Jag “Tomorrow is veto. Me or you got to clutch that up!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Felicia & Matt
POV Players: everyone
POV Winner: jag
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Bowie is putting up Felicia as the first nominee. Jag and Bowie cooked up the scheme of playing the guess the number between 1-100 where Jag knew what number Bowie would say. Matt obviously lost and is the second nominee. Noms don’t matter though as its all about who wins the veto.

7:04pm Kitchen – The final four are in the kitchen chatting.
Felicia comments on how she’s going to make them dinner. She leaves to go get stuff from the storage room. Bowie to Jag – I thought for sure you were going to win that. When you were ahead I went “YES!” but yeah it was lots of fun in the end. Matt, Jag and Bowie hug. Bowie – as long as we win veto, we got it. Matt and Jag agree. Matt – good job guys! Jag – thank god! Bowie – Wild! That was wild! Matt – Cirie would have done good at that. Bowie – Lucky it wasn’t a memory of this (the house), like that was better for me. When I hugged Cirie, I was like this is purely a game move and she said I know. She was okay. Matt – she yeah.. it was good. Now you’ve (Bowie) won three. I’ve won as many as Cam. Jag – yeah you’ve won the same amount of HOHs as Cam. Matt – one more (comp to win) and we’re all good at vetos. They agree. Matt comments on how the next couple days Felicia is going to be working Bowie. Bowie – absolutely nothing that can be done. Jag – we just have to beat her. Bowie – it doesn’t matter who goes up because its about the veto. Jag – yeah it really is. Wow!

Felicia joins them again. BB blocks the feeds. Jag – it doesn’t matter who’s nominated. It’s just who wins veto. Felicia – right. They may do the nomination and the veto tomorrow. Jag – yeah that’s what I think. Felicia leaves again. Matt – of course she hit it up with I thought that would be something I could do! Jag to Bowie – I know! You know what she just said – I thought that HOH was going to be something I could do! You could do that! Everyone could! It was accessible to everyone! We all started off on the same page. Matt – how much more fair do you need it to be?! Its already fair. Jag – when I saw that one I was like Bowie Jane better pull this off. Wow! We executed! That is so exciting! Bowie – it is! Matt – season 25 we’re here for 100 days probably. Bowie – yeah we are. Jag – I don’t want to get to ahead of ourselves. We have to focus on the veto. We got to win the veto. We got to be ready. BB blocks the feeds. Matt – She said she was going to put us up? Shocker! You called it, tomorrow is veto. Jag – tomorrow is veto. Me or you got to clutch that up! I fumbled that one (HOH). Matt – this veto means more. What matters is that she (Felicia) doesn’t win it.

7:48pm – 8pm Bathroom – Matt and Bowie.
Bowie – you can chat to Jag and whatever you want. Matt – it doesn’t Matt because if I don’t win the veto I am going on the block. I would just like that because damn that would be pretty cool (he suggested not putting him on the block so he can say he never touched the block all season). Bowie – yeah because apart from that it doesn’t matter right? Matt – no. Bowie – yeah. She was suggesting I put both of you up. Matt – of course she would. I am good with whatever. They hug. Matt leaves. Jag joins Bowie. Bowie – she said I should put both of you up. Jag – Uh, okay. What are you thinking? Bowie – I’m not doing that. I am going to put Felicia up and then I said to him, can’t you guys just decide because does it really matter? Jag – it doesn’t matter. Bowie – there’s no risk? Jag – no. It doesn’t matter. Its tonight. Bowie – can’t you guys decide? Jag – Whatever you want to do. Bowie – Matt’s got his clean record that was the only thing he was saying. Jag – yeah. Bowie – I don’t want to put you up. I also don’t want to be the one to break his clean record. Jag – do you think if you put him up over me do you think he is going to say anything about it? Bowie – I just said can’t you guys decide. Jag – you could also just do what Bowie said and put both of us up. Bowie – no, I can’t do that… what if there is some weird twist? Jag – no there won’t be. I think it will be weird for us if you ask us to decide. What do you want to do? Bowie – I would rather put him up. He has that zero record .. he’ll be pissed I think. Jag – Okay you say I am thinking of a number 1 – 100. Bowie – and then just say who’s closer to the one you say. Jag – and then you say closer to what I said. Because it really doesn’t matter. Bowie – it doesn’t matter if cards are shown now anyways. Jag – he won’t be pissed if we do something like that. You really could just pick a number. Bowie – I feel bad. Jag – you will feel bad either way. They plan to pick a number. Bowie – I have to tell you what the number is. Jag – what is it? Bowie – Seventy. They call Matt in to pick a number to see who is closest to her number. Matt joins them. Bowie – so Felicia is going up. Obviously none of this matter.. and so since it doesn’t matter and I did want to protect your zero but then I feel bad because then his will then go up to 4 (times on the block). Matt – it doesn’t matter you can put me up, I don’t care. Matt – I will take my turn, I don’t care. Its okay, you can put me up. Bowie – you guys choose. Matt – if I lose veto, I am going up anyways. Jag – it really doesn’t matter who goes up.. its all about the veto. Either way its up to you. Bowie – rock, paper, scissors? Lets just decide together. Matt – I am not going to let you pick. It doesn’t matter. Jag – okay I have an idea.. think of a number 1 – 100. Bowie – and whoever is closest? Jag – and whoever is closest is not on the block. Bowie – okay. Jag – Matt you guess first. Matt – lets say it at the same time. Matt – 77! Jag – Ah 73! Bowie – it was 70. At least it was a number guessing game. Matt – unless you guys plotted this just before I came in (LOL). How about this… the person that goes on the block.. if Bowie wins veto, she takes them down. So we both get turns. Jag – okay. Bowie – so if I win veto, I use it to take the one on the block off and then they vote.

