Zephyr Modeling Agency DROPS Aaryn Gries for RACIST Comments Made Inside the BB House!


After less than a week of the Big Brother 15 live feeds the after affects of the words and actions of the house guests inside the house are already starting to change their lives outside of the house. With every moment of the house guests time inside the big brother house being watched and documented by millions across America it is not surprising that the comments and views of some of the house guests are causing alarm outside the house. Numerous house guest have made a startling amount of racist, homophobic and misogynist comments. The house guests making these comments is growing and so far includes: Aaryn Gries, GinaMarie Zimmerman, Kaitlin Barnaby, David Girton, McCrae Olson, Jeremy McGuire, Spencer Clawson, and Amanda Zuckerman.

Recently reported by Reality Blurred posted a list of some of the most disturbing comments made by the Big Brother 15 cast.

CBS released a statement Tuesday stating:

“At times, the Houseguests reveal prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone.” They say that yes, the “Big Brother 2013” statements have been offensive, but they “do not represent the views or opinions of CBS or the producers of the program.”

In terms of the comments Aaryn has made inside the house her modeling agency has not surprisingly dropped her from their roster and released her from her contract.

A few of the comments she has made include:

  • She called Andy a “queer”
  • She said to the Asian house guest Helen behind her back “go make some rice” and “she is the first Asian I know that doesn’t do nails”
  • She advised another house guest saying about Candice the African American, “watch what you say in the dark, you might not see the b*tch”


Zephyr Talent stated on their facebook page:

“Aaryn, season 15 cast member of Big Brother, revealed prejudices and other beliefs that we (Zephyr Talent) do not condone. We certainly find the statements made by Aaryn on the live Internet feed to be offensive. Any views or opinions expressed in personal commentary by Aaryn, either on any live feed from the House or during the broadcast, are hers alone and do not represent the views or opinions of Zephyr Talent. Upon much consideration, we have decided to release Aaryn from her contract with Zephyr Talent.”

CBS Interactive Inc.

TMZ reported:

Aaryn Gries — the Paula Deen of the “Big Brother” house — has been dropped by her modeling agency after dropping racist and homophobic comments in the BB house … TMZ has learned.

Gries has been under fire for referring to a gay houseguest as a “queer” … AND for telling an Asian-American houseguest to “shut up and go and make some rice” … AND for saying racist stuff about black people.

When referring to a black contestant, Aaryn said “Be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to see that b*tch.”


Source: Zephyr Talent Facebook page
Source: TMZ.com

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I could imagine chilltown right now
boogie-hey wil do you still watch big brother?
wil- of course
boogie- well do you know aaryn from bb15?
wil- the racist homophobic blonde idiot
boogie- yes well today she got fired from zephyr talent and tonight her showmance david the bigger idiot is going home.
*both laugh*

POOP (people offended by offened people)

Self-righteousness (also called sanctimoniousness, sententiousness, and holier-than-thou attitudes[1]) is a feeling or display of (usually smug) moral superiority[2] derived from a sense that one’s beliefs, actions, or affiliations are of greater virtue than those of the average person.

People with double standards or people who hold others to a higher morality than they exhibit themselves do not get my respect. Get off your soap boxes hypocrites!

STFU Donnie

Here’s the thing: I feel for Aaryn simply because she’s a dumb young person who still parrots the bigotry likely earned at home. She either believes this or is not worldly enough to understand her own ignorance…or at least be smart enough to hide it like all the other racist bigots in the US. While I think BB should absolutely show what she has said to the CBS audience and look like they’re acquiescing in silence by NOT doing so, I personally would pull her aside and tell her she has a lot of growing up and a lot of learning to do…something her family and friends should have told her before letting her free on TV, but then, they’re likely the source of her nonsense to begin with.

However, her modeling agency dropping her and should CBS respond in some way is all about business. Like Paula Deen, this isn’t about morality or sanctimony, this is about CASH. If your customers (viewers, advertisers, and sponsors) are offended by your employees message, then to protect your bottom line, that employee has to be made an example out of. This isn’t about political correctness, it’s about making money…and the money of Black people, Asian people, Gay people, etc is just as good as anybody else’s.


