JAG WON The VETO! He decides who’s evicted / who the 3rd member of the final 3 is!

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Bowie
Nominees: Felicia & Matt
POV Players: everyone
POV Winner: Jag
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: No more havenots

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation: As the veto holder Jag decides who is evicted, Matt or Felicia. The remaining person will be the 3rd member of the final 3.

JAG won the veto!

Surprise, Surprise! Now Jag gets to decide who is evicted and who the third person in the final three will be with him and Bowie. Will he stay loyal to Matt and evict Felicia or will he evict Matt and keep Felicia?

Jag to Matt – We can celebrate whenever!

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Poor Michael lost his Veto record one season later…

Gan ainm

Does it really count when most of the season was a competition to throw competitions and then you beat relatively comparative weak competitors?


That’s exactly what I’m saying. He beat all the floaters/weak competitors, even a 63 year old he drag along ( Elder abuse). He took out all the competitors.The previous Veto holder had competition. I wouldn’t brag if I was Jag.

Spot ON

OSB elder abuser?

Just The Truth

winning it winning. and excuses are excuses.

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Yea Jag has won Veto, HOH, $5,000.

But when it comes to breaking the current Veto Record, I don’t give that to Jag. Jag has been playing against 2 Senior Citizens, a Naive dumb Olympic Swimmer, a woman who’s so desperate to feel like she fits in, and ran behind her idol Jag.

Jag winning so many competitions, I really do not consider Jag a Comp Beast. Jag did not do as well when he had Cam or Jared in the house, so that shows you that Jag is not really a Comp Beast when he actually has competition, people who are just as physically fit, and close to his age.

I’d love to see them bring Jag back, put him with some all stars like Michael, Janelle, Rachel, Dan etc… I bet Jag would be the little cowardly chicken he is, Jag would be running around kissing up to whoever has power, but with real competitors, that cramp would not work with BB All Star Players.

Jag would be out the door within the 2nd – 3rd week. Jag is a coward, he’s only tough when he is playing against 50 – 60 year old people, or wimps that follow him and praise him, do what he tells them to do.

Spot ON

“a woman who’s so desperate to feel like she fits in”
She’s not a “woman”; she seems herself ” nonbinary”. W T F T I ?!?!?!?

un autre nom

i wondered if that was by design. He didn’t ‘seem’ to be liked by production much near end of 24 or post. Sort of like how they don’t ‘seem’ to like Bowie much. There’s some hg’s tptb don’t want to own post appearance.


*Repost from earlier thread*

I saw this coming, that’s why I said this season was finished for me when Cirie was evicted. Felisha is not strong enough to win a physical veto, nor smart enough to win a mental one. I knew either Jag, Matt or BJ would win the veto, thus ending the season for me.

This season is a fail.

I don’t give a f*ck who wins. They are all pieces of Sh1t.

I will not tune in for the finale. I will not give CBS the ad revenue.

I will get my updates here and give the ad revenue to Simon and Dawg instead.


Simon and Dawg, get ready. The ad revenue will be in the thousands of dollars.

Nether Region Euphemism

Fe is extremely intelligent, but she’s also not in peak mental form at her age. I’d say she’s at least as smart as Jag, if not more.

She tied with BJ for that one mental comp, while all the smart kids fell off.

Spot ON

There is no “smarts” to evaluate in those comps. IT’S ALL LUCK-OF-THE-DRAW


Sigh.. I have been saying its not Cirie it was being fixed for, its Jag….


Totally agree! Fixed win again!


It’s not fixed for Jag. He was smart enough to let all the strong players go. His play got him to where he is. By the way, I’m not a Jag fan and hope he does not win, but it’s really not fair to say it’s rigged for him. He just had a bunch of puppets that hung on to his tail.

Spot ON

Can’t understand the “attractiveness” that the hamsters find in OSL. The guy is de facto gross-looking.

