Jag – “Going against Felicia next week vs going against Matt is a very big difference” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Felicia & Matt
POV Players: everyone
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Doesn’t matter
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Jag will be evicting Felicia leaving Matt, Bowie and Jag in the final 3.

10:55 am Felicia Zzzzz

11:00 am Bowie and Jag
Bowie talking about Byron Bay in Australia.
Jag – how cool is it that you won HOH and I won Veto we secured are place in the final 3.
Bowie – it’s really good.. I was really happy you won.
Jag – me and you have to make it to the final HOH.
Bowie – AHH the final HOH yeah yeah
Jag – if one of us makes it to the final HOH both of us are there
Jag – if Both of us are in the final HOH then we’ve locked that in.
Bowie – we have a good chance
Jag – I know
Bowie – if it’s a time thing I’m going to be POO
they talk about veto today and Jag’s strategy.
Bowie – Great win..
Jag – I was like I need to not touch this block. If I touch this block it’s going to be dangerous for me no matter what. I trust myself to do it I trust you.
Bowie – I can’t be talked into anything
Jag – I knew if you got it you were going to keep it the same, I trust you FULLY
Bowie – FULLY
Jag – I trust Matt but I feel like everything is a risk in this game. If Matt wins and I’m on the block against momma FE. it’s tempting
Bowie – It’s tempting for HIM
Jag – it’s scary..
Bowie – It’s not tempting for me at all
Bowie – if Momma FE had won she would have chosen you to go.
Jag – She knows he would win She’s not dumb. The only thing I have at this point are these veto wins. LOWKEY my game was really sloppy especially the first half of the season. I was almost cooked. Momma FE is in this game but not from herself because people chose to save her.
Bowie – YEAH
Jag – people saved her it’s not like she mastminded something and stayed. Lowkey that’s the same argument for me. Yeah I’m here right now and I’ve recently done well with veto comps but I’m not here because I masterminded something in the beginning of the season.
Bowie – but neither has Matt, If Matt Would win it’s because everybody likes him.
Jag – and he managed to be safe the whole time while being a BIG target. He managed the target on his back. He’s played it really well. He’s winning in must win situations. MAN what a game he’s played. He’s won a lot but he can also say I didn’t need to win everything cause I had such good relationships other people can win for me. I knew Jag and Bowie would protect me.
Bowie – will people appreciate that or be pissed?
Jag – they’ll appreciate it

Bowie – I really don’t see a path for me to get jury votes. Not enough. I don’t care I’m pleased I came this far. Of course I want to get to the final 2 and I’m really pleased with my efforts to get that far
Jag thinks the endurance part of the finale HOH will be Sunday “It’s start’s live”
Bowie says that Matt is good at “Short explosive comps”
They go on speculating the types of competitions they could have.
Jag – if both of us make it to the final comp I don’t care what that comp is. I fully trust you it doesn’t matter.
Bowie – do you have a final two with Matt or was that ages ago?
Jag – we’ve been working together for so long. He’s going to be.. I mean I’ll just lose a Jury vote. I will definitely lose his jury vote. SICK.. the jury vote matters less more so on a friendship level it’s going to suck. I’m going to do it.
Bowie – not If I win. I don’t think it’s a problem if I win. You will get his jury vote.
Jag – at this point I’m not trying to secure his jury vote I’m not playing that game.
Bowie – for the friendship level all this discussion will be out there anyways.
Jag – I hope if I have to make that decision that he would understand
Jag – at this point of the game I’ve done so much to protect him. I’ve protected him so much. I really have every step of the way I’ve done so much to protect him. I’ve had opportunities to do whatever and not once have I.
They wonder if Matt will COOK Jag if he wins the final HOH.
Jag – maybe i’m thinking into it too much. I haven’t even played a long with the idea of getting Matt out. Not to Momma FE not to Cirie not to BLUE.. ever I never played around with the idea of that but he has. Why are they believing it?
Jag says Momma fe says a lot of lies but a lot of it wasn’t a lie.
Bowie – he said it but he feels he’s saying it but not going to do it.
Jag – I never even played with the idea. I know he has.
Jag – he’s said I’m my own player and Jag’s his own player. it almost separates us so someone could take a shot at me.
Jag says he’s never thrown Matt under the bus.
Jag adds that Matt has said stuff about getting Jag out to other players and told Jag about it.
Jag “Why do we even need to say that”
Jag goes back to rehashing the conversation with Momma FE earlier today. “he (Matt) was in an alliance with Cirie, Jared and Blue but he never told me about that. there’s only one reason you wouldn’t tell someone about an alliance you want to keep that in your back pocket”
Bowie – these are all just in case scenarios for him.
Jag – going against Felicia next week vs going against Matt is a very big difference. That’s just me considering everything it’s not to say I’m going to do it.
Jag – After what Felicia said.. Okay let me think through everything you said. I’m not going to blindy do anything. The first half I was blindly doing things and trusting people

