Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Rachel has a mental breakdown and tried to sweat it out…


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9:10am Rachel is in the kitchen and starts to cry. She opens the backyard door to get some fresh air and continues to cry. Then she heads to the lounge room and cries some more. She pulls herself together and then starts working out like crazy in the small lounge room. She does jumping jacks, uses the steps up to the bed as a stepper, runs around in small circles, stretches.. etc.

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Rachel is jumping near the door and the blind covering the window shoots up and freaks her out and she says sorry. (lol) Then Rachel heads to the kitchen to get a drink and then goes back to the lounge room and starts doing push-ups and jump rope without the rope.  She then sits on the floor and is silent with her hands over her face for about ten minutes and then starts working out again.  (I think someone is having a mental breakdown..)


9:46am – 10am Rachel is running in one spot when Kathy opens the door and asks her what she is doing.  Kathy asks why are you up so early.  Rachel says because she got called to the diary room and that she is now trying to sweat out the alcohol in her system.  Kathy talks about how drunk Rachel was last night and tells Rachel what she was saying.  Rachel doesn’t remember any of what she said or did.  Kathy tells her that she didn’t know that Rachel was drunk and asked if she wanted to talk and Rachel said that she couldn’t talk right now, that she was going to throw up …and then make out with Brendon.  Rachel asks if Kathy knows if she threw up or not.  Kathy says she doesn’t know.  Rachel says that she doesn’t think that she did.  Rachel says that she doesn’t remember a lot of what she said last night.  Kathy tells her that as long as she feels okay today, no big deal.  Kathy then leaves and Rachel goes back to working out and stretching.  At 10am Rachel heads to the washroom to wash up.  All the other houseguests are still asleep.
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Maybe if she loosens a few of those extensions she’ll be alright. & “I’m gonna throw up then go make out w/Brandon” seriously made me nauseous.
*Sidenote: Getting drunk & blacking out? A definite no-no.


Just shows that she is an alcoholic. Brendon better be careful.




You know what would really make this show intresting if somehow big brother could start some drama and break up the brigade I mean if they take out brendon next then rachel they will practically be running the house and make final 4..we need some type of drama big brother >_<

yellow rose

Sooo true! Uncover the bridgade alliance, keep the competitors, and let the games begin! Fun watching!!!


Rachel – just go home. Let Brendon play his game. She looks trashy. People would like Brendon a lot more if he wasn’t with her. By a vote of 10-0, Rachel – Buh-bye!


They should have a week where America gets to evict someone and bring a previous player back.


I thought Rachel was just trying to sweat out the alcohol she had, having a bad hangover and everything. I guess i am probably one of the very few that actually LIKE Rachel (but yes her laugh gets on one’s nerves). When you see her be herself and forget about the cameras, its good, but when she plays up to the camera like her DR visits or talking to Julie, she doesn’t realize how faky it is. I for one hope she does well.
MY LEAST favorite guest EVER was AMANDA ugly-crybaby always talking how hot she was-gross


I think she is going home. So should enjoy her last week with Brenden!!!

J.P. Brigade

Rachel is NOT someone to root for. No way ya put a target on your back THAT LARGE and have any real hope of stagin past the half-way point. She’s a sitting duck and has been for a while now. She wasn’t even power last week. She justh thoguht she was.

Brigade. 4-Deep.


Wait – is that Rachel? She has clothing on. A butt shot without her ass cheeks falling out. LOL. How did we miss the drunk rantings of crazy Rachel.. Big brother must have scolded her.. Now she is showing that dark side again to Brenden that I am sure is making him think twice. How the hell does he expect to keep her tamed while he is in school for the next five years.


Awww Boy George had the truth serum last night so all that mushy stuff she was saying about being in love with Brendover is how she really feels.


Rachel is an idiot!!

Mr. Me Too

Mental Breakdowns is Good, will get better once brendon is gone and she’s left alone “Chima 2”


Now i know I should be hating rachel aswell as u all do ^_^ but why does it seem like every person who wins the 2nd HOH gets all this hate jen/ronnie/rachel i mean its like whenever someone gets some power early AMERICA just hates them…i dont get it =/


It’s the way they act. I don’t think America says “hey, this is the second HOH, this is the person we have to hate.”


