Amanda stirring the pot “I think we need to get Elissa out of here soon.. Something is up”

POV Holder: Kaitlin Next POV July 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 22
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Kaitlin, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Current Nominations: Jeremy, Aaryn, Spencer (MVP)
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots Judd, Jessie, McCrea, Amanda


4:08pm CAm 1-2 Judd, McCrea and Amanda backyard

Amanda: “I think we need to get Elissa out of here soon”
McCrea isn’t excited about that plan tells her to just hold tight.
Amanda: “Something is up”
McCrea: “Why”
Amanda: “Can’t talk about it”
McCrea: “Production has strategy?”
Amanda: “Can’t talk about it”
Amanda thinks Elissa is going to protect Howard for awhile. Judd asks if Amanda is meaning they get rid of Elissa before the MVP twist is over
Amanda says no and leaves
Judd doesn’t think Howard will need to get backdoored he doubts Howard will win the Power of Veto.
MCrea: “I hate when she says shit like that makes me worried”
Judd: “She’s just being a bit paranoid”
Judd brings up how Elissa was telling them she’s done everything for their games and they have done nothing for her, Judd: ‘F-**** you”
McCrea points out that they kept her safe last week
McCrea is really bothered that Elissa didn’t put Howard up with the MVP.
Judd: “we did help her she wouldn’t be around if it wasn’t for us.. we protected her.. she helped us to i’m grateful for that don’t get me wrong”
MCrea: “She would have been gone both weeks if it wasn’t for us”

McCrea doesn’t know what they should do with Elissa. Judd thinks they need to just chill and see what happens they don’t want to overthink it and scramble like Howard does.
Judd asks if Gina is the only one throwing his name out there. McCrea tells him he hasn’t heard anything yet. Judd is just worried that Gina will start planting seeds.
McCrea: “I don’t think she understands how to plan seeds”

Amanda comes back says if Howard is gone it doesn’t matter about Elissa anymore.
Amanda: “As long as we get out Candace or Howard next week we’ll be fine”
They chat about getting Howard and Candace put up next week and Elissa will us the MVP to put up Aaryn.
McCrea says that Aaryn is a compulsive liar he’s not going to give her any information.

Judd leaves.. Amanda tells McCrea she would want him to win over her.. (BS)
You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using their flashback feature.. It’s super easy to use click this link for a free trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds The CBS feeds are a HUGE improvement over the super pass feeds and they are 30% cheaper with no subscription to cancel.


4:27pm Cam Aaryn and McCrea

Aaryn says that Candace came out and gave her a “Free Pass” it kinda freaked her out at first. Aaryn wonders why she wants to make amends with her she doesn’t have any numbers or power.
McCrea: “Maybe she wants to use you”
Aaryn :”And Elissa is talking to me today.. we actually have sentences”
McCrea: “They want to use you for something”
Aaryn: “I’m totally behind being used as long as they keep me here”
Aaryn wonders why Jeremy did what he did earlier in the day (Thge fight with Candace) McCrea has no clue says he’s going home it was good for Aaryn that it happened. MCrea says he really wants KAitlin and Aaryn to win HOH

Aaryn wants it bad says of course McCrae wants her and Kaitlin to win HOH because they love McCrea and Amanda.

Gina rolls into the backyard with Judd following her jokingly says ‘F**** you judd’. Judd goes to the couch to chat with Aaryn and MCrea. They talk about the casting process. Andy and Candace join them..

CBS Interactive Inc.


4:30pm HOH Elissa and Helen
Talking about Aaryn being immature and they are mature women with children.
Helen brings up that Jeremy has pitbulls and he lives on a boat. She doesn’t think pit bulls should be on a boat. she actually thinks pit bulls should not be around period. SHe brings up a story about someone she knew that was attacked and killed by one. Helen adds that she got chased once by a pitbull and she ran into a cornfield to get away. They head downstairs to enjoy the sun.


4:54pm Kitchen Amanda and Aaryn

Amanda tells her to stop calling people Shady because it’s not good for her game. She singles out Judd as someone “Don’t try to clarify it.. Just know that and leave it alone..”

Amanda: ‘Is Jeremy still trying to campaign .. cause it’s a lost cause”
Aaryn hasn’t heard anything.

