“If she [Felicia] was in the two, I think given we’re all pretty hated by the jury, I think she would win.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Matt
Nominees: Cirie & Felicia
POV Players: Everyone
POV Winner: JAG
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Cirie is the target. Feeds are filled with past events this season, Studying and a tiny bit of sh1t talking.

7:30pm Bedroom – Matt, Jag and Bowie Jane are hanging out and studying the days / events of the season as well as counting what is in the scary bedroom. Around 20 baby heads. 7 jars. 6 jars of spiders, 12 spiders, 2 are red, 1 each of black. 3 jars of eyeballs, 1 labeled with red. There are a lot of eyeballs. 1 brain, 1 heart, 15 hands, 3 scissors, etc.

7:50pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia and Cirie.
Felicia and Cirie get ready to go make dinner. Cirie – we ain’t calling nobody down. Felicia – we’re going to eat.. No, so here is what I want to do. See we can’t be ugly. So we are going to cook, we’re going to eat and then we’re going to bring our a$$ in here. They can come down and get whatever they want, I don’t care. Cirie – no yeah they can go but I am not saying HEY come down. Food is ready. Felicia – No, no I am not doing that. We’re just going to cook, get our plates and come in here and leave the rest on the counter. Cirie – I haven’t seen them all day!

8pm – 8:48pm Bedroom – Matt and Bowie
Matt – I would vote Jag out .. that’s what she wants me to say. Bowie – yeah. Matt – and then she goes if you win the three’s, you would take me right? And not Bowie? And I was like… because I obviously would in that situation and she was like you know you would take me over Bowie right?! Because I hesitated and so she was like why would you take Bowie? You got to take me. Bowie – Oh my gosh! Matt – and she was like you would be stupid to bring Bowie because… and it was just funny… Bowie – she couldn’t give a reason I bet. Matt – right, right.. I am like why would I not bring Bowie when we’ve come so far. Bowie – yeah, did you say that? No? Matt – no, I didn’t say that exactly because we are obviously working in our three. She wanted me to say her. She was like I am so excited for us. Bowie – oh my god! I think she asked me a couple of days ago and I didn’t give her answer. Matt – yeah, well that is kind of a tricky situation. If she were to win (HOH) and you win veto, then you would need to pick between me and Jag. Bowie – yeah that would be horrible. Lets just win the HOH. Matt – yeah, and not worry about that. And she was like oh you (Matt) would get all the votes .. but that is what she is saying to everyone. Bowie – because she would get all the votes. Matt – I know. Cirie would get all the votes… which is true. Bowie – yeah. But then if it was her (Felicia) she would. Bowie – that is why both of them have to go. Matt – I know. Bowie – I think Jag is pretty prepared, unlike me I’m at 80%. I recon he is at 100%. Matt – yeah, just keep studying. Bowie – its so funny that she expects anyone to take her anywhere when she has done the wrong thing by everyone. Like no one would take her to the final two, she’s going to have to win to get there. If she was in the two, I think given we’re all pretty hated by the jury, I think she would win. Felicia would win. She would have Blue’s vote, Cirie’s vote.. Matt – Cameron’s, Cory’s.. Bowie – I don’t know. Probably America. Matt – then they would vote together. They start studying.

8:48pm – 9:57pm Comic Bedroom – Cirie and Felicia.
Cirie – I am trying to decide if I am giving hugs or not .. if I am giving a Meme! I cannot wait to see Jared and all of them. They all come back right? Felicia – well they should, the last couple years they didn’t have the people before jury because of covid and all of that. I think they will this year. Those in the jury house are taking bets on which one of us is going to walk through that door.. they’re over there saying its Cirie or Felicia. Cirie – because they know it. Felicia – You guys never leave. You don’t think that he might want to be up there alone with his own thoughts. Cirie – well he should say it. Felicia – he should do.. he’s got to have the gumption to do it. You guys mind if I have an hour or two by myself? Cirie – its my last night. Felicia – I mean literally they haven’t come down stairs today but to eat. Cirie – maybe he don’t want to be alone. Felicia – Day 93 tomorrow.. 7 days.. in one week someone is walking out that door and getting a cheque for 750K! Cirie – Yup, I would love for it to be me, you or Matt but I don’t know. I was thinking my speech ..I might say and to the house guests whoever is left here please show a little more decency than you’ve shown in the last couple days. A little more humanity because that is not who you are .. or is it? I might I am thinking about it. I am cooking it. Felicia – I was thinking when people show you who they are believe them. Do you. I always say put yourself in the shoes of the other person and would you be okay. And its almost as if over night as soon as that veto got played they just flipped a script. They were only nice until the veto because they had to make sure one of us didn’t win. Once he won and he knew he wasn’t doing nothing with it.. No conversation. Cirie – that was it.. nothing. They both go to sleep.

