Helen says “We need to turn this house around from being a wh*re house!”

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda

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1:50pm – 2:05pm On the backyard couch – Jessie is telling Helen about how she meet Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey when she was out with her sister. She says that they all went back to Lance’s house and had a slumber party. Helen says that is so crazy its hard to believe. Meanwhile on the backyard couch Candice tells Aaryn – I hope you know I was just trying to protect her from the guys alliance. Candice says that she was the first person to figure it out. Candice tells her that each of the boys were supposed to control their girls. Jeremy was supposed to control you and Kaitlin, McCrae was supposed to control Amanda and Howard was supposed to control me. Aaryn says to be honest I kind of already knew that Jeremy voted out David. But in my heart I wanted to move past it and I knew Jeremy would protect me. Candice says that she thinks all of the girls have beautiful qualities and I would hate it for the guys to make it to the end. I want us girls to come together and make it to the end. Aaryn says that she has been working on talking to Elissa more. Aaryn tell Candice that she appreciates her saying that. Judd comes out and joins Jessie, Aaryn and Candice on the couch. Candice starts going off again about how Jeremy called Howard a coward. McCrae joins them. The asks each other what would be more fun the BB house or the playboy mansion. Aaryn comments that in here you can’t run away from people. Aaryn says that in here you need to be able to mend things and forgive. Candice says that there are people that forgive someone on death row for killing their loved one so we can have forgiveness for someone flipping your mattress.

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2:10pm McCrae and Candice talk on the backyard couch. They figure a double eviction is coming soon and that someone might be coming back. McCrae says there is also the question if there are 9 jury members or 7. Helen and Judd join them on the couch. Candice comments that Jeremy told her she should be careful because he might come back. Helen says we need good people to win. We need to turn this house around from being a wh*re house! Helen talks about how Jeremy made her cry. Those were real tears! That was verbal abuse! Candice joins them. McCrae says he can’t stand inconsiderate people. Helen says her too and that she didn’t realize it until she met him. Helen says she is going to say in her goodbye message “Have a great time sailing around Australia with your never not pass.” Helen tells Judd and McCrae not to worry, you two are safe we are just picking off the a$$holes. This week is going to be fun, I don’t want to be yelled at and abused. Helen says we are good people that don’t deserve to be abused.

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2:30pm Judd, McCrae and Amanda talk about the “quack pack” alliance from last season. They talk about making up an allinace name – McCrae says what about the “goof troop” (McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Judd) for us but we will call it the “knockouts” with Helen and Elissa. Amanda says Andy made it clear that he was okay if Helen made it to the final four but was fine with her going. Amanda says that it would be better to get rid of her sooner than later before the MVP twist runs out. Judd tells Amanda that Helen wanted him to promise not to vote out Kaitlin next week if I won HOH but I told her I couldn’t promise that. Amanda agrees. Judd talks about wanting to put up Howard and Jessie. Judd says that is why I don’t want to do the showmantic thing with Jessie because I don’t want someone to put us up for that.

2:40pm – 2:55pm In the bedroom – Candice is talking to Elissa and Andy about the confrontation she had with Jeremy out in the backyard. Andy says god, I miss everything! Elissa says she wishes they didn’t still have 4 more days of this with him. Elissa asks did he say anything else. Candice says he said I was going next. Andy laughs about how all three of them were like fu*k the moving company. The moving company forgot about the social aspect of the game. Jeremy didn’t know how to treat people. Nick never had a personal connection with people. And McCrae, Howard and Spencer created connections with people that were on opposite sides of the house. Andy tells Gina I totally think Nick had something special with you. Big Brother tells the house guests this is a lock down please go inside and close the sliding glass door. Their conversation turns to talking about Kim Kardashian. Gina says you know who is “worser” …is that a word? Paris Hilton



CBS Interactive Inc.

3pm – 3:20pm The talk of the moving company continues in the bedroom. Aaryn says we should have made an alliance call the “Vag-tasitc voyage” Aaryn starts talking about her zumba classes. She says her instructor stretches her back and forth in places she has never been stretched … and now I don’t pay for classes any more.

3:25pm – 3:45pm In the lounge room – Amanda asks McCrae so do you regret not saying you don’t want to be on slop. McCrae says yeah. Amanda says I think I am handling it better than you are. Andy joins them. They tell him about their new alliance name “The goof troop”. Andy likes it. Judd joins then and they tell him. They talk about Candice’s blow up. Andy talks about how annoyed he is that he missed it. Andy says that Judd and him have a thing that when in doubt blame Candice. Amanda says that Candice will defend Howard to the end. They are hooking up now and I think he actually kinda likes her. Andy comments that Kaitlin wants Howard out. Amanda says good. Spencer, Howard, Aaryn and Candice join them and they all talk about the past events of the house that were funny. Gina joins them and they tell her they are pointing out all the funny moments about each other in the house.


