FIGHT NIGHT – Jessie feels the HEAT from the Triangle of Thrust!

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 15
HOH Winner: Helen Next HOH: July 18
MVP: ?
Original Nominations:
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick
Have Nots

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9:20pm – 9:35pm In the bedroom – Gina is talking to Kaitlin and Jeremy about missing Nick.
Jeremy tells her that he tried to keep him here.
Jessie tells Gina that is sorry about what happened.
Gina flips out and tells her no you’re not you are responsible for what happened.
She says that she doesn’t want to look her in the face when she lied to her.
Jessie leaves and comes out the other bedroom and says that she just got yelled at by 4 people.
Gina comes out and starts crying and going off on them.
She says that she doesn’t respect someone who goes back on their word.
Gina goes and points at each of them and tells them the nice things she has said about them or what she thinks of them.
Gina then starts going on about how she and Nick had a connection that no one else saw.
She says that they had a connection where they didn’t have to show everyone what they had.
She tells that they can put her up if they want, I will play games and compete.
Gina says good luck and to all of ya’ll and I will see you.
Gina leaves the room. jessie tells the others what happened in the room.
Helen tells her that they are all on her side. Helen says that America loves our side.
Elissa says that this is big brother, it isn’t usually like this, people don’t attack each other.
The others stop Elissa and say that’s not true.

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9:35pm – 9:45pm In the bedroom – Gina, Kaitlin, Jeremy talk. They tell Gina about how great Nick’s speech was and how it showed how much he liked her. Gina starts smiling. Gina tells them all what the hand gesture Nick did meant. She says that they did that for each other to tell one another you are awesome. Gina then starts showing them how Nick and her would hold pinkies. Aaryn says she can’t hear that story again! You guys disgust me. I can’t talk it. Aaryn tells them that Gina and Nick would hold pinkies and kiss each others thumbs. Gina gets called to the diary room. Aayrn laughs at how Gina is still wearing half her outfit. Gina lifts up her dress and shows her matching underwear. Aaryn tells Jeremy and Kaitlin that the Triangle of Thrust SUCKS! Kaitlin comments on how Candice said the Cockroaches are scattering… but none of us were leaving the room. Aayrn says I was, I didn’t want to be around them.


9:50pm – 10:15pm In the lounge room – Andy, Judd, McCrae and Amanda are talking. They talk about how Spencer and Howard didn’t vote together and how they know it wasn’t Jessie. Judd goes off and says when in the history of Big Brother have you ever heard of someone making an alliance with someone on the block!!! They all laugh and wonder what the hell Spencer was thinking. They say that Spencer and Howard are slime balls throwing Amanda under the bus and for trying to play both sides. Amanda says that she doesn’t get why Howard and Spencer didn’t vote with us when we have the majority and the MVP! It doesn’t make any sense! Andy says they are stupid! They don’t understand how to play the game! Amanda talks about how Gina is a loyal person that unfortunately aligned herself with the wrong people. She is a follower and not a leader, she follows Aaryn around which is sad because she is 32 years old and Aaryn is 22.The conversation turns to talking about how well Jeremy handled tonight. Amanda says she thinks its because he had a realization that he is going home and isn’t going to win this.

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10:10pm – 10:35pm In the bedroom Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy are talking. Jessie comes in and Kaitlin and Aaryn start attacking Jessie confronting her why she didn’t vote with them. Jessie says that the other side treats her with respect. Jessie says that she was at the bottom of their group why would she want to be with them. Jessie tells Jeremy and Kaitlin that they are in her bed. Judd comes in to protect her. Kaitlin yells at Jessie telling her to GET THE FU*K OUT JUDD! Judd protects Jessie and they hold hands and leave the room. Kaitlin and Aaryn comment on how they want to self-evict now. Kaitlin says I just got sucked into this catty bullsh*t. Kaitlin says that Jessie has tried to get with all the guys and now Judd is her 5th chance at a showmance. They call Jessie a slutty bit*ch! Kaitlin and Aayrn talk about how the others are acting and treating them. Aaryn says that we treated them with respect when we were HOH. kaitlin says they wouldn’t be acting this way if I was HOH that is for damn sure. Jeremy comments on how Judd picked that right side. Kaitlin says that is a mean comment. Jeremy says well it’s true he picked the winning side.


10:40pm In the bedroom with Candice, Jessie, McCrae, Amanda and Elissa are going off about how they will go off on the others. Candice says that she will go Evel Dick on their a$$es with pots and pans. Candice brings up how if Aaryn had to share a bed with Howard she wouldn’t because of the racist comments she’s made. Helen comes out of the diary room and yells WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM!!!! Everyone runs up to the HOH room (even the triangle of thrust). They all look at her photos and and comment on them. Helen then reads her letter out loud. After she finishes Some of the house guests head back down stairs.


Jessie goes back to the bedroom and claims her bed back. Kaitlin then comes down and asks Jessie if she wants company. Jessie says no, I am sleeping here with Judd. Kaitlin then lays on the end of Jessie’s bed and tells Jessie that she is being immature. Jessie tells kaitlin to get out of her bed. Kaitlin gets up and moves to Gina’s bed. Candice comes in and asks what’s going on. Candice asks why her mattress is flipped. She asks for Howard. Jeremy lays on Jessie’s bed. Aaryn starts yelling at Candice and tells her that she will flip her bed again. Aaryn asks Candice if she is going to get all black on her. Gina starts a fight with Candice when Candice told her to go fu*k herself. Howard comes in gets between Gina and Candice. Howard then picks up Candice and takes her out of the room.



