Big Brother 12 Spoilers – Night POV? and What is Rachel up to, Matt: “drinking tequila and crying”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

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9:40pm HOH Hayden, Lane, Enzo Brigade is trying to figure out how they can use the POV on Lane and not have anyone figure out about the grenade. They think if they get a story rolling against Brit they could sell it to Brendon. Lane says he wasn’t sure if Britney would use the veto on him he thinks it’s a fair enough reason. Enzo says to include that Britney is young and crazy and those young wild girls can’t be trusted. Lane would also add to the story that he was going to pick Matt but he wasn’t sure Matt would save him. Brit walks in for a second then leaves to grab her mic. After she goes Hayden warns them all that Brit is on to them. She comes back and tell them Ragan and MAtt are freaking out about Lane picking Hayden for the POV. They ask brit why. she explains that Rag and Matt think Hay/Lane have a secret deal. Matt walks in after listening at the HOH door for a second.. they ask him how Ragan is doing, Matt thinks he’s doing alright but it’ll get worse after tomorrow. They start talking about the POV comp, Brit is thinking it’ll be the morphed faces. Brt says the POV has to be tonight because of the early player picks. Hayden say he hopes something crazy happens tonight like Aliens come out of the mirrors. Everyone starts quizing each other for the test.. Going over votes, nomination orders, HOH’s. They get to Rachels eviction and wonder what she’s doing rightnow. Matt: “drinking tequila and crying”. Brit: “it’s alot more quiet with her gone”. Matt: “but it seem more crowded because now Brendon is around us, before him and her would always whole up somewhere” Enzo: “that was along ass speech he gave today”. Matt:”it made no sense” Enzo: “yeah he was all over the place”.
Big Brother 12 Spoilers


Big Brother 12 Spoilers


9:50pm Havenots Room Ragan thinks the POV will be a puzzle and he’s horrible with puzzles. He goes over all the possible scenarios this week. His best case is he wins POV saves him himself Brit goes up and they get the votes to save Brit. THey next best case is He wins POV matt goes up and they get the votes to save matt. Ragan is pretty upset at the possibility of MAtt going home. “This just seems like a lose-lose. Even if I win, one of my 2 best friends goes home.” He doesn’t think he can campaign against Matt how can he ask another person to vote matt out.. Ragan gets made at himself for being so pathetic and crying. He says the worst part about getting evicted is going to sequester to be with the gummy bear monster. “I’ll either rise to the occasion or crumble under the pressure.. This is my time to shine”

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:33pm Hayden and Brendon Brendon is all excited and Surprised that Lane picked Hayden for POV, HAyden says he was surprised as well, Hayden: “that shows us he’s on the outside looking in with that group”. Brendon changed his mind about noms because Brit was pleading with him and he agreed that she was a competitor and deserved to be there.Hayden: “if one of us wins veto me, you, enzo Lane will be more likely to gravitate to us and we can put Matt up and we’ll send ragan home” . Hayden explains that by doing this they pull in lane and you piss off matt but he’ll be gunning for you anyways. Brendon isn’t sure Matt will be he thinks because Brendon didn’t put him up on the block this week that Matt will keep him next week. Brendon: “if ragan goes home matt is going to try and latch onto you and enzo I don’t see him attaching to brit” Brendon is confident that regardless of what happens tomorrow he’ll be able to control who is going home. Brendon has been thinking a lot about Jury votes and he thinks Brit will not give him on if he backdoors her. Hayden disagrees he thinks out of anyone in the house Brit will appreciate game play and strategy. Brendon goes on and on about how his nominations were done great because they drive a wedge through the other group. Hayden says Brendons nominations are perfect, Brendon: “and in conjunction with he POV player this is perfect this is crazy man” Hayden if we win POV we have a lot of bargaining power. They both are laughing about how the other group of 4 don’t want Ragan to win POV because then they will go up.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

11:05pm Enzo, Hayden and BRendon Studying for the quiz

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I hope matt uses the veto and give us some drama. If he doesnt wouldnt it be almost an fail to even have pandoras box and it given to matt and he doesnt use it? A waste of a twist if u ask me.


This season is an epic fail no matter how many twist they come up with. They picked terrible cast members. Its boring as hell, but then again how can you top the drama from last season. Oh yeah you cast a boring season to even it out,lol



these guest sucks

last year was crazy drama


We’ve been saying that since the first week, how did they manage to choose the most boring people on earth out of thousands. But, like you, I’ve been a Big Brother fan for years and feel compelled to watch even though I couldn’t care less who wins this season. I pretty much dislike all the cast members.


I totally agree. Worse and most boring season ever! They are all big babies and I’m sick of them putting each other down one week and then doing the same thing the next week themselves. They are all losers and none of them deserve the money! That is the sad part…the money is going to be wasted on one of them. They are better off saving it for next season and giving the winner 1mil because it has to be a better season than this one!! Can’t imagine it getting any worse.


well y do u watch then?


Anne I watch because I have since season 6 and I’m a bigbrother fan so i would watch weather it boring or not. Thats why!


I’ve been watching BB since season one and it’s hard not to watch it. It’s become a summer tradition.

Tom & Jerry

Although i’ve only started watching it since Season 7.
I Know what you mean Red.


Me too, I’ve been a BB fan since Season 1. I normally don’t work outisde the house during the summer so it fills a void for me. I can work at home and watch the feeds while I do stuff. I’m a huge dork. I’m working away on my laptop and the feeds are playing on the big screen because I have a second computer hooked up to my tv.


