Helen tells Andy they should throw the next HOH to McCrae or Amanda.

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


12pm Out in the backyard – Jessie is in the pool. She is spraying Helen with the hose as she runs by. Meanwhile Jeremy, Andy and Amanda are talking about random things. Jeremy thinks he would be a good coach if they brought back that twist. Amanda says that she thinks she would be a good America’s player. Amanda makes a comment about something being retarded and says I need to stop saying that! Andy and Jeremy don’t think its that bad to say. Amanda comments how she was talking to Aaryn about being a racist and she said she wasn’t one. Amanda says Aaryn then said she would go back to work on her plantation. Jeremy and Andy think that it’s not malicious what Aaryn says. They talk about how everything was blown out of proportion. Jeremy says that we don’t know how they are portraying it. Amanda says that she knows how they are portraying it from the questions they continually ask about it in the diary room.

CBS Interactive Inc.

12:25pm – 12:40pm Jeremy heads inside and makes out with Kaitlin on the bathroom bench. Jeremy says if your family doesn’t love me after my last diary room session, I don’t know who will! Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Helen and Andy talk about how happy they are that Kaitlin used the veto on herself. Andy fills in Helen about how Jeremy came to him to ask him to get Howard out next because he was throwing him under the bus to Kaitlin. Andy says that he respected that Jeremy didn’t try and campaign but was more concerned with wanting Howard out. Andy says if we really want to get Howard out, we need to put Candice up with him. They talk about how they are giving Spencer a second chance. Helen says to get to jury we need 7 people evicted. Next will be Aaryn, Howard, Gina, then Spencer or Candice. Andy says I want Jessie in Jury. Helen agrees. Helen talks about how she doesn’t see Elissa in the end. She cried so much in the beginning and didn’t want to be here. Andy and Helen talk about how they like and trust McCrae. Andy says what if Elissa wont put up Howard. Helen says then she will put up Aaryn. Helen says we will just blackmail Elissa and tell her if she doesn’t put up Howard for the house, they will vote her out. They discuss throwing the next HOH to Amanda or McCrae if they are close to winning it saying it would be so awesome for them to win it.


12:45pm Out in the pool – Candice, Aaryn, Jeremy, Amanda and Kaitlin talk about random things like the last HOH competition and short term memory.

CBS Interactive Inc.

12:50pm – 1:05pm Up in the HOH – Elissa talks about how Jeremy was out in the backyard starting sh*t with Candice again. Helen says why can’t he just go out with some class. Helen talks to Elissa about how successful her HOH is! Helen asks Elissa if her head is back in the game because last week Elissa wanted to go home. Elissa says she’s back in the game. Helen says the good people need to win, the bad people need to go home! Elissa says I can’t believe he was starting fights with Candice. Helen says he is just trying to create new targets. Why can’t he just go out with some dignity. Elissa comments that they guys are now packing their boxes and moving on out of here. Helen says I want to tell you, the house wants Howard out. Elissa says she know and says he needs to go. Elissa says I think we need Aaryn out first though because she would put us up but Howard wouldn’t. Helen says that Kaitlin is good with us now. Helen says we will protect Jessie and Candice too.


Out in the backyard – Amanda tells McCrae that she finds him sexy. Amanda asks him if he thinks she is sexy. McCrae says absolutely. McCrae talks about how he has wrinkled comic posters all over his walls. Amanda tells him that he can have a man cave where he can hang whatever he wants. McCrae says he wants batman stuff all over too.

1:10pm By the pool – Aaryn is talking to Jessie. Aaryn says why get people out that can’t do anything, that don’t have the numbers. Jessie says she thinks if Kaitlin win HOH, she will put me up for sure. Helen joins them to lay out in the sun.

1:10pm – 1:25pm Amanda and McCrae continue to talk on the backyard couch. McCrae asks if she would move to LA with him. She says no, my family is in Florida. Big Brother cuts the feeds. When the feeds come back – Amanda asks Candice if she is okay. Candice says that she is just really pissed off. She says that she Jeremy called Howard a coward. Candice says that Howard isn’t the coward he is, he ran up to the HOH and threw the moving company alliance under the bus. Howard joins them and Candice tell him how she blew up on Jeremy. Candice says Jeremy ratted out the moving company like a little bit*h! The conversation turns to talking about real estate.


