Big Brother Canada Spoilers HOH Pictures Where’s Waldo

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: Alec & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week





11:34AM HOH Camera

They are taking pictures. each houseguest gets to dress up as Waldo.
At one point Talla asks them if she has a camel toe..


11:45am Andrew and Jillian

Andrew says that only him and JIllian are “two Timers” Meaning they’re the only players that have won a HOH each.

Andrew: “I don’t know what to do i’m starting to get freaked out.. I want to get rid of Alec.. I want to get rid of Topaz and I want to get rid of Talla”

Andrew adds if they make it to final 3 he’s flying alone so it’ll be tough to make it to final 2. Jillian says he’ll need to bring Talla with him. Andrew: “Not to final 3!” Jillian: “Ya I know just this far”

Jillian tells him if they get rid of Alec than Andrew can team up with Peter. Andrew: “But then i’m nervous about Peter going to the final 4 with us and winning”
Andrew says he having a hard time deciding who to take with him to the end Jillian or Emmett. Jillian laughs tells him to take her. Jillian: “You take who you think you’ll win”

Andrew explains that he’s nervous that Emmett and Jillian will take themselves. Andrew also points out that He’s won more HOH competitions than Emmett so he’s feeling like nobody will take him to final 2.

Andrew: “Talla is so self absorbed it drives me nuts.. Right now I can see her saying why isn’t this more about me.. Cause it’s not”






12:05pm Peter: “Another successful task complete”

12:25pm Hot tub Andrew, Alec and Peter

Alec offers Andrew a final 3 deal and says he’ll sit down on the last HOH competition. Andrew: “Why would you say that… It’s ridiculous” Alec explains that right now he’s going home so he has to do something to stay in the game. Alec points out that Topaz will offer him final 3 but he can’t believe her.

Alec says he’s told Emmett that he’ll throw the next HOH competition but he thinks he’ll tell Emmett his target next week is Talla, “But that will not be the case.. You (andrew) will never be the the target”

Alec says he’s sick to think he’ll be leaving before Topaz and Talla.

Alec will give Emmett the pitch that he’s going to throw the HOH but behind closed doors he’s going to tell Emmett he’ll be going after Talla and Andrew. (The reality is Alec is going to put up Emmett and Jillian.. )

Alec: “I’ve given up on Talla.. originally I wanted to bring you and Talla in and say lets take out Emmett and jillian.. but I don’t have that relationship with Talla.. and I wouldn’t ask you to do it”

Alec reiterates he’ll throw the entire final HOH if Andrew votes for him to stay. Alec: “Topaz will not offer you this deal.. if you have and doubts i’ll be 100% truthful to you.. this is a big move cause I know i’m out the door”

Andrew: “I don’t want people to throw things.. I hate that.. we’re playing a game lets play.. I understands what you are trying to do.. but still.. I have to think about it (Alec’s offer)”

Alec: “I’ve said it a million times in DR .. I don’t know what you are going to do but I know it’s going to be entertaining to watch I want to see what you are going to do”

Alec understands the halifax connection and if they vote him out next week he’s fine but he really doesn’t want to go out this week when there is other players not as good as him in the house.
Tom would say the same thing… I know what you mean”

Alec: “I’ll do whatever you want”
Andrew: “What do you mean.. rub my feet.”
Alec explains he’ll starget anyone he wants. Andrew: “Peter”
Alec: “Huh”
Andrew jokes says there isn’t many people left in this house
Alec: “I would rather stay than go”

Andrew: “Of course you would rather stay if you go you don’t have a chance for the money”
Alec:”It’s not about the money”
Andrew: “ Dude you’re crazy to say it’s not about the money.. your nuts”

Andrew points out that Alec has had some serious alliances in this game and Andrew has had none. Alec: “This is my proposal of a serious alliance”

Andrew starts bringing up all of Alec’s final 4 deals he had a couple weeks ago. Andrew thinks Alec is saying the same thing to everyone just to stay in the house.

Alec says that Talla told him that she’s targeting people that can beat her in competition plus Topaz told him Talla is after him. Andrew points out that everyone can beat Talla in a competition.
Alec says if he wins HOH he’ll put up Emmett and Jillian up, “This is not a vengence play at all this is me trusting you and me doing what is best for our game”

Andrew: “You’ve had an alliance with everyone else in this game and now I have a little power you offer me final 3”

Alec points out that Emmett and him have been working together since day 3 he would have never thought Emmett would turn on him but he did.

