal and aj,

There is o obvious signs she is in an allaiance with them, and you ahve to understand in big brother its not unusual for someone and most people at this point to have an alliance with every other player in the game. When there are so few players left often you find yourself in a situation with it doesn’t matter whose in what alliance you have to try to make a deal to stay.


I think that Alec and Peter are fully aware of that 4-person alliance, but also realize that if Talla and Andrew want to have any shot at winning, they need to take out Jillian and Emmett. Also, if somehow they were able to turn that those two and vote out Topaz this week, they need to have allegiances with SOMEONE remaining in the house and since they also see Emmett and Jillian as such big threats, they decided to go with Andrew and Talla in hopes that they are weaker competitors. However, Andrew and Talla don’t see this, especially Talla, since she believes that Andrew is loyal to her and wants to take her to Final 2.


Alec is learning the hard way right now, that the second all in the house consider every word that comes out of your mouth to be a bold-faced lie, the second it is said (even when it is being relayed by his loyal, “Shield” partner), it is *all* over for that HG, in BB! Even Peter now knows that Alec is a “dead man walking.” Peter just doesn’t have the heart to tell this to Alec.. How *far* Alec’s game has fallen! Peter is even lying to him now, saying he’ll “feverishly avenge” Alec’s BB ouster. No, Peter won’t!!!! After Thursday, Peter will try to pick up the pieces of his now-heavily-fractured BB game, as best as he can, somehow survive the DE (Peter will no doubt recall Liza’s ouster, right after Tom’s, during the last one), attempt to re-position himself in the house, and simply reply, “Alec Who?”, to any HG questions asked about him.

I actually wouldn’t count Peter out of BB just yet. He’s a smart guy. There aren’t many HGs left. And I can now see the house viewing him, at most, as an “alliance free agent”, and, at least, as a vote they would prefer to see fall on *their* side. No one has ever questioned Peter’s loyalty to Alec. In a way, that actually bodes *well* for him, because the remaining HGs, seeing that, may feel that Peter could prove to be a loyal, short-term ally to them, as well. That’s not a stretch. Peter’s always been fairly popular in the house, just with the day-to-day stuff, which will also help him pull off his “personal BB game reset.”

Assuming Peter does survive the DE, with just 5 HGs left, at that point, will Peter just go straight into “every HG for himself now” mode? If he wins HOH, who would his target be? Does he “go big”, and target Jillian/Emmett, for Alec’s ouster? Or does Peter put up Topaz and Talla the target, and upset the house the least, and use the week to “re-calibrate” his own endgame? If Peter does the latter, which girl would be his target? Or is a backdoor on his mind? She be a great BB week coming up! Can’t wait!!!!!


Here’s my point of view in all this :

I believe that Emmet and Jillian will win this game if either one of them makes it to final two. I can’t really see anyone else win against one of them in final two.

I don’t understand how Andrew and Talla can’t see that. They should both realize that they have a better chance of winning sitting next to anyone else but Emmet or Jillian in the final two.

Therefore, I believe the biggest and smartest move for both Andrew and Talla would be to team up with Alec and Peter, and take out Topaz. They would then have pretty good odds at winning the next HOH seeing that it would be 4 vs 2, and nominate both Emmet and Jillian. Even if one of them wins POV, no problem, they still control the votes to take whoever is still on the block.

If I was in Alec or Peter’s shoes right now, I would try to make Andrew and Talla understand that. Any smart, logical player should be able to see that and would go with that plan, instead of trying to make it to final three with people because they’re from the same province as you are.

What do you guys think?


I actually agree 100% with that comment, but I think the problem right now lies with Andrew and Talla. 1) Talla just repeats everything she’s told to whoever will listen, so this plan will blow up because she can’t keep her mouth shut. 2) Andrew, for some reason, seems to be hellbent on taking out Alec despite him and Peter saving his ass last week, and don’t seem to be targeting him. This would be an excellent move, as I have no idea how Andrew thinks going to final 3 with Jillian and Emmett is a good idea, and Alec and Peter need to tell Talla that she’s #4 in that alliance. Always identify the stragglers at the bottom of the other alliance and make a better deal because this way she at least makes it to Final 3 with Alec and Peter.


