Ginamarie “GiGi” Zimmerman GETS FIRED for RACIST Comments!


The aftermath of the racist comments spewing from a select number of the Big Brother house guests is creating a tidal wave of consequences for those involved. Earlier today we reported how house guests Aaryn Gries was dropped from her modeling agency for her comments and views and now Ginamarie Zimmerman has been officially fired from her day job as a pageant coordinator at East Coast USA Pageant, Inc.. As there are a number of the house guests displaying this type of inexcusable behaviour the consequences will soon follow for them as well. Appearing on a reality tv show where your every conversation is documented can either paint a negative view of a person or a positive view and it is unfortunate that some people still hold views such as this.

The views and comments of some of the house guests are NOT the views of all of the house guests as one house guest Howard expressed earlier when he commented on his way of dealing with the racial slurs he’s heard in the house.

TMZ stated:

“Big Brother” contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman is gonna have a rude awakening when she leaves the house — she’s been FIRED from her day job after dropping the N-bomb.

TMZ has learned … East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. is cutting ties with the 32-year-old pageant coordinator … claiming they were shocked GZ could “display such acts of hate and racism.”

As we previously reported, GinaMarie referred to welfare as “n**ger insurance” … and the comments were captured on “Big Brother’s” uncensored live Internet feed.

East Coast USA says GinaMarie has been an employee for 5 years — but insist, “We have never known this side of GinaMarie or have ever witnessed such acts of racism in the past.”

The pageant says, “We are actually thankful that this show let us see GinaMarie for who she truly is. We would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants.”

“In a business where we are surrounded by beauty every day we are saddened to see something so ugly come from someone we put on a very high pedestal.”

CBS Interactive Inc.A rep for the organization tells us they are especially upset because they encouraged their pageant girls to watch GinaMarie on the show and vote for her … thinking she would be a role model.


CBS Interactive Inc.

Source: TMZ

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Good for them! I hope all of these a$$holes get fired! And they actually think people like them. They are in for a very rude awakening.


I already CANNOT WAIT for this reunion!!!

but first…for David to go bye-bye tonight!!!!


This still needs to be addressed by CBS otherwise it will look like they are condoning the behaviour.


Spencer and Jeremy should be the next to lose their jobs. Would you really want to be on a train after the comments Spencer has made? Not me.


Jeremy quit his job to do Big Brother


Kaitlin too. She was laughing and saying things right along with them.

Los 12

grenade, yo!


lol, what a dumb bitch.


I think you guys misunderstood. I was calling Gina a dumb bitch for her racist comments, not the above poster.


It will be very interesting to see how CBS continues to deal with this over the next 48 hours.


Who’s next to lose their REAL job?!

These are some of the dumbest HGs, HOW DO YOU FORGET ABOUT THE LIVE FEEDS!!!! We hear EVERYTHING that comes out of your mouth!!!


From day one I have said and posted that I find Gina Marie rude, loud and obnoxious. She will soon learn that her type of personality will not be tolerated anywhere. I can only imagine when these house guests are evicted and they have their exiting interview the questions that will be dumped on them. We thought her tears were overboard the past few days….wait until she finds put she has been fired.


Can we please follow her around after she hears she is fired???? lol


and another deserving domino falls. guess there goes her “chance” at mvp, too!


Hi Simon and Dawg i’ve been on this site for 3 years but never wrote something, I just wanted to thank you guys.

Off topic : Did you guys know that Dani and Dom are married 😀


Yes and they had a really cute wedding!!!!

Chilltown Fan

It would be funny if on the CBS show if they put “Unemployed” under their names when they show them in the DR lol. Of course CBS would never do that. Here is what BB4 winner Jun has to say about Aaryn. Complete with a link to Aaryn’s FB page.


or even better, “recently unemployed”

a now unemployed houseguest

i wonder how many people are going to end up getting fired/let go from their jobs. the way this season is going it could be a lot of them

Suzy Sunshyne

love your name!!

