Peter: “If the vote is 2-2 Jillian promised to keep Alec… I have no reason not to trust her”

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: Alec & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week


12:14PM HOH Andrew and Jillian

Andrew saying he’s going to be

Jillian: “If it’s a physical one they want us to win if it’s mental they want them to win”..

Jillian: “Why would they be against us.. look at peter and topaz.. topaz just sleeps”

Andrew says if there is a twist he should go up against Topaz/Alec. They need to bring Talla up to talk to tonight and tell her the plan. Andrew thinks if they put Talla up she’ll get pissed. Jillian agrees but is still nervous about having Andrew up against Topaz.

Andrew: “The guy threw the Veto they shouldn’t give him one. “ (Alec threw the POV?)
Jillian: “You think he already had it “ (Alec has a POV power?)
Andrew: “He quit the Veto comp after 10 minutes..”

Emmett walks in
Andrew jokes : “Shh.. OK we’ll get him out next”
Andrew brings up again how unfair it is if Canada gives Alec the Veto on thursday because Alec quit the Veto Competition after 10 minutes. They agree if Canada votes Alec to have a veto and he’s in the final 2 they will not vote for him to win.

Andrew tells Emmett: “I hope the HOH is a crazy physical one and we can look at each other and be like let the best man win.. Its a knife fight”

Andrew is really worried about the prospect of the twist it’s pretty much all he’s been talking about all morning.

(Side chatter with Jillian and Emmett off of camera)
Emmett: ‘You calling me fat.. “
Jillian: ‘No i’m calling you horny”

Andrew: “I hate these people that don’t win Competitions and think they can cruise through on mind control”
Jillian: “Peter was going on about how he understands this game more than anyone”
Andrew: “I hate it when people play that type of game.. you get no blood on your hands because you never win”


Andrew brings up Alec saying he’s going to throw the final HOH if Andrew votes for him to stay this week. Andrew is going to give Alec a counter proposal he’ll give Alec the vote if Peter and Alec throw the final HOH and guarantee Andrew final 2.
They all have a chuckle about this, Jillian thinks its a good idea just to hear Alec agree to it.

Andrew says Peter is only on the show for fame, he’s got his “Internet thing” and wants to do wrestling, “He’s one of those people”
They notice Peter on the spy screen, Jillian: “Oh my god is he coming up i’m going to hide under the covers”
Emmett: “The only way to be safe in this game is to win”
Emmett leaves

Andrew mentions how Alec and Peter were saying they want to be like Dan in the game. Andrew calls Dan a horrible backstabbing player, he never won competitions but still came in first one season and then second during his 1/2 season (1/2 season because Dan was safe for the first 1/2 of BB14)
Andrew: “Why emulate another player.. be yourself” (do your thing.. leave the rest to us .. stay at a Ramada Inn today)

Jillian says they need to really starts studying the weeks in case that is the next HOH.. Andrew hasn’t done that yet. Andrew mentions that Talla has done very well in the quiz comps.
Andrew: “Either me or Emmett will win the HOH and one of the four of use will win the veto.. it’ll probably be me”
Jillian: “I’m going to win the veto”
They laugh..

Andrew says Emmett and JIllian need to win the second to last HOH so they can put Talla and Andrew up and get out Talla.

Jillian says she would be really upset if Talla won Big Brother Canada Season 1.
Andrew agrees.

(Andrew and Jillian really do not like Peter and Alec. Sounds like JIllian dislikes Peter the most)
Andrew: “I really hate when Alec comes to me and says – hey man this is the only thing I can think of“
Andrew: “How about thinking about pissing off”

Jillian and Andrew both are annoyed about how Peter is a totally different person in the DR. Jillian impersonates Peter’s Voice in the DR. (I think they can hear him sometimes.. dunno it’s pretty funny though it’s in the video clip)

(Always want to add that Alec is at this moment going home 100% unless a twist saves him)


Video of Emmett, Jillian and Andrew in the HOH

Video of Jillian and Andrew in the HOH


12:53pm Alec still working out.. Topaz watching.



12:50pm Emmett and PEter While Andrew and Jillian are up in the HOH Emmett and Peter talk a bit of game downstairs.

Peter says that Jillian told him if Alec can get a second vote she will break the tie in their favour, “That was the deal so if you vote for him he’s safe”
Peter brings up that their original final 4 deal is still good, he mentions if they stick to the plan it’ll be the 3 of them against Andrew in the HOH. Peter discounts Talla’s ability to win the HOH comp on Thursday. Peter says Topaz still thinks she’s staying, ‘Right now she thinks I am Alec’s only vote”
Emmett: “hmmm ”
Peter: “I have no reason not to trust her” (Jillian)


1:20PM HOH Talla and Alec

Alec asks her if she is voting out Topaz. Talla says she’s voting to keep Topaz.
Alec admits he’s most likely going home this week. He explains yesterday’s “Play” to Jillian and Emmett where he said he would put Talla and Andrew up but this was just a lie.