On the living room TV “Nominations today!

9pm Kitchen – The final 4 house guests.
Felicia – This is your third (HOH) now! You tied Cameron sh*t! Bowie – yeah and I evicted him. Well I didn’t, everyone else did. Bowie talks about the HOH letter she got from her friend.

9:19pm Kitchen Table – Matt and Felicia.
Felicia – she didn’t tell you guys (whos going up)? Matt – no, it doesn’t matter. Maybe I go up, I don’t know. Felicia – it really doesn’t matter. I don’t care what they say… don’t let them convince you if you win the veto to get rid of me so that you guys are the final 3. That’s what they want you to think. Its got to be us in the final 3. If Jag or Bowie Jane win this, you going home! They will make you believe that they won’t do it. Matt – I see it. I see it all. Felicia – and he has probably convinced her to put you up next to me.. it doesn’t matter anyway. This is her third HOH. See she was hiding all this time too. Matt – yup, I know.

Bathroom – Matt and Bowie.
Matt – Felicia was just talking to me. Bowie – what did she say? Matt – don’t let them fool you. Bowie – she seem to forget that she is the one about to go home. She is playing this like she is winning. Matt – I know. Bowie – she is not in charge. Matt – she is, she still thinks she’s playing. She is like its not me. They’re not going to send me home. Bowie – yes we are! Matt – I know. Bowie – over my dead body… I will promise you 1 million bucks! Jag joins them. Matt tells Jag. Bowie – I am going to go out there and be like you’re the one I’m after. The cheek! When she lost!

Bathroom – Bowie and Matt.
Bowie – do you think in my speech I could say Felicia and Matt … Matt thank you for volunteering to go up. Because she will freak out. Matt – you could. You don’t want her to play harder .. so what I am thinking we can make it feel like Felicia is safe .. that she doesn’t need to win as much .. she is going to continue to think that me and Jag are going to shoot at each other. So if you say thanks for volunteering .. she will try even harder. Jag joins them. Matt explains what Matt and Bowie were just talking about. Jag – you’re right lets have her think we’re going after each other.

9:39pm The feeds switch to pound town.. nominations are happening now. Bowie is putting up Felicia and Matt.

10:40pm The live feeds return…

Bowie Nominated: Felicia & Matt

Matt, Jag and Bowie are in the kitchen talking about what they think the veto comp will be. Bowie – I think it has something to do with the headlines. Matt – maybe its in the backyard, the basement.. Bowie – I had a really hard time not laughing in that one. Matt – yeah you did. I kept smiling at you. Bowie – she kept staring at me. Jag – its all about the veto anyway. Once we win, we will celebrate. Tomorrow I will actually win. Matt – no I will. Bowie – no I will. Jag – game on! Bowie leaves the room. Jag to Matt – YO we got to pull off the veto! You or Me have to pull it off. This is the one veto where if we don’t pull it off one of us is leaving. Matt – or Bowie. Jag – yeah or Bowie .. but like our lives are literally on the like. And that is why she (Felicia) is pissed. Jag – I feel like we are all going to be gunning it for the veto just to be the on to take the shot. I want to be the one to give the speech and say the Mafia just took their last shot. Matt in case you’re confused.. we have to win. Matt – I didn’t know. Jag – its still scary .. its going exactly as planned but its still scary.

