“I don’t know what I’m going to say on finale night but I think I might be able to say enough to get a win.” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Felicia & Matt
POV Players: everyone
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Doesn’t matter
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Jag said he’s evicting Matt as of this morning.

8:55pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia talking to the cameras.
Felicia – Yup, I’m laying here Mr. B with nothing to do. The young people are upstairs and I am alone by myself. That’s why I stayed out in the dinning room all day so that at least I wouldn’t feel isolated and alone. But its okay, I am okay! I don’t know why but I have a sense of peace and I don’t think I am going home tomorrow. I could be wrong but my spirit tells me I am going to be in the final 3 and that I am going to sit in that chair on finale night as one of the top two contestants. And I am trusting and believing that. God has carried me 95 days, and he said I ain’t going to get you this close and then put you out. I am carrying you all the way to the end. I am trusting and believing that. I think its going to happen as crazy as it sounds.. and so here I sit or lay waiting for 10pm so that I can go to sleep. I don’t know what I am going to say on finale night but I think I might be able to say enough to get a win. I still believe I could win this thing. Yes I do! And I know everybody thinks girl shut up. But my angels have carried me 95 days and they only got 5 more days to do so. They said we got you girl. When I came through the door I said hopefully they would never say bye Felicia and so far in 95 days they have not and I sat up on that block 8 times!

9:08pm Matt, Jag and Bowie start playing hide and seek. Jag invites Felicia to play. Bowie is the seeker. She finds Matt pretty quick in the bedroom closet.

Jag’s legs fell asleep in the cupboard so he got out to stretch and soon after Bowie came in and caught him.

Bowie then finds Felicia in the Comic bedroom behind the chair. Bowie – you won!

They start round two, with Felicia being the seeker. Bowie hides in the games room. Matt hides in the corner by the door in a black garbage bag with dirty laundry on him.

Felicia immediately finds Matt “I don’t remember this being stacked like that!” Matt – why am I always found first? When Felicia looks in the bathroom, Jag bolts out of the kitchen and into the Comic bedroom to hide between the beds.

9:44pm For the third round, Matt is the seeker. Felicia hides under the sink in the bathroom. Bowie hides in the scary bedroom. Jag hides beside the fridge in the storage room Matt starts looking and finds Felicia first. Matt finds Jag next. Matt finds Bowie next. They play again with Jag as the seeker.

10:20pm – 11:42pmAfter the hide and seek games the laugh about their hiding spots while having cake.

10:28pm Big Brother gave them a couple of games to play: Chinese Checkers and Checkers.

11:45pm HOH Room – Matt and Bowie
Matt – so it looks like I will have to give a 30 second speech. Bowie – is that what they said? Matt – I didn’t ask but I think its just a live eviction. Bowie – so are you going to do what you said? Matt – it would have to be really fast. I will have to think about before bed. Now I’m scared. I don’t like this! Bowie – the speech? Matt – I’m not scared of the speech, I’m scared about being on the block during a live eviction. I don’t think Jag will do anything. Bowie – no way. Matt – he won’t. Now I am just like .. no don’t do it… I know he doesn’t believe Felicia. Bowie – no you’ll be fine. 100%! Then we’ll party! Matt – yeah we’ll have the rest of the cake tomorrow for sure.

12:08am Bedroom – Jag is studying the days / events of the season with Bowie.

12:54 am Jag and Bowie (Jag has waffling for an hour about weather or not to keep Matt. Starting to sound like he’s cooking Matt but it could also swing to Felicia)
Jag – You told Cirie that we were going to keep Felicia and he’s going to be like OKAY and.. Third you jokingly said you will put me up to everyone else. He’s going to be well that’s a joke.
Jag – When I say the reasons out loud for justification it almost sounds goofy..
Bowie – Yeha
Jag – How do I look at him and say Dude.. NO matter what he’s going to say I wouldn’t have done this to you.. He’s going to be like I saved you.
Jag – I’m going to sound like a f***ing idiot.
Jag says if he evicts Matt there’s no one big thing he can say as a reason.
Jag – not only will it be difficult and I don’t know how to navigate it. it’ll also be heartbreaking. I care about him enough to have the conversation before hand it will make it more agonizing for both of us. I don’t want to Blindside him.
Jag – should I just keep him if I don’t know?
Bowie – I’m hungry
Jag – I’m not I feel like throwing up I’m stressed.
Jag – do I make the smart move

