Felicia – “I have not lied in this game” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Felicia & Matt
POV Players: everyone
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony: Doesn’t matter
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation:

12:00 pm Jag and Matt
Talking about how awesome the minutemen are
Jag – I’m thinking my kids are going to watch this. My grandkids are going to watch this.
Matt – that is something weird to think about
Jag – every single decision you make is forever. For me personally some things are more important to me than the money.
Matt – the money is a BIG thing.
Jag says he wouldn’t want his kids to watch this and see him as a villain. “Dad why did you switch up at the end? just for money? so it’s okay to.. ”
Matt says Felicia would backstab anyone, “Just to get a candy she’ll backstab”
Matt – that is such an important characteristic for me is Greed.. not being greedy. Being greedy is such a ICK for me.. like red flag. Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins.

Bowie joins them “I had a talk with Felicia”
Bowie – just about what has happened through the whole game. She telling me everything that has happened.
Matt – why is she telling you everything?
Bowie – I’m in the three… everything all the conversations. Cirie was making this move Cirie was making that move.
Bowie goes on to rehash some of the things Felicia told her. Sounds like pre REd being evicted there was a plat to put MEME and Bowie up. (Riffenting)
Feeds cut when we’re back Felicia is with them rehashing stuff from 2 months ago.

1:04 pm Bowie and Felicia
They continue to rehash the season cause why not.
Felicia – I have not lied in this game
Felicia – My instinct has been right..

1:20 pm …..

2:10 pm Matt, Bowie and Jag
Season rehash.

2:20 pm Bowie and Jag
Bowie says that finding out how good of a game Cieri was playing too them a long time.
Jag doesn’t fully agree says Cirie was never a threat in the late game, if she was a threat they would have gotten rid of her earlier.
Bowie brings up Felicia telling her she’s been feeding Jag information for the last couple weeks.
Jag – yeah the same information I fed Y’all
They laugh.
Bowie – She said ‘Somehow I have to find a way to be in the final three’
Jag – did she say what her way was?
Bowie – she said she told you some stuff
Jag – HUH
Bowie – she said she always tells the truth
Jag – that’s a LIE
Bowie Chuckles
Jag – she was in every alliance in the house and would lie about which alliance she was in or not and she says she never lied.
Bowie – SHe keeps forgetting who was in the alliance. She said that MEME wasn’t in Legend 25. I said YES she was
Jag – of all things I don’t know why she says she never lied. She’s been caught lying.. come up with a different thing about how you played the game.
Bowie – don’t say that
Jag – don’t be like I never lied.
Bowie – She keeps saying she’s played a honest game. the whole premise of being in multiple alliance is not honest.
Jag says every time she says “I’ve never lied” it’s just another lie.
Jag – the fact that she’s prepping her final 2 speech
Bowie – OHH My god
Jag – she expects she’s going to make it to final 3. Once she does she’s locked into a final 2.
Jag says there’s not a chance he’s taking Felicia to the final 2.

2:49 pm A couple feed cuts.. Matt is packing his things. Felicia is still playing solitaire.

3:00 pm We’re just chilling with grab another bottle Bowie.

3:33 pm Taking Pictures


5:20 pm Jag and Bowie
Jag – every decision is a big decision
Jag is talking about how he never talked about getting Matt out.
Jag – If we do our best and hope it’s me and you in the final comp and BAM we’re sitting next to each other. Perfect it all worked out. Umm… Another part of me is like well if at the final comp we’re going to evict him anyways what difference does it make that we’re evicting him now vs later. I feel like Am I just being a coward cause I want you to have to make that decision.. I’m just stalling it. If you win it I’m being a coward because I want you to (Evict Matt)
Jag wonders if it’s better they evict Matt at final 3 or tomorrow.
Jag goes on about keeping Matt adds a lot of risk to them in the final competition.
Jag – do I step up and do what needs to be done now?
(Starting to sound like Jag is wanting to get rid of Matt)

5:54 pm Jag and Matt
talking about how Every single week Felicia would want Matt and jag up. They bring up during the invisible HOH Felicia publicly said they should put up Matt/Jag.
matt – she said Why didn’t you put them up? This is not the point of the game. You’re supposed to take out a target.
Jag – yeah
Matt – take out the power.. I was like DUDE
Jag – STop
Matt – we’re just suppose to let you go to the end?

6:40 pm bumper pool
Matt says he misses his friends a lot. He misses training and getting back in Shape. He misses Reilly and his family.

6:50 pm Dinner time.
Bowie – Day 95
Jag- 95 is wild
Felicia – 95 is stupid


7:00 pm Felicia tells Matt, Jag and Bowie Childhood church stories. She shifts gears and starts talking about her fake teeth. She lets them know she has a spare.
Bowie mentions the time Felica had a chicken leg in her pocket.
They all laugh.
Felicia says it was stuck in there from the day before.

