Howard says I’ve heard racial slurs. Hit back with something that makes them look even uglier. Ask if you can pray with them.

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen

9am Big Brother starts blasting music in the BB house and then shortly after they switch the live feeds to the we’ll be right back screen. When the live feeds return – Jessie, Helen and Kaitlin are in the bathroom. Jessie comments that she went to Dubai in her dreams. Kaitlin says I went on a weird, weird date with someone from Dubai and I do not suggest anyone ever doing it. Helen says I don’t think I have ever met anyone from Dubai. Kaitlins says I couldn’t understand a word he was saying. He wouldn’t keep his hands off me. I would not suggest dating anyone from Dubai. She says they are actually super intelligent though.


CBS Interactive Inc.

9:30am In the kitchen – Elissa is asking David about different areas of California. She asks him how far way from Palm Springs he is. He says 3 hours. Amanda says its the gay people and old people capital of California. Elissa asks what time do we have to be up in the HOH? Amanda tells her 10:45am. Elissa says that she wanted to make egg but says maybe I don’t have time. Amanda laughs and asks what kind of eggs are you making? You have an hour and a half.


9:40am In the havenot room – Howard and Helen are talking about Candice. Howard tells Helen they can’t tell Candice any information she is too emotional and a blabber mouth. Helen says that she feels like Candice is attaching herself to me. Howard says that he has heard all sorts of things. I’ve heard racial slurs and all kinds of things and I have to keep me mouth shut. You need to keep an even keel with your emotions. These young people are only thinking about money and will do and say anything for it. Our group needs to stay on the low. Helen asks how she should handle someone coming at her and yelling at her. Howard says less is more and people, especially women, hate when you ignore them. Howard says that people can say what they want to say but no one can put their hands on you. The one thing about this house is if it comes to physicality, someone is going home. Ask them if you can pray for them. Howard says hit them back with something that makes them look even uglier. That’s what I am going to do. Helen thanks Howard. Howard leaves the room. Helen says to herself, this house is hard!
CBS Interactive Inc.
10am – In the kitchen – Elissa says I am trying to think about what to say in my speech. Someone asks her if she will say fu*k you all. Elissa jokingly says actually I have nothing at all to say to you all, especially you McCrae. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Andy, Amanda, Jessie and Kaitlin are talking about yeast infections. Amanda and Jessie talk about how much they hate them and Kaitlin says she’s never had one before.

10:10am In the havenot room Helen discusses with Andy about not telling Candice what’s happening and how they need to not share information with her. Andy says we need to be really careful about what information we say to make sure we don’t expose our alliance. Helen says I think we will have to not be seen together after tonight. Up in the HOH room – Amanada is showering and yelling at McCrae telling him that if the live feeders want boobs then she will give them boobs. She says and if they want Mcrae-bod they will get it! Like-a da little pizza, good to meet-ya! McCrae asks her if she is alright?


10:30am Up in the HOH room – Amanda and McCrae are talking about who they nominated if Elissa wins MVP. Amanda says Nick or Aaryn. McCrae tells Amanda that if someone from Bieber fever wins HOH then she has to listen to what he says. Amanda asks is there something you aren’t telling me? McCrae says I am being paranoid but I thinks that the other side will come after us. McCrae comments that he doesn’t like how he’s had to play this one and says that we betrayed everyone on our team. Amanda says it won’t come back to you. What do you think I am going to yell “McCrae did it!” Amanda says we can just blame it on Jessei. McCrae says Jessie doesn’t vote. Amanda says oh yeah. Well they won’t blame you, you can’t vote either. McCrae says that he’s worried about the HOH competition too. McCrae says every fu*king person on our team is going to throw the HOH competition except for Helen or Elissa. McCrae tells Amanda if someone on the other side wins HOH, you have to listen to what I say. Amanda thinks the other side won’t come after her. She thinks they would put up Helen and Elissa. McCrae says you are a social threat and I am competition threat. Amanda says let MOMMA take care of this. McCrae says no let DADDA, MacDaddy take care of this. Jeremy joins them to “poop”. Kaitlin comes up soon after and Amanda tells her that her husband is “pooping”. Kaitlin says don’t call him my husband. Amanda asks Jeremy if he has both ears pierced. Jeremy talks about how he got one ear pierced in grade 9 and thought “this looks so gay” so I got the other one done. Amanda asks Jeremy if Kaitlin would mind if you were in my basket. McCrae starts rhyming – gravy gravy, I am in the navy. Jeremy says Gravy gravy I am in the navy, I carry slave-ies.