Jag – Felicia was saying Matt talked to Cirie and said we have to get Jag out eventually. Matt was saying that to Cirie
Bowie – when?
Jag – I don’t know when at some point. A few weeks ago.
Bowie – that should never come out of his mouth
Jag – exactly
Jag – Cirie mentioned that to Felicia and was like Matt is sorta onboard we can make this move. Felicia came running up. (To HOH to tell him)

Matt joins them. Chit chat and solitaire.
12:35 am they start getting ready for bed.

Make the bed set the space heater.

Get the Reilly letter and picture up.

12:50 am Bowie and Jag
They continue their Chat.
Jag – Matt told Cirie at some point they have to get me out. Felicia could have easily lied or Cirie could have easily lied or if Matt did say that maybe he wasn’t serious about saying that. There’s a lot of things around it. honestly Felicia is more likely to lie than matt is.
Jag says he’s 99% voting Felicia out he just is the type of person that needs to talk about all the possibilities.
Bowie – if he said it and meant it would you still feel bad?
Jag – yeah, either way it’ll be a tough decision no matter what.
Jag – if I win that final HOH and evict him it’ll be tough. He is my friend and I do care about him. No matter what it’s a real tough thing to do or say.
Jag – me, you and Matt deserve to be in the final three I feel that it something that is true.
Bowie – the guilt would be so bad it’s not worth it. There’s plenty of people in this game that would have zero guilt.

1:10 am – 9:00 am zzzzzz

9:55 am Houseguests getting up for the day.
Sounds like they have a HOH lockdown for three hours today.

10:07 am Matt and Bowie
Matt says it’s weird being around Felicia knowing she’s been talking sh1t about him. “I’m not good that that”
Bowie – I am not good at that
Bowie says she’s just happy she got this far she’s not expecting to win this.
Matt – you’ll get votes
Bowie – I can’t think of one
Matt – nobody wants to vote for me and Jag for sending them all home.
Matt – I saw my suitcase in storage. You’ve never seen your suitcase that’s awesome. I basically almost went without.

10:10 am Felicia and Jag
Felicia says she’s “Being real” she doesn’t think she can beat Jag or Matt she just wants to get to the end. “I want to send a message to Jaiere that’s my message for this”
Jag – mmmhmmm
Felicia – If you chase a dream and believe in it you can at least go far in life.
Jag – yeah
Felicia – all you guys outplayed me.
Jag – I wouldn’t say that I feel like it would be a toss up at the end.
Felicia – a you and a MAtt is Matt a you and a Bowie is a toss up. I think a you and a me is a you. I think America will hold a grudge.
Jag – Blue will hold a grudge to
Felicia – NO Blue will give you her vote.
Felicia starts kackling she says Cameron never liked her from the beginning she doesn’t know why and doesn’t care.
Felicia – I want to sit in the final 2 chairs with you. You get 4 I get 3. You’ll get, Bowie, Matt, Cameron and Blue. I will get Cory, America and Cirie. (LOL)
Jag – mmmmmmmm
Felicia – that’s my theories. my theories haven’t been too far off all season (HAHAHAHAHAHHHA her theories are almost 100% wrong)
Jag – I won’t get Matt’s vote if… .
Felicia – he’ll vote you over me. at some point people still realize it’s a game. Matt’s not a grudge holder.