Sorry i disagree. Remember the jury is watching this, and they see that jillian is not playing her OWN game, but Emmett’s. I would also like to point out that Emmett is demanding a lot out of his woman, I find it quite disgusting and I do believe it may be due to his upbringing.

Jillian and emmett will not last because Emmett keeps “making” her do stuff, and Jillian is a free spirit.

People that will win if they make it to final two; remember this IS IF THEY MAKE IT TO THE FINAL TWO IN ORDER



just think of the loops that Alec would have to get through if he did make it to final 2


Shik, you should remember that the Jury is NOT seeing this!


My PRESENT list on F2 winner:

1a) Emmit
1B) Andrew
3) Jillian
7) Doctor Occtopus(Spiderman gets him at 7)

I actually think Andrew would have potentially great arguements at F2. My concern is it appears HG’s consider him a floater. I put Emmit very very slightly ahead for that reason. Jillian next due to some form of game play. This depends to some extent whether her game is respected versus attatching it to Emmit and the milkmance. In Peters mind he’s on a different level….not. That said he beats Talla and might lose to Topaz if these unlikely 2 are F2. Topaz beats Lala and Lala beat a sh*thouse rat on April fools all year long! 😛 Just ask Andrew!


Or Andrew and Talla go with Peter and Topaz…..They know after Alec is gone, they are the bottom-feeders, so why not join forces with them instead of hoping they each make it to the final 3 with milkmance . This way is easier. Jillian can’t play HOH so it’s only Emmett. If Emmett doesn’t win, E/J goes up and 1 goes home. So whoever survives has to win HOH and/or POV and if she/he doesn’t he/she goes….Final 4 (Topaz, Peter, Andrew, Talla).


This is my comment too Simon….I forgot to put my name in and didn’t think it would get through, so I posted again…..Sorry about that.


What I think Andrew and Talla should do is join forces with Peter and Topaz (and make a final 3 with 1 of them) who are now the 2 bottom-feeders (no alliance)….Jillian can’t play HOH so if Emmett doesn’t win HOH, those 2 go up and 1 goes home. Then at final 5, it’s 4 vs 1. If J or E doesn’t win Hoh and/or Pov, he/she will be gone….final 4. Final 4 is crucial. You want that POV (hoh is good too but you don’t get to decide who goes home)…..

Andrew is a smart guy and I really think he is just waiting to see who wins HOH next….downside to that is its a DE….might not have enough time to plan it all out.

Mike Piff

Andrew needs to start an alliance with Topaz and Peter. If they can manage to keep it real HUSH HUSH Andrew will be on booth sides looking in. Peter will be included in the beast coast F4 because everyones annoyed with Lala, while working with this new alliance collecting information and planting seeds. Topaz gets another week in the house but even if her and Lala on block Andrew and peter vote for topaz to stay. I can’t see Andrew winning if he goes with Jemmett. I thought before his best bet was to take Lala but she cant keep anything to herself and seems pretty useless. Andrew would beat peter and topaz in my opinion and tala for that matter but no way he beats Emmett. As far as jill goes its a toss up.


Marc this is how people lose the game. You don’t switch horses at this point. You ride milkmance to F5 if you can. See who is left and bring them along as a floater/HOH vote. A/T must win HOH at 5 and POV at 4. Of course so must milkmance. You have no reason to trust P/A at this point. You know the lies Alec/Peter are telling everyone to get Alec to stay. You want to work with these 2 turds?


yessss! Go Topaz! As I suspected, Topaz waited to throw Alec under the bus until AFTER the POV ceremony. She then strategically spoke with Talla and the Jillian and really went for Alec. Finally!!! Alec just went too hard too fast, and it was a mistake for him to throw Topaz under the bus before she was even put up on POV. And a strategic error for Peter to try and save Alec by talking with Talla. I am actually impressed with Talla. She realizes that she now has power in the house and so people like Peter and Topaz have to go to her, not the other way around. And she is using that power to re-inforce her position, by going back to the east coast alliance. She is also fostering a girls alliance, by ensuring that the girls talk to each other, when the guys are talking to each other. With so few people in the house, this is a great strategic move! This will also neutralize Emmett’s power in the game, which is good. I hope that Alec continues to dig his hole deeper and Peter goes after Emmett, if he wins HOH. If this happens, then Talla and Andrew will have more power than Jillian and Emmett! Can’t wait to see what happens on Thursday…


…but why would anyone want to go to the finals against Alec or Peter, especially if you don’t trust them? And both Alec and Peter are strong game players, I think it would be equally dangerous for Andrew and Talla to go to the finals with them.