10:57pm Bedroom – Bowie and Jag.
Bowie – make sure you win. Jag – Make sure you win. Bowie – I am going to try. Jag – be the second female to get a veto. Don’t let Blue have that title. Bowie – yeah its annoying. Jag – and sure as hell don’t let Felicia hold that title with Blue. The only thing worse than Blue having that title is Mama Fe sharing it with Blue. Bowie – yeah exactly, that would be worse.

11:04pm – 11:18pm Comic Bedroom – Jag and Felicia.
Jag – either me, you or Matt have to go. Felicia – oh yeah what was I thinking? Well I would like for it to be me and you. Jag – do you mean that? Felicia – I got to think about that honestly. Because I have been watching you guys. And I’ve watched things you’ve said and done .. and followed through on some and not others. So it makes me wonder what would you do? Jag – what did I not follow though on? Felicia – well our final four. Jag – MMmmmmMmmmHmmm. Bowie – once we got down to the Cory’s and America’s you guys fipped the script on us. So now I ask what do I trust and what do I not trust. Becuase I don’t want to lie.. if I am going to say something and stick with it. Jag – what I said a couple weeks ago is that we are good. Cirie lost a lot of my trust and you’re here and she is not.

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Spot ON

“Kitchen – The final four are in the kitchen chatting.
Felicia comments on how she’s going to make them dinner”

HOPEFULLY it’s chicken fried steak from the floor and potato salad…


I wouldn’t fix food for those 3. Felicia is a better person than I am. Bowie hasn’t made a single decision on her own. I don’t see how she merits any votes from the jury if she makes it to f2. I really disliked the vindictiveness from the Mafia and it was edited out to make Cerie/Felicia seem toxic. I’ve been disappointed the entire season. I won’t forget the vulgar names Matt called America. Jag, the bully who plays the victim. Bowie the 45 year old who desperately wants to be 25. Felicia’s chances are slim to none to win Veto. I’d rather see jury house clips than watch the Mafia spew vitriol for another week. I’ve never been more ready for a season to be over.


Felicia is still in the game until Julie says, “Felicia, you are evicted from the Big Brother house.” I see nothing wrong with her making them dinner. If Felicia makes it to the Final 2, she will beat both Jag and Bowie. Matt, however, is a toss up, but I don’t think she will beat him.


That was mean. That’s not game. You cheat…pick a number between 1-100. I use to like jag. I know game and I know just being mean.

Another Dixie

It did stink but even if they hadn’t cheated that way, Bowie would just tell a different number if Matt’s guess had been closer. I’m sure if he had said “71” since Jag said 73, she would have said her number was 75 or something where Jag’s guess won.

Who Cares

Jag lies to everyone and has no loyalty to anyone. I really wish Matt had not saved him.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I wish that Matt would open his eyes. Matt can’t see that he has been replaced by Bowie, Felicia has been telling him Jag & Bowie are tight, Matt runs back and tells everything to Jag, Matt is a damn FOOL.

Jag would not even go on the block, even though he knows that he is safe. When Matt left the room, he and Bowie cheated with the pick a number bullshit. Jag has controlled all 3 of Bowie’s HOH’s.

I’m sorry, I don’t feel sorry for Matt, he is just to dumb and blind. Jag better be glad they had such a lame ass cast this season, including his cowardly ass.

If Matt for once would act like he has a pair, stop being such a wimp, Matt is very naive, he has done nothing this entire season but what he is told to do by Jag.

Carlito's Way

Agree. That was so low. I hate Jag and Bowie combo. Used to like Jag but he has turned into a slithering, slimy creep.


He’s always been that way. He’s vindictive and has been playing a personal game since week 1.

un autre nom

So, the episodes only people won’t know from the edit.
Felicia got the dirty villain edit.
Jag is too moral and principled to play dirty.
That’s what the episode says.