Amanda: “Honestly this boys alliance couldn’t have worked better for us.. in essence they betrayed everybody.. “
Aaryn: “ya”
Amanda: ”Jeremy is leaving.. Spencer and Howard are next”
Amanda: ’I’m helping you now and if you f*** me you’re dead”
Aaryn wants to know why she’s so worried, Aaryn is working with Amanda now. Amanda says she’s not really worried it’s McCrea that is.
Amanda tells her there are so many more people that can go before Aaryn.
Aaryn gets called into the Diary room


5:05pm Kitchen Amanda and Kaitlin
Talking about Howard. Amanda says that he very manipulative, he has power over Elissa and Candace.
Kaitlin mentions that Howard Swore on the bible that he didn’t vote David out, “What good is his word”
Amanda: ‘Yup”
Kaitlin: “Trust me honey.. I came up with all these points to tell Helen so she wouldn’t backdoor Jeremy.. she wanted nothing of it”
Amanda whispering “He uses Race on Candace.. I say that to i’m not hiding that.. It;s the truth ” (funny because she was whispering when she said it)
Kaitlin: ‘He’s got Candace wrapped around his little finger”
Amanda: ‘Around his d!ck”

Amanda asks if Kaitlin trusts her. Kaitlin says yes.. “I trust you as much as I can” Amanda thinks Kaitlin trust McCrea more Kaitlin disagrees.
Kaitlin says after the last vote she doesn’t trust anyone left in the house.
Amanda and KAitlin both say they have nothing against each other.
Amanda tells her that they put serious thought into keeping Jeremy in the house but it’s not possible.

Kaitlin says the way Helen and Elissa went about getting rid of Jeremy wasn’t “a awesome way to go about it” She would never have done it like that.
Amanda: “I thought you offered yourself up as a pawn”
KAitlin: ‘Ya well if I was a pawn and didn’t use the veto on myself then I should have stayed a pawn”
Kaitlin: ‘they really strong armed me and I think it was unfair.. it’s a game I get it”
Amanda: ‘You seemed like you were expecting it.. “
Jeremy comes in “Hey baby cakes”


5:23pm cockpit Aaryn and JUDD

Aaryn says she doesn’t think he’s shady says he’s a good guy even after he lied to her twice. She asks him if she’s being targeted. JUDD doesn’t think so.

JUDD thinks that Kaitlin would be a target over Aaryn. Aaryn: “Elissa, Helen and Andy told her though if she did this they would protect her forever” (if she used the VETO)
JUDD: “Well… “

Aaryn says she would not vote against JUDD. JUDD says he wouldn’t vote against Aaryn or put her up. Aaryn points out that Gina is digging a hole for herself.
JUDD says he cannot handle hearing the Nick stuff anymore, “I’m done with it”

CBS Interactive Inc.

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Big Jim

When will this production manipulation ever stop? (Never)


every season there are comments on production “fixing” bb. sure, production influences parts of the game, within limits. it’s their show!

but, always remember – production never votes.


is production always this bad in US seasons? this is my first time watching the live feeds and they have said numerous times, “production” doesn’t want this, “DR told me this”, especially about not putting up howard, that was a direct influence on the game! i watched bbcanada and even though they may have learned some things in DR, i don’t remember them ever saying “oh I can’t do this bc production doesn’t want it”…


At least there’s no Coup d’ Jeff ! *Phew*


Really Helen? Pitbulls should not exist? it’s the owners of the dogs that have the problem not the dogs themselves.


Helen logic: I know someone who was trampled by a horse… KILL ALL THE HORSES!!!


Oh no… here comes the Pittie supporters.


We have to, it’s not like they can talk…


you are so right!! they bark.


Wait until they get mauled by one, then watch how quickly their support will wane, lol


STFU Jewel, go get a mountain dew.


As a kid I was attacked by a black Lab. Should we kill all of them now?


Helen is loosing me, I had such high hopes for her…. The worst thing my pit would do is lick you to death.
I hate when ppl generalize a breed or race, don’t you Helen???

This Season Blows

“I hate when ppl generalize a breed or race, don’t you Helen???”

Apparently she doesn’t, since she’s flipped to defending Aaryn and essentially blaming Howard for the racism.


And Jeremy’s dumba$$ definateley should not be raising pittbulls…or anything for that matter


Helen does not understand individual responsibility. She has a “group mentality” She has been trained well. It is the Individual owner who is responsible
for his/her own animals. *Note to Helen ..if you read this I am not responsible for it. The Government is responsibe, without them I would be an Incapable Blob.
P.S thanks Uncle Sam … for this great web site you built


I think no one has specificly mentioned this about Helen. Though your comments are certainly around it. I’m referring to the “peoples food” comments. Sure sounds comi to me. There is no way she’s a Republican! ROFL

It could be a fun left wing summer… Friends = Socailist …. hehehe


Does that comment make Helen a Breedist?


Uh Oh, Amanda is onto the rig, production better get her in check..

McCrea: “Production has strategy?”

Yup, they do, Season 13, they “strategically” protected Rachel at every turn, until last 3 weeks when they didn’t have to anymore.


The only way I can see them getting Elissa out without production doing anything about it like giver her a DPOV or Coup De CRAP, is backdooring her.


Why do they need to backdoor? She can’t win any comps anyway cuz she’s inept.


Sure blame it on production. Every time something doesn’t go the way YOU like, production this, production that. Waaah, Waaah, Waaah…


Pay attention and you’ll learn something sheep.


