*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Enzo: “Courtney Love is a hot mess I wouldn’t f**k her with your d!ck Ragan


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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:29pm Hot Tub Lane, HAyden, Enzo and Ragan. Ragan is talking about the reality tv awards and how people from big brother will be nominated. They all think Rachel will be nominated for best villain but she won’t win. Ragan: “Ohhh Can we just kill something… a bird perhaps”. Lane: “See your going back to your roots texas rootss.. we got the texas chainsaw mascare he’ll fuyck you up in new York…”. Enzo: “We got the sopranos”. Lane: “Can they take out Leather Face”. Ragan leaves. They start talkign about how annoying Ragan was always talking about how he knows Matt. Enzo: “You don’t know shit DUCKHEAD”. Enzo thinks they should tell him about the Brigade to shut him up. Lane: “We’re going to get the best alliance award” HAyden: “He’ll YA” Enzo: “The girl who announces it will be so hot and so happy”. Lane: “I’m going to kiss her” Enzo I’m going to hug her”. HAyden: “You guys remember the first day when her boob poped out.. when she was on the wiener”. Enzo: “I’ve seen some shit but I ain’t tell you guys”. LAne: “who Brit?” Enzo nods. They all agree that they would never want their wifes to be on a reality TV show. Enzo and Lane talk about their DR sessions how they were best friends with everyone outside but inside they would rip them apart.

Enzo says he really wants to win HOH and finally get the letter from his family. Hayden says it’s going to be a quiz tomorrow he’s certain. HAyden: “I’m going to destroy it”. Enzo jokes around that if Hayden is good at quizzes he’s taking him out. They talk about Ragan calling Hayden out saying that HAyden is only talking to him to get votes. Enzo says this is why I don’t go talk to Ragan I let him talk to me. Hayden leaves to make some muscle milk. Lane and Enzo start laughing about the DR and how the DR is always telling them that “Someone has to eventually breakup the 3 of them”. Lane says that they were telling him that now is the time to make a big move, Lane: “Ohhhh Shiit yo”

Enzo brings up that Ragan is pissed that they don’t play more Hole…. Enzo: “Nobody Likes HOLE ragan!” Enzo: “Courtenay Love is a hot mess I wouldn’t F*** her with your dick Ragan..She all pail with big lips and banged up… She’s filled with STDS you F*** her you get something” Hayden walks out “Who Rachel”… (LOL F*** thats funny) Enzo: “No Courtenay Love” Hayden: “Ohh she’s a train wreck”


Big Brother 12 Spoilers

8:50pm Brit eating her hand

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:00pm Backyard Enzo, HAyden and LAne Enzo telling them he wants Brit out next week and then the three of them can bang it out.

9:13pm Backyard Hayden, Enzo and Lane. Hayden saying that he’s never been a have nots, Enzo amd Ragan say they are 3 times have notes. Ragan leaves. Hayden points out the 2 people that swear the most in the house are Brendon and Ragan. Lane and Hayden go on and on about how they never swear. Hayden claims to have never used a curse word in the house yet.


9:42pm HOH, Hayden, Brit and Enzo. Brit is telling them the worst thing she ever did was kill a turtle. She was 8 years old when she found a bleeding turtle so she killed it. HAyden and her talk about there dogs while Enzo listens to music…. (they’ve had a lot of special breed dogs)
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:00pm Ragan crying about his dad
Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:02pm Ragan is drunk off wine talking to the “Live Feeders” He’s been talking to us for the last hour.. Says shit like right after he got the tattoo on his arm people all over the place started getting the same tattoo and even the same script… “I’m a F*** trendsetter” .. Enzo joins hayden and lane outside tells them it’s a quiz tomorrow for sure. Hayden thinks it’ll questions about the house and he thinks everyone will get a chance to answer. Hayden hopes it would be a buzzer type quiz but he doesn’t think so.

11:09pm Lane comes back outside. Enzo: “Whats Ragan doing.. he’s playing with himself.. he’s sticking a bottle up his ass?… What the F*** is his speech going to be like.

