Emmett to Alec “The funny thing.. if Peter had used the Veto on you Topaz would probably go home”

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: Alec & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week



12:10am Kitchen
Andrew mentions bathing in the nude. Jillian saying that you can’t even shower in the nude. Emmett: “Hey legit.. If I stand up there with the cameras I can see everything her bra.” Andrew: “What! you can’t shower in the nude!” Emmett explains that in the HOH room you cannot shower in the nude or the camera can see you. Jillian: “I’ve been naked in the shower all this type and yesterday Emmett looked up where the camera was and said he could see everything”
Andrew: “Hey there’s more hooch.. perfect.. I’ll just be at the hot tub.” Alec, Emmett and Andrew head to the hot tub.


12:16am HOH Talla and Topaz dancing
They are listening to Jillian music and dancing

Topaz starts dancing around like crazy. Talla: ‘Oh my god what are you doing.. what a fail what a fail.. that sh1t was wild.. Topaz do you do that in public”
Topaz: “No.. I do that at home”
Talla: “You gave the fan a lap dance.. ”
Toapz: “that’s what I do in front of the mirror at home”
Talla: “FAIL.. you traumatized me.. you were jumping around like a monkey”
Talla takes her turn dancing..

They decide to have one of them dance outside while the other sits in the HOH room and watches the spy TV. They are ranking each other 1-10 based on their performance.
Talla finishes a dance asks Topaz how she ranks
Topaz: “it was a 8 you looked like a dunken fool out there”
Talla: “Ya that happens sometimes”
Topaz dances
Talla ranks her 7.7 but say’s her eye’s looked great..
Talla screams: “We need another 26 please BIG BROTHER thank you”

(These two are the only ones acting up with he alcohol. Talla is saying BAM BAMMING and Fail every other second)



12:45AM Hot Tub Andrew, Emmett, Jillian, Andrew chatting about going to bars drinking… Andrew and Jillian head to bed.

Alec: “They still dancing?”
Emmett: “I can’t handle listening to her right now”
Alec: “Seriously I cannot handle her some days”
Emmett: ‘you think she is putting on a act”
Alec: “Ya.” Alec brings up some times when Talla asks questions and you think she is brain dead. Emmett mentions that earlier that day Talla thought there was black mayonnaise.

Alec: “She entertains a certain subset of the Big Brother Fans.. if it wasn’t for her it would be a bunch of talking and hanging out.. That’s what I like” Alec asks him if thinks the fans like the showmances.. Emmett doesn’t know he liked the showmances on Big Brother 7. Emmett talks about Erika and Boogie and how they hooked up the night after the show.

Alec says that Topaz told him her strategy was to nap. Emmett: “I can’t believe that it’s bizarre”

Alec: “The dumbest thing I ever did was vote out Aj and Keep Andrew”
Emmett: ‘That f*** you man”
Alec: “I still really liked Andrew”

Alec says he had a legit break up with Topaz but then it felt weird not having her around. Emmett asks him if Topaz is made at Jillian. Alec: “It’s hard to say.. She has the capability to win”

Alec says they got too comfortable in their final 4. Emmett mentions how he was told that Alec, Gary and Topaz had a deal and they were targeting me.
Alec: “You know me man I wouldn’t be doing that”

Emmett: “Who would you nominate next week”
Alec: “Talla against a pawn.. or you can toss me up against her.. I don’t think she should be here.. her being in here doesn’t hurt our game”
Alec: “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I’ve been down lately.. Cause I look at Talla and to a lesser extent Topaz and I know they will finish ahead of me.. What the f*** man I don’t like it”
Alec: “Does Jillian Trust me now”
Emmett: “I don’t know.. I don’t know if you have Andrew or Talla’s vote”
Alec: “It’s probably not in their best interest to keep me”
Alec tells Emmett he would not put Emmett up, “I’m on the block and I don’t know why.. where did we go wrong”
Alec wants Emmett to convince Andrew and Talla to vote to keep Alec, He thinks that Emmett could convince them by saying Topaz is just napping her way through this game. Emmett doesn’t think it’s possible. Emmett explains to him that after this week regardless of what happens it will be 2 vs 2 vs 2.
Alec agrees.


Emmett: “How much do you trust Peter in this game”
Alec: “I trust Peter 100% and I did trust you 100% ”
Emmett mentions how Peter told him that Alec was acting weird this past week. Alec says it’s “kinda sad” to hear that because he trusts Peter since the beginning.

Emmett: “The funny thing.. if Peter had used the Veto on you Topaz would probably go home”
Alec wants to know why people want him out. Emmett says that he’s a competition threat, Trust and he’s won 10 grand. Alec understands what Emmett is telling him there’s no way Alec can convince Andrew and Talla to change their vote so his only hope is Jillian.
Alec:”If you leave Topaz in the game it could potentially be bad for you game”

Alec pushes that Talla will be going after them next week he’s convinced Talla will not target Topaz. Alec says if Talla wins HOH she won’t use it to take out Topaz

Alec: “What the f*** are you afraid of her for. ”
Emmett: “You have to understand this is not my decision”
Alec thinks that it will be obvious this week Topaz and Talla will buddy up and you’ll know that she won’t target topaz.


