Matt – “That is where Felicia is f***ed up she’s told so many lies you can’t take her word”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Felicia & Matt
POV Players: everyone
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Doesn’t matter
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: As the veto holder Jag decides who is evicted, Matt or Felicia. The remaining person will be the 3rd member of the final 3.

1:20 pm Felicia and Jag
Felicia – congratulations I knew you a$$ was going to win
Jag – thank you
Felicia – you deserve it you played well
Jag – I’m fighting for my life
Felicia – 7 vetoes 2 HOH’s you’ve surpassed Cameron’s Sh1t by FAR you’ve played a great game.
Jag – thank you
Felicia – what’s your move
Jag – I don’t know
Felicia – you have to think about this is a 750 thousand dollar Decision your biggest competitor is still in here. You leave him you take the chance of sitting next to him on finale night and you’re putting your fate in everybody else’s hands.
Felicia – you have to think about how votes will be swayed. These guys that win they let their duo go. He was prepared to do what you are prepared to do. He knew he needed to win to get rid of you that is where you are in the game. If you think your game is so good and you think you can sit next to him and risk that but you have to think about that.
Felicia – I land where I land.. Really think about where you want to land.
Jag – yeah
Felicia – he was prepared to make the same move
Jag – he said that?
Felicia – yeah
Jag – when was this?
Felicia – yesterday he wanted to win the veto because he knew he wanted to win to KNOCK you out and I’m not making that up. He felt like his life was on the line. He’s afraid to go to the final 2 because you outplayed him
Jag – mmmmmm
Felicia shits on Bowie a bit for her nominations.
Jag – it didn’t matter
Felicia – cause you won POV, had Matt won when he’s going into that final 3 he’s thinking you put me up why would I can’t you to the final 2.
Felicia – I told her you have to think about the end.
Jag wonders how he can know what she’s saying is true
Felicia – ask him, I had that conversation with him
Jag – but will he have done it? (Evict Jag)
Felicia – he said he will he said he wanted to sit next to me. If he got to final 3 and he won he was sending Bowie Jane home.
Felicia – I haven’t told anyone lies.. I’m not making this up. (LOL)

Jag – mmmm
Felicia – if you are smart that is the only decision you can make. (Evict each other)
Felicia says Cirie told her that she’s being evicted because Felicia was feeding too much information to Matt
Felicia – you both played good games..
Felicia says Jag played a better competition game but Matt played a better relationship game. “that’s your risk going into the final”
Jag – yeah
Felicia – I’m just being real
Jag – you will drop me
Felicia – truthfully no and you know why? I don’t want to sit next to Bowie Jane.
Jag – if you won the final HOH you wouldn’t choose me.
Felicia – I’m serious … Even if I thought I could beat her and I think I can I don’t want to sit next to Bowie Jane she sees me as irrelevant and I can’t stand that. She only wants to be attached to the guys. That bothers me.
Felicia goes on about how she tried to keep Bowie in the loop but every since the “RED thing” Bowie never recovered from it. (Recovered = being allied with Cirie and Felicia)
Felicia – I’m just a somebody from her. When she doesn’t need you she stops talking. I don’t want to see her in the chair
Jag – you have to give her more credit she never touched the block.
Felicia – that’s where she played a very good game
jag – she’s tied for the most HOH’s
Felicia – for the whole game she layed low key and never acknowledged her relationships..
Jag – it took her this far everyone is playing a good game. It has to be good because it brought you this far.
Felicia says Bowie never made a decision for herself everything she’s done is what teh house wanted (Bullshit she’s been with the minutemen)
Felicia – she was the ultimate under the radar person
Jag – she won 3 HOH’s
Felicia – when she needed to..
Felicia goes on about how people threw the comps early on like Bowie and Cory.
Jag – yeah it’s tough
Felicia – All I have to do is look you in the face and give you my word. I have not lied to you
Jag – yeah
Jag – I want to believe you I want to believe you never lied to me but then someone has at some point. trying to figure out who lied and what story adds up.
Jag tells her that Cirie swore on the Bible that she never said Matt was talking about targeting Jag.
Felicia – WHAT!
Jag – at this point I can’t be like Cirie is a liar. I’m not going to say someone lied to me if they swore on the bible.
Felicia – that shocks me that you are saying that.. OH-M-G
Felicia brings up instances where her and Cirie’s relationships went awry. Brings up instance where Cirie lied and swore she didn’t.
Felicia goes on about never saying a lie or making sh1t up.
They bring up again Cirie swearing on the bible on things that were lies and feeds flip.
When we’re back Felicia is going on about when she found out people were lying and making things up “you guys are actually doing that? You are just making shit up? OHH okay that’s a little bit too far game for me I’m not going that far”
Felicia – you want to play and play well but you don’t want to go that far.
Jag – mmmmmm