10:21 am Matt, Jag and Bowie
Jag says Felicia is still pestering him to take Matt out. He gives them a summary of his conversation with Felicia a moment ago.
Matt goes on about how hard it is for him to talk to Felicia.
Bowie mentions he packed a 20lb dumbbell but it didn’t make it in the house.
They talk about how cocky Izz was telling America she didn’t need her vote then she was evicted.

Felicia delivers them each a piece of bacon (I’ve never seen people eat as much bacon as these folks)
After Felicia leaves they go back to chit chat about the souvenirs around the house they want to take home

11:06 am Matt and Jag
Jag saying how stressful it is having to talk to Felicia when she’s spewing sh1t.
Jag – it’s annoying and stressful. I’m like BRO. She’s saying sh1t
Matt – it’s scary having someone actively campaign against you
Jag – she’s saying all this sh1t I’m like bro what the f***. she said you know you aren’t going to win at the end. I’m like OKAY I know that.
Matt – if she was in final three she doesn’t choose you she takes Bowie
Jag – I know
Matt – she won’t take the chance.
Jag – she’s not choosing me bro.. I called her on that.

11:20 am Jag and Matt bathroom with Felicia and Bowie playing bumper pool upstairs.
The guys are wondering what Felicia has cooking up there. Matt thinks she’s trying to get Bowie to convince Jag to take Matt out.
Jag goes on about how annoying Felicia is pestering him.
Matt points out if Jag listens to Felicia’s scheme and take her to the final 2 she will turn that back on him in her final 2 speech “I just convinced Jag to flip on his best man I just got in their heads so well that they flipped on each other”
Jag – no. she better enjoy her last day so Annoying.
Matt impersonates Felicia’s speech to Jag.
Jag says it’ll be this “do what’s best I’m holding on to my faith in a mustard seed.. that’s usually her speech”
Matt – 30 seconds is quick (They were told they have 30 seconds for their speeches)
Jag – what has Bowie Jane been saying? anything about a final 2?
Matt – no, that’s why I think she’s saying that to you
Feeds cut when we’re back.

Jag – I think she’s super excited about making it
matt – to be honest think about how her game was in the beginning she was always left out.
Jag – she’s turned it up BRO she’s turned up her game HELLA She’s tied for the most HOH’s now.
Matt – I think you broke the record for the most vetoes now..
Matt wonders if Jag beat the BB vetoes record.
Jag thinks it’s 9 and there’s no more vetoes left this season.
Jag – maybe Bowie doesn’t care because she feels confident. Have you thought of that. If she wins the final HOH she just feels confident. at this point she has the most HOH wins and after this week she’s the ONLY one that hasn’t touched the block which is technically what they call a perfect game.
Matt – I know.. damn I almost had a perfect game.
Jag – she was blindsided and Bullies, People talked about her all the time and made fun of her. She still stuck with her social relationships, Pretended.. her whole thing, She evicted Cameron, she was the person that pretended to play the middle. The whole time she was feeding it back. She stayed loyal the whole time.
Jag – if she sits next to you she can say ‘I’ve played a perfect game I’ve never touched the block, Have the most HOH wins, Was bullied, Blindsided and targeted’
Matt – took CAM out
Jag – I stayed loyal.. I took Cam out and wasn’t afraid to make a bold move.
Matt says Cam and Cirie will vote for Bowie. He thinks Felicia will to because she wants a woman winning. Matt also thinks Cory will but Jag is unsure.
Matt says he’s not going to mention the minutemen in his final 2 speech but if he wins the final HOH he’s going to yell “F***Ing minutemen”
Jag isn’t going to mention minutemen in his final 2 speech either.
Jag – till the last minute. We made a packed that we will be sitting in the final 2 till the last minute so I’m sorry Bowie… Bro whoever is the one that wins the final HOH and evicts Bowie, Bowie will be so mad.
Matt – NO..
Jag – you don’t think so?
Matt – I don’t think she’ll be mad.. it’s like BRO she knows knows clearly .. she knows she has to win the next two..

