Andrew says I want to make a toast tonight.. Alec I AM VOTING YOU OUT!

POV Holder: Peter Next POV April 13th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 8th
HOH Winner: JILLIAN Next HOH: April 11th
Original Nominations: ALEC & PETER
Current Nominations: Alec & Topaz
Last Evicted Houseguest GARY
Have Nots No havenots this week

Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 6pm

5:50pm Alec tells Andrew that Jillian is a liar and I don’t believe for a second that she will vote to keep me if the vote ends up being two to two like she says she would. Alec says that if he stays he will go so hard for the HOH and that he will put up Emmett and Jillian on the block. Andrew asks him so if you are telling me this, what are you telling them? Alec says that he is telling them that I would nominate you and Talla with Talla being the target. Andrew says well that’s not believable. Alec says yeah, and I shouldn’t have told them that because I know they wouldn’t believe it. Andrew says that he is getting sick of talking about it, I am a grown man and I can make my own decision. You have talked to me now three times. Alec says yeah but this time its different. Andrew says no its not. Andrew says I know you voted to keep me and you probably think that was a stupid decision. Alec agrees and says yeah you’re right it was. Andrew tells Alec to stop telling people that you don’t care about the money money because that is a lie, you have bills you need money just like the rest of us. Alec says I want the title, I have been watching this since I was thirteen. If they had a competition to say how much of the money I would give up .. I would give it all up. Alec says that if I make it to the end I will win. Andrew asks him to repeat himself. Why do you think you would win? Alec says I have carried Peter to this point and Topaz… I have been in an alliance with Emmett since day 3. Alec admits that throwing the POV competition to Peter was the biggest mistake he has made. I wish I hadn’t done that! Alec says no matter what we will still be friends. Andrew agrees and says its just a game.
Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 610pm

6pm – 6:20pm Andrew and Emmett head out to the hot tub room to talk. Andrew tells Emmett his conversation with Alec. Andrew ends the conversation saying he is this close to saying Alec, Alec stop it I AM VOTING YOU OUT!! Andrew then heads up to the HOH room to tell Jillian his conversation with Alec. Andrew says I want to make a toast tonight.. Alec I AM VOTING YOU OUT! Thanks for making this meal ..that I made! Jillian says the only scenarios they are throwing out are if Topaz or Peter wins. What about if we win! Andrew says at least I know you guys are being honest with me.
Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 620pm

Video of the above conversations is uploading:

6:30pm Emmett and Andrew are watching Topaz and Talla play puck ball. Peter is watching from the kitchen. Jillian is cooking. Alec is out in the backyard kicking the ball around by himself.

6:40pm – 6:50pm Andrew and Talla go out to the hot tub room to talk. Andrew tells Talla about his conversation with Alec and about how he was crying.

7pm Peter and Alec.. Do you think they are done pitching ideas to save Alec?
Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 655pm

7pm – 8pm Big Brother gives the House Guests BEER & Wine! They call Andrew to the storage room to get it. All of the house guests are excited. Talla asks do you want to play spin the bottle? Andrew says no .. cuz I don’t want you to stick your tongue in my mouth again. Jillian starts asking and worrying about if there are naked photos of her on the internet now because she had a couple close calls. The house guests continue to drink and talk about random things. Talla keeps asking if they will get more alcohol.

Big Brother Canada April 10 2013 715pm

Part 2 of the Dinner:

8:40pm – 9pm Big Brother calls Andrew to the storage room and he finds the they have given them another bottle of wine. He hides it in his pants and pulls it out when he gets closer too them. The other house guests are excited. Andrew tells Talla that she needs to slow down. Talla tells him to never tell her what to do again. The conversation turns to talking about engagement rings and whether the price of it matters. Talla and Topaz says that the price doesn’t matter but Jillian says the price matters especially if the guy makes a lot of money but buys a cheap ring. Peter says that if the price of the ring matters ..then the relationship will fail. They other agree with him. Andrew asks who here has bought a ring or been given one. Only Topaz puts up her hand, she says but I didn’t want to accept it and I made him return it after. Peter asks if they would want to go pick out a ring or be surprised. Jillian says that she would rather be given an ugly ring than a ring she knows about. Peter says I think if you love the person and you are given an elastic band with a button on it you should be happy with it. Peter says that he wouldn’t wear a wedding band.. I don’t like jewellery. Topaz says you will have to wear it! Peter says I wouldn’t marry someone that would need me to wear a wedding band. Andrew, Alec and Emmett head out to the hot tub. Jillian, Talla, Topaz and Peter continue to talk about weddings.