11pm – 11:15pm In the havenot room – Howard and Candice are talking. Howard is trying to calm Candice down. She tells him that they were throwing a lot of racial surls at her and she just can’t take it any more. Howard doesn’t want her to sleep in there because he knows they will get into it again. Candice asks Howard why they can let them win when they are saying all these racial attacks at her. Howard says that he has been subject to the same racial slurs and attacks. We are bigger than that. Let them look ugly on TV we aren’t going to be like that! All of America will see what they are like. Candice doesn’t want to give up the bed. Howard tells her please just not tonight! We will sleep in another bed. If we sleep in there, they are going to say something and I am going to flip the fu*k out! Howard says just take this route, it will be better. I will get your stuff, I won’t let anyone mess with your stuff. Candice says if I move my stuff Helen is only HOH for a week. Howard says that they asked him one question and about his temper and he says that he had all his friends lie about it. Howard says that he can keep his temper in line only because he has the bible. Howard says that she is her sexy queen. I don’t care who at home sees me curl up in bed with you at night. I don’t do it because you are sexy I do it because I know you are all alone in here. Howard asks her if she can just go upstairs and he will get her stuff. Candice says I will never get my bed back. Howard says let them have it. I am going home tonight if I sleep in there. Candice says okay I will listen to you. Howard says go up there and chill out.


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GinaMarie is such a crying bitch. I hope she’s putting a target on her back. She should be nominated along with Aaryn or Jeremy.


No. Don’t nominate Aaryn. Keep the eye on the prize. Nominate Howard, Spencer, Jeremy.

Big Sister

Why hasn’t GM been exposed for her “welfare is n***** insurance” statement? Aaryn is not the ONLY racist in the house. Still can’t believe she cried for 2+ hours over Nick leaving! Within minutes he was showing how little he felt for her in his exit interview.


“Gina then starts going on about how she and Nick had a connection that no one else saw.”

Not even America saw that “connection” Alex Forrest


Nick didn’t even se it!


It’s going to be even more sad for her when she sees Nick’s DR comments about how he never felt the same way. Haha.


Between that and losing her job, she’s going to be a hot mess…I hope BB provides therapy for her when this is all over


I was thinking that, too. She seems like the type to lose her way, like Britney Spears after Justin Timberlake dumped her.


They’re forced to go into HOH, I was about to say, this would’ve been the 1st season where someone didn’t want to “Go see HOH room”, production halted the feeds until the mean crew went up there.


Awwww. jessie and Judd sitting on a tree. K.i.s.s.i.n.g.


It’s funny that Gina is wearing Nick’s hat, the same hat that Jeremy wiped his butt with some time ago.


Is aryan eating something that is making her so delusional…like seriously..this girl hasn’t taken responsibility for anything.


That’s because she’s a narcissistic biotch! I hope Julie Chan confronts her about her racist comments when she gets voted off next week. Hopefully anyway. The one thing I don’t get is why Aaryn and Gina are taking David and Nick being voted off so personally. It’s a game. Did they go in there with the intention of winning the money or finding boyfriends? They’re messed up!


Are you disrespecting Julie, or don’t you know her last name is not Chan.


Usually Julie speaks to the HOH on elimination night. Not this time.


Nice catch Aqua, first time I can remember Julie not talking to the HOH just before the vote. I don’t think that was a coincidence. I’m really surprised Les Moonves hasn’t stepped in and pulled the plug on Aryan at Julie’s request.


She didn’t talk to McCrae last week either


I thought you were on to something with this, but I went back to check; she didn’t interview McCrae, either.

Still, I’m hoping Aaryn doesn’t get herself kicked out before she can be voted out. I want her to have to face Julie, if it isn’t too painful for Julie.


gm, aaryn, and kaitlin are all just spoiled brats, and bullies to boot. when they don’t get their way, they stomp their feet, yell, scream, jump up and down, and threaten to self evict. it’s like they want to take their toys and go home. if i didn’t know better, i’d swear they cast pre-schoolars in with the hg this year.

production rigged it

I think it’s official that Aaryn is the most delusional player in the history of BB, now she’s saying to Jeremy that her feelings are hurt because of the things Amands said to her. Apparently she has an empty space where her brain is supposed to be, if anybody should have hurt feelings it’s Jessie and Candice. Hopefully when Aaryn gets evicted Julie will play her racist remarks to her and ask her if she still feels that she doesn’t have anything to apologize for and then tell her that 2 modeling agencies have fired her sorry ass!!


Aaryn’s exit interview is going to be the most interesting one ever. I hope Julie calls her out but she won’t care, just like with Amanda on the broadcast tonight. When she finds out she lost her job however, she will care big time. Look for a weepy, fake, scripted apology on CBS This Morning the following Friday.


This is an awful season. The twist of MVP takes away from the whole game. The HOH basically loses all power. Both people that have home home have been the MVP choice. So what’s the point of winning HOH?


Gone home* — my fault typing using my phone to post.


Basically if you win HOH, you’re safe for the week. That’s pretty much it at this point.




And you’re guaranteed to play for POV. Just sayin’.


I don’t think we’ve seen a HOH skilled enough to counter the MVP at this point in time. Let it play out for a few more weeks & the power struggle may increase somewhat.


What about when the HOH and MVP work together or are one in the same?


To not be the mvp nominee! I agree with you though that the MVP thing is getting tiresome and it is only week 2! :/


It could have been an interesting twist…but then you bring in the sister of a two-time BB player and one-time winner, with a following and social media presence to spur them on and it takes the twist right out of it.

If all HG’s were equal, then even if it’s pure popularity over a true MVP, at least it’s fair. It could even change the game and potentially draw down the lying because the audience sees everything and the more above board a player operates, the more votes they could get. But if somebody comes in with an inherited fan base it defeats the purpose. Of course the other HG’s deserve blame because in their hubris they all just assumed they would win MVP, then when David went up the MC saw opportunity and the “weaponized” it (another brilliant Spencer invention). The smarter move would have been to try and get a consensus to think of the MVP as a bad thing, like it’s letting the audience hijack the game, and make it a “bad” power…but the MC just saw a power play played WAY too soon, just like the rest of their game.

I don’t know if this was intentionally created for Elissa or if AG is just very out of touch. An election between an incumbent with name recognition and a huge war chest running against a field of 1st time candidates with no money isn’t an election at all…it’s a coronation.