Jag's nose hairs

Really beginning to feel that way isn’t it? How many comps did he win that were individual timed? I guess the PC patrol decided it was time to have their first Sikh winner. Jag wouldn’t have been so bad if he had at least owned the fact that he is the villain. He did a fairly reasonable good job puppeteering all the idiots in the house to do exactly what he wanted them to do, and won the comps that he needed to, but there is something about his impending win that bothers me, and I can’t quite figure out why. Maybe it’s because he thinks he is some total comp beast after finally getting rid of Cam, and beating up on 60 somethings and mentally challenged house guests. I don’t know. In the beginning, I really liked him. However, as the season went on, I began to like him less and less until now I am to the point where I can’t stand the sight of him.


I think Jag will get rid of Mat because that is who he is. He thinks if he is final 2 with Matt he will lose. I don’t think he cares that if it weren’t for Matt saving him he wouldn’t even be there. If he does this to Matt I hope the jury doesn’t vote for him and he loses anyway.


The worst choice for a decent human being is the best choice for personal gameplay.

This is the premise of BB. A game that rewards the worst in people.

CBS execs deserve to rot in hell for presenting this trash as entertainment.

Grod is human excrement.


Then what does that say for people that watch it?


I just returned to BB this season after a seven year absence. I stopped watching for the same reasons I complain now. This game breeds toxicity. I returned to watching this season because I’m a survivor fan and I thought that maybe Cirie would bring some normality to the game. She always seemed so calm and reasonable.

I was wrong. Big Brother by it’s very nature is toxic. No one player can ever change that.

This show brings out the worst in people and rewards them for it. It is not in any way family friendly.

I feel like a lesser person for watching it.

I’m done with this trash disguised as entertainment.

I will not be watching this show again unless the formula is changed so the best person wins, not the worst.

Just The Truth

be happy you didnt watch the last 2. this season is amazing compared to 23 and 24

Team Hisam

Why? Because black players won? Seasons 15 – 22 was full of racists and bullying.

Just The Truth

no because they were set up to win. has nothing to do with the color of the skin. when its set up it is no longer a competition and may as well be a scripted film.


You are so not wrong. The first time I ever saw big brother, I was floored. I could not believe that they created a reality TV show where the “meanest” person would win. That you had to cut all your friends that you made to get to the very end. It did not sit well with me. I still have watched pretty much every season, but it’s still saddens me when I see people hurting others just to win the money. And you’re right, kids should not be watching this, it’s not family friendly. It would be so much better if the nicest person won. Because after 100 days, living together, your true personality comes out, so it’s hard to be nice all of the time, so it would still be a challenge, and it would be interesting to watch. Anyhow, I agree with you!

Spot ON

“Then what does that say for people that watch it?”
They are empowered critics and fact-finders.

Spot ON

“The worst choice for a decent human being is the best choice for personal gameplay”

NO. The worst choice for a decent human being is TO AGREE TO BE IN BB.




Absolutely! Couldn’t have said it better!


O agree, but 2nd place is still worth 50k right?


2nd is 75,000


I hope Jag stays loyal to Matt and the Minutemen. I think he will. (1) This is his chance to fully pay Matt back for saving him. (2) He should be the favorite anyhow, even against Matt, given his comp record. (3) If he turns on Matt now, there goes their chance to run together in Amazing Race.


I agree and believe Jag will remain loyal to the Minutemen.


Jag is in a no-win situation. If he cuts Matt, he won’t win because the jury will remember your reason #1, “Matt saved Jag.” If he doesn’t cut Matt, Matt will win because of the like-ability factor. Also, if Jag cuts Matt, does that mean Bowie is next?

The Beef

I think Jag feels he paid Matt back with the $5,000 he “gave” him via the Halloween luxury comp win. In fact the way Jag always needs to justify things, he may just use that as part of the reason or justification, along with the “I can’t beat you because I’ve got too much blood on my hands” excuse, to vote poor ol’ baby bird Matt out Sunday night, and send him to jury, along with all the other former Jag alliance members who are already there.


Comparing $5000 to, at the least, $75,000 is not a good one. Jag can say that as the rest roll their eyes.


AFP is 50,000 this year. last year it was 75,000.


Isn’t second place $75,000? I was referring to second place.


