*updated* Big Brother 12 Spoilers: It’s Sesame Street on Big Brother! Their second punishment is to use sock puppets to talk ..if they fail they’re HAVE NOTS!

7:50pm – 8:05pm After the pool game with Hayden, Lane goes over and sits by the hot tub with Enzo and tells him about getting money in Pandora’s Box. Lane says that he grabbed envelopes from the back because he thought the big money was in the back…and that he ended up with only $91.17. They talk about what they think will be shown on tomorrows show. Britney and Hayden finish up their pool game and join Lane and Enzo by the pool. Lane says that he cant believe they’ve spent their entire summer in the house. Hayden tells them that they have been in the house for 57 days now. Enzo starts talking about his new baby daughter and how much she will have changed. Enzo says that he thinks she might be walking and talking some by now. Enzo says that his daughter smiles so much and is a happy baby. He says why wouldn’t she be?…coming from me!! The conversation then changes to talking about sports. Big Brother then cuts the feeds to the we will be right back screen….

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8:15pm – 8:35pm The house guests get their SECOND PUNISHMENT! The live feeds come back and all the house guests are playing with sock puppets at the kitchen table. Each of the sock puppets look like them. Their punishment is that they have to keep these sock puppets on any time they are talking and use them to talk. They are allowed to take them off but they can’t talk. If they fail to use them to talk then they will be been have nots.

Lane tells them that he is taking his off to make burgers and tells them all not to talk to him. Hayden takes his sock puppet off too. Britney tells both Lane and Hayden not to talk. When ever one of them has their sock puppet off they tell each other not to talk to them. Hayden is in the backyard grilling without his sock puppet. Enzo goes out and tells Hayden not to talk to him.


8:40pm – 9pm Enzo gets into the hot tub. Lane comes over and joins him. Both of them have their sock puppets on and are talking to Howie the duck. They’re talking smack to the duck. Hayden says that he likes the puppets. Enzo says yeah, they aren’t a punishment, they’re something to play with. Enzo says that they are going to get tipsy tonight and listen to some music. Lane says yeah we’re gonna get like 3 beers. Enzo asks can you imagine Brendon and Rachel in here now with these puppets. They says that Brendon and Rachel would be so annoying. Enzo says that he likes Rachel now and that he misses the drama and says that he wouldn’t even care if she picked a fight with him …he would just laugh. The conversation changes to talking about the last season of Big Brother and what the final HOH competitions were like with Jordan. They talk about what they think Brendon is doing right now. Enzo says that he is probably blasting at Rachel right now. Ragan comes out and and they tell him about how annoying it would be to have Brendon and Rachel with the puppets. Ragan says oh yeah especially Brendon. Ragan then says you know what would be really funny …and mean is that if Rachel was in the house and instead of giving her a sock puppet …there was just a pile of trash on the table and to call it Rachel. Enzo goes into the storage room and grabs the alcohol that they were given and brings it into the backyard. Enzo tells them that they got a 6pk and a bottle of wine. Ragan asks them if they should just drink it out of the bottle. Ragan then jokes and says that he doesn’t want to get their aids. The burgers are done… they head into the kitchen to make and eat them.. They can’t find Britney …they think that she is in the diary room. Enzo tells them not to talk to him while he eats. Enzo then says that these arent even a punishment. Ragan tells him not to say anything. Enzo says right…

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Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:13pm HOH cam 3

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:40pm sock puppets play pool

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

9:51pm Enzo celebrating

Big Brother 12 Spoilers

10:25pm My biggest fear when I get out of the house is going back and find out you were the most hated houseguest. Ragan: “What I want to do most is go to a bar with jason, mike and peter… I don’t want to be the guy from big Brother”. Ragan is dreading people coming up to him after the show and want to have long conversations about big brother, he doesn’t want these people to come up to him at the bar when he’s getting wasted with his friends and talk big brother with him.


