Felicia – “I’ll be sick if Bowie Jane’s a$$ never hits the block. SICK..”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Matt
Nominees: Cirie & Felicia
POV Players: Everyone
POV Winner: JAG
Veto Ceremony: Veto was not used
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: Cirie is the target. Feeds are filled with past events this season, Studying and a tiny bit of sh1t talking.

2:30 pm Cirie and Felicia
Cirie – I wonder what would have happened if we kept Hisam
Felicia – I know right. I don’t think he would have put us on the block. Not up front. he would still be here. everything would have shifted for REAL.
Felicia – Jag and Matt they would be gone. he would have gotten rid of Cory and America early to
Cirie – he couldn’t stand cory
they laugh.
Felicia – I’ll be sick if Bowie Jane’s a$$ never hits the block. SICK.. (I’m getting sick of these two)
Cirie – whoever goes she gonna have to. There’s only one.. well ..
Felicia – she could win HOH
Cirie – ohh right.
Felicia – regardless she’ll have to put one of them up if she wins.
Felicia says “They” aren’t talking about a final 3 they are just talking about which one of them is going”
Cirie – mmmhmmm
Cirie – they already talked about that it’s a done deal.
Felicia says Jag is arrogant “He’s taking for granted he’s going to win.. he’s taking for granted that him or Bowie Jane will win”
Cirie – mmmhmmm
Felicia goes on about Jag making it obvious that he’s with Bowie Jane over Matt
Cirie – mmmhmmm
Felicia goes on about Bowie Jane being a follower “all the way”
Felicia mentions that Jag was following Bowie Jane to the bathroom at 2am in the morning to make sure she wasn’t going upstairs to talk to Matt.
Cirie – I’ve never seen people talk this much you can’t tell anyone NOTHING
Felicia – When we think she’s chasing Jag. Jag is chasing her. He’s afraid for her to have any alone time with Matt.

Feeds flip to Matt and Jag in the HOH room playing cards with candy
Jag – how are you feeling?
Matt says he’s nervous about how much Bowie is messing up when they study. Jag agrees says he’s going to have to win the HOH for them.
Matt – Felicia can’t win
Jag – when she was messing up I was like well it’s up to me now.
Matt – I’m nervous now
Jag – Jag we’ll win the veto
Matt – SMOKE momma FE in the final
Jag – yeah.. cook her a$$
Matt – she up against us two.
Matt – worst case scenario Momma FE, you and me you can easily convince MOMMA fe you will take her to the final
Matt – how does Bowie Feel?
Jag – good
Matt – she’s okay being three with us?
Jag – yeah, She’s mentioned that before and I feel bad.
Matt – it’s us three it’s a battle
Jag – she knows at this point it’s about winning.
Bowie joins them.

4:30 pm HOH crew playing cards. Occasionally they reminisce about past events this season
Feeds flip and cut throughout.

4:30 pm Mommas in the living room being sour about the events of the season.
Feeds flip and cut throughout.

4:43 pm Cirie and Felicia
Cirie talking about COry telling Izzy stuff about her and not thinking Izzy would come back and tell her.
Felicia – He’s stupid that’s just stupid
Cirie – mmhmm, Izzy is the only person that didn’t say anything about me.
Felicia – she didn’t I dont think
Cirie – her or Jared..
Felicia – mmmmhmmm
Cirie says America didn’t like Jared after the pressure cooker she said “ohh it would be them three. when we were out first.. ”
Felicia – HA, who were the first three?
Cirie – me, IZzy and Jared.
Cirie – Girl I wouldn’t stay out there for no 14 hours.. it was freezing.. I had my jacket.. Blue is some kinda different she didn’t have a jacket on. She had a TUBE top
Felicia -mmhmmmm
Cirie – I don’t know how she did that.
Cirie – I’m sure as hell not standing here for 14 hours.. I’m not standing here for 5 ma’am to get what? Absolutely nothing.. Cory he got a punishment
they laugh
Cirie – he stood there for 10 hours and got a punishment.
They start talking about Bowie and the feeds flip.