You have no conclusive proof that the show is rigged, its just another ploy by haters like you. And me a sheep, meh. More like I’m the Road Runner and your Wile E Coyote. Eat my dust! MEEP MEEP!


You only have to watch the feeds a couple hours & every time somebody mentions how production did this or the diary room said that – all you get are fishes. We know they ask questions to make them think about things they never would on their own.
If Amanda doesn’t watch out production will make sure she’s the next to go.



Sheeple don’t want to see what’s right in front of them.

I’m no hater, I just don’t like it when I see production favor certain HGs. They do it every season.


You have no conclusive proof that the show isn’t rigged. ALOT more evidence points to rigging. Like tiebreaker question HoH’s like the won Helen just won. Where the proof that Helen’s answer was the right answer?

This Season Blows

Yeah, it’s all a big coincidence that every single bullshit twist favored Rachel when she was on the show and now the most one-sided twist of all time is working in favor of Rachel’s sister this year. Suuuure.

Do you really think we’re all that gullible?

This Season Blows

I’m really starting to root for Amanda. She’s playing the best game, and she’s the only one who realizes that the only way the rest of the house will be allowed to win is if they get Rachelissa out.

This Season Blows

Sorry, meant to be a separate comment.


Why didn’t she realize that 3 days ago and Vote Elissa Out? Howard did and they are CRUCIFYING him for it. Yeah Amanda the genius. The girl who said there’s ZERO chance McCrae could be in an alliance without her knowing. The person who blames HOWARD for the racism now.


Btw, I seem to remember Rachel going beast mode in the comps and that’s what saved her, herself.


Oh, you sheep never learn anything. Did I say anything about competitions?

I’m not talking about when she won comps, I;m talking about when it looked like she was heading out the door, production saved her.

1. Shelly, they got her to turn the house around. She didn’t like Rachel and wanted her out, before going into DR.

2. Pandora’s Box(which everyone opens) reactivating the duo twist.

That concludes your lesson for today.


Your thumps ups are probably you and your other computers. Now we all know people change their minds, expecially when it comes to different strategies. Have you never changed your mind. Oh, no? So everytime you have gone to a different strategy, someone was there to coax you into it? And Production didn’t make Porsche open Pandoras Box. She wasn’t the first to get it that season you know. So go ahead keep blaming production, hater.


Btw I can’t wait to see what you blame on production next season. And oh yeah you will. To be continued…


Then you clearly forgot:

The Pandora’s box that brought the duo’s twist back to save her and Jordan in the final six.

The returning houseguest twist that would clearly split the votes between Cassie and Dominic, allowing Brendon to snag the majority vote to return to help her game. Not to mention production’s blatant manipulation of dear gullible Lawon, who without precedent or evidence believed he’d received some sort of power if he were evicted. Sorry, no one is that dumb without manipulation.

And that’s just the stuff I noted watching the season…I’m not wasting time going over the crap that slipped out on the feeds.


thumb me down, facts are facts. Who are you anyway, production? Rachel’s family? Or just another Sheep?



I agree that production did set it up for Rachel in the Final 6; but NOT by reactivating duos. Porche was not forced to open Pandora’s box, she did that to herself. For those of you who don’t understand the story of Pandora, when she opened her box it released all the bad things into the world. So Porche was offered something good, money, and something essentially BAD, the duo’s twist, letting possibly Jordan and Rachel be safe, was put into the game. It was not rigged, its how Pandora’s Box works. It was meant to be bad for the majority of the house!

However, production didn’t stop there. For the first time ever, they made the veto comp none other than a (drum roll please) endurance. Something Rachel would definitely win. Something that has never been a veto for as long as I can remember.

If the comp had been a normal veto, it would have been acceptable. But endurance, really?


Good point about the endurance comps, I had overlooked that Rachel was, in her defense, insanely good at those.

However, I still contest that Porsche had little choice in opening Pandora’s Box. Name one instance that box has shown up in the game, and the player’s didn’t open it. I’m struggling to come up with one out of the 7-8 seasons I’ve watched. I don’t think it’s as much of a choice as they lead the audience to believe.


Nah it was the rigged Porche’s Pandora Box that saved her & Jordan. Gave her the same endurance comp that she already won once…don’t u remember? If you think thats not rigging then you are retarded.

Ben Dover

Worst cast ever !


I’m watching last nights after dark and Helen is such a bleeding heart, I am shocked she works in politics… she wants everyone to be friends and cries at every sob story.

If I were in the minority like Kait and Co, I would ask Helen or someone in the majority while in front of others and ask “once all of is in this side of the house are gone, and you win the first HoH after the last person leaves… who are the two you put up from your alliance?”

Put her on the spot.

But yeah, Helen bugs me. The minute everyone in the house is on your side and no one is on the others you will piss off more people the minute you start cutting the numbers…


now they wanna get rid of elissa, come on amanda i think u need to go
the order should be
jeremy, aaryn, amanda, howard, spencer, mccrae, kaitlin, judd, jesse, andy, and HELEN AND ELISSA TOP 2 🙂
hope so!!!