Enzo was making me queasy with his attacks on Ragan. Enzo’s schmoozing of Brendon reminds me too much of Brit’s schmoozing of Rachel — I wonder if Enzo will join Brendon in a bubblebath! I prefer how Hayden and Lane play — yes, they double-cross, but they don’t get as nasty about people behind their backs.


Ragan talked about Rachel and Brendan all last week, someone needs to return the favor. He’s sitting around crying as if it’s the end of the world. I wonder if he’s crying because he might be leaving or if it’s because he will be leaving Matt? Or could it be because he’s the saboteur and he won’t get that 20,000 dollars if he’s voted out this week?


he is crying b/c he loses the game, 20k and gets the pleasure to spend a whole week in the jury house with rachel until britney joins him the next week


That’s too funny.


making up shit again?


All of the above.


Does anyone know who the life long partners are???? Or any speculation??




Don’t know if there are any, but the way Ragan and Matt are acting with each other it makes me wonder if there are life long friends if it’s them.


I always thought that too, or britt and Lane maybe?


it is not hard to see that matt and ragan are brothers.




Such a HYPOCRITE after talking about Rachel crying last week, he is so full of it. Why is he so worried about Matt if they don’t have the alliance he was arguing against with Rachel last week. He needs to keep crying so he won’t do well in the POV though so let’s not discourage him, because if he wins he is really going to be crying because he don’t want Matt to go up.


He will cry either way!


well, well, well. look what we have here. the hgs cant stop talking about rachel. come on people love her or hate her, u gotta admit u cant stop talking about her. oh and i hope ragan cries all the way to the jury house, serves him right. what a lame sab, just praying in no way this bitch wins the 20k that easily


LMFAO that picture of Lane is priceless


Flashback……boy have things changed!


The big twist next week is bringing someone back! Their all gonna be pissed because they think its a double eviction,lol

these guest sucks

i want the jew kid back


Won’t happen. Julie told him the truth about Matt’s wife. Can’t bring him back.


He’s not a kid, he’s 39. At least, what it says on his CBS page. Thought he was much younger. Hard to believe that at 39, he is such a social cripple.


Hey yo what did Julie mean when she said to rachel this may not be the last you’ve seen of the big brother house? Does anyone have any idea/speculation?

these guest sucks

yeah the gay kid regan has stab say the one who gets evicting may come back. i think it a lie


Julie hinted to it this week.

Force Convert

Ragan won’t even stay in the same room with Brendon. No matter how off Brendon has been being tied to Rachel and how off he is sizing people up and playing the game, he was right that Ragan is emotional. You would think someone shot his dog and poisoned his sister the way he’s carrying on. Britney’s chillin’. Heffa’s soldiering on. I mean, if she was on the block she might be behaving more like Ragan, but she’s fine. Unless there’s something we don’t know, Ragan’s going to feel DUMB AS HELL when he finds out that Matt’s been deceptive all this time.

Ragan needs to cut the waterworks. He’s going to be dried out and pressed come POV competition time if he doesn’t stop being such a victim. Stuff yourself with slop, psych your self up in that crazy ass tripod pose and get ready to save your ass. Play the game.

sickoftheir shit

I think Ragan aint going to make through any competition. I lay odds on him passing out from dehydration if he cant stop crying like a wanker. He doesnt have the capacity to buck up and get on with things. He is a complete lozer. He says he cries alot at home too.

Force Convert

I feel like a douche for saying it, but Ragan is being such a girl. Kathy does NOTHING but feed fish and she’s got more testicular mettle. Just go to bed, Ragan. Do a V.E. if you’re so bad off.


This will be the surprise of the season:

Regan wins POV > Regan removes himself from the block > Brendon nominates Matt > Matt uses DPOV and Nominates Enzo, severing all ties with Failgade exposes to everyone the secret alliance > Enzo goes home

If nothing else it would make good television for like 5 mins.

Ms Kewl

I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE this! Enzo is so smug & trying to choose who should go home, yet hasn’t won diddly. Even Brendon told him to man up & start winning!




Cool video. She’s funny.


How sad- she was so pretty with brown hair and natural breasts!


yea she WAS beautiful, but as insecure women do they always see some pathetic improvement she actually looks worst now, like most women who get cosmetic surgery for NO reason..really sad


Sorry, I couldn’t watch it to the end because my ears started to bleed from listening to her voice. Can we just have a moment of silence? Lets cherish the fact that we don’t have to see or hear her anymore on this show.


you really need a life


and FYI it means nothing she’s an alcoholic


watching BB proved it. i see many AA meetings and relapses in her future


Brendon is a racist misogynist.


thanks simon for taking my suggestion about putting the brawny man next to lane…see he does look like


umm simon am i goin nuts or is there a tiny smiley face upper right hand corner of the page?


I agree with all..this year is the worst in stragery and hook ups. Enzo annoys the heck out of me, he has done nothing but tell Matt what to do. Hayden is sooooo immature and also riding on Matt’s coat tails, and Lane why is he there. So the theme this year has been to vote out those coming between you and your man, or just vote out those who annoy us. Forget game play, no one notices the guys hanging out. Tristian was the only one who looked like she was catching on, and now she’s gone. I don’t even watch I just go online and catch up. The stupidy this year has made me sick. At least Jordan played the game hence she won.