Big Brother Spoilers Elissa is targeting Anthony and Jeremy scratches that itch

POV Holder: McCrae Next POV June 27
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony June 29th
HOH Winner: McRae Next HOH: Wed July 3rd
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Candice, David, Jessie
Current Nominations: Jessie, Elissa and David
Last Evicted Houseguest ?
Have Nots Andy, Elissa, Jessie, Howard, Helen


9:00pm Cam 3-4 HOH Gina and Howard

Howard breaks down the sleeping arrangement drama.
H: “Aaryn came to Elissa.. said well the bed you and helen slept in last time we want it back”
G: “And Elissa was like Thats my bed.. which is bullshit because nobody has a bed”
H: “Ya”
G: “Jess has been sleeping by herself for a whole week because Nick came to sleep with me”
H: “Ya”
G: “we sleep good together he’s on one side i’m on the other.. we don’t even touch each other there is a little pillow between us.. you know”
H: “Ya”
G: “Her bed is made for three people you know how I know.. If you count the squares on the bed that Nick and I sleep in has 7 squares wide.. her bed has 8 .. that means it’s an extra 7 inches wider”
G:L “It’s meant for three people.. “
Gigi was telling Elissa that lets leave the beds tonight so in case it is Davids last night he can spend it alone with Aaryn.

They go over sleeping arrangements. Howard doesn’t mind sleeping with another guy with a girl in a middle. He says worry about that sh!t is “Petty”


9:12pm Cam 3-4 Lounge Elissa and Nick

Elissa: “You know David and them are in a teeny bopper showmance alliance.. you told me If i got MVP and didn’t put you up that you wouldn’t put me up if you got MVP”
Nick: “Ya.. 100%”
E: “out of respect for me honouring my word I think it would be nice for you to not vote to evict me”
Andy, Gina roll in
E: “CAN I ASK him something real quick”
They leave
E: ‘I don’t think there is going to be a even vote.. I think it would be nice for you to not vote me out”
N: “I didn’t get MVP so I couldn’t honor anything .. umm this whole week I’m going with the house.. and everybody said this is what the house is doing.. I didn’t want to be on the bad side of the house.. cause if I was the person that went rogue then next week i’ll get Bent order”
E: “Have you talked to Amanda and McCrae tonight”
N: ‘well.. I’ve talked to everyone.. “
E: “And they say they’re voting me out”
N: ‘I don’t want to say cause I don’t want to start this game.. “
E: “if they didn’t vote me out and you are voting with Anthony and them”
N: “Whose Anthony”
E: ‘I mean Jeremy.. oh my god I forgot his name” (LOL f***)
N: ‘I’m literally voting with the entire house.. i’ve asked every single individual in this house and i’m going with the majority”
E: “Have you talked to Helen and Spencer”
N:” Ya at one point in time i’ve talked to everybody”

Ginamarie is listening from the door..

Here’s a pic from 6:55 Cam 3 Jeremy wipes his A$$ with someones hat

FYI you can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use Big Brother Live Feeds HUGE improvement over last year


9:43pm Bedroom Cam 1-2 Nick, Aaryn and Gina

Gina says she’s going to have to have a “POW WOW” with Judd. Aaryn mentions he’s been looking kinda sad
Aaryn jokes : “he’s a shady f****”
Gina thinks Judd’s is unhappy sitting in the lounge with the other houseguests. Gina wants to go get him so she can talk.
Nick: “Don’t put him on the spot.. wait until it’s one on one”
Gina: “You like the one on one time”
Nick: “I do.. look it’s getting weird.. it just has to be cool”
Gina: “It is cool”
Nick: ‘This game is not about getting people riled up.. it’s about being cool”
Gina: “Dude”
Nick: “This game is about cool.. about being mad chill and if there is bad air you just clear it asap“

9:54pm cam 1-2 Chessboard Gina and Nick

Gina: “So basically I think you are a really cool kid.. I know you are not looking to F**** around with girls in here cause you want to keep a cool head”
Gina: “I know you are smart and everybody likes you.. and I’m not going to get jealous i’m not going to go app sh!t”
Gina says she does like him but she feel the same way she doesn’t want to “Hook up” with any guys.