1:35pm In the kitchen – Aaryn and Kaitlin are talking. Kaitlin says that she wants to get Candice out next week. Kaitlin tells Aaryn that Candice even lunged at Andy when he tried to tell her that Howard has been dishonest. Kaitlin heads out into the backyard. Out in the backyard – Jeremy, McCrae and Amanda are playing pool. On the backyard couch – Candice asks Howard if he would just walk away in the outside world. Howard says he wouldn’t be around people like that. Candice asks what about at a job or something. Howard says he would just go home. Candice says that her mom always said she would lash out to protect someone. Howard says that he lets things bottle up.

CBS Interactive Inc.

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If McCrae wins the next HoH, he will put up Howard & GinaMarie for sure.


Just the headline of the post gets me mad! I’m done with Helen, it seems like she is playing to
Be liked and make friends instead of playing for the big prize. Come on Helen. Focus! She is the only one who wants to be BFF with eveybody
And in the process is crewing her game and the other players around her. The people’s food comments I’m so over done with.
I like Andy a lot and I want him to be in the winning team but if Helen keeps playing to make BFFs and spilling the beans he needs to cut her.

Amanda and mcG wants Howard gone only because they know that after Jeremy is gone, Howard is the only obstacle for MCGreg to win endurance competitions and ride to the end. Judd, Andy and spencer are weak players only there for the votes.
The house (Helen side of the house) needs to wake up and start planning of eliminating McG. It seems like everyone forgot he was part of the moving company.


all mcmanda needs to do is sit back, avoid drama and confrontation, and let everyone else do their dirty work. they couldn’t be in a better position right now.

even if helen and andy did try to throw the hoh to them, i bet they’d still find a way to avoid winning hoh.


Helen’s a political something-or-another. She makes friends to stab them in the back. Ms. Mama hasn’t even begun to play the game, yet.


“Helen says we will just blackmail Elissa and tell her if she doesn’t put up Howard for the house, they will vote her out”
It’s that train of thought that has our country/world in shambles. Obviously this is a tactic she uses for her “Political Consultant” job.
News flash … ppl are getting wise to this tactic and as in the real world …it won’t work anymore….Helen will never win!
Quite the dictator she has become …..must work for the O administration


No, Helen it would be awesome if the other side win HOH, that way we get to see the house turned around again, and not be so predictable.

Bumbling bee

Where has good kind decent Helen gone? Conspireing to blackmail poor, misunderstood Elissa? Why Helen? Why?!


Finally! Looks like Helen is getting a clue that Elissa is not playing the game Helen wants. Elissa does not want Howard out which is really a stupid move on her part. Helen needs to cut the chord and let Elissa go otherwise she is hurting her game if Howard is perceived to be protected by Elissa and Helen by association. Helen is smart saying Amanda or McCrea need to win HOH next. She is more aligned with Amanda. She needs to seek Amanda out and let her know this and pretty much cut Elissa loose if she is not willing to put up Howard. It looks like Helen is seeing this finally, but a too slowly.


I like Helen but who the heck does she think she is to make everyone play HER game just because she is HOH? Everyone else came to BB to play for a half a million dollars, not just her. I think this HOH reign is starting to go to her head. I’m starting to think being HOH is a curse since everyone starts to think they super king sh*t? But come on really, Helen. First you don’t consult with Elissa of your nominations, then you go make deals with everyone in the house now you expect everyone to go with what you say? Ridiculous. Her reign will be over in a couple of days, she needs to chill the F out.


Why should Elissa try to get rid of someone who will not put her up but keep Aryan who will definitely go after her.


Elissa WANTS Howard out, too – but production wants to keep him around as a “good Christian” guy to offset all of the racist homophobes! I think Howard will go soon enough, no matter which side wins HOH.


CBS wants to keep the racial tension going because it is what is in the news and it gets Big Brother on TMZ and other news networks and then they will get more ratings! It has nothing to do with race. You could substitute racial issues with any other thing and if ‘the other thing’ was going on in Big Brother they would use it to their advantage FOR RATINGS.
I am not condoning racism but I think CBS/production is highlighting the issues purely for ratings/$$$$. They are clearly talking with the cast one on one in the diary room and making it an issue.