Bobsky, I disagree. I think MVP has been a very interesting BB twist so far. And I think it will remain so, long even after Elissa goes home. Not buying your “invented by AG, because Rachel Reilly’s sister is in the cast.” I think it was invented mainly to give HGs an incentive try to be a more interesting to watch on TV, and not just sleep and/or /chill out, all day every day, and never win any comps (in other words, a floater.)

You’ve also been telling us all along how Helen has been playing BB15 poorly. Again, I disagree. I think Helen has been playing BB15 brilliantly all along. And last night was clearly her finest hour. (Helen’s gonna be tough to beat in BB15 memory comps. (And I also gotta give some props to Kaitlin, for her HOH comp performance. VERY good job. DIdn’t expect her to do as well as she did.- she almost won the darn thing.)

Stooge Banter

mvp sucks – it was fine with 2 noms only for years – the only votes should be made by house guests not the public


BrotherJudd, I would have agreed with that comment up until tonight. But the destruction of the MC, along with the virtual assurance that either Aryan, Jeremy, or Kaitlin will go out the door next week, has brought it back to life for me. With one vote, masterfully orchestrated by Helen with Elissa as a lucky sidekick, the entire game changed. What I thought was predictable is now wide open and 1/3 of the most despicable clique in BB History will be gone in 7 days. I like it. And as an extra bonus prize the reactions from Jeremy, Aryan, and GinaMarie tonight were glorious, that was some goooood television.


Yes the MVP Nominees have gone home – But lets keep in mind its only the second week! Elissa has been the main Target – AND the MVP – good on her for playing the game and keeping herself Safe. And Really with exception of the “Mean Girls ” side of the house (Including Jeremy) – The MVP is a tool in getting the person they want out – out. Its actually a really cool twist. But again everyone is huffinh and puffing about this – its only the second week. LOTS will change. Elissa will not ALWAYS get MVP – because America is going to get tired of that and people are going to vote harder for it to go to someone else.


I go back and forth on Jessie, on one hand I think it is funny how bad she wants a showmance, on another hand a hate the fact that she cares more about a showmance than actually playing the game, but I do not think she deserves to be bullied.


no one deserves to be bullied .. not even the bullies (Jeremy katlen aarn and cry boob.) Bulling is just not right no matter what …


True, I should have worded that differently.


Do you realize what you just did? You said no one deserves to be bullied while referring to GM as cry boob. Name calling is a form of bullying, FYI.


No, name calling is name calling. Everyone throws around the word “bullying” way too much without actually knowing what it means.

Stooge Banter

my favourite moment of the season…

Jess all on her own standing up to these bullies

she has been bullied by Amanda, Aaryn, Gina and Kaitlyn (and Jeremy and McCrae constantly bitch about her calling her slut, or weak or desperate) pretty much every day, and she has had no alliance, no guarenteed mvp come her way every week to rely on, or people trying to help her when she was on the block week 1

i hope Elissa and Helen and Candace return the favour to Jess after they needed Jess to be with them and needed her vote, and i hope they are good together as a team – the 4 nice girls of the house

you are awesome Jess!


They are literally bullying Jessie now because doing it Elissa will put them in hot water with Helen! So, Jessie is the weak one right now according to them! That just shows what cowards they are to go after her ’cause she won’t do anything about it. I’m glad Judd defended her and took her out of the situation! I’m watching her get bullied right now for her bed by Jeremy, Kaitlin and GM on BBAD! It’s disgusting!


Simon! These bitches are going SHELL. did you see arayn flip Candices bed over! I would be in jail if i was in that nut house! They should not let these bitches do what they are doing! Candice is gonna beat the piss out of one of them!


I saw the fight with Gina and Candace.. crazy


Any Details?


Howard is a coward


No Howard is a Christian, he follows Jesus and Jesus would turn the other cheek, but Jesus has never been in the Big Brother House, I really respect Howard but man I consider myself a good person and I couldn’t take anyone calling me a nasty racist name, before I would bitchslap them including that Idiot The Jerm, he is by far a total piece of shit and I would give up all that money just to get my hands on thoses bitches Aryaning, Kaitlan and Gina the cry baby hair for 5 minutes, see I told you I was a good person.


In Biblical days “Turning the other cheek was to restore the slapped persons dignity”, IOW, it wasn’t to just let the other person hit you again. It had to do with the customs of the culture in those times. It doesn’t translate well here in 2013.

Howard would be perfectly aligned with the Bible, and Christ, if he stood up for himself. IMO, he should talk to the offenders personally and one on one first.

Just another Christian’s understanding of that passage.


No, Cathy, Howard IS a coward . Christians are NOT weaklings- that is a stereotype. Christians like Wilberforce dedicated their lives to end atrocities like slavery- even when the odds were against them. Christians fought to end foot binding in China, the practice of making women burn to death in their husbands funeral pyre in India ( a tradition called sati), the killing of twins in Calabar, Nigeria and other innumerable acts. So yes, Joward is NOT a true Christian ( be is trying to be one, no doubt about it) but even his foul way of speaking is a giveaway in this matter.

Besides, What type of man sits down and watch a woman get viciously attacked and do nothing?! Hell, even Judd stood up for Jessie and nasty Jeremy will stand up for Kaitlyn.

All of the above makes Howard a coward- a fake Christian at best, and a hypocrite at worst.


WOW, you ave completly missed the boat on what Christianty really is. Howard knows that in a short time these houseguests will get what they desearve, and he doesn’t have to give up his chance at winning the GAME ($500,000) to try and be a hero.


NO, @JULILLY, Howard IS NOT A Coward.

1. I dont know where it says its a stereotype that Christians are “weaklings” in the first place. Christians are people just like everyone else, no one is perfect. But put forth all effort to serve God & follow to proper Christian behavior. Regardless I dont see where you’re trying to go with that nonsense anyway… stereotypes, weakness, Christian babble.. it has nothing to do with anything….