Alec: “If you don’t see the logic in keeping me than please tell me why”
Andrew: “of course.. “

Alec says he’ll tell Emmett that – If Topaz wins she’ll put emmett and JIllian on the block and Andrew is the replacement nominees He’s going to tell Emmett he’ll throw the next HOH

Talla and Emmett join them.. game talk ends for now..
(Alec’s digging himself deeper.. but at least he’s trying hard can’t knock him for that hats off to him. )

(Video Uploading.. It’s long)


1:06PM Topaz and Jillian

Topaz pushes the girls alliance says that Andrew, Alec and Peter are all in the Hot Tub plannign something. Topaz campaigns against Alec says he a big threat physically and mentally. Jillian tells her that the original alliance was Emmett, Peter and Alec. Once she won HOH Alec tried to bring her into the alliance. Jillian: “Why would they pick me over Topaz in the final 4.. I don’t even know you we’re not even friends”
Alec: “He’s not very good alt lying.. he says unreasonable things and people can catch on.. Umm OK you are going to throw HOH’s” They both Laugh. (How about throw the Final HOH.. LOL)
Topaz: “Emmett will be a idiot if he decides to keep Alec.. Alec hates Ememtt for not convincing Jillian to keep him off the block” Topaz tells her Alec will put be targeting Jillian and Emmett if he wins HOH and to start saying he’s going to throw the HOH comps is silly. “I’m not going to strand here and tell you i’m throwing HOH.. cause I won’t.. right now he’s desperate.. he’ll say anything and everything”
Topaz: “Still I am worried about the boys”

Jillian tells Topaz that Andrew wants Alec out more than anyone she highly doubtrs he’s vote Topaz out. Jillian says Topaz has nothing to worry about if it’s a tie Jillian will pick Topaz to stay. Topaz is certain Peter will vote for Alec and Topaz will vote for her. Jillian adds that Andrew and Emmett will be voting for Topaz to stay.

Jillian mentions that Alec has been campaigning hard making deals with people but he’s not talking bad about her.

Topaz: “If he stays he’ll be doing something with Peter and Andrew.. He trusts Andrew”
Jillian: “I don’t know why Andrew does not trust Alec.. “

(Videos uploading)


2:00pm HOH Jillian and Andrew

Jillian says that Alec is talking to everyone and is guaranteeing he’ll throw HOH comps and he’ll keep Jillian/Emmett safe.. “Blah blah blah final 4 blah blah blah”

They start to compare notes about what Alec is offering. (all outlined above)

Jillian: “I told Topaz that he plans to throw all the Head of Households and she laughed.. She said he’s lying to us all”

Jillian mentions that Alec has been telling them he had their back since day one. She calls this a load of Crap. “He’s telling Topaz that he hates me and Emmett and targeting us”

Andrew relays his talk with Alec (Pretty much sums the conversation that I transcribed above) Jillian laughs at Alec offering Andrew final 3 adds he’s saying the same thing to Jillian.

Andrew: “Lets end this right now.. he goes home we’ll take our chances with Topaz” Jillian agrees. They both think they can pull Peter into their group.

Andrew says he trusts JIllian more than Emmett only because he’s finding out about all these alliances Emmett had with Alec.

Andrew: “All I want to tell him is f*** off..” Andrew tells her that Alec is planning to put up Emmett and Jillian but say to them he’ll put up Talla and a pawn. Andrew: “This guy is a bone head get this.. he said he’ll throw the final HOH”

Jillian: “We might need to rearrange Talla with another player.. I don’t want Talla to win the game”
Andrew: “If we’re final four I’m choosing you and Emmett over Talla”
Jillian: ‘I’m 100% on board with that.. (wow surprised there LOL)

They see Alec coming up on the spy screen..
Andrew: “Why the f*** is he coming up here.. “
Jillian: “cause I hate him”
Now Talla joins them.