New World Order

Hope she’s not the last to get canned…


I wonder if this is brought up by Julie on tonight’s show, I would think BB would tell both Gina and Aaryn about what has happened. Hopefully both will apologize to those they made comments about.


according to an nbc online story, during a 2010 interview, executive producer allison grodner addressed past decisions not to air certain controversial and insensitive comments on the show.

“we always say that these are real people and they are not being censored in there” grodner told reality blurred. “and they have opinions and so forth that we don’t necessarily agree with and condone and want to put out there further, to be honest. we really don’t want to put hateful things out there in our edits. and so for the most part, when this goes down, we keep that out of the show.”


No way they will tell them what has been going on in their lives or in the media… They barely told the cast when 9-11 happened..they will certainly not clue them into all this media or the fact they lost their jobs! I’m not even sure they tell you when a family member is sick..maybe if one dies they might tell a HG??

GM will need a deep deep session with the doc and some major counseling follow up!


Is there a chance that BB could get cancelled or not picked up for another season?


Bring Back The Power House!

Suzy Sunshyne

Maybe the last name says it all!! lol Her last name is Zimmerman and no one noticed that!! So is George related, racism must be breed…lol

STFU Donnie

So if a modeling agency and a beauty pageant no longer wish to employ and be associated with racist bigots, how on earth does CBS continue to do so? I just don’t see how they can think a statement from a producer that they don’t agree with or condone this behavior will suffice. I don’t know that the guilty should be evicted, but I do think they need to do something on the show, whether it’s showing the HG’s nasty side or sitting down the house for a lecture. Doing nothing and being shown up by third and forth rate organizations is just not defensible…and I fear CBS could just pull the plug on the whole season.


Here is the deal! CBS has a dilemma! What if one of these racists actually win BB15. How does CBS posture or promote a person who slings racial slurs as their winner of this season? Dangerous ground here for CBS! I personally don’t see how they can risk keeping these people around but that’s just my view!


I’m with Howard, (not trying to get religious because I know not everyone is and I respect that wholeheartedly) these people need to be prayed for and uplifted. Fighting hate with hate or judgment with judgment will never have a beneficial outcome. I really really hate that Aaryn and Gina have to learn the hard way and sometimes that is what it takes, I understand. I hope they can get their careers back and change for the better one day. I know people might attack me for still having faith in them but again, being negative is not the answer. I don’t hate anyone in this house for their disrespectful, unbelievable comments and neither should anyone else. I wish Gina and Aaryan the best and whoever else that will be suffering the consequences for their actions. I am NOT saying their should be no consequences, but saying when they get right, and apologize; offer your forgiveness and be there for them( if you encounter anyone that says comments such as these houseguests have in real life). I don’t know if anyone has seen the movie American History X, it’s actually a good movie. It’s about a white suprematist who goes to prison and befriends only one person, a black man. The man seen the supremacists tattoos and never questioned him, but was there for him as a friend, joked with him, etc. And for that the man that was once a skinhead changed. I can’t wait for all this to blow over because I really hate for BB to get so much negativity. Again, to clarify; I am NOT condoning these peoples actions. And I, myself wonder how these cast members think that it is even remotely appropriate for them to say the things they have said.

Sally Mathers

Oh, Howard’s no angel. He’s made it pretty clear he’s just another sexist uber-male. He’s already said some pretty shocking things himself, mostly when he’s hanging out with Spencer and the other guys. He’s laying low for now, but his true colors will come out soon enough.


Megan, you are a better person than I.

I have seen the movie (Norton fan) and liked it.


Calling Aaryn, Aryan Nation makes you just as bad

You can simply say she is racist, but all the other name calling puts you on her level

You don’t fight hate with hate


Oh pahleese you don’t think her parents new what they were doing when they named their kid Aaryn it is an anagram.


Interesting I use to work with a black lady Aarynne…can you explain that?

Haha you’re laaaame


Calling Aaryn, Aryan Nation makes you just as bad

You can simply say she’s a racist, but all the other names I’ve read puts you on her level

You don’t fight hate with hate

BB15 letdown

Thank goodness there are consequences for the actions of these houseguests. I pray to the BB gods that they show the real comments they have made instead of glossing over it and editing in a favorable light. But if AG wants Aaryn to be the next Jordan Lloyd there is nothing that can stop her. I can’t continue watch if that is how she is portrayed. Karma baby.