Aaryn was pulled into the DR (Directors Room) room last night durring the live feeds. Who knows what was said..this could be the case about warning her, or maybe to let her know that she hasbeen fired from 2 different agencise already. Unfortunitly we may not know. She did she however hear the booing from the audience through the wall because it was so loud when she was voting to have elissa evicted. I don’t think the rest of the house knows this as of yet either. But she now feels that most of america doesn’t like her, and that was verified during the TVGN feeds when she turned toward the live feed camera and gave the middle finger to America. What a friggin loser she is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poop Sucks

Wouldn’t “People Offended By [Offened] People” be POBOP….not Poop? Ya moron! And by the way, nobody can tell someone else what they should or should not be offended by. That’s ludicrous.

You Mad Bro?

Go eat your name.

Chilltown Fan

Dr. Will who hardly comments about BB these days, and only watched last year because of Boogie, took to twitter to make some comments, he twitted, “Does anyone else wonder if Paula Deen watches the Big Brother Live Feeds” LOL!!!


Aaryn is not the only one that needs to be accountable for her actions. Along with her the comments made by Amanda, GM, Spencer, McCrae and Jeremy are just as disgusting and disturbing. These other idiots are older and still act as if they are immature bigots. They all need to be held accountable!!


I know that the others you mentioned had said some pretty bad things, but what did McCrae say? I think I missed that! Do you have like a link or anything?


dawg and simon yall do a awesome job…I tip my hat off to u guys because u guys sniff through all the bullshit and give us the best information …. love u guys

topic i hope aARYN //// JEREMY /// GINA DOESNT MAKE IT TO JURY .. can u guys imagine gigi and Aaryn in jury and the final two are HOWARD and NICK these gils wont even look or consider howard … everyone has their opinion i just wish one of my african brothers or sisters can win big brother i will keep my fingers cross . … hope howard start winning stuff


I hope Aaryn stays all summer because I am finding her fascinating and highly entertaining. I think she has been raised this way or hangs out with other racists. The beautiful sweet looking girl has a dark soul, or she is completely ignorant….or she is just clueless. I think if she stayed in a diverse household it may change her for the better.


I disagree. I think the sooner she gets out and has to deal with the consequences of her own actions, the better. The longer she stays in this house, the deeper hole she is going to dig for herself. Everyone that she knows, except for those that share her warped beliefs, is going to look at her differently after less than two weeks in the house. It will only get worse the longer she stays in the BB house.


I was going to give your comment a thumbs up but didn’t want to mess up the 66 6 rating ya got goin on. 😉


Good for her. She doesn’t deserve to be a model when she says such racist things.


She could still be a model as she is a pretty girl and has a good “look”. However, after this she’ll probably have trouble getting work with another agency or even freelancing. The thing with models is that they are in a sense representing a company or a product and as such the companies don’t want themselves or their products linked with any controversy. I think her behavior in the house has forever tainted her.


I think she better get that GPA up. Her modeling days are pretty much over.


That what you get to make a racist remarks Aaryn. You should be ashame to yourself, if I was her I should apologize and get my modeling contract back. Don’t be a fool like Jeff Schroder.


At least one business enterprise has some common sense – and yes, this is American the land of freedom and free speech – however – Aaryn the airhead said what she did on live television – oops! This young woman is in for a rude awakening when she is shown the door – maybe Charlie Sheen will meet her along with Julie Chang.


I highly doubt this is the last HG to lose their job over their actions in this house. Funny thing is, at first I thought that I would like GiGi and Country Bumpkin Barbie, but wow were my first impressions dead wrong. And Jeremy is a waste of flesh. The MC needs to move him out ASAP.


YES! She deserves it…


So, Karma came early, eh? Well, thank God. People need to know that bullcrap like this, will NOT be tolerated. I can’t wait for her to feel the sting when she gets out of that house. This cast as a whole has to be the most atrocious ever in BB history.

BB Mom

Classic “Mean Girl”


I am a firm believer in karma. Well done Zephyr.


Can’t wait for her (Aaryn) to get out of the house and see what her hatred and ignorance have gotten her. This is the worst cast ever, I cannot stand any of these people and they are not growing on me. I don’t know what CBS was thinking….


Maybe now CBS will stop trying to paint her as the good girl


Does BB allow the array of offensive remarks that are stirring up controversy to go unchecked because it actually increases viewer numbers on both the live feeds and the broadcast shows through the very controversy itself? To a point, obviously yes. They probably wouldn’t stop the behaviour by giving warnings unless it had a financial impact on the show, eg. sponsors pulling out…lower viewer numbers, etc. I am blown away by the large number in this cast who thoughtlessly express these negative prejudiced views without considering the consequences to their real world life. They feed off each other because of this and it just encourages further offensive behavior.


when I saw aaryn I though she was going ro be the sweetest girl but
man was I wrong hopefully when she evicted Julie Chen will slap the shit out of that bitch. now that will be good tv.