G: “If you need to be all like YO G cut the f**** sh!t cause you’re messing my game I’ll understand”
Feeds go to fish for about 15 seconds
N: “I really appreciate that and I respect that more than anything else you’ve said”
G: I know you are not going to clean me out.. pretend you like me when you don’t”

Nick and Gina pinky swear.. he tells her they are solid.
Gina: “You are the only person I will f*** protect and do s!!t for I swear on my life”.. I don;’t lie about bullshit and I won’t lie to your fucking face.. i’m a strong a$$ person”
She tells him that the six of them have to stay together they are strong.
G: “I got your f**** back”
Nick: “There is a reason i’m talking to Jessie”
G: “I know”
Gina leaves


10:02pm Cam 1-2 Andy and Nick
Nick tells him Andy is cool if he wins HOH tomorrow.
Andy says same with him, “I promise you”

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How come on y’all ‘s twitter feed in the middle of the page, y’all keep showing only male nudity? Show so of the woman like for instance, those pics of Jessie stretching(wow) or Kaitlin’s boobs in the shower? WTF #BringBackBBAD2Sho2 #NoMaleNudes

Janelle pov queen

He wipe his ass with Elissa hat that shit is just tacky she can get sick from that she can get the pink eye and many other things for that it take a jack ass to wipe his ass with someone’s mother fucking hat!!! I hate his ass and his little friends don’t do shit but sit there I’m so piss


How the f*ck is she going to get pink eye from a hate that goes on her head? It’s not a pillow.


Nick for MVP YO!!!


I’ll YO! that YO! (Does that make me a Yo-yo?) I voted for nick last time. Will do it again.

Janelle pov queen

Aaryn just told David that he does “gay stuff” all the time.

Isn’t she a ball of joy?

Confused Parent

Actually, someone that tells other people that they do “Gay stuff” doesn’t sound like a ball of joy. Well, at least in my books. In fact, i think that was actually a very rude and unpleasant thing to say. Ball’s of joy’s do not say rude and unpleasant things and, therefor i don’t think she is one. I would actually call her the opposite of a ball of joy: a racist homophobic a$$ wipe that need to get her filthy bottom out of here ASAP!


I think the “ball of joy” comment by Janelle Pov queen was sarcasm. I don’t think anyone thinks Aaryn is a ball of joy. You are right about Jeremy, he’s a horrible bully.

Confused Parent

Now, this may sound inappropriate, but i strangely wish that Elissa’s hat has sharp edges, which upon Jeremy proceeds to rub it all around his filthy and unwashed sphincter, cuts himself and gets a cut. Unaware he continues being a filthy orangutang and finally realizes he has an anal infection and is pulled out of the competition.


As of tonight, who is going home David (Hopefully), Elissa or Jessie? Every time I watch BBAD they don’t really talk about it and all the post are giving me mixed feelings.

Chilltown Fan

Does anyone else suspect GM might have more of a mental breakdown than Aaryn over David’s eviction? GM has shown to be a roller coaster of emotion. I hope she doesn’t self-evict.


I agree! Jeremy is the absolute WORST!!! I can’t wait till he is GONE!! What a jerkoff!!!!!!


Wow, just saw the picture of Jeremy and Elissa’s hat.. thats very low, immature, and disgusting. He should be evicted for destroying someone’s property.


I commented on another post about this, but a second comment never hurts.
I am shocked that production didn’t intervene right away. Not only is that wrong on numerous “ick factor” levels, but it’s also really unsanitary. She’s going to put that on her HEAD! Such a dick move.


Lol Jeremy wiping his a$$ with that hat is clASSic. Hopefully it is Elissa’s. She doesn’t do anything and still gets MVP. Everyone talks about why she shouldn’t go home for being Rachel’s sister, well then she shouldn’t be getting MVP.
I would love to see Aaryn and Kaitlin to stay around a while just because of how fun they are to look at.
Hopefully something happens to get Elissa out. I like David. Even though he’s like half mental, I think he’s a pretty cool guy.
Howard is definitely in the best spot in the game right now. Nobody is talking about getting him out, everyone likes him, he’s a beast and on top of all that a strong Christian.


all I can say about your comment is .. YOU NAME SAYS IT ALL … I am guessing you are one of the same with that low life Jeremy …

Boogie Nights

I was going to criticize you for approving of the hat incident and liking David, but then I saw you named yourself DOuchebag.

thumbs up!