10:40am – 10:45amThe other house guests come up to the HOH room for the lock down.


12:20pm – 12:50pm The Big Brother live feeds return – The girls – Candice, Amanda and Aaryn are in the bathroom doing their hair and makeup. Meanwhile in the bedroom – Andy, Jeremy, kaitlin and Judd are hanging out talking about random things like what the perfect date would be. In the living room – Spencer and Nick are talking about relationships. Nick brings up how he loves a ex named Megan. Spencer talks about his girlfriend Marilyn.

12:52pm – 1pm In the bedroom – Judd, David, Kaitlin and Jeremy are talking about the HOH competition tonight. Kaitlin tells Jeremy that either he or her have to win it, or they are going up for sure. Jeremy talks about how there have been other blow-ups since his and says that he and Helen are good now. Kaitlin says well lets take a nap and then study. Kaitlin says that she has never had a one night stand. Spencer says he has. Jeremy tells Kaitlin that her not having any is really good. Jeremy asks Spencer how many girls he’s been with. Spencer says like 40 – 45. Kaitlin says wow! Jeremy says well I guess you have a few years on me. McCrae joins them. He is wearing Amanda’s jeans and talking about how tight there are in the “ball sack area”. He sticks his hands down his pants and adjusts.


1:35pm In the lounge room – Spencer and Jeremy are talking. Jeremy comments on how it made him nervous how he was being asked to vote to keep Elissa. He says it felt like something was going down that I wasn’t a part of. Spencer say oh no, no .. its just to make sure the votes go where there supposed to. Jeremy says that he hopes Kaitlin makes it to the sequester house because she won’t fu*k me here. He says but she almost did last night. Spencer says yeah I heard. Jeremy talks about smoothing things over with Elissa.

1:50pm – 2:15pm In the bathroom – Amanda is doing McCrae’s hair. Aaryn and Candice are still getting ready doing their makeup and hair. Meanwhile, outside the HOH room – Howard and Helen are playing a game of chess. Jeremy, Andy, Kaitlin and David move into the lounge room and talk about random things. Everyone is waiting around for the live show to start. The Big Brother switches the live feeds to the TRIVIA screen again…

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Janelle pov queen

Today is the day!!!!!!! I hope Elissa or Helen win HOH I would love for Jeremy and spencer to go up


OMG, Amanda is just as big a racist bigot as any of them. She and Aaryn are cut from the same cloth and both are disgusting and need to be sent packing along with McCrae, Spencer, Jeremy and GM. I love, love, love Howard and Helen. They deserve to be 1 and 2 in the finale. Howard is a class act!!!!


IS THIS TRUE? Just reported 3 hours ago on the Examiner: Jeremy used the hat of Elissa Reilly Slater to wipe his butt by sticking it down his shorts. “BB15” considered this an act of vandalism and made him apologize to her. He was called to the diary room right after it happened. If it is then Jeremy should be evicted by CBS!! This guy is such a vile human being!


Im not a religious man, but I think I am rooting for Howard to win this. The only other kind of likable people are Helen and maybe Nick. I don’t really have anything against Elissa, Candice, or Judd either.


Helen basically said Judd was dumb. Why because of his white Tennessee accent? I haven’t seen him do anything else to make her think that.
Maybe they all are racist.


Howard, Helen (and maybe Elissa, Spencer and Nick) are my top picks for MVP.


I am liking Howard more and more as this season goes along. I find myself rooting for him, Nick, Elissa and McCrae. Oh and Jessie too.


i’m very stoked elissa is not going home and we get to see her actually play … there are so many freaking floaters this season, and I want to see the aggressive ones shed blood like Shelly the Snake!


Wow my respect for Howard just doubled. Can’t believe he’s heard some of the remarks and is still so even tempered. Everyone in the house could learn something from him.


I love the advice Howard gave Helen. To bite your tongue in the face of prejudice and ignorance takes strength. However, I do wish someone would address the individuals spewing that garbage. It can not keep going unchecked by the other HG’s. I think I would call a house meeting or something… It’s totally out of control.


house meetings never go as intended or end well. howard has the best strategy – ignore it, lay low, and it will sort itself out. concentrate on your own game, not everyone elses.