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11:30pm Ragan is drilling more alcohol into him while talking to Enzo (he’s really drunk)
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Enzo still blows. So does AG.


Enzo belongs in a Sicilian drug factory not TV. That guy is unpleasant to watch.


He’s entertaining to watch. Without him in the house, you can just hang it up. It’ll be like watching the Golden Girls but without the punch lines.

Zack Zap

Enzo belongs behind BARS! In a ZOO! With a bar of soap duck-taped in his MOUTH, and on the other end too so there’s no place for the bubbles to escape. Total inner cleansing! LOL! I don’t wanna tell ya what I REALLY think of him!?! LOL! JK! :)


I am so tired of hearing the absolutely trashing stuff that comes out of Enzo’s mouth. Really CBS….. can’t you tone him down a little. He is so offensive!! Can the man even go three sentences without the food f**k?? I seriously doubt it. His kids will grow up thinking it is perfectly fine to use that word all the time. I don’t even watch the live feeds anymore because I can’t stand listening to him.


Enzo is disgusting. But someone on the board here said he (like Enzo) was from Jersey and “that’s how we roll”….someone told him to please confine himself to Jersey then and not afflict the rest of the world. He’s disgusting, an empty winded bragger…. has no manners and is one of the most uncouth people BB has ever had on their show. Hope he reads all of these and understands that maybe 5 people will give a crap about him after his stint on BB12.




Enzo is a scuzz ball. I wish he would learn some word besides F**k. He is a lame a**hole.


I miss Jeff and Jordan


ME TOO! BB allstars should be showmances vs bromances. I think Jeff and Jordan might be the only couple still together though (because Brechel is not long for this world.


Brenchel are from 2 different planets LOL. and brendon deserves much better than that skank who only used him for 2 people playing for that 500k. that last interview after the bowling POV told america what she really thinks of him, and when he sees it he will be convince she wasn’t worth 500k that he practically gave up in honor of her.


I think Brendon is one of the nicest people to ever play BB I am voting for him for AC I so hope he wins it after all the crap he had to endure.


Based on how Brendon seems to think of Rachel now, I don’t think he’ll be too upset. I personally wouldn’t be, b/c BB is different than reality. I would see that as someone being upset and venting that I let them down. As I recall, Jeff kind of said the same thing about Jordan, just a little bit nicer, last season after she lost the Alien Faces POV. Besides, if I were Rachel I might have said some of the same things at the time.


I am happy they are gone… hopefully they will never be seen or heard from again


Does anyone think that Lane taking Britney to final 2 is true or did they just want to edit that in so when he screws her over next week it will create drama? I hope its true but I really dont think it is.


Both Lane and Hayden stated that they want to take Britney to the final 2.


But from their conversations together it seems like she is the next target. So is what Lane telling Brit true or is what Lane telling the Brigade true?


Britney said to Lane that she knows she doesn’t have the votes, and I am sure Hayden feels the same way plus he thinks he canbeat her in the comps. But the final 3 comps are 2 physical and 1 quiz.


Lane is playing both sides like Matt did.


Yeah, but Brit told Hayden she’d vote for him over Lane so now Hayden prob wants her in the jury house. :(


I think lane plans on the guys to take her out truthfully…He doesn’t want to do it…but i still think he is starting to think she is better final 2..he might have a chance to win..but idk..


Lane and Britney as the final 2?
It’ll be a sad day for America reality TV.
After Ragan flipped out the other day with his, “aids infected needles”, I’m going to have to go with Enzo. Enzo has a big heart for children. He loves his daughter and his family. All the other stuff is just entertainment.


Correction: with his “Aids infected needles” comment.


I think Brit’s intentions are truthful, and I believe he has, in fact, begun to see the light. It would truly put him in the best position to get to the final two if he sticks with Brit–especially if they backdoor Hayden! I think he may now be realizing that, among himself, Hayden and Enzo, the loyalty is much more skewed. No guarantee for the finals. Enzo will definitely choose Hayden and Hayden is just plain sketchy! Brit, a singular entity (apart from Lane), will be true to her word. What would she have to lose at this point by lying to him? Unless Lane suspects her of being aligned with Ragan. Then again, I think she has been pretty convincing regarding Ragan, as she’s consistently relayed all of the pertinent info she has gathered from him to Lane/The Brigade in the recent past. She is playing Hayden, but I don’t think that she’s banking on Hayden keeping his word at all. On top of that, between Brit, Hayden and Enzo, Brit has shown herself to be the strongest in competitions.