1:25 am Jag and Bowie
Jag – If he’s in the final 2 it doesn’t matter who he chooses he wins 7-0 he could take the whole cast he could sit next to Cameron. anyone he wanted.
Bowie – the only one he would have trouble it Felicia
Jag thinks Matt will win against anyone
Jag – Felicia is not staying because she’s season to beat in the final 2 I’m going to sit next to you and you will sit next to me.
Jag – if it doesn’t matter who the third person is because either way we’re going to sit next to each other then should we not have the person we think we have the best shot against beating so we can make sure that we’re sitting next to each other. Right?
Bowie – YEAH except you might feel bad.
Jag – I feel terrible about everything I don’t want to do anything.

1:35 am zzzzz

8:55 am Felicia is up and about. The rest are sleeping.
10:00 am Zzzzz

10:20 am Jag and Bowie are getting up for the day.
Bowie says she’s weak on remembering the numbers (Days) but has a good grasp on counting the things in the house.
Bowie – I need a pen and paper.
Jag – did you make a decision?
Bowie – I think I know which way you’re landing
Jag – Which way?
Bowie – I think you’re leaning to keep Felicia.
Jag – I think so
Bowie – If you chat to Matt Beforehand just say ‘MATE this is a game and I can’t be… or go on about all the things Felicia says… I don’t know”
Jag – I’ll see how it goes.. Honestly maybe he deserves to hear the reasoning like the things I told you
Jag – there’s a lot of times you have chosen to look after yourself and not me and for once in this game I’m going to make a decision to look after myself to I hope you can understand. Here’s all the times you did that. INcluding when you took candy.
(Matt’s getting evicted tonight.)

10:37 am Felicia and Jag
Felicia talks about faith and how they have a connection.

11:00 am

11:30 am

12:20pm HOH room – Bowie and Matt.
Bowie – She (Felicia) said that whatever happens today happens. She’s at peace with it and that she is just happy that she made it to the final 4. Matt – hopefully I make final 3. Bowie – you will. Matt – dude it sucks because one person.. like when you’re on the block and you have 6 people that you can rely on and this one person I can rely on. Bowie – I know!! Matt – its weird! Bowie – its terrible. Matt – its like that’s the hardest one…like oh f**K! Bowie – I think always at this stage of the game… but its hard to get out of the head space when there were so many people. Matt – I’m not even nervous for the next three comps. I’m nervous for today. Its weird so weird! When Jag saves me then I will be able to be really really excited but I can’t be until that happens. Because to be honest I didn’t think I was going to make it this far. Bowie – I didn’t think I would make it this far. I hoped I would but I didn’t know I did it. Matt – you did it. Matt – I was just like bro just survive. Bowie – yeah just survive.

1pm The live feeds switch to pound town..

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Even though Felicia can be a pain, I kind of feel sorry for her in regards to the way they have been isolating her. Why can’t they invite her to hang out, just tell her, campaigning is closed, we are just chilling and have fun.


Me too, it just looks sad.


Jag will seal his on fate if boots Matt the jury will totally against him. Bowie knows that and is going to laugh all the way home with the cash.


Why can’t they invite her ? Perhaps because they’re assholes—who knew ?!

Spot ON

“Why can’t they invite her ? Perhaps because they’re assholes”
UNGRATEFUL “a**holes” INDEED — with NO-SACK MATT likely being most culpable. He is likely the “male” version of an Appalachian women. EVERYTHING IS DONE for him, everybody caters to his needs, and his response is that the unwarranted and unjustified special treatment is OWED TO HIM.

As read in previous comments before, the “mummas” cooked for those a**holes every day, MADE THEIR BEDS (IMAGINE THAT!), CLEANED UP AFTER THEM, and at the end, the “mummas” got rewarded with the finger. As read elsewhere, two of the most egregious a**holes were CORY AND AMERIKA.

ARGUABLY, one could say that THAT was the mummas “game plan” to go far in the game given that they couldn’t do much of anything else when it came to the competitions.


Too sour. Felica was useless. Talk about people doing your work for you, Felica was and is that. Good Ridance, her saying “god” this and that. All for the cameras. Puke my brains out but glad she is gone.