This Season Blows

Talk about a boring season if that happens. Delusional Brenchel fans like you are ruining Big Brother.


Please, please, please, PLEASE get Aryan out before she makes it into the jury house. I need to see Julie interview her asap.


aaryn is the worst person to be ever casted, i think this season the cast sucks!!!


Aaryn will probably end being the most hated bb player ever


Helen drives me nuts she’s such a hipocit calling the other side bad people as she calls them wh*res and bashes and bully them and then tries to be friends with everyone she is so annoying I don’t understand how she is the *peoples* chllamp just bectrause she’s a mom when straight shooter was a mom and everyone hated her when she was actually a strategic player


Longest. sentence. ever. (those are periods after the words, cool wha’?)


I didn’t realise this was english class and I needed to use proper punctuation I’m an english major I know how to punctuate but I’m on a cell phone and it isn’t worth the trouble the only reason there’s apostrophes is because my phone adds them in for me I should of known mentioning shelly would piss off a crazy cat person though


I just wanna see that interview between Aryan Nation and Julie Chen. And it looks like it could be a few more weeks rather then expected; possibly giving Julie time to cool off. Now we can’t have that.


“Judd: “She’s just being a bit paranoid”

Amanda is a figuring out the manipulation, I just hope she knows that the HGs don’t have to do what production wants, ask Ian, he was asked to save Dan with his POV and when he refused, they had an extra POV, that week, Jenn won it, and they got her to save Dan.

Production wanted Shelly to save Rachel by turning the house around and she did it.

Production can suggest all they want in the DR, but the HG doesn’t have to comply.

The HGs this season are much smarter, to question production.


Dude, you’re obsessed. Let it go. Santa Claus isn’t real and neither is reality TV. What are you 5 years old?


Whoa whoa whoaa, hold on a sec……. Santa Claus isn’t real??


It’s real enough for the people who’ve left their families and jobs to play the game. They deserve an equal chance. Whether or not production allows that is up to them, but it’s within their capacity. Just because they choose not to doesn’t mean we have to like or support it either. I urge you to check out other country’s versions of big brother, where the show is far exceeding U.S. Big Brother in popularity, with a fraction of the evidence of production manipulation, if any.

STFU Donnie

I don’t agree with you about the extent of the manipulation. Of course, the MVP is an artificial creation that allows America to help their favorite and Elissa was a built in favorite to get it…but the audience could have rejected her or the house could have rejected the MVP, but instead they “weaponized” it. They could have decided whoever got the MVP would be a target, unless they copped to having it and put up a pawn of the HOH’s choosing. The house granted the MVP power by voting out it’s nominee for their own game.

But all the other stuff with HG’s claiming production wants something to happen is just more paranoia…but even if it’s true, they have to make the choice to do it. Nobody is taking anything from them.

But let’s say I’m completely, 100% wrong. As a viewer, you have a choice. you can either watch or not watch. That’s your power. And if production is influencing the game, their only goal is to retain and/or grow the audience. So if they do manipulate, it’s likely because it works, which means the audience likes it and that’s why the show exists. There is no BB, no $500K, unless an audience exists to generate the revenue to fund it. Production’s goal is to please us…and that’s what the HG’s are there to do. They make us mad, happy, sad, etc. They entertain us and if they don’t the show goes away.


So far, regarding evictions, the BB15 HGs have done exactly what Allison Grodner has wanted. When Jeremy goes home, for all 3 weeks. “Yes, AG! Right away, AG! Whatever you say, AG!” How does that makes this year’s cast “much smarter, to question Production”?

What they are doing (especially Amanda), however, is exactly the right thing. What the best BB players always need to take into account very heavily. Trying to anticipate what *production’s* next move is! Amanda is all over it! And It will serve her well.

Ill Will, are you always this unhappy? Your handle fits you perfectly. I can feel your fire come out, with every single OBB post you make. The steam coming out of your ears. My late Dad was exactly like that. He loved being mad all the time. Guess what? He dropped dead at 50. Suddenly. Massive heart attack. Type A Personality. I respect all BB fans, and I want to see you stay around for a long time, Will, that’s all. Watch your blood pressure. We all only get one shot at this…..

ILLWILL That A$$hole

LOL, I do this every season, it’s fun, I anger others more then I could ever be angry ..

Production has a favorite every year, Season 11 Jordon and Jeff, Season 12 Rachel, Season 13 Rachel, Season 14 Frank, Season 15 Elissa, I’ll always be against their favorites. No hate at all, I love every single one of the HGs… Just good times


There’s no manipulation. Big Brother threw all these people together as a social experiment. This is what happens when you put strangers together and money is involved. People are unpredictable. Just like all those racial comments, it wasn’t production that suggest Aryan to be racist, just like it’s not production that made Spencer paranoid and flip. It wasn’t production that made Amanda and McCrea hook-up and therefore making McCrea drop the moving company. And so on and so forth.