Enzo's Scalp



i have just started watching the BB UK s11 and i wonder if these shows are using the same scripts. ah first, BB US had a sabetour and so did BB UK, second one of the BBHG’s was put on the block ( rachael US and mario UK) they both say “I have faught so hard to be here’. coincidence? possibly, but I have been watching masterchef us and also watched masterchef australia and both were exactly alike too. seems like some “scripts” are being passed.


its britney bitches. go britney. hit me baby one more time.


britney I am a slave 4 u.
one two three, lane enzo and britney.
oops I say it again I am a brit fan
gimme more brit
you drive me crazy I just cant wait im so exited for you WIN


He said, “What Britt said made sence,” and “he is looking out for himself and taking Britt to the final two.’ It looked real.
Now would be the time to take out Hayden because then they could play the game because Bozo is easy to beat but Ragan might would control the comps and house but at least they did not have to feel guilty taking out Hair.
I think as of right now Britt is in the best position. If Ragan stays he will take her to final two, and Lane will take her to the final two.
She has more like a 40- 50% of winning in my eyes as of right now. If Ragan goes home (Hopefully hair will because he is useless) then Britt and Lane have a 50% chance together but so does Lane and Hair. So in my eyes Britt and Lane are standing in the best positions in the house. I think honestly people would vote for Britt before anyone else in the house bcause she has played the game and made the most moves. Lame, Bozo and hair have floated through. Not saying it might be like last season and a floater win. We never know.
Go team Branes all the way! (Britt & Lane)


Enzo wants Brit out next week. All that pompous gasbag has to do is win the HOH, and then have Hayden win the POV, and evict her. Unfortunately for him he was too busy celebrating his POV win to notice that Brit has got Lane convinced that the final two does not include Enzo. If Brit wins HOH, or Brit / Lane wins the POV then Enzo will be on his way back to Hoboken where he can bang it out in the privacy of his own bathroom.


britney all the way yeah second enzo yo


PLEASE. If Enzo goes next I’ll be sooo happy.




Honestly Brit deserves to win for her DR sessions alone. She is quick, that one. T


She’s nasty. There is nothing about that little girl is pretty. Just plain nasty. As soon as she opens her mouth, she turns you off.


No, it turns YOU off. Lots of people like her.

Don’t tell everyone else what they think, just comment on our own opinions.


If you want to see some GREAT DR sessions, see if you can find Dr Will & Mike Boogie’s together from all-stars. Funny stuff!


Thinking of that is like watching your parents have sex, thoroughly grossed out.


Hey idea for Regan’s pic… Pee wee Herman? (If you have it blank for a reason, I missed it)


its going to come down to who wins and whos left with the least amount of wins. right now they will all beat enzo,

as far as lane saying he will take brit…they said the other day the DR was having them say things that they didnt feel are true. right now brit will be them all.


Looks like someone found a half a bottle wine, enjoy is lush master.
Ragan the wino. Enjoy your last 15 minutes of fame because thursday night you’ll be in the jh .


bbad….has ragan lost his mind. who cares what he needs. he needs to keep his nasty mouth shut and think before he makes such distasteful remarks. he does the gay community a injustice


No doubt…cryin again like the emotional freak he is…I actually feel bad for the students he teaches and he screwed up mentally they must be with that kind of leadership weakness to be mentored by.


Question: Does anyone out there,every talk to themselves out loud like this freak?!?! or cry so much, women laugh at him!…hahahahah! Go home girly-man.


LemmyKool, I agree with you!


love the 1st post shout out to qaz with the ag….lol. so ready for this shit to be over….I can’t decide to root for brit or lane…


Now we know Brit gets from her momma. I think her mother was too busy trying to be a best friend instead of a parent.
When u treat your kid like friend thats when shit can go wrong.