Pressure cracker was game based psych warfare to harrass Felicia, discussed and plotted for hours by the 3 brats. named and conceived by Jag. It was dirty game.
The mafia discussed how America will lose interest in Cory because of his testicles. Casting dirt of a personal nature on those 2 went on all week. Ballgate was the latest.
Jag was heavily considering getting Bowie to vote out Matt if Jag won f4 HOH.
Matt was originally considering cutting Jag if he won f4 veto in his plan with Cirie.

Just saying. The edit d/r’s are crap.
Fe plays exaggerate the truth.
Jag plays victim to hide he’s a shit ally playing without principles or morals.

Fe admits it. Jag? naaaur.
Still waiting on some game ownership. Real game, not episode edit.

Felicias Removable Tooth

What’s the matter with Cory’s nuts?


Yeah, what the heck is Ballgate? Cory is out of the house, how is the topic of his testicles relevant now? Inquiring minds want to know!


He had one removed in an emergency procedure when he was 18. That’s why America has more testosterone than him.

un autre nom

Y’know how petty envious and jealous Matt is when it comes to Cory and America. Last week Jag was feeding into it.
Because Cory had discussed an accident that required surgery, the boys joked. Basically it was another round of deformed child Cory won’t be able to keep skank ‘merica happy. Toss in the usual she’s likely a cheater.
It’s ALL about Matt didn’t get a showmance, so he hates Co/Am for it.


I could not agree with you more. Matt is not just jealous, he’s envious, which means he wants to tear down and hurt the person who has what he doesn’t have.

Let’s also not forget about how he talked about America or his Andrew Tate reference. He’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

un autre nom

on feeds way back wk 1 or2 Cory spoke of having a testicular torsion.
I think it was removed.
The boys, Matt especially, will take anything they can to go in on Cory and America.
Petty envy that Matt didn’t get showmance billing.

Who Cares

Voting is open for Favorite Houseguest. Go to https://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/vote and Vote for my favorite, Cameron. Give him all 10 votes. It is my opinion that it would be a shame if anyone else won.


Absolutely agree! Hated this cast with the exception of Red and Cameron. Yes there’s supposed to be backstabbing etc but these people have just no morals at all.


Been there. Done that. Cameron for America’s Favorite Houseguest.

East coast

Not me. No way. America for Favorite Houseguest <3

Queen Catia

I gave all 10 votes to Cameron. If it lets me vote again tomorrow and I get another 10 votes then I will give all of those to Cameron, as well. I feel like two black widow spiders (Jag and Bowie) have caught Matt in their web and are slowly sucking out his guts…I just hate how they played him and kept Felicia over Cirie because it doesn’t feel like strategic game play. It feels malicious…


If you change the email address you can vote multiple times

The Beef

Cameron got all my votes earlier today! Hope he wins!

un autre nom


When did the plan change from season stuntcast member in final 2 (name a stuntcast season where one of the stunts didn’t get final 2 seat), and back to the american version of beta test bbcan11? The comps mean everything season.

Week 5 when Jared breached the same zero tolerance policy Luke breached? not 100 on this because they still covered for him, and later gifted him the wall.
Week 6 when America left d/r, talked to Cory about flipping the script, said “fuq the contract” and got called right back to d/r? Only included because it always stuck out… a hg saying fuq the contract…. that’s mega weird.
Week 7 when Cirie first voiced wanting to leave seriously? Even offered to be renom to quit by vote.



Haha unbelievable after a full season of control by Matt and Jag one veto win by Felicia could send one of them to the jury. Also I don’t think there’s anyway Felicia between Matt and Jag wouldn’t vote out Jag! Jag really needed that HOH win! Jag knows it too that’s why he’s trying to butter up Felicia.

Cam Fav HG

Felicia will see through him.

un autre nom

Comp diversity:

Matt won the same veto comp twice.
Bowie won the same HOH comp three times.
Jag won the same comp at least 3 times, twice when they made traditionally veto comps HOH comps, and at least once more when the same comp was a veto. About 50% of his comps are individual time.

We’ve had zero, max1 house events history comps.
week 14… no history comps. Really? Something’s fishy.
If f4 veto isn’t… it’s beyond sketch.