Suzy Sunshyne

WOW!! Jeremy is a super douche!! His mouth knows no other words then racial and homophobic slurs! His Mother should be so embarrassed along with Aryan Nation. Howard is such a good example, thinking before he reacts, and what better way to get to a hypocrite than offering to pray with them.


well this might be the end of my BB watching days. Most of these people are racist, vulgar,homophobic and/or just plain unlikeable! I honestly cannot see myself wasting much more time on them.

BTW does anyone else think that McRae resembles Smeagol (before he became gollum that is).


I don’t know why so many comments like this get down votes. This cast is deplorable. I find it disturbing so many people are defending them… And I don’t mean by disliking this comment, but read comment boards elsewhere and there is a lot of “PC Police talk”. I always think when people bring up Political Correctness in such stark racism as this, they are probably bigoted themselves.


Howard is a class act! I want to have sex with him. Too much?


I miss BBAD!!!


Howard is such a wonderful guy! I believe his advice to Helen shows that he understands this game; you need to control your emotions no matter what people throw at your face. And to think this was one of the guys being gossiped about. I applaud him.


Aaryn…Aryan Hmmh, what a strange coincidence.

Suzy Sunshyne

Andy is doing a good job as well. He hears their ignorance as well. I really wish production would tell Aryan Nation she lost her contract. Maybe that big ego of hers will get deflated! She will stop acting like a Queen Bee!


Does McCrae ever shower?! I swear he’s been wearing the same exact shirt since the day he walked into the house


I just CANNOT WAIT for David to get evicted tonight…I hope the camera pans RIGHT to Aaryn’s face!


I feel like Nick will play a good game, maybe similar to Dr. Will. While watching the CBS show last night I saw how he orchestrated the moving company & he was the 1st one who said Elissa should stay & David should go. He just needs to get rid of GiGi, she’s cramping his game, like Shannon from season 2. Once she left Dr. Will was really able to play. But I see so many similarities, Dr. Will was apart of the most disliked group and wasn’t very well liked at the beginning (Chilltown). Same with Nick, he’s apart of the blondtourage(pretending). The big difference is that when Dr. Will’s alliance left he was on his own, while Nick has a secret alliance

Killer K

I hate to see the show get SOO much national negative attention! Yes us hardcore BB fans come on here and bitch about the cast or whatever…..but this is different! NBC and FOXNEWS both have stories about this now, if it keeps picking up steam? Advertisers could pull ads….then we got a problem! I for one, do NOT want to see the show cancelled… ….Im pretty sure production has told them no more slurs…..hopefully anyways….the HG’s will find out when they get out there’s consequences for their actions….until then I’m really hoping this dies down soon! I think everyone needs to take a page out of Howards book…he handled it like any good person would handle idiotic behavior…..I now officially have some one to root for! ….Go Howard!


Maybe, now the show will be exposed for all the manipulation that occurs every Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday. People may begin watching to see how this controversy is handled and will be very surprised to see AG making Aayrn America’s sweetheart. Aayrn talking bad about Asians when Julie is a beautiful Chinese American herself is unforgivable. AG gave Jeff a very likable edit even though he called girls bitches & talked bad about gays & Dumbledore being a pediophile. The same for Frank last year who was so disrespectful to everyone. She made him the favorite against the real feelings from the fans. The MVP this year is her way to control the game again. Make the game a true contest & see how it plays out, no made up saves for her favorites!


I don’t think they warned them enough for Jeremy to blurt out “slavies” the way he did!


The saying is “scabies” not slavies, but he’s so stupid for a “very very smart communications major”.


It is a backward year in BB15! Normally the favorites are the meanest people in the house. My faith is restored in humanity because people can be too mean and act awful for people to not like! Go Howard!!



ISSUE A STATEMENT to tmz about the racist cast gina mare//// katlin /// jeremy// aaryn …. BRENDON SAID HE’S ASHAMED the comments these biggots make have him sick to his stomach……. the racist fans on tmz makes me sick just a few even though black people comment on that site mostly some white are talking about freedom of speech ……. question anyone can answer do u feel rachel and brendon is campaigning for the next MVP for elissa by commenting….Does allison from cbs HAVE THE FEEDS DOWN BECAUSE of all the attention these racism has cause negative attention for cbs .. do you think Aaryn ,, gigi,, jeremy etc… cause cbs sponsors pull out because of this….. I only speak for myself because i support white and black people on big brother …. my opinion big brother needs to have 8 africans and 8 whites or asian different ethnic group because from my point african american never makes it further in this game things that make me say hmmmm … Can the paula deens of big brother cause the sponsors drop the show …my favourite show

my new name for the Aaryn crew are the paula deen of big brother thats the name i will call her from now on ….