I agree nobody should win MVP based on who their family is, production shouldn’t allow that, she didn’t do anything to earn the MVP, it was handed to her on a silver platter, let the people that are actually making MOVES, get that power.

Who gets MVP should’ve been more like Survivor, where the best player of the day gets MVP, hopefully Production sees reason, and make sure that the right HG gets MVP..


production best take care of that hat right NOW. seriously, that is some total BS right there. this isn’t about rooting for hg’s, this is about health and safety. that is disgusting.


I wish Howard would take his shirt off.


I feel bad for david. hes trying to play dan’s game, and gina marie is almost airing out his game to everyone and drawing this huge target on him. he probably hopes she completely breaks down when david goes(which she will)

Chilltown Fan

Aaryn: “Helen is making so many mistakes, and she doesn’t even know it”…LOL!!! Oh tomorrow’s episode is going to be glorious!!!

Biff Tannen

Nick is playing a super clean game so far. He’s going to be very tough to get out of that house. He’s by far the early favorite to win. I also like Howard as a sleeper. His social game is non-existent, but in his case that could be a good thing. The longer a dude that big and athletic can stay under the radar the better it is, I think, for him.

I have a feeling we’re lined up for a serious MVPOWERSHIFT next week with someone like Judd or Helen winning HOH.

Confused Parent

I agree with you about Nick and Howard, they’re doing a great job so far.
I also think Elissa and Helen have a really good chance in winning the next HOH as the 2nd HOH comp is usually a quiz or mental style competition. Helen is obviously very smart and if it’s a reaction game, Elissa has a fairly decent chance as well.


I agree on everything except the Judd or Helen being HOH .. I would rather see ..Candice or Elisia win it .. and watch the rats scrabble .. lol


All about the MC, but I would be totally cool with Jeremy being the first casualty of that alliance. The dude is hot-headed, immature douchebag that lets his small head do all his thinking. Clearly the weak link of the MC. I also am shocked, SHOCKED to be saying this, but I really like Elissa. Other than greatly resembling her sister and having some of the same mannerisms, she is nothing like Rachel. But my favorite of this season so far is Nick.

From the poster formerly known as The Voices Inside Danielle’s Head


This is going around the Internet.
Due to CBS’s editing people are upsetthat they voted for Aaryn for MVP , the little Texan Sweetheart, when she is a racist pig. Only the live feeds show who they really are, and people are feeling fooled.

Lady E

What the hell, so production interferes about the toothbrush incident but this is different?

King Silva

I know right?!

They should for sure tell them both about what happened..

Elissa should tell the entire house and if that fucker tries to deny it Julie should call him out on it tomorrow!

Chilltown Fan

Nick is my favorite too, but the guy is playing a terrible social game. To his credit, he did open up a bit today, and actually socialized with the houseguests more than usual. Spencer and Andy mentioned him being more social today. Nick wont win if he doesn’t improve his social game. I love my BB strategists, but that has mostly been the only thing Nick has been doing. It’s similar to Russell Hantz’s Survivor gameplay, be a brilliant strategist and then suck at the social side of the game.


What a first week so far. Is Jeremy counted in the total for David or for Elissa? Has he had ANY MC contact, or is he considered Bieber Fever?

MVP of the week so far has to be McCrae, because he started out the awkward one most likely to go soonish to one of the brains behind the MC and no one really talking about evicting him after he loses HoH. I mean Nick’s probably in deeper cover and working more on,the MC’s Xanatos Gambit than McCrae, but he’s also a target for some.


I’ve been thinking about this MVP wrinkle and I’m wondering how long it will be a part of the game because it could be a b***h for all smart/strong players. In past seasons, the fear of nominating a smart/strong player was that they could survive, after which they are going to seek revenge against the HOH who nominated them. How many HOH’s in the past have taken a “safe” route for this very reason? But with the MVP all of that changes and the fact that the HG’s have not only gone along with it, but are actually planning to evict the MVP nominee, spells a trouble for the best players.

