Big Brother Spoilers – Backdoor JJ is the plan, Brendon: “Jordan thinks this is summer camp”


7:54pm Jeff and Jordan in the Bedroom There in lockdown.
Jordan: “I hope our names get called in the POV”
Jeff: “we’re playing no matter what there’s only six of us”
Jordan: “oh that’s right there’s only 6 of us”


8:00pm Kitchen Random conversations Rachel, Dani and Brendon are in crazy good moods.


8:06pm Bedroom Jordan and Kalia Kalia is saying that she hopes she doesn’t get picked for the POV becuase if Lawon wins it and uses it then JJ will have to go up. Jordan asks if she thinks Lawon will use it. Kalia says probably not, Audrey ][ says that Lawon has gotten very paranoid and he’s think that he’s the target and their trying to backdoor him. (LOL both these 2 are telling each other Bullshit). Shelly joins them, Jordan says just for a day she would like to be in Paris hiltons shoes just to see what her life is like..

8:14pm HOH Boy George and Dani Rachel is saying that Jordan has been acting weird around her. Rachel suspects that someone is putting thoughts in Jrodan’s head. Dani says she knows it’s Shelly, “who were you thinking”. rachel doesn’t know. Dani coaches Rachel to go downstairs and smooth things over with Jordan. Rachel: “Why did I look pissed ” Dani: “Umm ya” Rachel explains that she wasn’t made at Jordan for not picking her in the luxury she’s mad at Brendon for getting mad at her for telling POrtapotty the answer. Dani says it doesn’t matter she looked pissed and thats why Jordan is acting funny.

Brendon joins them.. dani wonders why everyone is hanging around downstairs. Rachel thinks one of them should go down there it could be dangerous that they are all together like that. Brendon is wondering if they can trust Kalia. Dani tells them that Kalia is 100% with them it’s shelly that’s not. brendon knows. They start scannign the hose with the HOH cam. Rachel points out they all followed Jordan into the room. dani: “Don’t worry Kalia isn’t part of the Care Bear Alliance”

Dani is pushing for them to Backdoor Jeff before jury. Rachel wants to get both Jordan and Jeff out before Jury so they don’t lose 2 votes. Dani doesn’t think they have to worry about Jordan, she’ll float through to near the end and won’t do anything.
Brendon: “aren’t we worried for Shelly and Jordan’s jury vote”
Brenond says shelly is just a fan of this game thats the only reason she’s here.
Dani says lawon is playing ultimate floater this year so we really don’t need to worry about him. Brendon asks rachel if porsche will do whatever they want. Rachel confirms that for now Por can be trusted. Brendon thinks that Por is one of those stupid girl players that will try and make a big move 1/2 through the game and it will blow up in her face (everyonen is stupid in these 3 eyes) Rachel thinks Kalia is saying a bunch of things to Jeff and Jordan and is feeding them things to drive a wedge. Dani is confused wants to know if she knows theis for a fact or if this is what she thinks, “Do you think it’s Kalia or are you thinking someone else” Rachel: “i’m thinking that someone is saying that we are thinking of Backdooring JJ.. I’m assuming that someone is playing both sides and JJ are thinking the same thing as me”..
Dani instructs them all to start beign nice to JJ and make them not suspect anything.

Brendon: “I just don’t want them to think its Dani”
Dani: “JJ never talk game to me anymore”
Rachel: “I think it’s becuase you’re with Dom or becuase you can’t play in any comp”
Dani thinks it’s obvious that i’m closer to BR and JJ are extremely threaten by Dani, Rachel, Brendon and Dom.
Dani: “If we leave the shelly’s, Lawons and Adam’s in this house and we can’t get them out that’s embarrassing”
Rachel: “jordan has been making it obvious they’re after us all week by calling me bitchy and telling me that we don’t have to be in an alliance after the jury”
Brendon: “Jordan is stupid”
Dani: “so Stupid”
Brendon: “She is not a good game player she’s not very complex.. she doesn’t think.. she really her because it’s summer camp”

8:40pm Storage room adam and Shelly Adam is saying that the one thing they have to worry about is Kalia and Lawon using the POV then JJ go up. Adam: “the only thing we have to look out for is if they don’t play and they don’t win… If they play for veto and win then they will pull up JJ” Shelly: “Don’t worry they won’t win” Adam: “Exactly”

8:55pm Purple Room JJ Jordan is worried that something is going on up in HOH. Jordan wonders if Dani is up there with them. Jeff: “Yes using the puppet strings” Dom joins them tells them they he doesn’t know what is going on he thinks they are going to back door someone but he thinks it’s Lawon. Dom asks them if their deal is still on because he knows that Adam is out there trying to get votes. Dom says he’s not with BR their Social game so bad why would he “roll with that”.