Felicia playing with her fake tooth during this conversation.

5:02 pm Bowie, Matt and jag studying
Bowie mentions how Felicia thought South America was below Europe “That is what she said” (LOL I remember that)
Bowie – North America and South America
Matt – wait did that confuse you?
Jag – she literally said where is a place you want to travel to and I said South America. She said now where is that. I said it’s south of North America. She was like is it under Europe.
Matt – you have 63 years to learn the continents
Bowie – I said I think you are thinking of Africa. It’s weird she’s travelled a lot
Matt – she’s military
They go back to studying.

5:25 pm Felicia and Cirie studying in the comic room.

6:17 pm Matt, Jag and Bowie
Playing cards, Studying and talking about Felicia hoarding snacks.
Matt – I know Felicia Hoards.. remember the baskets?
Matt – jared just grabbed the bag and poured a whole bunch out. They just grabbed the bag. Jared was nice instead of taking the bag.
Bowie – That’s true every time there’s an HOH basket they come and pick their stuff.
matt – they always take it.
Bowie – Yeah, they didn’t do that to me.

6:30 pm Matt, Jag and Bowie joking around that Cory had 3 testicles.

6:34 pm Matt and Bowie end their poker game it took 6 hours. The game isn’t over yet.
Jag says he’s dressed up as a vampire.

6:41 pm Bowie, Jag and Matt
Bowie – Cirie just asked me if she has my vote. I said I don’t think I can say. She said yes you can. I don’t think I can. I said it’s the same. She said what does that mean. I said it’s the same. then I hugged her and she said OKAY.
Matt – I’ll ask her later.
Bowie goes on about not being allowed to tell people who they are voting for “it gives away the whole game”
Matt – keeps them on their toes. For entertainment reasons.

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no mo bro o sho ho yo

OMG I hate these people. Every last one of them. Maybe we’ll get lucky and an asteroid will hit the house.

Another Dixie

They’re in California. I’m hoping for an earthquake,

Cam Fav HG

I think it’s been funny listening to Cirie & Felicia reminiscing about various events & conversations of the season. It’s helping give them clarity & the what ifs have been interesting. It’s obvious that Cirie pretty much believes it will be her evicted to the jury house tomorrow. She’s ready to get the hell out of the BB25 house. Now it’s up to Felicia to try and break-up Jatt & fBj to change the trajectory of the f3.
Has there ever been a winner of Big Brother who was never a nominee the entire season?
Cannot wait to see Cam & the rest of the HG’s in the jury house tomorrow night.

The Beef

Derrick went the entire season without hitting the block, until he lost the F3 HOH to Cody. I’m not sure if that’s even considered being on the block, but I guess it is since Victoria went to jury when Cody picked Derrick to go to F2 with him.

Still a major accomplishment to go pretty much the entire season without being nominated for eviction. There may be others, but if there are I’m not aware of them.

Derrick never won a single veto that season either, and it looks like he “won” 3 HOH’s, but that season had the “Battle of the Block” comps where someone could dethrone the HOH, and he lost one and gained one through that deal, but it looks like his total was 3.


I believe that Derrick was never nominated.


Also, Cody in his second season was never nominated.

Mean Jean

The three stooges think the Mama’s should not be studying they should be thinking about cooking dinner.. I’m done with the arrogance.


Bowie mentions how Felicia thought South America was below Europe. “That is what she said.
Matt – “Wait did that confuse you?”
Jag – “She literally said where is a place you want to travel to and I said South America. She said now where is that. I said it’s south of North America. She was like is it under Europe?”
Matt – “You have 63 years to learn the continents.”
Bowie – “I said I think you are thinking of Africa. It’s weird she’s traveled a lot.”
Matt – “She’s military.”

I can’t with them dragging this stupid old lady.

It is appalling how bad so many people are at elementary geography so I guess I’m not surprised…