Jessica – “I never thought it would be this hard.. they broke me, it’s official they won”

Big Brother 19 Spoilers 1:39pm Jessica crying..
Jessica – My body is completely out of whack… I feel awful.. We’re stuck on lilly pads on the floor, we’re stuck in frog costumes, I can’t eat, I have been sleeping on spikes. We have to take cold showers.
Jessica – I never thought it would be this hard
Jessica – they broke me, it’s official they won

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Matt – “100% I would rather see Raven win this game”

Big Brother 19 Spoilers 12:29pm Matt, Raven, Xmas
Christmas is telling them the reason Cody put her up was because of the girls. Specifically Jessica.
Xmas wants to ask Cody before she goes and asks him what happened for him to disdain her.
Xmas wonders if Cody knows about her outside the house and doesn’t like her.
Matt doesn’t think so.
Now Xmas is giving a retell of her conversation with Jessica yesterday.

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Jessica “Romance has gone out the window. Put a cork in it or you’re not *****’ it!”

Christmas – she (Jessica) gave me a hug. She said you gave me a lot to think about. She never asked for clarity. The next morning was when I found out she was campaigning hard against me. I was like what the f**k!?? I was so confused. To me that tells me that she had something, maybe not directly telling Cody what to do but an influence. Paul – abso-f**king-lutely. Christmas – whether its direct or not she knew what she was doing. Paul – get the f**k out of here. Paul – when she asked me I was like I don’t have the answer … go ask Christmas. Christmas – her perception was that she HAD to talk to me, not that she wanted to but that she had to.

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“I’m not trying to get catty with you I’m trying to live in the same house as you”

Big Brother 19 Spoilers 6:16pm Jessica and Christmas
Jessica – This conversation is hard for me because it’s coming from a position of weakness..
Jessica says she had no idea christmas was going to be nominated. She did campaign against her.

Jessica says she wasn’t playing both sides of the house she always said she was going to vote to evict Christmas.

Jess – I was surprised I am legitimately concerned about your foot.. You’ve been really mean to me you’ve made my life in his house harder.

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“Thanks the pedant of protection, I would have probably finagled my way out of it”

Big Brother 19 Spoilers 3:36pm Paul’s friendship chat..
Paul says from day one he knew Cody was a hot head. Says he gave the friendship bracelet to Cody and Christmas because he wanted to see what their strengths were and Cody did by winning the HOH.
Paul says he threw the first HOH so Cody would win it get all the power and get blood on his hands.
Paul – it was beautiful
Paul – thank you for the pedant of protection, I would have probably finagled my way out of it

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“I’m 23, I’m going to look, theirs beautiful girls around, I’m not over here like…. “

Big Brother 19 Spoilers 12:32pm Jason and Kevin
Jason – don’t believe anything anyone says about me
Kevin says he just talks to Paul.. and with Paul he’s doing most of the talking

Jason says Ramses is telling people that Kevin flipped..
Kevin says ramses better stop talking about what happened in the past once Cody goes he’s a target.

Kevin – Jillian wasn’t going to last anyone… 8 votes against her

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Alex “She is trying to headhunt you. Make her think you like her. She’s desperate for attention.”

Alex – I cannot stand Jessica. She didn’t come down here for two weeks and now all of a sudden she wants to be friends with us?! And she’s mean. Jason – yeah. Alex – what’s his name heard you guys talking about battle back again. Jason – who? Alex – you and Cody. If you were, stop it. Jason – I have no control over it, if they want a battle back then.. Alex – yeah but don’t talk about it. Jason – WHY?! Alex – because people are listening to you. Jason – I said it wouldn’t happen. Alex – it doesn’t matter. He is still trying to pawn off that it was you who flipped and they think it was him too.

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Paul “As long as Alex knows and doesn’t feel uncomfortable” Jason “She can go kick rocks”

Christmas – I think our team is doing very well. Elena – I think it would be really awesome I could make it to final 4. Christmas – I work best in a team. I get fired up when someone believes in me. I know I’m capable but its just nice to have that reinforcement behind you. I will scrifice for the team. I will work hard for the team .. just don’t vote me out because I am petty. The reason you vote me out.. 1 it will never be because I back stabbed you. 2 don’t f**king have a pity party. Don’t think I can’t handle it. Because if I couldn’t handle it, I would have gone home last week. They (Production) gave me a choice and I said absolutely not.

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Cody “The guys think they’re going to be targeted… target their hearts. The women.”

10:20am Kitchen floor. Jason – they’re crawling all over me … little f**kers. I’m going to start eating them. I am a toad! Jason heads to the living room lily pad and talks to Alex on the couch. Alex is still talking about the plane banner in the backyard. I don’t know if Jillian actually saw it or if she thinks she saw it because he convinced her. Jason – she saw it, she was standing right there. Alex – she thought it was real. Jason – she’s a f**king idiot then. Alex – what did it look like? Jason – it looked like clouds by the time we saw it.

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