Felicia leaves “I have no reason to lie”
Jag – damn damn damn..
Felicia comes back.
Felicia – trust me he’s going to hang with Bowie Jane for the next two days because he wants Bowie Jane to convince you to get rid of me.

2:39 pm Jag and Matt
They got a space heater for the HOH.
Jag – Momma FE is so annoying.
Matt – I told you she’ll go hard.
Jag – she was going HARD Bro.. throwing you under the bus HELLA, Throwing Cirie under the bus still. talking about Cirie, Talking about you talking about everything. I was like BRO
Matt – she’s so dirty dude
Jag – I know
Jag – she said for Matt this was do or die if he won he was going to send you (Jag) home. . I was like OHH REALLY
Matt – I never told her.
Jag – She was saying all this stuff.. last week he wanted to win Camp veto so he could send you (Jag) home.. stuff like that.
Jag – she was saying all the times how you’ve been telling her you want to send me home. Like eventually send me home.
Matt – If Anything why would I tell Felicia that.
Jag – she mentioned you telling CIrie then Cirie telling Felicia that. I told her straight I talked to Matt about that. I told her Cirie swore on the BIBLE..
Matt – SHe swore on the Bible.. She grabbed the bible and said look I swear I did not make that up. I was like Felicia said you said that.
Jag – Cirie said something to Felicia yesterday. She said I know I’m going home because you talked about that to Jag and jag lost trust in me.
Jag and Matt talk about how Felicia told Jag about Cirie saying that Matt was targeting Jag.
Matt – I’ve lost trust in both of them.

Feeds flip to Felicia playing Solitaire. when we’re back Jag going on about Felicia telling him that Matt was going to take his shot against him if he won this veto.
Matt – OHH my god she was the one that started that conversation
Jag – she was talking about Cirie a lot I don’t know why. She said her and Cirie’s relationship was bad.
Matt – they were working together.
Jag – it went awry
Matt – it went awry because of Felicia being anti Cirie
Feeds flip again to Felicia. When we’re back Bowie has joined the guys.

Jag – She was throwing Matt under the bus so hard. She said.. oh my god I don’t remember half the sh1t.. she said Matt wanted me out. Blue, America, Cirie wanted me out.
Matt – so me, Blue, America and Cirie were all working together?
Jag – they all wanted you (Jag) out..
Matt – she damn well wanted you out.
They agree Felicia is being annoying. Matt and Bowie both say they never went up to cIrie and Felicia and say they wanted Jag out.
Jag says Felicia doesn’t care about Bowie Jane.
Bowie – I don’t exist
Matt – she’s not going to say anything bad about you or you but yet she’s the one saying I want a final 2 cause she was afraid I would win veto.
Jag – she was trying to make a final 2 right?
Bowie – week one..
Jag – not recently?
Bowie – No I always shut down the conversation, With you?
Matt – of course
Jag says Felicia told him she wouldn’t pick Bowie Jane to be in a final 2. He asked her why “She made it all like personal.. well because outside of game I don’t want to choose her I don’t think she deserves.”
Bowie – Cirie said the same thing to me.. they said the problem I’ll have is getting people in Jury to believe I’ve done anything
Jag – I said you got to give her credit
Matt – you’ve guaranteed your final 3 spot
Jag – I said you got to give her credit, she’s never been on the block, She’s tied for the most HOH wins.
They laugh.
Bowie – all those girls think i’ve done nothing
Jag – she was just dogging on you for no reason
Matt – was Felicia the only other female that won HOH? and you won three.
Bowie – Yeah
Jag – And Reilly!
Matt – sorry Reilly
Bowie – I don’t get no cred for anything. But I don’t care that was the game I was playing on purpose. I didn’t want them to know where I was working. I was working with them they burnt me I moved to another alliance, thank you very much. (that really sums it up they couldn’t help themselves being nasty to her)