Aaryn is really the biggest idiot. Does she not realize that JULIE CHEN, a Korean American woman who not only hosts the Big Brother Show, does NOT do ARYAN’s nails, but is married to the true HOH (HEAD OF HONCHO’s ), LES MOONVES, owner of the entire CBS Network?? Boy is she dumb.


I know right, Aaryn shouldn’t make racial remarks about Asian American and even Big Brother 4 winner Jun Song is Korean American. She is Korean and she won on Big Brother 4.


Also, it’s so fitting that GinaMarie’s last name would be Zimmerman.


“Zimmerman?” Really? That comment is no better than anything GinaMarie or Aaryn has said.


This year’s cast is actually uncomfortable to watch. I can only identify THREE that I can tolerate – Howard, Helen and Elissa.


My thoughts exactly, Rick. I’d also add that it would be nice if those who have a need to express their disdain for such talk could do so without dropping the F-bomb and other such garbage talk.


Not that I believe what she says should be said and yes she deserves to be punished for it. I am rooting for Howard and Spencer. However you people on here that call her the Country Bumpkin Barbie, and Bitch are no better then she is. You that called her a Country Bumpkin Barbie do you have something against Country people?

POOP (people offended by offened people)

Well said Rick!


I got this off Urban Dictionary. Now who does this sound like?

Country Bumpkin: A person, usually from a rural area, the south or small town; who speaks or behaves in a manner that indicates a lack of understanding of the ever changing, modern world. Country bumpkins tend to speak in terms of social overtones indicative of pre-civil rights America and characteristically speak in offensive terms without knowledge of doing so. A bumpkin is more ignorant than uneducated, though most are probably uneducated. Either way, educated or not, country bumpkins are neccesarily ignorant. Country bumpkins come in every ethnicity and in both genders.

And no, I got nothing againist those that live in the country (I would rather live in the country than the city but that won’t work with my current job), but I do have issues with her actions. And IMO she comes across as the above definition describes.


Rick, if it makes you feel better, I will refer to her as White Supremist Barbie. That better?


McCrae got a bad rap – being grouped with the others. His comments (as far as I know) were more about himself rather than degrading to women


His facebook is a lot more than KINDA Disturbing!!!!! Seriously, this nut is apparently into Nazi’s!! I mean where did CBS find these people? I mean Hitler killed millions of people and this is what he puts on his Facebook. Looks as if CBS just cast racists, mean girls, anti gay and women haters and Nazi sympathizers this season. All of these people need to go with the exception of Howard, Helen and Elissa. It is a really sick and demented cast!


i’m so glad this happened. and, before any free speech zealots jump up and down over zephyr’s decision, remember: she has the right to say what she thinks, not the right to be free from any consequences.


I’m just happy that there are finally repercussions for Aaryn’s actions. Hopefully some if the others will have some too! I hope Aaryn finds out about the contract in her exit interview…that would be good TV!!!


Why is Aaryn the main one being targeted, when other people said some racist things too and the media hardly saying anything about them. They all should be blamed for the nasty things they said.


I don’t think she is being singled out, but rather the first one to suffer any reprecussions for what she said. Like I said earlier, I highly doubt she’s the last HG to suffer outside the house for actions in the house. And the stories that I have seen on the internet point out everyone that has been using racial comments. But her and GiGi have been the worst in the house so far, but there certainly are others that aren’t far behind them in the amount of hate they spew for the world to see and hear.


i am lost on when the time period is where you can vote for mvp…everytime i go to vote it says that the voting has closed…. anyone care to help ?? i promise i’m not voting for aaryn!

Namejrt from sc

Had a dream last night aaryn was expell on live tv


When Aaryn eventually gets evicted, Julie Chen fittingly gets the opportunity to confront her about her ‘rice’ insult and I hope she rips her a new one and wipes that smug, sneering grin off her ignorant, entitled, bratty face.
I bet the studio audience boos when she steps out the door.
I would.


jc is way too classy to even acknowledge a racist remark like that on national tv, so i wouldn’t expect it. that said, i’d love to watch aaryn squirm after being confroted with zephyr’s decision during her exit interview!