Are you crazy? U sound just as dumb as Andy, Helen, & even Amanda for saying that about Elissa not wanting to put up Howard. Just think about it for 1 second. Will Howard put up Elissa? Or even Helen or Andy? No, hell no, he wouldn’t. Would Aaryn put up Elissa, Helen or Andy?? Yes, abso-fu¢kin-lutely & not even think twice about it. So why in hell would Elissa want to keep an enemy off the block but make a new enemy by putting Howard up. Makes no sense.

I’ve read so many conversations the past cpl days where ppl are saying if Elissa doesn’t put Howard up they’ll be mad, cut her, blackmail her, etc. And it’s really getting annoying. Why is it a big deal that Elissa didn’t nominate him, but it’s not a big deal that Helen didn’t nominate him. These ppl are ignorant. They annoy me bc they think Elissa is so dumb & doesn’t know how to play the game, but in reality, she has made smart strategic moves. And not nominating Howard was one of them. And when are they gonna realize that it’s only McCrae & Amanda that’s putting it in ppl’s heads that Howard is such a threat. And that’s bc Howard is a threat to them, but not to Everyone else. They are all doing Amanda & McCrae’s dirty work. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!

I can really see this being Elissa’s detriment too. And that really pi$$es me off. I can c someone winning HOH next week & not putting up Howard, so they’ll (Andy, Helen, Amanda, & McCrae) tell her to put him up. And she won’t do it, bc she knows how dumb it is. Therefore pissing them off & they’ll gun for her next week. So sad.

*** I’m really getting sick of Helen this week too. The sad thing is, I was cheering for her to win HOH, now I can barely stand her. She can take her “peoples” food & stick it up her a$$:)

Thinking Man

Production either needs to get rid of the MVP or give it to someone else. The game will be so predictable the next few weeks with Elissa always getting it.


At this point, the game would be just as predictable without MVP/Elissa, don’t you think?


Less predictable than Elissa winning MVP every week until final 5, since that’s the only thing keeping her in the house.

Everyone but Helen will get rid of Elissa as soon as this rig is over, nothing protecting her form that but production and this MVP bulls**t


Then better start voting for someone else to win it!!!


If it’s a legit poll then Elissa/Helen will keep getting it if it’s not legit than Howard has a chance. It’s a great twist if there was some variety in who wins but the way it’s setup right now it could get lame.

The problem with the MVP going to the same person week after week is no group can compete against the established superfriends numbers. It doesn’t matter if they win HOH they will lose one person on their side every week until there is only one left. This was the superfriends plan all along and it’s a great strategy not knocking it one bit…

Things can change like crazy just like last week was all about the moving company taking over this week is all about the superfriends. Next week may be all about Howard and his bible steam rolling. Who knows this is still a very exciting season I just want it to keep being exciting whatever that takes.

Production tried really hard to keep Howard off the block this week, I believe they are setting him up to be a challenger to the current powers in the house. Howard winning HOH and MVP could throw a monkey wrench in a summer filled with life long friendships. He’s got the skills in the game to do damage.

I have no issues with Elissa personally. She’s just like most houseguests kinda annoying kinda not… the problem I have with her winning MVP is
a) she is not the most valuable player
b) she’s almost never on the feeds (dawg and I watch 10-12 hours each daily she’s like Jessie never on yo)
c) she’s the most unknowledgeable about what is going on in the house which is amazing since she’s privy to some major game conversations with HElen, Andy and Amanda

Either way stop giving the MVP to Elissa lets just try it for a week to see what happens


Simon, Elissa was successful in getting 3 persons on the block this week that have exhibited misogynistic or racist tendencies. While having these persons voted out for these reasons and not game threats may not be great gameplay it seems it also follows that it may be good for her game.


I wish they would make it so the MVP couldn’t go to the same person two weeks in a row and even if the same person had the most votes it would then go to the second place person. That way it might actually be a secret.


i agree. i wish someone would explain to me why they keep voting elissa? is it really just bc she’s rachel’s sister? (you think this reason would get old after 3 weeks – i liked rachel but I don’t particularly like elissa) or do they actually like her? she is definitely not the most valuable player. there are lots more players who are playing harder, or at least know what’s going on. elissa STILL does not know the other HGs names (she called someone david just the other day…) and basically freaked out at her own alliance just bc they didn’t include her on everything (meanwhile, i didn’t see her try to go up that day and really talk to helen…). i think she belongs more on Housewives than Big Brother.