Thanks Dr. Phil.


is reagan ever gonna shut the hell up, this is really gettin bad, cryinlaughin no dought poor kids


this show is def scripted. now On BB UK 11 they have a comp to stick the HGS to the wall with tape dah didnt they do that on BB US 12, the only difference is BB UK 11 drags it out and prolongs it. BB US S12 edits it to 4 mins whereas BB UK S11 does a hole hour


scripted and rigged…. too much proof of that this entire season.


Why is Regan crying so much…shit yo he got 20g’s for being the worst sab in BB history. The Rachel obsession is getting creepy.


It will be great seeing Enzo scuzz ball going home with only his dick in his hand.


Rachel stole his man he fell in love with
Love at first site for Ragan when he first layed eyes on Brendon


For crying out loud! Take the damn chips away from these guys! I can’t stand it any longer. I am going to have to mute. This is like nails on a chalkboard! My dog has better eating habits.


I know a lot of very sensitive females that cry a lot, but none of them cry nearly as much as Ragen does. Between his crying, and his very tasteless jokes about little boys, r****, molestation, killing kids with aids, and mastubation, I’m thinking this guy is psychotic to the nth degree. He is in for one rude awakening when he gets home.
Ragen: I wonder if my family is embarassed?…….YES
Ragen: I wonder if I’ll get a boy after the show?….NO
Ragen: I wonder if the fans consider me a douche?….YES….AND A PEDOPHILE
Ragen: I wonder if my brother will talk to me now?….HELL NO
Ragen: I wonder if I should buy some new t-shirts with my 20 grand because mine all look like they are from the 70’s?….PLEASE DO


hahahaha very funny!!!


oh this show always has a crier.. the only reason the guys are so dam mellow is cuz they have control..but the sec..they lose that they would be all jerks also..You think enzo be a happy camper if he lost that pov?? hell no he be crying all around knowing he going home..Lane is smart for keeping brit..I would be shocked if she don’t win if she is in final 2…Her and hayden has played the best game.. I want to love lane but have a hard time lol..but i am saying go brit and lane…show you don’t need a browmance or showmance to make it to the finals:)


Isn’t it wonderful that as a College Professor, Ragan is teaching the future leaders of tomorrow. I wonder what is university is thinking of his actions and remarks. I would be dropping his classes right away.
However, I don’t think Enzo is acting any better! It makes me question whether he’ll talk to his baby daughter like he talks/acts in the house.
One of these 5 is going to win the money…but absolutely none of them are WINNERS!!


LMBO in tears (no pun intended) @Eaglebirdie

You're in Good Hands

Enzo just flat out admitted on BBAD that he ate a piece of pizza when he was a Have Not. He said production called him in and then they cut to another part of the house. BB has lost a ton of credibility this year. To just allow blatant cheating is ridiculous. And I can’t believe they haven’t called Ragen in and told him that he may want to tone down his comments because they aren’t being taken real well out in the real world. I’ve read other sites and man….this guy is getting bashed everywhere.


pizza hotdogs chocolate..that guy got away with eating the entire time…bs if you ask me..i bet he threatend to leave the show..I wouldn’t put it past him…They need to have back ups..I mean really just tell them fine leave..we have others to come in they lose there control…I think enzo threatens more then we know behind the doors..

Enzo's Scalp

The pizza thing was from a month ago.

Enzo's Scalp

More like a month and a half ago.


He’s rated the highest on this site. I don’t think everyone’s as sensitive and humorless as you are.


Great now there really going to think there hot shit now that they know they have the highest ratings ever. They may have the highest ratings but it’s not because of them.


I agree. It’s the growing popularity of the show. Plus, summer is over and people are home and not on vacation, so they’re in front of their TVs watching.


It is because there is nothing else on TV. Not alot of summer shows this year just reruns. How much longer can Americas got Talent be on? And they have reruns of that show!


I didn’t watch BB last night anything on tv is better than BB right now. I don’t even know if I am going to watch tonight.