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“Each of the sock puppets look like them. Their punishment is that they have to keep these sock puppets on any time they are talking and use them to talk. They are allowed to take them off but they can’t talk. If they fail to use them to talk then they will be been have nots.”


these guest sucks

the socks are more fun to watch then these kats. and can you please tell me why they keep talking about rachel. dam the the bitch in the house really want to be her.


Is Rachel the only thing this people have to talk about, if this is all they have, then their lives must be terrible how in hell did they get a long in life without rachel?




Someone burped really loud and Britney got so scared she jumped, lol.


thats a “manly burp”, got every lady in earshot scarred


It’d be even funnier if they didn’t show the HGs at all and we get to see all of BBAD with only the puppets showing and having convos. LOL


…AND with a Julie Chen puppet during the breaks bwwwaaaahahahahaha


that would make more work for the camera men to keep the camera on the puppets at all times, but yea FUNNY


Gee, wonder where bb got this sock puppet idea from ( probably from brian, from BB10)

They should have made the house guests use these, at the beginning of week 2!


Ahhhh yes! They had some damn funny puppet shows behind the couch in the BY.


This has been the best and funniest thing with the puppets that has happened to date on BB! LMAO!!!

Kathie from Canada

If you look at the pictures of each of the HGs gazing at their sock puppets, it looks like they’re trying to figure out how to make them talk. Seriously!


Lmao. Britney’s puppet has a lazy eye…..just like she has.


be nice!


YAWN. 26minutes of BBAD and I’m changing the channel…. I don’t even care which one of them wins.


LMAO @ those sock puppets. I wonder if they have to make the mouth of the puppet move while talking too as part of the punishment.


This is the best of bb12….they need to have them use them for the rest of the season for all that remain in the house….and if they become have nots…they should only let them have PLAIN SLOP and NOTHING ELSE!

Outraged BB fan

CBS considers it to be a punishment ?? new low of this season


OMG…Enzo waits all season to finally win something & now that is ALL we are going to hear about…he gets on my nerves more & more every day. Brittany is just reiteraing why I dislike her more & more every day…suck up to the brigade & can’t even talk to your “friend” Ragan anymore…UGH!


I can’t stand Britney either or Enzo. She is always calling other people in the house fake, when she is the fakest bitch in the house. She kisses whoevers ass is HOH and has the nerve to think she is cute, that stick figure needs a blood transfusion. I can not stand looking at her or hearing dumb ass Enzo talk(he is so f—- dumb. I was hoping that Reagan would make it to the finallys but I guess there is not hope of that now, since it looks like big dumb Lane won HOH.


Tim, I just did the same thing.


The fact the puppets are more exciting is sad


The only hope I see of Enzo getting voted out is for him to forget to put on his sock puppet to talk and then he will become a have not. And, we know when Enzo is a have not, he cheats. This time around production will catch him and penalize him with a vote against him. Okkkkkk……so maybe I am dreaming and grasping at straws. Maybe if we all that this same dream we can change the game!!! :0)


there is a downside to this punishment. its making the house guests be quieter… britney taking a bath without talking to cameras like a nutty person, boys playing pool in complete silence. and ragan on his own as usual but no “hey america, lets strategize”…the puppets are funny though…when they are being used.


Enzo is blitzed and can’t obviously work his hands at the same time he talks…LOL!


I despise ENZO!!!! He was running around the other day crying because he hadn’t won a comepetition, now that he’s won, one little competition he thinks he’s the man. In no way does this neanderthal deserve to win 500K


it’s neander-TALL!!!!

manners please




The Excitement

Ragan was a dick for being the Saboteur anyway. He got his $20,000. I don’t feel bad for him.


Enzo talked earlier without his puppet…..no punishment. I’m getting very tired with the brigade’s narcissistic view of themselves. They sure think all of america is going to be falling all over them. I also don’t understand why these lame HG’s just “give up”!! They just roll over and get evicted……so weird. Also, Enzo consistently bashes Ragan, talks about taking him down etc. Such a bully!!

