Jag “I want you to know like you’re totally good. Like BRO I am saying you’re good. We’re making it to day 100!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Felicia & Matt
POV Players: everyone
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Doesn’t matter
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation:

2:06pm The feeds return to Matt and Jag in the HOH room.
Jag – we got to pull out the wins. Matt – one of us has to win twice. Jag – I know… but if both of us win once we made it. Matt – oh yeah you’re right. I don’t know how much I have to campaign. Jag – dude you don’t got to campaign. Matt – you know I am going to f**king take you with me. Jag – I know but you don’t got to. Matt – there is no other option I would do. Jag – I know. Matt – Day 1, ended day 30 renewed. All the way. We literally survived with targets on our backs. Jag – I know its wild. Matt – we were supposed to get picked off hella! Jag – and I know you’ve been nervous and stuff.. Matt – I don’t want to be so cocky.. Matt – I know like Jag would never … I am not trying to be like… Jag – but I would never ..I can tell when you’re a little nervous and stuff.. Matt – Its my first time on the block which is weird. Jag – I am not saying it as a bad thing or whatever .. but I want you to know like you are totally good. Like BRO I am saying you’re good. There is nothing Felicia could ever say. Because like for me dude we have stuck together this whole f**King game and like honestly for me its like this is the least I could do as well. Like the week four.. BB blocks the feeds. Matt – lets just go at it and see who wins the last won. Jag – because it literally won’t matter. Matt – because I am 110% taking you. There is no other option. You know I love you bro! We were supposed to get cooked and we made it to day 100! I don’t want to be cocky.. I am going to be nervous and I know I don’t need to be but you know how it is. Jag – but I am just telling you from me personally.. you are going to be here for 100 days. We’ve rocked together since day 1, but especially week four the moment you saved me that was my promise that I made to you and to myself, no matter what in this game I am playing it for two. I am playing to protect me and you. Like BRO we are making it to day 100! There is nothing she could say. I know how stressful it is to be on the block and we’re so close to the end .. but I am telling you, you are 100% good. Focus on studying. Matt – you just have to prepare for everything. Jag – I am nervous too.. but about the comp.. and I want you to be nervous but not about tonight.. I want you to be nervous about the comp. Matt – yeah we need to win this comp. Its funny, like we’ve got this far.. we brought them purposefully this far and now we’re like holy sh*t they could win the game… BB Blocks the feeds.

2:20pm Jag brings all the stuff down from the HOH room. Its Bowie’s last day in the HOH room.

2:40pm Jag studying in the scary bedroom.

2:50pm Matt starts taking his photos down off the wall. Jag – you’re going to take everything down now? Matt – yeah so I don’t have to worry about anything the last second.. have everything packed and study. Jag – I need to pack everything too. You’ll have everything done. Matt – this is the last thing. Jag – are you not going to want that up? Leave it up. Leave it up man. Matt – alright. Jag – you’re good! I wouldn’t do that to you. Matt – or you could just bring it to me on day 100! Jag – I am not going to do that to you. Leave it up.

3:10pm Kitchen – Matt, Jag and Felicia chatting about the past house guests at the kitchen table.

3:15pm – 3:30pm Bowie studying…

3:50pm – 4:22pm Kitchen – Jag, Matt, Felicia and Bowie are talking about all the alliances during the season. Felicia mentions “The Bye Bye B***HES” Jag was surprised there was an alliance call the Bye Bye B***hes. I didn’t know about that. Felicia – it was stressful trying to keep up with who you can talk to about what. Jag – it wasn’t stressful for me I only had one. They continue to reminisce about past events of the season.

4:25pm The feeds turn to the pound..

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Jag’s keeping MatT?! Lets go!

Team Bowie members build your shrines.


Jag’s chances of winning just went up in smoke…


jag voting out matt torpedoes his chances. jury will crucify him for being disloyal. if he wants matt out he needs to pull what richard hatch did to rudy via kelly, throw the final to bowie, and have her do it.

Gan ainm

Only if Matt wins the final HOH which seem unlikely unless Grod intervenes to have her way with her poor little Matty.Look away Reilly,look away.


I really hope Jag is keeping Matt. If he’s talking all this stuff today and then cuts Matt tonight, that’s not cool. That’s not Big Brother; that’s just dirty.

Spot ON

JAG is only feeding MATT the standard cock-bull bs of BB to keep him “comfortable” and relaxed before the stab. That’s all.
All that’s needed is for lighting to strike to have FELICIA in the F2.


Unless he is lying. Never know.

Gan ainm

I didn’t think Jag would cut Matt till final 3 but it would have been so nice.A Bowie/Felicia finale would have been amazing.


Is Jag obligated to do what production wants him to do or tells him to do ? Or any other houseguest for that matter.

Nether Region Euphemism

This day’s anti-flip is why we can’t have nice things.

Gan ainm

Thanks Production.

Omega BB



All they have to do is air today’s rehashes on Tuesday instead of the normal Final 3 rehash that is normally done


The rehash crap is boring. Whose with me on that?


I really hope FBJ wins now. What a perfect end for this horrible cast.

un autre nom

Today’s oddity was the other reason i was only 60% on the flip.
We’d yet to have indication of what Grod wanted.
Add that to cowardly lion strategy.
Meanwhile Bowie with under 100 d/r clips thinks she’s part of a loyalty team story. bless.
shakes head.
Could it still happen? Are they doing more D/R calls?