Rach—hell go home, your crazy & ya did it to yourself.


you all are far too excited for R and B next….as someone above stated, its not about R and B, its about the obvious outcome if they go next…the brigade needs a shake up, something needs to happen to force this to take place, like a split vote that hayden must break one way or the other.

Rachel just seems to be realizing she and brenden have about a 3 percent chance of making it to JURY, and she probably feels stupid. is what it is….

brenden on the other hand seems relaxed about it, he worries, for her…not so sure he really cares if they BOTH were booted at the same time…they just dont want to be split up, they have that relationship thing where you cant seperate….yeah that only lasts so long…we will see how they do once they go back to their real lives…even the jury house would be interesting for them….too bad they wont both make it


The real way to shake things up would be to make the jury from annie all the way through, or starting with next eviction….

then the brigade cant just glide to this victory because they made a deal week one to vote together…Lame.


BIG BROTHER, dont put them to sequester, toss them in the jury house!


Rachel sucks! She needs to go home ASAP! And Kristen should follow. She sucks too.


I honestly feel bad for her…she knows that she is sucking big time that was all she ways saying last night….she needed to drink to blackout from the nightmare she is living……I feel like she is looking at herself for the first time…she has been so focused on Brendon that she is forgetting about herself…happens so often with insecure woman….


enzo needs to start playing better, he trusts the brigade the most.
he really has no other alliances but them. Hayden has a branch with Kristen, Lane has a branch with Britney, and Matt has a Branch with Ragan. Enzo has no where to turn. He will probably be the first brigader to go.


why aren’t my comments posting!


sorry arleta, your comments were getting placed in the spam.. i’ve approved them all now


I love watching her cry…does that make me mean? Hope Brit messes with her and upsets her more!


I like Rachel but she is annoying. Surely she realizes that her behavior towards Brendon is irritating. I think that she should exercise a little self control in regards to her feelings and stop acting like a 12 year old girl. She’s not playing the game and there are so many people who would die to be in the BB house to play the game. That’s why I want to see her gone. If Brendon goes first I don’t want to have to listen to her whine and cry for an entire week – that’s why I think she should go now. However if I was in the house – there would be a strategy to getting them both to the jury house.


Rachel = Boy George. BEST BB NICKNAME EVER!!! Go Culture Club!

Mr. Me Too

i thought he was talking about ragan??


LMAO… Britney thinks he has solved the “pair”. She thinks Kristen & Hayden are twins. This is hysterical. Apparently they have “identical mouths & birthmarks”. This is funny.


rachel is a big crybaby.


I completely agree with Swirly


I hope Brendon goes before rachel! That way she will cry her eyes out until she goes home!Lol

Mr. Me Too

or wild out until she do what chima did


Tits McGee could never pull off a chima……


I have been watching Big Brother for a long time, and I must say, this is one of the worst seasons. I am so bored with all of these people. I like Brendon, but I hate Rachel. I think she could be okay, but is trying waaayy to hard for the cameras. Everyone else is pretty lame. I actually enjoy Brit’s snide, sarcastic remarks. She is quite funny and her goodbye messages are hysterical. I fear that Brendon will get backdoored this week. If the Brigade really want him out, they would be smart and nominate Rachel and someone else. If he doesn’t get the opportunity to play for the POV he is in trouble. Unfortunately, I think Brendon might be saying good bye this week.

Big Brother 6 Fan

I agree with ihatebigbrother lmao!!!!!!




kathy looks like sloth from the goonies that picture!

Mr. Me Too

LMFAO that was wrong…. if she only had her left eye yea a lil bit


Off the Boy George Topic, really what is there to say or think about with that mess. Meow-Meow needs a second. Everyone else in the Brigade has formed a secondary pal outside the foursome. Which is always good in case the Brigade goes down. Or someone is a traitor. Hayden has Kristen. Lane has Brit. Matt has Regan… and Enzo, the cheese, stands alone.


Enzo doesn’t need anyone they’ll just slow him down


Enzo’s a wimp. Sneaking cheese while on slop and then breaks down and eats a slice of pizza.

Mr. Me Too

who’s boy george? rachel or ragan