Jeff brings up that Rachel got mad when Jordan was friends with Cassi but Nobody has a problem with Rachel having Portapotty wrapped around her finger. Dom says if Rachel got that mad because of the Luxury comp then she’s a time bomb just waiting to happen.

Jordan mentions that she only got to know Cassi the last week she was in the house and she found out cassi was a really cool girl. Jeff says they never talked game they just talked stupid stuff. Jeff: “Rachel wants everyone on her side.. why is Porsche here she’s doesn’t deserve to be here”

Dani walks in…Tells them there’s alcohol

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I just found out Allison Grodner will make a cameo in season 2 of Game of Thrones as the Ice Wall. She thought it would help her survive the heat wave this summer.


Hahahahahahah!!!!! Now THAT was funny


Hasn’t CBS given enough fame & glory to “Golden Boy Jeff”, i mean come on TAR, ATWFF??? I hope the new twist brings someone back who will change things up a bit. But I hear you about the ratings, so your probably right :/


that would be so awesome! id rather BR keep their word get adam or lawon out then America votes Cassi back in!


I am kinda hoping that IF BR are stupid enough to backdoor JJ, then Jeff and Jordan convince the house (minus Dani and BR) to vote Jordan out. Then he has immunity for a while. He could spend that time harrasing the heck out of BR and turning the game around. IF he were able to do this, he could get BR voted out, then chillax in the jury. Hopefully, he would go later in the game to decrease time with the “lovers”. Keeping Jordan would be nice, but she would not go after the duo with as much gusto as Jeff would. Plus, he could feed Porsche “info” that Brend. really is into her, fracturing that relationship. But, that is wishful thinking.


That would make great TV for sure. The look on BR’s face when Jeff walks back into the house would be Priceless! I’m definitely glad Jeff made the Dani puppet comment. At least he is aware that she is running things. He’s not as unaware as he appears. Let’s see if he can stay in this week.


Yes I noticed that too. Glad Pacer warned Dom. I do like the fact that Dani is playing the game tactfully as she’s keeping it interesting, but would hate to see him get totally played. Rachel made that comment to Jeff that certain people are trying to turn them against each other. Wish he’d asked her for names. interested to see if Rachel will out her. Gotta wonder if deep down Rachel prefers JJ’s acceptance. Love how this game has the emotional twisted up with the strategical.


I like it! Very good comment.


That would be awesome!!! Probably the best twist big brother ever did!!! It would make this season the best if that happened. Let’s just hope him or Jordan don’t get the backdoor card.


Simon you read my mind, I was just coming on here to post the same thing. I’m thinking 100% CBS and AG are creaming in their pants over this possiblity

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

Here we go again, with the “We’re smart, they’re stupid” sing-a-long, now it’s about Jordon. I knew by Jordon telling Rachel the truth about how childish she was acting would come back and Rachel would be bitching about it. She will never grow up. I’m guessing Rachel’s family always told “white lies” about her when she was coming up instead of like being real with her. I really hope Rachel and Brendon sits down and watches how they acted this season, and grow from it, and come back REALLY CHANGED, not this pretend shit. I really do wanna see how they play if their not being immature most of the time.


AGREED. They are SOOO mean and rude. Why would they say that about jordan on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Do they not realize that they are the ones that look bad?? I strongly dislike them and just would form a mob if one of them won big brother.


ummm because it’s true, she’s a MOR-ON and it’ must be a little disorineting to play with her bc you want to take her seriouly as a player and then speaks and you’re like MORON


I’m sorry but I really don’t want BR to ever come back to the BBH and I have to wonder if Rachel will ever change. She knows who she is, flaws and all, but simply could care less and if you make her aware of her flaws or show her up infront of others then watch out. She is one of the most oddly immature BBHG I’ve seen. Not the most immature though. Maybe because most immature people grow out of it? I’m beginning to think that these are simply character flaws with Rachel. A spotted leopard will never suddenly wake up spotless.


Spot on!