Gan ainm

One of the drawbacks to a Jag win in my opinion is that he was evicted.But I’m trying to think back and play what if…there was no prodo manipulation with the special power.Would Jag have actually been evicted over Blue?Cam wanted Jag out but the houseguests never wanted to give Cam what he wanted.I recall Cirie wanting to flip it to get Blue out and many would have been onboard if it had been pushed.So would Jag have been evicted?

Spot ON

Too analytical for what it is.

Game fan

they wanted to keep jag but jared went wild, knowing that blue would go.. than they switched to jag geting evicted.


yeah, the power significantly altered the campaigning, so it’s hard to say if jag would actually have left.


And Jag begins his turn away from Matt. Lists all the reasons Matt is ungrateful and also steals his treats LOL I’d respect this move more if Jag just said I’m voting out Matt because that’s good for my game. Not all this stupid, petty reasoning. Leave your buddy with some respect dude! But I don’t know why I expected any better from Jag. Just thought he had a real friendship that would have him boot Matt with some dignity. The same dignity he gave all who left before Matt. NOT!!!

Spot ON

1/ “I’d respect this move more if Jag just said I’m voting out Matt because that’s good for my game”

2/ “Just thought he had a real friendship that would have him boot Matt with some dignity”
1/ “cowardly lion”. Perhaps more appropriate: Cowardly DOG. IN FACT, no hamster in that “house” has EVER had the COJONES to face another hamster and say THAT to their face. “Yeah, I’m voting YOU out because it’s the best option for ME to WIN THE 750k that YOU also want, and that 750k can only be in ONE POCKET, and that pocket should be MINE.

2/. There are no “real friendships” in this pathetic show. Where have you been?

AND YEAH, it would be laughable (I’m hoping to laugh) for NO-LIE FELICIA to win, and for her to do a song and dance in victory:
“I was caught
In the middle of a railroad track (thunder)….
I looked ’round
And I knew there was no turning back (thunder)…
And I knew
There was no help, no help from you (thunder)…”
And I trusted my ever-growing gut (thunder)….
To get my a** to the other side of the tracks (thunder)….
And thunder struck, AND I WON THE BIG BUCKS (THUNDER !!!!)


2/. There are no “real friendships” in this pathetic show. Where have you been?”

There have been loads of long lasting friendships and relationship that were formed inside the Big Brother house. Where have YOU been?


Yeah and they have more marriages and BB babies than even the bachelor franchise!

Don't Shoot the Messenger

He’s certainly not helping the image of Indians or Sikhs! He’s making them all look bad…


Unfortunately, I think you’re right. Once one becomes a public figure, AND brings personal culture into it, one becomes a figurehead for that community. Some people are too young, naive, and self-absorbed to think of anyone but themselves in the now – the lasting consequences never considered. It’s too bad, there was real growing/healing potential in the friendship!


Sorry, but I don’t agree. How can one person on a reality show make all Indians or Sikhs look bad? I think he (as an individual) is not taking ownership of his own game and that annoys me. He seems to need approval from others to make strong moves. However, he has won many competitions and has made it far in the game. Wish I had a favorite to win.


Jag works so hard in all competitions he deserves to win. He has been lied and targeted by most of them, I think he deserve to do the same to them. Hopefully he wins.

Spot ON

“Jag works so hard in all competitions he deserves to win.”
I’ve said that elsewhere. Objectively, all things considered, he should win.


jag’s definitely played the best of the players remaining, but jury management is a big part of the game too and he’s screwing it up worse than paul. the major selling point he has to his game is his loyalty to matt, if he deliberately cuts matt, he opens the door to felicia and bowie beating him. if he really doesn’t want matt to sit next to him, he has to throw the final and hope bowie wins as well as keeps him much like richard hatch threw the final in season 1 of survivor and used kelly to get rid of rudy.

Spot ON

WHOEVER SAID that JAG is a representative of “Indians or Sikhs”? He’s in there representing nobody EXCEPT himself.


I hope Felicia knows that if she survives to the Final 3 it has NOTHING to do with the Lord looking after her old idiot ass…

It has more to do with Jag being a cowardly lion control freak who is making the better move for himself which is to evict Matt now while he has the chance.

He and Bowie might not get this chance in the Final 3 so they both need to agree to just do it now.


Matt has a new career lined up when he loses BB!

Spot ON

“Matt has a new career lined up when he loses BB!”
Paying for the privilege of bending over in Appalachia?

The Beef

Dude, why do you keep saying, or at least implying Matt is some hillbilly from “Appalachia”? According to what I’ve read, he was born and raised in Cameron Park, California and moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to attend LSU, and still resides there to continue his swim training.