Jag – IF there’s one person that has stumbled there way here it’s her
Bowie – Exactly it’s her.. she’s been on the block so many times.
Jag points out if there’s anyone that doesn’t deserve to be here it’s not Bowie, it’s not matt or Jag it’s her, “For the last 6 weeks we’ve cycled through every win”
Bowie – we had a plan
Jag – we had a plan and we executed every step of the way. the only hiccup to the plan was that they had two vetoes one week and even that was fine.
Bowie – Cameron and Jared came back we dealt with that
Jag – everything on the second half of the season was the three of us having a plan and everyone else going home because we stuck to the plan (And won most of the comps)
Matt – I don’t want to even look at Felicia
Bowie – I don’t want to speak to her
Matt – I want to say can you stop f***ing saying lies
Bowie – I want to say that to
Jag – she said I never lied to you
Bowie – bullshit
Jag – I said I want to believe that BUT. . here is someone else that is swearing (on the bible)

Jag called into the Diary room.
Matt explains when Cirie swore on the BIBLE that she never told Felicia that matt was wanting to target Jag.
Matt says Felicia told Jag that he wanted to win CAMP veto so that he could get Jag out.
Matt – that is where Felicia is f***ed up she’s told so many lies you can’t take her word
Matt – I’m not a fan of Felicia
Bowie – I’m not either, what’s with the Anti me thing?
Bowie goes on about how Cirie and Felicia have been dicks to her.
Matt – I wanted to be the one to send Felicia home.

4:00 pm Felicia, Bowie and Mat
Nobody having fun. They chit chat about the veto competition.

4:47 pm Felicia – I’m so ready to go home

5:37 pm Solitaire and sleeping

5:49 pm Bowie, Jag and Matt
Bowie brings up Felicia telling her she had a dream of being in the final 2. “Before she even got cast on the show.. she told me that today”
Jag – wowwwwwwwww
Matt – she didn’t want to tell you any other day but today..
Bowie – A bit dodgy
Bowie – She said ‘did you think you’d make it this far’
Bowie – I said well….
Bowie – She’s trying to say I hadn’t planned anything. She’s also trying to say.. She know I would say NO I didn’t think I would be here this far.. well you just floated your way through.
Jag – mmmhmmmm
Bowie – cause that’s what they think.

6:25 pm Bowie, Jag and Matt
They’re watching Felicia walking around the house.
Matt – she’s cooking..
He points to his head. (cooking as in thinking)
Matt – I always feel like it’s a red flag to stare at the memory wall.
Bowie – she’s going through the numbers
Matt – she’s cooking something.. she’s staring at my picture.
Bowie – she’s hoping your’s goes black and white just by staring at it.
Matt – She’s staring at my pumpkin .. she’s staring at the pumpkins for some reason.
Matt – she was staring at the memory wall for a long time.. red flag when you stare at the memory wall so much.

6:45 pm

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Spot ON

Think your appeal for the season would have improved JF instead of Kirsten, MEME, and Reilly, the bikini babes would have been FELICIA, CIRIE, AND ICKY ???


I can’t really disagree Simon, but it’s been that way for quite awhile. Cause and effect, like many things, people overlook the cause. Casting has been done a certain way for several years and the quality of the show has truly nosedived. If we are all being intellectually honest and not emotional, it’s pretty evident.

Love the site and have been lurking a very long time and applaud you for hanging in there over the years. It’s just a shame the culture we find ourselves in today.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

If Jag cuts Matt it will one of the biggest betrayals in BB history. Matt used his special power to save him and his sorry butt would have been at home if he didn’t. Jag will probably win anyway so why not give his pal Matt second place. Dirty Dirty Jag!


My hunch Jag threw the last HOH competition. He had a higher number that Bowie and would have won with it. But changed his answer at the last second. He had to know that would make Bowie HOH and one of final three. He knew she wouldn’t put him up. Plus, Jag wants to take her to final two…. If he was HOH he would have had to put up either Bowie or Matt with Felicia. He’d have less control of the game. So seems he decided to gamble and throw the HOH . Hoping to win POV, which he did. Had he not there’s no way Matt or Bowie would have voted him out over Felicia. Plus, hard to think she’d win POV. For sure Jag and Bowie are final three. Jag’s game is great. Will he hang on to Matt to secure final two? Or risk taking Bowie who has been hiding in the shadows. Looking forward to how it all ends.