I’m convinced this season is rigged to ensure a B/R & Dani final three. Dani is smart and if it’s her, Dom and B/R in the final four and she wins final HoH she’s taking rachel to final two with her cause she knows that no one in the jury will vote for Rachel. Dom is stupid and he doesn’t see this, if he thinks Dani will take him all the way to the finals he’s an idiot. I’m so pissed that J/J didn’t backdoor B/R, what an incredible waste of An HoH for them. Rachel is an annoying insecure little tranny. It would be my dream for Evel Dick or Ragan to come back in pandoras box just bash her for an hour.


Now that would be entertainment!!!


ME LIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know we all get annoyed with the “they’re stupid” comments, but in all fairness this is collectively the worst assembly of bad players and stupid people ever. The newbies had an 8-5 advantage and crumbled in the first week. The “regulators” go down as the worst alliance ever. Dani has played this game brilliantly so far.


I have to agree with JC. The Newbies could have ruled the house or at least made an effort. Instead 2 immediately defected. I guess the various new twists (couples, key) caused so much confusion they figured they’d be better off alligning with vets who would win Comps and keep them safe. So far so good for Kalia and Shelly. Best move ever for Dani that they jumped ship and the key allowed her to sit back and use all her energy on strategy and manipulation. She did have the biggest advantage and has made the best of it. I wonder if the others would have done the same thing?


Rachel really is a tranny! That’s why she’s jealous of all the girls.

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

Boy George impersonator.


I think that would be awesome! Jeff is so hot!


Jordan is a moron, if she goes up she deserves it. What the hell is she thinking sometimes? As for Dom i cant stand him. He is playing both sides. I hope he gets eliminated soon. Personally I wouldn’t backdoor jj because more then likely one past houseguest will be brought back and that will most likely be one of the jj allience.


I hope Jeff and Jordan win the veto, cuz right now its there only hope. If someone else uses the veto rachel can influence them to use it so she can put jj up


To be honest for me I would love to see JJ get backdoored for the entertainment value. We all know that if JJ is up then more than likely Jeff would go home. Can you image the days leading up to eviction? Pure fun seeing Jeff be a complete ass to everyone in the house. Then we would hopefully get to see Jordan get some revenge on B/R. I would want to see that just to be entertained!


are you talking about b/r and so hoping they will start seeing dom and dani as a bigger threat then jj there for want to get dom out first..i mean it probly is too late and jj are going to get backdoor having a feeling it will be rigid to where they wont get to compete for veto and then dom or b/r will get,makes me mad even though i know jj brought on themselves for not backdooring b/r but really was hoping they would make it to jury at least..oh well shit happens
i think they just didnt want to jump the gun too early like they did with russel

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

Rachel is in Delusional Land again, Do she take any blame for the way she acts? Take some responsibility for yourself. Years down the line the most money that comes outta Brendon’s pocket will be “counseling” she’s going to have hundreds of nervous breakdowns when she just can’t accept that she has major issues, does something crazy *enter emo behavior here* and get committed. I want to like her, but her winning in comps just don’t change the fact that she is insane. She needs to get her head straight before embarking on that great journey of marriage. Marriage will not cure insanity or make you happy if your already unhappy with yourself.


I agree I cannot stand Rachel or Brandon, and I love Jordan and Jeff. I hope Jordan and Jeff definitely stay this week and that next week Jeff wins HOH and sends Brendon home because we will all get to watch Rachel go beserk without her lapdog. Jordan and Jeff deserve to stay and at the very least get to the jury house together and hope they are the Number ONE reason that Brendon gets sent packing and Rachel stuck in the house all by herself. That would be hilarious and make for some great ratings for CBS!!!!

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

She said nobody wants to sleep in HOH with them, Umm I’m thinking nobody told them about the surprise they left on the sheets jeff and Jordon were going to sleep on? LOL


So, all Rachel spoke about last week is that she not a jealous girl, blah, blah, blah, she is a nice person, blah, blah, blah….I watched her and Por’s conversation in the HOH room and she was bad mouthing JJ’s relationship saying “yeah, they’ve been together for 2 years and they’re not engaged!” “They said they see each other twice a month, but it’s not, they only see each other once a month!” First of all, JJ never argue or fight the way BR do, they don’t embarrass themselves in front of national television. I think Rach is jealous of anyone that she sees as a personal threat. She is not a good game player. I am not on Team Dani, but she is an excellent player. All of her moves have been strategic. All of Rach’s moves have been personal. She doesn’t deserve to win. I can see why Dani wants JJ out and take BR to the end. If she is in the final two with either of BR, then she knows that neither of them (BR) will ever get chosen to win, so more chances for her.