You might call him a “cajun”, but as far as I know, there aren’t any mountains in Louisiana, Appalachian or otherwise.

Spot ON

” why do you keep saying, or at least implying Matt is some hillbilly from “Appalachia”?
Dude, read the post again. There is no expressed or implied passage that MATT is “some hillbilly”.

The Beef

Okay Spot. If you say so. I just know this is not the first post where you’ve made a reference to him and “Appalachia”. Guess I just misinterpreted what you meant by that, although I have no other idea what you could mean by it.

Spot ON

Honestly, I don’t believe I have ever suggested that he some kind of “hillbilly”. On the contrary, to me, he seems like the typical California “surfer” type. Now, him going to Appalachia may have to do with him chasing something there.


Jag has stabbed every single alliance hes had square in the back. Why not Matt.
ZERO respect.

Spot ON


“ZERO RESPECT” for the cowardly lion who’s has “stabbed every single alliance he’s had square in the back”??

PLEASE. Isn’t that the whole premise here in the quest for the price money? It’s inevitable that all the hamsters are going to get “stabbed” along the way by another in another’s individual effort to “win” the prize money.

Your comment makes NO SENSE.


Total scum, Jag wouldn’t have a game if it weren’t for Matt, SAVING him AND PROTECTING him the ENTIRE GAME! If he screws Matt, I will never watch again, seriously!


Yeah and how dare he talk about Derek and Cody and compare his alliance to the hitmen alliance then turn around and do that.

The Beef

This is what I don’t get. Matt has gone along with, and actively supported, every move that Jag has proposed, including the latest one to vote Cirie out. If Matt hadn’t saved Jag via his “special power”, Jag would just be a distant memory in this game, just like Izzy, Hisam and Jared are.

What I really think this is, is Jag feeling the need, or really having to justify to himself the move he’s about to make. It’s just like all the other trash talking he does about the other players he was about to vote out, or just voted out – nothing but him and his cohorts justifying what they were about to or had just done. Now here he is about to stick the knife in Matt’s back, so he feels he once again must have a reason for doing it, and he’s having a hard time coming up with a good one.

The only reason he needs is “Matt, I’m sorry but I don’t think I can beat you in a heads up F2, because the people in the jury like you a lot more than they like me.” He doesn’t need to manufacture any other reasons other than that, and if he does, all he’s going to do is look like a damn liar and an idiot for doing so.

It’s a tough game, but his best move is to vote Matt out if he wants to win. I’m still not sure he wins even if he does that, but I don’t think he has a chance to win against Matt, even though he played a better game than Matt did.

Paul Sucks

But the funny part is BJ is watching him do this to his closest ally. If she has any clue she is quickly realizing she is not going to the final two because Jag’s word doesn’t mean anything.

If anyone but Jag wins the final HOH, there is no way either girl is taking Jag. Matt still may have out of loyalty.

The more I watch Jag’s style of play, the more I am convinced that Felicia may actually win this thing.

Spot ON

MATT needs to be kicked out if any of the other two want a chance to win. IF NATT becomes F2, he WILL get the sympathy vote and will stuff his pocket with Benjamin’s, and NO ONE ELSE WILL BE MORE THRILLED if he wins than REILLY because she’ll be digging his pockets until there is no more. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

Here We Go

So Jag is thinking of tossing Matt after using him to get to the end. Don’t care for weirdo BJ. Don’t want her in final two. Felicia deserved to go 6 evictions ago.


I would love Fe to stay!

Spot ON

Her fat gut is going to be right again.

I think the cowardly lion is going to take out no-sack because in BB, money comes before these fake “friendships” and make-believe “loyalty”.

And in a F3 involving the cowardly lion, yeah yeah yeah, and the granny with a foot-long nose who NEVER lies, IF lightning strikes, the cowardly lion will hopefully be shipped to the jury.


If Jag truly considers Matt a friend he should stop with the pro/con lists. There’s no need to chip away at little things Matt did during the season. He shouldn’t belittle him. Tell him, as a friend & competitor he’s evicting him because it’s his only path to winning. Jag’s jury management has been atrocious. If he’s in f2 he needs to own the moves he made throughout the game. Badmouthing anyone he evicted will get him nowhere. Everyone in the jury knows Jag had a hand in sending them to the jury house. He should say each eviction was a strategical game move and along with his comp wins that should be enough to crown him the winner. I don’t want Jag to win but it’s pretty obvious he’ll be in the f2.