7:14 pm …..

7:30 pm Cleaning up

7:40pm HOH room – Matt, Jag and Bowie are taking photos of themselves.

8pm – 8:47pm Matt, Jag and Bowie are playing card games. They ration out the wine they have left. Meanwhile Felicia is playing solitaire.

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Queen Catia

Her instincts may have been right but she has lied. She conveniently stretches the truth to serve her own individual game. I’m not blaming her for that because, as far as I’m concerned, Jag, Matt, and Bowie have lied so much that I don’t even think the three of them know the truth anymore whereas this game is concerned…

Nether Region Euphemism

I think Matt felt so hard for Reilly bc she was the first one to take him under her wing so he could keep up with the game. Given his disability, he’s always at disadvantage and prone to feel isolated and/or alienated at times in new social settings. Going into BB must have carried a lot of unease for him that is very different from that of a typical HG.

From there it conflated bc the BB house tends to magnify situations and feelings. Reilly was his savior, compared to pretty girls in the past that may have shunned him upon finding out he’s deaf.

It seems that overprotection from his family has stunted his emotional growth, where he is very vulnerable to falling for the first pretty girl that feels like a caretaker to him who can help bridge the barriers.

un autre nom

or… he’s a douche, saw her in a bikini and wanted to nail her.
Remember Mattism 1 from week 2: blondes are for a good time, you marry brunettes.

Nether Region Euphemism

In that case he wouldn’t have fallen in puppy love with her. He can find plenty of hot girls to roll around with. But not so easily find someone that meets his need to be taken care of. I’m not saying she’ll meet that criterion long term, but her behavior towards him in the house has him believing it.

un autre nom

he’s used Reilly. Her leaving week 2 got him house sympathy.
Bringing her up during the game? justified being a douche to others,
I contend that’s his natural state and nice guy act is the show he puts on for mommy.
Bringing Reilly up now? He’s playing the angles. Sympathy, fanbase support, future calls for other shows, follower increase / support for this year’s old hollywood style contracted mance that keeps fan involvement until 8 weeks before press begins for the next season. He’s angling.

Nether Region Euphemism

See my response to Spot On.

un autre nom

really? I get a ‘see my response to’ someone else?
If your take on Matt is goodness and light while ignoring his flaws, or putting his flaws on his parents, go for it… but I’m not ignroing his asshole tendencies, and think he owns them. We disagree. No biggie, we can both analyze his character and behavior and come to different conclusions.

Spot ON

“But not so easily find someone that meets his need to be taken care of”

Nether Region Euphemism

Some viewers are here to trash HGs, others to imagine conspiracies or assume all behaviors are motivated by desire for social status post-game.

It’s a social experiment, where you can gather interesting psychological profiles on the HGs.

If you have good insight and observation skills, it’s very helpful in real life to understand what is actually driving behaviors. I’m very good at it, and it has helped me often in dealing with others. People also come to me for insight of personal relationships.

Spot ON

“or… he’s a douche, saw her in a bikini and wanted to nail her.”
Perhaps it’s more likely than not that MATT is a “douche”.

And I am assuming that the term is being used by you in “slang” fashion.

Such usage is defined as: “A douche is a type of hygiene product women use to clean their vaginas.”. The variance is, of course, a “douchebag”. There is, apparently, significant interplay between the two terms, and one would have to utilize their own imagination to understand the interaction between the terms.

So now I’m wondering about the ramifications of the second half of the statement, to wit: “saw her in a bikini and wanted to nail her”.

The text is not clear as to the size, shank length, diameter and gauge of the “nail”. It needs clarification.


I can’t believe you jumped to the assumption that his family stunted his emotional growth. Goodness gracious. Can’t the guy just have a big soft heart?

Nether Region Euphemism

It’s not assumption, it’s weeks of observations. He’s very immature. But hey, feel free to jump to conclusions about my thought process……..derp……


You make it rather easy tbh, this after weeks of chat observations.

Nether Region Euphemism

You’re not making sense.


Nah, she was hawt and was a competitor. That’s all.


I agree with most of your post and think it is well-written. However, why do you think that he has been overprotected by his family, and then imply that it has stunted his emotional growth? I think that is a stretch and not fair to Matt or his family.

Nether Region Euphemism

From observation I see that he’s very immature and childish. Did you notice how he was rolling his eyes when uncomfortable with Jag’s pitch to take out Cerie? That’s just one small example, there is much more in ongoing interpretation which is no different than getting to know someone over time.

It’s not a far leap to theorize that he was overprotected due to his disability. It’s not an easy balance for a family; I know bc one of my children has needed a lot of support into early adulthood. But having awareness of eventually removing the scaffolding, is key.

