Cirie “He is a goddamn Olympian, I’m going to slap the sh*t out of him.” Felicia “BEAT HIS A$$!!”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Matt
Nominees: Cirie & Felicia
POV Players: Everyone
POV Winner: JAG
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Cirie is the target. Apparently they are getting Chinese food tonight. Very little is happening today.

7:45pm The live feeds return to the house guests dressed in costumes and carving pumpkins in the kitchen. Matt is carving R heart M.

7:55pm Comic Bedroom – Felicia is fixated on how they got a beer each and one extra one. She wants to go take it for her and Cirie. Felicia – they had 3 bottles of wine and didn’t share with us. Cirie – but that was there wine, that’s different. (Felicia is like a teenager the way she obsesses about alcohol and worrying about it being even or not.) Felicia – see I think he thought Bowie Jane was more into him and he realized that she flipped the script on him right up from under his nose. Cirie – he is sleeping in here and she is sleeping in there. Felicia – he is going to stay in the room with Jag. Cirie – that’s where his stuff is in the scramble. Felicia – he got played! He sat there and got played. That shows you how shameful Jag is. And the shameful part is.. Cirie – I hate that when Jag was explaining the thing to him he kept looking right at me. What the f**k you looking at me for .. he’s the one that needs explaining. I see you helping him. Looking directly at me. I don’t like that. Felicia – when he was doing what? Cirie – explaining how to do the R. He can’t beat Jag. Felicia – he can’t .. he has to go in there with confidence believing he is going to beat him. He can’t go in there being like he’s won 6 vetos I can’t beat him. No, go in there and say today I am kicking your a$$! It is going down! Tell yourself this sh*t is yours. Cirie – he is a god damn Olympian, I am going to slap the sh*t out of him. You a goddamn Olympian. Why you beat him right now!! Felicia – BEAT HIS A$$!! Stop being insecure! Felicia – look who he leaves in the house .. some females that he believes he can beat. He’s gank! Cirie – took all the competitions away. I don’t like that .. you don’t get no points from me for that. You’re 25 years old man and you want to beat 60 and 50.. Felicia – and 40 year old. Cirie – and that is going to make you sit in the chair proudly.

8:25pm – 8:40pm Matt, Jag and Bowie take the pumpkins up to the HOH room to see what they look like with the lights off.

8:50pm HOH room – Matt and Bowie.
Matt – you didn’t hear when Bowie said it was Rocket Science. So you know what I mean … so she wasn’t lying about that but she doesn’t realize that she wantted to keep it vague so that I would be like … but oh that’s what she said? I don’t care that she said that. That doesn’t offend me at all. Bowie – I’ve said that to everyone. I say it to myself. Matt – I know you guys wouldn’t do that but why would someone manipulate …why would someone come up to me all of a sudden and be like you can’t hear that they’re making fun of you but we hear it. Bowie – yeah. Matt – so that’s where its like .. that’s f**ked up! Bowie – and what was the mirror thing? Matt – oh that you looked in the mirror and they were mocking you. Bowie – so she said that as well? Matt – two days ago yeah. Bowie – she’s clutching at straws because there is nothing.


10:30pm Cirie and Felicia are sleeping.

10:32pm HOH room – Matt, Jag and Bowie games in the HOH room.

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Spot ON

“Cirie – he is a…damn Olympian, I am going to slap the sh*t out of him. You a …Olympian. Why you beat him right now!! Felicia – BEAT HIS A$$!! Stop being insecure! ”
SOOOOOO TIRED of hearing about how no-sack MATT being an “Olympian”. It’s hard to figure out HOW being deaf impacts on swimming. The truth is, IT DOESN’T. SO put no-sack MATT up against…say… Michael Phelps, and no doubt MATT will come in a distant second in a field of two.

un autre nom

Elite male swimmers average peak performance age is 21-25. Matt is currently 27. He’s planning to do trials for Hungary instead of the US because the US field is too loaded.
Not in ANY way knocking his achievements or his ability, I’m pointing out logistics.