Comp diversity has no home on BB25. That’s how the last 5 weeks have ensured the same people retain power. Given ‘most’ comps are arranged by premiere night, but occasionally juggled in order… This was by design to an extent. Given night one comps, they’d have an early indicator for which hg’s it would benefit.


Where was the hide the item in the house comp? Where was the slip and slide? Where are the comps where there’s a puzzle to solve in front of everyone? Oh yeah, first night. Who won that one? Who sucked at that? I’m looking at you Jared.

un autre nom

The football veto week 7 was technically slippery slope category. run along wet slippery surface, fill tube.
Hide and go veto hasn’t appeared since season 20, i think.
No before after stair comp. Usually that’s around week 6.
No maze usually a final 6/5.
The build a rocket was the live puzzle. no flat puzzles / tangrams.
No balancing object / balance comps.

A fan

IMO the comps were designed to be less strenuous to benefit Cirie and Felicia. This was a disappointing cast, but I don’t understand the negativity toward Jag. He has fought for his life in this house. I hope to see Jag/Matt on Amazing Race.


Matt won similar Veto comps twice and Bowie won similar HOH comps three times (not same)

un autre nom

same as in comp category.
wasn’t being clear.
Jag: picture comp races.
Matt: ballpit races.
Bowie: picture comp both.

un autre nom

booth not both above.
Jag’s? sep room or individual time.
We know from feed talk previous seasons ind time comps are somewhat bogus.


Okay, I understand you now.

BB Karma

So disappointed in Matt’s weakness and his inability to see through the bs. At this point he deserves to lose


Jag says- Matt in case you’re confused.. we have to win. Matt – I didn’t know. Jag – its still scary .. its going exactly as planned but its still scary.
This is where I finally just threw up my hands and thought is Jag babysitting this guy? At this point Matt should know what’s going on. Not a fan of Jag’s play but between the two of them Jag does seem to be the brains.

Cam Fav HG

Jag has been the ultimate manipulator, and everyone in the jury knows it. They’re all there, because it was best for Jag’s game to evict them.


I don’t like Jag’s game. He owes his life in the house to Matt. He was out. Matt used his secret power to save him. Now Jag will turn his back on Kag. What a worthless piece of ****.

Game fan

He is using the life he got him, correctly, tbh. Matt is his biggest competition.


I hope Matt wins the veto and votes out Jag. Bowie’s pick a number scheme was a cruel and horrible thing to do. Never being nominated was a selling point for Matt to the jury. Matt knew they were playing him and showed a lot of class by just volunteering to go up.

Cam Fav HG

Well let’s just hope Matt didn’t “pooch” himself. There’s no way I would have volunteered to go on the block! If he gets evicted, he deserves it, for being so dumb 🙁

Game fan

Omg what.. final 4 noms means nothing!! If anything its better to be OTB cause it lifts your fire to win veto and it helps him with Felicia cause she is even more sure now jag and bowie are f2. Matt might feel this way as well and get jag out, if he wins.

Game fan

Matt nom is the vest for him.
Bowie wins – he showed them trust and he even suggested a deal that now it’s jag turn and she would use it on him.
Matt wins – than anyway he is safe
Jag wins – the situation is still the same but he showed jag his trust and now he would Def have Felicia jury vote
Felicia wins – as i said being noms together and bowie making jag safe, increase the target on jag if Felicia wins


I wonder if Matt is this two-faced in real life. He says he hates the unnecessary lying but does it at a drop of a dime. I know it’s a game but he does it so well. Bowie is just gross and look like a man.


If Jag or Bowie win veto. Do you guys think Jag will send Matt to jury instead of Felicia? That pretty much would get him to final 2 with Bowie


If Jag gets POV and votes Matt out, he loses Matts vote and im sure others. I won’t be surprised if he helps BJ get Veto and makes her do it. And then he takes Felicia to final 2 and loses.

The Beef

Holy crap, Bowie is HOH, and no matter if she wins veto or not, she WILL NOT VOTE THIS WEEK. However, if she does win veto, she can pull Matt off the block, put Jag on it, and let MATT vote for whoever DOES leave.

If you believe she will do that, I’ve got some beach front property to sell you, wherever you would like to buy it, at a very good price.