Shiny Happy People

Man, I thought like you when I watched my first season (bb11)…then I figured out that Jeff especially was nothing like the guy they were portraying on the show. It’s not so much a social experiment anymore (if you want that, go to a site that carries the old seasons, they were clearly more legit).

Not every action in that house is orchestrated…but enough that it’s far from a social experiment anymore…trust me, as someone that studies human behavior, this show is not a genuine look at social psychology.


Keep telling yourself that sheep, Watch DickatNite Past HGs talk about Production’s manipulation all the time.


Hey bbff, I dont know if you are new to BB or just extremely naive, but production manipulates the game/show constantly. Its about ratings. Get on twitter and talk to some past house guests about the level of manipulation. They will tell you about the leading questions that get you thinking in a new direction (the direction that gives them more viewership).

the show is manipulated, not scripted. Theres a difference.

7 Seven 7

I think “we” need to get ellissa out which means, when you win hoh put elissa up. How about you win the Hoh Amanda and put her up yourself, I do not understand why people are taking orders from her.


Getting other people to do your dirty work is great strategy. That’s how I would play the game


Im really getting sick of Helen’s attitude. Dogs should not be allowed on boats! No pit bulls too! Give her bleeding heart any power and she goes mad. What else doesn’t she like. Political advisors like her think everyday about what rights they can take away from the people to give themselves more benefits and power. Well I say to her that I think that any mother that abandons their family and children should lose their rights to those children and child protective services needs to investigate


w.t.f. Hey I gotta tip… don’t turn the boards into a political diatribe. It’s annoying when that happens because it starts to look like the CNN comment board.


Ummm… Helen is _married_? As in, she has a husband who can take care of her sons while she’s away? If this merits being reported to child services, then no Entertainment Celebrity on Earth would be permitted to keep their kids. Or travelling actor, musician, comedian… Come on. Seriously, now. So you don’t like Helen. Doesn’t mean you have to get someone to take her kids away from her.


If this cast is so bad and production controls it so much. Why waste our time watching it and on this site…………….


“James, you are not allowed to talk about Production!” (even if you’re 100% right……..) 🙂


Amanda playing too hard…Oh well, only a matter of time before Friendship/Goof Troop started turning on each other, leading to The Racist getting further along in the game.


Bye Aaryn………… Have fun with David!! or Bye Jeremy…….Have fun with David & Nick!


I have noticed all day Amanda seems peeved after coming back from the DR, just like Candice being all nice to Aaryn after coming from DR a couple of times that I know of…Amanda is smart & knows they are gonna be there for nothing if this racist crap don’t stop, she sure is trying to tone down Aaryn & she hasn’t been talking to Elissa any that I’ve seen, but then again I’ve been doing housework & just listening to a lot of it today & watching when taking a break, my family has threatened me with BB intervention…i wonder if Amanda would go off on production if she got mad enough…I bet Aaryn would, lol…if I’m wrong about what I think I’m seeing today someone tell me…please….


Amanda could find herself out the door if she doesn’t stop talking about production and going after Elissa. If she is right and production wants something other than what she wants, then production will win every time. I hope Aaryn finds out who told Elissa to put David up, that would shake things up. Amanda keeps saying the moving company are all leaving but she never mentions McCrae. He was part of it as well so why does he get to stay. He is obviously not trustworthy since he turned on his first alliance. He also made Howard swear on the bible to not put him or Amanda up if he was HOH but he made this deal by lying through his teeth that he was MVP. Talk about shady.


I am really enjoying Judd’s gameplay and position in the game right now. He is my favorite houseguest for sure 😀


Mumbling Redneck FTW


Man, Amanda is just killing it. I hope she doesn’t overplay it or show her cards too soon. But she is my favorite. Kaitlin is a fool. She agreed to the deal so she needs to get over it. This is the game. Is she here to play or to pout over Jeremy? She needs to go too. Go Amanda!


Word, she’s the 1st HG this season smart enough to figure, something is up with the MVP twist.


Amanda is catching on, Elissa must go to the game can be level playing field again. Keep questioning everything Amanda, you almost got it.


the mvp twist could have been really cool this year, but of course, cbs found a way to screw it up.
Elissa looks like a really nice person, but other than being Rachel’s sister, there has been no reason for her
to be the mvp for 3 weeks straight.

Elissa said after she was nominated in week 2 :”how can I be making waves when I don’t talk to anyone?”.
She had no game play whatsoever.
She would be such a non factor if not for the weekly “who’s Rachel’s sister” award/power.
I’m sure production got into Spencer’s head and planted the whole :”let’s use her mvp as a weapon.” in an attempt to save her.