3:50pm Bath time in the HOH room. Elissa joins them and they talk about who of them they think would waste the money if they won it. They think Spencer, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn would all waste it.


4pm In the downstairs bathroom – Aaryn talks to Gina about how much different things would have been if Jeremy hadn’t turned on David. Think about it .. and it will be our downfall. Aaryn says that if David was still here he and Nick would have been votes for Jeremy to stay.

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Before the MVP twist runs out? is this tramp saying that they can get Elissa to take out Helen? Yea right, that’s just like saying production won ‘t continue to protect their pets.


I would have self-evicted myself at this point. There’s no way that I could stand to stay in the same house as some of these bottom of the barrel garbage juice hoes.


Every time I hear GM on the feeds she is talking about Nick. Run Nick Run far, far, away.


Nick is going to hit it at least once, and then get a restraining order.

Speaking of restraining orders, did Shane ever get one for Danielle?

Ians Beer

No, Shane is/was an idiot…he did the next best thing….moved in with her lol!

Here, this will make you lose your lunch https://www.facebook.com/ShaneAndDanielleBB14


I shouldn’t be surprised?

Where else can a NeanderTALL an Alcoholic Skank(Brendon and Rachel), a Homophobic DoucheBag a Dimwit(Jeff and Jordon), and a B***h and a Psychopath(Shane and Danielle) find romance?

Big Brother

Jeremy/Kaitlin, Amanda/McVagina GM/Nick are next..


I cringed….

Zingbot Fan

I suggest that Nick should ” wrap it up.”


I don’t think Nick will even hit that….He seemed truly repulsed by her, lol.


I know right, Nick Run!


“Jessie is telling Helen about how she meet Lance Armstrong and Matthew McConaughey when she was out with her sister. She says that they all went back to Lance’s house and had a slumber party. ”

Ewww, what’s the smell? BULLS**T


Come on Helen….FOCUS!!!! Get the racist or Jeremy out of here.


I think Helen went on the wrong show….Sesame Street or Mr Rogers neighbohood might be more to her liking.
She needs to stop being a condescending witch. She treats them all like kids. News flash Helen …it’s Big Brother
.. she should take a look in the mirror..can’t wait to watch her jump as it all comes back and bites her in the ass


candice, please learn from howard how to walk away. jeremy is most likely leaving in three days – couldn’t you avoid another angry confrontation until then?

don’t you realize, when you get angry and yell at other hg for their nasty comments, you end up looking almost as bad as they do?


So I guess aaryn is sticking around for awhile? These idiots forgive too easily. If aaryn was hoh right now she would she would be making everyone’s life hell. Ugh this is so annoying!


They will get theirs next week if Kaitlin,Aaryn or Gm win HOH.. I want the tides to turn again, or bb becomes predictable, get all the bad people out one by one, BOOOOOOOORING

House needs to flip again, for the entertainment, for the DRAMA

Big Sister

Julie went off on Aaryn today on The Talk and called her behavior ignorant. I will lose all respect for Julie if she doesn’t come down hard on Aaryn when she is inevitably evicted. I want to see her face when she learns she has no job to go back to because of her racist statements and behavior.


She’ll just blame Candice for tricking everyone into thinking she is racist. She understands the concept that being called a racist is bad, but not that actual racism is. Or that “DUH I was just JOKING when I said that.” She’s totally ignorant.


I have lost all respect for Julie Chen who does not call Spencer out for his vile comments about women. Yes, Aaryn is ignorant but ignorance can be fixed but Spencer is another matter all together he is not jut ignorant but vile and mean. Julie Chen needs to shut her mouth up.


Oh get over it all ready ppl….Dumbasses say stupid things….ppl need to get over this out of control(or more corectly…government orchastrated)
Politicly Correct crap……Grow some thicker skin ppl ! Of course outright real hate and hate speech is not acceptable.
There is a difference. But dumbasses will be dumbasses and say stupid things. If you can not handle diversity then the BB house is not for you.

7 Seven 7

Judd and Andy are looking like they will be the floaters this season.


Don’t forget Jessie


“Aaryn says we should have made an alliance call the “Vag-tasitc voyage”

That’s an excellent name for a All-Girl alliance.


omg… what has gotten into Helen … hey girl your reign is over … you don’t control the house votes ect… wow I can not believe her …. makes me wonder about her and soon others are gonna get sick of her telling them what to do… like it is Helen`s law …lol


That’s why I don’t want Elissa to win HOH(like that would happen anyways LMFAO) becasue Helen, Amanda, and McVagina would be controlling everything she does.