Yae Dum Dum

The puppets are so cute and it is a terrific idea–Grodner must have had a moment of clarity and creativity–just a MOMENT, that is, nothing more!! Or someone gave her the idea and she ran with it!! As for Meow-Meow we will NEVER hear the end of it–just one POV and he thinks he is the greatest player of all time and deserves the money!! So friggin sad!!! I guarantee it was rigged in his favor. As for Gaygan, he is the one that shuns others because each time they try to come into his permanent cave now (the cabana room) he tells them “can I be alone” or “I don’t want to talk.” It is him that is pushing others away, not the other way around!! The HG’s have tried with him multiple times only to be asked to leave him alone!!!


Ragan knows it’s curtains for him, exit stage left, kiss Julie goodbye and go fight with Rachael in the Jury house. He is probably working on some wicked put downs for her…he is depressed.


Maybe their best move would be to out Brit now before she can win again, she would get votes in the final 3 and Ragan is a tossup. Too bad Enzo won POV, can’t imagine that humor not getting old yet!


So, yeah, this puppet idea was an attempt by production to keep the BBAD and live feeds from being a waste of time and money by adding some form of entertainment…. FAIL


They need to bring in strippers, Tequila, a dominatrix ( I volunteer my services), and then just maybe the frat boys and cheerleader would liven up a bit… this group are beyond boring.


or a huge fu*k fest , cooking with Martha Stewart NAKED, Full Body Waxing, have each do Bleep bleaching on each other….etc…..and other ideas ..please submit..lol


I would love to ball gag Enzo, make him lick my feet, stomp on his nether regions with a stiletto, and make him look at my huge rack and make sure he is fully aware that he will never touch my chest, or me for as long as I enjoy his screams of pain.


you got it goin on i love ball gags…actually they should use that as punishment ball gag them for the 3rd part of the punishment…till the end…what else can you think of for them…totally hot


I love you, Mistress!!!


I haven’t watched bbad for weeks but tuned in to see the puppets. Hayden just talked without his sock on. So effing boring. Good night.

Putz Meyer

Hope those pupputs were not made out of the socks those dumb shits used to jerk on with.


ohh thank god i have me life else Id face hell BBs12


thank god I have me life else Id have to face hell bbs12


the brigade said they think they would be getting a STANDING OVATION when they walk out the door….they are DELUSIONAL!!


not really everyone gets that cheer when they exit the house


I think they will get a standing ovation… for putting an end to the worst season of BB ever on record! I would stand and applaud too! * standing and applauding in anticipation of Hair winning BB*


i second that emotion LOL


I third it


HAHAHAHA@ what enzo, brit and lane are talking about with the puppets ….they should prolong this punishment til the finale night


enzo saying that he would do Rachel if he wasn’t married because she has a big chest


Enzo really is a Neanderthal isn’t he? I hope his wife lays a beating on his ass as soon as he walks through the door.


brendon might like her , because id bet money she’d be down for a 3some or a swing party


nahhhh… she would never do that cause ain’t nobody gonna get between her and her man!!


lmao! I hate when a woman call a man, “MY MAN” she is so stupid, whoever falls in love in a few weeks deserve to be treated like crap….loser! Rachel and Brendon the stupidest people on t.v.


survive?!?!?… Like survive from not contracting a std or herpes, survive not getting arrested for soliciting a prostitute, survive the drugs slipped into your drink and although your wallet is completely empty and you don’t remember jack, your id is still in there so you know where to drag your sorry behind back to your faithful wife and beautiful children with so dum story about how you were hangin with the guys and lost track of time only to find your your S*%T packed up and sitting on the curb….. is that the kinda “survive” your talking about? LOL


I can’t wait until 2013. I’m guessing that is how long it will take all of these guys to get all their plans in place. I’m going to get a date, go to Hayden and Lane’s restaurant, eat a nice meal, and then go see the new blockbuster movie starring Enzo and Jennifer Anniston. I just hope it doesn’t hurt when these monkeys fly out of my ass…….because that’ll happen before any of these houseguests do anything outside of the house like they think they are going to.




