Big Brother Spoilers – Nomination Results JoJO:”if you eat gummy bears you will lose weight”

10:10pm Have Nots – Janelle, Jojo, Wil, Ashely talking about the nominations. Frank and Kara have been put up for Evictions. They feel bad for kara because she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Kara and Frank have been nominated for eviction. It’s pretty obvious that Britney and Janelle’s Teams are working together. Kara joins them and they start chatting about the Alcohol they have been drinking. Kara points out that Dan is Light Weight because after he had one drink his eyes got droopy. We also find out that the Have nots this week are Ashley, ian and Danielle. They briefly talk about Willie targeting Frank this week. Talk drifts to eating and gaining weight. JoJO:”if you eat gummy bears you will loose weight”. They head to the kitchen table to play games.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Backdoor JJ is the plan, Brendon: “Jordan thinks this is summer camp”

8:06pm Bedroom Jordan and Kalia Kalia is saying that she hopes she doesn’t get picked for the POV becuase if Lawon wins it and uses it then JJ will have to go up. Jordan asks if she thinks Lawon will use it. Kalia says probably not, Audrey ][ says that Lawon has gotten very paranoid and he’s think that he’s the target and their trying to backdoor him. (LOL both these 2 are telling each other Bullshit). Shelly joins them, Jordan says just for a day she would like to be in Paris hiltons shoes just to see what her life is like..

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Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Houseguests Get Booze but Vegas Doesn’t come out

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11:39pm Hot tub crew, Kalia, Cassi, Shelly, Adam, Dom Talking about food, surprise surprise Adam likes bacon. They start talking about quitting smoking and what pills they’ve done to try and quit. Conversations are all over the place, wellbutrin, Kalia’s Period, Staying in the hotel during the casting, relationship, alcohol (Adam wishes he brought a bottle of bourbon) . Dom shares a story about meeting a girl on set who was amazingly hot, she wasn’t a model but worked on the set. He took her out on a first date to a restaurant and she ordered a salad but asked the waitress if she could have extra croissants on top. The waitress asks her if she means croutons.. The girl got mad at her and said NO I WANT CROISSANTS.. Dom: “She never got a section call”

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brendon juggling Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – brenchel Power Brendon: “Honestly i’m not going to lie, you and me are going to be the strongest duo”

10:45pm Bedroom Porsche and rachel Porsche pulls rachel off to a corner and starts talking about where Rachel’s Head is at. rachel thinks it’s really strange that Keith hasn’t come up to them to talk. She wonders if he’s even wants to try. Porsche says that Keith is going to get Cassi and Dom to go do their dirty work she implies that Keith controls Cassi and Dom (which is not the case at all it may be the other way around) Cassi whispers that she is going to go talk to Shelly tonight and see were her vote is. They count the votes .. something about Dick can’t hear it..

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*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: It’s Sesame Street on Big Brother! Their second punishment is to use sock puppets to talk ..if they fail they’re HAVE NOTS!

7:50pm – 8:05pm After the pool game with Hayden, Lane goes over and sits by the hot tub with Enzo and tells him about getting money in Pandora’s Box. Lane says that he grabbed envelopes from the back because he thought the big money was in the back…and that he ended up with only $91.17. […]

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