There’s still hope for Aryan’s modeling career, folks! Racists, don’t fret! I’m sure the KKK or any neo-nazi movement would love to have her in their roster of models…and breeders. How about a two-fer…Spencer and Aryan? I’m sure they’d breed some fine future haters. Her parents are either extremely horrified by this — or extremely proud. Karma:)


I vote PROUD!

Suzy Sunshyne

Hey great minds think alike…lol


It’s really disturbing that in this day and age people find this kind of talk acceptable.. Anyone cheering Aaryn or finding her entertaining needs to reflect on who they are because offending others should not be entertaining or tolerated!

Janelle pov queen

Now CBS needs to follow & show her hateful comments ago with Ginamarie & Spencer.
I do feel slightly bad the media is only focusing on her when those two said some terrible thing as well & Ginamarie works with Kids!


What I don’t understand is the fact that they all know that they are being recorded nearly 24/7. Why make those comments when nearly all the world has the opportunity to hear you? The whole Paula Dean thing happened post-entry into the house, but can’t they go off of past blunders that have gotten previous houseguests in trouble?


There is a certain arrogance that comes with that energy…that speak….they don’t really think it is wrong….it is a type of consciousness that is on the planet.


I bet she either doesn’t show for the finale or CBS will not even acknowledge her…


Oh, dear Zeus, Ginamarie works with kids?! Hope she doesn’t dryhump their stuffed animals while they’re napping.


I think it’s disgusting that you guys are wishing for her to have a bad life after the game. Yes she deserves consequences, but just the fact that you’re celebrating about someone losing their job when it’s extremely hard to find one in this economy is down right pathetic. I don’t agree with Aaryn’s words or comments at all, but I’m not going to be having a party because she lost her job…


it isn’t pathetic….its being tired of people getting away with things like this for so long….it’s a different game now….not much can be hidden anymore and people are finding that there are consequences.


I am right along with you in thinking people saying these things is getting old, but why don’t people hold rappers accountable the same way?


As a model/wannabe actress she’s in the public eye or planned to be therefore she has to be aware of her public image. I’m not celebrating that she ‘lost her job’ I just don’t feel bad that she lost her contract. She made her bed now she has to lay in it.


I was so happy at first that there were 3 Texans on the show this year. Boy, what a disappointment ! I don’t know where they dug these looser up at. If they didnt tell me I would of never of guessed they were from Texas. All three of them are racist ,sexist idiots ! I’m glad Aaryn is going to get what she deserves for her comments. Hopefully it will knock some since in her. And Jeremy (I’m sure he is making his mama real proud) has no regard for women at all. Then there’s Jesse …she just has no self esteem and wants boys to notice her. Texas is a great state with lots of great people…did CBS just scrape the bottom of our trash cans to find the 3 most offensive idiots in the state?


i just dont understand, do these people not understand what the live feeds are? i’m no racist or biggot, but even i would be thinking twice about everything i say. a lot of this cast sure is ignorant/immature.

Suzy Sunshyne

Hey guys don’t sad for her the KKK talent agency has spot they are willing to give to Aryan when she gets out! she will be fine!



Amy N

So far Elissa is showing more class than any of these kids. I can not stand bigotry of any kind and I hope Aaryn grows up soon because after BB she’s going to need a real job.


Why is Aaryn taking all of the blame and not Spencer or GinaMarie? They have said far more worst things.


GinaMarie just lost her job in the pageant world.


It would be amazing if when Julie tells David he’s been evicted she tells Aaryn to walk out right behind him! or Jeremy! He is a very disrespectful individual.

Dr. Jesse

Do you realize how we have reached a point in society where a murder can be ignored but not a stupid word. I do not condone as a reformed, unintentional word misuser myself. Stupid can be a real downer where exposed to the world. Mrs. Deen told the world she had spoken as a child but had done away with these childish mistakes and she has lost EVERYTHING. What would have happened if she had actually put it in an album for sale? Oh, we forgive that because it is on purpose??? I just am amazed at the vitriol aimed at word usage. BB called out Brandon ?? on 14 so why not here? I just do not think a person should be destroyed for dumb, insensitive words. Called out, YES, line drawn on further remarks…HECK yes. BB,
CBS and TVGN are just as a fault for not putting guests on high alert. Just another anonymous opinion, thank goodness.