I think the jury’s perspective will be that Emmett and Jillian have had a better social game then Alec and Peter. The jury will see more faults in Alec and Peter’s game then Emmett and Jillian’s game.


Marc, I understand what your points are but Alec has proved to many people that he cannot be trusted. First by what he did to Topez and I think Andrew just doesn’t like him. By some of the comments that Jillian has made I think she is playing for the money. I think the best people to be sitting in the final two are going to be Topez and even better Talla. I think next week will be when the players will really be thinking about the final two. I think Andrew really believes he has a pretty good chance of winning no matter who he sits next to in the final. I actually think he is in the best position in the house right now. I don’t see anybody targeting him at this point. Jillian is next who is sitting pretty good in the house. She has the girls, and has a really good relationship with Andrew. This is why I really want Peter to win the next HOH he will put up Jillian and Emmett if either win POV than Andrew goes up. That would make for a better game. If Andrew, E/J win than it will be Topez. Next week will sure to be a great week after Alec and than either Emmitt or Topez goes home. Andrew will than probably get into Talla’s ear. Again, it all depends who is HOH after the double eviction. If it’s E or J than I think Peter goes home. Jillian knows in case Emmett goes she will need the girls.


Andrew’s an idiot for pushing hard for a final 3 with Emmett and Jillian. He’s setting himself up for failure. His chances are way better with Talla or Peter.


Talla and Peter cannot get him to F3 and E/J can. Andrews game from floater to alliace has been pretty much perfect. That changes if/when milkmance starts talking about cuttin Andrew loose for Peter F3. Only then will we see if Andrew got the win in him.


I think Andrew is aware of who Jillian and Emmitt will take to the final two. He has said it time after time it is dangerous to say who you will put up “if” you win HOH. He will sit back and when the time is right he will make his move. Recently, he has been playing it with J/E that F3 with him is okay and things will happen. He knows now isn’t the time to start talking about something that will or can happen next week. I give him credit he will make his move when he thinks the time is right.

Oh, forgot to mention …… why do they (BB) tell the houseguests at the beginning of the show that there will be a double eviction tonight. Doesn’t BBUS wait until after the person is evicted than springs the news on them? I thought this was strange the last time. Also, the HOH didn’t have time to consult with anyone and had to make the decision right after the comp. I think Tom would have nominated Andrew during this instant noms but Emmitt talked him out of it. It seems that Emmitt influenced just about everybodys HOH decision.


Marie, during a normal BB eviction show, the eviction vote happens about 40 minutes into the hour-long episode. But there is simply *so* much BB activity, that needs to be squeezed into a double eviction BB episode, that the first eviction has to happen *much* earlier in the show, just so they can still get everything in. So, whether Arisa announces a DE early on to the HGs or not, they would quickly figure it out anyways, simply based on the rapid-fire pace of the program’s events that night.


The events are taped and not live(in real time to viewers). The 1st eviction happens before the show begins on slice. For clarification Marie is just talking about when the house is informed by the house it’s a double eviction. Because up to now votes have been almost unanimous it really has made little difference.


This is for everyone……. Has anyone ever seen Alec cook, or clean, or wash his hands after he pees, does he just scavenge off of other people ?

The other night Topaz made a steak and he ate off her plate and promptly went to bed and let her clean up after his lazy arse, was he raised by wolves???


as if peter is campaigning for alec alone to talla and jemmett. he would be better to stay back and let alec dig his own grave and take out jemmett IF he wins HOH tomorrow. although i can’t believe jillian shook his hand saying she would keep alec in a tie-breaker… her word means absolutely nothing in this game and i cant believe peter is still trying to seek some kind of agreement with them on alec’s behalf.


I Hate Jillian she is a liar conniving unethical and skates along with loverboy Emmett. Send the biotch home good for nothing hobbo loser. Your so in to yourself. Shallow biotch