11:48 am Bowie and Felicia
rahasing the season..

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Jag is going to backdoor Matt. Lol. Anyone who left jag in the game deserves to go home. ?


Did you just read the same summary I just did? Jag says he’s 99% voting Felicia out and Jag, Bowie and Matt deserve to be in the final three.

Paul Sucks

He may be tempted to do it but I think he knows it may turn the jury against him as it would show he has loyalty to nobody but himself. Plus if by some crazy fluke Fe could win the final HoH, there is no way she takes Jag. It is highly likely Matt would take Jag in the end.


It’s not a backdoor because Matt played in the POV. A back door is when a person does not compete in the POV, in this case it will be considered a Blindside


And Jag loves a blindside. Lol


I think he’ll keep Matt but I don’t think it matters. If he cuts him now everyone will be mad that he didn’t keep his word to him. Jag’s made it clear he’s taking Bowie to f2, so Matt is leaving either way.

Game fan

matt can win the final hoh…

Nether Region Euphemism

Why would everyone be mad that he made a game move? Group loyalty towards Matt? Is this actually a team sport, then?

Cory and America understand the game very well, and Cam is harboring no bitterness, as we saw in the jury segment.

So what, self-righteously hypocritical Fe? She despises BJ. Her vote goes to either Matt or Jag over BJ. Probably Cerie’s, as well. Besides the fact she has no respect for BJ, Matt betrayed Cerie, whereas Cerie never had a personal relationship with Jag. If Cerie were to vote personal, it would provide validation to give it to Jag for actually proving her right that Jag was the one that should have been long gone for both her AND Matt’s benefit.

Blue is naturally cold and cutthroat and will not worry about a blindside move against Matt; she’s friends with Jag and hates BJ.


Honestly, his only chance at winning is cutting Matt.

Sitting next to BJ. Jag will likely get the following jurors votes:
Blue, Matt, Fe & Cirie

Sitting next to Felisha, he will likely win votes from:
Cam, Matt, Blue, BJ, Cory & America

Sitting next to Matt, it’s likely he will get votes from:
Cam & BJ


Anyone Jag takes deserves to win.


I agree not feeling how they are treating Felicia and jag will back door Matt and be looked as the baddest player ever who did that to his good friend that saved him so terrible I am so disappointed in big brother they act like bullies.

Nether Region Euphemism

Would you have felt the same way if Cody had cut Derrick and taken Victoria to F2? Being it was considered the stupidest F2 move ever by a player to actually NOT do that?

And I will never consider Cody a good player bc of his poor choice and how he was actually carried all season, despite his win in All-Stars where he had a lot of privilege.

Spot ON

“Jag – me and you have to make it to the final HOH.
Bowie – AHH the final HOH yeah yeah
Jag – if one of us makes it to the final HOH both of us are there
Bowie – YEAH YEAH”
SOOOOOO SICK of this BRAINLESS floater being in the house this late in the “game”.
The redeeming grace is that ALL will be OVER in less than 10 days.

SOOOOOO sick AND tired of BFJ saying “yeah yeah” to everything only because she/he/IT lacks character and principles to make decisions on her own.

CAM, MATT, CORY, JAG, ICKY, JARED, etc, and any other of the horny dogs in that “house” failed to take note of BFJ’s apparent frailties in character and principles in time to recognized all they had to do and say was:

I’D LIKE TO STICK MY _____ IN YOUR _______.


The last part wasn’t needed smh but I agree with you overall.

Spot ON

And I respect your opinion.