If jag is sitting next to anyone but Bowie he comes in second, the only way he wins is cut Matt and the Felicia. Otherwise Matt or fe win


Yeah but guys, unfortunately big brother is about being nasty to get yourself to the very end and win the whole thing. I remember one year on BB Canada,at the very end, Dane cut his best friend in the whole game (they had a final two) and honestly it broke my heart in two to see his best friend absolutely flabbergasted to be cut and not be taken to the final two chairs. It was so cutthroat. But even though Dane did that to his best friend, Dane ended up winning. The jury rewarded him for it. It’s the nature of this nasty game unfortunately. I still hate Dane for it if you can believe it, I couldn’t believe how cruel that was and I could feel the pain his best friend was feeling. Anyhow, my whole long point (sorry) is that Jag hast to cut Matt or Matt will win and I don’t think the jury will be mad at him for doing so.

Kelly Salterio

We all know that Bowie & Jag are part of the final 3. Even tho there has been promises of a final 3 & a final 2 deal but, the real question is who would have the best chances of winning Big Brother in the final 2. While there are 4 players now & knows that Jag holds the veto and the deciding vote to evict. Jag, & Bowie have won 3 HOH’s & I think that Matt have won a couple of HOH’s Jag won the most vetos & Felicia hasn’t won any HOH & Veto competitions. Jag wouldn’t be able to use the veto cause there are no other players to replace the nominees.

If they would play the honest game just to say they planned for the final 3 is to evict Felicia so Bowie, Jag , & Matt would be the final 3 but, it wouldn’t be the best position to win the game. Jag can eliminate Matt & Keep Felicia as part of the final 3 cause it’s all about who has the best chances to win the final HOH of the 3 players remaining.

If Jag evict Felicia, they fulfilled that promise in the final 3 but, we all don’t know who would win the 3 part HOH competition & the HOH decides on who to go against in the final 2

If Jag evicts Matt, Jag would have the best odds to win the HOH & be in the final 2 with a player of his choice to sit next to on finale night.
Felicia has never won any comps & Bowie won 3 HOH’s Sonja’s would have the best place to be in the final 2.

Best choice is Jag to evict Matt even tho they are truly devoted to each other all season and have the weaker players Felicia & Bowie be in the final 3.


Felicia won an HOH

Jag's nose hairs

I think if he votes to evict Matt, the Jury 100% turns on him for doing Matt dirty like that. I mean for God sakes, Jag would have been home two months ago if not for Matt. If he evicts Matt, he is the biggest asshole in the entire world. He should have let Bowie win the veto, and then convince her to evict Matt. He screwed himself by winning that veto if his plans are to dump Matt now.


unfortunately the game of big brother is like this. You reward the nastiest person. Jag has to cut Matt or Matt will win. Jag has no choice. Yes, Matt saved him all that long time ago, but Jag has dragged him along to the very end, and been very good to Matt. But now is the time for him to let go of Matt. Matt would do the exact same thing to Jag if the roles were reversed trust me. Matt’s been talking about it ,telling everyone that he knows he has to get rid of jag. Unfortunately, that’s what big brother is all about, it’s actually a very very unkind game, and it really bothers me to be honest, but like a Looky Loo staring at a bad car crash, I just can’t stop watching this show!! Haha

Jag's nose hairs

There have been plenty of final 2’s that stuck together until the end though, come what may. Jag couldn’t have gotten there without Matt, and Matt couldn’t have gotten there without Jag. Let the best man win. I fully expect Matt to take Jag if he wins the final HoH.

Spot ON

“Matt’s been talking about it ,telling everyone that he knows he has to get rid of jag.”
That’s where COJONES come into play, and where the is NO SACK, it’s difficult to find ANY cojones.

The Beef

I don’t think you understand how the veto works, especially in regards to if the HOH wins it.

If Bowie had won it, she STILL would NOT be able to vote!!!! All she could do would be determine who COULD vote and who would be sitting on the block. Since her and Jag already screwed Matt over by lying to him with that whole “pick a number between 1 and 100” deal, I highly doubt there would be any way if she had won it that she would change the nominations to take Matt down and put Jag up. Why would she after lying to him just to keep Jag off the block in the first place? It’s pretty clear she’s much more loyal to Jag than she is to Matt, but the point is, even if she had won, she STILL doesn’t vote.