2. I dont agree with any of the faux-“facts” you just spouted off about but I’m not about to get sucked into that… this has nothing to do with one’s beliefs or religion here, frankly I think that is such a low-blow, childish & idiotic to even bring into such a conversation. You’re judging Howard saying “Howard is NOT a true Christian, (he is trying to be one, no doubt about it”…. & “A Fake Christian at best & a hypocrite at worst”…. but also “A True Christian” doesnt have the right or wouldnt judge other, as you are no God so am I missing something or you just really must have a strong disliking towards a stranger on TV huh?

3. Regardless of personal feelings about Howards gameplay/strategy… he didnt just “sit down & watch a woman get viciously attacked & do nothing”… I think he handled that situation between Candance/Aaryn/Kaitlin/GinaMarie very well. He IS a MAN so its not like he can go in there & start punching women or jump in their fight.. that is a female thing. What he did was remove Candance from the situation, console her, calm her down & tell her they can sleep in another bed somewhere else & he wont let anyone mess with her or her things. He asked Candance to go upstairs to relax, went into the bedroom to get her things for her then took them to her… made sure she was OK then said he needs to chill (be alone for a minute). If you watched Big Brother After Dark, you’d see directly after that happened the camera cut to him being in the Have-Nots room where he was praying & crying.

You’re jumping to use Judd as an example… okay. Yes, Judd did a great job too. But what did Judd do that was any different from what Howard did??? Please explain…. I’ll wait…………………… right. Judd told Jessie she needed to leave because it’s wrong of those 3 to gang up on Jessie. Wow not much of a difference there between him & Howards actions….. & trying to throw Jeremy out there as any sort of example in this situation has no weight because as everyone knows Jeremy is a major douche, disrespectful towards women (he’s even disrespectful towards KAITLIN herself, he’s called her a bitch many times when talking about her to others), so he may “defend her”… but its done in the most inappropriate way. In all Honestly, Kaitlin is another self-entitled little spoiled brat so she doesnt even deserve being defended because she’s usually on the side that is always in the wrong anyways!

Your “point”.. rather, your *opinion, is very judgmental especially to be someone in no place of judging. You’re not a Man… or at least I dont assume so by your name. & You’re not Black… or at least I dont assume so by every incoherent thing you’ve rambled on about in your comment. You have no idea what it’s like to be either. & Even if you were – Black, A Man & A True Christian… Let Howard be Howard. Unless you’re just rooting for drama that will “make for good TV”? I think Howard trying to go for “being the bigger person & not letting 3 weak young spoiled self-entitled white women get the worse of him on national tv” was a great route to go! He wants America to see THEM for who THEY really are & not group him in with their actions or be seen as the “big angry black man”. Even if it means narrow-minded people like you title him as a “coward”… oh well. The girls make think they won… they did on a superficial level. But there is a much bigger picture.
You clearly dont get it.


Hey Dollface, I do not have the time to read through your demented rants and babbles, neither do I have the energy to dignify your arguments that are riddled with all kinds of fallacies; but I can tell you this: Howard standing up for Candice has nothing to do with yelling at “three white women”. It has to do with what Judd did for Jessie when she was getting picked on. He simply to tell them to watch their language, let them know their wayof speaking is not fine with him and walk her out of there, simple!

Besides, you claim that I judged Howard, yet YOU just judged ME! LMAO You are such a child, GROW UP! :)))


Oh lord – Topaz’s sister is back being ignorant.


I agree!


Howard is a coward! and I thought I was going to like him.


“Howard is a coward” and “Howard is a coward! and I thought I was going to like him.”

Howard is NOT a coward. He did the smart thing. On the outside, he might have acted more aggressively, almost sure he would have.

However, in the BB House, he acted appropriately AND protected Candice’s game in the process.

Kudos to Howard.


This bed drama is hilarious!


It’s unbelievable the stuff that comes out of Aaryn’s mouth: “we respected them when we were in HOH.” Seriously? At least Jeremy had the sense not to bully Jessie too since he obviously agrees with her decision. Also, I’m not sure Howard rates the hate he’s getting for being “dishonest”. I’m not sure why he voted for Elissa unless it was to cause this very situation/instability. He knew for sure Spencer was flipping…I don’t get it unless he was trying to set up Amanda (?)


I think he was trying to keep his word to the MC. He didn’t look happy when he voted and he probably knew it wouldn’t make a difference. As for lying, almost everyone has been lying. MC and Amanda are in two alliances. The five with Helen, Elissa and Andy and the one with Judd and Jessie (although that was suggested by Judd). McCrea flipped on his own group and voted David out and lied about it. So why is everyone saying they dislike Howard? He is playing the game like everyone else. And he was trying to stay true to his first alliance.


McCrae didn’t vote David out – he was HOH (nor was David a member of his alliance).


As much as I hate Jeremy, it’s nice to see him not be catty and bitchy like Aaryn and Kaitlin


I don’t know what’s worse GinaMarie crying over Nick or Candice crying over a bed? Seriously???


NO, Candace is crying because she could not frickin’ pop Aryan in the head and had to walk away.
She has to sit and take the racist shit Aryan just threw at her.
If you have the feeds I am sure you saw Aryan get up and try to provoke Candace by talking to her
in a “Ghetto Girl” way and telling Candace to get “black” on her.
I can not even believe what I am seeing tonight.
I will not be surprised if production just yanks Aryan right out of the house, she has pushed it too far.
(Wait till Simon or Dawg updates what happened with Amanda……Pure Awesome)


I did see it & race was second to the bed thing. In fact, right now on the feeds she’s still crying over the bed – not the comments. So yes, Candice is crying & upset over the bed.


