Peter says Jillian isn’t smart enough to know what you are doing, she will take it as a threat.

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: Alec & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 240pm

2:30pm Andrew and Emmett are in the hot tub talking about the game and other random things. Andrew says that if we make it to the end I know you will probably take Jillian and she will probably take you .. which sucks for me. I have a difficult decision of deciding which one of you to take. Emmett says that he doesn’t think he can win against Jillian. Andrew says we will be friends no matter what .. it will just decide who buys the drinks.

Meanwhile in the bathroom Alec and Peter are in the bathroom. Peter says that he doesn’t think Jillian is smart enough to know what you are doing .. she will take it as a threat. Emmett my understand. If Andrew and Talla are smart .. and that’s a big IF.. they may understand it. Peter says its a bold move and I like it. They decide to head out to the hot tub room where Emmett and Andrew are to get some fresh air. They get their swimsuits on and get into the hot tub.

Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 3pm
2:55pm – 3:10pm They leave the hot tub to go get into the pool. Meanwhile Alec and Peter are in the bathroom talking. Alec says that with Andrew it depends more on if he is here to gain friends or win the money. Peter tells Alec to maybe say something like that to Andrew. Alec says that he will wait for him to come to him. Peter heads to the kitchen and takes out a pepperoni pizza. He then picks off all of the pepperoni and throws it out. Andrew comes into the bathroom where Alec is getting dressed. Alec tells him that he told Talla to come talk to him. Andrew goes to the bedroom and tells Talla that Alec told him to talk to her. Talla says yeah, I will talk to you later. Andrew jokingly asks should we keep him?! Talla says oh god.

Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 310pm

3:20pm Alec tells Topaz out on the backyard couch that he is trying to enjoy his last day. He says that he is going to go inside to think at the top of the stairs. He heads inside but sits on the living room couch to stare off into the distance. Meanwhile Andrew and Emmett start working out in the backyard. Andrew says oh god these people look god damn miserable.. they look like wounded animals in the wilderness. Andrew tells Emmett that Alec came up to him again to tell him that Talla wants to talk to me. For what, we’ve already talked about everything. Like what he’ll go after you and Jillian.

3:30pm – 4pm Peter talks to Jillian in the kitchen. Peter tells Jillian that during the dinner tonight Alec is going to pitch a speech tonight to get Andrew and Talla to vote for him to stay. He is going to put on a show that only Alec, Peter, Jillian and Emmett will know about. Peter tells Jillian to let Emmett in on it. Peter says that Alec is going to tell the house that he is going after Emmett and Jillian .. he is going to tell Andrew and Talla that they need to be on the right side. Peter says that when in actuality Alec and I will work with you and Emmettt to the final four. Peter says that even Topaz doesn’t know that Alec is going to do this tonight.

Big Brother announces that they are going to be on an out door lock down. Andrew wonders if it will be a Canada’s vote. They all wonder what is going on. (I think it will be the sumo wrestler / ninja’s vote to release some of these fighters into the house.) In the kitchen Jillian tells Emmett and Andrew that she juse heard something super crazy. She tells them she will tell them later. Alec comes through the kitchen and tells Peter that he needs to talk to him outside really quick. Alec tells Peter that he doesn’t think it is a good idea to do the speech at the dinner tonight. Peter and Alec talk it over and agree not to do it.

4pm – 4:30pm All the house guests are out in the backyard on the out door lock down. Andrew and Emmett continue to work out. The others talk about random things on the couches. The door opens up to let the house guests back inside the house and they find that it was for nothing..

4:40pm – 5:10pm Emmett goes up to the HOH room with Jillian to talk to Talla. Talla tells Emmett his conversation with Alec. Emmett shares his conversation that he had with Alec. Emmett says that Alec said he would work to get rid or Talla and Andrew. Talla says that Alec said he wants to expose Jillian’s lies .. she has lied 5 times this week. They talk about how Alec and Peter are trying to emulate Dan Gheesling. Emmett says that Dan did every thing to lie and scheme to get out of things and never tried to win competitions. Jillian says that she is worried that if everyone freaks out during his speech then maybe Big Brother will give him a Diamond Power of Veto. They want drama. Emmett asks what speech? Jillian says that he just wants to expose me. Talla says he wants to expose all Jillian’s lies. They talk about not even responding when he does his speech. Jillian says that he is disgusted by Alec and can’t look at him… he is so fake and phony. Andrew comes up and is annoyed he has to help make dinner for Alec’s last night. Andrew sits down and Talla fills him in on what Andrew said. Emmett heads downstairs. Talla finishes telling Andrew what Alec told her and then they head downstairs to make spaghetti with Alec for his last dinner.

Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 531pm
5:25pm – 5:53pm Jillian goes up to the HOH room to tell Emmett about what Peter told her about Alec’s plan. Emmett wonders if its to see if you tell Andrew and Talla. Jillian thinks it just to save Peter’s game after Alec leaves. Emmett says we should just all get up and leave the table when he does it. Peter comes up and Emmett says ah fu*k off! Emmett runs into the bathroom. Peter tells Jillian that the show is off for tonight.. it was too big of a risk .. he didn’t want to risk you guys thinking it wasn’t fake. Emmett comes into the room and Peter tells him the plan and how its now not going to happen. Emmett points out that Topaz would rip him a new one. Peter says that he wanted to fill them in to build trust with them. Peter says that Andrew would not be the target next week.. Talla would be because she does not deserve to be in the finals. Peter says that if I win I am fully comfortable of playing for Jillian and doing what she wants. Peter says if the plan works, Andrew will have to go out fifth. Peter says that he will have one more conversation with Andrew and Talla and tell them that I am coming after you two. I just have to do my best to save Alec. If you can think of something more creative then I would be receptive to it. Emmett says right now Topaz is calm and quiet .. it would be interesting to see him wake the sleeping dragon. The conversation turns to talking about what the HOH competition might be this week. Peter heads downstairs. Jillian says the show is called off. Emmett says it was a stupid idea.. Topaz would fly off the handle. Jillian says that why would he have to do it publicly .. he doesn’t trust us. Emmett agrees that he doesn’t trust us. Jillian says just the fact that they were thinking of doing that show he doesn’t trust us. Emmett thinks he will talk to Peter tonight .. then says tomorrow night about how he needs to think about his own game. Emmett explains to Jillian that if him and Andrew get put up on the block they need her to win the veto so that she can take one of us off and still protect herself from being the replacement. They head downstairs..

Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 530pm

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uggggh alec and peter make me want to poke my eyeballs out……hoping that double eviction starts sooner than later so we dont have to deal with them anymore….can not WAIT for them to eat crow when they watch the show and see how douchey they seem!…although alec will still probably get why people dont like him and think he was just too smart…hes not much diff than tom and liza hahaha


Peter and Alec are so pathetic. I feel like they watched too many seasons of BB with Will and Dan and now think they’re some master players. This is what happens when you try to emulate someone instead of playing for yourself. Now they’re so up their own asses that they think their plan is too smart for people to get it? Oh please, your plan just sucks.


I’m so glad E/J/A/T share the info they get out of those two morons, do they really believe they’re fooling anybody and none of them are sharing stories? A dinner speech?? Wow, if that’s what Dan’s book was about then what a rip off! I’m still rooting for Andrew, he knows what’s going on around him and isn’t scared to make a move when he has power…plus we don’t have to watch him being all kissy face with anybody, E/J really grosses me out, I can’t even watch when they’re together anymore.


The best part of Alec being evicted will be not having to watch him walking around like he just had anal surgery.


You noticed the way Alec walks too. I think it looks like he has jock itch.


Dan was probably one of the best players to play this game and what made dan an awsome player is he could read the house and make them believe what ever he wanted that left us amazed he got away with it. He also could adapt to any move even when the turned on him. Peter isn’t dan he isn’t fooling anyone and in fact they are clueless about the rest of the house he is so unaware of the alliance of four. Openly going after E/J is a move dan would never make.


This Alec and Peter make me sick with their lies and how they think they are so smart. These two morons are nothing like Dan G. or Dr. Will they could not play half the guy Will and Dan did. They both need to go. Canada would never save one like Alec he need to get a brain


I wish the double eviction was tonight so these fake Dan’s can chill in the jury house asap. The Shield has always been all talk and no action.