We all know had production not stepped in, Howard would’ve been put on the block, that was clearly not her decision.


“Candice says that she thinks all of the girls have beautiful qualities”

Joke? This must be a joke every women in the house have terrible qualities, personal, and when it comes to BB


The fellas too


we all have good and bad qualities…..something people often like to overlook

they just found a cast full of people with some seriously epic bad qualities

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

THAT IS WHAT I”M SAYIN! Don’t we love the drama?? CBS did such a decent job of casting that even if we end up with another nerd herd scenario they will all be so quick to cut each others throats. They are all already displaying signs… the only genuine loyalty in the whole house is Amanda and McCrae

C'mon Man

On Looks Alone:

1) Kaitlin
2) Candace
3) Aaryn
4) Elissa
5) Helen
6) Amanda
7) Jessie
8) GM

Looks Plus Personality:

1) Candace
2) Kaitlin
3) Amanda
4) Elissa
5) Jessie
6) Helen
7) GM
8) Aaryn


I guess Kaitlyn’s good looks outweight her terrible personality a lot huh?

Over The Men Who Watch BB Jst 4 The Pretty Girls

Seriously??? Did you just rate the female HG’s by looks? Are you in high school? That is why this show is so bad…they would rather cast “pretty” dumb girls than smart average looking females that can run this game. You will never see a “McCrae” or “Spencer” looking girl in BB.

Are you serious....

Women do it all the time….full grown women…


I would take Elissa over Aryan anyday. Kaitlin is hot but her attitude sucks and Candace is no way #1 or #2 in looks. Aryan is skinny but has love handles, means she has no muscle. And she has a big bottom lip like Bubba from Forest Gump. And teeth like a shark, oh wait she is one…


i think all the girls in the house are attractive. not one is ugly physically. i think kaitlyn is naturally the prettiest, as well as jessie and candace. amanda is really pretty too but her fake boobs and gross out comments can be unattractive (although they also contribute to her being funny, which makes her more attractive). i dont like how fake elissa and gina’s looks are, i think it makes them the least attractive, gm moreso. aaryn would be pretty but her personality just absolutely ruins it for me.
the boys are all pretty attractive too, except maybe spencer. i thought he was cute when i first saw his picture cause i like bigger types but his misogynistic personality is awful. i guess jeremy, nick, judd and howard would be considered most attractive, but their personalities do nothing for me so i only like mccrae. i agree with amanda, i think he’s hot.
it may be “high school” to rate HGs on attractiveness, but if you watch the feeds a lot, you do tend to notice these things!!


Helen…….Calm down Chillax.


Hahaha .. I at first read “calm down .. Climax” … Lmao … Simon and dawgs title must have put my mind there 😛

billy bob

arryon is one hot racist,


its funny. I thought she was really pretty. sooooo pretty. but now that I’ve seen her personality, who she really is. I actually find her to be quite unattractive. to the point where when I see her, I catch myself making a face like “eww, I can’t stand this girl”


She’s doable, if she just keeps her mouth shut.


Well, id let her open it for a little while.


really? you’re no different than Spencer


Her mouth would still be closed, or rather “obstructed”…

Over The Men Who Watch BB Jst 4 The Pretty Girls

You guys are disgusting! You are no better than Spencer or Jeremy. You can’t see past the outside appearance of a woman, and when you do, you comment about how even though she is a racist you would still “DO” her! (as long as she had her mouth closed)

Let me guess….you boys are single?

Yup, I kinda figured.


STFU Donnie

I understand why you’re not pleased…but this is how almost every guy talks when surrounded by other guys, married, single, whatever.

You just got to see inside the proverbial locker room…


I bet Aaryn’s racist butt tastes like butterscotch too…tbh.


Amanda’ is running game on everyone! If anyone is MVP, its her. She’s good with just about everyone. However I feel she might overplay her hand at some point and get caught.


Amanda for MVP


i would give it to candace or helen for being instrumental at getting nick out and discovering the guys alliance

but it will again go to elissa


Ironic that Judd says he didn’t want to do the showmance thing with Jessie and he is saying it to the most dangerous showmance in the house. BB rule #1- break up the showmances.


yeah he is taking the target off himself and jess by saying that which is smart

Rocco Gianini

The MVP twist would have been so much better if the MVP had to always be anonymousand could never tell anyone e in the house. Do cha think?

Zingbot Fan

I wish the MVP was like the HOH and that the same person could not get it back to back weeks. The way it is now I wish they would just do away with it. It really takes away the power from the Head of Household.