Sounds like Talla is out of smokes. She says that the diary room will give her nicotine gum if she really needs them. Topaz suggests she search around for butts. Talla: “Gross Fail”

Topaz: “You could get one puff out of it”


1:30AM Hot Tub Room Talla and Topaz drunk talking about cigarettes
Topaz: “Alec hates her (Jillian).. if he wins those 2 are going up”
Talla: “ya I know”
Topaz: “If one comes down he’ll put you up as a replacement”
Topaz explains if its Talla Vs Jillian than Alec will want Jillian gone but if it’s Talla vs Emmett talla will be the target
Talla instructs her to really work on Jillian she needs to work the angle that it’s girls vs the boys.
Alec joins them and they chit chat for a bit..
(I miss the stooges 🙁 )


2:00AM HOH before falling asleep Emmett and Jillian have a conversation about who should go this week. (It’s very hard to hear becuase the fan is blosie on them)

Jillian: “I feel really bad when I talk to them”
Emmett: ‘Don’t worry about it it’s only game”
Jillian says she feels bad for both nominees and she finds it hard to even talk to them about general life. Jillian wishes she was more like Talla in the house being fun and happy. Emmett: “She’s not fun or happy she’s annoying”
Jillian: “Can I have a easy week where I put up Suzette and AJ and no one hates me.. like Alec did”
Emmett tells her from here on in there is going to be pissed off people the only thing they can do is keep care of themselves.

Jillian says the thing she thinks is beneficial for getting rid of Alec is it leaves Topaz and Peter and they are not very strong together. Jillian thinks with Alec gone the house will break up a bit more and they would have the their 3 still. Emmett mentions that they would have 4 if they include Talla. Jillian doesn’t know if Talla will go with them, ‘Did you see her with Topaz today”
Jillian: “Peter might join our side and it would be the two girls we’re against”
Jillian: “Maybe it’s better to just get rid of Alec”
Emmett: “Yup”
Jillian wonders if Peter would put Emmett and Andrew up if he won HOH next week. Emmett doesn’t think so. They both agree the two girls would go up.

Emmett: “He’ll be mad right away it’ll take him a couple days to turn around” (Double eviction)

(Video uploading)

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I would like to see Alec go Thursday then Topaz go in the double eviction. Then I would like to see Peter go next, then Talla. I would like to see E/J and Andrew in the final 3. For a final 2 I would like it to be E/A. Not really caring who wins it because I like them both. East Coast 4 The Win!


I agree 100% and don’t care how “boring” The Shield fans think it will be if it happens that way. It won’t be boring to me, that’s for sure. Each week I see one of them leave will be a blast!


how would it be interesting though…? it’d be emmett and jill making out all the goddamn time (they still do now but this would be ALL THAT IS ON THE FEEDS AND SHOW)


If emmitt wins i wonder who he will put up i just don’t see him putting up peter since he wants to work with him instead of talla


If we were heading for a regular week Emmit would talk with Andrew about whether it’s Tallas time to go and ride Peter as the 4th wheel. Assuming Emmit wins HOH. This is likely Q&A and might be Andrew needing to win Thursday. Emmit may get a short Physical POV since these events are taped earlier. Lets say Emmit has a couple minutes as HOH to nom. If he goes to Jillian he knows who he’s putting up. If he checks with Andrew it may be seeing if Lala an option.
So here is the bad news as I see it. We get a luckbox winner. Perhaps Topaz or even Lala. I think the convo is dead wrong. Peter will nominate Andrew plus Jillian or Emmit. Topaz puts E/J up. Lala your guess as good as mine. If Andrew gets her ear instead of Topaz then Topaz/Peter. It’s a crap shoot with dingbat! Lastly Andrew is straight Peter/Topaz. Might not be a good hour for the beastcoast Thursday. My prediction is milkmances gets split up.


Getting rid of Alex breaks the very strong alliance of him and Peter. Plus at the same time breaks Alex shomance alliance with Topaz.. Major move.. Wish she could she it that way instead of wondering how it will reflect on her image of being miss goodie two shoes.. Which she it not…


wait…what…?? the shield has fans??? ha ha


K It’s not a difficult decision. Get rid of Alec. End of story.


Peter would be stupid to try to align with Emmett over the long term. Emmett is already in alliances and he already broke his alliance with Peter. Its gotta be clear by now to Peter that he needs to win HOH and if he does, he needs to take out Emmett or Andrew. If Peter is truly a big game player, he’s gotta know that if he doesn’t make a big game move, Emmett or Andrew will take him out. Emmett may want to take out Topaz out before Peter, but that still puts Peter out of the main alliance. If Peter doesn’t make a big move, I just don’t think the jury will believe Peter if he says that he made it to the final based on strategy, versus being a floater. He would lose if he were up against Emmett or Andrew, and it would be close if it were between him and Jillian. Why would Peter want to take out Topaz and Talla if his best shot of winning is going up against either of them?


Not sure about how a feel about Emmett. Sometimes I feel like he tells the HOH who they should put up and he tells the other house guests how to vote. I think he is riding on the back of Jillian’s coat tails. Don’t like thinking that he may be controlling the house, maybe it is time for him to go. Still with Andrew to win.


Jillian is truly an idiot she’s willing to get rid of Talla over Peter the one person who wouldn’t put her up. She’s playing Emmett’s game for him taking out people who wouldn’t take him to the end. Did the same thing to aneal and Liza two people who weren’t going to put her up. Jillian wants to be the last girl with a group of guys in the end cuz that strategy has worked so well in past seasons. Dumbass.


Thank you so much for the great job you do! You have allowed me to watch a ton of conversations that I would otherwise have missed. I know it must be a lot of work, and I just wanted to let you know how valuable a part of the BBCan experience you are, for me and for a ton of other fans, as well — I see your vids embedded all over the place, and everyone knows this is the place to come to find what you’ve missed on the feeds. Muchos gracias!!


Alec needs to go him and Peter think they run the house they have said this the whole season. Topaz is just a wearing blinders when it comes to Alec she needs for get about her image (cause the image she has is not good). I don’t think it will be boring if Alec leaves can not stand watch him be a crybaby, or the control freak he is have not cared for him the whole season. Peter who he only yells in the Dr. and yes he won a POV when his head was on the block. Big deal.

Andrew has been playing the best game of any of them this pass few weeks.