Am i the only one who feels that former houseguests should vote on who gets MVP, that way the person actually playing the best game gets it


simon, don’t forget:

d) she can’t even remember the names of the other hg after 3 weeks in the house

This Season Blows

That’d be awesome if Helen did that because either she or Rachelissa would be going home. Production will put the kibosh on that plan, though.


I think Howard has a good shot at getting the MVP.


Based on what?? His lying with a hand on the bible? Him saying I will never lie to you again and then lying immediately? His crying in the havenot room? Not winning any competitions? Not standing up to the racists comments directed at him? Or maybe you feel sorry for him as he keeps saying he has nothing to go back to??

BB15 Unfkingbelievable!

There are petitions springing up all over the internet to force CBS to remove Aryan from the show, or at least take some pro-active steps in doing something about the continued, unchecked, racism in the house. The following is from an email from one of the more influential of those sites, Change dot…(I’m not including link because I don’t think it’s allowed here) As of this morning the petition already has 21,000 signatures.

“Unfortunately, the issues of racism are escalating on Big Brother 15 despite the call for certain contestants to be removed. CBS news has actually asked viewers to let them know how the situation should be handled. We need to take them up on this offer. Below, please find the direct number to call to complain to CBS programming about the way this situation is being exploited but not rectified. In order to get a live person, you must call between the hours listed below. I urge all of us to flood CBS with calls on Monday through Wednesday. In addition, let’s continue to reach out and also flood the lines of corporate sponsors McDonalds & Macy’s on the same days. We will only have an effect if we all call and complain. Let’s mobilize beginning Monday and call numerous times to let CBS and it’s BB15 sponsors know that we cannot accept these house guests remaining on the show and potentially winning $500,000 in spite of such blatant bigotry.”

The email then goes on to include the phone numbers of CBS corporate headquarters as well as two of their main sponsors, Macys and McDonalds. I am not including them here, but I’m sure they can be found around the internet.

I’m not naive. I don’t think Aryan will be removed from the house because of this. Not yet, at least. Nor do I think she’s the only guilty party. I just don’t think that CBS should continue to air the behavior without SOMEONE doing something to rectify it, even if they just warn all the HG that further such behavior won’t be tolerated. I may just be one person, but I’ve had enough, and will be making those phone calls. Doing something is better than doing nothing.


Get real, if they have not removed her by now they won’t at all. I think either this week or next she will get voted out.


I would certainly not ENCOURAGE racist, sexist or homophobic actions on Big Brother, but removing anyone for those reasons from the game defeats the purpose. This is a social experiment as well as a game show.
There will be no rewards or assets to anyone who has participated in such behaviours (I would hope); only negative consequences within the house and outside in the real world.


I think she should be removed and made an example of. Racist is a serious thing and she is getting paid $1,000 per week to to showcase her words. If CBS does not do anything about it, it will continue to get worst each year of BB. I am sure she is breaking her BB contract using such foul and hurtful language. She has been told a few times how she is perceived and she denies it and will not stop. Aaryan and Gina Marie are toe worst, Spencer is just a pig.


Perhaps this will be an unprecedented triple eviction week.


Last week i saw a youtube video of julie Chen on the talk discussing Aaryn and her racism comments i knew that girl was not going any where. Big Brother
Is laughing all the way to the bank. No way they are getting her out. Sad but true!


It is not up to CBS to censor people on a REALITY show, people like you make me sick wanting others to make calls, sign petitions, etc. I have an idea, do like you would with other shows…TURN IT OFF!!! CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!! Either way, get off of your high horse, it’s a reality show, CBS is putting out the disclaimer, now it’s YOUR CHOICE whether to watch BB or not!!!>>>SMFH



Yah I said it… What if this uprising to remove Arryn is exactly the opportunity to save Jeremy! Arryn gets the boot by production and there is thus no eviction vote. Reset HOH competition Thursday and Jeremy’s back ROFL

From the above post looks like Grodner can, if she wishes, keep Jeremy if she chooses by removing Arryn. Boy would I love to see that happen. It has happened before an HG gets removed and there is no eviction that week.