If not, it’s actually horrifying to think of why he is the way he is, bc all I see then is an entitled privileged male jock.

I’m giving him grace by saying it was overprotection, rather than coddling.


I don’t know if his parents are overprotective but I have friends who have children with disabilities and it’s hard not to be extra supportive when you know they face challenges that other kids may not. The thing that bothers me about Matt is he’s overly obsessed with a girl he’s known less than 2 weeks. The shrine, the pumpkin and the way he acts like they’ll be this super couple and get married. I hope he’s not setting himself up for a heartbreak. I was disappointed with the vulgar names he called America. The only reason he seemed to dislike her is because she was in a showmance. His jealousy is unbecoming. Plus the rudeness to those who cooked and cleaned for him the entire season was low. I kept giving him a pass because he is young but he’s old enough to have manners. It’ll be interesting to see how they’ll act when the show is over. The feeds cast them in a different light than the show.

Nether Region Euphemism

That’s what I’m saying, and I’m very familiar as well with the tendency of some families to overprotect children with disabilities into adulthood to the point where appropriate goals for independence and emotional functioning are not likely to be achieved unless something shifts in the dynamic.


I agree. I think he’s viewed (by us) and treated by others (HGs) somewhat more gently due to his disability. He does seem immature for his age, but maybe people are reluctant to say this.

Nether Region Euphemism

My eldest daughter who is 31, joked that he’s an infant upon observing his eye rolling. It’s not how mature people in that age group behave.


Yes, Matt Tate has been coddled ny mommy and needs to get therapy.

un autre nom

Mega-shrine out of Kraken bottles and free weights with candles?


count me out.


I’ll bring the poison


I am tired of hearing them talking about lies. What is it they think they did when they evicted each person. lol.. They have all lied.


Lying is only bad when it is done to them and if they lie to anyone it is fair game…

Oh and if they are in 5 alliances that is perfectly acceptable but if someone else does that then they are a shifty player and must go.

It is so ridiculous.


Agreed. She’s completely lying about not lying.

Spot ON


un autre nom

Why Bowie’s perception of the Izzy flip is not what people idealize.
Both perceptions are correct.
America. Wouldn’t take Cory’s ‘no’ as the final answer.
It was America that went to Bowie, Jag and Cameron to put out the lay of the land because she wanted the flip.
Separately, Cory decided to flip after that. He went out and strategy-spoke those same people that had already been emotionally engaged by America.
That’s why Bowie thinks Cory was last to flip. In a way, he was, because America had already been pushing flip for 48 hours.
America was the power behind the flip, but Cory drove it home.

Nether Region Euphemism

If it’s F2 Jag vs Matt, it can still go either way.

Fe and Cerie vote for Matt
BJ votes for Jag
Cam votes for Jag, he already expressed respect for how much he turned his game around post-jury
Blue votes Jag, she was always close to him
It’s up to America and Cory. Cory seems to be favoring Matt thus far, but once he hears from Cerie about Jag getting her out on Matt’s HOH, he might change his mind. It depends on Jag’s speech, if he can own it.
I think America is open to either of the two, as well, but she’s definitely more bonded with Jag.

I think it leans Jag’s way, but not definite.


agree. it will come down to how they pitch it. jag needs to emphasize that everything he did was a game move and there were no hard feelings intended, while matt has the opposite problem of defining what decisions he made prioritizing furthering his game rather than sparing feelings. i think jag has the tougher sell, but i also think he’s the better speaker.

i think bj/blue/cam voting jag and cirie/felicia voting matt makes sense so that leaves america and cory in the swing position. do they vote as a bloc or are they willing to split votes? does america convince cory to vote matt or does cory convince america to vote jag? i kinda feel they’ll go into the finale with their minds not made up and reliant on jag and matt’s respective pitches with a mutual understanding that they’re okay with not voting the same way (though in reality cory’s way more willing to flip to vote with america than america is willing to flip to vote with cory).

Spot ON

TOO DEEP of an analysis for what it is….lol….

IT COMES DOWN MORE TO whether he/she/IT (gotta keep BOWIE as a possible F2) “lied” to me more than the other; whether he/she/IT help the mummas cook fried chicken dinners 6 days a week; whether he/she/IT washed their hands prior to helping the mummas make potato salad; whether he/she/IT will share some of the loot with me later; ETC.


I hope Jag shows good character and takes Matt. Matt would never throw him under the bus. We will see how upstanding he is.

Spot ON

“I hope Jag shows good character and takes Matt”
Are you serious?