Part of me is surprised that Nick or somebody who came into the house with a clear plan or strategy would not have attempted to steer the house to the notion that they should not allow the audience to hijack their game and put out the idea that they should refuse to vote for whoever was the MVP nominee just to see if it could stick (if you’re Nick, you can always get enough people to go back on any agreement anyway). Instead, they all just accepted it and now in the very first week are going to evict the anonymously chosen nominee. It sets a really bad precedent. Now there will be constant speculation on who is the MVP each week (considering they all think they’re going to get shows how little awareness they have) and that person is actually encouraged to throw up either a pawn or a theoretical threat, since going directly after an enemy would surely give away their MVP status. For all the HG’s know, the MVP could throw up anybody for no reason at all and then once they are on the block, suddenly the idea of taking the opportunity to evict could take hold…even though you were never the initial target. That’s f****d up.

The MVP changes everything in a way that I don’t know people are appreciating. Rather than assuming they will get the special power, the HG’s should be planning with the idea of never receiving it and the understanding that they will always being a candidate for nomination regardless of the HOH. The reality is that nobody is ever safe…and should encourage people to be as nice and political as possible. Which brings me to the MC, who are placing as much blind trust in each other as the ridiculous showmance couples, WAY too early in the game. That they think they have the house wired after less than a week, blindly assuming everything they hear is the truth, simply because they’re (over) orchestrating the 1st eviction, which historically speaking is usually the easiest. Now that they’re upsetting the easy flow of the house- blindsiding some while hoping others are blamed- after David is gone, there will be a new shake-up, the results of which could change many dynamics. All that needs to happen is a huge fight between several HG’s, followed by the usual apologies, and suddenly new lines of communication form and the fingers could very easily get pointed in any number of directions. Remember this is just WEEK 1 and nothing is set in stone this early and this cast is HIGHLY irrational and irrational players are as hard to predict as they are to control. I think the MC has a false sense of security because they’ve managed to evict a guy in the 1st week.


production has the hat


Well for tomorrows HOH comp if it is a Mental or something like that I hope Aaryn wins it that would be amazing but people all over is saying Aaryn is crazy well if y’all think she’s crazy then y’all think she isn’t going to win simple is that I mean you got to have faith for whoever your favorite contestant is and I got faith for Aaryn that she will/might win any comp but for me she may win with the questions but she ain’t going to win an endurance because look how tiny she is look at her tan dark legs she is tiny and I am almost like her and she is a little bit taller than myself I havn’t been to a doctor since last year but im going sometime this year and last time I went I was like 5’4 and I am TINY she may be taller than me but I am skinner than her I weigh like 84 pounds that’s a preety good weight for me but look how close she was about to win that 1st HOH comp I may be wrong about her endurance comp but I highly doubt she wont win a endurance comp because look at those guys they are way stronger than Aaryn lol but at least we didn’t see Kaitlyn and Jeremy together on BB after Dark I think Kaitlyn and Jeremy are a fake showmance now on the other hand I can tell David and Aaryn could be boyfriend and girlfriend outside the house now remember when Kaitlyn was complaining about her stomach hurting on BB After Dark earlier?? Well I myself would rather here her complaining about her stomach than watch Kaitlyn and Jeremy fake showmance together and so happy I didn’t see them together earlier well David you might want to enjoy your last Aaryn because you might I said just might go home which I don’t want him to go I like Elissa and Jessie but I like David more now if it was someone I didn’t like say Judd and Candice which I don’t like them 2 and Elissa I would pick Elissa because I like her way better than Judd and Candice. Candice reminds me of a Natalie from BB 11 because of her voice and Gina kinda remids me of her to just because she is sooo hyper Natalie is also hyper just don’t sound like each other well sounds like David’s going home bye bye David I really don’t want you to go but oh well:( but you never know Elissa could flip out tonight or tomorrow and have the houseguests flip and vote out Elissa and keep Jessie and and David hopefully he stays but don’t think so:(

Day Yum Yum

An ex-GF of Jeremy’s commented on another site advising the fans what a total a-hole and tool he is. Some thought she remarked because she was jealous. Obvi not. She is on the money!