I suspect Jag will vote Matt out Sunday night, but I’m not sure of that. I already feel Jag is in trouble with the jury, and if he backstabs Matt, to me, that’s the final nail in his coffin, and he has no chance to win. He may or may not be thinking of that, so that may or may not enter into his decision.

Frankly, at this point, I don’t give a damn who wins. I can’t stand any of them that are left.


Felicia won one HOH and Hisam was evicted

Cam Fav HG

Felicia is really working Jag to send Matt to the jury. Will it work? 😉

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Jag is not brave enough to send Matt out. Felicia is wasting her time.


Knowing that the Veto winner has all of the power, Bowie should have nominated Jag and Matt. It’s irrelevant, but it would have meant something to Mama Fe to not be nominated, again. Could have led to a jury vote for Bowie from Mama Fe. If Matt is evicted on Sunday, I hope he uses his time with the jury wisely.

Cam Fav HG

It would have meant something to fBj’s game. But she tanked her game when she didn’t evict Jag when she won HOH during the double eviction. She should have kept America. But fBj’s been letting Jag pull her strings. 🙁

Jag's nose hairs

I wish Big Brother would start casting people who can actually win things. Way to many seasons have I seen a small group different people steamroll everything. This season was by far the worst for it. At the bare minimum stop casting these people who have absolutely NO chance in hell of winning anything. Either that or make every competition a crap shot one. I think what bothers me most about it is the predictability of the outcomes, specifically when it gets closer to the end of the game. Probably the biggest cast of Morons I have seen in a long long time, especially Bowie MF Jane, with a vocabulary consisting of exactly one word. “Yeah” “Yeah” Puke.

senior Citizen

I like your crap shoot comp idea. Gives everyone an equal chance, reduces the possibility of throwing a comp. Might prevent an alliance from steamrolling their way thru the “game”. Players would need to have a more social game since one wouldn’t know who the next HOA might be. Could end the “vote with the house” crap.

Prodo should enforce some rules, i.e., HOA cannot discuss who they plan to nom, no one can tell others how they plan to vote, enforce a penalty for breaking the rules.

I know, this is a pipe dream, CBS is only interested in making money.


Agree let all comps be crap shoot except for wall and otev as those are full on comps with no individual timed event involved. Mainly because I like the wall and otev lol ?

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

Matt was HOH, he wanted Cirie to stay, Send Felicia to Jury. Jag wanted Cirie gone, Cirie was sent to Jury. Bowie is HOH, Jag did not want to touch the block, even though he knows he would most likely beat Matt & Felicia, possibly Bowie in the Veto, but NOPE!

Jag says it really does not matter who’s on the block, it’s all about the Veto. Jag always told Bowie & Matt, WE need to THROW this comp, or that comp, but Jag would go and WIN the competitions he said WE need to throw. Matt nor Bowie, ever questioned Jag about winning the competition he said WE need to throw.

Matt messed up, he did could not see Bowie was slowly moving him out of his #2 position with Jag. Matt also is not really aware, or as Felicia has said, she watches people, she watches their actions, their behavior, Bowie took over Matt’s place with Jag. Felicia told Matt, she warned him, but Matt would run back and tell Jag everything Felicia said.

Matt was too busy staring at Reilly’s picture, daydreaming about Reilly, Cirie warned Matt about Bowie running behind Jag, spending most of the day with Jag, Matt is dumb enough to think that he and Jag were tight, Jag would not betray him.

Jag is a coward, Jag is a backstabbing weak little vengeful man, who always has to be in control, talks shit about everyone he nominates, and they are on the block. Jag feels that he has to justify why he betrays, lies, to everyone.

Jag cannot own his own moves, this is BB, you lie, cheat, back stab, but you don’t have to make it personal, alienate people, Jag is a real coward, notice how much his game play has changed, once he was able to get rid of his competition, keep the weaker players, people who he can control. Then the real Jackass side of Jag came out.

I think Hisam, Cam, Jared, they would have kicked Jag’s butt in the competitions this season. Jag was never HOH until after Hisam, Jared & Cam were evicted.

Jag's nose hairs

Very well put. That is a masterful assessment of exactly how Jag played this game. Cowardly.!