Carlito's Way

Jag DEFINITELY threw the HOH. He did not want to win HOH and then have to pick between Bowie or Matt to put up with Mama Fe. You are so right. He knew Bowie would never put him on the block. Then they did the creepy trick to Matt to pick a number between 0 and 100. Ugh. Do not like Jag’s game play.


The HOH and the noms are irrelevant this week. He could do the same trick he did with Bowie and put Matt up anyway.

un autre nom

jury notes
a- cradlerobber
b- jurymance?

un autre nom

Cam: there’s no feeds in jury. repeatedly.
That’s why I’m joking. Though in the pumpkin carving pic, she’s wearing Cam’s red hoodie, not Jared’s sweater….. just stirring the pot to be a little arsehole. sorry.


I really wish there were feeds in the Jury House. When I saw their “Craddle Robber” Couple Costume I was rolling around in laughter, lol

un autre nom

According to one interviewer, Jag’s goodbye jury plea to Cirie landed… with a thud.
She thought the other messages at least exhibited human warmth, while Jag’s was cold and lacked any humanity. She was not a fan.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Felicia can give it up, nobody trusts or believes anything that she says.

I have to laugh every time she has said, I have never lied to anyone in this game, Felicia, this is BB, everyone has lied, that’s just a part of the game.

In the past Month, I think there have been at least 3 mental competitions, Felicia won 0. She cannot expect to be carried all the way to Final 2.

I’m not a fan of Bowie, Jag or Matt. But I think Bowie deserves final 2 more than Matt. Matt talks a good game, always going to give 100%, I think if I remember right, Matt has 1 HOH, and 2 Veto wins, and he won the competition to save Jag when he was evicted.

But Matt’s over all game play, I just cannot respect playing the Middle, throwing Comps, being told what to do, how to vote, Matt did not even control his own HOH, all he was thinking about, was Reilly in a picture with his mother.

Matt, if you don’t win 750k, or at least 75k, I don’t see a long distance Romance happening with Reilly.

I do think it will be Jag & Bowie in the Final 2, I do not see Matt winning the next HOH, I think Bowie and Jag have agreed, they are both taking each other to Final 2.

If I’m basing that on strictly game play, or HOH Comps, it should be Bowie & Jag Final 2.

Jag has been carrying Matt, and Jag Controlled all 3 of Bowie’s HOH’s. I’m glad next week this season will be over.

Matt, Jag & Bowie are living in a dream world when it comes to thinking the Minutemen or the Mafia Alliance’s will go down in Big Brother History, do they not watch BB ? How many people have played this game, every year there are people like them who think they are so damn good, but they are not.

Hope BB26 2024 will be MUCH better.

Just The Truth

Felicia needs to go. She is a bitter jurors dream winner.


Big Brother posted on Twitter (and maybe Instagram)the costumes the Jury members had for Halloween. I guarantee you that America & Cory’s Couple Costume will have you rolling around in laughter

Spot ON

Nah…..silly stuff really….
But wouldn’t mind seeing AMERIKA, REILLY, and KIRSTEN in body paint at Fantasy Fest in Key West

Nether Region Euphemism

I’m wondering exactly when did Cerie, Fe and Izzy start treating BJ poorly? I recall they got paranoid bc BJ was getting close with Cam and Red. BJ definitely was shifting allegiance at that point.

Had the trio been treating BJ poorly before she decided to gravitate towards Cam? Or was it that she sensed she was low on the totem pole? Or, did she just prefer Cam and Red?

I’m not excusing the trio’s treatment of BJ once they decided to blindside her; no need for them to be cruel.

I’m trying to understand the initial source of the divide.

un autre nom

the middle men alliance joke. week 2.

Nether Region Euphemism

That doesn’t answer my question regarding sequence of attitudes, and why BJ got the brunt of it.

un autre nom

Cirie didn’t like that Bowie didn’t spill her entire game plan like everyone else. Bowie colllected no info for Cirie. This made Cirie, Izzy and Fe suspicious. Then Cory joked about a non-existant alliance. Bowie was a member. The chaoscoven believed it because it was an easy explanation for why Bowie was the only person keeping her mouth shut: she was playing them, they thought.