But the bed is not the ROOT cause of her being so upset.
Aaryn taunted her more or less for being black.
Can you not imagine being in that situation and NOT being able to do a thing about it?
To be pushed so hard with outright racism and have to walk away?
OK she could have probably tried to “talk” it out, but lets face it, who would NOT want
to just haul off and knock Aaryn out for that BS. I know I would.
I know it is BB and you have to put up with all kinds of things in that house, but in this
day and age to have to listen to vileness from someone like Aaryn is unacceptable.

Just my opinion….


no, Candice was not crying over the bed, but what it represented……..just as Aaryn flipped the bed not because it was a bed, but because it had Candice’s stuff on it and Candice had claimed it as her bed. Aaryn was disrespecting her big time and Candice is crying because she knows that and pretty much had to take it in order to stay in the game. Even when Candice showed her temper she has more class. Jeremy messed with Ellisa’s hat and now Aaryn messed with Candice’s stuff and her bed. Shows where their heads are.

And I don’t think Howard is a coward. I just think he is playing his own game. Just because he didn’t go tell which way he voted doesn’t make him a coward………I have watched for years and although people have speculated who voted which way it was never you have to tell me the truth how you voted. It’s just part of the game……

POOP (People offended by offended people)

Really? “Pop Aaryn in the head”? Yes lets solve all our disputes with violence. Worked well in Chicago this weekend.

At least 67 people were shot in Chicago since Wednesday, 11 fatally, over the July 4 holiday long holiday weekend.



Actually, No. Candance isnt crying over the bed… you said you’re watching live feeds or Big Brother After Dark, then you shouldve seen it wasnt about that.
Aaryn was trying to provoke Candance. Candance claimed her bed, when she walked in the room her bed was flipped over, her pillows, clothes, hat, etc was all over the floor. When Candance walked in she kept asking who flipped it over… Aaryn says she doesnt care, she’ll do it again. After Candance responds with if it happens again, it’ll be a problem, she’ll go get pots & pans & start banging them in her like Evel Dick did & none of them will get any sleep in here… Aaryn make a racial comment about “Yea Candance gone get all black on me now” (or something like that).. GinaMarie sees that as her opening to get up & put herself in the middle & start going at Candance with Aaryn, now its 2 against 1. I’m sure you’re not that dense right…? Seriously does someone really have to explain this to you what this means or why someone would get so worked up from that situation??

Aaryn is the little ringleader of the mean girls & GinaMarie & Kaitlin walk around following everything she does/says. There was absolutely no reason for that bed argument/situation to happen… Aaryn wouldnt have done that to anyone else. Candance has been a Have-Not for the first 2 straight weeks & now when she gets a bed, claims it… & just because Aaryns spoiled behind is not longer reigning in the HOH luxury room she feels she has the right/its okay to pick on someone else? I would’ve got upset too. You cant judge Candance for her reaction because you dont even know what or how you’ve wouldve reacted if it were you put in that sitation! Especially if you’re someone of color. That is the real root of this thing between them. As it is clearly shown Aaryn is racist… towards all of the minorities in the house… Asian, Black, Gay.. etc.

Candance is later shown crying because of the point it is 2013, & people are so blatantly racist & to be locked down in a house with that behavior or 3 months, 24/7… If you were the direct target of that type of taunting, & you’re any type of real human with real feelings/emotions…. I think its safe to say you’d crack at some point too!!!!!!

Keri Helen

Oh Aaryn, you are hilarious! You treat people with respect?! We must not be on the same planet.


Aaryn is a spoiled brat, with no respect for anyone.


I’m for Helen she has class.


I agree! But I also think she has to dial it back a bit if she wants her new alliance to stay together. She is too much I’m “mom mode” and sounds like she is dealing with her kids. While they are like kids they won’t like her telling them to be nice and show respect all the time. She also,says she is going to find out who “disobeyed” her and voted Elissa out. Just drop it and move on. IMO…


I really enjoyed watching the joy had by all after Helen winning probably the must fun they have had to date. But…OMG Please make K,Gm and Aaryn stop talking about how classy they are and how disgusting and ugly everyone else is. I hope that GM gets provoked and attacks someone. Jeremy and Kat are soooo gross laying on Jeesie’s bed rubbing eachother These people cant be real completely delusional about how the are treating the rest of the house sore losers are not “classy”


Well let’s be real: Every single season, the winners act just like the previous winners they complained about and the new losers pretend they were so much better when they won. Helen and Elissa are handling the win smartly…but the rest are no different than Jeremy and the mean girls and are settling scores. Jeremy is handling the loss well…but the rest are just petulant children. There’s not a whole lot of maturity in the house tonight…and this cast is not different than those who came before them.

I’m no Aaryn fan, but she lost her “boyfriend” in the first week, then has her HOH stolen and watches an ally evicted…the other side could understand her frustration, but instead their making her the new Elissa from week 1. I have no dog in this fight…but immaturity is running rampant on both sides.


Bobsky, your “thumbs up/thumbs down” numbers here on OBB are at an all-time low. You’re in free fall! Please hire Helen. She’ll get you back up to where your comments have historically been on OBB – a “Thumbs Up Beast!” 🙂


Every year we see the true colors of people when they are at the bottom. This year we have Aaryn, GM, Kaitlyn, and Jeremy with their crying and antics. When they were at the top did we see any modesty? Nope.

On the other hand, while I’m not that big of a fan of Elissa’s gameplay thus far, I still think she has a good character. I saw her thank everyone to keep her there and for sticking with her.

When you treat people with respect, you will get respect. I don’t know how such adults can still be brats. /endrant/


Chilltown Fan

I’m on board the Judd bandwagon. He plays up the stereotype of the dumb southern hick, when he clearly has his eyes and ears in the game. Judd is the anti-Spencer, observers and doesn’t talk game non-stop.


I think right now he is sitting pretty. (I think he threw the competition tonight.. sure looked like it). He doesn’t NEED to win any competitions right now. But has potential to win stuff later (here’s to hoping!). I was watching how he also had a hand in getting the votes to save Elissa.