Marianne Shields

But Jag control everybody HOH telling them what to do. I hope the jury doesn’t vote for Jag to win, just to see his face who he doesn’t win.

un autre nom

Jag had no HOH control before week 7. week 9 he had to tandem with Cory to keep Cam on task. He pushed to keep Cory, but much of the convincing had to come from Cory himself. The evicted houseguest Jag wanted? Felicia. The evicted hg Cory wanted out? Meme. Jag changed his mind, and claimed the move Cory already wanted. Week 10? Cory pushed the Cam target. Jag provided the dirt so Bowie could justify. Until his HOH week 11, Jag was incapable of effecting change by himself.
Even then, he did what Matt wanted, and cut his faulty parachute because it was better for Matt’s petty vindictiveness.
Even now, Jag is trying to get Bowie to give him consensus so that he doesn’t have to own his decision.


If Jag loses he’ll put on his best fake smile. But inside he’ll be dying a thousand deaths.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I agree 100%, but as we know, Jag is a coward. I also cannot stand Bowie Jane, I really do not want her or Jag in Final 2, but someone has to win.

Jag nit picking everything in the past that he feels Matt did wrong, that is really going to piss Matt off, Jag damn sure will not get his vote. Nit picking is very shallow and weak, Jag really does need to grow up, he’s 25 years old, stop being a little coward, Man Up.

I feel sorry for Matt, but then there are times I do not feel sorry for Matt. Matt should have been paying closer attention, noticed how Jag and Bowie’s relationship was getting closer, Cirie told him, Felicia was actually telling him the truth, Jag and Bowie are really close.

Matt did not listen to anyone, he just knew that he was safe, and Jag would keep him, carry him to Final 2. I think Jag evicting Matt, and giving him all the stupid nit picking comments he mentioned, a stupid comment about Matt eating Jag’s candy? Come on Jag, grow up.

Jag needs to be a man, tell Matt he feels that he will win, Matt has better relationships with most of the people in the Jury, Jag had a hand in evicting all of them, that might make Matt feel a little better, but if Jag starts making up bull crap excuses, Jag will lose Matt’s vote.


Several days ago, my prediction was Jag first Bowie second. Matt has been relying on his friend, without question. I hope he gets voted out. Sure, he’s likeable. Cirie was too. But the best player this season has been Jag. And Bowie sure has a smiling poker face: everyone underestimated her. Cirie and Felicia ragged on Bowie a lot. Now Bowie has her quiet revenge. The winner gets $750,000. If Matt gets outplayed, so be it. Jag can buy him dinner or perhaps a Hawaiian vacation, IRL.

Another Dixie

I’m waiting for the post show interviews for Bowie. We all see her as really dense & just a follower. What if it was all an act and she speaks intelligently and a whole different voice & demeanor? Now that would be a hoot.


I do not see her as dumb, unless you mean country dumb. She is a lawyer. The other characters show their gullibility and stupidity. She’s played a great game.


Surprise surprise Jag the backstabber of them all is going to get rid of Matt if he does can’t wait to see Matts face its going to be priceless! Jag is going thru pros n cons to try n make himself feel better about doing it but really theres no cons Matt had Jags back all season he even let him run his HOH and get rid of cirie with no hesitation Matt never thought about what Jag was really doing he can’t even see how close Jag n Bowie got so Matt u were under Jags spell buddy hes not taking U to final 2! It’s ur own fault he used you and tossing u like trash no loyal friendship there


I think Matt will be shocked if Jag sends him to the jury house. Shocked.


It has been Jags plan all along to get Matt out but he needs to make himself look like a good guy on tv. He knows exactly what he wants and will do. I wish Matt wasn’t so clueless and took the shot at jag when he had the chance! Bowie thinks she is this mastermind player! Lol ugh it’s so cringe to watch her!

Mike Honcho

Bowie should have taken the shot on double eviction. I could tell he was nervous that night when he sat on the couch. When she nommed america and Felicia, he knew he was home free. You could see the relief on his face. Unbelievable what a cf this season has been.


Go ahead, say it — cluster fuck.

Carlito's Way

Exactly. Remember when Cam called him out on his “acting.” Such a weasel.