10:15pm – 10:50pm Outside the HOH room – Jag and Matt
Matt – I just want ya’ll to be ready for tomorrow. If you guys need to get sleep then get sleep. If you need to study, then study. Jag – I feel like I am ready for tomorrow. I don’t know if she (Bowie) is. I don’t know. But you quizzed her right? Matt – yeah. Jag – I am going to reminder her to take the time. Matt – I know you can beat them. Jag – Yeah, I just have to be focused. If that’s the comp, either way I just have to be focused. Matt – and if its you together, take her out. Like if its smack down. As long as you two win, we will be okay. Jag – we’ll pull it off. Matt tells Bowie to Matt – I think they will be nervous tomorrow. Jag – the last 5 evictions we have executed perfectly. Matt – as long as we get to 3 we’re solid. Jag – Once we get to final 3, one of us or both of us will be in the final comp. That is really good odds. Matt – That’s what I am saying, one of us is going to be there.. and like I am picking you. Jag – I mean absolutely, that’s what I am saying. Matt – I think we’re really well rounded. They shake on it. Jag – we are one week away from executing. Matt – honestly if we’re the last two we will get talked about for a long time. They reminisce about past events of the season.

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Cam Fav HG

Today Felicia told Cirie she wasn’t giving her vote to anyone who lied to her. Seriously tho, if she meant that, can a jurist vote for no one? Maybe now they understand why Cam didn’t want Felicia to be part of the jury. Let’s see, how much damage can Felicia do with her mouth in a couple of days?

Spot ON

“Today Felicia told Cirie she wasn’t giving her vote to anyone who lied to her”

The Beef

She’s just bitter. Far from the first bitter juror we’ve seen on Big Brother, and she damn sure won’t be the first one who didn’t vote based on game play either.

Surely if only “game play” was considered, Taylor wouldn’t have won last season – Monte would have. Also, Josh wouldn’t have won season 19, Paul would have. Season 20 was a close one between Tyler and Kaycee, with both having a lot of comp wins, and both being aligned with the same group, but there were certain factions in the jury that were voting certain ways no matter what, and those votes had absolutely NOTHING to do with which of them played the best game.

At this point my gut (hahaha – Felicia isn’t the only one who has gut feelings) is telling me that whoever sits in the F2 seats, the “lesser” player is going to win due to bitter jury syndrome, unless possibly it’s Matt vs. Bowie. In that case Matt may get the votes of both the Mommas, and win, since they seem to think he’s too dumb to be a part of betraying them.

Spot ON

“and she was like you know you would take me over Bowie right?! Because I hesitated and so she was like why would you take Bowie?”

CIRIE is just one dirty a** SLITHERING SNAKE that thinks nobody sees through her BS (Well, maybe no-sack MATT doesn’t) in trying to win 750k for herself WITHOUT HAVING DONE ANYTHING towards that end; EXCEPT to spread lies about everyone, everything, and anything.

Hardly participated in ANY comps for practically 80% of the time thus far (don’t know how she managed THAT, except that she probably got underhanded help from production). When she did participate, she was usually one of the first to drop out.

Strangely enough, NOBODY in the house has the guts to confront her when she’s trying to play another for a fool. An example is her dialogue with MATT above.

MATT doesn’t have the SACK to say to her face: “CIRIE, why would I choose to pick you over X (say BOWIE) IF I think that’s a better play for me?”. Better yet: “CIRIE, WHY WOULD I TRY TO ASSIST YOU IN WINNING $750K ? WHY? MONEY IS BETTER IN MY WALLET THAN IN YOURS”.


Game fan

So she needs to give up and not try to make deals with anyone in the big brother game.

Spot ON

The comment was not suggesting that she needs to “give up” (but she should though). The comment was addressing how there is no resistance when she’s dolling out BS (as she was to MATT’S face). MATT didn’t confront her on her BS. WHO’S KIDDING WHO? It’s assumed that everyone in there want the 750k for themselves. So why not call her out on it?

Read the comment again, buddy.

Nether Region Euphemism

Those questions you suggest are an obnoxious way to play the game, bad jury management and likely to shift the house against you even if you have allies, as everyone is looking for an excuse to take out the potential winner.

Spot ON

“7:30pm Bedroom – Matt, Jag and Bowie Jane are hanging out and studying the days / events of the season as well as counting what is in the scary bedroom”

How stupid of an exercise.


For many seasons, there were “counting” competitions. So, not really stupid given that this season has the most days.