Also, I’m officially on the Amanda train as of tonight.
ALL HAIL QUEEN AMANDA for calling out the triangle of thrust on their bullshit / racism.
She may be super duper sexual, but she sure doesn’t take shit from anyone. She tells it how it is.


you do know that amanda has also made racist remarks right? and homophobic remarks

and aaryn was actually correct when she called out amanda for bullying and bitching about jess more than anyone else – amanda tried to deny it, but aaryn is correct

amanda, gina, kaitlyn and aaryn basically fighting over which of the 4 of them have done it more – based on what ive seen and heard, that would be amanda, in terms of frequency and level of hostile comments – and on the guys side, jeremy has called jess a slut, and mccrae constantly bitches about jess, calling her weak

amanda sticking up for jess now comes across as very fake, just as its very fake amanda trying to give a lecture on racism…even worse is amanda telling jess she has no self worth just because she is doing some friendly harmless flirting in the house(like with nick the flirting from jess was done in good humour) – if anyone should not be giving a lecture on self worth, that would be amanda, who is currently cheating on her boyfriend on national tv, whilst being foul mouthed and prancing around naked

the root of most of this behaviour from amanda is to get mvp votes(its why she pretended to be elissas friend this week)


I agree Elissa – doesn’t really do too much – then again she has been trying to save herself from eviction for the first 2 weeks of the game. They all wanter her out for ONE reason – she was Rachel’s sister – and she became a target and judged on that one fact alone – no one bothered to try and get to know her in the beginning they just wanted her gone.

I am NOT a rachel fan by ANY stretch of the imagination – She was like nails on a chalk board to me – I find Elissa a far more tolerable version of her sister. And as you said she speaks with respect to others – she doesn’t gloat in others faces when someone goes home instead of her.

Then you have “The Mean Girls” Aaryn is a spoiled – self centered and clearly uneduated individual who somehow got the impression that she runs the house. Who fake cried and proclaimed her great loss when David (Also dumber than a stick) walked out of the house – after their one GLorious week together! You have Kaitlynn – Who somehow feels like she is entitled – that dryhumping jeremy on day two. She lays with her ass hanging out – sucking face with him and behaving as if they have been in some long term relationship. And Gina Marie Crying so loud and non stop for someone who clearly was playing her- who yes shared a bed with her like many are doing these first few weeks – But made it pretty obvious that he was not interested in her that way (Because I think he was inlove with himself.). Yet these Girls are saying Jessie is a “Slut” (i Think Jessie is more of a needy/clingy person) . I can’t wait till they get out and see thier behavior. And I hope all thier families are cringing when they watch . Jeremy – I include as a mean girl – ha ha ha – he is just the most pompass dink I have seen on Big Brother. He walks around like an “all Star” saying he TELLING people how they will Vote.. He talks about his “Indian” heritage – then says things like “Throw up some tee Pees I am going to be spearing me some Buffalo” when talking about how they took that bottle of Wine. 0_o Does he realize how STUPID he sounds?!?!

I love Amanda. I think she tells it like it is and she is playing this game! I adore McCrae but I don’t think he will make it to far – he not good at lying – he always ends up outing himself – poor guy.

I like the other houseguest for various reason – but the jury is still out for me on some – Its only been two weeks I need to get to knwo them more. But I do know that after JUST two weeks I have seen and heard enough of Aaryn, Kaitlyn, Gina Marie and Jeremy – They can’t all be gone soon enough.


i dont love amanda




go Jess! fuck yeah!


And while I’m at it – Candice was being a little racist to Howie talking about how he’s a black man & can’t control his temper with white women?? How is that not just as bad, if not worse, than some of the other comments. In the PC world she should’ve left color out of her comment. Why can’t Howie just be a man that can’t control his temper with women….


That’s actually not what she said. She said that he is a big black and CAN’T be caught losing his temper with white women. Even though they deserve it, He would back fire on him in the worst way. They “oh, Im so scared and threaten by the big black man” feelings would come out. And in the real world that is TRUE!! He is in a tough position. On those who have ever face racism can relate to this. Black men every where understand this. But check your history that might help.


Well, given that you have no idea what my race is, I can only tell you what I heard & if I was wrong, that was still the impression that I got from her remarks. None of them are perfect & they’re all playing a game.
However, stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason and when various races joke about their own, I don’t know why they’re surprised when others feel they have some right to say it as well. When we can stop identifying ourselves as something other than human beings then maybe the racism will stop. But their are too many comedians of many races & ethnicities that joke about their own or other races & everybody laughs.
And CBS allowing it to go on b/c they want ratings is wrong & not helping anyone. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.


@CHESH1767… O good grief, not again.

Candace IS Black too!! so how is she being racist?! lmao wtf!
Maybe you didnt hear what happened correctly… after the argument happened (with Aaryn, GinaMarie, Kaitlin against Candace) Howard took Candace to the Have-Not room & was telling her they need to sleep in another bed tonight. He says he knows if they go back in there them girls are going to start it back up with Candace. Candace tells him, “Why cant we just go in there & go to sleep, we wont say anything”… Howard tells her he cant go back in that room with them because they know exactly what to say to push Candace’s buttons to get her riled up/emotional, & if they say another racist comment he isnt going to be able to control his temper. He says he wanted to say something when Aaryn made that fish comment, when she did “something with her shoe?” (I must of missed that because I never seen when that happened/what he’s talking about), & every other time he’s heard Aaryn make verbal/racist remarks about Candace. Howard went on saying if it happens again he wont be able to just verbally keep going back & forth with them, he doesnt have that much control so he has to be the bigger person, & not go back in there. Candace says how she doesnt get it because she feels not going in there is like letting those girls win… she says “I been a Have-Not for 2weeks in a row & now I’m supposed to go hide in the corner because they want to come down from HOH & take over the rooms”… etc. Then Howard is trying to explain its a bigger picture here. He says if production wants to let them keep acting like this & not do anything then thats what it is but he is not going to argue with them or the producers he has to be the bigger person & remove himself.. & how “America is seeing them how those girls really are, etc”..

