Alec says I want to be here next week to stick it to Emmett & Jillian, then win veto and put a nail in the coffin.

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: Alec & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 240pm

2:45pm – 3:05pm Alec and Peter are out in the hot tub room talking. Alec says that he wouldn’t mind being up against any of these people except for Talla. Alec tells Peter about how Talla was asking about what kind of tuna is this .. salmon. He then says that Talla saw the light mayo and asked if there was dark mayo. Peter and Alec laugh. Alec says I need to distance myself as much as I can for Topaz and let her and Talla drag themselves down. Peter says I cannot throw another comp, its like from here on out ..give it all you got. Alec says that he won’t try and sway Jillian but that he will let her talk to Emmett and see if she sees all the angles. Alec says I want to be around one more week just to stick it to Emmett and Jillian … and then I want to win the veto too just to put a nail in the coffin. And then everyone in the game will be coming after me. Alec says either way if I am in the jury house ..the game doesn’t end for me. Peter says yeah people under estimate the power of the jury. Alec tells Peter that him winning the Veto was good for him .. but that he still needs to win another. Peter says that all I need is to get in front of the jury to explain myself. Alec comments on how they don’t see our conversations. Peter says yeah we play this game on a different level. Alec says my game might be coming to an end. He says that he has to rely on logical thinking with them and honesty with Andrew. Alec asks what would you do if I left. Peter says he would put them two up (Emmett and Jillian). Alec says but what if you didnt win HOH. Peter says he would try and work with Andrew. Alec talks about Talla and says that she is irrational and can’t be trusted. Or we could just rely on the twist and GARY wins.. the first jury house champion ever. Alec says he wants to head inside. Peter says yeah unless you want to hang out with the Gary moose. They head inside: Peter has lunch and Alec goes to lay down with Topaz.

2:45pm – 3:25pm Meanwhile up in the HOH room Jillian and Emmett talk game. Video is uploading: Jillian comments that she can’t even look at Alec now that she knows what he is doing..

Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 315pm

3:30pm – 3:40pm Emmett and Andrew start working out. Emmett comments on how having me and you on the block at the same time is the worst case scenario. The best case scenario is only one of us is up on the block. Andrew says best case is we win HOH and then we just stay up there. Andrew says its is so awkward around Alec now. Emmett says that Alec is saying his target is Talla but I don’t trust him to go after her. Andrew says Alec told me he was going to tell you he is going after Talla but that he really wants to get you and Jillian out. Andrew says I just wanted to tell him Emmett and I are in an alliance. Andrew brings up how Alec said he isn’t here to win the money. Andrew says then walk the fu*k out! I am here to win, I am not here to throw anything! Talla comes over to ask them to come join her in the hot tub. They say in like 10 minutes. Andrew tells Emmett that Talla is crazier that a sh!t house rat! Emmett says that no one will ever give Talla or Topaz the win for the game. Andrew says we can’t have two floaters in the end.

4pm – 4:25pm Peter, Andrew and Emmett are working out. They go out to the hot tub room to see Talla for a few minutes. Talla asks when is April fools. Andrew says every day for you. The guys continue to workout. Talla is now in the pool. Meanwhile Jillian and Topaz are sleeping in the bedroom.

Big Brother Canada April 9 2013 420pm

4:30pm – 4:40pm Andrew and Emmett take a break from working out and talk game for a minute. Andrew says its funny how Peter is starting to work you.

4:50pm – 5:50pm Jillian goes to talk to Topaz in the bedroom. She tells Topaz that Alec has come to talk to her for the third time. She says that he is telling everyone different things and the exact opposite of what he tells another person. Topaz talks about how Alec didn’t want her to be with him so that he could game talk. She says and now he doesn’t want to talk to me. Alec comes in and leaves and they change the conversation. Jillian says that he is telling us that he wants to put up Andrew up and he is telling Andrew he wants to put up Emmett and I. Topaz says it is better to just be honest with people. Jillian comments how Alec did pitch you and Talla for the block this week. She says that she went into the storage room when Peter & Alec were in there and they were dead silent like they were talking about me. Jillian says that she isn’t even listening to Alec any more because he is shooting so much bullsh!t. Jillian says that the boys are scared that if we keep you there will be a girls alliance. Jillian says that I will not vote to keep him if its a tie.. but it won’t even come to that it is going to be 3 votes to get rid of Alec and one to keep him. Jillian says the only reason they are worried about a girl thing is because they are thinking of a guy thing. Jillian says if it all goes as planned then it will be 3 girls and 3 guys and I like that. Jillian asks Topaz did you ever notice with the people on the block the person that campaigns the most goes home. Jillian tells Topaz just know everyone knows what’s going on … you’re safe. Jillian heads out to the kitchen.