I don’t understand why she has such a following…..
Didn’t people hate Rachel??
Rachel has that many fans now that the results are the same week after week?
Does anybody want to guess who’s going to win America’s favorite at the end of the year…..


Elissa protecting Howard will be her downfall. Hopefully, this will become evident to Helen who seems to have blinders on regarding her. Elissa is drag on Helen and Helen needs to find this out now or she will blindsided by the Goof Alliance with Amanda knocking her out. Helen is screwing up her game play attaching herself to Elissa and Candace, both Howard loyalists. How does she not see that?

Zingbot Fan

Honey Boo Boo?


If Amanda gets her out, Elissa will get America’s Favorite in the same fashion she got MVP without doing anything.

Then again, I remember that Homophobic Douchbag Jeff Schroeder getting it twice, that told me something is either wrong with American Viewers, or maybe there’s another reason he gets it?


Jeff won America’s Favorite for 2 reasons.

1. CBS didn’t air his homophobia

2. Jeff’s fan base is made up of middle-aged women who are either single, or in unhappy marriages, and he has a pretty face.

STFU Donnie

Call me naive, but with 14 seasons in the books, wouldn’t some disgruntled player have gone public claiming production guided or controlled the game through the DR with some specific and heavy allegations? I just don’t see why the producers would risk a scandal, turning off the audience and CBS executives, and end up unemployed. What I think happens is a by-product of life in quarantine, playing a game of cutthroat. Just consider all the times people are called in the DR and what the producers have to do to get the good soundbites to play on CBS.

So you’re a HG, playing a high pressure game and trying to know who to trust, who to suspect, who to fear, who’s conspiring against you, etc. Then you get called into the DR and you get prompted with questions about different events and asked about different people and scenarios. Now production is looking in the fishbowl and sees everything, so the natural reaction is to wonder what they know. Are they asking me about Helen, Elissa, and Howard because they’re HOH, MVP, and the guy you’ve been targeting (what if Amanda isn’t cognizant of how relentless she bashes Howard and thinks she has talked about other threats just as much)…OR is it because the Wednesday episode is featuring the new secret super alliance between all three and they have the numbers to evict me and that why production needs soundbites from me…so I can look stupid.

I’m just saying that if I were in the house, I’d try to see through my DR questions to see if I can get a hint about what is going down or how I should proceed. If I have the MVP and say everybody wants me to pick Howard but I’ve not made up my mind. Production needs to cover their bases in case I pick somebody else, so they run through the other names. Now if I’m nervous about picking Howard already, my mind could decide production is trying to tell me I shouldn’t put up Howard…except their not.

I think Amanda has figured out based on the questions that racism has become a theme in the show and it makes her nervous…but the conclusions she’s reaching are her own, not productions evil plans, and based on Howard (and Spencer) having told McCrae last week that Amanda needed to go. She’s letting her paranoia carry her away and her fear that she’s been painted as a racist with Aaryn -that conversation warning her was clearly contrived- and worried Howard has used this to his advantage to get protection. Maybe from Helen, Candace, Elissa, and her MVP. The idea that they’ve figured out production’s plan is all a figment of a paranoid imagination

I just think the other stuff is HG over-interpretation of DR sessions. Hell, Nick got called into suspicion simply for being called into the DR too much, so why wouldn’t that paranoia follow them into their own sessions?


You make some solid, good points. In regards to your last point though, I’d like to play Devil’s Advocate.

Isn’t it possible production heard the hg’s muttering about nick’s frequent calls to the DR, and from that point forward began calling him in more frequently to fuel that paranoia?

STFU Donnie

It’s a stretch and I’d argue Nick, being a TV guy, knew how to deliver the goods in soundbites, plus the whole MC story…but I can’t say you’re wrong.

VA Vet

Ever hear of a confidentially agreement.

If they sign a contract that they won’t discuss certain aspects of the show and then do the opposite they can be sued.

STFU Donnie

Ever hear of Deepthroat…

If I felt I got screwed out of half a million and my confidentiality agreement was air tight (coincidentally, it’s not as former BB players are all over the internet discussing their experiences, including how BB works when the feeds go out), I’d find a reporter who would shield my identity and tell my story…and many reporters would bite. A network reality show being fixed, hosted by the wife of the CBS boss. That’s a big story. Congress would be interested in a story about a company licensed to broadcast over public airwaves, committing fraud, and conning the audience.

Kayla J

Thers something called foolproof legal contracts and lawsuits.
you past HG is stupid enough to try and go against CBS. That mega corporation will end them (and their families and loved ones)
even their pet.
Mega Corporations don’t play around when it comes to 2 things…. Money an dtheir reputation

This Season Blows

I’m really starting to root for Amanda. She’s playing the best game, and she’s the only one who realizes that the only way the rest of the house will be allowed to win is if they get Rachelissa out.


Amanda isn’t a sheep, she’s smart enough to question what needs to be questioned, something rarely seen on Big Brother.