Just The Truth

the mustard seed has blessed you with some bitter jurors that would be happy to give you the win. hopefully you do not make it to finale as we do not need another terrible winner like last season.


They are all terrible so it will be another terrible winner!

Just The Truth

Jag is actually playing the game though. Nothing has been handed to him. Him or Matt would be acceptable winners.


Surprised Jag is taking out Matt.. Go Bowie.

Carlito's Way

I’m not surprised at all. Jag is a weasel. He playacts all the time. Rather than manning up and owning the move, he has to pretend to justify it by badmouthing Matt. Hope the jury hates it and is bitter towards him. Can’t believe I am saying this, but go Felicia and Bowie? (that’s how bad I hate this move).


Hopefully, whoever wins will be smart enough to take their money to the bank, turn off their social media accounts, vow not to watch any of the season, and live happily ever after believing they were a great player!


be a pretty terrible play for jag to do this. felicia is not taking him to the final on the incredibly unlikely chance she wins the final hoh and does he really think bowie won’t figure out she has a way better shot next to felicia than jag? like i get bowie thinking she has a better shot with jag than matt, but felicia? i still think bowie loses to felicia, but if she’s the final hoh winner and evicts jag, she will suddenly get a ton of respect from the jury.

if we get a final 2 of bowie and felicia i will laugh my ass off.


Ugh my heart is breaking for Matt. It’s like jag is kicking a puppy.


A puppy that has become increasingly rude, vile, vindictive, and mean. Personally I hope he’s evicted. The cory accident talk was the final straw.


Jag continuously comparing him and Matt to Derrick and Cody, then turn around and cut him. Absolutely not, I do think anyone sitting next to Matt will lose but he can’t compare themselves to hitmen if he is going to cut Matt. No comparison! How is it I have to root for Felicia if this really happens?. What an awful season. Cam for AFP!! At least Cam was real with them saying who he was after.


Agree on all counts.

Darlene Schweibinz

Money The root of all evil Jag is going to prove this and Matt is left in the dust Bowie Jane is making fools of all of them Only choice left on voting nite if you don’t want Jag She’s sliding in like she has done all season


Jag will be hated if he betrays Matt and keeps Felicia. Matt proved his loyalty to their final three by putting up Cirie. Meanwhile Jag has a final two with Bowie. Who’s zooming who?

East coast

So Jag is dumping Matt because Mama Fe is easier to beat. Hey, Bowie Jane, who does Jag think is easier to beat in the end, you or Mama Fe. I predict it will be Jag and Mama Fe in the final two chairs. I hope she wins. (I can’t believe I’m saying that, ugh.)


jag loses to fe if he does this. he loses both matt and bowie’s votes as well as probably fails to get cirie’s (who he was never getting) and america’s as well if not the entire jury turning on him.

BB Fangirl

Jag saying for once he’s going to make a decision that’s best for him. Bruhhh you haven’t made a move otherwise the entire game! And you’ve made other people make moves that are better for you than them the ENTIRE GAME. He’s wild if he attempts that rationalization. He literally would not be here if not for Matt. If he’s sitting next to Matt on finale night it’ll be Matt won HOH and chose him, AGAIN. Because we already know Jag won’t take Matt. So really, if at the end of the day you get 2nd and 2nd place prize money it will be 100% Matt’s doing. I don’t really care who wins at this point though so I honestly hope he does get rid of Matt and then when Matt gets to the jury house they all realize why Jag did and turn on him. Would be epic.

un autre nom

My Perspective
No matter what Jag does tonight, the jury ‘could’ reward him IF he admits he played snake.
If he pushes heroic victim, the bitter vote ‘may’ happen.
The jury would reward Matt, but would hate to reward Bowie or Felicia. It would have to be a bitter vote.
Game ownership matters especially when jury management fails.


cam and cory are the only people in jury who respect snake play. maybe he can get blue, because she’s awful, but he needs 4. the rest of the jury will hate him.

un autre nom

the same prodogremlins that told Taylor’s haters on jury what would happen if they kept up the hate are going to push for whatever result Grod wants.


well, yeah, most of the contestants want a second chance so they vote the way production tells them in the hopes of getting invited back (da’vonne was the most shameless about this). coremerica has a shot at appearing on amazing race, jag matt and cam all could make all-star seasons maybe, and there’s some obvious favoritism to the fields family. the rest we likely never see again.