“question anyone can answer do u feel rachel and brendon is campaigning for the next MVP for elissa by commenting”

Their statement is nothing more than the Pot calling the kettle Black

Both Brendon and Rachel are F-ing Hypocrites, They both said and done nasty and offensive things in the BB house, this is just the perfect medium for shameless undercover campaigning for Elissa for MVP, which was unnecessary, people are already voting for her because she’s Rachel’s sister, she doesn’t need anymore help.

Anybody feeling they’re sincere about this statement go watch their seasons, again.


I know the feeds are down because of the show tonight but do you think cbs will have to view every footage before it is made public meaning the feeds will be down more often making sure no racial slur pass through all because of the paula deens of big brother

STFU Donnie

My Top 5:

1A) Nick: He seems to be the smartest HG by a country mile…although I don’t think he’s as covered as he would like to believe.
1B) Howard: A smart and classy guy all the way…and I don’t think we’ve seen his best game yet as he’s smartly holding back.
3) Elissa: Simply because she’s been unjustly attacked and treated poorly…and if given a chance I see a strong player.
4) Amanda: Yes she talks too much and maybe isn’t a very good player, but she’s the funniest diarist.
5) Spencer: Aside from the idiotic misogyny and “Hitler was a bastard, but not all he did was bad”, I think he gets the game.


Howard knows how to react to ”racial slurs” unlike a lot of people crying out with no real idea of the concept. Secondly, there were no racial slurs (unless Gina’s N – welfare comment was actually said) so take that down a notch as well and start looking at the context. I don’t think one person in the house hates anyone based on race but there’s a lot of petty, immature and IGNORANT people in the house who bitch and moan when they don’t get their way and their cattiness shows.

Often times when people are angry, their goal is just offend. I have seen nothing hardcore to where I can call anyone a racist… just ignorant. Racism is ignorance but ignorance isn’t always racism.


Gina just got fired from her job too!!


From TMZ:

“Big Brother” contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman is gonna have a rude awakening when she leaves the house — she’s been FIRED from her day job after dropping the N-bomb.

TMZ has learned … East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. is cutting ties with the 32-year-old pageant coordinator … claiming they were shocked GZ could “display such acts of hate and racism.”

As we previously reported, GinaMarie referred to welfare as “n**ger insurance” … and the comments were captured on “Big Brother’s” uncensored live Internet feed.

East Coast USA says GinaMarie has been an employee for 5 years — but insist, “We have never known this side of GinaMarie or have ever witnessed such acts of racism in the past.”

The pageant says, “We are actually thankful that this show let us see GinaMarie for who she truly is. We would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants.”

“In a business where we are surrounded by beauty every day we are saddened to see something so ugly come from someone we put on a very high pedestal.”

A rep for the organization tells us they are especially upset because they encouraged their pageant girls to watch GinaMarie on the show and vote for her … thinking she would be a role model.


Also, it’s extremely odd that people are singling out Aaryn who gets the most hate by posters most of the time when it’s on record Gina Marie has said the most offensive crap in the house. So, why is that… other than the fact she’s better looking?


gm has lost her job, too. east coast usa pageant is reportedly cutting ties with the 32-year-old pageant coordinator after 5 years.


Glad that I finally have someone to root for. HOWARD FOR MVP!!!!


Nick: He isn’t as well-protected as he believes, but he seems to have the best way of illustrating moves in the house.
Howard: An all-around like able guy, who is holding back from playing his best game, I Can’t wait to seem him faced with adversity to see how he responds.


Latest HG to lose their job >> GinaMarie!


It’s official GinaMarie has been fired..


I wonder who’s next?!


Should be Amanda, Spencer, Jeremy and McCrae in that order or maybe Spencer, Amanda, Jeremy or McCrae or just fire all of them at once. They are all disgusting!


I think it’s disgusting that she would say this and not keep it to herself, but let’s be honest the facts don’t lie
I mean some of these people use welfare as a job and not a hand up

It’s your tax dollars so I guess it doesn’t matter to you?!

Stereotyping is terrible, but facts are facts…

I really wanted to like her being from the tristate area 🙁

Blank XIII

You are an idiot.