Carlito's Way

Jag is definitely going to “cook” Matt. He is using the excuse that Matt talked to Cirie about getting Jag out eventually. Jag sucks.


I believe he will also. Jag has loyalty to NO ONE. He got Cory out (he used Cam), he got Cam out (he used Bowie), he got Cirie out (he used Matt). So getting Matt out, will not matter to him.


I feel bad for Matt if Jag evicts him because Matt saved him in that dumb twist. I don’t see Jag winning the game. I think that Jag has very poor Jury Management and I would not be surprised if he has a Bitter Jury. If obvious that he didn’t watch Paul in BB19&18


Spot on

Nether Region Euphemism

I don’t see any reason to feel badly for Matt. It’s part of good game play to choose a weaker play for F2.

Jag and Paul are very different. Paul was inherently vile and obnoxious. Jag is a funny and likable guy; even though he got irritating in recent weeks, most of that is what we see as viewers vs what the house has experienced.

Jag’s problem early in the game is that he associated too heavily with trying to save Reilly, and then both Cory and Matt were making comments that made Jag seem untrustworthy to the Cerie group.

America and Cory have a good social connection with Jag, and would respect him if he can make a case for his game play. They would be impressed if he stepped up to take out Matt.

Cam seems to still favor Jag and BJ. He’s not bitter. If Jag wins F2, I think Cam would give him the win over BJ.

Fe will never vote for BJ, and Cerie would probably also be an anti-BJ vote.

Blue had a strong bond with Jag, and will almost certainly vote for him over BJ, whom she has no regard for.

None of that is comparable to Paul, at all.


I don’t feel bad for Matt if Jag does cut him now (little chance) or in the F3 (either by doing it himself or throwing the final HOH to Bowie so she does it; there is a big chance that happens).

Matt saved Jag but let’s not get it twisted he did it because he needed a strong ally. It was the best damn investment anyone could have got in the game too. It wasn’t like Matt needed the power to save himself and it was going to expire anyways.

Since Matt saved Jag, Jag saved Matt SO many weeks after that too when you think about it.

He never was going to let Matt go home the weeks he won Veto and because they never were both put on the block at the same time. That means Matt and Jag were safe 7 evictions from Jag’s Veto wins alone. That doesn’t count Matt’s own Veto wins (2) and both of their combined 3 HOH reigns (Jag had 2). To be fair three evictions overlap with HOH/Veto wins from a combo of Jag/Matt.

So yeah saving Jag was the best investment and it paid off because Matt seems to be getting third place at worst because of his relationship with Jag.

Had Matt not saved Jag when he did and he went home that week when he should have since it was a 10-0 vote…I have serious doubts that Matt would have got to the final 3.

Jag leaving Week 4 changes everything since after that point he won 2 HOHs and 5 Vetos. Matt and later on Bowie were the biggest benefactors to Jag sticking around so again I don’t feel sorry at all for Matt if that decision ultimately costs him the game. I really want Matt to get Neda’d by Jag but we’ll see if he can be that savage. Matt better win that final HOH to ensure he at least gets 2nd place. That’s all on him.


I donated Simon and Dawg




About the only thing that could salvage this last part of the season is if BJ manages to win final HOH. I think both Matt & BJ have sort of resigned themselves to Jag winning final HOH and right now are both trying to make their case to him for taking them to final 2. (i.e. BJ seems to be talking a little more about not having jury votes) Wouldn’t it be funny if BJ pulls out the win and both Matt & Jag have about two minutes to scramble and convince her to take them? If that was the case I think she would take Matt b/c she knows she has at least a chance against him. Will it happen…probably not good odds, but it would certainly shake a lot of things up if she did.

Deborah Diemer

Jag needs to remember the only reason he’s in this fame is that Matt saved him

Spot ON

“Jag – yeah, either way it’ll be a tough decision no matter what.
Jag – if I win that final HOH and evict him it’ll be tough. He is my friend and I do care about him. No matter what it’s a real tough thing to do or say.”
The NIGHT OF THE LONG KNIVES comes to the unsuspecting with a hidden Kirpan in the towel wrapped around the head.