I’m crying because I’m laughing so hard @Nance95.


You are very funny! Of course the co-star in Enzo’s fantasy movie career is more like Scarlet Johanssen because he likes “chesty” chicks…and Aniston is too old for him and his hairline. The probable ascent his “career” will take will be spokesman for ” The Hair Club for Men”… as for Hair and Lame they will be gathering road kill to serve at their restaurant “establishment” because the conservation officers are going to take away any possibility of Lame ever hunting again. Hair will think their making a killing if they bring in 2,500.00 a year.


Road kill restaurant WOW that’s good. Specials of the day: turtle tenders with ranch dressing appetizer, smoked spotlight deer breast wrapped around a melange of squirrel and sorrel accompanied by birds nest soup with genu-i-ne bird balls.


Good God that was funny!! I was reading and thinking to myself….oh that’s nice, dinner and movie date……then all of a sudden flying ass monkeys and I realized it was my favorite thing…sarcasim!!


Cheese makes me poop


omgggggggggg i love lane n haaate haydennn!!! iz lane gonna b a have not even if hez hoh im confused help meeee


Only a doctor can help you.


Enzo is lit up off wine.lol
He said he’s going to be the sock puppet for halloween!


is there a man-sized sock?


Because these so called punishments are so weak and lame, I think Lane made out wayyyyy better then he is letting on. These sock puppets are probably going to be the most memorable event from here on out folks… GEEZ smh 🙁


why do they call it “libations”? and not “liquor”? do someone have a copyright on the word or something???

looked up the definition of “libations”

Libations – ritual pouring of a drink as an offering to a god or deity. It was common in the religions of antiquity, including Judaism.

WTF do they say this word for? simon/dawg im confused


Some basic facts for the houseguests. Hollywood hates reality show contestants. Go to Hollywood and go to dinner. 90% of the waiters and waitresses are actors waiting for their big break. All of Hollywood is a Union. Writer’s, actors, directors, producers…..everybody is in a union. It cost a minimum amount of money to put a reality show on TV for 3 months and get good ratings. A good sitcom pays the top actor about a million per episode, if not more. A reality show pays out less than a million for the entire season. But most actors know that reality TV is career suicide and that is why you never see actors on these shows. They would rather go through the hard knocks and try to work their way into the business. All of Hollywood shuns these reality show contestants. So these idiots on this show that think they are going to be rich and famous are so dilusional it is pathetic.


To didn’t lane just say him and Hayden go on the steam boat every year or did I hear that wrong?


WTF?? Interesting yo..did I miss something. Holy Shitballs!~ What if Hayden ad Lane are the life long assclowns????


Simon…considering the sock puppet for Hayden…I really think you should reconsider the pic for Hayden. I have included a link from colbert website…

i know you usually throw these to spam.. I beg please take a look.. it’s too awesome to ignore.


thats a hilarious video


Mike I don’t think they meant ON the steamboat, I think Hayden meant Steamboat Springs, CO, a hot ski spot for 20-somethings.


It’s funny to hear Enzo talk….he feels Matt should still be part of the Brigade for the trip. He feels they should pick how they want for final two and vote how they feel best …it seems he is the only real loyal Brigade member. He is willing to do whatever it takes to get any of them to the finals. I kinda feel bad for him…since it is so obvious Hayden is playing everyone. WTF yo!
At least Regan has a friend to talk to now…his sock puppet. They should study!