Ian did it last season when he refused to save Dan with his POV.


The sheep are thumbing you down…thinking and questioning is like poison to them.

Zingbot Fan

Could this be the first week when a Head of Households nomination actually walks out of the house? I hope Jeremy gets the boot. I’m sure he has some boxes he can use from The Moving Company stock.


Amanda win HOH and do what everyone else is afraid to do, Go Against the Grain….

billy bob

they just think they can get rid of elissa,lol she really hasnt been in alot of comps,and the ones shes been in ,she was a have not,
dont under estimate elissa ,shes getting ready to beast mode, believe that,


i think amanda should be vote out next here why she always up in the hoh room talking who to put up i mean every time i want howard to win next in put up her in ayran or her in mcare

She Said What

Of course there is some production manipulation – that’s what Big Brother does – BB sees and hears all and attempts to use that knowledge to sway players. But BB can only do so much – Dan’s funeral play was priceless and the houseguests bought it all one their own. Frank and Mike did cheat and BB did nothing except have the video removed. So BB does involve itself in the game – since it’s their game – watching the houseguests get all worked up is half the fun – is it fair – nope – but that’s the point of the game – after all the show is called Big Brother. And this year there’s major damage control going on because of some very ugly comments made by many of the players – this year’s final night will be some wild television.


How many people remember this from BB 14?

On Day 42, shortly after Shane made his nominations as Head of Household, he told Danielle that the production crew in the diary room explicitly told him not to put up Frank and Mike for nomination that week. However, both were nominated and were thus eligible for eviction that week. On Day 43, Frank drew a “HouseGuest’s Choice” token during the player draw and when asked to draw again, as later confided to Boogie, he palmed the token. Many fans believe that this was a result of the production team’s desire to keep Frank in the game. This led to an outrage within message boards, fans and viewers, causing many to doubt the authenticity of the show once more. The scandal also ran throughout the Big Brother House and caused tension between opposing HouseGuests, who were not allowed to discuss the situation. Allison Grodner has not commented on the scandal yet. A video of Frank talking to Boogie about the cheating was put on YouTube, but later removed by CBS for copyright purposes. Despite outcry from fans, the game continued on as normal. On Day 48, Mike was evicted from the game. Frank, when on the block, won the veto and later won HoH causing many forums to speculate that the competitions were rigged in Frank’s favor. Despite controversy, the game progressed on regardless.

Of course this show is manipulated by production for their benefit. Lets just hope they can create as much drama as possible for our amusement.


if i was hoh i would put up amanda an mcrae reason not ayarn cause she want win it nobody would vote for a races person so why not take her to the end to incrase your chance of wining you go form 50percent of winning to 100 percent winning if you take ayran to the end


Team #AmandaMcCrae she is a strategic thinker (even if production is feeding…she’s still reading what the others are not) & McCrae is a master-mind social gamer (pizza guys always are…lol…they rely on tips). Together they are a force to be reckoned with!!!!


they will soon be split up

VA Vet

The best way to circumvent the MVP twist is for the house guests to refuse to cast any votes for the person nominated by the MVP.


Amanda is like the Godfather (which we always knew had a Godmother behind him ;-)! Love her. She’s epic!!!!


ffs most overrated this season is amanda, constantly overplaying – it amazes me how so many people dislike aaryn for being racist and a bully/bitch, but its ok for amanda to engage in that behaviour…wtf?


P.S. Big Brother has ALWAYS been production and a little America. That’s always been part of the game. Smart gamers/players would know that…I think Helen tried but Amanda is doing better.


I will be glad when Amanda, McCrae and Helen go up on the block. Everyone keeps saying that “Howard swore on the Bible this” and “Howard swore on the Bible that.” He didnt swear on the bible at all before Nick or David went home. For goodness sake he was staying true to his alliance!!!!! The only reason Jeremy voted to keep Nick was because her doesn’t like Elissa, not becasue he was honoring his alliance. Helen is the biggest two-faced person in the house. She is making deals with everyone, but boo-hoos and cries whenever she finds out that other people made deals and alliances. And she always in Elissa’s face like they are good buddies but is telling Andy that they at some point need to backdoor her? And Amanda has got to be the biggest liar in the house!!!


Amanda is definitely the best player in there. But I’m always on the line with her. 1 day I like her bc she’s with Elissa then the next min I don’t like her bc she’s conspiring against Elissa. That said, I have a feeling ppl are gonna catch on to how big of a threat she is. Bc she is over playing it.