Blank XIII

Point of order:

It is not just what Dean said. She wanted to throw a “good old fashioned southern plantation wedding’ and tried to hire catering that would act out the part of house slaves for her and her white wealthy friends amusement. She deserves to lose EVERYTHING. Hell, far as I’m concerned, she deserved it for lying about her diabedis for years while endorsing a diet of deep fried cheesecake slathered in butter.

Aaryn will get just what she deserves. A chance to change.


Simon/Dawg, Looks like Gina’s been fired too! hahaha!


Sweet Karma. Thanks again for all the work you guys do.

Bbuk fan

I think MVP voting will take place after eviction do the evicted housemate will be removed from the list


I’ve seen alot about Aaryn, but how come nobody is making a big deal over GinaMaries comments? What I read was that she said welfare was Ni**er insurance. Someone feel free to correct me if not


Do you think that Bud Light dropped GinaMarie Zimmerman too? She was a former bud light fantasy girl was she not??? she is annoying anyways.. Hope brachel’s sister goes home this week and GM next…


Seriously? Really? Is this a joke? The problem is not what these people are saying, it is that there are sensitive viewers that watch reality tv and then complain they don’t like reality. What kind of rock do you live under that you have never heard people talk like that? When people are trying to put someone down, they use what they have to work with. If you are short, someone will make short jokes, if you are fat, someone will make fat jokes. That is life. It isn’t pretty, but it is reality. Why don’t all the complainers go watch court tv and complain about some real problems.


Oh, and by the way, if you don’t like it, CHANGE THE CHANNEL! If the only reason you watch BB is so you can sit on your couch and judge people, then you are just like the people you complain about.


I don’t even know why this has so much talk?? Aaryn is the true blame for all in my opinion they all should be blamed for it not just Aaryn because it isn’t really fair to Aaryn for all this blame it should be Gigi and Spencer and Amanda and McRae and who else? To me it isn’t really fair to Aaryn and since Aaryn lost her job I can only say YIKES lol and since she lost her job it is easy to find another job but with this economy she may not and if she applies for another I don’t think they would remember Aaryn from BB yeah they are truly going to straight up to say weren’t you from BB NOT that can happened but I don’t think it would happened to her if she applies for another job and I myself you would get a lot of money but modeling would NOT be my job period. Its just like I just want to say to people give her a chance at this game like really its a game yes I agree it is hurtful to say yes I agree but its a game everyone is going to talk bad at some point and once Aaryn is out of the house (Not going to say evicted) but once she’s out and she see’s all this nasty things she said she is going to be mad at herself for what she said and then so she is going to see all these bad nasty things in America that people are talking bad about her but this is America you can say what you want this is America you are free to be whatever you want so live your dreams and be kind to one another being kind to one another is NEVER going to happened because if its like this now its going to like it forever so enjoy yourselfs while you can you all think this is the worst cast ever?? I don’t think it is however I will say this its not the best cast but I love this cast Aaryn is sooooooo pretty she looks like a Barbie doll lol y’all think she is going to be evicted you never know she can be at the final 2 and win and y’all would be ashamed of yourselves because y’all made a wrong choice that she didn’t win I myself is a fan of Aaryn she is pretty and I think is smart and funny:)) Yes like I said they are wrong words to say and hurtfull but im here for the game and who is my favorite this season and I myself is white not blackI am white so if I was black and someone said im racist im just going to ignore what they say and move on because I myself don’t give a crap what they say to me or say im white (which I am) and a black person came up and said why are you white im going to answer there question and say that’s how I was made I never in my life have someone come up to me and say nasty things and glad I isn’t around black people and gang members at the end of the day I am glad at how I was made short or tall skinny or fat eather way your black or white I am glad I am glad to be on this earth:)) Just enjoy this world America before it ends not to long before it ends so just enjoy life that’s all thank you:))

BB15 letdown

Did anyone else notice that David mispronounces her name? He was actually calling her Aryan? Ironic or are the producers setting us up for the racist remarks? I am hoping it is B. I actually now watch to see if they show the truth since I pretty much despise everyone who is getting air time.


Karma is a bitch,they will all get what they deserve in the end. What is going on this year on Big Brother,seems a little boring,waiting for it to change,plus The After Dark Show stinks to many commercials,and every other word is bleeped out,why did they change it this year? This is one show I always can’t wait to see,do they even interview these people or maybe they thought this would make for good TV with all this racist stuff,people are talking,and they are talking about them. They need God in their lives and prayer,how sad to act this way,what a shame.