Part 3 Dinner and Drinks:

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Hahah I love how real Andrew is, I hope he wins!


Can’t Alec tell that Andrew is getting fed up with him trying to tell him what’s best for his game. Alec should have shut up and he might have stayed now the only people who might have kept him will vote his as* out. It’s funny to watch though.


Funny you said that… social psychologists working on his PHD making basic mistakes. God save us from pseudo scientists like Alec.


Why don’t they just tell the guy he going home for God’s sake so he stop all his pathetic campaigning. Of all the BBs I watched this crew is the most wishy washy when it comes to letting the nominees whats what. Just tell him he’s fu%*ed and be done with all the scrambling and annoying lying he’s doing. At least tell Peter so he can distance himself from his douchebag partner.


Andrew wants to badly tell Alec he is going but Andrew is covering his butt if there is a “twist” and Alec somehow stays….If Andrew tells him “there’s no way i’m voting for you”, and he stays, and Alec wins HOH, he might put Andrew up….So basically, Andrew is covering all angles.


this is getting sad 🙁



I can’t get enough of this drama. Rats in a maze have more sense than the shield. Alec lost on many fronts, from using Topaz, crying over the shower scene and accusing Tom to lying to everyone now. Everyone is tired of his face and his lies.
Peter, my original favourite annoys me so much! Puppet master thinks he controls anything from the couch???? He is actually creepy looking sitting there in silence and watching every move others make. I would have nightmares if I was with him in the house.
Team Andrew all the way!


Off topic…live feed…spaghetti dinner. Another night of watching Alec eat like a freakin’ caveman!!!


Talla is so flipping annoying,she would make me choke her out!Just shut the hell up and let others speak.


ONE HUGE POSITIVE: He’s got a shirt on. Deadmance.


It took seven weeks, but watching Alec slowly implode is what BB is all about to me. If you’re gonna be faker than a three-dollar bill, you’d better be committed to the bit. It’s the difference between being Dan or Dr. Will and being laughed out of BBCAN.


Awkward Adolescent

When ever i look at the douches Alec and Peter it makes me puke a little.


I hate how smug the East Coast Alliance is being right now, I wish there was a way to shake them up or we’re in for a pretty boring last few weeks!


Andrew is a windbag.


Andrew is so annoying. He’s using the fact that Alec will take Peter to the finals against him, yet he can’t see that Emmett and Jillian would take each other? I mean, Emmett and Jillian seem waaaay tighter than Alec and Peter.


I think he’s well aware of this he just has to take things one at a time. Right now the Beast Coast alliance is working for him but if he wins HOH next week he has no use for it and will put Jill and Emm up. If he doesn’t then I will wonder what the hell?


I am in agreement with the majority today. Way too much lying and foolish game talk. Alec needs to make Topaz lose her composure so she does something stupid and they decide to vote her out just for peace sake. I’m thinking it’s time to just watch evictions and nominations because there is no need to know everything that happens at this point. Be kind to 1 another my fellow bloggers.


I think with Alec gone we will see a total shift, Andrew is playing smart..he knows he has Talla and I think he will have Topaz, they take peter out in double eviction with a Talla win topaz wins puts up Jillian and Emmett ..Jillian isn’t great at anything but the endurance but has to compete with Topaz , I am sure topaz will hold on this time. Out goes Jillian..would like to see emmett play the game without JIllian I honestly don’t think he needed her in a showmance with him to get this far, the showmance did more for Jillian than emmett. Emmett and Andrew in the final.


Simon any streaming links


I don’t know how she has lasted this long but Talla needs to get evicted ASAP!!! I’m sick of her comic relief no competition no game strategy alcoholic ass!!! She would be he easiest eviction for anyone right now. Taking up space and food that real players need right now!!!!!! Aaaaarrrgghhhhh!!!!