Alec: “My only play now is an all out assault on Emmett and Jillian.. the 4 of us against them”

Alec tells her Talla needs to go to talk to Andrew and find out if They want Topaz to take out Emmett and Jillian or if they want Alec to go after E/J.

Alec: “This is my last shot.. my other pitches didn’t work”
Alec: “Jillian has already promised me she will keep me if it’s a 2-2 tie.. and if she breaks that promise that is 5 promises she’s broken this week”
Alec doesn’t expect her to keep to her word so he’s fighting to get the 3 votes. Alec: “At teh very least i’ll have exposed Jillian as a liar”

Alec tells her that Emmett and JIllian are not going after Talla next week they will target Peter.
Alec adds that he’s been lying straight to Jillian and Emmett’s faces all along he didn’t want Talla to be put up he wants to go after Jillian and Emmett.

Alec also brings up the east coast alliance that is suspects Andrew, Emmett and Jillian having. Talla calls herself a tourist.

(Video uploading)


2:00pm outdoor lockdown silence

2:11PM Andrew and Emmett Hot Tub Lockdown over nothing much going one.

Andrew still worried about a twists. He mentions that Talla was talking with Alec in the HOH.

(Hmm looks like some people on twitter think this may be real.. just a OBB joke)

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Jillbot is an IDIOT!

Nothing else need be said on garunteeing she saves Alec if he gets 2 votes.Lala could vote to save Topaz. I think Emmit needs to have “the talk” with the next great mouth piece!

PS… What is it about HOH this 1st season? The play when in power has been weak to plain terrible.


Gotta hand it to them for not giving up but why believe Jillian when she clearly is not a woman of her word. She has proved that time and again.

Biff Tannen

You understand this is BB, right? Everybody is lying. Alec is literally lying every single time he talks to anyone not named Peter. Same for Peter. They have been lying all game.


ya of course everyone lies

my question is why is peter believing her??… she clearly has demonstrated that she lies.


It’s either because (1) he wants to think that Alec is safe and is trying to cling to anything to make it seem like it’ll happen for him and Alec, or (2) because he thinks he’s so smart and clever that he worked Jillian into falling for Alec and his plan. I’m banking for two because him and Alec really do think that they’re that amazing and that they’re so good at convincing people.

The Knight

Really? Oh I didn’t know that! Obviously it’s BB and lying is fine. It’s just that Jill portrays herself to be this honest person who never breaks her word and really backtracks what she says. For example her putting up Aneal (She promised him safety) then she says when I promised you safety I meant it but I heard you do really bad things so I have to put you up. She broke the whole deal with Alec and Topaz. If she lies it’s no prob but to pretend to be some self rightous honest person is wrong.


Jillian is getting arrogant it’s likely anyone can beat her in the final even Talla cuz everyone knows she’s a puppet and liar.


People say this about EVERY HOH. How do you want them to act? smh


Alec aka joe Jonas (Jonas brothers) got handed to you. Being saved by Jillbot. Geez, when you are learn of not trust anyone. Especially jillian


I actually think it was smart for Jillian to say she would break the tie in favor of Alec… It’s good game play for her with Peter… She knows that it won’t be a tie vote so she is promising something to Peter that ‘hopefully’ puts her in his favor again.. don’t think its going to work – if he wins HOH the milkmance will go up… but why not try and keep Peter on her side…


i didn’t get why jillian promised peter that, but it makes sense now, she knows it’ll be 3-1. it’s ashame getting alec out will cost her the game. now she’s exposed as a liar. jillian should have waited to make deals with topaz until she was absolutely going to fall off.


Peter and Alec are so annoying. They think they played this great game but in reality they got played by Jillian and Emmitt and refuse to believe it. They have an ego the size of Canada. Cannot wait for the compulsive liar and his nerdy virgin sidekick to leave the house. The Shield!!! hahahahahhahaha…..So gay!


OK let me get this straight – Alec tells everyone to trust him because he is lying to Emmett and Julian about not going after them; yet he is trying to tell everyone that Jillian is a snake because she lied to Topaz and him. So going forward everyone will have to believe Alec’s lies instead of Jillian’s lies. Wow Alec, now I know that you are the brain in the house (sarcasm)

Karen April 10

Everybody is lying. Everyone gets forgiiven once the winner is revealed.


I’m surprised they didn’t have the DPOV last week for Gary …
Are they trying to save alec or are they trying to save Topaz during the double eviction ?
I wonder what happens if no one finds it lol or better yet if Talla finds it


what !?!? its a joke.. nvm lol


There is an unconfirmed rumour on the net that there is a DPOV in a tree in the backyard. I sure haven’t seen it.