That’s all they need to do to fix the mvp


That, and not having the same person to get it every week.

1 person gets it one week, they can’t get it for the next 2 weeks. Once it was known that MVP can be given to the same person every week, it instantly made the twist *in Evel Dick’s words* Complete and Utter BULLS**T.

Sheeple don’t have ab issue with it, because they have no common sense or unbiased when it comes to the game.


**an issue


I’d be happy if instead of the MVP that America would vote on who the third person on the block should be. 🙂


oh shut up Candace. can’t stand her! all girls alliance? she really is clueless right now. then how will that go with howard? oh let me guess, an all girls alliance plus howard. GOOD CALL!!!! I bet Amanda will toss mcrae aside to be third on that totem pole


Idk if Simon and Dawg put it on the site but a few days ago Candice actually said on the live feed that Helen and Elissa come first, she just likes Howard because he’s good company and he defended her when she needed defending. Candice, I think, is all about the game. She will probably be the only girl that doesn’t cry for hours on end because her “showmance” left.


I heard her say that I think she said that the night of the MVP nominations

Zingbot Fan

I like Helen but I would be fine if she wanted to take a 24 hour vow of silence. My ears need a rest.

This Season Blows

So now anyone who doesn’t follow Dictator Helen’s orders is a whore?



kickkin Chicken

Hey, Bow Wow ~ you suck!

Bring Back The GLASS BOX

dude I turned on Big Bro after Dark last night and the very first thing I see is Helen in the photobooth room with Aaryn doing her very best to try and make Aaryn feel comfortable and welcome her to the other side and saying she doesn’t want her to feel ostracized. UGH. I mean…. I love your class Helen-boo, but I’m trying to have someone rip that bitch’s extensions out before she gets the boot…. JEEEEZ

This Season Blows

So basically, she has alliances with literally everyone in the house now except for Jeremy (because she needs to get someone out)…. good Lord.

I cannot STAND this Superfriends crap. It’s like nobody wants to play the game, just hold hands and sing Kumbaya. This is so pathetic.

rubber duck

Helen is the professional politician in the house. Like all politicians, she’ll say anything to get elected and her campaign promises are worthless. She’s fully aware she can’t keep any of the promises that she’s telling others.

This Season Blows

Yet she seems to be under the delusion that everyone’s just going to forget about her false promises when she’s no longer HOH.


It’s classy to accept an apology and move on. Helen HARPS on Howard ALL the damn time. They are racking him over the coals OVER AND OVER to the point where they said he was “use any racial stuff to his advantage” and where they would rather have Jeremy and Aaryn instead of Howard. For what? WHY?? It’s just gross.

McCrae did the same thing. THEY ALL did the same thing to Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlyn and GM last week. Andy Amanda and McCrae were ready to drop Elissa until a day before the vote.

Classy? She makes everyone come to her and “confess their sins” (her words!) Give me a break. The woman is on a power trip of pure chemical H-o-H.

This Season Blows

With how she’s defending Aaryn and basically shitting on Howard’s valid complaints, I’m beginning to wonder if Helen has a race issue herself.


Hey Simon or Dawg., do u know why they’d be having a lockdown right now? They’ve already had the POV & Have Not comps, as well as, the POV Ceremony. Possibly a luxury comp??? I don’t know. I feel like it’s too early for one of those………


No idea .. I’ve just turned the feeds on for the day.


They could’ve been fixing the leak in the HOH shower. I remember it being mentioned earlier today when I tried to watch the feeds. But we’ll probably never know. 🙂

Zingbot Fan

Thanks Kaitlyn for using the veto so that we can get rid of Jeremy.


What a beautiful person is Candace, forgiving, sweet and with morals. She brought me to tears on last night ‘s episode when after all pf the abuse and discrimination from the trashy bunch, she went to consolle Gina ” Stalker ” Marie about Nick’ death, I mean Nick’s eviction from the tv show…


I think it was all ‘for show”.


Helen works in politics, doesn’t she? She is playing like a politician… making promises she can’t and has no intention to keep.

C'mon Man

Given all the HG’s losing their jobs, I’m stunned whichever politician who employs her has not fired her yet. She is a horrible politician….horrible. With all of her talking, threats, demands, judgments, Helen is a walking gaff machine. As soon as the veto ceremony closed, the anti-Helen talk heated up from Amanda, McCrea, Judd, and Andy and this talk will continue growing. Kim Jong Helen thinks her “peoples’ HOH was a success because Jeremy is (theoretically) finished…but with all her deals and talking and giving out information others did not need, she has put herself on everybody’s radar and Elissa and Candace are the only ones who will take up her cause. And considering how she treated them as afterthoughts this week, they might just be OK with her going as long as they get promises of safety.


looking at this poll, I hope Amanda gets mvp, shes funny, nice but honest but all in all is playing a really good game, she should get the mvp


If McCrae and Amanda fans would unite….it might sure be possible.


time to blow the horn of gondor to untie the McCrea and Amanda fans for MVP

Charlie Hustle

Wh0rehouse? The only won who is legitimately getting any is Kaitlyn, and one wh0re in a house does not a wh0rehouse make. And that is supposing Kaitlyn is indeed a wh0re.