Vote out the loud-talker soon! …he is sooooooo annoying in the diary room.


Okay. Something doesn’t make sense here…. Alec said he threw the POV so Peter could take himself off. How the hell did he even know Peter had the best time at that point in the competition??? I’m officially over this….


I’d like to think he was taking a gamble–which is stupid– and not that they knew who was winning the comp.


Alec threw the pov.



And how thin are the walls in the house? lol


Has anyone heard a explanation from bonehead Alec why in the world he threw the HOH…what a stupid move….even dumber than voting AJ out.


Opps meant POV


I despise Peter, he’s so creepy and fake in the DR. Why is he getting such a great edit???? This guy is delusional and thinks he deserves to win the game due to his social game which comprises of sitting on the couch playing with Liza’s dirty scrunchy and then creepily watching people. He has not influenced one thing in this house and I highly doubt he will do anything at all. He might fluke a comp win during double eviction but even then he will make a pu$$y move.


I have potted plants that are more active than Peter.


If bbcan does read this, just saying I’m not watching after alec leaves. Bring on the hate


Alec throwing the POV is like when Marcell didn’t use the POV and got voted out many moons ago on Big Brother.. haven’t people figured it out yet… the minute you act cocky in a reality tv show – is the minute you get the boot… Serious FAIL!!!


Did they show him throwing the POV on the show?


yes they did Simon….from your live feed updates no one has even discussed it much. Did read something earlier this week that he threw it. What a complete imbecile!!!


They talk about it a bit not much.. I think Alec has bludgeon them with so many deals, lies, schemes, “Plays” and general Game talk that some of the early stuff they forget.

Bill from Halifax

Simon: They did show Alex giving up, which I see as more overt than throwing a competition. He stopped dead in his tracks, raised his arm and said “I’m gonna quit”. His time at that point was 9:45 well below the wining time of 13:52. Hw could easily have won it. He deserves to go home. He is this year’s Marcellas.


OMG.. I need to watch that part


Yep. They did. Like a moron.


Yes they showed him standing there like a dufuss and then he said, I give up! He spoke of how he would leave it to Peter. As discussed…how did he know Peter had the best time. All Alec had to do was change one board I believe, and at that point he was well ahead of even Peter, timewise. This was critical for him to win and he threw it. Loser in more than one sense of the word! He deserves nothing more than to leave.


I don’t get why Alec thinks he deserves to be there over other people. When you’re throwing challenges you re essentially giving up oppurtunities. So even though he might think he should be there over Talla and topaz he’s in his situation because of the way he played.

I’m over how slow this is going someoe better win soon.

Bill from Halifax

The Nova Scotia Legislature has officially recognized the tremendous job that Emmett, Jillian and Andrew have done representing Nova Scotia.

The Watcher

Peter is a creep

Alec didnt learn anything @ school

The Live Feeds just showed a sign saying a surprise eviction is about to shake up the house….Is that for real?

At least the 3 girls arent that stupid.

Fun week!

Emmett is getting closer to win the game so is Andrew if he plays it right!


they’ve been flashing that screen for the last 2 weeks just to freak us out.. If there wasn’t double eviction tomorrow I would think something is up.

The Watcher

Thanks Simon for the clarification : )

A double eviction is always fun to watch ( well only if the ones u dont like are being evicted lol )

LMAO @ Talla crying ! She should fart at the same time for a double effect!


What a bunch of Hypocrits .


You know I really would like to see Talla win an HOH just for the pure entertainment value. It would be hilarious. If she won the double eviction HOH, I am sure it would kill her!! lol


Does Alec really think he is so smart that he can tell everyone how to play their game? Good gawd, if that’s the kind of psychologists that universities are spitting out now, I am truly thankful that I am not in need of one! If Alec somehow stays however…I just MIGHT be!!!


For going down as THE WORST CANADIAN , MEGALOMANAICAL PLAYER – Slice/Chevrolet or whomever hopefully feels reeeeeeeallly dirty handing over ten grand to this little boy.


If Alec does not get voted out Thursday I will be done with BBC and watching these two nerd P/A