Spot ON

Phelps’ last Olympic Games was in 2016, and at that time he was 31, and won 5 gold metals.

un autre nom

said on average, not as hard and fast rule.
in 2016 the average age for elites was actually higher peak age, I have no idea why. I don’t know what has changed to make the numbers change.

Any of the olympic athletes from my home town that I knew competed in their late teens, early 20’s (kayak, rower, 3 swimmers, 1 distance runner, 1 archer, and i’m fogetting, there were a couple water polo if i remember correctly for summer games athletes). I should remember, it’s not a big town, and i went to school with most of them, lol.

Felicias Removable Tooth

He’s gonna need to go to celebrity fat camp first because if not he’s just gonna sink to the bottom of the pool like that submarine in cape cod .

Bowie’s Stylish Hair

One week with Reilly and her heart of “glass,” he will melt that weight off and have such a high body temperature they he will be motivated to get back in the pool. No I’m not talking about anything pervy!


Again, I want to stress that very little fat, if any, is shown on Matt while he is on the lawn chair soaking up the sun. Just sayin’…


Every swimmer would come in a distant second, not just Matt.


Being deaf increases your reaction time on the blocks. You have to keep your head up because you can’t listen for the horn. Big problem to go from 0.6 to 1.0 or more.

No effect on relays so long as you’re 2nd, third, or anchor leg.

un autre nom

The jury:
Cam pushed Jag (comps) and Cirie (she jury managed).
Cory pushed Matt, mentioned Cirie threat (social strategy).
America pushed Matt best game, get rid of Jag (pointed bitter).
Blue pushed Felicia because d’uh, get rid of Jag (directed bitter).
Everyone thinks Bowie is a flop.

I don’t buy jury exits as anything but post debrief production push and puppet shenanigans.
But if you buy the interviews, this is generally the jury vibe about winner.


yeah, assuming cirie goes this week, felicia beats bowie, but probably no one else and it’s close between jag and matt if they end up final 2 together. bowie has no shot of winning.

Meme's Muse

un autre nom: that is exactly why Jag is taking Bowie to F2. Jag knows he can win against Bowie and his chances of winning against Matt are slim. Yep, it’s cutthroat at this point. We all know Jag will win, Bowie will think she accomplished something by playing a great game, and future BB applicants will think you can comp your way to a win. But this game it’s about winning the money. Neither Bowie or Jag care about anything else, only the fans do and maybe Jag’s family. Jag and Bowie are there for the prize, the heck with the jury. Jag knows if the jury has to choose between the lesser of two evils they will ( some reluctantly ) select him as winner. Bowie and Jag are there to win money nothing else matters, and for that reason alone Jag deserves the win.
Matt sorry you could have and should have played smarter. Matt will be leaving soon after Fe. I think he will be hurt over it, but I hope he grows from it. Perhaps Matt makes it to the 2024 Olympics or has other swimming related accomplishments. Other than Reilly, swimming is where his heart really is. Right now I am interested in who might win AFP. My money is on Cirie.

un autre nom

The worry/warning/prediction made about season 25 in my Bbcan11 wrap up is becoming more true by the day.
I’d worried that 25 would be a comps mean most season, and that we had to worry about prodoshenanigans when it came to twists and ind time comps.
Should we start worrying about jury questions now? If you saw bbcan11 jury questions you know what I mean.

Meme's Muse

I do know what you mean, un autre nom and you are , as usual precisely correct! Thank you for your insightful and very often comical comments, reminding us correctly of BB’s history ( Canada’s too), and perspectives. I shouldn’t but I feel a bit sad for Matt and the knife he is about to get in his back( deserved or not) from Jag or Bowie but most likely Jag. You saved this season for me un autre nom and I bet for many others as well. I enjoyed reading your posts more than the show itself. In this world today, with all that is going on, you made me and others laugh even during this unbearable BB Season. Thanks for that!