The part you’re referring to, you’re taking out of context. Candace says “OK I get it, I know you cant be caught as the big black man arguing with three white woman”… & that is because ITS TRUE! It’s happened before & to the public that are only watching the live shows… with a little editing it could definitely look like “The Angry/Aggressive Black Man yelling/going off on 3 young defensive little white girls”…. if he had lost his temper. I personally, definitely would peg them as the type to pull the “He threated me, I’m so scared now & dont feel safe with him in this house” type… again, IF he lost his temper. Which he didnt. He’s trying so hard to control his feelings & not let the racist comments, personal feelings, etc. affect him personally in this house… because in the end, it is supposed to be a game & everyone is here for the shot to win 500k. It’s just that this season happens to be the worst cast in BB History with a bunch of sexist, bigots, racists, entitled, immature, arrogant, self-serving haughty, people with superiority complexes… & being stuck together in the same house for that long, peoples true feelings, thoughts, etc. begin to come out… & spread throughout the house.

Your comment about “In the PC World”…. this isnt about being “PC”. What about Aaryn…? I’m sure its not exactly “PC” to tell someone to “not get all Shaniqua on them” either. Candace is Black & she was making a point – also to another black man who understands- & since her point regarded race… NO she shouldnt have left color out of it. Howard has been a man & has controlled his temper very much thus far. Thats more than I can say about how I would’ve done if I were either of them.

You told the other person who responded to you… “given that they have no idea what your race is…” well I’m someone of color & just by reading you’re comments, whatever your race is doesnt even matter but it definitely isnt Black. Because you’d most likely understand already & not be making some of the comments you have. & if you are, & you’re talking like that…. then thats sad. Unless you’re just realllllyyy sheltered.

Your “well none of them are perfect & they’re all playing a game”…& bringing into how comedians make fun of their own ethnicities & everyone laughs so why are we surprised when others feel they have the right to say it as well too”… way of thinking is just so crazy to me. Thats a whole other issue & its definitely not going to get resolved on some forum that is supposed to be about Big Brother. But if you think just by saying oh well no one is perfect & how we all need to stop identifying ourselves as something other than human beings is going to instantly fix anything or stop the years, decades, etc. worth of racism just because you say that like it’s some new way of thinking or great revelation… you’re way off delusional & must be very sheltered.

I do agree with you on CBS allowing this to go on… whether it is for ratings or whatever it is, it’s wrong & they’re seeing it & not doing anything. I’m so disappointed in CBS/Big Brother because we all know they are fully capable of expelling a houseguest or houseguests at anytime for any reason… they’ve given the boot to past houseguest for lesser reasons than whats going on now, so I’m at a loss for why something so extreme as this racism isnt making them scramble to kick Aaryn and/or whoever else out.


Ginamarie is acting weird with all that crying I got the feeds and liking Judd.


I am super psyched about the episode tonight. I am so glad that Helen won HOH. I hope she puts up Kaitlen, Aaryn, Gina. As long as anyone but Jeremy won pov he could be put up as a replacement, and then if he does win POV he will take his gf off and they can still get rid of Aaryn.






Jessie is the biggest hoe in BB history if she hooks up with Dudd…I mean Judd.


I think you miss typed… Where you put “Dudd”, we all know you really meant “Studd”

production rigged it

No that would be Kaitlin who is the biggest hoe, from what i’ve read she’s already had sex with Jeremy multiple times. Not to mention letting him stick his tongue down her throat and grabbing her ass every 10 minutes and what makes her even worse is he is one of if not the biggest douchebag/tool/jackass/asshole/pieceofshit/ in the history of BB.


you sir are a moron


I’m sooooooo happy i got the feeds. Awesomeness. Sleepless night.

Blue Hat Army

Aaryn just learned from Amanda what production has been asking about her saying racist stuff. She now realizes she looks like shit to everyone on the outside.


You know what, I take back wanting Elissa out this week, GODDAMN her staying brought the Heavy DRAMA out…….. I’m jealous of people who have the feeds, I wanna see it right NOW. Hurry up and Update, I needs my fix…


Let them cry and throw their temper tantrums!! Somebody is knocking on their door and it’s KARMA, b*tches!!!! Let her in because she coming with a vengeance and a smile!! 😀
That was a high pedestal they have put themselves on last week if they are hurting this bad from the fall. 😉


They as in Jeremy, aaryn and Kaitlyn. LOL. I love all this squirming the worms are doing. Sweet bliss, it’s going to be one good week!! 🙂


I’m really hoping that Candice, Jessie & Howard end up as have nots this week after all this bed drama! LOL!

And I’m confused after all the crap spewing out of his mouth just now how can Howard drop down in prayer. ?????


You must be mental.


Why? because I find it a bit hypocritical to be using language that I find inappropriate & offensive right before getting on my knees to pray? Sorry that’s just not how I get ready to “talk” to God.
I guess that makes me mental, then.


It is a real disgrace that Howard praises God and then uses his name in vain a few seconds later. I was on the Howard side until tonight.


Amanda just gave Aaryn a verbal smackdown !! So funny.. Why am I not the least bit surprised the triangle of thrust isn’t handling their latest setback with a shred of decency ? And Howard is this close to going gangster on their asses if he hears any more racist noise..

Yellow Jacket

C’mon Jessie. Set Aryan Nation Straight! I am gaining more respect for her as I watch the feeds and she stands up for herself. This is good t.v. because no one likes weak, wishy-washy people. Stand up for yourself if you are good intentioned and a nice person. That’s what mean people respect.


Jess more than stood up for herself

it was great to see


Mmmm on another note did howard just elude to the fact that he may be the hulk!?

“Let the devil even look at his bible”



First of all, Aaryn, Kaitlyn and GM make my blood boil!! They are so horrible! And why is no one helping poor Jessie out? My respect for her sky rocketed tonight. Mad props to her for standing up for herself!