Enough over analyzing everything!! Let’s get this double eviction of Alec andTopaz over with already!!!! Sheesh!


the thing that bothers me the most about alec is the constant drinking out of the water bottle and the snapping of the lid..annoys me like crazy.


The jury house pictures make me smile.
I hope once they’re all out of the pressure-cooker fishbowl they decompress & make the most of that part of the experience.
With no competition, they can just BE.
I hope the Jury does themselves & the game proud with a cool-headed decision.


OMG Alec was almost crying..he is speaking to Andrew and just told him if he (Alec) got to the final two he knows he would win it. Andrew questions him why he thinks that .Alec replies because he took Peter this far and Topez this far..News flash alec when I went to school the majority vote wasn’t two people. Gary isn’t voting for you Aj wouldn’t vote for you Jillian wouldn’t Emmett wouldn’t Andrew wouldn’t and I dont belive talla would either so where the hell do you think you are getting the votes..he is so f’n sure of himself it is turning my stomach..but he does admit that his biggest mistake was not voting andrew out when he had the chance..ahhh duhhh..backfired he thought he was being such a big man not following Topaz..and that is where you lost it all Alec..your ego and self centered brain couldn’t think past your self inflated you are the man image you think you project..I can’ t wait until he goes…time to go back to school alec and retake your social psych courses and actually listen and learn this time.


I think you’re too emotionally involved. You don’t even know these people. Wow. Maybe you should find a hobby.


That was kind of mean and unnecessary!


First of all, I don’t recall Dan or Will, telling other players their plans. Alec and Peter are no Dan and Will.

Secondly, Alec doesn’t like the lies Jillian has told? What about all the lies he tells? Is he the only one in the house that is allowed to lie? What a hypocrite!

Thirdly, Peter seems to be a stoolie for Alec. Instead of thinking and planning ahead for his own survival, he is doing Alec’s campaigning and lying for him. Maybe if he could see the light and realize that Alec’s ship is sunk and his own is in jeopardy, he would align with the others and try to play his own game.


Man, Alec has been making *so* many different “pitches” for himself to stay in the house this week (with still another pathetic, “Last Supper” attempt coming at dinner tonight, since “none of my other pitches have worked!”), I feel like I’m watching a baseball game!!! At this point, all Alec is doing is humiliating himself even further. Dude, the house’s votes have been etched in stone, for *days* now! You’re gone!. Besides, if our resident PhD candidate is *so* brilliant, then why is he now resorting to recycling Dan’s “funeral” play? Even worse – Alec isn’t even copying it correctly! Dan made his own big play *before* the POV ceremony, resulting in then-HOH Frank instructing then-POV holder Jenn to save Dan with her veto. Dan’s true brilliance was that he *only* had to sway *one* person’s opinion – Frank’s (and he succeeded) – *not* the entire house. Alec, like Kenny Rogers sang, “You gotta know when to hold ’em – know when to fold ’em!” Why not just enjoy your last night, chill, and cuddle with Topaz one final time?


oh ghggggg, I do have a life ..unfortunately it is bed rest presently as I am pregnant with twins. Obviously you are an Alec fan..probably related, but what is your excuse you are on the site reading the updates may I ask what your hobby is?


Andrew is a windbag.

Bill from Halifax

If Peter has anything to be embarrassed about, it is leaving the house with LaLa still inside. Seems in BB almost every year there is a person in the house after halfway that has no reason whatsoever for being there. They win no comps, they have no strategy, they contribute nothing, they are an irritant… and yet they are STILL in the F’ing house. Of all those people LaLa is the worst of the Worst


Talla talking to Jillian and Topaz:

— snip on —
So pretty much it’s my turn to ta…
So as soon as I’m dooone
It’s pretty much pretty much it’s HIM talking
(garbage garbage)
So I’m in the washroom as soon as I’m the washroom
Trying to make Trying to make other conversation
I was like “Ok Ya you can use now next time you can let me know when you’re outside the door”
But then he’s like so that he turns He doesn’t look at me obviously leave over Topaz right?
— snip off —

Holy mother of god.