This Season Blows

I’d agree if it was JUST Aaryn spewing out hateful and derogatory trash, but it’s been practically everybody in the house doing it. You can’t just remove one person and then let everyone else continue on with their racism, sexism, homophobia, and personal attacks.


FREEDOM OF SPEECH! This is Big Brother US not Big Brother North Korea.


Big Brother North Korea is massive there is like 18 million people playing it.. everyone is a have nots and are on slop. Apparently the comps are really hard


Of course Julie is going to talk about the comments!! Her husband OWNS/CEO!! CBS and any kind of media that she can promote she will!! What better way to promote Big Brother than to discuss it on HER and HUSBANDS show ‘The Talk”!! on a daily national television show and a major network!! The more viewers the MORE MONEY!! for them…


This is about money and demographics, not ratings. A public execution would garner SuperBowl ratings, but the ensuing outcry will drown out any profit. Sponsors want demographics. Seinfeld has said the reason his show survived the first few seasons with low ratings was because the show did great with high education/high income demo. This demo is seeing racism (that mean girls attack on Candace after the eviction was f**king appalling) and rather than nip it in the bud, the producers decided to make it a storyline. Now because of the questions in the DR, Amanda has figured out how it’s being portrayed and I bet she’s not alone. So now the HG’s think Howard and Candace blew nothing out of proportion and are primed to send them out next. To the casual viewer at home, who only watch the CBS show, it looks like the racists are singling out the black folks and now the rest of the house will help finish the job and send them home. And to the sponsors who fund this, they are seeing a disaster and one they would be dumb to ever want to be a part of again. This is about MONEY, not ratings, and no sponsor is going to want their product associated with this “experiment”.

Given how everybody is after Howard, how is CBS planning to edit the rest of the week, and when he’s the target next week or the week after, how are they going to suddenly make Howard the villain, he simply has not been?


The worst people that can win HOH at this point is Amanda. I left McCrae’s name intentionally because he does everything Amanda says. Amanda is not afraid to shake up the house and has no allegiance to anyone in this game. She expects everyone else to kiss her butt, hey, I guess if McCrae does it, everyone is supposed to follow suit?
What the hell are Helen and Andy thinking to throw the HOH competition over to those 2? I am starting to wonder if the house does REALLY mess with their heads if they are not thinking clearly.


exactly – mcmanda would be the last 2 i would throw an hoh to


I can’t believe I am saying this, but I hope Aaryn or Katilin win HOH next week for entertainment value. I want to see these other people turn on each other so we can get some entertainment.


Whatever brings the most drama in the house is what I want to happen.. if that means Gina needs to get the HOH then so be it


i want to see how the likes of andy, amanda and mccrae react to going on the block


Do have a favorite houseguest in the house this season simon? Or a favorite player of all time?


This early in the game my favourites change daily sometimes a couple times throughout the day.. lol.

I typically find myself rooting for the underdogs and the goofy players the ones that make me laugh. Sometimes I’ll root for a hardcore strategist or someone who really brings the drama.

The only players I find annoying on the feeds right now are Helen, Andy and maybe Spencer the rest are fine.


Howard getting MVP!!! REALLY??? They DO NOT count votes!!! It is up to PRODUCTION/CBS who decides who gets picked for ANYTHING on this SHOW!!! That is why whenever the houseguest complain about the game or PRODUCTION they cut the LIVE feeds!!!Whatever brings RATINGS / MONEY for the television show that is the way the game will be played out!! They will use all the MEDIA attention Good and/or BAD to their advantage!! Aaryn is NOT going anywhere!! and she isn’t the ONLY one talking sh*t!!!


Well if we’re breaking it down into good and bad people based on how Helen defines it, then Elissa, Candace, Jessie, Howard and Judd deserve to win. That’s about it.

Honestly I really hope they just evict Howard and Candace so they don’t have to suffer the indignity of the overt and under-cover racism. Just send them home, because whatever the racists didn’t accomplish, production did by painting them as crybabies who were calling everybody racist. That really is poetic justice for CBS and BB: They cast racists, who let their KKK flag fly, then make it a storyline, thereby prompting the other HG’s with questions leading them to think Howard and Candace created the racism controversy, a controversy made big by the audience. Talk about a giant clusterf**k.