East coast

I can’t see Jag owning that he played the snake, because of the way he seems to demonize the person he’s evicting. In his mind, he had good reasons to evict them.


Grab a jar, Bowie Fan Club Meeting.

un autre nom

2010-2011 publicity headshot.

Here We Go

Still wearing the overdone raccoon eyes. If she wins she will get ta tas.


After all Jag’s talk about wanting his kids and grandkids to know he did the right thing, evicting Matt will be totally unforgiveable.

Here We Go

3 pm Jag told Bowie he is keeping Matt and told Matt he is good.

Serena W

Finale scenarios

Jag vs Bowie>>>Bowie wins BB
Jag vs Felicia>>>felicia Wins BB
Jag vs matt>>>Jag has a slim chance of winning
Bowie vs Matt>>>Bowie wins BB
Bowie vs felicia>>>Bowie wins BB
Bowie was not only a floater but she didnt make so many enemies. Smart!


nah, bowie can only beat felicia and it’s a big maybe. possibly she beats jag if jag follows through on voting matt out and it sours the jury on him, but until that happens she loses to him. she doesn’t beat matt.

un autre nom

jag: i have to think of myself first.
Long D/R call (noted by nervous Matt) and feedcut lockdown.
Jag: I’m thinking about us.

What are we thinking?

Julie Chen

Production needs the footage for the shows. Every week they have the players act like there’s a flip.

Queen Catia

I am so disgusted! When this season started my favorite HG’s were Cameron, Reilly, Jag, Matt, Kirsten and Mexole. I also liked America, Felicia and Red. I wanted Reilly to pull Kirsten and Felicia off the block leaving Jared and Cory. When that didn’t happen I was still rooting for Reilly only to see her get evicted. I was so hoping that the fake alliance between Cam, Jag, and Matt was actually real but once Jag stabbed Cam in the back I was done with him. The fact that Jag would evict Matt at final four just proves to me how selfish Jag really is. Matt saved an evicted Jag and this is how he repays him? Jag owes his life (game) to Matt! I do understand that sometimes you do what you have to do to win but this move shows that Jag has no honor, no integrity, no loyalty, and no credibility!

Queen Catia

Jag proved me wrong. Jag does in fact have honor, integrity, loyalty and credibility. He is bringing Matt to the final 3 Mafia that he swore allegiance to. I respect that and I apologize for my emotionally charged rant. May the best HG win…


Shady production convinced Jag to keep Matt after keeping him hostage for 2 hours.

Fuck them.

Just The Truth

you are in complete denial.

Here We Go

Gotta watch 45 year old Bowie Jane Ball lip sync “Busted” on UTube. Said it was her…..no way. Accent totally gone and not her.


I think that if Jag sends Matt to the jury now that it will turn the jury against him. Bowie is smart enough to know that, So if she is sitting next to Jag after he boots Matt she will win. Jag is stupid snd will seal his own fate. Bowie’s hands are clean either way.

un autre nom

bbtwitter is apparently losing it’s shit over Jag’s post d/r and lockdown 180.
Over Felicia?
It’s not about Jag’s chances of winning.
It’s not over playing to win vs playing to be liked.
Bbtwitter has wanted Jag and Matt to lose for 2 weeks, at least.
It’s false flag to say it’s about Jag winning or losing.
bbtwitter is losing it’s shit because Cirie’s betrayers will be in final 3.

I Agee in principle…but for different reasons.

I think it’s smarter to take out Matt. But i don’t give a shit about Fe; didn’t want Cirie to win.
My reason is based on probability assessment. Jag is very possibly pulling a Cody.

Prodogremlins apparently want finale comps to be less of a foregone conclusion.
What. Jag is the hg that decided which alliance to be loyal to according to which alliance d/r monkeys asked about. He’s gullible to production and had a long d/r before changing his mind. It’s not difficult math.


i disagree that it’s good for jag’s game to take out matt. he still has a pretty good shot of beating him in the final 2 and he goes from two people likely taking him there if he loses it to two people who shouldn’t take him if he loses. ousting matt definitely helps bowie’s and fe’s games, but not jag’s.

un autre nom

who can Jag more easily beat @3 to get to 2? Fe/Bo
who has more jury respect at 2? Matt over the other 2.
If you were cornered in an alley about to be stomped by an athlete, an old lady, and someone eating paste…who do you wish wasn’t there?


my thought is she’s out of her mind thinking shed ever win