Is that hard to swallow..don’t choke on the truth

Facts are facts

Ignorant of course, but it’s truth


I hope CBS doesn’t cancel Big Brother because of all of the negative attention.


as long as ag and cbs can stay in front of this, i think the old adage “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” applies.

Chilltown Fan

Tonight’s episode could be one of the best in BB history, I can’t wait. I wonder how Howard found out about the racial stuff, because I don’t remember him being around Aaryn and GM at the time they made those statement. Either Elissa tipped him off or DR told him, probably the former.

Delilah Jones

I have heard both Elissa, and McCrae express disgust over the racial and bigoted comments that have been made.. It is quite possible Howard was in the room with either one of them.

Janelle pov queen

Gina might not want to go back home now rember when she said if you had my life you would want to go back home? Will how you like them apples? Because I love them.


B.B. should give them a penalty nomination if they spew a slur….. fu** it if you have four or even five pRipley on the block. Scare those muthafu**as straight.

Or make them a have not, for each slur that’s another day of being a have not.
If its Jeremy strip him of his pass….. or lock them in a room for 24 he’s like Dan or get the dog treatment like Tulane Terry … (drawing a blank on his first nameright now 🙂 )


gina got fired great now hope this send a message to other contestant coming onto big brother ….. just read it too tmz


I wanna see Amanda’s Boobs, … Hell, I wanna see Boobs Period…

Not enough boobies in the last couple seasons… Yes Please, May I have Some More?!!!


OmG BBAD should be epic tonight too bad it’s censored~womp womp

I really am starting to like Howard and how he sees the messy talk and slurs of other hgs, but know he has to keep it cool

final 5

The others are digging their graves

I liked to see Elissa and Kaitlin make it to jury too


Sorry, but not McCrae. Go to his Facebook page and you will see why. Apparently, not a very nice guy either.


Go Elissa! I wish for a twist Rachel could come back and personaitly slap everyone of those racistic, uneducated rude human begins. Yes you Gina, Jermery, and Aaryn #rachet #goelissa


Karma is a bitch…oh wait.

Suzy Sunshyne

Loks like Gina Marie lost her job as well!! HAHAHA!! That’s what you get!

Suzy Sunshyne

Loks like Gina Marie lost her job as well!! HAHAHA!! That’s what you get!


I applaude Howard for taking the high road and turning racism around to slap them in the face. Dont let them see how much it bothers you.


Did y’all notice another comment about Amanda?? Elissa was asking David about how far California is David say’s about 3 hours so then Amanda speeks out and says its gay people and old people Capital of California and one more thing Jeremy said Gravy Gravy im in the navy I carry slave-ies isn’t that racial comments?? if it is wow wow wow im still shocked that they may still be saying stuff like that kinda bad:/ But they shouldn’t be evicted for saying them though that’s my opinion


So far, after 1 week I would say I am a big fan of Nick’s game. He doesn’t talk game to those outside of his alliance. His game conversations are usually quick and strategic or he waits until the other HGs are asleep to have longer game talks. I liked his idea of splitting up the moving company into separate alliances to protect each other. This has been tried in the past but it is usually only 1 in each alliance trying to keep each other safe. With the MC split they can suggest ideas and support each other to take out the players in each alliance that are not in the MC. I am also glad he did not get himself into a showman, he really understands the importance of keeping the target off of yourself. The only 2 people that may nominate him are Amanda and Elyssa because he doesn’t talk game with them. However, I think his alliance members will be able either keep him off the block or be able to collect the votes to protect him.

I am also a fan of Spencer’s strategic thinking however I do think he needs to know when to not talk game. I think Howard and Helen have strong chances to go far as well, from what I can tell they should continue to wait in the weeds for about another month and then when the numbers dwindle start getting more involved in the strategic aspects of the game.

As for MOST of the other HG’s, I think they are either playing too hard too fast or just simply lack good gameplay.

Regardless, I think we are in for a very entertaining season.


OK, I made up my mind who I’m rooting for, and this wasn’t easy, as this is a pretty bad cast, people are racist, people are being voted for nothing more than who their family is, but Howard is a good dude, and I hope he wins it all.

Team Howard

Howard for MVP!


BB must be racist they gladly are twisting the show to hide all the racist cast members, it is utterly ridiculous. Rather than punish the racist they prefer to cover it up and pretend it don’t exist. Seriously n****** insurance, faggotty ann? WTF.