7 Seven 7

Somebody please break up the Amanda and Mccrae couple I can not stand it anymore. Amanda is calling al of the shots in the house without winning anything.


i would like to see howard put up andy and amanda

then elissa noms aaryn

the replacement hoh or mvp nom mccrae

then the mcmandafucktard pair could well be split


With the way Paula Deen’s sponsors dropped her in a hot second I’m really surprised CBS hasn’t gotten some heat from some of their sponsors


We don’t know that they’re not. For all we know sponsors and advertisers are talking to them right now, trying to head off the eventual reality that at some point when CBS does not respond to the complaints, then the complaints will start going to the sponsors and even if BB can get through this season, there is a question about how they will sell the show to sponsors next year.

I think with a new consensus of the superfriends that the racism wasn’t bad and now targeting Howard and Candace for eviction, this is a disaster brewing.

7 Seven 7

*edit* Can Somebody please send Amanda or Mccrae home, Amanda is calling all of the shots in the house and she has not won anything.


ya, she’s calling all the shots and she’s not even in power! thats a really good player. makes me want to root for her, not get her out!

Weird but true

I may be in the minority here but all these racial slurs and bad behavior is making me increasingly desentitized to its continued use .. We know Aryan is going to say racial charged things and later say she Didnt say anything of the sort .. I don’t think it’s right but I do think the response from the viewers is gratifying .. People are speaking up and are ashamed that this kind of mentality still exist .. As for throwing her out etc etc .. She will be out soon enough .. And she will see what she has done but still be confused and not know what she did … She lives in la la land … Maybe they keep Jeremy and get rid of her ? Doesn’t matter .. Her time is coming when she will be forced to live with what she has said and done. Eh .. I just am not surprised by what she says and does anymore … The shock factor is gone and it just reeks of an uneducated girl who has No understanding of history and human decency !!!

Killer K

Am I missing something here? WHY in the world would Helen offer Kaitlyn any kind of deal to use the power of veto on herself? If Kaitlyn doesnt use it, then she goes home! So what! Yes getting Jeremy out is the goal but wtf?? That’s just silly! Helen needs to take it down a notch…this is an HOH week not a mission for “Peace and Love fest 2013”! You can’t bring everyone in Helen! That’s why people who act like jack asses do what they do….cuz theres’s always someone there waiting to be nicey nice to them….screw that….I’m not saying you have to be mean, but bringing all them “In the group” is ridiculous…..a nail party? REALLY?? BTW, Andy is by far the most annoying anymore…miss the days when he was a background player…..


Killer K, in past BB seasons, with the old rules, the HOH would, more often than not, get their #1 target evicted. Without much hard work. But, like Simon has said, with MVP, and 3 noms now, the HOH has turned into more of a “you’re safe this week/stay in the HOH room only” perk. Now, an HOH getting their #1 target out has become *far* less of a sure thing.

Aaryn was HOH last week. She was sure her #1 target (Elissa) was going home. She didn’t. So, besides her own safety/staying in HOH, what did Aaryn get out of her reign as HOH? Nothing.

The reason Helen was so absolutely desperate, and over-promised/re-assured Kaitlin that if she used POV on herself this week (so Helen could backdoor Jeremy) is, because evicting Jeremy (once AG took Howard off the table) was Helen’s #1 goal for her HOH week. If Kaitlin called Helen’s bluff, didn’t use POV, and kept Jeremy safe, despite Helen’s threat of “If you don’t use POV, Kaitlin, I’ll send you home!”, it would be total disaster for Helen/Superfriends. Why? 1-Helen didn’t want to have to evict Kaitlin; she wants to work with Kaitlin now. Last 2 comps? Kaitlin was very strong. With Jeremy still in the house, that idea is DOA. and 2-That “Kaitlin Evict” vote Helen spoke of, wasn’t exactly a sure thing, and Helen knew it. Helen’s entire HOH week, and future BB15 strategy, ALL depended on Kaitlin doing that one thing – using POV on herself, and allowing Helen to evict her BF. It was a tall order. And far from a sure thing. But Helen did pull it off. That’s why all the “extra fuss.” The POV meeting was the biggest moment in the house all week, by a mile.