You scared me with that DPOV pic, I looked at it before I saw where you wrote it was a OBB joke. Thanks guys, for giving a 23 year old a pre-mature heart attack.


Jillian is bothering me. She’s always like “I’m so fat” while constantly eating and picking at food all day long. Maybe its all the cuticles she eats, she always has her fingers in her mouth. Either stop fishing for compliments because you aren’t actually fat, or stop eating so much and you won’t feel so fat.

Also, the fact that Emmett has to coach her through her HOH as well as every strategic conversation is annoying. It would be nice if the live feeds showed something other than the two of them sucking face at all hours of the day, if I wanted to watch that I would put on something other than BB.

After the no-mance is split up this week, I want to see the milkmance broken up at the double evict. It would totally change the dynamic of the game, and the remaining HGs would have to jockey for position.


Totally agree. I mentioned the same thing in an earlier post. I think it’s time to split up E/J and let Emmett play this game without Jillian. I think he could go final two if he just takes his tongue out of her mouth long enough to focus on the reason he came in to this house – to win the money!


Alec planning his “last supper” (guess he’s not eating tomorrow) scheme with Peter is too funny. This guy actually thinks he’s a Dan Gheesling lol. These guys are like dumb and dumber. Clearly they still have not grasped that literally the entire house is against them at this point. I’ll give them an A for effort but an F for failing miserably on what should be perfectly obvious.
The more Peter speaks the more of a joke he becomes. Trying to sell his “plan” to Jillian is like watching a train wreck. Does this moron actually believe for a second that she would save Alec in a 2-2 vote?! Keep digging your hole deeper Peter, we are all amazed at your persuasive abilities.


have to agree with Name I hate wasting my time tuning in to the live feeds to have emmett and jillian at each other all the time. I just keep trying other cams until I get something why BB keeps switching the feeds to them is beyond me. and if they are going to make out ..make out..not this kissy kissy stuff that a 13 year old would do..that is what it reminds me of .


It’s too bad that Jillian and Emmett are so annoying when one of them has HOH because they grew on me last week when they were actually interacting and kidding around with other HGs.

Emmett is SO conceited about his ability to win HOH, I’m really hoping Topaz/Talla win and take him out so he can shut the efff up and stop trying to eat Jillian’s chin! He always seems to dismiss the girls in the house like they are totally irrelevant


LOL, Emmett will be livid if a player like Talla or Topaz ends up taking him out of the game!
The odds of that happening appears to be slim, but that will be epic television if that happens :))))


True that Emmit would be livid. Though I disagree it is unlikely, The fewer people plus floaters means danger zone for power players. Topaz or Lala can flip everything with a single HOH or POV especially from 5 down. Porcha made the final in her season. More bottle service guys? Or was that a private dance?


UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH!!!!!! I can’t stand Peter. He really thinks he is THE best. just because he won one POV, whoopty doo! and discounts Talla’s ability to win HOH, she’s come in 2nd 3 times, I wouldn’t discount her for anything..
and everyone says “oh Talla’s a floater, it’ll be pathetic if she wins” it’s actually more impressive if someone makes it to the finals without winning a single competition, rathar making it there winning everything.. In my opinion!! (:


I really hope that Jillian isn’t lying like she has been all week about saving Alec. I hope E/J get split up soon. I hate seeing them suck each other’s faces all day! Oh, and by the way, I thought that DPOV was real before I read that it was a OBB joke.


Yeah Simon doctor’d that up and tweeted it out .. then blamed it on the dawg… Funny joke .. unfortunately nothing is going to save Alec at this point ..


hahahhahahaa yall gotta watch the video where they are taking about Peter turning into a different person in the DR. Jill is crackin me up hahahahhaa “THE DEAL SHE IS OFFERING ME IS REDICULOUS!!”


simon and dawg yall almost give me a heart attack i thought dpov was for alec …… yall play to much lol


LOL ya it was a cruel joke… send all the hate mail to me..


Andrew really needs to give his head a shake. It’s too early to lock in with the Milkmance. What does he think is going to happen if he ends up final 3 and doesn’t win the last competition? D’uh!! Even if he ends up final 2, he would lose to Jillian, and it could go either way against Emmett. Andrew should be trying to leave other options open with Peter and Topaz, just in case. I am not even sure that getting Alec out is the best thing for Andrew’s game. It’s great for Emmett, not so much for Jillian. Emmett was going on about how Peter never wins anything. Emmett has won a couple of POV’s, but he hasn’t taken the blood on his hands except through Jillian. Andrew would be best off if he owns Talla and has options with both the shield and the milkmance. I think he is smitten with Jillian and wouldn’t mind losing to her. I hope that’s not the case because early on I liked Andrew for the win. The best thing for Andrew next week would be to have Emmett and Jillian on the block together and one goes home. If Peter, Andrew, Topaz and Talla were smart, now is the time to take power and split up the last pair or they probably won’t have a chance in winning.