(Video uploading)


2:20AM Storage room Peter and Alec Alec tells him his “Play” .. Peter: “OK.. that’s a complicated plan.. ”
To sum it up Alec is going after Jillian and Emmett.. he’ll lie to everyone
Peter: “Makes Sense”
Alec: “It makes sense to me.. makes sense to Andrew to which surprised me because it’s a complicated plan”
Alec: “Emmett told me his ex girlfriend broke up with him because she said he was heartless”
Alec: “We’re not playing a game with people that do things that make sense.. otherwise I wouldn’t be going up”
Alec does say it’s a long shot but he’s not going out without a fight.
Alec points out that it might work because it’s a big move and Andrew always wanted to make a big move. (Andrew got out Gary and Liza two major players he’s already made some big moves)

(I won’t bother transcribing the rest the video will be posted. Still too early to call it but I’m pretty sure only a twist can save Alec. I want to see how Peter recovers from this)

(Video uploading)

2:45PM HOH Emmett, Alec, Peter

(Video uploading)

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I Hope Andrew is not serious about wanting to go to the final 3 with E/J, it’s like having a death wish. He seems to have a major crush on Jill that he cannot see straight.


I think he is realizing that sticking with Beast Coast guarantees him a 3rd place finish. He needs to line himself up next week to get rid of one of the Milkmance. Then the game is basically a free for all, with no remaining pairs – assuming Alec leaves this week (his current campaigning in overdrive almost guarantees this). A free for all will be more interesting for us viewers as well.


The theme is Andrew can only finish third with E/J. I don’t think that’s so. 1st off 5 left is a tricky HOH. 2 players can evict a 3 player alliance that week. One of the 2 wins HOH. They aren’t nominating thier partner. If POV is played the non 3 player alliance person not on the block goes up. Lets look at it this way. Talla goes out 6th. Topaz says I work with Peter. Nominates Emmit and Andrew or Jillian even better. Emmit wins POV and J/A have to go up. Emmit votes Andrew, Peter votes Jillian and Topaz sends Jillian home. There are senarios where both don’t play at F4. Next F3 Andrew wins HOH or POV he’s safe. The beastcoast has to bring a 4th if they survive F5 Simple the POV holder sends Emmit or Jillian home.

It is true that E/J are best positioned if they both get F3. No Garuntee of that. I can’t wait for Andrew to tell Emmit Alec little deal! As Simon said atleast he’s trying but boy is he bad at digging holes


That’s the one thing that bothers me about Andrew, he’s putting himself in such a horrible position by going to the final 3 with Jillian/Emmett. I don’t understand that kind of gameplay.


I understand why a lot of you guys might think it’s “Andrew Is Guaranteed 3rd Place” if he gets there with Emmett/Jillian. But is he really? Remember, all 3 of them are solid competitors. I 100% agree that If Emmett wins the final, 3-part HOH, he’ll bring along Jillian, and Jillian will bring along Emmett. Despite all that, Andrew will still have a fair and legitimate shot to win that final comp, as well. It’s not *all* about alliances, at that point. And let’s say Andrew *does* win the final HOH (assuming it all plays out that way, which is *far* from a sure thing right now.) Like Jillian just said to Andrew today, “At that point, you should bring along who you think you can most likely win the jury vote against.” For this reason, I don’t think Andrew is necessarily on a “fool’s errand” here. Is it an uphill battle for Andrew? Sure. But I believe *any* BB HG worth his salt, who is a solid competitor, would both “sign up for” and take a shot at winning the BBCA game from that position, on Day 1. They have an honest, one-in-three shot, at that point. And their fate rests in their own hands. Win that last comp? Final two, and a guaranteed cash prize.


I thought people said Andrew was gay and in love with Gary.. hahaha oh Trolls. Lets Go Beast Coast!!!!!!


I agree, Sara, but Andrew will take them to the final three, because he believes that they would take him. I would like to see Andrew win, but I think he will be the next to go. The good ones always get booted out first. GO ANDREW!!!!!


I would actually like to see Andrew get to the final two. The only way he is going to even stand a chance though is to go with Jill and Emmett. I know that may sound ridiculous but with them at least he can get a chance for final three and then he can fight it out but if he teams up with the Shield there is no way he will even make it to third.
All this crazy talk usually goes on just before a vote so I’m not too worried. Alec should be walking out the door on Thursday. Hopefully Topaz right after as long as neither her or Peter wins HOH or Veto. If either one of them wins then it vegenance time on Miss Jillian and she could very well walk out the door next.


It could be a smart move. He’s sticking with the only alliance left. E/J have bigger targets on their backs, and I think there’s a good possibility that one of them will leave soon. Andrew can go final two with the person left. It seems pretty safe to stick with the majority, and that is what he’s doing. I just don’t see E/J making it to final two, and I think it would be tough to make it to final three. Anyone who doesn’t target them next week (assuming Emmett doesn’t win HOH) is stupid.