I really don’t care about BB CAN. I don’t watch it so have no clue what you are talking about.

un autre nom

for the last 3 us seasons you can accurately gage what type of season it will be by looking at bbcan’s season. 9/23 were both largely poc alliances for the cause message. 10/24 were social gamer season where comp wins weren’t the focus. 11/25 all about comps determining who is actually playing. 3 seasons is becoming more than coincidence.


Cirie should win nothing.

Spot ON

“Bowie and Jag are there to win money nothing else matters, and for that reason alone Jag deserves the win”
That is why EVERYTHING they say to each other from day one until the end of their tenure in the “house” is NOTHING BUT BS. The BS they say is the means to the end, and I’m sure they justify every ounce of it.

Gan ainm

? Is Matt really upset about Felicia or is he trying to make her look so offensive that Jag/Bowie will flip it back to vote her out?If that were his intent I would actually be impressed that he was trying to do something.No I must be reading too much into it…

Game fan

no i do agree cause she said that to him a few days ago, and he told them just now.
but i really want them to keep talking about it!
they can talk months about cirie lying about saying something about the power or reily vote but now something is up with felicia, jag let it go cause its not good for his game plans

Game fan

by the way , jag would leave it now but after cirie is gone and bowie is hoh , he would than be talking about it 24/7 to make sure felicia is the target and not him. than he wins veto and he would say matt made it all up and suddelny matt should go.


She did put some paranoia in his head but he really wants Cirie to stay. Matt wanted Cirie all along but Jag pushed his agenda for hours then Matt said one of them has to go. He’s still trying to keep her. I think Matt is irritated that it’s his HOH and Jag is only doing what’s best for Jag.


BB UK’s Halloween episode tonight was awesome. They all were in different, actual Halloween costumes. WTF do you call these costumes?

Just The Truth

I can guarantee America will vote bitter.

Game fan

felicia i would be even more certain.


America, just got laid in the jury house. Everything is beautiful again.


Maybe, maybe not. Me thinks Cory might lean a little more towards hot dogs rather than tacos.

no mo bro o sho ho yo

He resisted her advances, but like the stalker she is.. she persisted until finally he relented. She came in the house with the full intention of having a shomance. She even admitted it her exit interview.

She is an emotional wreck and one bad day away from a lifetime of lithium prescriptions. The bottom half of her face is much wider than the top half and it really freaks me out. Not into narcissistic neanderthals.

She was bragging in the kitchen about her “multiple one night stands” (her exact words) So don’t sh!t on me for repeating what she happily and proudly admits.

I bet she could keep the whole jury warm.

I hope Cory has a good health plan.

Spot ON

“The bottom half of her face is much wider than the top half and it really freaks me out.”
That’s the ideal proportion… isn’t it??


hotdog water is Cory’s goto cologne

Spot ON

Lost in “the closet”.

Spot ON

With CAM & CORY and BLEW as director/producer??


Felicia had me cracking up with tonight’s episode. She is like a 5 yr old that gets cranky when she doesn’t get what she wants.
Lastly, Matt and Jag didn’t lie to Cirie and Fe. One of them is going to be in the final 4.

Spot ON

They lied to the one that gets kicked out, RIGHT?


Matt, Matt, Matt, none of you are thinking jury. You would want Cirie to stay out of jury because her whole game was social. Even the three of you drank her juice. She is going in there (jury) and blow things up. For your sake change their mind about Cirie and tell them why so Bowie goes up. Cirie is dangerous.

Spot ON

BOWIE is “dangerous” only because she has no brains.

Carlito's Way

Also Jag wants to take BJ to final 2 and is going to stab Matt in the back. That is why he should have put Bowie up. Matt didn’t fight to keep Cirie at all, not one protest. This is Jag’s move. Matt has been doing everything to help Jag’s game and not his own, trusting Jag will stay true but he won’t. Matt’s best play would have been final 4 with the mamas.