A person on Twitter (X) theorized Jag is going to evict Matt. Bowie will win the Final HOH. Bowie evicts Jag and takes Felicia to the F2. The person stated Felicia will win the game! Remember on Thursday’s DR , Felicia said she will sit in the Final 2 chair and win Big Brother!! Really excited about Sunday and Thursday!!

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I am so sick of hearing Bowie’s “Yeah Yeah”. She adds nothing to the conversation, but Yeah, Yeah. She’s in her mid 40’s, can she actually hold an Intelligent conversation, and stop saying yeah, yeah.

I cracked up when she told Jag, Nobody can convince me to do anything.

Yeah Yeah Bowie, that’s why during your 1st HOH you said you could not put Cam on the block. Jag really was pushing you to do that, you said that was not fair, Cam never put you up. So you told Jag, you can’t put Cam up.

Jag kept planting seeds, telling you Cam was talking crap behind your back, saying he is not faithful to you, you never approached Cam, never mentioned that you were hearing he is talking crap about you. Bowie listened to Jag, Bowie put Cam up.

Bowie stop lying, you can be convinced, you can be manipulated, you can be played, you will do anything to feel that you belong, because you are a weak ass FLOATER. If you had personality, and were able to hold a conversation, not just say yeah, yeah, you would have experienced a completely different experience in the BB house.

Bowie has zero personality, if you remember when she teamed up with Jag & Matt, she kept pushing and pushing for them to have an alliance name. She was so hungry for just having a name for her 3rd place spot in the alliance with Jag & Matt.

Now in Bowie’s defense, I’ll give her credit for following the power, sucking up to Jag, kissing his ass, etc… she moved Matt to 3rd place, Jag is #1, Bowie is #2, Matt #3. But let’s be fair, it was not too hard to get Jag to turn against Matt, Jag’s a coward, and he knows Matt had better relationships with most of the people in Jury. So Yeah will dump Matt.

Spot ON

“Bowie stop lying, you can be convinced… manipulated… played, you will do anything to feel that you belong, because you are a weak ass FLOATER”
SOUNDS LIKE MY SENTIMENTS outlined elsewhere… hummm


Mee too!


hate horseface

Spot ON

Yeah Yeah.


Can i ask why? Shes insufferable

East Coaster

I’m with ya Simon. Out of the 4 left. I’d rather Bowie win at this point.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Listening to Jag & Bowie’s conversation, well Jag’s conversation with Bowie, all Bowie did was listen and every now and then, insert “Yeah Yeah”. I knew that it wouldn’t be long before Jag started with the comments about how he has carried Matt, protected Matt, kept Matt safe, blah, blah, blah.

Jag is a wimp, he can’t just own his game, Dude this is BB. You are playing for 750k, you have known Matt for 93 – 100 days, no excuses. Win the 750k, after you are out of the house, you can work on rebuilding your friendship with Matt.

Let’s be honest, what’s more important, winning money that will be a life changing experience, improving your financial well being. You may have lied, back stabbed a few people, I’m sure the other houseguests have done the same thing, this is Big Brother.

Jag has gone a little too far with shit talking people who have been his targets, in BB you don’t have to bully, alienate people when they are on the block, you don’t have to stay up in the HOH talking shit about people, to justify your actions, and make your self feel better.

Jag goes on, and on, about how he had to play for his life, and at the same time keep Matt safe, how Matt has been riding his coattails, Matt does not perform well under pressure. All of that is true, Jag forgets he was no comp beast when Hisam, Jared & Cam were in the house. Jag started winning when he played against weaker competitors, 52, 63 & 45 year old women.

Jag leaves out the part because of Matt, Jag is still in the house. Matt saved Jag, Jag is closer to winning 750k because of Matt. Matt will get over Jag evicting him, the average person would do the same thing, with this economy, 750k will make a big difference in your life.