As far as production manipulation goes, that’s a constant. Of course they’re gonna give their input to the HG’s & try to sway them. They have to have ratings or the show will not exist. So of course they’re gonna try to keep ppl that are good for the audience, however, when it all boils down, the HG’s have the last say. Production might not have wanted Elissa or Helen to put up Howard, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t.


she is already an obvious threat as she is in a showmance…constantly overplaying, and never shutting up isnt helping her reduce the target on her back in my opinion

howard for hoh

i'm tall

the funny thing is howard and spencer called it early on that she is a manipulator and schemer but know one listened. they all wanted to be chummy-chummy with each other and she claspsed them talons into pizza boy and has been carrying him around ever since. they all make mention of howard swearing on the bible which he didn’t and if they try to say he did with mccrae on the mvp thing that won’t hold since pizza boy was lying to howard in the first place. so that makes that deal a wash. amanda spewing the whole race thing is a joke. if there were another jewish person in the house and she would gravitate towards him as well. candy and howie are the same age, race and both hail from the south so it’s expected that they would kick it and share commonalities. i just hate it that the non persons of color in the house are quick to throw race in the mix. we need to to do better america. i blame cbs for this too since they do such a bad job of casting the melting pot of america. america is more than a bunch of blonde hair and blue-eyed folks. until they (cbs) fixes the way they cast this show will continue to look this way where minorities of any kind are not reflected properly.


Amanda is definitely the best player in there. But I’m always on the line with her. 1 day I like her bc she’s with Elissa then the next min I don’t like her bc she’s conspiring against Elissa. That said, I have a feeling ppl are gonna catch on to how big of a threat she is. Bc she is over playing it.

As far as production manipulation goes, that’s a constant. Of course they’re gonna give their input to the HG’s & try to sway them. They have to have ratings or the show will not exist. So of course they’re gonna try to keep ppl that are good for the audience, however, when it all boils down, the HG’s have the last say. Production might not have wanted Elissa or Helen to put up Howard, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t.


for me i cant see a best player standing out


what do they mean by production strategy?


Not sure I am understanding Helen’s HOH…everyone is immune to being put up next week and basically, there are no alliances. It is just House United, except Jeremy.
Not a fan of Jeremy, but don’t want him evicted. I need a spoon to stir the pot to push for a Spencer eviction. The man does nothing but is still dangerous because as bad a liar as he is, the houseguests are just that much more gullible.
Aaryn is not a threat, just an ignorant chick who will kiss butt when she needs to and will float side to side to stay safe.
Candice and Howard do not need to be evicted just yet…yes, Candice is smart but she does nothing with her knowledge and information. Howard is a horrible liar who can actually be useful if he finally picks a side and sticks with it.
Andy is the dark horse…he is a mercenary, openly spying and sharing information with both sides yet no one sees this.
Still on the fence with Elissa….she seems to offer nothing game-wise or socially, but offering herself as a target week after week is working for her. MVP material? Not hardly.
Amanda is going too hard, too fast, too often which could bite her in the butt….but she offers up great DR.
Judd is actually in a good position…if only he did not talk as if he has a mouthful of mud, I would probably like him more.
Jessie is non-existent; Kaitlin is really nothing more than a vote but has shown that in a pinch, she can pull it out.
So far, unsure who I am rooting for to win at this point. Everyone needs to show me more.


ian was pretty non existant for a long time and ended up winning


If Amanda is alluding to “production has strategy”, she may have caught wind that Big Brother definitely wants to keep Howard in the game and/or that they don’t want Elissa to put him up for eviction. I wonder if Big Brother will continue to protect Elissa now that she inadvertently disclosed the fact that they are controlling the outcome of the show. They may consider her poor gamesmanship a liability and have her targeted next week.

Or, and this would be an interesting turn of events, Big Brother may suddenly announce that anyone who gets the MVP award a certain amount of times will AUTOMATICALLY be guaranteed a spot in the jury OR, better yet, become a finalist. This tactic could be used if they want to guarantee Elissa goes forward with the show or it could ensure her departure from the house as the others would most certainly make sure she was quickly voted out.


Helen is a dictator and wants things to go her way.


I can’t stand when people get HOH fever. They act like they are so bad ass and as soon as their reign is over, back to their kissing ass begins. They have power for a whole hot minute, and sadly Helen is acting like an ass too. ughhh. I feel like this season is like watching a bunch of kindergartners. All idiots. Amanda, Arryn, Kaitlyn, Andy, Jess, Jeremy, are disgusting.

Boiled Speemps

Wow! I’ve already heard multiple instances of production manipulation from various house guests and it’s only the 3rd week. If I remember correctly, obvious manipulation and hounding people in the DR in previous seasons wouldn’t start until 5 or 6 people had been booted. I originally thought the MVP being handed to production’s favorite was their way of sidestepping the hounding process so no one could expose their tactics on the feeds, but it seems to have increased their hounding efforts.

I'm on to you big brother

BB wants who they choose in the jury house that’s why they not getting out aaryn. I could just bet that aaryn and Candice will be the first 2 together in their just to teach aaryn a lesson …Theme of show this seasons is racism.(ex:paula dean, Zimmerman)


I like your scenario except for one thing, I don’t think Aaryn winning 50,000 in second place will teach her much.