Jag deserves this! It’s his game to lose at this point. He outplayed the house simple as that I don’t see how his gameplay is any different from Derricks. And just one more comp win and he’ll break Janelle’s comp record of 9! Truly one of the goats.


I know, I don’t know why everybody is hating on Jag so much! He’s a good kid, and he did his best to play this dirty game of big brother. Unfortunately, big brother does encourage dirty play. That’s the only way you can get to the end, it’s not a kind game. It’s not Jag’s fault. I think he deserves to win!


Oh, please stop ?

azmdw chilling in Gilbert AZ.

I am so over Bowie, when Jag is barking out orders, all you hear Bowie say is, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. Bowie tried to play the victim earlier in the game, because she felt like she did not fit in, people didn’t keep her in in the loop on what was going on.

Yes Cirie and Felicia did not really make Bowie feel like she was a part of the team, but Bowie played a roll in that, when they tried to talk game, include her, she had no opinion. She just wanted to be told how to vote, who was the target, but Bowie added nothing.

Bowie has won HOH 3 times, she turned on her game and started winning Competitions. But what did not really change, she was still being told what to do, who to nominate, Bowie was just like Matt, Jag told Bowie and Matt what the next steps were, and they followed his instructions.

What really sucks with this season, I don’t have anyone this season after Cam left the house, to root for. Jag’s a Coward, Matt’s a follower, Bowie is an annoying Follower, she was so fixated on creating a name for her alliance with Jag & Matt, she never, not that I know of, came up with a plan, thought of the next move, she followed Jag’s instructions.

Felicia, I feel no sympathy for her when it comes to actually winning a competition, Felicia did nothing but talk about how she was going to win this one. I did not expect Felicia to win the physical comps, but I did think that she would do better in the mental comps.

Felicia reading her bible, saying “Come On God”, God has nothing to do with Big Brother.
I go to church, Felicia quotes from the Bible “Having Faith, The Size of a Mustard Seed”.

I hope when she is at home, she watches this season, see’s how she did not behave like a woman of Faith, Felicia was overbearing, mean, and at times, she displayed Nasty, Vile behavior when thing did no go her way.

Felicia in my opinion came across as being a hypocrite, she would read the Bible, but to quote her own words, I watched her actions, her Behavior, her Attitude, the crap that she talked about people, the profanity, nasty behavior when things did not go her way.

Felicia won 1 HOH, no skill, non physical, not mental, just pure luck of hitting a ball, and hope it goes into a slot with a large number. Since then, Felicia has never won anything else this entire game, she was dragged along, added nothing, won nothing, talked too damn much, slip of the tongue with information that was shared with her.

Became a big Snitch, back stabbed Cirie, she also followed the power, which is what she accused Bowie of doing, Felicia did the same thing, Bowie won 3 Competitions, Felicia lucked out with 1 competition that pure LUCK !!.

Felicia took the cake this week when they showed her shaving her toenails on Cirie’s bed, not to mention her nasty habit of taking out that damn tooth, not washing her hands, I’m really ready to see Felicia go away.

Hell, I’m ready for this entire season to be over, hoping next Summer, BB26 is filled with some real game players, no more weak boring, Power Floaters, no back bone cowards.

After this season of BB, next Season BB26, CBS owes us a lively group of houseguests ready to play.


The world is full of “Bible Hypocrites”

Spot ON

“The world is full of ‘Bible Hypocrites’ ”
Matthew 7:15
King James Version

15 “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”


My heart will break for Matt if he evicts him


I know, it’s sad, my heart literally broke when Dane evicted his best friend on BB Canada one year, I still hate Dane for it. (His best friend was absolutely shocked, he truly thought that he and Dane would go to the very end together, so it was particularly cruel of Dane.) But in this case, Matt has been talking a lot that he would definitely kick Jag out at the end, so Matt would definitely do it to Jag if the roles were reversed. So I don’t believe that Matt will be surprised at all and I think he will understand that Jag had to do it.

Just The Truth

get felicia TF outa there because the jurors would vote for her to win out of bitterness if she makes it to the end.


the way she goes, then you can say itoadaso