As an aside, the work that Simon and Dawg do is incredible. This is by far my favorite BB site. Thanks!

Janelle pov queen

Good I’m happy these people are not getting away with it off topic janelle and Britney are both preggnet I’m happy for them.


Next up Jeremy loses his Indian name and his spot on the dock


LMAO….at this rate the entire cast is gonna get fired.


And another one bites the dust…. BB production must be going crazy – maybe they should call Andy Cohen (Bravo) for advice – he’s the king of manipulating “reality” television shows!


to his credit for “Reality” tv… is by far the most consistent in quality. bravo has some darn good shows that at times make you go “wow, that is totally fake, but they did a really amazing job making me think it wasn’t”….bravo has found a way to take reality tv and almost say “yeah, its fake, so enjoy it for what it is”, and its good stuff lately with the realtor shows at least.


Ergo my suggestion that production give Cohen a call – or at least take a chapter from his play-book.


Just wanted to put my thoughts out there on the whole controversy in the most respectful way I can. As an Asian woman I too find the comments made towards Helen, Candice, Andy, and Howard very mean-hearted and well, just stupid. However, I do find it interesting that so many are calling for them to be expelled from the house and have heard many nasty things directed back to them. People are not perfect, we are going to always hear racist comments or discrimination of some sort but trying to silence them and shame them is never going to help them or change them. We can’t police and make every comment PC, that is just not real. I personally feel we as a society have to learn to better accept that people have different views and even if we consider them the wrong views is it really better for us to spew vile back towards them.

I agree with Howard in praying with them but also for them. We need to pray for our enemies and hope that they can turn away from this evil by their own will. Doing something mean to them (getting fired) may be deserved but it is never going to help change things in the long run. As far as how to accomplish real change, that is an age-old question that I am sure can’t be answered here.


The issue for me is that production is not showing the ‘real’ picture to its audience… we all know that big brother runs the show – but this time (and perhaps for the first time) their manipulation of the game is out in the open…

Chilltown Fan

That is what I have issue with as well. I understand to a certain extent that CBS can’t show the racial comments. However, they could get close to depicting Aaryn accurately if they wanted to. So far they have only given 3 strong edits accurately–Elissa and Candice with good edits, and Jeremy as a villain, not even a good villain you secretly want to root for like Chilltown, but a dic*head villain.


What are you talking about.? This happens every season.Not to this extreme.The only time CBS would actually broadcast something is when a HG self evict themselves.

here is a interesting small print on the live feed page

” You agree that we shall have no liability whatsoever relating to the Content and you waive any claims you may have, now or in the future, against us relating to the Content.”

In a perfect world. they would do what BBUK does.Show what the person did,Then confront them in the Diary room.If it continues punish them


I wonder what CBS is going to do. There is an online petition to have Aaryn expelled from the show. I think production needs to pull them into the diary and let them know their stipends will be deducted for every offense the players would shape up. A persons color or sexual presence should be irrelevant in that house and players should be focusing more on playing the game. Bashing someone for something they have no control over is ignorant.


I’m so pissed. CBS needs to pull them out of the comp! Racism shouldn’t be tolerated! Get lost Aaryn and GM


I’m so pissed. CBS needs to pull them out of the comp! Racism shouldn’t be tolerated! Get lost Aaryn and GM


My nine year old son just asked me ” …so will CBS show them {GiGi and Aaryn} as ‘unemployed’ now since they lost their jobs? Because on TV Aaryn seems really nice…” Such innocence right? Awesome question though…BB production tend to heavy-highhandedly edit the show, failing to show real-life situations that we deal with day to day. Really looking forward to the ripple effect of David going home!

Hey Simon…hey Dawg!

Karen S

The only problem now with the censoring of the feeds, we won’t be able to hear what is really happening and vote appropriately. Ugh!!!




Did you guys here that Spencer’s career may be in jeopardy for his take on racism and homophobia ?


I hate for anyone to lose their jobs especially in this economy, but sorry I think it should be.

