Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Houseguests Get Booze but Vegas Doesn’t come out

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11:10pm Hot tub Noobs and the vets are at the hammock random chit chat at the hot tub, the vets are talking about their dream days off.

11:17pm Hammock the vets Rachel tells them she had trouble looking for work after BB12 was finished Rachel asks Jordan if it was the same for her. Jordan says it wasn’t she had a lot of offers for appearances etc etc. Jordan brings up doing a superpass show last but then getting called out by Ragan for not even watching it. Production tells them something is in the storage locker.. They get excited cause it’ll probably be booze.

11:25pm Kitchen Jeff, Brendon, Rachel, Jordan and DAni drinking wine having fun.

11:39pm Hot tub crew, Kalia, Cassi, Shelly, Adam, Dom Talking about food, surprise surprise Adam likes bacon. They start talking about quitting smoking and what pills they’ve done to try and quit. Conversations are all over the place, wellbutrin, Kalia’s Period, Staying in the hotel during the casting, relationship, alcohol (Adam wishes he brought a bottle of bourbon) . Dom shares a story about meeting a girl on set who was amazingly hot, she wasn’t a model but worked on the set. He took her out on a first date to a restaurant and she ordered a salad but asked the waitress if she could have extra croissants on top. The waitress asks her if she means croutons.. The girl got mad at her and said NO I WANT CROISSANTS.. Dom: “She never got a section call”

11:51 Vets + Lawon and Porsche talking about Veronica mars and how Rachel thinks it’s the best show ever.. conversations are all over the place about stupid things..

(Should I start Making shit up?)

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What era is Rachel stuck in? Spice girls and Veronica Mars… really? Hello, 2011! I will admit that she is good at competitions but besides that, she is a complete waste of space. SN: Production needs to give these people more alcohol or something .. BBAD is a waste watching them act like fools. Spice it up a little, please!!

Monika Wu

Ok…is it wrong for me to like Brendan and Rachel now??? I like that they are getting along with Jeff and Jordan. Jeff might just be the cutest guy on the planet…and not just his looks. He has a sweet personality. I hope he wins it ALL. This has been so boring so far, too bad ED is gone. Maybe they should bring in Jesse and Natalie just to have some action!!!! I wanna see some fights.


whoa there. Veronica Mars is awesome no matter the year. is the wire less of a show because its 2011? heck no. it applies for veronica mars as well. Oddly enough, they seem more likable this year, of course over time that will change, but they are less taxing as a whole especially with the relationship junk


i can’t wait for the eviction…then hopefully the new hoh will shake things up cause as it stands right now…i’m bored and not impressed with anyone’s game play.


Is it just me or does anyone else need an interpreter for Keith? Rachel’s screeching and his stammering (btw did u see him picking his nose & eating it?) are killing me!


ewww glad i missed that.


YES! I almost puked when his he was digging in his nose and then his finger went to his mouth!!!


@Diva, really!? I didn’t see him doing that, but I definitely saw him with his hands down his pants picking at his butt and at one point he appeared to smell his fingers! I was completely stunned and mortified. Probably the grossest thing anyone’s ever done on BB. He needs to go!


I wonder if the not so hto people on the show are a bit jealous of the sexy & hot house guests this season. Wow just look at them! Cassi looks like Olivia Wildes body double, Porsche is smokin like a pop star, Rachel has her good days, very WWE Diva hot vibe, Brendon, Dom,Jeff, Jordan, & Dani could basically be mistaken for porn stars. Wow!! there needs to be more alcohol on this show as it seems most house guests are going through with drawls, especially smokey smoker Adam & Rachel. So glad there’s more hot girls on the show this season as the last few seasons had basically hot stripper looking guys.


Don’t know about Boy George, besides the big titties she look horrible compared to last season but Porsche and Cassi are smokin Hot..

Cookie Dough does have that Bree Olsen look LOL

Booty Booty

Doesn’t it look like Rachel has had some kind of work done to her face? Either that or her hairline is receding. Can’t figure out what it is.


Last year she caked on the makeup & wear all those extensions. This year she is a little more “natural”, but looks way worse. Jordan & cassi are natural beauties, boy george not so much.


Rachel is trying to win back America. Good luck with that sitting next to Jeff and Jordan. Rachel tries to pretend she has changed, but we can see through it. As for her being great at competitions, what did you expect from her when the challenge was riding a giant banana? Dani could have beat her, but she was smart enough to see that it was smarter to let Rachel have it as long as Dani and Dick would be safe. I don’t think Rachel would have beat her if Dani had wanted to win. I noticed yesterday that Dani and ironically Jeff are the brains of the vets alliance. Brendon and Rachel most of the afternoon asking them, “What should we do, who should we talk to, what should we say, “. Dani could win this thing and prove her worth as a player. I know that she didn’t get the credit on her season, because everything she did was overshadowed by her dad. Dani needs to lie low and observe, socialize with everyone and hopefully she turns on Brenchel later in the game. Most of the newbs are clueless, and Rachel and Brendon will self destruct sooner or later. Brendon is douchier than last year and all it will take is for one of the cute girls to start flirting around him and Rachel will go off like a stink bomb. Jordan is off in Jordanland, so that leaves Dani, Jeff and Adam as the contenders.This season is sucking, but so far its better than last year.


I cant agree more lol


Even thtough Rachel had a death grip on that bananna like it was a p****, Dani looked as though she could’ve stay on longer.


rachel, you had trouble looking for work cuz ur an ugly bitch, nobody besides that moron ur marrying wants to be associated with you.


i hope if jordan and jeff get engaged nbc will do something for their wedding, but nothing for rachel and brendon


Shelly is playing cassi , not nice cassi likes her