Carlito's Way

He is not going to, but it’s especially awful because yesterday Jag was very reassuring to Matt telling him they are definitely final two, emphasizing that loyalty means more than the money; he wants to make his kids proud someday when they watch him, blah blah blah. He went on an on with the BS. Sick. Then after, every time I checked, he was waffling and saying can’t take Matt. Even Bowie said it’s pretty awful not to take him. Jag planned this all along. He deliberately lost the HOH to Bowie so the weasel did not have to put Matt up. Now it’s just too close and he knows that everyone is going to think he’s awful by cutting Matt, so he is scared but will do it. Money, honey.

Carlito's Way

Jag is getting rid of Matt. What a creep.


Yep! Why take him out now when Jag has set him up to be taken by BJ and Matt. And if BJ votes Matt out, he gets his vote. Take him out now, he loses Matt’s vote.


I don’t like it either, but it is BB, where lying and backstabbing gets you $750k. And they didn’t even know each other 100 days ago, when they all came to win.

I hope he f’s around and finds out. If he cuts Matt, I really hope that somehow Jag becomes the final juror. Imagine Bowie and Felicia as F2! LOL

Spot ON

” Imagine Bowie and Felicia as F2! LOL”

FE: “I never done lying to any y’all, so vote for me cause I need that dough”.

BFJ: “I don’t care for the money, but I’ll take it. yeah, yeah. YEAH YEAH.”

Spot ON

“What a creep”
Why would the move make JAG a “creep”? JAG, like the rest of the clueless hamsters, came into this pathetic show with the intent to pocket 750k; JAG is merely making a move towards that end.

Carlito's Way

The way he is doing it makes him a creep.

un autre nom

Should Jag take out Matt?
Yes, but will he?

Matt said to Bowie yesterday that Jag beats them both.
Bowie didn’t mind because it sounded like either guy would take her final 2.
Reality, if she won final HOH they were both jockeying for position.

Reality: Matt would 85% take Jag.

Conjecture: Matt has more jury votes if speech and debate has his way in jury, especially if he’s gotten America to agree, because America speaks Cam language. It takes a couple hours, but after a couple of hours Cam believes it was his idea all along.
That’s how it worked. Repeatedly.

Should Jag evict Matt?
HOH part one chance is 100% Jag’s if he’s against Felicia / Bowie.
It’s not guaranteed with Matt if they throw in a ball pit.

Will Jag evict Matt? 60% right now, imo. Depends on if he can convince himself it’s heroically justified by taking out Matt before Matt takes him out.
Nobody in jury respects Fe or Bowie. Chances they reward either? Lower than Matt.

Not really giving a shit anymore. Just saying.

un autre nom

Anyone that said Cody was stupid for taking Porkchop in Season 16, but wants Jag to keep Matt…. do some inventory, cus that’s the math that doesn’t math.

Who Cares

Jag should get rid of Matt, He is trying to justify getting rid of Matt by finding faults with him. He should just own the fact that it is best for his game to get rid of Matt.

I am tired of the remaining cast, they are hard to watch. I wish they could all lose.

un autre nom

I was tired of the cast as of Zombie week… that’s 5 or 6 weeks ago.
For 10 minutes all my nopes were gone. It was bliss. Then Grod sucked all the joy away… as she does…. spiral-permed asshole.
Try popping popcorn, pointing and laughing as each juror is evicted. It helps.
If that’s not enough, rewatch the week 4 eviction, but push stop before the scrambleverse message drops. point and laugh. Live happily in a parallel dimension where a final 3 member was evicted, regardless of circumstance.
If that doesn’t work, chug a libation every time Matt says, Reilly. Okay, you’ll be alcohol poisoned like Bowie at Oktoberfest…. don’t do that. Imagine Bowie at Oktoberfest, trying to hide and ration the kegs… oy.

Spot ON

“I am tired of the remaining cast, they are hard to watch. I wish they could all lose”
Actually, that’s not a bad suggestion; give the jury the option to say NYET to the F2.


I’m agreeing with you 100%, but it’s always, ALWAYS a tug between my heart and my head. I always want them to be loyal but loyalty doesn’t get you the win.
I always say I’d be loyal if I met someone worthy in the BB house and that finding that friendship is worth more than the money. Then I see the argument of only knowing them for less than 100 days and you came there to win that money for your family/and or to better your life.
In the house, your emotions are so strong and you are so vulnerable, I’m sure it clouds that argument a lot.
But….when you are as broke as I am, I think I’d have to take the life changing money for my family over someone who says we will be BFF’s but only talk a couple times a year at reality show events. Life just gets in the way, family is first, and five years down the road you will wish you had the cash.

un autre nom

While i understand the head/heart debate, i’m always going to say did a houseguest come to win, or come to be named miss congeniality?
The job/task is win the money, not give the money to someone you’ve known for 3 months.
Be cold, methodical and evil… and own it. That’s the job.

Just The Truth

ha that statement alone is a lie