ILL WILL *Brutally Honest 24/7*

Audrey II is freaked out the Bacon Monster laid in her bed LMFAO


Please backdoor JJ! I’m getting so bored with the show!!


Why do you guys have to say the same things over and over again you guys know she’s not gonna change then leave it at that stop whining and enjoy big brother with D/B/R running the house you haters are just mad well STAY MAD get rid of them Rachel come on let’s goooo


guy, you also say the same thing over and over. It eludes me how some of the stuff on this board is ok for you & other Brenchel fans to post but others are not allowed to post their own opinions or comments. Sure I hate Brenchel; I think they are pathetic and insecure and extremely toxic alone and/or together. But I allow Brenchel fans to share their opinions without attacking the actual person posting. Sometimes I respond with a solid argument (Rachel is a skank, etc.) but I never tell you to STFU, stop posting comments, get bent, etc. Just try to respect posts other than your own. It makes you look like a Brenchel when you won’t let others have their own opinions. K, now go have fun and be good guy (:


Do not confuse “mad” with “repulsed” … I never get angry regarding Wench_hell or Brenda. Why would I allow people on a television show to hold sway over my emotions in such manner? However, being repulsed by someones vile behavior is more akin to an involuntary reaction. Much like a gag reflex! So, I wouldn’t really say that I’m a “hater” ??? maybe a gagger? IDK

dani's fan

I can not understand why everyone is so preoccupied with R&B. They can not win. After this week’s elimination is over and the fourth golden key is given out then the duos are gone. R&B would have to win every HOH until the finale. If they don’t then there is a 100% chance they are going up and only one cound be saved with a POV win. The one that is still on the block will be voted out leaving the other to flounder and fail on their own. I am sticking to my original prediction; Evil Dick’s little girl will win BB 13.


I want Rachel and Brendon to break up. Kick Rachel out and have him get with Dani or Porsche because according to us she is most likely to steal someones man.
I highly doubt that will happen though because nobody gets between Rachel and her banana. It would be the best thing that could possibly happen this season. I hope JJ get the veto and use it so Lawon goes. He is wasted space and so is kalia.


so scrotum and fez are up (yawn) no surprise there.I can predict the next move in this game without even watching it. (yawn) I wonder if CBS will continue with any more big brothers. the UK had their last season last year and big brother australia wrapped it up in 2008. ( but loved them all) at least those big brothers were interesting.


Has anyone ever seen that show on the reality channel “Solitaire” wherein conestants are locked in a small cublical to face a myraid of physical and menatl challanges? I fantasize and just wish that “Boy George” or “Wench-Hell” would be locked into one of those cubicles for a day or tow and bombarded audibly and with projections of text all over the walls of everyones comments from all the blogs from every BB site of the shared abhorrence for her. “Clockwork Orange” her *ss!

And since I’m venting .. Is it just me? or is watching her eat and snap food from her fork or hand like a lizard as repugnant as her laugh?


Opps – forgive the typos! Like I said I was venting and rage typing. or, “RACHELL RAGING!”


I like how everyone picks on be constantly. Like grow up? They have a better game play and won more comps than anyone. Like for real! Thanks:)


i like how brenchel determines whether people have good or bad game play based on whether they align with them. So JJ isn’t willing to be a brenchel puppet any more? well they must have bad game play…obviously! just like cassi and everyone from s12.


I like how jj are the most stupid terrible players in the world and everyone is floaters… but yet Jordan has won BB. no matter how anyone phrases her winner will always be in the name. doesn’t matter if you think she was lucky, good, terrible, floater, or whatever… she won. no one else…. no one in that house can say they have won it. B/R and Dano are silly to not have respect for that. If they were such great players then why didn’t they win.


They win comps? Brendon doesn’t win anything. Rachel wins comps. I hope she backdoors JJ. She’s probably the only one in the house that has the balls to go against America’s golden couple. It would be classic. Plus she could win favor of Dominic because she took them off the block. Even though doing this does benefit Dani, I think houseguests are starting to catch on to Dani and her tactics. I do not believe she will make it to finals. I think it could be Rachel, Porky Butt (Porsche), and Dominic who makes it to final 3..


to be honest BR are right, Jordan has the mentality of a fifth grader kid