Video is uploading:

Random conversations on the other camera while Jillian and Topaz were talking:
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Yea Alec, your game is so badass. Get over yourself.


At first Jill and emmett were cute but now its just nauseating… Less make out pics would be nice haha


Saw Liza on Cash Cab the other day


LOL Was she really on it? I bet she failed.

Julie chen

They won over 1000$ dollars …


Alec and Peter got no one to blame but them self.


Excuse me… Alec and Peter are playing on a different level! hehehe They’re right about one thing it’s different. Come to think of it Lala is playing on a different level. Lala the liquior pig versus the dilusion twins!

Someone had said in a previous thread how bad the decision was to try and persuade Andrew versus Emmit and Jillian. I think they are spot on. Andrews vote does not matter if you presume Lala keeps her budy Topaz safe. It’s still the Emmit and Jillian show. Telling anyone in the house your putting up E/J next week is just plain terrible strategy. Where’s the feed of Andrew telling Milkmance. It’s going to be funny as h*ll.


Back in Week 2, I said that I thought Alec and Pater had a chance to be one of the *very* top alliances in BB history. Obviously, I was *totally* wrong on that score. And, while we do get some, “See – I told you all along that I was right!!!!!” posts here on OBB, I’ve noticed that we really don’t get too many, “Jeez, how stupid was I five weeks ago! What was I smoking back then!” posts. (And, just when you think that Alec’s numerous, last-minute “save himself” schemes can get no more pathetic, he outdoes himself, yet again, with his new, “Complicated Plan”, just told to Peter! Alec’s brain is now “melting down”, before our very eyes!) Therefore, as punishment for my grievous error in BB analysis, my goal for the last 3 weeks will be to discover/locate/eat a different species of “Canadian Crow” each day for lunch, until finale night. I believe “full disclosure” is good for the soul! 🙂


Has anyone else noticed all Jillian does is eat and stick her fingers in containers of food.She so grosses me out!


she used to be a guy


Alec is desperate..Alec is going to the jury room and he thinks he can sway everyone’s votes in the jury..Well AJ and Gary are there now..AJ is going to vote Andrew Gary hates Alec and wanted him out so yeah he is really going to sway those two Alec lost it on his own he himself is to blame for his downfall, he is blinded by his own self loving big feeling attitude he may rant and rave about being voted out before talla and Topez and by the way they can all make fun of talla but at least she has some personality..rather sit by talla any day on an overseas flight than with Peter or Alec…I can’t wait to see Alec walk out the door and they all scream to him “hey Alec don’t let the door hit you on the way out”..


I’d rather sit beside Peter. He won’t talk and unless they serve chicken nuggets I’m gonna get me 2 dinners while crossing the Atlantic. Peace, Quiet and extra food! No that’s good airplane! 😛


Oh man Andrew has some one liners….. crazy as a sh*thouse rat! ROFL
Another classic…. “Talla asks when is April fools. Andrew says every day for you.”hehehe

I cannot stop laughing at some of his observations.

I guess Beastcoast compared notes on Alec again. When playing “on a different level” don’t throw the folks you need to help you stay under the bus. Someone tell Alec if he really wants to be a great player go up to Jillians HOH room and threaten her again. Frankly rather than going on I’ll say this. Barring a special twist he can play before the eviction votes he’s played this week as badly as you can. I mean worse than even Tom.


It’s pretty much a guarantee that E/J and probably Andrew will be in the final 4.
Even if Peter somehow miraculously wins HoH on Eviction night and throws up E/J they still have a good chance of surviving. Mainly because Tala and Topaz suck at PoVs. For example: Andrew wins PoV, pulls down Jillian leaving Tala to be put up (doubtful Topaz goes up), that leaves Andrew/Jillian voting out Tala in a 2-1 vote.
Numbers really matter at this point, given that E/J and Andrew are strong in comps I don’t see how Peter/ Tala/Topaz have a chance.