I wonder if it’s true about the ratings or is it just what production is telling them to keep them from sleeping on the set all the time (Britney was actually sleeping while BBAD was airing). They all love to brag about how grand they are and what big stars they will be when they leave the BB house (NOT). I don’t believe it for a minute because this has to be the worst BB ever by far.

Kathie from Canada

I read an interesting newspaper article talking about tv show ratings in general being higher. One of the main reason attributed to the rise was the slow economy, People are staying closer to home and tv becomes the main sourse of entertainment because they do not have money to spare on vacations etc. That could explain some of the higher numbers scored by BB for CBS?? Just a thought.


I think britney just has a dry sense of humor..I think she is funny i just think america doesn’t see it to much they take it more critical then what or who she really is..I think its really hard personallities but after watching some videos..i think others are just taking them all wrong..except ragan i use to be a fan..but i think this game has gotten to him..I don’t care to much for enzo..but as far as game..he sure doesn’t mind stabbing someone in the back for the money…Hate them or love them strategically they are playing a good game..:)


It’s totally because of the fish!!


Go Lane and Brit:) Final 2:)

hate this

Seriously I have a hard time believing this cast has the highest ratings ever …they are dull and nasty. I am so tired of the bashing of everyone and the way they think they will need a staff to help them cuz of their “popularity”


I said the same thing hate this. No way they can have the highest ratings.

rachel's Nipple

I know a lot of new fans (casual fans). Most have only watched last season and this one. We all think it’s entertaining and funny to watch. i see where the super fans are coming from(worst bb ever) but for us newbies without anything to compare to bb12 is awesome and fun to wathc and talk about.


When he was in the pool and his hair was pulled back, you can see how white his forehead is, and how big his head is. Now I understand why he wears long hair. Probably trying to hide that big ugly head.


If Lane has a brain and doesn’t get caught-up in testosterone promises, he will take Britney to the final two. I believe she may have gotten to him this week. Up until this week, he had intended, without question, to send her out of the game at some point–he simply wanted to keep his hands clean. But her enlightening remarks seemed to prove very persuasive, if not just because they were plain truth. I believe that Britney does intend to take Lane to the finals and that he may finally understand that this is the safer bet for him. I, also, believe that what she said about him not being able to beat Hayden or Enzo in the vote may be true and that he may be cluing in to what seems to be his possible lowest placement in the Brigade hierarchy. On top of all that, he recounted the suspicion that targeted Matt due to his Ragan side-alliance, so he knew that he was facing a major risk in terms of his Brigade alliance by keeping Brit. He, however, absolutely must keep them thinking that she is his next target for the time being. I’m hoping that Lane sees that if he and Brit work together and backdoor Hayden this week, he and Brit will be in an undeniably strong position. All of that being said, Lane, although considerably loyal, seems for the most part, to be rather impressionable, and it may come down to the last person who is in his ear and is able to heighten his paranoia.


If I were Ragan, I would put Britnry aside and tell her about the alliance between Hayden, Lane & Enzo, and also tell her that I know abou hers and Lane’s. I would then try to make a deal with her & Lane for top 3.


I swear if Brit the Clit wins this i will never watch this show again she is such a nasty bitch!!!!


I have a question. Will BB let Enzo know about the hurricane thats about to pound his hometown with his family in it? I mean this could be very serious!


omg…how can stupid freakin regan be so popular…he is so offensive and stupid…..he will win th ereality tv award for being the MOST LIKELY TO BE A PEDIPHILE…REALLY….at first he was the cutsy gay one…now he is the disgusting, emotional wreck, pedophile one


These HGs are so gross…. They’re slobs and they eat like pigs. Seeing Britney drink from the Coke bottle grossed me out! Hello?!? There are 4 other people living with you! Don’t drink from the bottle

The POV comp was hysterical though! Slow-mo was even better. LoL. And then Enzo whets clocked by the CD…. Ahhh, good times!!


* gets


Britney was drinking from the Coke bottle during the time that they were not allowed to use cups or utensils.