Enzo’s lack of knowledge of golf is pretty funny on the LV.


yeah it is “you only meed 3 sticks… “


“Yo, you get a stick and hit the ball” They should make the next PoV some golf competition for Enzo to play with lol. All he needs is a driver and he’s set =D


comic relief folks on live feeds…….lane and brit trying to explain golf to enzo………it’s like abbott and costello routine…..who’s on 1st….i don’t know is on 2nd etc etc omg this is hilarious………it started around midnite pacific time or shortly after but it’s still going on if you want to tune in


make brit a have-not…..she was just yapping away not using her puppet


just another empty-ass threat by production……..use puppet when you talk or will be H/N………brit’s eye isn’t the only lazy thing on her body……her puppet hand got very lazy while she talked and bet she won’t she be punished


Now it’s time for Lane to prove him self: he’s a sheep or a wolf like he pretends to. He has one shot, now that he is HoH, that’s it! If he’s backdooring Hayden he earned my respect and has a shot to 500k. Otherwise, he won’t be more than a door carpet for Enzo and Hayden, like Britney. It’s time for him to let go of the mama’s titty and grab Britney’s! That’s his life vest right now 🙂


Lane will never backdoor Hayden, they are the two life long buddies.
These two will be the final 2 if one of them becomes the last HOH.
The two of them have already decided to vote Enzo off at the end, Enzo
was being played by these two long life friends.
Ist to go tonite is Ragan, then Britney and then Enzo.


Seriously, sock puppets?? Has BB really sunk this low??? Has there been any further conversation regarding Enzo & Rgan? I’m very disappointed in BB that the haven’t at the very least reprimanded Enzo for his blatant violation of the Have Not rules and now this??? This whole season is just gone to crap!


This is terrible, I’m watching DVR’d BBAD. I hate what this show has become. Talk about how stupid they all are, how about these college grads have no idea what Texas A&M means….Lane thought an aggie was a soldier?!?!? Hayden actually corrected them…sad.


They also believe they are the best cast ever?!?! Wiait until they see what is being said about them. Ragan may commit suicide. Lets hope!


Ragan you are America Most hates person!


I was liking the season a few weeks ago, but it has become a trainwreck. Sockpuppets? I missed what the first punishment was. Did they have to stand in a corner? Pandora’s box is so lame. The saboteur was lame, the brigade is lame. Brittany was my fave, but after this week I don’t care if she goes home. I read Matt’s interview and the super genius still thinks he is brigade. The big dummy hasn’t figured out that the brigade threw the POV to Brendon to get him backdoored. The only person left that deserves to win is being ignored and shunned on his way out the door.Enzo thinks he is hot shit because he won a comp and the BG has 3 in a row. Pretty easy to do when you are three losers playing against a girl and a gay guy. Wow. I am impressed, what macho dudes. Not. Since Lane checked his brain at the door, assuming he even has one, it’s pretty safe to say that he still hasn’t figured out that he can’t win against Hayden or Enzo, so I would be shocked if he didn’t put Brittany on the block. It looks like Hayden is sailing straight to the half million dollars. Lane will be lucky to get third prize. I can’t be bothered to even watch the feeds anymore. Rachel and Brendon bashing is so three weeks ago. It was fun while they were still around, but kind of pointless now that they are gone. Enzo gets to break the rules with no consequences, they sit around talking about how great they are. I don’t care anymore. I wish they all would just go away. No allstars in this crowd. CBS needs to throw out the tired format and kill the silly “twists”. It feels almost like a rerun of last season. They need to figure out a way to discourage people from floating all season and actually play the game. Last season ended pretty badly with 3 floaters taking out the big players, but at least Kevin deserved to be there, and the only small satisfaction was that Nat didn’t win the whole thing, but it’s worse this year. What a disappointment. Even kittens couldn’t save this season.


puppets?! Someone call Craig Ferguson…..


They’re called ‘libations’ because the HG’s have to call it something. Booze, alcohol, libations….whatever. Someone probably called it ‘libations’ early on and it stuck.

Just a fancy name for booze, that’s all.