Gan ainm

It sounds like Matt sees the writing on the wall and is trying to talk up how they will be remembered as epic players if they make it to final 2.Jag won’t buy that.Did that sinking feeling of reality cause his stomachache the other day? As much as everyone is worried about a bitter jury I think only Felicia and Cirie would vote bitter.It’s looking good for Jag.


Yeah probably true.

If Bowie or Felicia makes it to the end with Jag especially but also Matt I think they will be destroyed by the jury overall.

I would READ them a nice question if I was on the jury lol.

Not that I would go easy on cowardly lion Jag or no sack Matt (love those nicknames btw) but at least they won stuff and were able to make big moves.

I’m not thrilled with any of these four people winning really…

The Beef

I don’t think Blue is too high on Jag, based on what she said to him when she left and also on her exit interviews.

The fact he lied to her face for the last two weeks of the season, I don’t really blame her for feeling that way.


Remembered as epic players ? Matt is delusional.
I’ve already forgotten them.

Game show lover

Jag has to win this whole game.
He has won the most games and I love when you play the game both ways, you deserve to win. I don’t care about Mat or Bowie gameplay.

Spot ON

I’ve said that. Objectively looking at the 5 who are left, JAG seems to be the most deserving (even though I don’t care for the slime rat winning anything). The most remarkable is that the guy was technically evicted, and he’s made the most out of a second chance.


I can’t stand Jag. I think he thinks he’s the shit the way he dances omg I can’t stand his celebrations. Please, my one but him, win this dam season

Cam Fav HG

And as Jatt stood there talking they both admitted they have no clue what the HOH competition will be. The 3 stooges studied all day long. But none of that studying will help them if the HOH comp is a mental anyone can win. Last year it was a cute video of Julie changing into various outfits. It was a 7 question true or false quiz. Which ended in a tie between Turner & Taylor and was broken by estimating the amount of seconds it took in another comp. That’s the things they need to be studying is the amount of seconds it took to complete competitions.
Here’s hoping that Felicia will stay calm under pressure and pull off an HOH win. She said she would lock the door and take her “me” time. Then she would nominate Jagg & fBj. The last veto competition in BB24 was a timed mental. Any one of them could win a veto like this. Now this one would require studying the dates that certain events took place.
Am looking forward to seeing Cirie sent to the jury house and hoping that Felicia will pull off a win to shake up the 3 stooges. Because this is a veto that isn’t a guaranteed win for Jag. Matt controls the vote. Will he save fBj or Jagg?
There still could be an exciting end to BB25.

Spot ON

“hoping that Felicia will pull off a win to shake up the 3 stooges”
That’s what I’m hoping for. If FELICIA does manage to pull a miracle win for HOH or VETO, the VILE VERBAGE that will be coming out of her mouth will be ENDLESS.


It really doesn’t matter if Fe can pull off a hoh or not. In the end Matt or Jag will be the only vote. BJ will go to jury and Fe will follow. Unless, by some miracle Matt or Jag puts up the other, they will be final 2.

Nether Region Euphemism

If it’s a tiebreaker, Fe seems to be really bad at math. Her calculations for the HOH tiebreaker that BJ won was ridiculously inflated, and it was a very easy timeline to figure out with basic math. She’ll need to win the quiz straight up.

no mo bro o sho ho yo

For the last week, Jag follows BJ everywhere she goes. He even gets out of bed at night when she does and follows her to the bathroom.

He is scared to death she will sneak a chat with Matt. He is doing everything he can to stop her and Matt from being alone together to talk and BJ is too stupid to see it.

Cam Fav HG

The rankings are interesting as Cam continues to be this site’s favorite HG. But look at Red, he’s now in the #2 spot. Gosh, how I wish this season had played out better. Anyway, look at fBj, Hisam is more popular than her now. Matt remains at the top as Jag, Bowie & Cirie keep sliding down. Jag used to be popular, but after all the backstabbing, he has dropped significantly.

Cam Fav HG

Tonight can’t come fast enough to see Cirie walk out the BB house to meet Julie. I wonder if the HG will find out before finale night that Cirie is Jared’s mother? Crossing my fingers that Felicia will pull off the HOH win tonight so the last week isn’t so dull and predictable. Also looking forward to hearing diary room convos so we really know what the HG’s are thinking.

Who Cares

You can’t trust the Diary Room comments since they change their minds so easily.

un autre nom

We watched week one of feeds.
This week is just same thing, fewer people.
handful with one of their plus ones upstairs bitching about their superiority whilst simultaneously shit talking the rest of the house.
chaoscoven in their comic room layer conspiring.
Could have saved myself 79 days… as it is i’ve barely watched for 2 days cus wash rinse repeat.