Mike Piff

I think it would be in Andrews best interest if he starts talking to Topaz. He should tell her after Alec is gone she will have nobody, Peter will have nobody, and he himself will have nobody to work with, and everyone knows jill and emmett will take each other F2 . Next HOH Jill cant play so it would be Andrew,Topaz, Lala, Emmett, and Peter playing for HOH. Say Emmett wins and puts up Topaz and Lala. Andrew win POV and doesn’t use it. Andrew and Peter Vote for Topaz to stay and send Lala home. No one will know they have a secret final 3 and they can always say Lala hasn’t won anything and you deserve to be here more than her hiding our alliance. Or say Its Andrew and Topaz in the end of the HOH he will throw it to her, she puts up Jemmett and no matter what one of them goes home because him and Peter will control the vote. Say peter wins he could put up Jill and Lala with chance to Backdoor Emmett. If Andrew wins he can put up Tala and Peter and everyone likes peter and he’s won something so Tala will go.

Andrew needs to float these ideas out there to Topaz for the rest of the week before Alec leaves. Then They need to go to Peter the night before Alec is gone and pitch the alliance. Andrew needs to create this alliance since he is already working with Jemmett and should know if he stays loyal to that F3 he is just the 3rd wheel. If they can keep it secret Andrew will be getting info from booth side of the house controlling his own destiny.

I dont like Topaz or Peter all that much but in terms of playing the game i think this would be a great move.

Sir Peanut

Mike Piff I like how you think. The only problem with that plan is that the only one in that group than can keep a secret is Andrew and Peter. I like Topaz but she bleeds too much info.

Mike Piff



No, Topaz keeps info to herself. I think the only person she ever told info to was Gary and she told some things to Alec. So basically she kept info in her alliance (of course she has none now). She’s very cautious of who she tells things to.


I love how Andrew never consider himself a floater. Him, AJ, and Talla were all floaters and the odd three out of the game before Aj got evicted. Realistically Andrew won one HOH because the other was handed to him and one veto. I’m sorry but feel eveyone in the house deserves to win regardless who is in the final two. No one is better than the other. Dan barely won competitions and still won. That’s because he played a great social game. I just don’t respect the fact that Andrew and Emmett they basically have this game in the bag. Anything can happen in big brother and they really shouldn’t underestimate anyone. They all should be humble that they were chosen to play BBC and stoping saying one person deserves it more than the other.


Yeah I agree, I don’t get it, how can Andrew call Topaz a floater? Topaz hasn’t floated at all the entire game, she has always been on one side. Andrew/Talla/AJ on the other hand..


Alec is simply in panic mode and so desperate. He is so transparent although he thinks so highly of himself.


The night that everyone was freaking out thinking that Tom was coming back, I read on Joker’s that around 5:30 am the camera out back showed a close up of a tree (I think it said tree) with a veto in it. If this is true & it is still there then it would appear that production is hoping to save Peter & Alec if Alec were to find this veto. I haven’t heard anything else about this veto since. Has anyone else heard about this?


I would be skeptical about that unless I saw a video clip or screencap. Everyday I hear multiple rumours about a power, returning player, twist etc etc..


Alec’s great downfall was to try to hard to fast to prove or have someone else get rid of Topez. Whereas, Emmitt kept Jillian close. A/P should have ensured other relationships with people in the house instead of thinking they were safe. Alec, was so sure Andrew would be indebted to him for thowing him an HOH, which he knew was a double eviction and wouldn’t reap the benefits, which enabled him to win the next and $10 G’s. Peter at one point stated he would use this against Alec. Also, Alec thought because he voted out AJ, he’d have Andrew’s support. Well, this season happened to be about what the HOH wanted. J/E were smart enough to develop a relationship with Andrew during his rein therefore securing their safety. What did Peter and Andrew do during Andrew’s HOH nothing. They were silly enough to think they were safe. Isn’t this what Andrew said at the last HOH that Jillian just won. Why didn’t he stay and give support to Topez like Emmitt did for Jillian? Why, because he is a douch and really believed like LIza he has deals all over the place. Bad play. Just for the sake of the game I really really really want to see Jillian and Emittee up next week. I can see Emittee making it and Jillian falling apart. Maybe the girls thing may work out her but she isn’t very smart without Emmitt whipering in her ear.