Second of all, BB should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this racial bs get so out of hand. It is one thing to allow people to be who they are but it’s another thing to foster a Pre-Martin Luther King Jr atmosphere and then wait for things to blow up. If this was BB Canada, most of the AKGJ clan would be prosecuted for hate speech.

Lastly, I LOVED the live episode. Too bad Nick picked a self-obsessed man like Jeremy to align with.


Howie… I gave you credit. The real reason why you don’t want to be in the room with them is because you don’t want to get ousted by the hate group. Bullets are flying so stay clear… Jeremy just got reminded its big brother and now he is trying to get out of this mess.

Biff Tannen

I still love this cast (because they’re insane, and such a good example of the way the 20-something generation thinks they’re owed something, which makes deliciously polarizing characters), but this MVP twist sucks. As Aaryn would say, it should go fry up some rice and chicken in hot sauce while doing math and driving in the slow lane for 5 miles with their right turn signal on.

Chilltown Fan

Love watching Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GM self-destruct, hope it continues throughout the week. I feel bad for Candice, she has taken so much unnecessary abuse from Aaryn.


She is the victim but has to stop victimizing herself


She as in Candice


While people have made some inconsiderate & stupid racial comments, I think that Candace is really playing the race card which is just as bad. Since she just called out Aaryn’s parents – how does her family feel with her using her race to get further in the game!
No Candice – if they see you do it to yourself people are going to take that as it’s okay to continue.


Aaryn calling Candice a “Ghetto Girl” brought race into the situation, this was not Candice’s fault. Candice has more class than Aaryn any day of the week.


I have decides you are either a family member or friend of Aaryn. You seem to condone her actions. This is not the Bad Girls Club, you should be respecting other ppl’s property. Flipping beds is unnecessary. Why flip Candice’s bed and not anyone else. How can Candice be playing the race card? It’s not her who keeps bringing up her race. “Don’t get all black”, what is that supposed to even mean. Aaryn keeps bringing up race by her ignorant statements. Why shouldn’t Candice defend herself if she feels attacked… It’s not just Candice that hears the racial crap. I would do some serious soul searching if I were you. Your comments sound like your beliefs go along side Aaryn nation and her merry band of mean girls…


GM and aaryn/Kaitlin have no desire to even play the game anymore. Jeremy better try to blend in with the rest, make it through a couple evictions. if he can, maybe he can go on a win streak, but outside of that, the next few evictions might be pretty predictable

I have to say though, to get rid of the people making racist comments 1-2-3 from here on out would be pretty sweet justice


Candice just put Arryans parents on blast for raising a racist !! Classic, You can’t believe the drama going down tonight.. It’s Awesome….


its interesting seeing Jessie finally feel comfortable and accepted, and how Amanda was able to pretty much take over as THE force of the house. she is the only one those girls are flat out scared of.


I’ll bet money right now, production set this cast up, they KNEW this was going to be a heavy racial season… After what I heard what Howie and Candice were talking about, I’m convinced. This is going to bring the bad type of high ratings for BB.

Howie is ticking timebomb, I know dudes like him, all quite and calm, but at any moment they have hulk-like unstoppable tempers…. He’s about to EXPLODE. They gotta calm him down..

Blue Hat Army

SPENCE “I don’t care what happens based on what I say in here”. hahahah we’ll see.

Yellow Jacket

Germ is such a liar. Jess asked him about 7 times to respectfully get out of her bed because she had been sleeping there and she didn’t want to sleep with him and Kaitlyn. The Germ goes on to say how Candice attacked him for doing that. What a piece of scum.


I hope when he steps off of Big Brother that Elissa’s husband punches him in the face! He is the rudest bully ever, he sure is sucking up now!


GM needs a Kleenex, gross snot rubbed on her shirt…..she is a weird, fake person!


Wow these sore losers Kaitlin, Aaryn and Ginamarie crack me up get a grip girls the reason your in danger at all is because your b*tches. I am happy karma is catching up to them. Plus do they even know this game at all one week your at the top the next your on the losing side it’s called Big Brother it’s about being able to handle the shifts in the game. They are pretty dumb if they thought they could stay on the top the whole time. I really hope one of them self evicts, they will prove how bad at this game they are! I really dislike Jeremy but surprizely he’s smart enough to try and at least pretend to be polite to try to stay in the game. Ginamarie is pathetic, she needs to read that book He’s Just Not That Into you because Nick isn’t sweetheart, I’m sure he will be moved on to 5 new girls by the time she’s out of the house lol! I did like Nick it’s a shame these other whiners didn’t get out before him!


I think it’s very interesting how we all thought Jeremy would flip out, but he has actually kept his cool around everyone while the girls are self-destructing. GinaMarie is probably going to cry about Nick until she’s evicted. Aaryn and Kaitlin are just lashing out at everything.


Amanda should let Gm borrow some of her eyebrows

i'm tall

a great night to get the feed. i have to say that the pettiness and racism is out of control in this house. as a black man it frustrates me that cbs allows this to go on. i respect the hell out of howard for keeping his cool and not going off on these immature folks. i pray that they do a better job selecting people in the next year.


Aaryn and GinaMarie can always go to work for Paula Deen after BB is over. Best BBAD of the season.


no i meant Kaitlen


You go Jessie! Stand up for yourself!


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I am laughing my butt off soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much this drama is freaking stupid Candace fighting over a bed I think that’s worse than Gina crying over Nick in my opinion Gina is FAKING IT (Crying) Oh hey guess what Judd is a stud and also a dudd its called a studdudd hahahahaha I love this drama this is the drama night EVER since this season started I LOVE IT Wooooohooooo go Kaitlyn and Aaryn for the battle of the fight or should I say The Hunger Games, The Voice team Aaryn and mabe Kaitlyn love this drama lol don’t you? Go Aaryn