Nether Region Euphemism

I like how the mommas handled the cooking situation. Make enough for everyone, but don’t call them to dinner.

If someone is going to behave like a rebellious adolescent, then they should feel foolish to eat from Cerie and Fe’s cooking at this point.

un autre nom

One of them is a spoiled entitled goof that believes if a woman didn’t cook or clean for him, she wasn’t playing the game. Matt. So why, with that attitude being placated all season, would the brats feel foolish?

Nether Region Euphemism

I agree, they are too entitled to feel foolish.

A true rebel will value their independence, and go make their own meal. Even if it’s just a piece, bread, and an apple. No way do you undermine your own ‘stanch’ by reverting to being in need of some care.

un autre nom

sorry, was distracted by Felicia ironing Jag’s clothes for him. The clothes Bowie washes for him. So, they’ve been cooked for, laundered and ironed for all season…
too entitled to feel shame.

Another Dixie

It might be childish of me, but after taking our servings, I’d liberally season the food. Extra salty or super spicy, it doesn’t matter. Maybe drop it on the floor and return it to the pan too.


No, you don’t mess with people’s food. That’s tacky & right out. Especially with germs. What’s next, pee in their lemonade? Just leave it in the kitchen to get cold.

Who Cares

Extra salt, sugar, and spices are acceptable since they don’t have to eat the food. But you should not make it dangerous to eat.

Who Cares

They should eat what they cook and leave nothing ready for the others.


That’s true! They’re not the chefs of the house anymore.

Meme's Muse

At this point, after all Jag has said, he is on to Matt and Cirie working together. This is another nail in the coffin for Teflon Matt. Matt, the dear, though spoiled man child’s time in the house is over. Jag will win of that there is no doubt. Bowie knows she would come in second with Jag or Matt. Nothing salvageable except when Jag will do it: now or final three.Felicia winning anything is slim to none and slim just left town. Matt is not good at comps and mental ones are particularly challenging for him. Time to say goodbye, call it a season, and move on.

no mo bro o sho ho yo

At this point, I just can’t wait for it to be over.

They need to change the structure of this game so that bad behaviour isn’t rewarded and good behaviour sent home.

The way it currently is, it just breeds toxicity.

Change the formula or skip BB26. I feel like a lesser person after watching this season.

Thanks for making me hate these people CBS. You are very good at it.


They need to structure it more like the BB Uk or BB Au versions. Use the diary room for venting. candid talk. I cannot handle the scripted diary room sessions and all the time wasted rehashing all the competitions in the DR. Have some fun secret tasks, food comps, no storyline to follow, just the houseguests talking in random conversations.

Gan ainm

That used to be my favorite part of watching to show,to see what the players real perspective and strategy were.Now they want them to play whatever part or character prodo has scripted.

no mo bro o sho ho yo

From that other Big Brother site:


“Cirie says if asked what big brother is like, she will says, Julie think of your job, and they tell you stay for 100 days, you got a bed and yard, then you realize Larry from accounting farts all the time, and Allison from receiving won’t stop talking about
Herself and Henry eats all the food and licks his fingers and you have to stay there for 100 days. There is no lunch breaks, you work the whole 100 days. And everyone at the job is trying to get you fired and if you last you get a bonus check.feeds switch”


Cirie pretty much sums it up. It’s a shithole where you are forced to live in disgusting conditions with disgusting people. She’s been wanting to leave for months.

When Felicia cut her toenails on Cirie’s bed, I thought Cirie was going to explode. I could see she wanted to blow up.. but she held it in… lol


A disappointing season.



Gan ainm

They need to stop over producing.


So true.


It seems it’s been downhill for several years. I haven’t watched in a few weeks now and rarely check in here (Sorry guys; I know you endure to keep things up to date).
It’s pretty much a given who’ll be in the final seats, and I really have no interest in either of them.

no mo bro o sho ho yo

If the rumours are true that this game is scripted. Tonight is productions last chance to somewhat salvage this season. The comp needs to be a booth one with A,B and C answers. Production needs to feed the answers to Cirie or Felisha in the diary room prior to the comp. Then Matt and Jag need to go to jury. Everyone in this house has been toxic. But Felisha and Cirie less so. They have been more critical lately, but look how they are treated. Felisha and Cirie need to be in those final 2 chairs.

I quit watching this program for years and just came back to it on this of all seasons. If Jag or BJ win this game I’ll never watch again. I can’t watch a show that rewards the least deserving person for being the sh1ttiest version of themselves and sends everyone else home.