East Coaster

You say Bowie has no brain but do you think Matt does ?

Spot ON

BOWIE and MATT share one brain cells between the two of them.

Game fan

i dont understand your comment. you are saying cirie is bad for their game but needs to stay? anyway its too late to put bowie up.

no mo bro o sho ho yo

BJ really enjoys making others miserable. I found this video of her laughing about it all:

Carlito's Way

Bowie is a cerifiable mean girl.

Lisa hornaday

Oh man! you got me, that is too funny, that’s a good one, Bowie and her horse teeth.


So let me know if I have this right. Yesterday Fefe told Matt that Jag was making fun of Matt after he lost the swimming comp saying how he is a better swimmer. Now later that night this was said by the Angry and Ungrateful Mommas.

Cirie “He is a goddamn Olympian, I’m going to slap the sh*t out of him.” Felicia “BEAT HIS A$$!!”

What a bunch of hypocrites to play the Matt card like they do is so low.

Game fan

they said nothing wrong about him. they were saying matt really needs to beat jag and he has the abillity for it.


She was referring more to the fact that he needs to wake up to what’s going on around him

Spot ON

Being aware of “situational awareness” requires, at minimum, ONE BILLION brain cells. Hard to have situational awareness when one brain cells is shared by two.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

It’s really too bad that Matt did not play his own game, he saved Jag, now Jag is going to most likely throw the next Comp to Bowie. Bowie will be the one that does Jag’s dirty work that will end up sending Matt to Jury.

Jag is scum, he would not even be in the house if it was not for Matt. Matt messed up and let Jag control his every thought, every move, Matt is HOH, he wanted Cirie to stay, Matt did nothing to make sure that Cirie remained in the house.

Matt is so lame, he actually told Jag, he and Bowie need to decide who they want to play against in the next HOH competition, Cirie or Felicia. He told Jag he cannot compete, so it’s up to Jag & Bowie to decide who they want to compete against, Cirie or Felicia.

Matt deserves being sent to jury, he had absolutely no game, think about it, if Matt was to make it to the final 2, when they ask him what big move did you make ? Name one move you made 100% on your own without being led by Jag ?

Matt is so excited about being able to spend time with Reilly when he gets out of the house, which I really do not see happening, Matt is going to need $$ to travel and see Reilly, or send for her to come visit him. I don’t think Reilly will really be that into Matt.

Matt seems like a guy that will be all gushy, goofy, not very experienced with actually making plans, Reilly will have him wrapped around her finger, Matt just seems kind of immature for a 27 year old man. I don’t think that’s going to be very appealing to Reilly.


It’s all about the bromance. Matt will say my big move? Oh I forgot I save Jag zinggggggggg!


That’s not how next week works. The HG off the block does the dirty work — that HG is the lone vote to evict. Like when Dan threw the veto to Memphis so that Memphis had to be the one to evict Keesha.

HOH doesn’t determine eviction next week, unless he or she wins veto. And even then, HG off the block gets the blood.


Yeah but if he kept C, even on his own HOH, she has a better chance of winning the next HOH and she’d def put up him and Jag. She’s said it a million times. The decision to get out C first is the most logical.


Shut up Cirie! Only reason you lasted this long is you had a rat spy of a son in there with you and you’re lazy as crap, no threat to win any competitions.

no mo bro o sho ho yo

It’s true. She had cheat mode on. With three people who would never vote for her, Izzy, Jared and Blue.


Exactly. She acts as if she did something; has she forgotten that she hasn’t won ANY competition?

Spot ON

The only thing CIRIE has been good at doing is wiggling her FORKED-TONGUE to spread HER LIES.

un autre nom

The plan to play mindgames with Fe is psych warfare and game based not personal, so I’m not hating on it. Is it a bit dirty? yeah. Is it game? yeah.