Doesn’t Jeremy know that Kaitlyn’s family can make their opinion by watching his actions through the live feeds and tv show? Jeremy acts like Kaitlyn’s family should respect him because he said some nice things one time in the diary room. Jeremy has been dogging Kaitlyn all along by saying he is here to play the game and other comments like that. Remember Jeremy said that he is not here to find a wife he is here to play a game.

Helen is no floater but she is a little overboard by all the talk she puts out there. Helen needs to chill out more and let things happen. If she doesn’t then she will be putting a target on her back.


yes, jeremy, a good coach on how to sabotage your alliance with your ego, and how to be the third hg evicted from the house. what a jerk!


I for one do not tolerate racism anywhere in my personal life and will speak out when I hear any form of it in my life. But this racism on BB feels different to me because its being done on a national stage. Therefore I think it should be allowed to continue. CBS right now is making the right call by not reacting but by showing how these people are the lowest of the lows. Ratings increase as these brain dead morons continue to make fools of themselves. The best way to get rid of racism is to show it, let the chips fall and have everyone laugh at anyone who thinks that racism is appropriate.


Finally, someone who sees BB for what it is!!! Glad to fine someone else who isn’t crying “kick them out”…this is a reality show, you have to take the bad with the good, and if you can’t. then TURN THE CHANNEL!!! Thank you for your support =)


For a smart person Helen you talk to much and Elissa is not thinking clearly. Elissa why tell everyone you have the MVP? Elissa you already have a target because of your sister, but than you can’t nominate and keep it private and keep the house curious, deny deny deny. Helen why do you think you have control over the next several nominations? Reality check Helen you will not always win HOH, your power is over at the next eviction. Howard is not a threat, he was loyal to the MC so he kept his mouth shut, unlike those snitches McCrea and Jeremy. Why can’t the house just admit they want all the strong men out and stop using the lies or alliances as an excuse to put them up, yes Jeremy is a jerk but so are the mean girls. Those who continue to push their opinion on who should go or stay should shut up. Win HOH and put up who you want but stop trying to control those who are actually doing all the work.


It’s been a slow build but front what I’ve seen so far with the recaps, watching the show, and some of BBAD, I’m finding Helen and Andy both very annoying especially when discussing the game. As much as I don’t care for the majority of people in the house, I hope they get some type of rude awakening. I find it much more intriguing when Amanda talks game. I also like Elissa and Candace and I hope one of them wins HOH soon or before they go to see what they would do. Elissa has a type of aloofness that I like on certain levels. She is sometimes slow to the gate but she is aware of certain levels of BS. If she could couple that with winning comps than maybe she could gain more credibility for being there. Contrary to what some think I think it’s impossible for her to win this game. Second at best, and that’s a stretch. I almost feel like she was placed in the house as some sort of introduction and they wanted her to stay in there long enough for people to get introduced to her. I don’t think they’re necessarily rigging votes but had the MVP clause for a reason. But that’s not her fault she’s just taking advantage of an opportunity. But I can see them possibly using her in other seasons somehow with the Rachel connection. I could be totally wrong , it’s just a theory. Either way, I do like things about her personality which is a shock because I was an avid Rachel non fan. Couldn’t stand her.

My one gripe with Candace is that she’s blinded by Howie on a certain level. Let him defend himself. Too bad she can’t remove some of her emotion out but that maybe easier said than done especially when you are in a house where there are couples and like-minded people connecting . She’s seems to be one of the ones that may be truly in the game alone besides maybe Elissa????. She definitely doesn’t have Howard on her side. Game wise he’s only for himself.