Mama Fe can you take your grain of mustard seed and win the final Veto? I want to see mafia Jag/minute man pleading to you.

un autre nom

Jag: Cirie doesn’t take accountability.
JAG said this. Missster Victim. oh.
Jag and Matt: Felicia wants alliances with everyone.
The guys in 4 final 3, 4 final 4, 3 final 5, and 2 final 6’s at final 9 say this.


un autre nom

Bowie Jane.
Record: most days without a nom (99).
3 HOH wins. Took out the comp guy using her as a layup/sacrificial lamb. Took out the woman most likely to win phys comp she wasn’t aligned with.
Played under radar for 9 weeks.

proving ANY of it was intentional. The jury thinks she’s Victoria.

East coast

She’s a lawyer. I hope she gets a chance to make her case and own her game. I’d love to see it.


Matt needs a Power of Veto that has lanes in it to kick up his competitiveness. His other POV wins had lanes. Put a competitive swimmer in a competition with lanes, and he will win. His HOH win even had a version of lanes but not the competitive kind where you must “stay in your lane.”


Hope this bites Jag in the butt. Only reason he is here is because of Matt’s super power save. Jag would do better against Matt than Bowie. Matt would have won more vetos and HOHs without Jag in the house. Bowie will use the story that she rode on Cameron’s coatstrings and then Jag’s coatstrings to win. I think jury will vote for Bowie because of what he did to Matt. Matt played the best game. Too many jury members really like Matt and will not like how he got played by Jag. We’ve seen this before.

Game fan

Jury would applause Jag/matt for cutting the other one.


If Matt doesn’t win the veto, he is going home. I suppose the same could be said about Jag.

Game fan

Matt might save Jag and vote Felicia. Hope not.

East coast

Cracks me up. Jag, Matt, and BJ going on about how loyal they are. I hope they claim that when they make their case to the jury, since every jury member was in an alliance with them.


I laughed out loud at this comment, East Cost. So true, so true.

Just The Truth

I hope felicia don’t win veto. But still hope Matt wins it just to be sure. then get bowie out next after felicia. then this season will be a success and redeemed a bit after the last 2 rigged trash seasons that we all wish we can forget.

Carlito's Way

Jag won veto! Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Could this get any worse?


I saw this coming, that’s why I said this season was finished for me when Cirie was evicted. Felisha is not strong enough to win a physical veto, nor smart enough to win a mental one. I knew either Jag, Matt or BJ would win the veto, thus ending the season for me.

This season is a fail.

I don’t give a f*ck who wins. They are all pieces of Sh1t.

I will not tune in for the finale. I will not give CBS the ad revenue.


Jag wins veto.

un autre nom

The only hg with a d/r in every episode getting the jury plea d/r and moral, principled in a sea of villains edit….and beneficiary of every individual time veto since week 7?
I’m shocked. eyeroll. lol.


Was this a timed veto?

un autre nom

Fe said she didn’t know how Jag could have done it so fast.
Other than 23, if I recall correctly, final 4 veto has been ind time for 90% of seasons, at least. I assume it was again in an ind time heavy control the outcome season. pt2 of final will likely be ind time too.


I didn’t like how they only showed top 3 times this season. It was always a laugh when those who talked big took 23min for a challenge and someone else did it in 5min. I had a feeling they changed that just because of the stunt casting. JARED took TOO Long to do anything. Bless his block head.


In mama Cirie’s interview, Cirie said, “Felicia is hygienically challenged. Felicia don’t even know she’s hygienically challenged. I will never eat another thing that Felicia prepares, because I see how she prepares it right in front of my eyes. So I could just imagine when I’m not there.”
Gross mama Fe, yet you are still in the kitchen.


Felisha cuts her black (because fungus infested) toenails on Cirie’s bed, mixes potato salad with her bare hands, licks her fingers while preparing food and serves food that fell on the floor.

If I had been in the house, I would have been cooking my own meals or eating a lot of sandwiches. At least Cirie is clean and wears gloves when she prepares food for others.


Cirie so har has given great interviews about her time in the House!!!


She’s been honest. Saying exactly what we have all been seeing.


Does she admit that her muffin hand screwing in the bathroom deadbeat misogynist (women are real people!) son of hers ruined her game and was despicable and loathsome? Not that I have an opinion or anything.