Gan ainm

If you think this season has been toxic you haven’t been watching for quite a while.I’ve heard more toxic comments from commenters here than from the houseguests.

un autre nom

Week one. Should have kept Kirsten.
Fe gone. Professors lose numbers meaning week 2 Cam gone?
Week three open now, but Bowie was second in that comp.
The entire telemetry of the game alters.
So why didn’t it? Because strategy impaired Reilly said no, and Meme squeeled. Remember when Meme spent week one and two telling Cirie and Felicia everything America, and Cory would say to her because she was Brownsugarbabes or die, and didn’t want to play with anyone that wasn’t black? Kirsten was black, and finall 3 with Meme and America, but… bsb was her focus because 23 and can6 were her mandatory study guide from prodo.

People can say shoulda kept about Reilly or Hisam or Red or Izzy all they want. The tone of cannibalize your ally to keep an enemy started week one. Week one sets tone.

Gan ainm

So we should all hate Reilly for putting us all through this.Her punishment should be dating Matt.

un autre nom

i tinfoil about week one. Kirsten knowing secret hints included.


Breaking News:
Bowie Jane, the 3 of you are not just hated by the jury.


Cirie is a joke…complaining about the deceit, since everything she has said and done is a lie. If she had the chance to boot Matt out she would, but only after getting Jag out. Felicia whines alot, but she knows that the better player should win. The thing is, is the better player the social game, or the comp beast? Could go either way this season.


Felicia saying she doesn’t want to look ugly for not making dinner for everyone is hysterical. She truly has no self awareness. Cirie is not much better. They think that they’re royalty, everyone should come to them to talk, they shouldn’t have to go up to HOH room. So childish. I guess they want everyone to kiss the ring. No thanks, get your butts up there if you feel excluded.


Super happy Cirie is leaving. Never a fan of stunt casting especially when they are boring as f***

Cam Fav HG

Super happy Cirie is not going to win!

un autre nom

so this season is 19 if Paul got ‘got’ by someone just as cringe in a who cares about jury management, only comps matter season…. yay then ew?


LEST WE FORGET: You know, as bad as this season has been — let’s not forget annoying house guests like Couch and Jasmine. Remember the OTHER muffin? Not hands but gate.

From ScreenRant:
“Jasmine Davis sprained her ankle during a Big Brother 24 competition that she eventually ended up winning, and now she reveals how the injury actually ended up helping her game. Jasmine was a polarizing figure for Big Brother fans with her intentionally over-the-top hokey expressions, high expectations for celebrating her “birthday month” in the house, and the infamous “Muffingate.” Her injury made her even more high maintenance, as she at first needed her fellow houseguests to help her do nearly everything.”

She was SOOO annoying! Birthday month. Fetch me this, get me that. I mean, kind of brilliant game-play if you’re not an athletic person, but she MILKED it to the nth degree!


I had completely forgotten about Jasmine and her ankle.. UGH


Jasmine… world’s worst !!


Jasmine was ABSOLUTELY THE WORST! At least Felicia has funny moments. Who hilariously had shopping request conversations to the camera with Mr. B? — needing seasoning and condiments? Mama Fe. But also, clipping your toenails and sanding your foot callouses on someone else’s bed!?? Who does that? Oh yeah, Mama Fe. Who farts on someone eles’s bed? Mama Fe? We had some entertaining characters on this season.
Loved hating on mini Hitler Hisam.
Loved hating on crazy eyed Izzy.
Loved hating on Hick creep Red.
Loved hating on mini Manson creep Cameron.
It wasn’t so bad upon reflection. Salty watching can be fun.

It just got less interesting for me once Cory left. He was kinda fascinating – when he wasn’t sucking face. Ruined his game, but can you blame him? Go geeks!

Lady & The Tramp

After Cirie leaves tonight

“I need all house guests to come back to the living room. Remember Big Brothers famous catchphrase (everyone in unison “EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED”). That’s right houseguests, the theme of the remainder of this game we will be going back to the scary verse!” Ding Dongggg. (Luke re-enters the house to a completely shocked final 4).

Complete silence ensues for 3 minutes as the normal send off music just plays.

Julie: “Goodnight Houseguests”

“From outside the Big Brother house, I’m Julie Chen-Moonves. Remember, people deserve second chances, be kind and one love another”


It’s not for Julie to decide who we should love.


It doesn’t matter which they keep; if Cerie or Fe stay and win HOH, no matter who they put up or who wins the veto Jag will survive.


BJ: Yeah….Yeah….Yeah….Yeah….Yeah….Yeah


The entire season pretty much.

tom f

So much for all you pundits that said this is rigged!!