I am Aaryn Nation!

I like the name! It suits me!


I think what ragan really made me think. if they are saying these things week 1-2 what will they say when they forget the camera’s are there later on? I mean yikes.

Chilltown Fan

I think it’s safe to say that Aaryn and GM wont be returning after this season lol.


Glad these people were unmasked for the true ugly people they are. Would never know otherwise if not for the feeds. Missed last night’s show. Were they still given positive edits? If so, think BB will have problems continuing to do so and be negligent if they do..


Rooting for Aaryn to get fired next!!


Very sad these two ladies are being fired over words. STAND YOUR GROUND, ya’ll.


Oh hey I just noticed that also is GinaMarie related to George Zimmerman the trial guy that killed Trayvon Martin lol? Because they both have the same last name hahahaha that would be so funny and he see her in jail I would laugh my butt off lol:))

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Glad she got fired, she’s a pig in her words and actions. Don’t pagent coordinators deal with young kids/ladies? Great example she sets. Hopefully next will be Spencer and Jeremy. (At least Jeremy apologized and knows he’s a D-bag, so he knows he’s wrong.) Wow, what a crappy cast for the most part.

Chilltown Fan

Have you heard some of live feed chat about alcohol and drugs amongst this cast? Jeremy said the other night that he was attending AA meetings not too long ago, Spencer had been in rehab for weed(not all that bad), Kaitlin talking about drinking a ton of booze and snorting adderol before a music video she was on, McCrae admitting to doing bath salts, and Aaryn saying she used to drink at times from in the morning into the evening. Judd I think said he used to toke it up(not really that bad). Gina Marie doesn’t drink, but at 32, it does make you wonder if something happened. Not a fan of season 9, but this cast’s backgrounds is almost on par.

I can’t believe it’s just Week 1, hopefully the intensity continues for entertainment reasons, minus the unfortunate comments that have been made by houseguests of course.


I wonder if production will tell Aaryn and GinaMarie they’ve both been fired soon, or if they will wait until each girl is evicted to deliver the bad news. As bitchy as this might sound, I sort of want to see their reactions.


Oh, I hope they find out on air or during their exit interview with Julie that they have been fired from their jobs. Reality TV will actually get Real.

Biff Burns

The Ocean and the Beach fired David…..( I know water by Heart)

Carrot Teddy

Everyone is on here complaining about gay and racial slurs and bullying and this and that. This is the real world, don’t know what Candy Land your living in. Of course comments like this still exists, is it right? No not at all but that’s what makes reality tv great. It id real life people, saying real life things.


After reading all the above comments not once did anyone mention What happend to Paula Deen ! CBS should be held occountable for what there HG say and do somthing about it!!!


I’m wondering why some feel that CBS should be accountable for what adult people are saying?
If it was all scripted by CBS, then I would understand that logic but I don’t think those conversations were CBS scripted.
However most of the rest of the show is very scripted and acted out. You will not have to worry about a racist or bigot winning, CBS will make sure that does NOT happen.

Captain Spam

I’m glad the ax is starting to fall on these lowlifes. The casting company owes CBS an explanation on how this many assholes got cast in one season.


Come on Simon give us some live feeders lol:)

VA Vet

Holding someone accountable for their actions is one thing. Taking pleasure from someone’s downfall is quite another.

Obviously, those on the show aren’t the only ones that need to grow up.


I’m so sick of all this race stuff……………when the rappers quit saying the N word and when other people quit calling each other the N word……then maybe other people would not use it………..why is it ok for them and the comedians to use that word…….but it is just horrible for other people ? Anybody got an answer for that one ? ? ? no, I didn’t think so…………’s all bullcrap ! ! !


where can I find a live stream link?


I wonder if Aaran or Gigi will tell Julie Chen to “go make rice.”


Aaryn won’t be to ‘cocky’ when she leaves the house and reads the blogs. Her family are probably getting hate mail due to her behavior. You would think the house guests would think twice before they say anything. There behavior just shows who they really are inside.

King Silva

This is great news.

She can always become a whore.

I mean she could have fooled me if she just said that was her current occupation.. O_o