What you said plus my previous comment. Add to it something I did not clearly state. E/J are way bigger targets than Andrew. He’s right to be leary of Peter worming his way in at 4 in place of Lala. If beast coast had the power best for Andrews game is Peter out at 6 Thursday. For my enjoyment of the show send the hoodrat to the Jury. Oh and Lala SHUT THE F UP!!! your going to get sent to the jury early because your ego is bigger than all of you!


if beast coast gets to final 3 and the hoh comp is trivia, andrew could definitely win and would get to pick who he goes to final 2 with. just looking at who’s in jury, he could potentially win! not many ppl in jury would actually vote for jillian or emmett in that scenario.


If the show follows the USA script the 3 part final goes like this. 1st comp is Endurance. Simillar to the iceberg HOH this week. The winner goes to the final comp. Then Part 2 plays out. The 2 losers from part 1 compete. This is a physical challenge and winner of this goes to the final comp beside the part 1 winner. Part 3 final the 2 winners play 7 questions. The winner of this comp chooses who they sit beside in the final vote from the jury.


Times like this I wish aj would have stayed cuz Andrew seems to be in love with e/j.


I think Andrews best bet is to team up with Peter and Alec and take out Emmet and Jillian and Talla.


Alec is starting to get pathetic. This is a social psychology Phd student? Pfffft… I doubt he’ll get any tenure after this pitiful performance.
Begging is not a good strategy Alec. Get it together.


I think most people would realize that alec is a person outside of the house, and he has plenty of time to prove himself and further his knowledge and experience in the field. I don’t think people are meeting right now and deciding to never give him tenure.


you are correct….but you are also forgetting that I don’t see how this WOULDNT hurt his career in some manner. Risky business….he better hope he is a top phd student so that it doesnt matter…


Alec knows that Andrew is in an alliance with Emmett and Jillian so why would you tell him that your gonna put them up next week if you win HoH. Smh the people that play this game.


Alec is getting a little pathetic, it’s like he’s starting to self destruct and I kind of have a hard time feeling bad for him when he really did put himself in this situation. He consistently put out weaker players (Suzette, AJ) and left himself in the house with pretty strong people. It’s unfortunate but the way he’s promising everything under the sun to Andrew is ridiculous and it’s not believable. I mean I get that he wants to stay in the house but this isn’t the way to save yourself, but then again he doesn’t have a lot of options, sucks for him.


I agree with you, but the problem I have is that he and Peter SINCERELY think they have a chance to swing andrew vote when they had a better chance at e/j and talla. They are crazy underestimating him, and I think that works to his favour so when Peter stays he won’t likely target him. I agree with what someone else said in that best chance for him is to go to final 3 with one milkmance and one floater? I thinkk Andrew is smart when he said he thought peter would win…which i think he is the only one in the house sincerely aware of how much of a threat peter is. I am thinking that he would be best to go with Jillian and one of the others, because he might not win endurance comp but he should be good at any mental or physical and that would probably give him the best chance at the final hoh comp!! If the first r second round final hoh is a face morph etc, I have a feeling that emmett could be really good at that if he doesn’t dq!! Andrew’s best chances are really to get emmett out before final 3.


i feel like if alec had kept his cool he would have gotten farther in the game but whenever he’s in an uncomfortable position he starts to panic and grasp at straws. When he approached Jillian in the HOH room that was the calmest I saw him in a while and the message he was trying to get across seemed to be working and came across more authentic.

I do appreciate that as of late it seems he’s not maliciously throwing topaz under the bus but just campaigning for himself to stay which I can respect more so that out right bashing.

Had he tweaked his game earlier and voted andrew out when the oppurtunity he would be in an entirely different position.


i like that they still include aj in all the HGs pictures lol he was featured in the vampire pictures last week too


Finally… some game play!!!!! YAY


how do you get the names wrong multiple times on every single article


Dude -they are doing this on their own time recaping the feeds..
who cares if a name is wrong – you can always figure out who they are taking about….. they are doing the best they can.
Thanks Simon and Dawg!! Appreciate the recaps!