Or Helen is being a rude and spiteful person…the type of person she’s been railing against the past couple of weeks. Is the inability to self reflect caused by something in the water?


Anyone who has sex on national television is a whore, there’s no excuse/pass for it.


Oh, thank you my Lord – I guess now that you decreed it, it is so.




Or, while the cameras are recording


wow, I went back & watched the feeds where Jeremy kept on & on & on at Candice & was reminded how much I can’t stand him…He is so quick to say smart ass crap to women but he won’t say anything to a man cause he’s such a big pu$$. Why won’t he call Howard a coward to his face?, im not a Howard fan either, just can’t stand the way Jeremy is to the women that don’t suck up to him, like the way he did Jesse over her bed, the way he did over the wine, asshat! ..said he’s going out a champ? a champ at what, playing grab ass, …I usually pull for the one I can “love to hate” but this guy just ain’t in that category, He is a female Aaryn up one side & down the other…..and what is up with GM hating on Judd? she acts like he single handed kicked her precious Nick out! Maybe I need some drugs so maybe I can get on the same page with these nuts! she needs to leave Judd alone…


Jeremy does it to Candace b/c he knows it’s the way to get Howard to go off on him. Remember Howard has said he could keep his cool if it was coming at him but when it comes to Candace he’d end up going home. I think if he can get Howard to explode then Howard or Candace will be evicted & Jeremy gets to stay.

Just my thought. It’s going to be an interesting couple of days….


Jeremy has some key ingredients to be a manipulator and has potential to mentally abuse a woman he’s in a relationship by pushing her buttons. He’s done things that are out of the scope of game play and tactics and just speaks to a sh*tty part of his personality. I’m not judging Candace. I like her actually and I didn’t see it. But a good way to handle people like him is to disengage and ice them out. Sounds like he pushed her buttons to try to make her look aggressive or like a loud mouth.


In our poll Amanda has almost beat out Helen for second place and Dawg is ahead of 1/2 the hosueguests.. LOL


I wish Amanda would get MVP but since that’s not possible I wish she would get HOH! But then again Amanda has such a good social game I don’t think she wants/needs to get HOH …she usually has her input anyway…I love watching her get into peoples heads…


Tbh…Helen in the biggest whore in the house. She’s given herself and loyalty to everyone just about.


I want to see Candace lose it because I know it’s right at the surface and I can’t stand her


what the f**k is wrong with gina she can’t possibly think wearing her hair like that is attractive can she?

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Hi Simon and Dawg. I sent a PM on Facebook, a question for you. Don’t know if you check them. Thanks!


it’s hard to keep all the messages in check best to send me a email simon.onlinebigbrother@gmail.com


Aaryn should be evicted next week, so we can move on with the game.
I want to see how America will deal with her, and the first one is Julie chen ofc.


Candice is absolutely stunning. Elissa has a beautiful body she’s very lean Aaryn is pretty kaitlyn is also pretty
Gina nightmare is scary but I think she’s lonely that’s why she acts this way yikes!


Candace usually looks stunned. Her eyes all big and she dresses trashy with ghetto earrings.


This season… Is my least favorite of all. Please do better casting next summer!


wow amanda is second in the poll! good for her, she’s hilarious and has crazy social game. i REALLY do not want elissa to win MVP next week, i had hope that maybe helen would win it this week, but she is back down in the polls and i really doubt that amanda, judd, candance or mccrae would actually get it. 🙁


Alliance breakdown
goof troop = (Amanda, Judd, McCrea and Andy)core + (Aaryn and KAitlin) connection through Amanda and Andy
Superfriends = (Helen, Elissa, Andy)core + (Spencer, Howard, Judd, mcCrea, Amanda, Candace, jessie)periphery
Beaver fever = (Aaryn, Kaitlin, Gina)
Moving company .0 = (Howard, Spencer)core + (Candace, Jessie and Elissa)Bible/shomance connection
Shomwmances = Jessie/Judd, Amanda/McCrea, Candace/Howard, spencer/hand

**I’m probably missing a few side alliances but this is more or less the house.