If McCrae wins the next HoH, he will put up Howard & GinaMarie for sure


I do not support any (fill in the blank) isms, but I deal with sexism on a daily basis. Every time I go to buy weed, I get hit on for sex because I’m a girl. I’m trying to make a point (although the story is actually true). This sh*t goes down everyday, everywhere, every neighbourhood, etc. Let\s just all call ourselves victims from now on. I hope my message doesn’t get lost on you because I am actually quite serious. Everybody’s got some kind of strife in their life but it’s not about you – it’s about the person delivering it. They are the uninformed, the unintelligent, the unpretty. You can’t change people; they can only change themselves. No therapy can remove isms. 🙂 Peace


I think that a lot of BB has a storyline to follow and/or is some degree scripted. If I want to find out if someone is racist, it’s not that hard to figure out.I’m no genius. There is heightened sensitivity to racism at present b/c of Paula Dean, and BB wanted to piggy back on that publicity. Maybe even be the good guy network that deplores this type of behavior. If they deplore it so much,cut the feeds and tell these idiots to cut it ouit or they will be thrown out of the house.


Does anyone know what the tattoo is Amanda has on her lower back?


it’s an arrow pointing to her behind saying “McCraes lips are here”


That is so funny, I LOL’d. Thanks for sharing your humor.


Maybe it says One At A Time Please


it says aMANda

Gina's Tears

This is the kind of humor I’ve been hoping for.


My favs this season are def Elissa Candace and Helen even though I’m a little dissapointed with Helen about her attitude this week wanting to make deals with everybody in the house especially Kaitlin who I hate and hope goes home soon. I have a feeling next week either Howard is going to win hoh and put up aaryn and Kaitlin or someone from Helen’s alliance will win hoh but Candace will win MVP and put up aaryn. The reason I said ths is because Elissa said production didn’t want her to put howard up. One reason for that is that bb knew that Howard was a tArget and may go home instead of jeremy and with the way howardand Candace were portrayed last nite, they can’t have Howard leave before aaryn or jeremy because America would be in uproar. I predict that if bb thinks Howard has a chance of going home they will give the MVP to Candace so that Howard doesn’t leave before aaryn and impove their image since people are signing petitions to kick aaryn out.


i dont mind elissa, helen and candace too…but the house guest i like the most is jess


Amanda is a real estate agent, and does quite well. so mcrae, you may want to just find a new pizza job in florida


it’s quit obvious that mvp is set up for ellissa, it’s getting very old quickly!


If Helen and Elissa realize that Amanda and McCrae are not really on their side then their best move is to tell Aaryn and Kaitlyn who told her to put David up the first week. Candice needs to tell Howard that McCrae is not MVP and he would realize that McCrae made a bogus deal with him and Spencer. I find it interesting that Amanda is now trash talking all the girls in the house. She should lay low and she will probably cruise to the end. She is getting a great edit since she also has said some pretty nasty things. Maybe this will be the first year that a “showmance” is the final 2.

Dr Jesse

Howard reminds me of a black buddy of mine who never seemed offended until we were alone. Then he was clear…I jumped my butt into every offense thrown at him and I always had the tore up clothes and never got to play in the reindeer games…because I got tossed out on my ear. That ass would not even leave until he was “done with the fun,” He would laugh at me and say, you should be glad you are not black…you get offended when the rewards for shutting up are too great. I see a lot of this in Howard. My ass would be long gone off the show and women would hate me but I would have knocked Missa GM and AKKryns heads together…

I am non violent now. Soloman [my buddy] would be proud. Miss you man>>>.


Andy reminds me of a gunea pig I had as kid – he was orange.




LOL!!! I noticed he twitches his nose and blinks a lot when he’s talking…very mouse like!

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

Oh Jerkemy, you said last night, while throwing Kaitlin under the bus, that you were not there to fi d a wife, you said you were there for the money. Yes, I hope her family watched you being an ass on national tv. Lol! Go home trash!


I wouldn’t exactly call Kaitlin a ‘prize’.


Jeremy brings drama to the show and w/o him the show will get really boring really fast..Who really wants to watch Andy, Judd, Helen, Jessie Mccrae and Amanda on the feeds?? not me !


Aryan n the bitchettes wouldn’t be on if CBS didn’t want them there. Lets face it sleeze sells. And that my fellow BBites is a very sad thing. Theses people shouldn’t be allowed a public forum for their ignorance. But, hiding it will just let it grow. You can only get rid of a festering wound by cleaning it out. And that hurts! Personally, I find Jeremey, Aryan, GM, and Kaitlyn nauseating. But, I am also sure, that the interview process discovered their character “flaws” long before they were cast. If any entities should suffer a backlash, let it be CBS.