Fe is campaigning against Cirie not for Fe. Says Cirie has promised jury votes from Cam and Cory. It’s actually Cam and Blue. Meh, semantics. Is her style of campaign a bit dirty? yeah. Is it game? yeah.

logic question: if the 3 decided that everything Fe says about them to each is 100% dirty lies, and everything Fe says about Cirie is gospel, is there a resonant disconnect?
Possible explanations:
Oh, wait, everything Fe said about each was exaggerated truth and the 3 are just lying to each other to look ‘good people? Is that what we’re seeing?
Does any Cirie shit just fit their narrative, so who cares if it’s true or false?


I will be so upset if Jag throws Matt under the bus. Bowie is so useless. I can’t stand watching her and listening to her voice. Jag won’t win if he throws Matt under the bus.

no mo bro o sho ho yo

I agree. I really dislike her and if I ever met her in real life I would be sure to let her know. My whole attitude about her changed when she turned on Cameron, then looked at him and said “Yeah and I’m proud of it.”

Nasty undeserving horseface.

The only reason the mindless twit is still in the game is because Jag needed her votes.

Jag knows no one likes her. That’s why he wants her sitting beside him. The only person in the house that might be hated as much as him.


Jag won’t win regardless of who he sits next to.

Carlito's Way

He will win against Bowie Jane and he knows it. That’s pretty much a pick your poison final two.

Spot ON

Of the remaining hamsters, JAG is arguably the one most deserving based on merit. He was technically evicted, and look how far he’s gotten after that eviction. But is is slime just like all of them in there.

Backseat Driver

There’s $750,000 at stake…..that changes people! Just saying…..

Spot ON

Realistically, that’s not THAT much money, but it does help. To put it in perspective, if MATT wins, REILLY will help him smoke the entire amount on her in less than a month, and then she will disappear into Appalachia, and eave him behind wondering what happened.

Carlito's Way

If she and Jag are final two (very likely), just UGG. Something about BJ so off-putting! Although controversial opinion I am sure, I’d much rather see the two Mamas with Matt and Jag final 4. And even though I gave my fair share of comments on Cirie and Felicia this season, would prefer seeing Matt with one of them versus Jag or Bowie final two. JMHO

It's me

Why is everyone upset for throwing someone “under the bus”?
That is the game to win the money. Get them before they get you! You would do the same.
They all want to get to f2. Even if floating gets you there, you got there

no mo bro o sho ho yo

That’s the problem with BB. Bad behaviour is rewarded and nice guys are sent home. That’s why this is something you should never play, or let your children watch.

Spot ON



Let’s revisit Matt’s superpower. Jag was on the block during Cameron’s HOH. He was supposed to go. We voted for Matt and he won (not sure who voted for Cirie) and we were all happy. He had NO CLUE what to do with that power. I don’t think he clearly knew what that power involved. Cirie controlled him. It was Cirie who got Matt to use the power on Jag and the only reason why she did it was to screw Cam.

un autre nom

matt was saving jag no matter what.
what cirie devised: make it unanimous so blue stayed too, because enabler mommy wanted her baby Jared happy.
One vote to Blue, Jag’s votes negated, Blue evicted, Cam doesn’t play next HOH setting the replay precedent that saw Jag replay post invisiweek.

Cam Fav HG

You bring up a valid point, that had it not been for Cirie influencing Matt, Jagg would have been evicted 10-0 during Cam’s HOH. I wonder if Cirie or Matt have any regrets about that now. I believe Cirie does. She was talking to herself last night saying that if Cameron was still there, he wouldn’t have been afraid to take a shot at Jag.

Spot ON

“She was talking to herself last night saying that if Cameron was still there, he wouldn’t have been afraid to take a shot at Jag.”
That’s what happens when you screw up the play on Sunday, and then you review the video on Monday.

senior Citizen

Jag really wants to win the $750k so he can double the size of his trucking company, go from one (1) truck to two (2). Just send him to the jury next week so he can see how many of the other jurists even like him, maybe tell him they wouldn’t have voted for him to win.

Spot ON

He’ll be able to more than double his fleet with the prize money.