Kristie Suddeth

I’ve never seen so many dr calls before. It’s like production was in a little too much. Especially with the complete turn around by Jag. Makes me wonder if they told him how the viewers weren’t liking it if he turned on Matt.

un autre nom

“Jag, do you think the viewers will think you are the villain?
Do you feel guilty because Matt saved you?”
“Listen, asshat, you whined about wanting your stupid pair needing d/r focus to the storyline….now you think you have free will to cut him? Naaah, listen bitch, we own you. You’re keeping him.”

Which seems more likely?

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I knew Jag did not have it in him to take Matt out tonight, Jag is all talk. If Bowie had half a brain, she should tell Jag you need to handle Matt tonight, you told me all of the reasons you had for letting Matt go tonight, what changed ?

This is why I say Jag has played a cowardly sloppy game, there was no need to talk shit about Matt for the past 48 hours with Bowie, and then he wimps out and sends Felicia to the Jury house.

Bowie had better think about it, just like Jag was talking crap about Matt to her, what makes her think, Jag is not talking the same crap to Matt about her ? Jag positioned himself for Final 2, Matt’s going to take him, and Bowie is saying she’s taking him.

Man I would love to see things completely flip, Bowie & Matt have a heart to heart, swear they will keep what is discussed between the 2 of them. Matt needs to let Bowie talk first, let her tell him all of the shit Jag has been feeding her for the past 2 weeks, tell him that Jag was suppose to send him to Jury tonight.

Now Matt makes up crap about what Jag has been saying about her, mess with Bowie’s head, plant all kinds of doubt with Bowie about Jag. Don’t tell Bowie anything that is true in regards to what Jag has shared with him about Bowie, this way if she goes and throws Matt under the bus with Jag, it will be all lies.

Matt can make a fake deal with Bowie, swear he will take her to Final 2 if she swears she will take him to Final 2.

After Jag sends Felicia to Jury, Matt pulls Jag aside, tells him everything about what Bowie told him. Let him know that Jag was suppose to send Matt to Jury tonight, mention facts that Jag only told Bowie about Matt, this way Jag knows Matt is telling him the truth.

This might throw Jag & Bowie off their game for the upcoming competition, Matt gives 100% to winning, then he’s in the drivers seat, and he can decide to take Jag or Bowie, make Bowie and Jag turn on each other, Matt can sit back and watch.

Hey, this is bb, you have to do what you have to do, to advance yourself closer to 750k.


It would have to be in Matt’s nature to completely switch and backstab like that, and it’s not.

un autre nom

Dear Felicia,
get dressed unless you want to do eviction in a bathrobe.



She has to wear the bathrobe out, where else would she stash her jury house snacks she’s gonna steal from the house?

Felicia's eyebrows


Nether Region Euphemism

I think Jag has prioritized being a good representative for the Sikh community over winning the money. I am disappointed with his game play, but I can understand that he’s had to work all his life against biases; seems his way of dealing with that it to hold himself to an unreasonable standard of righteousness. It’s not good for meaningfully close relationship, or healthy for him, but that’s what it comes down to.

Oh, sigh.

un autre nom

We all know the smart move heading into final HOH. Cut your strongest competitor. That’s smart game.

We all know the episode recaps since week 10 have hammered us over the head with ‘the minutemen’ named week 8 like they were a day one final 2. They repeat the alliance name average 5x in a 6 minute recap. That’s production game.

My thought:
These two ‘truths’/games can’t coexist. The second ‘truth’ is what tptb are pushing. They got the drama for a clip in the program yesterday, then reset the storyline with D/R calls today. Not unusual (especially for weekends on bbcan).

Reality: Jag / Matt were not broski day 1. Matt was brodown with Luke/Jared. Reilly was Phalanx5 with Matt. Other than same bedroom and being brought into the Handful, they weren’t close.
Matt resented Reilly being close to Jag and Blue. He was closer to Jared.
Jag resented his f2 Reilly getting closer to Matt.
When Reilly was on the block, Matt did nothing. Jag campaigned poorly to all the wrong people. That’s the source of their bond.
Week 2.
But hey, why let a little thing like reality get in the way of history rewrite and edit.
Let’s remember also that Matt wanted the secret alliance with Red/Cam/Bowie. Week 3-5. Same timeframe as the Unreliables for Jag. All while they were saying 7deadlysins was their only loyalty.
There was no loyalty. Despite what the episode D/R says, loyalty is revisionist history on the edit room floor.

Just The Truth

Jag and Matt for final 2 or cancel the damn show.


Production is so shady… I’d love to see the shit they said to Jag to convince him not to cut Matt tonight.

I now want Matt to cut Jag so he knows how stupid he was to listen to Grod and her shady producers.

Just The Truth

get real. if you want to blame production talk about the last 2 completely rigged seasons.

Bowie’s Stylish Hair

That is the truth!


This Sunday night late night, always delayed by football is another reason I’ve been following here, but not on CBS or the feeds. I highly doubt I’ll watch another season.


anyone who thinks felicia deserves any money, SMH.