Jillian is smart enough in her social game. She’s been the sympathetic ear for everyone in the house for the whole game when they’re sick or sad. If it ends up being a decision for the jury house between Jillian and Emmett, Jillian will have it. I love Emmett, but you can see all the players think he’s arrogant.


Jillian was not concerned when Talla drank too much. Peter and Topaz helped Talla. When Emmett got sick Topaz went to him. When Peter was sick Topaz went to him. And as for Emmett, well one of his girlfriends called him heartless.


Omg thank you ! I hated how talla kept thanking Peter for carrying her out when topaz cleaned her and changed her clothes when she was vomiting and was on her period -_- super disgusting and everyone gave Peter praise .
Sometimes these people bug me like Peter and Alec are super cold .. I don’t know how some people in the house converse with them and Jillian acts all caring but she’s really not ( I think it’s just the skills she learned as a teacher)
I can’t see Emmett being heartless , maybe an asshole lol


I noticed that also when Topaz went in the stall when Emmet was sick. I am not a Topaz fan but I think she is genuinely the way she and is not acting. When she is caring she cares, when she is mad she aims to hurt. I don’t like the way she is but she wears her heart on her sleeve and may not be the best for this type of game.


I noticed her helping Emmett too when he was puking in the bathroom and Topaz was rubbing his back. Topaz is a very emotional person. When mad, super mad. Very loyal (Gary), and empathetic (Talla, Emmett, Peter and Alec when Tom exposed him). These are great qualities of Topaz. I think having Alec leave will give her a new, fresh life and a good chance to turn things around and possibly make it to the end. If Topaz or Talla wins the next HOH, they need to put Emmett and Peter up.


There is no way one person could be as stupid as Talla is… has to be an act


I sure hope so, imagine our surprise if we find out on finale that this was all an act. With that being said I’m not holding my breath.


Alec is pathetic…he is grasping at straws…that is all.


What I don’t get about Alex is his clinging to the myth that it is Emmett who really wants him to stay. (must be a guy thing)…And it’s Jillian who wants him out.. When it is Jillian who has major doubts about him going. Emmett keeps pushing her to let him go.. Emmett did the same thing with Gary to get rid of Tom..My guess is Emmett has misted Alex.. I thnk Emmett’s hope is everyone in the jury house will blame someone other than him for being there.


I think smart game play would be to take one of these so called ‘floaters’ to the end… no matter who goes to the end with Talla or Topaz they stand a better chance of winning if the final two had one of them in it… Andrew vs. Talla or Topaz = Andrew wins, Emmet vs Talla or Topaz = Emmet wins, and so and so on… think perhaps Jillian would stand a better chance of winning it all if her girls alliance went through because then she’d be sitting at the end with one of them, provided neither of them wins anything from here on out, then she’d win… The only downfall would be if somehow the two of them made it to the finals… that would be laughable but based on Topaz in the last challenge she could win another HOH in the future…
The only one who seems to be using logic is Andrew… Hope he wins because his paranoid mind got him this far and he has won a bunch of competitions and his social game was subtle but strong…


Problem with Andrew/Topaz going to the end, would be…Peter/Alex/Gary votes for Topaz. ( not confident of Talla vote.) Too risky for Andrew; however with Talla he would most definately win. mho


Final three…………….
Marsha Moose
Gary Moose


Dawg probably won’t get any votes as usual lol j/ks


jillian kissing topaz ass so if topaz win hoh she would target the guys …. i think topaz will still put jillian and emmette up or emmette and andrew if she win hoh… ….


What is anazing to me is if peter/alec think they are playing like dan then how is it they haven’t figured out that andrew, jill and emmitt are alined.


Watching the live feeds … Alec talking to Peter…I cannot believe Alec is telling Peter how to save him!! Peter is to do all the begging and pleading for Alec, and Alec says “I’ll just hang out with Topaz.”!!!! Alec…you are a total crybaby loser.