Not certain, but it could be a reference to the 1:06 Topaz and Jillian conversation…a comment shows Alex speaking and I’m sure you intended it to be Jillian because Alex is not present…it was pretty obvious to me what was intended…your mind skipped to writing Alex because that’s who they were talking about. Such a minor slip. This is the #1 site in giving the very best updates. I am only responding because you asked the question twice. 🙂


ugh their arrogance kills me It makes sense to me.. makes sense to Andrew to which surprised me because it’s a complicated plan”
dude I don’t care if you have a phd…you are not outsmarting Andrew when it comes to bb….its already proven….and you don’t get to throw shade like that…ugh alec is annoying me more every minute he opens his mouth….i hope that theres no twist that saves him because I can’t handle it anymore…and it would be nice to see peter actually have to do some work besides taking himself off the block…im not sure why everyone thinks hes a genius I havent seen that in him…but maybe theyre just blinded by his nerdy persona? IAN was a genius….theres a difference….but he is trying to play a mighty similar game imo, only difference is ian pulled out the big guns…peter will have to as well if he has any chance!

Antony G

Ian was not a genius. Half the time he did not know what was going on. When Dan evicted Shane, Ian was wandering around in the background in complete bemusement. Ian played two roles: the snitch and the wallpaper.


LOL, Shane eviction. I need to see that again 😀


I have seen Peter’s ‘big guns’ – it’s an elastic slingshot thingy that is dedicated to a ‘woman he once knew’, who touched his leg and promised to be the best he ever had….. I think Peter is armed with self-aggrandized thinking. I could be very wrong – he may have more elastics with super-powers stashed away somewhere.


This week is a double eviciton, right? The houseguests don’t seem to have a clue about that part, I haven’t heard them discussing their plan if that were to happen. It’s happened before, I’d think they should be prepared for that option. Unless I missed something. I can only devote so many hours per day to keeping up with this nonsense! Obviously, I’d assume Topaz & Alec are out this week. Unless the survivor of the first round wins HOH then that’s gonna get interesting. I almost hope its Alec who wins HOH so that he can get Emmet and Jillian split up. I don’t know if Topaz would do that. I’m by no means an Alec fan but I’m really done with goody two shoes JIllian and Emmet.


The Shield is a joke. He doesn’t even know Andrew is in an alliance with E/J. Telling Andrew his real plan is just another in the long list of horrible strategic moves by Alec.

Mike Piff

I think it would be in Andrews best interest if he starts talking to Topaz. He should tell her after Alec is gone she will have nobody, Peter will have nobody, and he himself will have nobody to work with, and everyone knows jill and emmett will take each other F2 . Next HOH Jill cant play so it would be Andrew,Topaz, Lala, Emmett, and Peter playing for HOH. Say Emmett wins and puts up Topaz and Lala. Andrew win POV and doesn’t use it. Andrew and Peter Vote for Topaz to stay and send Lala home. No one will know they have a secret final 3 and they can always say Lala hasn’t won anything and you deserve to be here more than her hiding our alliance. Or say Its Andrew and Topaz in the end of the HOH he will throw it to her, she puts up Jemmett and no matter what one of them goes home because him and Peter will control the vote. Say peter wins he could put up Jill and Lala with chance to Backdoor Emmett. If Andrew wins he can put up Tala and Peter and everyone likes peter and he’s won something so Tala will go.

Andrew needs to float these ideas out there to Topaz for the rest of the week before Alec leaves. Then They need to go to Peter the night before Alec is gone and pitch the alliance. Andrew needs to create this alliance since he is already working with Jemmett and should know if he stays loyal to that F3 he is just the 3rd wheel. If they can keep it secret Andrew will be getting info from booth side of the house controlling his own destiny.

I dont like Topaz or Peter all that much but in terms of playing the game i think this would be a great move.


Hopefully Alec leaves, its his own fault since he voted AJ out. Then hopefully Topaz or Peter win HOH in the double eviction and get rid of E/J. That would be an extremely interesting F5 (Topaz, Peter, Talla, Andrew, E or J). Im rooting for Andrew but If one of Emmett or Jillian don’t leave in the double eviction he has virtually a 0% chance of winning. If miraculously A/E/J make F3 intact (which I think is near impossible), the first part of HOH is usually endurance so Jillian will win, then the second part is almost always a “see how fast you can do this physical/puzzle thing” and Emmett will win easily and Andrew gets 3rd. I hope if Talla wins the double eviction HOH that she doesn’t try to get rid of Topaz or Peter.