Jag needs to own the moves he made to advance himself closer to winning 750k. You just met these people 93 – 100 days ago, you don’t owe them anything, just be man enough and own what you’ve done, how you played the game, everyone was here to win 750k or 75k.

Everyone signed up to have the opportunity to win BB, it’s a game, play your butt off, so you can walk out that door richer, than when you entered the house.



At the end of the day every player should understand that everyone came to win the game to win the money for THEIR family not some other person’s family.

Sorry not sorry.

If they can forgive then cool if not no biggie they knew them for less than 100 days. The world goes on.

Spot ON

“At the end of the day every player should understand that everyone came to win the game to win the money”
THEY DO, and that’s where the HYPOCRISY lies in EVERYTHING they say to each other.

Nether Region Euphemism

A F2 blindside of Jag by BJ would be super fun, but it’s still unlikely she would win even with such a bold move.

In terms of the win going to the lesser of 3 evils.

I can’t stomach Matt winning, bc it emboldens his male privileged jock mentality. I know he’s deaf, and I’m trying not to be ableist. It surely creates barrier for him socially and even just navigating life independently to take care of his business, which is likely why he seems to have been infantilized by his family.

But in terms of his occupation, being a top tier athlete, he’s completely an entitled bro. That DR where he said he didn’t come there for the silver……no. I can’t bear to have him win, it would trigger vomiting.

Jag has his flaws but I do like him much more as a person compared to Matt. He is funny and likable, although obviously his self-righteous side really escalated in jury phase. But ok, we all have our crappier sides, I can deal with that part of him if I consider his overall personality.

BJ is a mixed bag. In some ways I want her to lose bc of all that crap talking she’s done in recent weeks. I can understand why she can’t let go of the Cerie Fe thing, they really did ostracize and gaslight her quite deeply in the game. But she’s gone too far. Even so, I don’t find her unbearable, just not very strong in her sense of self.

So my preference is a Jag/BJ F2, with a Jag win. But I’d laugh really hard if BJ won.

Nether Region Euphemism

I forgot to add about Fe. I was rooting for her to create some chaos in the F3 plans of Jatt and BJ.

But at this point, she may as well go, bc she got what she deserves.

It was fun watching her, but ultimately she’s very much a mean ‘girl’.

She shot herself in the foot with that nastiness towards BJ, acting so superior along with Cerie.


Thank God Matt saved Jag so Jag could “protect” Matt the whole rest of the game. Ugh! Someone needs to humble him a bit.


Should we say that Cirie saved Jag?

Just The Truth

dont do it jag.. fe or bowie winning this season would be disturbing. do not increase those odds..

un autre nom

Jag. loyal talk.
f2 blue f2 matt f2 bowie. f3 ma, bl. f3 ma, ci f3 co,am f3 ma, ca, f3 ma, bo f4 bo, ma, ci f4 ma, ci, fe f4 ma, co, am f4 ca, ma, bo….**
PLUS his final 5 and 6 deals.
LOYALTY? final deals haven’t been taken seriously since at least 17, but jurors have to be calling out FINAL deal backstabs. That’s not bitter per se, that’s requiring game ownership. THE SHOW EDIT DENIES THE EXISTENCE OF MOST OF THESE DEALS.
I hate that.

** bold are the jurors he loyally backstabbed without ownership.
Did he play a B- game? yeah. Without game ownership what is his grade?


They can play pictionary – they are looking for something to do? I wont miss that cackle.


Jag and Bowie talking about how they can’t believe a word of Fe’s constant lies, yet they pull out certain things she said, somehow not lies anymore, to justify Jag ousting Matt.


Jag has solidified a F2 with everyone. He must now chose which F2 will benefit HIS game

If he evicts Fe and takes Matt, Matt will chose him over BJ for F2

If he evicts Matt and takes Fe, Fe will chose him over BJ for F2

and of course BJ will chose Jag over Matt or Fe for F2

ATP, it all boils down to who he feels best sitting next to.