If you would have looked closely, you would have seen that her name was written on the bottle Considering they didn’t have cups, I thought it was a great idea! I’m sure it was not her choice to casually drink out of the bottle of soda.


I don’t think they share anything..hence the 3 1/2 jars of slasa, 6 boxes of cereal, and I don’t remember how many opened jars of peanut butter Brit threw out.



Had enuf

I’ve never like Enzo, I’ve never thought he was funny or entertaining on any front. I don’t see what casting was on that day they chose him to be on the show. He runs his mouth, but has done nothing all season. At this point, I hope Bitchney wins it. I hope they take out Enzo and Hairdo, Lame and Bitchney make it to final three.

Dr Poopy Pants

Interesting that Lane talks about the DR wanting him to break up the Brogade. That would kind of make it less predictable I guess.

forever a fan

1st the hg know 2 much about what will happen in the game.bb13 should be people who dont ever know what bb is all about .2nd andrew shouldnt have been voted out the hg are fools he would have made great tv that week bb should have left the voting to america. when ever it looks like they r going 2 loose the drama america should vote so the show could b interesting. 3rd the following should not win bc they come from money brit,lane and hair bc he could get a modeling gig and b rich and famous. enzo should win he needs 2 go back 2 school and put money away for his baby. 4th breden and rachel made good tv but they r so gullible even after she got evicted he thought hg wanted him around. when the hg gets a chance 2 watch the show theyll know that rr and brenden were not so bad just horny. now that the house is almost empty brit is startin 2 spill her guts about her whorish and drunken ways like rachel now who is worst the one who is up front or the one who pretends.

forever a fan

enzo shut ur mouth the jury house loves try 2 make it 2 the final 2 and u will b the winner.trust matt will b made at hair and lane not u bc everybody thinks u dont know what u r doing keep up the good work


Making fun of ppl at church….why go!

rachel's Nipple

Clairvoyant fans, who will win hoh tonight? A lot of ppl say how predictable bb12 is but I have no idea what will happen tonight. I’m guessing hoh comp will be quiz that Brit will take. Any “predictions”??


I agree. I think they setting it up for Lane and Brit to be final two. But I gotta keep hope alive for my guy. yo

Kathie from Canada

I agree. But it is obvious who she will put up on the block.

rachel's Nipple

Let’s say Brit wins hoh. Enzo n Hayden nominated. Hayden wins pov. Lane goes up. Does Hayden decide who goes home or does hoh have a say?


Enzo. it’s his time.. he has a fire in his loins or maybe that is lice from Rachel’s ratty hair extensions, I’m not sure but Team Enzo.


If they stay true to former BB patterns, this HOH is actually going to be a crap shoot. This should be the one where they ask questions about the evicted HGs and what they have been up to. They are give two choices about each and both sound plausible, so it’s really a guessing game. Last season there was a tie and Natalie won by luck with a number guess.


Is Lane able to compete in the HoH tonight or still no.


nope, no Lane

rachel's Nipple

The three do dos were saying how they had to watch 2 seasons of BB to get on the show. That they watched the shows as they were getting casted to qualify at the last minute. hahaha. The three do dos beat all the super fans… so far…


YOU people crack me up..you do not know these people at all but only what you see of them beng locked up in a house for however long the show is …trust me you do and say some crazy things! But it must be nice that you all live a ‘perfect life’ hmmm

oh and not comments from the peanut gallery..yes I make my nasty remarks too lol
just messing with you I am a HATE RACHAEL fan lol

I hope Lane and Britney make it…no way Enzo…but you just never know


I’m no fan ot Ragan. Although at the beginning of the season I found him entertaining, I find his edless vile talk about Rachel disturbing and crule. There’s plenty to pick on regarding his behavior (to the point where I wonder if he’ll even have a job when this is all over) but there’s no need to sink to his level by putting him down for his sexuality or heretage.

Dirty Red

Does anyone know what the tat going down Ragan’s arm says?


“Quelquefois un rêve est ce qui vous fait un esclave.” That translates to “Sometimes a dream is what makes you a slave”.